One Day It Will All Make Sense

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I sat on the floor playing a card game with my young son. It was shaping up to be one of the best summers ever. Steven was savoring every minute of the long hot days, our Golden Retriever, Ginger, had delivered seven adorable puppies, and after years of negative pregnancy tests and doctor visits, I had a new life growing in my womb.

In the middle of enjoying the moment with Steven, I felt a warm, sticky sensation that made my world stand still. A trip to the bathroom confirmed my greatest fear.

Later that day, as I sat in the doctor’s office listening to his condolences for the loss of this much-prayed-for child, all I could think of was God, how could You?

I drove home. Climbed into bed. Pulled the covers over my empty womb and my empty heart and cried. I was mad at God. If this is how You love me, then forget it. I gave God the silent treatment as if I could somehow pay Him back.

God and I had a lover’s quarrel that summer. Actually, I was the only one arguing. I felt betrayed by the One who was supposed to love me most. Even though I was mad at God, I knew in the deepest parts of me, that He loved me and was somehow going to use all this pain for good—but I sure didn’t like it.

When we experience shattered dreams, broken relationships, tragic losses, or unfulfilled longings, it can be difficult to feel God’s presence, to see His hand, and to hear His voice. Glory moments cease when we close our eyes in pain and tune out God in anger. I know that’s what happened to me.

That doesn’t mean that God isn’t there. It only means that the sadness in our own hearts has drawn the shades and locked the doors. We question whether we even want to live in union with God if this is where the path leads. We tend to wriggle out of His arms like an angry child or slip out of His embrace like a disgruntled lover, all the while hoping He will pull us back in and tell us that we have simply misunderstood.

Men and women throughout the Bible voiced their disappointment when God didn’t act as they had hoped. David cried out, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me? Why are you so far from saving me, so far from the words of my groaning?” (Psalm 22:1).

Habakkuk cried out: “How long, O Lord, must I call for help, but you do not listen?” (Habakkuk 1:2).

Even Jesus, when He hung on the cross, did not call out the comforting words of the 23rd Psalm, but the agonizing words of the 22nd.

And while we complain of God’s silence or seeming indifference during difficult times, He is always there working behind the scenes in ways we may never understand.

Three months after the loss of my second child, I broke my silence with God and prayed a prayer similar to Elisha’s. “Oh God, please open my eyes to see Your glory in this situation. If I could just see her. Please Lord, give me a glimpse.”

And then God pulled back the curtain in my mind and I envisioned this child, healthy and whole and playing at the feet of Jesus. She was surrounded by God’s glory face-to-face. Radiant resplendent glory. Not an ounce of sadness to be seen.

The Bible says, “So we fix our eyes not on what is seen (our circumstances), but on what is unseen (God’s presence). For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal” (2 Corinthians 4:18, parentheses mine).

One day, it will all make sense. Until then…we trust. And when we have the faith to keep our eyes open during the dark times, God will scatter moments of sudden glory where we sense His presence like stars in the inky sky. We hold fast and continue following Jesus—even when we aren’t sure where that may lead.

Lord, I’ll be honest, sometimes I don’t really like how my life is playing out. But this I do know, You are in control and Your ways are always good. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

What is one area of your life that you are trusting God with today? Leave a comment and let’s share.

A Sudden Glory Sharon Jaynes

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Comments 88

    1. Miriam,
      I will pray w you. God sometimes speaks to us so softly & seems slow, but HE comes through. I raised my two babies alone, lived in my car at one point. Thought I’d always be destitute & poor. I never gave up! Today I am sitting on a mountain top!
      Praise God! HE is a detail God🙏🙌🏻

      1. I’m trusting God with my pregancy. I’m 10weeks and its high risk as I had my daughter who is now 17month old at 27weeks 1 day
        Leaving it all in God’s mighty hands that I will carry baby to full term in Jesus name, Amen 🙌🏼

    2. I am trusting God for a fresh start, a new beginning with a new job that would allow me to be a present wife & mother without comprising my financial stability. Unfortunately today’s society promotes “workaholics” with little regard to family & work life balance.

  1. I am praying and relying on Gods will of the perfect employment. I have been turned down by a couple that I was so excited and ready to have, only to have the door slam shut. I know God has something bigger and better for me. Please Lord show me what I am supposed to be doing. I’ve recently had an interview that would have me ministering to patients at their end time. I’m praying this is the place God wanted me to wait for.

