Pretty Little Mean Things

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The hummingbirds are fighting again today.

The feeder is full. The nectar is fresh. The four yellow perches are available and waiting.

And two hummingbirds are fighting over it.

Every morning I get up and have a cup of coffee with God on my screened-in back porch.  Right outside the door is a bright red hummingbird feeder. And even though there’s more than enough food for an army of these enchanting creatures, they fight like there’s only one drop to be had.

Swoop…bomb…squeak. There goes another one. They squeak rather than tweet.

As soon as one bird hovers to take a sip from the feeder, another one swoops down, takes aim with his needle-like beak, and drives him away. They fight mid-air for a few seconds, and then flee to separate trees like fighters in two corners of a boxing ring. Neither is satisfied. Neither is happy. Neither is filled.

The hummingbirds are stunning with their beautiful jewel tone feathers of iridescent greens and blues. They flap their tinkerbell wings at about 200 beats per second and flit about like pixies. And even though they appearto be  dainty little darlings, the truth is, they are pretty little mean things.

What I want to say to them is this…actually I do say it. Yes, I talk out loud to the birds as if they had ears to hear.

“Look guys, what are you fighting about? I’ve got this nice hummingbird feeder all ready for you. There is enough nectar for both of you—for a hundred of you. I’m not going to run out of the sweet sugar water. There’s plenty. I promise.

“The feeder has four perches. Count them. 1-2-3-4. And there’s only two of you.

“Why can’t you both drink at the same time and be happy? Content? Grateful?  Why are you fighting and acting like there’s not enough for both of you? [tweetherder]Stop competing for what is so plentifully provided.[/tweetherder]

“Eat up!  Drink up! Rejoice that your fellow feathered friend has food and drink! Celebrate that you have it too!”

Lest you think I’m a little feather brained for talking to the birds, my little speech was not wasted. It hit me square in the face.  It was one of those moments of Sudden Glory I’m so prone to talk about.

I started thinking of God’s provisions. Full. Abundant.  Plentiful.  His blessings never run out; they never go dry.

Any yet, sometimes brothers and sisters in the faith act like God has only a limited amount of resources at His disposal.

Some pout when God blesses someone  else, as if He only has a certain allotment of blessings to parcel out.

Others refuse to celebrate when someone succeeds, as if God has only a limited number of success stories to write.

And still others become jealous when someone prospers, as if God is stingy with His promises rather than lavish and eager to give.

I dare say, some even knock another off his or her perch if they think it will help them get ahead. It’s certain what Cain did with Abel.

But we would never act like hummingbirds…would we?

Let’s determine right now. In our lives, there will be “no hummingbird activity allowed.”  NHAA.

Let’s determine to rejoice over others’ successes and blessings, knowing that God has plenty of goodness to go around. .

As a matter of fact, let’s celebrate right now. Tell me one way God has blessed you over the past few months. Leave a comment and tell me a victory, a success, or a miracle, and then let’s celebrate together.

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Comments 64

  1. Thanks Sharon for reminding us that God is enough – my family has been truly blessed with God’s grace everytime. My dad has good health and won the cancer battle three times – and it is back in the lungs now but we have faith that God will see us through this. It is a true blessing to us to have the comfort that He is with us all the way. Thank you for your inspiration and blessings. God bless you and your family.

  2. Sharon the other day God blessed me with a ticket to a women’s conference speaker that’s coming to our church.I had the money to pay that daybut right after Sunday school someone gave me one and and it had already been paid for!!!! GODS GIFT OF HIS FAITHFUL LOVE

