I Can’t Believe I Just Said That

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What if your most snarly comments were caught on tape? Yikes! That’s exactly what happened to me. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy one of my most embarrassing moments!

My friend Catherine and I set out for a stroll through the neighborhood, just before the fireflies emerged to start their party. We chatted about raising boys, husbands and decorating dilemmas. When we arrived back at her house, she invited me in to look at some fabric swatches for a new sofa. Before I knew it, a few minutes had turned into a few hours.

“Oh, my!” I exclaimed. “It’s 10 o’clock. I’ve been gone for over two hours! I bet Steve’s worried sick. He doesn’t even know where I am. I’d better give him a call before I start back home.”

When I tried to call my husband, the answering machine picked up … which made me just a little mad.

“Steve, I was calling to let you know I’m at Catherine’s. I thought you’d be worried, but apparently you don’t even care because you won’t even pick up the phone!” Click.

I said my goodbyes to Catherine and left feeling dejected. “I’m wandering around in the dark all alone, and he doesn’t even care,” I mumbled to no one in particular. “I could be lying in a ditch injured, or dead for that matter! I don’t think he even loves me.”

As my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I noticed Steve coming toward me on his bicycle.

“Where have you been?” Steve desperately asked. “I’ve been riding all over the neighborhood looking for you! Do you know what time it is?”

When we arrived home, I quickly erased the angry voicemail. Whew, I thought. That was close.

A few days later, Steve called me from work. “Sharon, have you listened to the voicemail lately? There’s something you need to hear.”

So, I used my cell phone to call my home number.

The message went something like this: (The voice of sweet southernness …) “Hello, you’ve reached the Jaynes’ residence. We’re unable to answer the phone right now … (enter the voice of Cruella de Vil). “I was calling to let you know I’m at Catherine’s. I thought you’d be worried, but apparently you don’t even care because you won’t even pick up the phone!” (Return of sweet southernness …) “At the sound of the beep, leave a message, and we’ll get back with you as soon as possible.”

“Oh, my goodness!” I screamed. “How did this happen?! How many people have heard this over the past three days?”

I called the phone company, and they explained that most likely during the thunderstorm we had a few days earlier, a lightning strike must have merged and scrambled the message.

I was mortified.

The Bible says, “With the tongue, we praise our Lord and Father, and with it, we curse human beings, who have been made in God’s likeness. Out of the same mouth come praise and cursing. My brothers and sisters, this should not be” (James 3:9-10). That all went down in one single voicemail.

As women, I am amazed how quickly we can flit back and forth between blessing and belittling, praising and putting down, cheering and critiquing — all in a matter of seconds. God has given us incredible power in our sphere of influence, and it begins with the words we speak.

In Genesis 1, we read that God created everything we see with but a word. He said, “Let there be …” and then there was (Genesis 1:3). Then on the sixth day, when He created man and woman in His own image, He did something amazing, astonishing really — He gave us the gift of words.

Few forces have a greater impact than the utterances that pass our lips. Our words can embolden a child to accomplish great feats, encourage a husband to conquer the world, reignite the dying embers of a friend’s broken dreams, cheer on a fellow believer to run the race of life and draw a lost soul to Christ. Words start wars and bring peace — globally and right in our own homes.

So, the question for us is: How will we use the incredible gift of words God has given us today?

Lord, please help me control my tongue today. Help me speak words of life to those around me. I want to be an encourager and not a discourager, a builder of dreams rather than a destroyer of destinies. I pray the Holy Spirit will help me be known as a woman who speaks life into those around her. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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Did you know your words are shaping other people’s lives? Every day, you can speak life into others’ souls or suck the life right out of them. To become a woman who uses her words wisely, pick up a copy of my updated re-release of The Power of a Woman’s Words! When you order today, April 21, you can also receive a free e-book download of Enough: Silencing the Lies that Steal Your Confidence and a Powerful Words bundle. TODAY IS THE LAST DAY FOR THE FREE E-BOOK AND BUNDLE.

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Comments 269

  1. I will say one thing we are learning is to slow down. We have lived in this same apartment for two years and tonight was the first time we sat out on the balcony and watched the sunset. Things like that need to happen more often.

    1. I have learned that I have trust issues. I dont trust authorities to make right decisions. I have learned to lean in close to God and receive my answers from Him, as we’re instructed to do. I have never seen my anger swell like it has and I’ve learned that anger and fear are close partners. That fear must be combatted with going to the Word, for me much more often than just during my ongoing bible studies. This has truly been a time where the Word has kept me from the pits of despair!

    2. I am really missing mass and gathering as a church community. Those friendly faces and short after mass visits mean so much to me. The absence of Family gatherings has been difficult too. I’ve learned to focus on what is really important in life and the little things that bring joy to my life and to others.

    3. I have learned that we live in such a hurried world. When we have the time to listen and process what we are hearing, before speaking, our words are often much kinder and more sincere. Conversations on the front porch, on the phone with friends and family, and even with God, when we are not rushing to get to the next activity, are deeper and more meaningful. I pray that we will learn from this and continue to slow down after it is over.

  2. This pandemic has definitely taught me that the only thing we cannot (absolutely) live without is the breathe of life in us! Learning to lean on God everyday should be our life’s goal.

  3. Teaching me to simplify – Simplify & cut out distractions…
    Distractions that show up by way of clutter in home and clutter in my mind…. which also takes me away from being present with my kiddos and hubs . 🙏❤️

  4. God has taught me that people need each other more than they realise. People really are community beings, we require a level of physical contact or interaction, even if we have believed we are not interested in others. That connection is not satisfied with internet connections.

  5. Precious is the fleeting time I have with my husband & children & He wants us to shine His Light in this dark world!….Jesus is coming back sooner than we think!! Rev 22:20😇🙏😇

  6. Through COVID19 God has taught me that it is not the rushing around that ‘made me’ grumpy and sharp with my husband, mother and children ALOT of the time… I find myself at home now, almost constantly, yet I am irritated and cranky with my household – not my ideal of kind and patient.
    Perhaps I have a habit of thinking that whatever I am doing is more important than those around me?
    I can listen and care with friends and strangers, but if it’s only deep enough to last until I get home and loving kindness is not WELLING UP from inside me, I need to take a good hard look at myself – and my habits with my tongue!

    1. Wow! You just described me! My husband has told me this for years but it’s only been in the last couple of years that I have realised this. Since we did a marriage course last year and spend 1 night a week talking about our marriage I have realised that my helpmeet role must be my priority. That’s God’s purpose and He will never put any other ministry above that. Thanks for your honesty.

  7. The power of my words is something I have always struggled with in my childhood, marriage and work environment. If you ask me how I am feeling or what I think I will tell you. During this time, my young children have taught me to jsu be still, enjoy the moment and wait on discernment before responding.

    1. I have learnt to slow down and notice the flowers on the pathway of my life journey Bringing me to the place of stillness

  8. Wow! My sister and I were just talking about this!
    Being confined to our quarters is very difficult, and we’ve noticed We’ve gotten a bit nippy. We’re learning to keep our mouth’s closed and if We haven’t anything nice to say no to say anything at all! Apparently, I taught my son that too because he is going through a situation where he to is not saying anything.

  9. During this global pandemic, God has taught me to appreciate each day for His new mercies and hope. To trust in His divine plan and not allow fear to take over my mind. To take each day to honor Him and show His love to others. To place my confidence in Him alone.

  10. During this quarantine God has taught me how important it is to love your neighbor each and everyday, because there is no guarantee you will get another opportunity. I also learned how important it truly is to appreciate every moment of every day.

  11. I have learned that our faith is born for times of crisis, that as the whole world trembles in fear, it is our time to stand in faith, trusting God, praying mighty prayers, and pointing others to Christ. We shine brightest in the darkness.

  12. God spoke to me through a friend recently and wanted me to say “I trust you Jesus”…with my visual being a river…I’m relaxing in His strong arms as I float WITH the current, not fighting against it… “I trust You Jesus” to carry me…🙏🏼

  13. You spoke to my heart. Thanks for being vulnerable and sharing what we all struggle with. I pre ordered your book from amazon but I didn’t see a link for the other book that would come free. Could you please tell me how to get that? Thanks so much

  14. Yes I found an article a few years ago about the tongue that we should realize it can speak words in fourteen ways that is why we need use the word. THINK before we speak as ‘T.- Is it thoughtful. H.- Is it helpful. I.- Is it inspiring. N- is it necessary. K- is it kind this why the word is important .

  15. These word I need to hear , as I have the honor to lead many but sometimes am unaware how my simple choice of words can change, alter and / or impact so many. I am learning during this time of COVID that I need to give my worries to God and trust in Him.

  16. I have been given extra time with the pandemic; although there are lots of home projects waiting too, I have been blessed to use my extra time for Bible study.

  17. I’ve learned that I believe noite than I ever knew I could. I was only baptized a year ago and n.y first year had provided more questions than answers. But I made the decision during this crisis to trust God completely, to surround myself with his word. Miraculously, I am not depressed, anxious or afraid of getting sick. I am convinced that my mission is just starting and that whatever happens, He can count in me. I’m all in and excited for the new normal world that is on the brink of Revival!