    1. Praying for you. I went through this as well and really felt like I was in the waiting and of corse it became a test of faith. When I let go and let God, layong my fears, doubts, and all rhe other emotions I was experiencing at the foot of the cross with complete surrender, I felt an incredible peace and knew without doubt, God was doing amazing things which changed my perspective and I became excited to see what HE had planned for me. Long story short, my temp position for which I applied for as a perm position, despite all obstacles and for which I felt was spiritual warfare, God opened up, giving me not only favor for the position, my position has been used for ministry for all levels of college students over the past five years. It has been humbling for me to see how HE continually uses me despite all the obstacles 😊. Prayers 🙏🙏. for you and for the right job.

      1. I as well am having many challenges with finding where I belong. I’ve had 3 jobs,which I didn’t handle well, even though I have excellent skills. the providence of God has not been alive in my heart.
        I am A widow, elderly, empty nester. No job and have become isolated. It’s just me and the cat. Please pray so that the gifts of the Holy Spirit will start cleansing my mind, body and soul. Thank you all.

        1. Prayers! I, am 69, married, can certainly recount some frustrating jobs in my past. I think many can relate to wanting to “cloister” at times of transitions. Prayers He will show you your next steps, 🙏

        2. I am praying for you Maria, I know what it is like to be alone with only my dog. (But I am thankful for my dog!) I pray that peace and comfort will surround you. I pray that you will rise up and find someone – an angel along your journey- to share moments with… even if you start by phone. I want you to feel loved. First by our Father Abba- but by others in the world like me. Many Many blessings… your share touched my heart

  2. Our firstborn son has been struggling with addiction for 13 years. This past 6 months he has been spiraling, 2 rehabs in 2 1/2 months. He may possibly drink himself to death. Our cry is to the Great Physician to heal his body, his mind and his soul and hold him! We don’t understand this torment, but are (trying) trusting God that He is there and fighting for us – it’s a spiritual battle on steroids. Pray, pray, pray (and there is some weeping) to our God almighty. We know He is the Victor, but it is oh so hard.

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      1. I am trusting God with my marriage. Ever since my son died in a tragic accident, my husband’s (not the father of my son) heart has grown cold and indifferent towards me. We have been living separated for 3 years now, and it appears nothing will ever change. He seems so angry and depressed all the time, and there’s nothing left left to say or do. I constantly think about filing for divorce, but I just don’t have the strength for another fight.

        1. I lived together with my husband for 42 yrs. The last 16 yrs. he shut me down in our marriage and said he couldn’t be intimate anymore. I was 43 and slowly had seen this coming. He had convinced me that it was ED. So I grieved that loss all alone for a few yrs. No touching ,hand holding,or words of comfort in my loss. But I had made a vow before God and man on our wedding day. If this was the “worse” then I’d just have to heal and move forward. So I eventually did while he happily went on as if nothing had happened.
          Eventually, he had to have emergency surgery on a hernia. After 2 days ,he died from a blood clot to the heart. I was angry at first,that he’d leave me. Then I felt relieved, ready to move on. I prayed often,that God would lead me forward. But at 59, I felt too young to live alone. So God opened the door to a new found love. Someone who I knew from my working days. And I prayed for the door to close if I needed more time for it had only been 6 mos. since my late husband passed. But the door remained open. God honoured my desires to be true in my first marriage with this Christian man who has given me so much. I gained love,affection,respect and value. The very things my late husband withheld in the later yrs.,often to the point of betrayal and emotional abuse. 11 mos. after his death I was remarried. I have 2 estranged daughters because of my late husbands devaluing and discarding of our marriage. But I’ve gained 2 lovely,kind, stepdaughters and beautiful grandchildren. It’s been 3 happy, wonderful yrs.
          So, my dear sister, we don’t always know what wonderful things God will do to show us His care and love for us. But as it says in Romans 12:18, try to live in peace as much as is possible. Divorce was never an option for me. And God hate’s divorce. But you need to be rational and do what you can, in His strength.

          1. Irma,

            Thank you for sharing your story and God’s glory. I, too, am a young widow. The emotional war is REAL! Doing things God’s way is always the best way. Thank you again for sharing your testimony.