  3. Morning Sharon and readers,

    This morning I am up unusually early for me. It is 04:22a.m. EST and my dog needed to go outside. Wow, I think, so early? Well, I am happy to have gotten up so early after I sat down to read your words which struck a cord in my heart this morning. When I walked outside (still pretty dark where I live at this time of the a.m.), I was struck with a yearning to read God’s Word and draw closer to him. Lately some very huge changes have taken place in my life, leaving me a little disconcerted and wondering what steps am I to take next. Feeling a little like how your Hummingbirds were acting, I have panicked a little lately wondering how I am going to make it with a sudden loss of income plus one of my adult children embarking as an International Exchange student in China for 10 months. Oh, I’m very happy for my daughter, who has on numerous occasions helped the whole family out with either clothes for her niece and nephews or some other emergency that cropped up. Evidently God has another purpose for her in mind and so after reading your writing about the Hummingbirds, I thought I, too, needed to be more trusting of God and allow him to help provide a solution for me in regards to what is going on in my life.

    Thank you for your beautiful writings which have touched my heart several times. It has only been after taking a couple writing classes from a University recently that I felt confident to write something on your blog. My prayer for you and your readers is that the Lord will continue to bless each of you and be that “beacon of light” during the times that your lives may be tested or your “ship may be tossed a bit”. Agape hugs to those who want or need one today.

    1. Oh Faith, I’m so glad you responded. I pray you will never feel uncomfortable about commenting on my blog. We’re all just a bunch of girlfriends connecting. We celebrate YOU today!

  4. Wow this really has touched me deeply because I am one who usually will feel like God jumped over me blessing those around me. In the past couple of months I have began to realize what my blessings look like! They’re never monetary but ate more valuable than “things”….peace of mind, consideration, compassion, love, adoration of nature, relationship with family, friends, and God, these are the miracle blessings i have been receiving and they are priceless!

  5. I have been praying for a real Godly Friend; someone who will accept me for who i am and a woman who will support me but also step in when she sees i am going wrong and God has seriously blessed me with the most amazing friend!!!

  6. Hi Sharon

    I’m so gonna buy “A Sudden Glory” from my local bookstore, I hope they have stock!!!

    But anyway…here’s what I am grateful for. I realised I have more than one thing to be thankful for! HAHA!

    1) I have a simple loving family who loves me.
    2) I live in a pleasant and prosperous nation, Singapore, although it’s a small country, but the government is great, education system is good, the citizens are kind and considerate, it’s a food paradise and shopping paradise too!
    3) I have a caring, understanding boyfriend who loves, respect and honour God as much as I do and that he dotes on me a lot!
    4) I work at Singapore Kindness Movement, a non profit organisation, which spreads kindness and graciousness in Singapore — where else can I find a better place to work than here!
    5) I have awesome church friends from my neighbourhood church, Riverlife Church. They are such a loving bunch of cell mates.
    6) Although I can’t play the piano or guitar well….but I thank God for bestowing upon me a singing voice. It’s such a ‘portable’ instrument!


    God bless you too!

    Warmest Regards,

    1. I praise God for all He’s doing in your life, and I praise God for Singapore. I get so many wonderful emails from women there. I’d love to connect all of your somehow.

  7. God has been revealing Himself to me through answered prayer…. Not huge prayers, but little ones….and often…. They remind me to stay close to Him like I want to stay close to those I love. He blesses me with precious moments of these little answered prayers… And as I sit here very early in the morning in my green prayer chair, He reminds me of those moments when I asked …..and He gave…. Thank you, Jesus for your many gifts.

  8. Hi Sharon
    Ok this might seem an odd blessing but to me it was huge. Back in July every morning for a few days I watched a mourning dove build her nest in my huge maple tree outside my front window. I watched her flutter and chirp as she meticulously put each strand into her nest. Then about a week later I noticed her just nesting there on her newly built nest. She was to high up to see if there were eggs under her but I knew there were. After a few weeks I looked up and saw 2 little babies sitting beside her. What a blessing it was to witness this. God has used birds in the past to send messages to me. Messages that i will be alright and that my needs will be provided for. If these little birds can depend on God why can’t I? Now there is a sad part to this. We had gone away for a week of family camping and when we came back I saw the birds on the ground. One didn’t make it and the other was trying but sadly the next morning hadn’t made it either. To me that was a message that falling away from The Lord can prove deadly. I was sad about the babies dying but I also saw God’s message in being able to witness this miracle of a mother bird and her babies.
    Last or the year before God used a mother robin to help me get through my garden planting. When I wanted to give up because I was tired and losing energy I prayed for God’s help and he sent momma robin to collect worms from my garden while I was digging. It was a clear message to keep going. I did and I planted the garden over 2 days in a total of 8hours. Yield wasn’t the greatest that year BUT my lesson learned was.
    I love it when God uses his little creatures to teach me.
    Have a great day!