  18. This story made me chuckle a little bit. Until I got to the part about it being transferred to your voicemail greeting. Yikes! Definitely not a greeting anyone would want callers to hear.
    The one thing that I have held onto during these days and weeks of listening to the fears and stresses of those around me in this ‘pandemic’ is this; God is still on His throne, and He is still in control.
    There is nothing happening right now that He does not know about and what to do about it.
    We don’t know. We are mere humans with fleshly thoughts.
    We don’t understand His thoughts and ways, but He knows exactly what to do and how this will end.

  19. Watching & listening to all that is going on, seeing the loss so many have faced & are facing, not being able to be w/loved ones in their last days is so devastating.
    What God has helped me to see is, what are the last words that someone might hear from me.
    Heavenly Father, may my words be kind, filled w/encouragement & may they know how much You love them because of something I shared from Your Word.

  20. Cover-19 has taught me how much time my busy life/career has taken me away from enjoying the simple things in life with my family. I love that my husband and I are preparing meals together and sitting together with my two young adult children for meals. I am still working as an elementary teacher from home and my two adult children are completing their college on-line studies. We realize how blessed we are to have each other, a roof over our heads, two lovable dogs, and a family that cares for others as well as for each other. My daughter is a frontline worker as a grocery store clerk.

  21. I have been learning to watch my words. My son and daughter in law have been living with me and it has been difficult biting my tongue with them at times. They both are Christians but not walking with the Lord. I am mindful of my words, attitude and behavior so as not to give them more excuses to stay away from church and other Christians. Praying more and reading the Word more when I am tempted to speak my mind!

  22. This is exactly what I’ve been wrestling with, a long time friend’s shocking and disappointing words put on Facebook. It’s like God reminded me anyone can make a mistake with words.0

  23. I thought I was the only one who could/would assume & say something like your message on the answering machine.
    I’m praying daily for the gift of a soft heart, kind thoughts & gentle words to flow from me…I ask the Lord for the strength to remember & utilize T-H-I-N-K (truth helps inspire necessary kindness) before speaking unspeakable retorts that leave me feeling like I don’t even know myself.
    Thank you for your incredible truth & frankness.

  24. I think in this time of new normal and quarantine and fear and discouragement that are words need to be encouraging and hopefield and always always always pointing people to Jesus.

  25. I enjoy spending time with those I love. Don’t take your health for granted. Follow the instructions of health professionals. Eat right, exercise and drink plenty of water.

  26. God has taught me that He is Sovereign and he can do anything He wants he wants to do. In all things he will be glorified… in death and in life.
    He is also teaching us that his word is truth and he will never forsake us. Oh, what a mighty God we serve! ✝️

  27. During this pandemic and the news of canceled proms and graduation, words have been used between parents and administration. What a reminder that we should be careful. God’s Word instructs is to do so. Bless you.

  28. Thank you for this reminder. It has been too easy to let our ugly words come out to the ones we love the most during this time of staying at home all the time.

  29. One thing God has taught me during Covid-19 is that there is great joy in contentment, stillness and a slowed schedule. It is like resetting a clock. I find all realities of who I am on the inside exposed, and there is nowhere to run and hide.

  30. This time of sheltering at home has been extra challenging for me. My husband has a dental issue that was put off when everything was put on hold. Understandably he’s been a little grumpier than usual. Then my adult daughter & her 2 dogs decided to “shelter in place” with us. All of which is getting on my last nerve. Like your answering machine message I find myself giving words of comfort one minute then griping or nagging the next. Daily I’m asking God to put a guard on my lips & to help me think before I speak so I can choose which ones are helpful & which ones are not so much. Each day is a new challenge.

  31. During the quarantine, God has shown me how much fear non believers have. He has also shown me how much fear of my past I am holding onto. I pray that I can be honest with the counselors who are trying to help me. To tell them how I am really doing instead of what I think they want to hear.

  32. To help us realize the impact of our words on others we need only remember the words others have spoken to us that either did great harm or great good. Words can tear down or build up, and with every word we speak we make a choice. In the words of TobyMac “Speak Life”.

  33. I have learned no one but my husband cares. No phones calls, no help with food or anything. It’s just my hubby and me. This is something I won’t forget. Thank God that he is in charge.

  34. “Be still and know that I’am God”. Psalm 46:10. Being still in a fast-paced world, is nearly impossible. But when your forced to be still, and your heart is in the right place, you actually have the time to put into practice the things you know you need to work on, and can actually get the victory. The sensitivity, the selfishness, the dull prayer life, the need to always be right. The past 9 months as a new widow and mother of five have been very challenging. A lot of grieving, self-reflection, trying to find the new me with an amputated part. Instead of running around driving the kids to all their activiies, sort of feeling like a hero, that somehow I can still “do it all” and then some, but feeling emotionally and spiritually spent from “doing it all”, only to realize that I didnt have to. Ive always felt I needed to correct my children, all the time . Hardly let anything slide. I didnt realize I was crushing them. Having the Covid reprieve, I let things go and asked God to just take over. He did. It has been amazing to watch, the teenage bad attitudes dying, the challenge to authority diminishing, the squabbles they were able to figure out themselves because they were given the time to, all while I mostly observed with a gentle comment from time to time. Even as a single parent, I learned, to be still, observe, pray, and let God be God, and not me. I feel more relaxed, less stressed, or worried about anything. I know its been a much harder time for others losing love ones , or jobs that provided because of this virus. May I selfishly say that I’am thankful for the heart work that is being performed in many. It’s through pain and sorrow that we grow, and thus grow closer to Christ. Thank you Lord.

  35. God has been teaching me to trust him with my day, sometimes my hour or minutes of the day. To not be looking to the distant or even near future, but to trust Him for today and leave the worries and tomorrows up to Him. Thanking Him for all that He has provided and reminding me that my family is in His hands and that absolutely nothing is outside of His control. No matter what happens, I will praise Him, the provider and keeper of my soul.

    1. This pandemic season has proved that God is still on the throne, nothing, not works of men,not creation moves Him even an inch….and He’s watching too!
      God above all else!

  36. Even “seasoned” Christians can fall prey to satan’s tactic of cauing overwhelming fear. We need to encourage friends and loved ones to keep their eyes on the Lord, knowing that He is in control…no matter how things appear.

  37. Hi Sharon,
    What a totally mortifying experience. Thank you for the reminder that life and death are in the power of the tongue. There are times when my words are not becoming as a woman of God so hopefully your story will be a reminder for me.

  38. The COVID 19 virus has taught me to appreciate every moment I have with my beloved husband of almost 42 years. Almost two years ago, he was diagnosed with Stage 4 Prostate Cancer. We have been traveling this road knowing and believing that God can cure this cancer but we also know that He may choose to do that in heaven. I had been praying for more time together. Even though we are both retired, we have been so busy. He answered my prayer and I am so thankful for this time together. We are believing and holding fast to Jeremiah 29:11 and Psalm 91.

  39. Our son is a young lawyer in Manhattan. Yes, Manhattan! He has been working from his New York City apartment for weeks due to the coronavirus threat. I text him often from our home in North Carolina and he texts or calls to check on me and his dad. He tells us that he is a bit bored but okay. But still my stomach clenches at the thought of him taking his dog out for a walk. “I’m sure you know to wipe down the elevator buttons”, I say. “Yes, Mom”, he replies. “I wear a paper mask too and I order in food”, he noted reassuredly.

    Yet I still found myself tossing and turning at night with worry as I felt so helpless. Then I learned about a wonderful seamstress who lived nearby, offering to make cloth masks with a special filter. I ordered some and mailed one to our son as a surprise.

    A few days later, my text alert went off with a bright ding. Our son had texted a cute selfie of himself wearing the special mask. It fit snugly and oh so perfectly! As I gazed upon the photo, a calmness suddenly came over me. The mask embracing our dear son’s face reminded me of God’s steadfast protective embrace of us all. I went to bed that night and felt full of peace, sleeping as soundly as a newborn baby.

  40. Being confined to my home with my husband, my mom and my mom in law has brought me face to face with myself and my many short comings as I fill the role of caregiver to the two most important women in my life. I feel so blessed to still have them both, (87 & 93), and am horrified some days at how I “care” for these two very special blessings. My words do not always reflect God’s love,, and I have learned and continue to learn, especially when exhausted from life, that it is so important to take time to thank and praise God for the blessings He has given me, DAILY, and to go to Him for the strength and endurance I need to be a blessing to my precious family. Over the past few weeks I have developed a new appreciation for my family, life and the great country I live in. There is truly so much in life that we (I) take for granted. Thankful today for the ability to go to a quiet place and find rest in my Savior.
    (Mark 6:31b)

  41. During the COVID19 quarantine GOD has taught me to respectfully value and enjoy the use of technology to lead others to seek Him while He May yet be found; for such a time as this!

  42. I am fighting so hard to remember that my young daughters are having a really hard time with this quarantine. All I hear is them arguing and interrupting me when I’m trying to teach college classes from home. I am new to teaching so I’m anxious anyway, but with all the stress of moving everything online I feel overwhelmed. God has taught me to listen before I speak in frustration, it is a lesson I need a lot of help with though.