          2. I am sitting here with tears in my eyes knowing I am at the same place – but it has only been 3 years of my husband telling me the same thing – no hand holding or words of comfort or care basically – we just are like 2 roommates which is not a marriage. He has kept a lot of secrets from me and we are in danger of losing our house and I found out the day it was publicized in the local newspaper. As though things were not bad enough. I know I made a vow with God – but I also know that God doesn’t want him to have an affair on me or to be so divided. Different rooms – different bathrooms – we had an AWESOME 25 years – but the past 3 – have been terrible and I am so incredibly lonely! Thank you for sharing your story.

          3. Thank you for sharing Irma. I too have felt and am feeling a very similar situation. My spouse of 29 yrs and I have not been physically intimate in 19 months. I believe he loves me and is struggling in his own way (ED) however I just need a cuddle here and there. When I was only 46 he had a heart attack. We were not able to be intimate for at least 9 months. I was fine with that & understood. Then he had another heart attack 3 yrs later. Again no physical intimacy. I began to feel bad because I was struggling with not feeling he needed or wanted to be intimate. After a few more years it’s become normal for us not to be feely touchy and just enjoy each other’s company. Sometimes I feel like we are just roommates not partners. I have never once thought of cheating or leaving him as I do believe God has a specific reason why we have stayed together so long without any physical intimacy. I admit sometimes I get so lonely and feel so distant from him. It sounds crazy but I think he enjoys cuddling with our dog more than me. It makes me feel even more insecure that maybe he’s not attracted to me anymore. Oh how the evil 1 tries to steal all that God intends for good. He’s retired now and I’m working p:t in hopes of 1 day soon being able to retire with him and enjoy our life together. He’s suffering with another health issue which I’ve been on him to seek medical treatment since last fall. Now he’s finally reached out to his Dr and waiting to have surgery. I need God to help me see there’s more to my marriage than physical intimacy and that just spending quality time together is just as important.
            Please keep me in your prayers and thoughts and again thanks for sharing your story. It’s helped me see that I’m not alone in how I feel at times.

      2. I am trusting God to bring my very talented and faithful husband good work. He’s been unemployed for over 3 years. It doesn’t make any sense. He had all sorts of work lined up for the summer and it all fell through. God has been faithful to always provide, I just don’t understand why He hasn’t answered this prayer. (He’s answered a lot of big other prayers lately, so I must trust that He is working behind the scenes). Thank you, Sharon. Your devotionals are always such a blessing.

    2. I am joining you in prayer as well. I can write a book on what I went through with my son. God loves our children even more than we can imagine … even more than we love which is so huge. I look back over the years and God was and is so much more than I could even imagine. So many miracles have occurred along the journey and I feel God is going to use him to minister to many some day. It is hard not to fix things for our children and ro rescue them, but I can say that once we let go and fully trust (which is so hard at times), God will replace our tears and fears with an incredible peace that passeth all understanding. I marvel at how he collects each and every tear and turns it into beautiful rain as he showers his love on us 🌸

    3. I am praying for you and your son.
      God used a group called, Hope for Hurting Parents to help me through the toughest times of my daughters struggling with addiction self harm and mental illness.
      This is a Christ centered group in person and online. I pray that you will find peace and comfort.

    4. Hello Ro,

      My oldest daughter struggled for ten years with alcoholism and I prayed. I didn’t pray everyday but I prayed. I was so weary sometimes but God knew all about it.

      This last year has been one of the toughest part of the journey and the most blessed!
      My daughter went to adult and teen challenge, a wonderful Christian addictions centre, last summer because she hit bottom and had no where else to turn.
      It broke my heart to truly see her where she was because she hid allot from me.

      But God is the God of restoration, deliverance and freedom!

      My daughter is home now with her boys and God has given her freedom. There are still battles but she hangs onto God. She’s told me so many times how she can’t believe the feeling of freedom because she was shackled for so long and she thought she would live the rest of her days that way.

      It’s so hard to wait and watch but it’s all Gods timing and grace if there’s going to be true freedom it has to come from him.

      From one mum to another in the battle I’m praying for you all.

