Discovering God's Design for Romance, Marriage, and Sexual Intimacy from The Song of Solomon

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In our sex-saturated culture, we are constantly bombarded by destructive, unrealistic depictions of romance and intimacy. But is the real problem that we focus on sex too much–or that we value sex too little? Do we really understand, let alone practice, the wondrous gift of intimacy between a husband and a wife?

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In Lovestruck, bestselling author and Bible teacher Sharon Jaynes takes us back to the Bible’s beautiful picture of romantic love, a picture that is explicit but not illicit, sensual but not sordid, daring but not dirty. With the words of the Song of Solomon as a backdrop, Jaynes argues that sexual intimacy is so much more than a physical act while exploring the concepts of giving and receiving pleasure; restoring romance in the mundane; avoiding the dangers of growing indifference; and committing to a forever kind of love. By pursuing the sacred blessings of sexual intimacy in marriage and understanding God’s original intent, we find the freedom to enjoy and experience one of the Father’s most magnificent gifts.

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