  43. Being confined to my home with my husband, my mom and my mom in law has brought me face to face with myself and my many short comings as I fill the role of caregiver to the two most important women in my life. I feel so blessed to still have them both, (87 & 93), and am horrified some days at how I “care” for these two very special blessings. I have learned and continue to learn, especially when exhausted from life, that it is so important to take time to thank and praise God for the blessings He has given me, DAILY, and to go to Him for the strength and endurance I need to be a blessing to my precious family. I have developed a new appreciation for my family, life and the great country I live in. There is truly so much in life that we (I) take for granted. Thankful today for the ability to go to a quiet place and find rest in my Savior. (Mark 6:31b)

  44. Jesus Christ is Always near.
    I have learned how not to fear!
    I believe that if I trust & obey,
    My Life is in His Hands day by day!
    ❤️ Gwen Baker

    1. this has allowed me more time to appreciate all of the little things that occur inside and outside of my house such as the sounds of birds and the sunlight shining through the window

  45. The Lord spoke into my heart, I want you to fill your MOUTH with my words , good things. ENCOURAGING WORDS. I am a professional nurse and I have been away from my grown children for a year.. I can get pretty snippy at times, with my husband who travels with me from one assignment to another.

  46. Sharon I love reading your inspiring messages
    I’m the type of person that says what I mean no take back especially if you constantly keep nit picking with me
    For real example:
    Me and this guy we had been talking every since the end of 2016. I didn’t want to talk to him at first cause he’s known of being a ladies man.
    Long story short til this day no proposal nothing like he’s playing mind games with me. I’M TIRED as well as he is tired too. Like he’s trying to mold me into liking his concubines or something and I’m not having it.
    I put up with him not asking me out. Not taking me anywhere. He’s the type of guy that has wondering eyes. I’ll be 50 yrs old next yr if God says the same and I’ve never been married. I’ve prayed. Cried. Prayed. Prayed. Prayed. Why isn’t God listening
    Anyway I did say to him that he ONLY contact me when it’s around Christmas. His birthday or his son’s birthday and that’s not right but I’ve called it like I see it.
    It’s 2020 and still nothing but texts but I stopped that cause I’m tired Ms. Sharon.
    I’m a good woman and I do get mad at God cause I feel so unworthy like what’s wrong with me!?

  47. Thank you Sharon, for this great lesson, about how my word as a woman can either build or destroy.
    I need to always think about the words that comes from my mouth.

  48. the main thing – other than slowing down- is to look within!
    be still and know that I am God!
    i’ve had more time to spend with Him and be content !

  49. I’ve learned that I taken for granted all the things I have in front of me; or collect things , learning to decluttering my belongings and enjoy the things I like doing more . Words do hurt, both saying and hearing. Give me strength lord to be more of who I like to be and talked with and talked too. It’s power in words! That for sure.

  50. This quarantine was a good chance to work on some long delayed projects. But everytime I start in, my husband interrupts with the same old story of his frustrations with his job, but this time with more angst. Finally the Lord reminded me that a helpmeet includes just listening and occasionally fitting in a word of encouragement and commendation.

  51. Oh my goodness, I needed this today!! I struggle with my words, especially with my children. And today was a big struggle. Thank you for allowing God to use you through your blog to speak directly to me today!!

  52. It’s very easy to become distracted and
    get caught up in the news and social media. These items tend to be time thieves, negative and sometimes ignite fear. Being ordered to ‘stay in place’ has really helped me to refocus on God, reconnect spiritually and be fully present with my family.

  53. MY, My, My! If you could see my face, and feel what I am feeling. This hit me like a ton of bricks! It is truly amazing how such a small little thing in our mouth can be so heartful. After an encounter (not so pleasant) with my husband, daughter and father…all within 10 minutes of one another, I decided to look catch up on personal emails. I have been working at home for the past 5 weeks and seems like I am working 10 times harder than when I was in the office so the last thing lately I have been looking at is my personal emails! Long story short, I click on your email! God know what we need to hear, or in this case, hat to read! I was so ashamed! Although, I have been learning patience through this COVID-19 pandemic, I quickly forgot this evening! God has been extremely good to me during this time. When others have not been able to work, forgo pay, I have not only been able to work at home, received a raise and a bonus that was due, bit in these times could have understandably been delay! What a wonderfuland patient God we serve. It is obvious, I need this book!

  54. I thought I would be ok with social distancing. I was wrong! I missed hugging my grown children & grand-children. I was frustrated & anxious and took it out on my sweet husband. I had a long talk and poured out my heart to Jesus. His Word & Spirit calmed and strengthend me.

  55. I recalled this verse as soon as I read the illustration above, Matthew 5:22 “….. And if you curse someone, you are in danger of the fires of hell.” NLT
    My prayer is that God may keep my lips sealed, as He takes control of what I say. Psalms 141:3
    You are a beautiful and authentic writer! Have a blessed day

  56. God has reminded me that He always takes care of us and that I need to always put God first, then my family, then everyone and everything else.

  57. Through this quarantine I have regained the sense of being more “homey” meaning having that sense of togetherness even though we are going through our distancing. We are embracing ourselves as a family more even though we are keeping apart, that sense of expressing my feelings more to my sisters and that connection than before. In scriptures where it says “Be still and know that I am God,” truly acknowledging All that He is…his Sovereignty & Power. How I totally depend on God and am absolutely Nothing without Him! Grateful for the Trinity indeed! 🙏🙏🙏

  58. I am inspired by your stories and your openness, Sharon, and I’m thankful for you!
    God has taught me to slow down and really appreciate the relationships that I have with my family members and friends during this COVID-19 crisis and quarantine. And most of all, to lean into Him, trust and rely on Him and his word.

  59. One thing God has taught me is patience and to learn to love myself. It has been really hard to follow these. I have been feeling angry, impatient, and unhappy with myself for a long time. I’m learning I don’t need anything Else to be happy because I already have everything I need. I just need to work on myself.

  60. Hi Sharon

    Thank you for your encouraging messages and words of wisdom. It is so beautiful to see God’s work through you.

    This year has been one of the most challenging ones for me, but it most certainly has a silver lining.

    I started a new job, moved homes, felt really ill for some time and was later diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, and I was also battling in my relationship. It felt like everything was falling apart. This was all quite scary for me given what is happening in the world!

    I surrendered my life to God and He has put everything into perspective for me. He has taught me so much in this time and uncovered my heart to me. I found myself in a place of anger and bitterness and could see how this was playing out in my life, but God revealed to me the pain and burdens I was carrying (for years) and He is guiding me in how to move forward. God works through us in incredible ways. More importantly, I have learnt that He makes everything good and perfect in His time and He has taken me to new heights! I just want to keep drawing closer to Him so I can become a woman of God in all aspects! I am so thankful for God’s love, goodness and mercy. He also places amazing people into our lives and truly co-ordinates everything…Beyond what we could ever imagine or do in our own capacity!

    I have used this lockdown period to go on a journey with God of self reflection and growth….mind, heart, soul, spirit, way of life, and simply living every day to honour God, and have a heart like Jesus. Life is so good, we need to give thanks every day. I pray for God’s guidance each morning, and ask Him to direct my every step for the day ahead – in the way I act, speak, think, make decisions etc.

    I am excited to get my hands on a copy of your book as I have come to realise lately how truly powerful our tongues are and I know this is an area of my life that I want to focus on, with God’s loving guidance.

    Warm regards
    Melissa (from South Africa)

  61. What God has taught me during the quarantine:

    God has taught me the depth of His grace in my life (and others) and has proven that everything in this world is a resource (job, money, home, education, hobbies and even family) while He alone is the SOURCE. We may be without some of our resources during this quarantine, but our source sits on high watching, protecting, leading and loving us.

  62. One thing I have realized, or I have grabbed hold of is that God is in control. I am a 66 year old widow with no family so I have really been alone. I am prone to respiratory challenges, bronchitis nearly every year, most recently in February and last year I had pneumonia for nearly the whole month of May. I will admit I have been a little anxious about this COVID 19 virus, but it has also made me keenly aware that God is ultimately in control. I do what I can to stay as safe as I can and I will either end up getting it or I won’t. I pray that I will not, but whether I do or I do not, God is in control and he will be with me with whatever happens. There’s something very reassuring about that.

  63. Thank you so much for the devotionals I read through Proverbs 31 Ministries. As well, for your teaching about words. May God greatly use this new book for the growth of His kingdom.
    I have learned/am learning that service to God doesn’t necessarily present itself at a convenient time. However, it is required that a servant be faithful…. God is faithful to provide the grace to serve, no matter the circumstance & He will be glorified. My part is to ‘submit & commit’ I think might be a good catch phrase.

  64. I have been feeling a little bit trapped at home during this quarantine, not able to go out due to health issues but God has been teaching me that I’m not trapped but am being kept safe. I just have to be patient and wait it out. It’s a great opportunity to spend more time in His Word and pray.

  65. I’ve seen myself turn my sweet words into Cruella words toward my husband also lately. This homed in closeness is sometimes hard. Therefore, I must turn to my God to breathe in me a kinder and more loving self toward everyone with my words and thoughts. Prayer for my words is key and prayers for others and the world.