    5. Oh Ro, I have a daughter who has put me through similar torment in her teen years . she is 22 and doing better. Praise God. I know well the years of chaos, stress , fear and hopelessness. God was there when I turned to Him and took my eyes off my daughter..Its hard to turn from that which holds your greatest fear but when you do God shows up. ..
      I learned to live life for God not watching how she was doing every day. I released her date to God who promised to finish His work in her as she had been baptized at 13. I have faith that whatever happens to her here on earth , her real father holds her safe.
      I pray your son will lose the attachment to alcohol and whatever else he uses to get by. That He would find the true source of joy.

    1. Prayers Julie. I am also in a broken relationship with my oldest son. No idea how to fix what I didn’t know was broken. Only by Gods grace am I able to live each day in (somewhat) peace, knowing that His plan is for my good.

      1. Debbie and Julie,
        I am praying for your situations with your children. I too am experiencing very similar situation with my grown son. I believe it is part of the end times before Christs return. It’s painful and scary for us who know the Lord to watch our children go the direction of this world. I pray that the Holy Spirit will open our children’s hearts to Jesus!

  3. Our son’s recent news that he and his wife of 19 years are separating with no hope of reconciliation. They’ve raised our grandson, their only child, who is now going off to college. Our son, his wife and their son will soon be in three different states. We are hurting and know we have to fully rely on God and his blessings and guidance. Our grandson seems to be accepting the situation and is excited about his next chapter. Asking for prayers for peace and healing for our family.

  4. Lord help me to hear Your voice and experience Your Presence everyday. Everyday with Jesus is sweeter than the day before🙌🏻❤️Thank you Sharon for helping me SEE Jesus in the everyday life today

  5. My adult daughters , i’m worry about them all the time I’m scared if am not gonna worry that God will forget them,..

    1. Post
      1. For financial breakthrough. My husband and I recently moved to a new city and thought this is where God has for us to prosper and flourish but we don’t have money to buy food or pay all of our bills.

        My son whose 22, and in jail. Praying for his salvation and true surrender to God. A renewed mind. He has a daughter who will be 1 July 23rd and his court hearing is July 22nd. Praying God will grant favor for him to come home and be hear for his daughter’s 1st birthday.

  6. I trust God that He will “complete what he started” and turn my two grown children back to Him. One was even in missions. Thank you Sharon for sharing your vision of your 🧒! That will help many of us who miscarried. 😇 💗 Patti

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  7. I do long to experience GOD’s presence in my everyday life. I husband was called home after 48 years of marriage. Life will never be the same, he loved me with all his heart, I know he did. I watched him suffer so much,, The man I loved and married had slowly became a different man before his being called home and I know that was God preparing me. I just need to hear his voice telling me life is going to be ok.
    I miss him and I know he is no longer in pain and suffering and most days I am at peace but some days I am not. Maybe it is just the world we live in now, I don’t know. People talk about how their loved one’s that have left this world talk to them, I want to hear God, I want to hear my husband and my Grandson.

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    2. Praying comfort for you. Today I pray you receive a blessing…just something…to let you know your Husband is there is spirit with you. Blessings.

  8. My grown son has chosen to forget about his family and God and I ask God to bring him back.

    We live in such a world of turmoil and my heart goes out to our children.

    I enjoy your emails and God uses you in such a way that blesses my heart so much.

    Love a Sister in Christ

  9. I am trusting God for a breakthrough with my 16-year-old that suffers from depression and loneliness. I’m trusting him to heal my body and to send me a life mate. In Jesus name, I believe and receive!

  10. I am currently walking through my 5th miscarriage as we speak, so i completely understand your heart ache. You are so right, it is so hard to trust during the intense heart ache. I’m also walking through an intense battle with the govt that I need full deliverance from all the while my husband has hardened his heart towards the church due to all the ministry abuse we’ve walked through these past 5 years. Please lift us up in prayer. I know God only allows things to bring us up higher into our destiny but this has been a very long season of disappointment. I still see God’s hand and know he loves me deep down like you mentioned but it is hard. 🙏 thanks for sharing your story of encouragement.

  11. My 93 yr old mama was murdered in the hospital. The evil man she had married was tired of her getting bladder infections, so he robbed us of saying goodbye to my mama. He shot her three times while she sat in her chair in the hospital room. I’m working on learning to forgive like my saviour did on the cross😢 she loved Jesus, that is my only peace. 💔

    1. Thankful you found peace through your ordeal. Life is full of sorrow and praise God it was used to help and heal others.