  9. Good morning sharon, I truly feel blessed this morning god has kept his healing hands on me and the flu &strep i have been fighting for the past week is getting better.I just love to watch how he works when I put all my trust in him.No point in fighting him because he is the best and greatest, thankyou for your blog today I so enjoy it.Have yourself a great christ filled day. Grandma h.

  10. I will never look at my hummingbirds the same again. My husband and I were just talking about this last night. I have 3 feeders and 5 hummers and they still fight.
    I am so blessed with a loving husband, 2 grown daughters who have great husbands and a beautiful grandson. I am so blessed but sometimes I only see the negative in situations. I pray I will continue to see that God has an abundance for us all.

  11. Back in May, my husband fell and hit his head, started seizing violently and was unconscious and on a ventilator for 2 days. This happened on a Monday. He was released from the hospital on Friday and by Saturday he was building an enclosure around our recycle bin. His physicians, especially his neurologist, were unable to offer any MEDICAL explanation on how he could recover so quickly. WE know it was the hand of God and the prayers of faithful friends!

  12. Several years God put it on my heart to go to Israel, I said Lord if you provide the funds I will be there for there eas no way I could’ve paid for a trip like that. Not only has He provided more then the funds He gave me the courage to go it alone. Sisters, I am now in Israel touring the promise land for 3 weeks. I have learned to ask and expect it to happen and to thank Him before it even takes place, Praise God for He is sooooooo good to us!

  13. God allowed my mass to be benign and I am successfully matriculating through Graduate School after years of struggling to receive financial aid.

  14. Sharon, don’t feel odd, girl…I talk to my hummers ALL the time and tell them the exact same thing!! Yes, they are beautiful, delicate, a tiny miracle on gossamer wings, but they are also one of the most aggressive birds that God created! It is a blessing that in His wisdom He made them so small. Can you imagine what would happen if He had made them the size of an eagle…or an ostrich?!? LOOK OUT!!!
    I was sitting on the steps of my sun-porch early this morning, watching a gorgeous, writing spider re-build it’s web after a particularly large horsefly had wrecked it. One of my hummer feeders is hanging on a pole next to the steps. A young, male hummer came buzzing around the corner and stopped to check out the spider’s progress. He hovered so close that the spider stopped it’s work and contemplated the tiny bird. I held my breath…that spider was so big and the bird so small and close that it easily could’ve reached out and grabbed the bird and wrapped it up!! The bird showed no fear though, and after a moment more darted to the feeder for breakfast. Then it noticed me sitting there. As with the spider, the little guy showed no fear of me, but darted about checking out my brightly colored shirt from all sides (another meal, perhaps?), and coming so close to my face that I crossed my eyes trying to see him and then closed my eyes for fear of being poked by that needle like beak! My hair was actually blowing from the wind coming off his wings!!
    I thought, how trusting this tiny creature is! How fearless! He knows that God has gifted him with speed and agility and grace. He trusts that no matter what, God will keep him safe. Whatever God places before him he marvels at and enjoys, secure in the knowledge that God has his back! If only we…I…could be so trusting of God!! He puts things in our paths every day for us to learn from, enjoy, marvel at and grow closer to Him through. Yet do we take advantage of them? Or are we too afraid, too busy too wrapped up in other things to take notice? Are we too comfortable with the way things are now, to take a chance on some thing different?
    Father God, I pray that you open my eyes to the gifts you lay before me. Open my heart to the security of Your love, that I may try the things You would have me do and trust that You will do great things for and through me. Help me to trust and not to fear the possibilities!! In Your precious Son’s name, I pray. Amen.