  66. Your words this morning came after a day when I know I opened my mouth too readily and hence have women from a night of restlessness. My lack of if self worth and need to be liked and thought ‘good’ of to the extent of needing others to feel bad meant I kianed about someone at work to others despite calling her a friend. The prayer asking God to help me control my tongue was just the words I needed to say. Thank you.
    During this time of uncertainty during the covid19 pandemic I have learnt the reality of God being the one person who i can ‘socialise’ with no matter what is going on. Living alone he is so much more relevant as a companion and I have been awoken to the fact that I need to be put him much more at the forefront of my daily living. When others feel distant and I cannot be with them God is truly with me by my side….no social distancing rules with him!

  67. I read somewhere that the words we speak become the house we live in! Powerful statement! I had to evaluate the words that I have been speaking to especially my husband! I have been home this past week and a little spicy with my words toward my husband and had to apologize to him . Yes, I cannot use the same tongue to praise and thank God but be careless when speaking to my husband.

  68. God has sent several messages and the biggest and hardest is to T H I N K before speaking. T rue
    H elpful
    I nspiring
    N emissary
    K ind.
    I try to do this all the time. Very hard but with time it becomes easy

  69. Me staying home has for me more in the word and to really appreciate my family. I need to watch what I say at times because what I say I know it not of god

  70. Thank you your message means a lot to me by not thinking more about our self but putting others first and remember God is our refuge at all times Thank You God for all Your blessings. Amen.

  71. My Church requested that we pick some people out of our Church directory and call upon them to see how they are doing periodically.
    I have noticed that at times this can be a big responsibility but when I sit down to do this my heart is over flowing with God’s love and grace as I hear their voices change through our conversation as they share what is keeping them going through this crisis. When I ask them if I can pray with them it is “ oh yes!”.
    By the time I hang up I am “high fiving” God and I am dancing around the room how God has changed ME!!!! He has renewed my spirit and has lifted ME out of my “dumps”. What a wonderful God we have. His love and mercies never cease. I am so humbled that He chose me to be his child.

  72. Fear is the devils weapon to steal my joy & peace & hope.
    I have been scared of losing loved ones to COVID 19 but discovered that a certain calmness returns when I read the word or pray.
    Peace, confidence & hope flood back when I meditate on the Lord’s word in His presence.

  73. Sharon, this post was very timely. My SALT (Serving and Living Together) women’s group is studying the book of James. This week is James 3. Thank you for your ministry, transparency, and great reminder about the POWER of our words. I was reminded, “as a man (woman) thinks in his (her) heart, so he (she) is. I know Jesus wants to get to the heart of the wrong words we speak. A timely word is like apples of gold in settings of silver.

    God is teaching me that the things of the world can so easily crowd out His voice. He was always wanting to speak to me but I couldn’t hear….I’m hearing Him much clearer these days, and it’s beautiful!

  74. this time of corona have taught that I have influence in my capacity to encourage people around me and through my social media platform. I have been making small videos to preach hope through God’s words and I even created a youtube channel that is encouraging people.

  75. I am learning, again, to ask God to slap His hand over my mouth when I am tempted to let irritability come out in the form of ugly words. Everything in this world is messed up and I am on edge all the time.
    But for this, we have Jesus!
    Clinging to Him!
    Thank you for sharimg your embarrassing moment.

  76. God has taught me during this quarantine that he is tired and he needs his people to come together and spread his word. We have taken him out of too many things we do. He just wants to be included in everything. We need him. I give GOD all the glory and praise for keeping me safe during this time.

  77. God has reminded me that my security is in Him alone, not my location, not my husband or family, not by staying home instead of serving where I can, nowhere but in Him alone.
    Also, that fear separates me from Him. I can deceive myself into thinking I am not fearful so I need to be consistent in spending time with Him so He can reveal to me the true status of my heart.

  78. During the COVID-19 quarantine God has taught me to choose my words carefully when I am feeling frustrated. With working remotely from home and having to now homeschool 5 children, 3 which need the supervision and guidance, it can get stressful with trying to explain things to them that I haven’t discussed in about 20 years and making sure they complete all assignments given by their teachers for the week. I realized my words had the ability to build or break them. I chose to build them. It’s not their “fault” that they need to be taught the lessons that the teachers have assigned. All this distant learning is new to them as well. Using the wrong words towards them during these unprecedented times would not be wise. I choose to speak kindly and make this experience one of the best times of their lives. Years from now, they’ll be able to reminisce on how much of a good time we had during COVID-19.

  79. I have learned a bit more patience during this quarantine. I want to become a woman who speaks wise words. This devotion truly hits home.

  80. Although I have 2 grown children & a high school senior (saddened about his senior year without spoken words), I’ve been reminded through this time that I’ve been depending on others (Christian school/teachers) to primarily “train my child” in his spiritual walk. I’m seeking God for help in this situation now.
    Thanks for ALL your convicting & inspiring words! May God Bless You even more!

  81. The Lord has taught me how richly I am blessed right in my home. He has also allowed me to focus on the most important things, not how to impress others, which can be a weakness of mine. Thanks!

  82. One thing I’ve learned is not to deny the horror that can come with a pandemic. Initially, back at the end of February when my friends in health care we becoming concerned, I compared the possibility of a COVID19 outbreak to 9-11. It couldn’t possibly be as horrifying as a terrorist attack. I regret making that comparison. My nurse friends spend their days now in hospitals, helping these very sick patients who may die. Hospital staff is all the comfort these people have, goodbyes from family happen over FaceTime. While many of us don’t personally know a family who is experiencing this, and may even become frustrated with quarantine, you likely know a health care worker. A nurse, lab tech, or doctor who comes home after spending the day watching patients struggle, and now worries they may have caught this disease and worse yet, could expose their loved ones to it. This horror is real.

  83. Working from home has taught me how much my work family means to me. During this time a friend has let me know she’s pregnant, another that their daughter is having Pregnancy issues, another Cancer treatment. With each story, we can’t see each other to comfort with a look, a hug, a touch of reassure. We can however, offer a word of support, prayer, kindness and encouragement. Each day brings new opportunities to spread God WORD.

  84. I have learned that regardless of our life’s situations, God is ALWAYS in control. He has a plan for our lives and we simply do our hearts good when we truly learn to trust Him with them.

    Everything for our good and His glory !!

  85. Wow, this is something that I been working on! I have a very sharp tongue and have torn my husband into shreds. I have been bless with a man that keeps silence when I carry on reminding me that I am a woman of God! Imagine how I feel at that moment chaste and knowing that he speaks the true. Its getting better with the grace of God.
    May the Lord continue to bless you .

  86. During this Covid experience
    I have had the opportunity to be around my adult children way more and being an example to them how to address this all not in fear but in trusting the lord and his plans for us
    My one adult child has walked away from the faith but lives here with her fiancé and baby and been a blessing to live out my faith more and have some good conversations
    I can’t love in fear …I won’t love in fear
    God is good and he has me

  87. Sharon, during this time of being in my home so many emotions and fears like most people I am sure. What I have become aware of is how completely blessed I am and the awareness of Gods divine presence in my life. These are uncertain days with covid 19 and the lose of freedom we all feel , but through it all there is God. The stillness and power of Him moving amongst us through all the uncertainty, confusion, fear, God is showing up everywhere if we take a breath look up. Thank you God!

  88. Through this Quarantine, God has reminded me of what is most important to me, my relationship with Him and my family. He has also shown me how to draw close to him in times of trouble. I’ve kept joy I’m my heart and trusted that He has a plan. I can do anything with Him and for Him including not seeing my nine grandchildren for five weeks. All for His glory.

  89. God has been reminding me how comfortable I have gotten and how blessed I am and that He wants to use me to help others. COVID-19 has provided new opportunities for me to do that as people in my community (who were already hurting) are being stripped of their jobs and support resources.

  90. First, I loved this story! Many times I am ashamed when I ‘play back’ something I’ve said. Usually late at night or in the quiet early morning hours.
    I think one think I have learned through this quarantine is what a difference there is between what I want, maybe thought I have to have or do, and what I need. I know I couldn’t do this alone.

    1. God has shown me how much I needed to slow down. Even though working from home keeps me busy, I am cherishing my moments of rest and my family. I am finding myself missing the “good old days” before technology took over.

  91. During this COVID quarantine, God has taught me patience and to slow down and really appreciate the time I have with the ones I love. He has also shown me how a quick text or phone call can lift your spirits as well as the person you called. I have so many things for which to be grateful.

  92. I pray for sweet sounding words but somehow sourness always seems to find its way to my lips. Would love a copy which I could share with my oldest daughter who also struggles with words of praises and love rather than nagging and complaining.

  93. God has taught me the value of family. How important it is to invest in and spend time with my children. How to pray for my husband, my self, and my marriage. Going to work and school everyday is a routine that impacts our ability to simply love on and enjoy each other. With Covid-19 I’m learning to look at life differently.

  94. God has shown me during this pandemic how very much I need Him! As much as we lowly humans like to think we’re in control, we are definitely not! He’s got the whole world in His hands and we would do well to remember that.