  12. Oh, Father in Heaven, You are near. Thank you for these sweet sisters in Jesus Christ who cry out in their suffering. Please hear our prayers and help us to draw nearer to You. Thank you for Sharon whom you have chosen for this ministry. Please hear me too, as I ask for deliverance for my son who has suffered with substance abuse and mental illness for almost 20-years. Please keep Your angels around him. Let Him see You. Give me right words to say and a great dose of Your love. Please surround our adult children who have gone astray. Please wash over the wounds of the “cancelled” ones. Amen.

  13. I am trusting God with my marriage and my husband. He is very unhappy and considering divorce. I have experienced him walking away from the Lord over the past several years and hardening his heart toward me. I am trying to work on our relationship to make things better, but he seems to be giving up. Trusting God that he has good things ahead for me and for my husband no matter what happens in the future.

  14. Praying for my marriage, the health and well-being of my teenage children, and for unity and peace in my home and career.

  15. Praying that God will take care of us, as He always has, while my husband searches for a new job after being let go from his recent one. Praying that God, as He always has, will provide for our rising expenses. Praying that I remember to give Him this yoke that I try to carry even when I know I can’t carry it.

  16. The sudden revelation that my husband has a grown child we nerver knew about, trying to understand why God has brought this to us now.

  17. For my 18 year old son who suffers from mental illness and addiction to alcohol. That he may find his way back to God and us. For God put good friends and mentors into his life. For wisdom to make right choices. For peace in our family and wisdom for me and his dad on helping him where we can but not letting him take advantage of us.

  18. I am struggling!!! On June 1st while having our coffee and discussing our day ahead, my 53 year old husband was suddenly called home. The pain has been crushing, the fear overwhelming, and I am absolutely exhausted! It is only through God that I am even making it through the day. He has blessed me with amazing people to surround me and help me through. But Saturday was his celebration of life service, it was a beautiful tribute to an amazing cowboy! Since then, everyone has gone back to their lives and I am reminded that the world moves on while I feel stuck in the silence. We were ALWAYS together, we work together on our farm and multi-species rescue & sanctuary. Trying to do this without him has been nearly impossible. We were not blesses with children, instead God created us to care for the animals. Now I am faces with how to do it on my own without his income from his farrier work. The donations to the rescue have now stopped and I am facing finding a job of the farm, which will mean having to find a place for MANY of the animals to go. Some of the animals that we have fought so long and so hard for, will have to be put down if I am not here to tend to them. I am absolutely reeling in loss and it has all but consumed me. I know God has a plan and I pray that it is to continue His work.
    Sooo many things have happened since my husband was called Home, including one of our reacue horses being struck by lightning and dying a gruesome death 2 days after my husband.
    Just as we did every morning, I continue to spens my first moments in the Word and I know it helps me get through each and every day. But I don’t understand, he was never supposed to go before me, in my mind anyway. We had so many things left to do! I know God’s plan is perfect and He is always on time, but right now I am broken.

  19. I am very heart broken on how my life has played out. I know that God has a purpose for me and I pray that I can be still and patient in the waiting. I was in a 13 year marriage and I have recently discovered that my ex husband is gay. I’m not sure how to take this news. I ask for prayers please. I need to find forgiveness and compassion in my heart which I am finding it difficult to do at this moment.

  20. I am trusting in God and His plan for a job charge that I was told would happen and now isn’t. His goodness and faithfulness is all I have to lean on during this time of disappointment and shock. I allowed my head and heart to get excited about this change and now I need to resolve to stay where I’m at which hasn’t been pleasurable for a few years now. I’m grateful for having my past moments with God to remind me that He loves me and He knows best.

  21. I am suffering from pain in my hip and leg from a pinched nerve in my back. I’ve been getting injections, but nothing has worked so far. The pain never ends and seems to be getting worse. It hurts no matter what I do. At times it’s overwhelming. I still see God’s many blessings to me, but I’m depressed and tiered most of the time. I would like to be healthy so that I can enjoy my time with my family and have the strength to do all that is required of me.