  15. Please note that I am praying for a miracle. I behaved in a negative way, just days ago, to my husband and our finances. Last night he was in a Financial Peace University class at my church. I’m claiming victory for the conversation in the parking lot with a fellow parishioner. He challenged both of us and had stepped up to holding my husband in accountability. My husband read a prayer last night ( out loud). He doesn’t pray except a basic ” thank you for our food God and bless it to our bodies and keep us safe”. The miracle would be availability to go to class, like minded about finances and finally ( correctly) on God’s plan instead of our own. Thank you Lord, for the fact that you love us and never let go.

  16. The Lord is my Jehovah Roi and Jehovah Rapha as on May 2, 2013 I totalled my car. I heard the “bang” but did not feel it, as if the angels picked up my car and spun it around and sat it down. It is so amazing how He protected me, and although I had a slight concussion and my neck and back have been sore, He is my healer! I praise him for his Mighty hand of protection and healing in my life! The driver that hit me and her passenger were able to walk away too from their totalled car! Within my church, there have been another 6 or more people who have totalled their cars in accidents since mine. Our church has been in a prayer revival since May 1, and Satan doesn’t like it!

  17. About a month ago, I experienced one of the most beautiful sunsets I’d ever seen!! At age 55 and living in Oklahoma (Big Sky country) you experience them often! The miracle of that glory moment was that my husband and I could thoroughly enjoy God’s artistry at a very difficult time in our lives. He provides blessing after blessing! Praise Jesus! 🙂

  18. Good morning to all

    God has bless me with a lot that I now realized that no amount of money can buy. Even though I have a challenge financially with my University tuiton. Last year I doubted God and took the school year off, telling myself that I am not going to be embrassed when I am approached for payment.

    This September I signed up to move on, my situation hasn’t change but I am now believing God to see me through and I know He will come through for me.

    Also last year I discovered a cyst just outside my vagina, the doctor said it was not cancerous and so I gave God all the glory, but it was big and she adviced surgery. The date was set, when I checked into the hospital I was told that they can’t do it until I pay my outstanding balance at the hospital, then is where I started getting deep with God,

    I prayed for money and when that didn’t come I channeled my prayer to healing and God has healed my body. It has not completed disappear but is sure is on its way….WOW!!! My God is awesome. that is my VICTORY!!!!
    Thanks Sharon and may God continues to bless you to bless us. Have a lovely day all.

  19. God blessed me last November with debilitating anxiety and depression … really! He has helped me accomplish so many great things since then and continues to bless me with heart centered ventures … I am truly grateful!

  20. So many blessings. So much distress. My son and his wife moved in for 3 months, 3 1/2 years ago. Needless to say I was just settling into and enjoying my empty nest and suddenly and now for a long time it has been disrupted. I have spent the better part of this past year, despising them (yes I said it out loud), like move out already. They both have habits that could make it rather hard for God to be ruler of my home. Well I have been asking for forgiveness for worry, fear and resentment and He is delivering it. I feel many time He is punishing me and just plains dislikes me but I have also given that to Him and said I know you do, so I will believe you like me. It is hard! He has blessed me over and over, I have no money, no security, no retirement, He has asked a poor hard life of me, but most importantly l do not have bitterness. I have a soft heart and I am teachable. So thank you for sharing and keep them coming. You and the rest of the girls are a daily blessing to me. Thank you.