  95. Good Morning Sharon,

    During this time of Covid-19 quarantine I would like to share how I’ve been using my tongue and words. I am a local Team manager of a women’s clothing chain. My manager has been busy working alone filling on-line orders & receiving daily stock deliveries. I’ve been sending her encouraging words or photos each day for the past 3 weeks (now into my 4th week). She replies with a text that it’s not only helped her feel better it’s been something she looks forward to each morning.
    Then comes my bad behaviour @ home being quarantined with my spouse. He’s not used to my being home as I normally work afternoons and he’s asleep by the time I’m home. We’ve had some good days but recently I lost control of my tongue and shouted horrible words that erupted into a huge battle of nasty words between us. I normally would apologize even if I felt I had not done anything. This particular time I was being held by stubborn self centred feelings and refused. Within a couple days I was convicted of my sin and approached him saying I’m very sorry for the way I spoke to you and would really like to ask for your forgiveness. He said thanks & we proceeded to enjoy our day together. Then he asked if I’d like to get out for a drive in the countryside. He complimented me saying how lucky he was that his wife enjoys long drives and spontaneous adventures, none of my friends wives would be as happy as you to just spend time together doing something this simple. Wow, I thanked him for his kind words and we’ve since started enjoying each other more and have had less negative words and more praises toward each other.
    So I write this to you in hopes that I can enjoy reading your book “power of a woman’s words” that I might be encouraged to treat my husband the way I treat others. God forgive me for loving strangers more with positive words than my husband whom you’ve blessed me with for the last 27 years (May 22nd is our anniversary) .

    Thanks for sharing this with us Sharon & helping us be real with ourselves.
    God bless

    Kim Page
    Orangeville, Ontario. Canada

  96. I feel like God has made me aware of a lot of things. Being more aware of those around me and the struggles we are all going through. It is amazing this message came through at a time when I am surprised by some of the words, thoughts and actions that come from me either towards others or about others. Not necessarily my best moments. I realize afterwards it is not constructive and is not a good reflection of me of as a person. “Honestly, Did i really just say or act that way?” It is not what I want people to remember about me. I know I am better than the actions and words coming from within. Then the feelings of embarrassment and shame surface.
    I have also been more aware of those things i am grateful for in my life.
    I pray that God will show me how to pause and think before I speak.
    Thank you

  97. Covid 19 has taught me I’m ok with a simpler life. I’m ok with no make up, graying hair, plain nails, reading and quilting on the weekend, cooking healthy foods on the weekend, taking longer to eat evenings with my husband over a glass of wine instead of always rushing to the next thing. It’s helped me prepare for a simpler life when I retire this fall from a 40 year career as a Public Health Nurse who never dreamed she would end her career with a Pandemic.

  98. I’m learning what it who, I was depending on for peace. When all is stripped away, I hear my Savior say,”I’m still here.” Realizing that all I really need I still have, Jesus. Learning that he is the best and receiving Him as my satisfaction is the lesson I need to absorb and own.

  99. Gratitude every day for simple things especially our Health. Also the power of fear that can rob your Joy and reality.

  100. Sharon,
    The Covid-19 crisis has helped remind me of some things: 1) I am not the center of the universe and 2) My husband is the truest friend I will ever have. At first I was so frustrated about not getting to see my kids and grand kids, (one was born April 11th) that I felt like you did, “if they really loved me…”. But then my husband got sick, fell at home and ended up with broken bones and surgery. Suddenly, I realized that this was bigger than all of us, and realized my kids were doing what they needed to in order to keep their families safe and how devastating this virus has been for countless families all over the world! I could not be with my husband while he was hospitalized, but many people were losing loved ones without being able to even say goodbye. My attitude has changed and I hope I never forget why.

  101. I have had one moment where I realized that God hears all of us, and it pleases Him. I was watching a concert that was broadcast globally and really enjoying the music, and near the end the artist asked everyone watching to sing along with the last song. There were about 90,000 people watching on their computer/tablet/phones as we were, and about halfway through it dawned on me that this was broadcast to everyone who could tune in no matter where they were! So across the world, we were all singing together. What a song to sing to our Lord! At one time we were praising Him! As one family! And He was pleased with the sound of His children.

  102. I have the original book The Power of a woman’s Words as well as the interactive study guide. i want to tell you they are well used but not abused. I have used both of them several times. First and foremost for my personal study. i have also used them to teach a group of ladies at the Tuesday morning Bible study. Please give your new edition to someone who does not have it.
    Thanking you in advance for that person.

  103. One thing that god has taught me during the COVID-19 quarantine is how to spend more time in fellowship and daily prayer with Him.

  104. The one thing God has taught me & reminded me during the COVID19 quarantine is that the church lives on the inside of us. We, as individual Christians, are the church. The doors may be temporarily closed, but we are to still do the will & work of Christ. Pray without ceasing!

  105. COVID 19 has taught me I need to spend more time with Jesus. I’m very visual. Jesus has switched the slides in my projector. I have had a visual of our kind and gracious Father in a white robe offering His forgiveness as I request, an appealing exchange I have been ever so grateful to receive. Can you see the projector slide of Jesus sitting at the right hand of The Father scattering bouquets of forgiveness to his children? With one swift jolt during an early morning quiet time of sweet surrender to Jesus, he switched slides and I was pulled, yanked, by sweet Jesus into heart wrenching reality, the truth of where forgiveness was wrought for me. It felt like he nailed my heart to the foot of the cross, away from my visual slide of scattered bouquets into the reality and truth of scattered droplets of His blood; where anguish, separation and the very breath of Jesus paid the price for my forgiveness. Now, as I share this He is giving me a host of COVID 19 slides in my projector. People are suffering, they can’t breathe and are dying alone, like Him. Separated from loved ones but with a few caring hearts at the foot of their bed, like Him? Next slide; their “in the garden” moment is a phone call or maybe a zoom gathering of loved ones to say their good byes before they were intubated. But their is hope, not all are dying, some come off the ventilators, not all are intubated, many are returning to wellness. My prayer for them is to have been at the foot of the cross, that they have received forgiveness and believe the resurrection. I pray all those COVID 19 has taken are in the presence of Jesus. I have learned I can rejoice in the resurrection, forgiveness and grace but to never forget to return to the other projector slides and remember the cost.

  106. During COVID-19, God has taught me to be still and be quiet. I have realized that sometimes belong too busy is the opposite of what God wants. Like in hunting in order to catch the pray you have to be quiet and still.

  107. I’m learning how much I miss the unplanned conversations and connections that come from doing “normal” activities – connecting at Bible Study, or in the Atrium at church, or even the grocery store!

  108. God has taught me how very precious life is and how we need to love each person regardless of “who we think they are”. We were made to love others. God didn’t say love whom we choose. God said we are to love. Love those that we like. Love those that we don’t like. Love those who dress differently. Love those that may strike fear within us. Love those of all ages, races, genders, colors, religions. God said LOVE. The pandemic has taught us that. We are humans and humans all want the SAME EXACT thing. We each want to be loved. We want to accepted. God will do the rest. It is not up to us to choose. It is not up to us to try to change another or to be their Holy Spirit. God called us to simply show love. This is being shown to us through this horrible virus. God has opened our eyes and place people before us to love, even at a distance. I’ve witnessed more kindness and caring, more joy and more gentleness in these times than I’ve watched in my entire life. I believe God pronounced that we are to love the dead in Christ back to life through all of these uncertain times.

  109. God has taught me how very precious life is and how we need to love each person regardless of “who we think they are”. We were made to love others. God didn’t say love whom we choose. God said we are to love. Love those that we like. Love those that we don’t like. Love those who dress differently. Love those that may strike fear within us. Love those of all ages, races, genders, colors, religions. God said LOVE. The pandemic has taught us that. We are humans and humans all want the SAME EXACT thing. We each want to be loved and accepted. God will do the rest. It is not up to us to choose. It is not up to us to try to change another or to be their Holy Spirit. God called us to simply show others love. This has been displayed to us through this horrible virus. God has opened our eyes and placed people before us to show His love, even at a distance. I’ve witnessed more kindness and caring, more joy and gentleness in these times than I’ve seen in my entire life. I believe God pronounced that we are to love the dead in Christ back to life through all of these uncertain times.

  110. I have realized that my words can set the course for the day either positive or negative. One sentence of snarky words can create a web of narratives and beliefs in another’s mind. It’s much easier to create a web of lies from words when you get comfortable with saying however you are feeling in the moment. Lord help me to watch my words and be a woman who chooses to use the power of her tongue to build up and not tear down.

  111. I have learned to slow down and “listen.” I’ve heard the birds sing, neighbors laughing, children playing, and most importantly God’s gentle voice.

  112. I have realized that my words can set the course for the day either positive or negative. One sentence of snarky words can create a web of narratives and beliefs in another’s mind. It’s much easier to create a web of lies from words when you get comfortable with saying however you are feeling in the moment. Lord help me to watch my words and be a woman who chooses to use the power of her tongue to build up and not tear down. I love your material Sharon!

