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  1. I’m not worried about today – my God is on the throne!
    Thank you for this message; however, I was confused as to why Romans 10:9-13 was bad news – isn’t it good that God spells out in His word our simple plan for redemption? Yes, if you do not confess that He is Lord, that is bad news but if you do, what great news and everlasting impact this has on your eternity. Much love!

  2. I am not worried about today. God is on His throne. Amen to that. Thank you for a wonderful, thought-provoking GiG writing today; God is using you is such powerful ways and I know and claim the way He will use me. God Bless You Sharon.

  3. I’m not worried about today! God is on His Throne!!! He is certainly in control! My life is changing with husband’s retirement right around the corner in 2 months, moving back to our home place, leaving a son, daughter-in-law and 3 gorgeous gr daughters whom we have lived in the same small town with for 8 years. It is going to be exciting and bittersweet, but wonderful. I know God has great plans for a job for me as I can’t retire from teaching just yet. He is wonderful!

  4. I’m not worried about today. God is on His throne! Thank you for your thought-provoking inspirations in the Girlfriends in God emails. God bless you.

  5. I’m not worried about today, God is still on His throne! That song, The Ancient Of Days, now has new meaning for me. Thank you for the insight. Blessings!!

  6. l,m not worried,not disturbed today.God is on His throne.May you be bless by God for such an inspiring,powerful word

  7. I am NOT worried about today! God is on His throne! This has been my strength since my husband went home to be with the Lord 2 1/2 years ago. I knew God would protect me, comfort me, and always be with me no matter what I might be feeling moment by moment with was to become my new normal.
    Thank you so much for the words you use to encourage us and refocus us on Who really is the One in charge.

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