  21. Oh Sharon, it is such a good reminder to be thankful for our blessings. My husband and I were thinking this last night as well. He recently was told he will no longer be receiving overtime pay and that was the only way we can make it from pay cheque to pay cheque. But, my mom has been helping us to buy formula for the baby, we have been given bags of clothes for our girls from my sister in law, we have found a buyer for some of our hay and even a possible job opportunity for my husband to make almost double what he makes now and to be home every weekend! I’m thankful God provides for us, even through these tough times and that God gave me such a wonderful husband I can lean on, a great father for my children and a close relationship with my family to help me through as well! God is good and always faithful. I know He will work something out for us! Praise God!

  22. After my husband died in May (with no life insurance) not only was I devastated by his death; yet rejoicing that he was in Heaven, completely and perfectly healed and hanging out with his Lord, but fears of how will I support myself jumped up. I’ve always been a ‘stay at home’ whatever, and while I do work from home, it was not near enough to support myself

    And then God’s Blessing Train rolled through my life. My sister invited me to live with her (till the cows come home), I received a permanent sewing job, my own books started selling much more than before, I received gifts of money from people, and sewing jobs started pouring in let and right! I found a new dr I just love (i had to move across 3 states) and my new pharmacy has my prescriptions at about a quarter of the cost of my previous one!

    It has been completely amazing and miraculous and I’m just praising God and thanking Him for every new job that comes my way. What a awesome God we serve! 🙂 Karen Gass

  23. Sharon,

    The month of July was the worst I have probably ever experienced. My marriage was ending. There seemed to be no hope, and I was devastated. Long story short, our marriage lacked God in the middle, at the helm if you will. So what blessing did I receive the last couple of months? I was blessed with his presence. It was subtle at first but then it smacked me upside the head with an overabundance of joy and love. God healed a relationship that I NEVER believed could be repaired and we are so strong because of him! Any doubt, fear, unworthiness, that I might have experienced before is gone. The deceiver has put up quite a fight in this “spiritual warfare” of allowing God in the driver seat of our marriage, but I know that with Him on our side, there is no way we can fail! Thanks for your words today, such a great reminder of how we tend to live selfishly instead of selflessly. 🙂

  24. Thanks Sharon for reminding us to not be so much about “us” and about the awesome glory of our Awesome Lord & Savior Jesus Christ! I imagine there is not one of us that hasn’t been in the same place in our lives as the beautiful hummingbirds at one time or another! Try as we may we all “show our real faces” at times, I know I do.

    Even as I have my pity parties off and on at times over the loss of my sweet loving husband of 24+ years almost 3 years ago I am still blessed to have the LORD in my life. I miss him terribly but I know that I know that I know that GOD is in control of our lives always.

    GOD is good all the time and I am in amazement of HIS wonder and love for you and me and everyone else if we just ask! Yes, HE is an AWESOME GOD!

  25. Thank you Sharon, that was so nice and encouraging. God has blessed be by reviving my marriage, I was almost giving up but have decided to hang in there and make it by the grace of God. Be blessed.

  26. This last year our family has been confront with sickness and a possible job layoff. Just trying to exist we have isolated ourselves from a new ministry that our friends are trying to start down the canyon from us. Feeling convicted we called and asked to meet them to explain our lack of enthusiasm. They were leaving town to go to a speaking engagement and agreed to stop by our home on their way. We greet them outside and the women and her two girls came into the house with me. As we started our visit I had a desire to give the girls teddy bears one of which their Dad gave me many years before as a birthday gift. The tears just followed from my eyes. I wasn’t sad about giving the away these stuff animals but the tears just kept coming. Then the mother looked at her 5 year old and said see God does provided if you have a good attitude. The mother shared that after they were on the road for a while the little girl had realized she forgot her teddy bear she sleeps with, at home. Her Dad explained to the daughter that they didn’t have time to go back and get the bear and that if she would have a good attitude that God would make everything alright. What a lesson with the right attitude God does make everything right. Yesterday Gwen Smith shared on Facebook (Psalm 86:11 Teach me your way Lord that I may rely on your faithfulness. Give me an undivided heart that I may fear your name.) I usually don’t memorize but yesterday I memorized this verse and it has become my prayer. I am learning again to rely on God faithfulness. Thank you GIG for ministry.