  113. God has taught me how very precious life is and how we need to love each person regardless of “who we think they are”. We were made to love others. God didn’t say love whom we choose. God said we are to love those that we like and those that we don’t like. We are to love those who dress differently, those that strike fear within us, those of all ages, races, genders, colors, and religions. God said LOVE. The pandemic has taught us that. We are humans and humans all want the SAME EXACT thing. We each want to be loved and accepted. God will do the rest. It is not up to us to choose. It is not up to us to try to change another or to be their Holy Spirit. God called us to simply show others love. This has been displayed to us through this horrible virus. God has opened our eyes and placed people before us to show His love, even at a distance. I’ve witnessed more kindness and caring, more joy and gentleness in these times than I’ve seen in my entire life. I believe God pronounced that we are to love the dead in Christ back to life through all of these uncertain times.

  114. Sharon! The story you tell hear is one that I share as well! Except for me I was only about 16 years old and I was the the one on a bike, like your husband, and my dad and brother-in-law, were the ones looking for me all over town! My parents had gone to bed and I had stayed outside on the porch as it was a hot summer night. One of my friends had called to see if I wanted to go see her where she was baby-sitting. I didn’t want to wake up my parents to ask if it was ok to go over to see my friend, so I got on my bike and went for a ride. It was only a couple streets away. While I was there, a thunder storm came so I waited for it to pass before I headed back home. Little did I know that my mom and dad had awoken and found me gone on my bike. My dad and brother-in-law, were out looking for me! I had never seen my dad so worried about me before! They had searched in the culverts and places where they thought I could be, except for the one place that I was, with my friend, safe and sound. All because I didn’t take the time to ask permission to go, even if meant waking my parents up. That was a huge lesson learned for me! Thanks for sharing your story with me and others Sharon, as it brought back some good memories of my mom and dad and how much they cared for me!

  115. During this quarantine I have been shut in with my spouse of almost 30 years, my 22 year old 1st year grad student of a daughter and my 75 year old mother. We’re all coping with this quarantine in different ways. The husband puts on his head phones and plugs away at work as if nothing has changed. For him I guess that’s true. He can do the same thing he does in the office from 730-430 as he can from home! The daughter is still having to produce work and is feeling the strain of not being able to hold herself up at her favorite coffee shops for hours on end while banging out 12 page papers. She’s frustrated but managing. However she admitted to me just yesterday when I asked her how this quarantine was affecting her, “I’m a little more emotional. I feel like I cry at the little things that wouldn’t have bothered me before.” My mother…. She’s having the hardest time. She hates being controlled…. By anything or anyone. She’s quite the rebel to be honest. Contentment is not her middle name! And this is where I come in! I am LOVING this quarantine! Of course not all the reasons why we’re having to be quarantined. It’s just so very heartbreaking, all the different ramifications of this pandemic and the deaths and the sadness that surrounds it. But not having to go to work (I’m a teacher) and still get paid! Wow! On top of that I don’t have to go visit with anyone or have people visit with me, no more weekly church services in person, just online church. No more church leadership meetings or biweekly Friday night Bible study groups! I haven’t missed attending one single event that involves spending time with other people. If I want to talk to someone or if I know someone needs encouragement, I just pick up the phone and call them! 30-60 minutes later I hang up and continue about my isolated business! So back to my mom. Where she’s cantankerous, I’m content. The other day she came over from her side of the house (she has her own living space in an in law suite we added on to our home) and just started pacing around in my kitchen and sighing and wringing her hands. I couldn’t stand it any longer and I told her “Mom, you’ve gotta stop! If you can’t stop, then please go pace at your own house!” She froze, hung her head and slowly walked back to her house. Ugh! Patience was not my virtue at that moment. Nor was compassion. My words showed my judgement on how she was processing her frustration during this quarantine. If I could re-watch that scene just like you were able to listen to your recorded message, I truly believe I would be ashamed of my behavior. But the key thing about words is that they “come out of the overflow of the heart”. I only speak what’s in my heart. I speak judgement because my heart judges. I share critically because my heart is critical. I can try to justify my words but when I line them up against the word of God, there is no justification. So thank you for reminding me of this today. May I choose to guard my heart because if I do, then my words will show it.

  116. During this COVID 19 quarantine I have learned to live in the moment and enjoy every second of the day with the blessings God has bestowed on me. It’s the little things that seem so important right now like our health and being surrounded by the ones we love . To just be still and know He is God .

  117. Thank you Sharon for that story, I’ve been asking Gid to help me w/ my thoughts and mouth and this was encouraging to me. I get daily devotions and they AWAYS have what I need. You are a chosen vessel and the anointing that’s in you jump right off the page in to your sprit. Keep on blessing Gods people

  118. This was such a good read. I think we all have done something very similar in a fit of anger. We can truly be very careless with our words. I have gotten much better over the years because I have become keenly aware of how easily I can lash out with my words. I like to practice the pause even when sending texts or emails. Breathe and give it a minute to settle down and take clear hold of my thoughts. It has proven to be a great way to avoid unkind words. It is so important to run our words through the filter of how would I like it if someone said that to me or if they said it in that manner because sometimes it’s not what we say but how we say it.

  119. During Covid 19 God has been teaching me some really tough lessons. I have seen just how powerful the evil one can be at attacking us when our confidence is lower. But Gods love endures all things and I’m so glad that I’m continuing to learn and remember that God will never leave us or forsake us no matter what we are going through or is we turn aside from him. I’m so thankful to be a child of God and remind myself daily that God chose me! He made me in his likeness and I’m enough for God so no one else matters!

  120. To relax and not worry. God saw this coming and he knows how this will end. Enjoy the day He has given me and don’t let fear and worry destroy what is in front of me now. Look for today’s blessings.

  121. This quarantine has taught me that even though I want to be in control, I am not. It has taught me that slowing down and enjoying being home with the one I love is NOT punishment. I miss my friends and dining out, but I know there will be a time when I get to enjoy them again. It has taught me patience.

  122. God has taught me, I can try to fill my time with good things, busy things, or anythinf, but whatever the case if I’m not at peace with him I won’t find it in myself or those things. I will be at unrest.

  123. This new normal has forced me to “have time” that in the past I would say I did not have time to_____. There are may things to fill in the blank. I wish I could say I had used all those_____to be all that God wants me to be. Thank you Jesus for each new day to seek you first and always.

  124. God is teaching me that kind acts trump social distancing in some cases. I saw a man fall in line at Trader Joe and a young man helped him back up. Two nights ago my front door got jammed even though both locks were unlocked and my husband pushed and pushed to try to open it and nothing! I pulled and pulled. Baby cried. Neighbors heard (it was late in the evening!) A McDonald’s delivery woman stopped to help me and my neighbor and her son brought out the tools and after thirty minutes of trying to pry it open another neighbor came with a different tool and even though no one had masks on and we were not six feet apart I had to rest in the Lord that He would be our protection. Their kind acts moved me and ministered to me in a difficult moment.

  125. Love it! Another gentle reminder from God how important it is to be aware of our spoken words. I enjoy reading your writings.

  126. Why does it take a “clamity” to cause us all to slow down and see what we all have and are to each other?
    The quarantine has been a way to recharge, reconsider, reconnect, review and redirect.

  127. To appreciate the small things, holding my grandchildren and hugging my children. Oh how I miss those moments the most. I also feel like I’m closer to God and he’s word.
    I’ve have a lot of time to think and worship our Lord more than ever.

  128. God has taught me the value of an open schedule. With everything canceled due to COVID-19, my schedule has suddenly become very empty. While there is disappointment over canceled events, there has been much joy in the “free” time this has allowed.

  129. Wow! Great devotion today! One thing God is TRYING to still show me through this shut down is patience. It hasn’t even affected me as far as losing jobs. I’m a stay at home mom /Grammy, my husband is still working because he’s an operations manager for a potato chip company so they are essential since it’s food. Yes, chip are essential. Lol! But staying home, not going anywhere, not seeing my friends, (family all live away) & not being able to go to church is really getting to me. I’m a people person & I NEED my peeps. My hubby took me for a long drive Saturday & along the way we found an awesome waterfall. It was beautiful & we had a beautiful time together walking & driving & just seeing parts of God’s country we’ve never seen before up through the mountain. (We live close to the Appalachian mountain in south eastern PA.) So I guess He’s working on patience for me & an attitude of wait, pray, love. This too shall pass….. But not is it hard.
    Thank you so much for your devotions! I absolutely love them. Been reading Girlfriends In God for years. 💜

    Blessings & health to you!

  130. God has been teaching me many things during this time of the pandemic, most especially about grace! Giving grace to the grocery employees while they work ar a crazy pace to keep up with demand, grace to a stressed out college daughter trying to navigate online school and deal with disappointment, grace to coworkers who may be cranky as they balance deadlines/children/pets, grace to others who are responding to the pandemic differently than I, grace to myself when I overeat or don’t get projects done or enjoy every moment with my family. Grace to all Remembering this is everyone’s first pandemic!!! We all need grace- and I’m grateful His mercies are new every day

  131. That every visible problem we are facing has an invisible spiritual solution. I just need to pause & allow Him the opportunity to be the Father he longs to be; stop being anxious for God is good and in control.