  22. Praying for my son-in-law, Blake. It’s been 5 long years of prescription drug abuse. Promises of getting off the meds, watching my daughter suffer. Praying he will go into rehab, as promised, & get the help he needs!! Lord please take his hand & guide him🙏

  23. Praying and trusting that God will provide healing answers for a severe heart condition I have that has been causing me to be hospitalized numerous times. Just went through 3 procedures to get diagnosis from and awaiting the results from them and what the diagnosis will result in for further treatments and/or further surgeries. Praying for God’s restoration of my health so I can be around to see my daughter give birth to her first child and my first grandchild and be there for both of them to help in the raising of this new baby in the future. God please hear my prayer!

  24. I’m praying for healing from my cancer. I trust and believe in God’s word that if I ask in His Name and believe it will be given unto me. I’m asking for prayers!!

  25. I am trusting God for a fresh start, a new beginning with a new job that would allow me to be a present wife & mother without comprising my financial stability. Unfortunately today’s society promotes “workaholics” with little regard to family & work life balance.

  26. I’m trusting God for healing from my son’s death and my divorce. He knows where I’m at and He goes before me. I’m trusting in His peace and security that he promises.

    1. I am sorry for your loss Sherri! I will pray for you. I have been through so much and lost but when I look back, I can see God’s loving hand holding me because without him I could have made it through. Hugs for you.

  27. I am sorry for your loss Sherri! I will pray for you. I have been through so much and lost but when I look back, I can see God’s loving hand holding me because without him I could have made it through. Hugs for you.

  28. I am trusting in God for the healing of my grandson. He is almost 3 and doesn’t talk at all! He has amazing Godly parents and they are so patient with him. I am claiming for his ability to talk and play with other children in God’s holy and precious name.

  29. Praying for my 37 year old daughter. She can’t seem to move past the loss of her son almost 14 years ago. She was 2 days to delivery 8/6/08 when she was in a tragic car accident. She has a 9 year old son, but does very little. They live with us. She sleeps all day. Stays in her room always. Comes out to smoke and fix food. She is under 100 lbs. Doesn’t take care of herself. I keep trying to push her but it gets me nowhere. Please pray God will leave her up and give her meaning.

  30. I went through exactly what your story describes, I lost my husband after an 18 month battle with cancer ( he was my heart) then 13 days later my 22 year old granddaughter to a blood clot… She had been doing a lot of flying from Phoenix to Chicago to be with her Grandpa(these 2 were very close) I had just started to morn my husband’s passing.. I was so very angry with God…Shaunna was such a wonderful light and loved her Jesus.
    Took me better part of 6 months to get over this and it was my daughter Shaunna’s Momma that helped bring me back to Jesus

  31. All of my prayers to God to help save my marriage didn’t work. My husband still cheated on me, lied to me and acted like I was worthless and not deserving of love or truth. In a span of two months, I’ve seen the hand of God shaping me into a forgiving woman that has chosen to live fully free in the life God has for me, without my husband at my side. For 25 years, I stayed tied to a relationship that kept me from embracing my faith. I stayed chained to shame over an abortion and loss of an opportunity to have children. I hid from God and what he had laid out for me. I am now sitting in uncertainty of my new future but with calm assurance that God will never leave me and that man can not satisfy what only God can. He gets the glory in this betrayal, this deceit, this lust, this pain. Only He can turn this into purpose.

  32. This is the second time I am reading this Sharon, and it brings happy tears to my eyes. I lost my first boy 7 years ago at 5 months along. A week before loosing him, God challenged me to ask Him for four kids. I wrestled with that- begging Him to please just bless me with just this one. I finally gave in, and asked for four.
    And a week later, in my darkest moment, He never left me. I cried out to Him when I could feel my son was in pain, and He took him swiftly.
    7 years later, I have a 6 year old, a 4 year old, a 1 year old and one on the way. Nothing an ever or will ever take my precious Gray son’s place, but I too have been blessed with mental images of him. The first, of him being surround by so many puppy dogs – as he basks in the presence of Jesus. And the second, whenever I miss him terribly, I imagine climbing up onto Jesus’ lap, burying my face into his chest and seeing my son alive and well on the other side. Thank God we have eternal life with him – that this is not the end.
    Thank you Jesus for all you have done for me.

  33. I am trusting God to give me peace about feeling guilty for allowing my parents to move so far away in their old age.