  27. Thank you for such a timely message. God has been faithful and good to me. I have never been out of a job and it may not be the job I want but I have been out of one. He meets my needs daily and sometimes it easy to take for granted what you always have.
    I am always reminded am blessed when I hear others talk about not having a job.

  28. I am thankful for this timely word this morning. I sit sometimes with my life and wish I was living someone else’s blessings. I have a special needs son who will never leave us and and alternately thankful and distressed. Sometimes I just want to live the life of the older wife who has a house to ourselves or time to spend together alone now that the older ones are out of the home. I see others going on trips or just walking in their neighborhood and I admit….I want what they have..
    I would not change our decision to adopt him at all!!! So I ask God to bless me with contentment and give me a creative sense of how we might live our lives together…in His peace.

  29. Sunday was my brother Joe’s 54th birthday. Born with spina bifida, doctors told my parents he wouldn’t live to see 20. Having survived very serious surgeries last year and with both our parents gone to be with the Lord, we celebrate each of Joe’s birthday’s with gusto.

    I am one of eight and when Joe was in the hospital getting brain surgery it hit me what a blessing to be one of eight really is. I thank the Lord, that even though some of my brothers and sisters have chosen different paths and we no longer see them, that they are alive and together we are all now headed into old age. It’s truly a blessing.

  30. God has answered so many prayers for me lately, concerning family sicknesses, and other financial and hearts-broken problems, including my own over a lost love via a divorce after 29 yrs. of marriage. We are sort of re-uniting. What a great and plentiful God we have.

  31. For some reason, the Lord has given me premonitions about my middle daughter and her family. She doesn’t ovulate at all and neither she or her husband are Christians — I’m the only one remaining of my close family. Please pray for them and all the unsaved everywhere?

    Last Christmas breakfast, at their house, the Lord gave me a quick flash of an older girl and her brother, giggling and running around the house, and another quick vision that they were trying to conceive, so I asked her. She then told me that she and her husband had decided not to tell anybody but they were going to try fertility treatments. She didn’t want to get anybody else in the family’s hopes up. I told her about my vision. She knows about the gift He has given me and knows first hand that they happen. She was happy that she didn’t have to keep the secret from me and now had someone to talk to but down the road said that she was afraid to believe that it would really happen because it would hurt too much if it didn’t and eventually they gave up, since blood tests showed that she didn’t ovulate even on the shots, and they decided to go on an Alaskan cruise. On the cruise, she seemed to get sicker and sicker until it was difficult to keep anything down, so she called the doctor to get a patch to help with the nausea, but the doctor said she must take a pregnancy test before she used the patch. The next morning they were to go zip lining but she woke up early and had to go potty. She decided to pee on the stick, see the results and go back to bed. I wish I could have seen her face when it said that the test was positive! She didn’t believe it, so she took another. I’m not sure how many she took, all positive, but she thought it was a false positive. I wondered why she didn’t see me or call me after they got home, but she later disclosed that she knew that I knew things, and she knows Who discloses them. Right after they got home, she went in for an ultrasound, which showed that the tests weren’t a false positive!

    There was a bit of an issue early on during an ultrasound, when the doctor said that the baby had a chromosome issue, and he said that if she were is sister, he would advice to terminate immediately. After thinking it over, they decided to terminate the pregnancy. I told her that the baby was fine, please don’t terminate! So she did some research online and found an early prenatal screening test where between the 11th & 13th week, they do a blood test and an ultrasound that gives a percentage of likelihood of a chromosomal issue. The doctor said that her percentage was such that felt confident there was no issue. Their baby girl is due next month on October 14, 2013. Praise the Lord for his miracles! He has also told me that this little girl is to be used by Him and that she is dedicated to Him. I’m not sure how it will work out, given that her parents are not yet saved, but I don’t question it at all!