  132. In this stay at home order I learned what it means to really LOVE THE ONE YOU ARE WITH. To love with patience and gentleness but I tell you I need all the help I can get between my patience and meltdowns I have been saying a lot of gee I did not mean to say that.

  133. Right now God is teaching me about being intentional & consistent. It’s easy during my typical school day to rush through breakfast, getting ready, and waking my kids up without sitting down and reading His word first. Now that schools are closed, I’ve purposely made sure to start my day off with God, and it really does help in all areas—my words, my patience, extending grace, and so on. When school is back in session, I want to make sure to intentionally get up a bit earlier to have my time with God instead of waiting until the end of the day.

  134. This sounds silly in light of COVID-19. I understand the power of words, I am a nurse and as a Christian know my words affect others greatly! People have been dying, struggling over how to feed themselves and their families if they have lost jobs, grieving over such evil in our world while many sit in darkness and have no hope. Write on the precious hope of our Savior who forgives, cleanses, and saves us from hell! He is the gospel and center of it all…not us.

  135. My son is home from college and he shared that so often my words make something seem like it’s a problem, when really it’s not. He said being away at college he has come to realize how I created anxiety when it needn’t be present. I’m trying to watch the words I choose because as he said it, we have so much more than others.

  136. To be grateful for unknown blessings. My beloved Mother died 2 years ago at 93 after being in a nursing home 2 months. I had prayed to God that when she died that she wouldn’t be in pain or linger. She went to be with Him in 72 hours. I spent those 72 hours by her side and holding her hand as she passed. She would most likely been quarantined in the nursing home and died alone during this time. I’ve missed her so much but grateful she is with our Lord.

  137. One thing that God has taught me during the covid 19 pandemic is to live my truth out loud, unafraid of judgment from people. My dad was hospitalized with the covid 19 virus and I was working in a hospital in the oxygen and ventilators unit at a different hospital in another state. With fear on my heart I asked and lead prayer times with coworkers. With joy and relief I would yell out hallelujah when we discharged a patient home or when we received a negative covid 19 test result for a patient. The amazing news is that God healed my dad after many sleepless nights of crying out to God in prayer and after days of fasting. My dad got discharged from the hospital yesterday. God is so powerful and amazing.

  138. I’ve never been one to verbally criticize that much, but I am guilty of withholding praise & encouragement from those I love. Why is it so much easier to encourage a stranger? Now that the kids are grown, I wish I’d shown this through my words and not just my actions.

  139. During this time of Elearning the children seem to not always know exactly what the teachers are asking them to do. I think they are more like me a hands on person. I have learned to encourage them more during this time. Telling them if they can do this work for their teachers in school, they can do it for me too. The teachers have been wonderful to help in any way they can, they even did a drive by visit to all the students in our school. That was amazing to see the kids face light up when they saw their teachers. I have learned a greater respect for teachers than I ever have. They are always sending little emails to their students, telling them how much they miss them, that makes the kids feel so special during a time that they really do not understand why their world has been turned up-side down. Hats off to all teachers everywhere you are awesome.

  140. God has made it abundantly clear I cannot parent and teach my children without Him AND a schedule.
    Your story is my everyday thoughts, my husband says about 20 words a day and most days my thoughts are he doesn’t care, which in turn sends my feelings meter into a tailspin and words flow out of my mouth that are harsh and hateful.. Big sigh

  141. How much kindness and patience is needed by each and everyone of us everyday if we are to ever make a change in the world. Patience with our selves and patience and kindness with our words. Being with your family 24/7 tests us to remember to put others first and to not just think of our own discomforts. One other thing I think this time makes you realize how we really can get along with less: less busyness, less continual motion, less wants, less distractions, less things.

  142. My husband is an addict and attends a support group almost daily, I attend a support group weekly (both are done now via computer/phone), and so we have challenges that others may or may not have. We’ve been married for 47 years so you’d think good communication would be second nature for us. Well it isn’t. The tools of the 12 step programs we both are involved with and of course the Bible has been our go to more so now than ever before. One of the things I’m learning (one day at a time-sometimes one hour, one minute) is to ‘give him an opportunity to develop the best within him, regardless of what that best may be’. That means I’m looking more at myself than at him, my needs, faults, my struggles and desires. I’m looking to God to do a work in me and praying for myself and my husband to be all we can through the power of the Holy Spirit. I’m working on not being so critical of myself and of my husband and during this time I’ve kept my mouth shut on things I would have blown up about before this time. I’m praying daily to use words that are uplifting and not tearing him down. We’ve gone back to playing games which we haven’t done in some time (usually play games when we’re on vacation), we’re having fun. What’s happening has some drawbacks but I choose today to see the good that’s also coming from this. Before, I was so busy doing so much and I was exhausted. I’m enjoying relaxing and doing the things with (or without) my husband. Thanks for this opportunity to share thoughts and feelings with you.

  143. God has provided so many beautiful things in nature for us to enjoy, unfortunately we live at such a busy pace, we often times miss this incredible, soul nourishing beauty. The saying, “take time to smell the roses” takes on new meaning as we’ve had to allow life to come to a crawl. I’ve enjoyed each type of flower as it blooms, the changing from brown to green of the plants, the activity of the birds as they build their nests and lay their eggs, in General the awakening of creation. Yes I’m sorry for the loss of life, but I’m so thankful for the slowing of activities so that many can enjoy not only God’s beauty in nature but, the beauty that can be found in spending real quality time with family.

  144. Since this quarantine, I have studied and read more of Gods holiness. I have looked back on my life and regrets and how I may have or have hurt people. I aim to be a woman of God, to help others and to spread the gospels in whatever way he tells me too. I have learned to trust him in all ways and to stop the fear that creeps into my mind like it has for so many years. I am learning to speak to God about my fears and my worries, anxieties and thankfulness. I will look only to him and trust only in him til My last breath on earth. Thank you and God Bless you.

  145. During this time, my first son is back from college (early). It. Is such a blessing to have all my children home and under one roof and has given me and my husband the opportunity to mentor, shepherd and continue help them all grow in their faith. It is a beautiful thing and I am feeling so blessed, and I clearly see the impact my words have on both my children and my husband.

  146. I have been working at home for the past month and my husband is high risk so his office sent him home to be on call for the past month. We have our youngest daughter at home who is 5 with us too. A couple weeks ago I found myself complaining to my mom that I don’t have any time alone. That the only “me” time I have is in the shower. Keep in mind I had to whisper it because my husband was giving my daughter her shower. Right after I said it extreme sadness and guilt came over me. You see we lost my dad almost 3 years to the date that I said those words. My mom has been by herself in the house this whole time of quarantine. She was gracious and didn’t scold me for being ungrateful for my amazing husband and youngest daughter. I apologized to her. We have tried to get her to come stay with us but she wants to be near her doctors and we live about 2 1/2 hours away.
    Ever since that day I have thanked God for this time we have had in quarantine. When else would I have had the opportunity to spend this much time with my family. We have started eating at the dinner table. We have started taking family walks. We have been reminded that we are key players in our children’s education. Now whenever anyone complains about this time I remind them how truly blessed I have been during the quarantine.
    Thank you for these messages. I am really looking forward to reading the book. I actually ordered one online not realizing I ordered the previous version. So I’m going to buy my new one today.

  147. We are reminded that God is still on the throne and to take one day at a time. So thankful for many Encouraging emails that flood my inbox. I need constant reminders throughout my day and this has helped so much.

  148. Through being home with Covid, I am learning to truly slow down and evaluate priorities for our family. Our family recently went through a job relocation which brought about our family living in two states for a few months. We are enjoying this additional time together as a family. It has made us realize what is “necessity” vs “want”. Slowing down our schedules has brought our family closer. Spending more time in God’s word has brought about God’s peace, and God’s perspective to see the events swirling around us.

  149. After reading your story and my daily devotional, I was prompted to read and breakdown Romans 8:5-8. Our words are a reflection of our mindset. Sinful nature vs living in accordance with The Spirit. I pray for a mindset change resulting in speaking words of life and peace.

  150. I can relate to this very well. One thing I learned recently is to watch what you say when the kids are on their video meetings. I didnt realize until a few days after I had been speaking in a negative way that their mics can pick up sound far from where they are sitting. As I was reading this I thought oh boy this is speaking right to me.
    Through this my family has become even closer to God he has been with us through it all. I pray that each one of you is doing ok through this as well. Please remember even when you feel you cant take it a day longer hes always right there to listen.

  151. God has taught me to “Be Still and Know”. I have always been a “go” person. Always going and doing something, never time to reflect and listen to Him until I was in bed at night and then usually falling asleep instead of talking and more importantly, listening to God. So, needless to say, I have been forced to be still and know that He will provide and that He is with me every step of the way.

  152. I am learning to be still, and hear God’s voice. I am also enjoying the small ways, that God has been putting it on my heart to serve. Be still and wait on the Lord.