  34. I praise and thank you Lord for hearing all of these heartfelt prayers, for your grace and mercy, your faithfulness and your enduring love that sustains each one of us. I raise my youngest son up to you, asking that you send your ministering angels to draw him to you and lead him to the circumstance and situation that will bring him well paying, satisfying work in the field you have chosen for him. I release this job search situation into your hands, oh Lord, trusting and believing you have a perfect plan for him, and it is not to harm him, but to give him a hope and a future. Thank you Jesus, in your name I pray.

  35. I’m trusting God with my relationship with my boyfriend Emil. Also, his coming back to Pohnpei. I also want to trust God with my financial situation.

  36. I am continuing to pray everyday for my husband who has ALS. I too was mad at God with this diagnosis but God is awesome and He chased me down and drew me back to Him. He is teaching me to be content in every circumstance.

  37. Trusting God to help me and our children to get through this very difficult time as I have decided to divorce my husband of 18years as led by the Lord. Praying that He’ll help me to move ahead and take care of the kids and fulfil all my responsibilities.

  38. Please pray for God ton rescue my husband from an untrue and unjust charge, to restore my family and to redeem all that has been lost. Pray for protection and peace. Thank you

  39. Prayers for my 42yr.old son that’s has and addiction depression disorder not wanting to take daily medication with episodes of talking and not sleeping which is very annoying and very disoriented. I fell off tract with my faith knowing only God can fix it. And just move outta the way of his plan. My nerves was in shambles the hardest is being unappreciated & loved by my son. I have 2older kids a daughter lives here and Son out of town with limited communication. He did help out in 2020 when a party order had him placed in the hospital & a recent in Jan 22.

  40. I am praying & putting my Trust in God to Heal our families brokenness caused by a Very Hurtful situation
    With our Grandson!

  41. The one area that I’m trusting God with is my mental illness. I get paranoid thinking that I’m stalked and harassed and feel like a Guinea pig. The results of that is how my body shape and look is. I’m not pregnant or have kids yet my weight is like a yoyo. I feel that I’m being sabotaged in not being able to get married. I used to be skinny and have an hour glass figure. My parents genes are a certain way. I feel that my body and looks are distorted so that I can be an eyesore and be an old maid. My cousins body shape and looks on my mom side and dad’s side is totally different. I feel like I’m under a curse because of how I retaliated to this panel of judges. It’s been a battle for me for many years. I’ve been crying out to the Lord and He heard and has made my life bearable. I totally fear and respect God that I cannot get mad at him today. I totally see Him as holy and superior. He is above me. I used to crouch in fear of Him but that was before I became a Born again Christian and have a relationship with Him. I whine and agonize to myself but when I’m done grumbling and wallowing in my misery I look up to God and acknowledge that He is in control and on the throne which I am so relieved with that fact. Imagine if it was the other way around, it would be hell. But yeah, I totally trust God with my illness. I prayed to God and had people pray for my hygiene (because of my illness I was like a King Nebuchadnezzer as an animal like creature) and now i stay clean and presentable. I know that ALL things are possible with Him.

  42. I’m praying that my relationship with God gets better than what it is right now. I have experienced having a strong faithful relationship with God and being in his presence so I know what I am missing. I must admit that somewhere along the line I got off track and my faith has wavered. I feel an emptiness inside and it’s like I cannot get it back. I know what God can do what he has done and will do but I want my zeal my drive back that I once had but even stronger than before! I often feel lost like I do not know where to begin or even how to begin to try and get back in connection with my Father. To top everything off we just buried my sister a few days ago so I have that hurt and pain that I am coping with as well. I am asking if you beautiful ladies could pray with me and for me and my family. Thank you many blessings to you all

  43. Sharon, how well I remember taking our boys out to the Whiteside’s pool for a end of the year party in ‘61. You let me know you were expecting and I was so excited for you all. Then not long after we found it was not to be, I was so sad to learn of that. And here we are almost 32 years later and it still a very clear hard memory. I think of you often and the awesome boys we came to have. May god continue to bless you sweet family.

    1. Post

      Thank you Nancy. Yes, grief never completely goes away. It just gets easier to carry. Those were precious years raising Butner and Steven together! We loved keeping him while you guys were away. Big hugs!!!!

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