  32. Frankly, the sudden presenc3e of your blog in my life has been a fire that help to spark a renewed abiding in Christ for me. It was as long silent summer. Then God gave me Bruce Wilkinson’s book, Secrets of the Vine, and your blog. The power of God’s daily invitation to walk and talk with Him is being renewed as we “speak.”
    But this morning, I was thrilled to discover that you are also a coffee cup gal. I based my whole blog on the GodThots I was having as I read His Word and sipped my coffee every day, renewing my relationship with Him after a 21 year absence from the church. I call these coffee cup thoughts. I am not an author, just a writer, but you are now being used as an encouragement to me to keep writing and let God decide who reads what I write. That is not my business, it is His. Thank you for letting God bless me through you.

  33. I loved this post, Sharon. So true. I’ve really learnt that this year: God loves all His children and wants the best for each one of us.

    Over the past few months God has carried on blessing me with my friends and family, and particularly because my mum’s had chemo and felt fine all the way through it; I’m so grateful to Him for that.

  34. He allowed me to go to MT again to visit my friend and her family. We got to share a blessed time of Bible study together an I also got to bask in another part of God’ s magnificent creation!

  35. Wow! I have been trying very hard to keep my working relationship with our boss very business-like & professional even though he has been really friendly to all of us. One of my colleagues is a sister in Christ & I thought she was trying really hard to befriend him. Then she (along with others) receives these little preferences & I felt a bit indignant for the “unfairness” because I know I was working really hard. Though I tried to talk myself against it since I know that just having/keeping a job is already such a great blessing. Since the beginning, I never doubted my conviction that the Lord was the one who led me to this job – & who is making me keep it (what with a lot of people having to be let go in the past years). But for some personal problems I’ve been having, I was feeling kind of at a lost & wondering whether I’m at where God wants me to be (in every aspect of my life). I was praying to be guided to know what God really wants me to do because I was feeling stagnant even in my career (or as I say – lack thereof). I was sending applications around while waiting for God’s direction. I was even drafting an email to express my intent to be re-assigned to another project or another post. Then yesterday, I received an email from my regional manager inviting us to attend this workshop overseas. I believe this is very good opportunity to learn more & to be better at what I do. And who knows, could also be God’s way of showing a lot more opportunities I could pursue.

    Praise God! I can’t wait to experience another sudden glory!

  36. God blesses me everyday. I love how He cares about the things many people consider small. I have learned if it is important to us it is important to God. I had been to a water
    aerobics class and had taken off my wedding band and placed in the small shoulder strap purse I was carrying. I had to go to Walmart to pick up a book I had ordered online and a few groceries. My wedding band had been engraved with our initials and our wedding date, a surprise from my husband, so it was very sentimental to me. When I got home and got in my purse to get my ring I discovered it was gone. I looked everywhere with no success. I called the store and asked them to call me if anyone turned it in. When my husband got home He went back to the store and looked everywhere for it. I prayed and told God how important it was to me and to please let me get it back. That night after supper, Walmart called and said someone found it in the parking lot. I got my ring back and I know it was by the hand of God! I am so thankful He cares about what is important to us and that He and answers prayers. Thank You Abba Father !!!

  37. I see a lot happening in my life. My husband is recovering from a 3 level back fusion. Doing better each and every day. We have a 16 (almost 17 on Nov.) facing a lot of mistakes and challenges in life. Been in trouble with the law. I see God working in his life to mold him into the person he should be. I realize that prayers in both of these situations have given me faith daily, sometimes moment by moment faith to continue. I thank God for his Grace and Mercy to bless my husband and son with second chances for a better life.

  38. Sharon – Thank you so much for speaking to the hearts of so many of us. I often share your thoughts with my FB family and friends because you spark so many kairos moments for me. Those moments, when I know that God has given you a message to give to me that is specifically for me to tell me once again what his plans are for me. I tend to get too hung up on the successes of my children when it comes to “grades.” As we all know, they are important, but they are far from being as important as the faith walk of our children. Our youngest son, Shane, has been in a private Montessori school from K-5th grade and we made the decision to put him in public school this year. Of course, we’ve been worried about his transition . . . so many more kids, so much more distraction, so many more bad influences, etc., etc. Happy to say that he has adjusted well so far. Grades are A’s & B’s, he’s made lots of new friends, behavior has been great and each morning when he leaves for the bus, I remind him that it is his job to go out and make the world a better place for God. Although yesterday he replied in jest, “Mom, it’s just too hard, I quit.” I guess that means that he is “getting it.” Today, he walked out the door, wearing his “God Put the Awe in Awesome!” t-shirt. I’m anxious to hear about any “faith or God sharing moments” this prompts with his new friends at his new school. Praise God for all He is doing in our lives. He is ever faithful and in Him, we live, move and have our being!

  39. God has blessed my family with our son that coming in around two months, we both thought God was done with blessing our family with another addition, after my miscarriage, but it just had to be in his time and not when I thought would be best. Oh how I have to learn that lesson often. Our son that is 4, he such a light, happy, loving little guy. So thankful for him, and for our son to come. (Even the children around where we live dislike him so much to hate him, we will still show them love). God has also provided a way for us to have a vehicle that is family sized and then some.

  40. After 5 long years of trying, praying, waiting I am finally going to get to see my 2 grandsons again. God has finally made away. They are coming in October and I can hardly wait. But I never gave up and God finally made it happen.

  41. Oh Sharon, I don’t even know where to start. Ever since I let go and had full faith, God has been doing wonderful things in my life, blessing us incredibly. We are moving into a bigger house that I had only dreamed of. He is supplying my husband with a new job that not only fulfills his need to provide but gives us a little cushion. He’s made sure our bills have been covered and we have had everything we needed, even though He has tested our faith (and our patience). He has made my dreams as a writer of being published come true and is continuing to bless me in that area. His blessings never stop.

  42. Sharon,
    It is difficult to list only one blessing. My husband found another job at the end of June, and we pray that will continue, just 4 months after he lost the one he had for 10 years. But even if this job does not, we know God hears us, and answers our prayers. His mercy endures forever as his love. Another miracle is that although we still don’t have benefits, my husband was able to get approved for the medication bridge program through our local hospital and gets his insulin, and other diabetic supplies free! Praise God from whom all blessings flow….really liked this devotional today!

  43. HI Sharon, I know I a bit late on reading your blog. It is alway a blessing to me and reminds me on how God work through all of us. For the center blog God has blessed me with answer prayer. You see my daughter has 2 bunny and one is outside and one is inside, but you would like the outside would get sick faster! but no! it’s the one that is inside. This bunny got mits and I asked the doctor and she said the bunny might of had them when we bought her. Well, that was weird but anyway we got her some meds and she is better. For a while I thought we were going to lose her. I cry and prayed and she got better. God listen to every prayer we ask for. Thanks Sharon for sharing you story with us and putting it how God take of us. Bless you

  44. “A few weeks ago my oldest daughter wanted a new pair of shoes.
    Now she had been wearing her tennis shoes for over a year and they were still in good shape. At the time we didn’t have extra to spend, like so many of us who struggle with bills. So I asked her to be patient and pray. Well a day or two later a friend stopped over with 2 large bags of clothes. My daughter was super excited as was I. The woman said she wish knew what size shoe my daughter wore because the family getting rid of clothes had at least 100 pair of shoes to give..(not exaggerating). To our delight they were her size. We contacted the family, they delivered several totes to our house, and now my daughter has plenty of shoes, that they are everywhere. I got to use this as a teaching lesson for her. I explained God will give you what you need not what you want. Praising God for all His blessings He gives me everyday.”

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