  153. My life as a single mom has presented challenges to say the least especially financial , once my children left my home it became an emotional challenge, but soon I have began to serve my mom who is 88 ,turning 89 in a couple of months. I begin to think when COVID19 came; finally not two or three jobs there would be rest (I would be bound to home and I could celebrate, worship and most of all rise and seek the Lord without hurrying off with the same routine putting on make-up and clocking in each day!) Only to discover I would be required to continue to work.
    I do not in anyway mean to sound ungrateful but when i realized some of my co-workers are home making more money than they were working. No costly expense to travel to work or home , and will not be required to pay the company back for their weekly payroll deductions which I am continuing to pay! Our business has doubled if not tripled during this pandemic yet this company applied for the government loans and received ! How could they possibly be needed to stay open and survive when they have at least doubled their sales if not tripled!
    So…..through this COVID19 I am grateful the Holy Spirit placed on my heart to send money to help assist my church body in serving when I couldn’t be there physically to help, to pray for our government leaders and those sick at this time and pray for anyone willing to speak untruth in order to gain things of this world! Just plain and simple the Holy Spirit helped remind me I AM SERVING THE GOD OF HEAVEN AND EARTH THE CREATOR OF ALL THINGS! NOT THE GODS OF THIS WORLD….actually to remember I’m a citizen of heaven even though I’m in the world I’m not of it! SO DO WHAT I DO WELL AS UNTO THE LORD!!
    please keep anonymous, thanks

  154. I was raised in destroying words. I sworn once I became a mother myself, I would never utter words like my mother did….
    Well, it’s true, I didn’t…. except I say things that can still hurt and put down people…..
    I recently prayed desperately for God to change my heart. To help me see people in HIS image. To imagine yelling at God? Cussing Him out? Crazy. Yet we do to our own children, family, spouses? Sigh……
    I pray, God, change me. Help me to speak as though I’m talking with You, Lord …. I need You in our lives. More importantly, I want to love my family like You do…. so that they may know Your love!

  155. We can walk forward today in confidence because GOD hasn’t changed. He has our yesterday, our today, and our tomorrow. In that, I find complete peace and am moving forward and not just talking and singing about having faith but TRULY having faith that our God has got everything…

  156. Love your blog! During this time I have learned I do not need all the busyness of life. The two most important people are my husband and child and being home with them has been such a blessing! Walks around the neighborhood, play time in the swing set, etc. My little one is growing up so fast.

  157. Prayer: There is power in prayer in the name of Jesus Christ!! We have not been guaranteed tomorrow. We live one day at a time, trusting God’s in control and appreciating what is in front of us. We have more time now to rest and BE STILL AND KNOW HE IS GOD!!

  158. During this time I have learned to slow down and enjoy the time I have. Not to spend ti worrying about the things of this world but to focus more on God. I am learning to slow down and really listen to others and offer postive words to lift their spirits and doing so I am lifting my spirits. And I owe it all to God and being in his word on a daily bases.

  159. I have learned to find contentment in the simple! Our worlds have sure gotten pretty small during this pandemic. I have learned to find joy just in the simple presence of my family….the laughter of my boy, the deep conversations with my daughter, the long embraces of my husband, the blue sky and sunshine that we are finally seeing here in Wyoming, the joy of new life as we are in the middle of calving season on the ranch. I don’t need the hustle and bustle and busy that I thought I needed to make my life rich, it is rich because of the things that I have always had.

  160. There is power in prayer in the name of Jesus Christ!! We have not been guaranteed tomorrow. We live one day at a time, trusting God’s in control and appreciating what is in front of us. We have more time now to rest and BE STILL AND KNOW HE IS GOD!!

  161. The Lord has taught me patience which I do not have at all! My family has all been together during this between homeschooling and both my husband and I working from home. However, we are blessed and grateful to be healthy and have everything we need. Thanks be to God! He is with us at all times and through all the storms.

  162. I have witnessed in the past how sharp my tongue can be – without a blink of the eye. Since we have been quarantined (my husband had Covo-19 symptoms) and I have a house full. And I mean a house full, my son, daughter-in-law, and 4 grandchildren (whom two of the grandchildren are under the ages of one) plus my husband and I under one roof I have had to learn patience. I have learned words of praise and concern. I have learned I AM NOT IN CONTROL! A very hard lesson for me that I am constantly being reminded of. We have not received the stimulus check or unemployment yet. I have always had my faith but now I realize what true faith is. I have learned to let God take the wheel. Warm regards. I pray you and your family are doing well!

  163. Honestly…I’m an extroverted introvert so there’s been good and bad things to this staying at home for me. I am truly missing being with my worship+workout crew everyday-Zoom just isn’t the same-and the sweet kids I “usually” keep during the week-FaceTime doesn’t allow for hugs-but I am also loving having to be home. What I’ve learned is that God truly uses anything and everything to get our attention. This is a coordinated effort on His part. He is the great Conductor and it has been amazing to watch and see Him orchestrate this event. So many people are being drawn to Him because of the uncertainty of the times. He is calling people unto Himself and it is clear to me, if we didn’t live in this particular era full of social media platforms and multiple ways of communicating…if the time period was different (while I know God is God and can do anything)…He is using the very things we tend to abuse (too many hours on our phones or computers, mindlessly wandering through different apps) to be able to communicate to people that He is still near!! How many churches are ALL online now? Streaming live…recorded messages that won’t go away…Christian concerts full of God’s words. I get that there’s secular options as well, but people are looking for HOPE right now and it’s available at our fingertips. I have encountered enough in my life to know and believe that God works ALL things together for good…it just never ceases to amaze me to see it unfold. He is so faithful.

  164. That my roots need to go deeper in Him so that I can have joy and peace with being alone for long periods of time.

  165. I’ve learned to be truly dependent on God for what matters. My oldest child lives on her own (she is 28), and she was diagnosed with the virus. Because of social distancing, and the fact that my younger daughter, who still lives at home, has asthma, I could not visit and “mother” my oldest back to health. It was a week of tears and prayer as we texted when talking caused her to cough so much she couldn’t talk. When she finally called me after 4 days, I knew she was on the mend – thank God for prayer – my entire church was also praying for her! She is now completely recovered, and I praise God.

  166. One of things I’ve received out of this time, is that I realized my relationship with our Father is so important and my time with him. I look back on the years He has said in His word to keep praying spending time with me and it’ll help you to be strong in times of trouble. Oh how he was so right. He has helped me through this time but I struggled because I had become slothful in my time with Him. He is such a good Father, he has and is walking through this with me as I am able to come to work every day and get me through the battle of things that have come up. He is always with us. Thank you Father.

  167. I have learned to listen more!
    Listen to the sounds of nature, listen to an entire song, listen for the footsteps of my husband and he tiptoes in and kisses me good morning ,. But more importantly listen to God as he reminds me he’s in control of all of this .

  168. This time in quarantine has squared me into a room of cleaning up, organizing, prioritizing, and stillness. I have been a needy person looking for others to make me complete, and in-turn blaming them for my happiness. I’m slowly realizing in this time of quietness that I can not be dependent any longer on others-I neglected my true identity, and pointed out everyone else flaws-when I am the one needing correction…

    I am fighting a battle within my words of speech-from years of negativity… I am thankful that the virus has brought clarity to my heart and soul…(I look forward to the recovery time…)


  169. Thankyou Sharon Jaynes, for this reminder! As we have all had to isolate and draw in to God , He has shown me many things…dailey!! But the most amazing treasure so far was in Jeremiah 15… as my words were , to put it plainly, nasty!
    “For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of”…Mathew 12:34..and I was full of something alright!! Dropping snide and snappy comments everywhere!
    One ‘word’ caught my attention in this chapter of gold! “INDIGNATION”…. which when I dug a little deeper meant “anger and annoyance provoked by what is perceived as unfair treatment!” Ugh!! My heart was full of this!! And exploding onto others! You see, I’ve been married 29 beautiful but trying years to an amazing man who struggles with alcoholism (among other things, lol), and isolation with this man is no picnic in the park, to say the least! We have 6, (yes 6) beautiful and amazingly awesome now grown children… none of who fully follow the Lord and like to challenge my faith any chance they get, just for fun!..All this I saw as my “perceived unfair treatment!” And I’m sure most of you’d agree! I also lead a bible study of 16 ladies and growing. (Now, instead of meeting each week, which we really looked forward too..it’s a group text bible study and prayer group) Challenging to say the least!!

    I was FULL of anger and annoyance!
    … and than it happened… “the Lord said, if you repent, I will restore you that you may serve me; if you utter worthy, NOT WORTHLESS, words, you will be my spokesperson.” Jeremiah 15:19! …..So yes Sharon! I repented!! Hallelujah! I want to speak life to all I encounter, all day everyday!! Amen 🙏 thanyou again for your most timely words of life and encouragement! Love in Christ, Kim ❤️

  170. That all those times He told us in His word to just trust Him, to be courageous and strong, to not be discouraged and not be dismayed, that He would be with us and go before us and for us not to be afraid, WE CAN TAKE HIM AT HIS WORD!!! That He will never leave us. Hallelujah! And that I sure do miss hugs! Boy, do I miss hugs! Umm, this hugger is needing some good ole Jesus with skin on, great ole big, bear hugs!!! Yes mam !!!!

  171. The Lord has been showing me that no matter the circumstances, the outcome for myself and others can be affected by my attitude, which determines my words and actions.

  172. I enjoyed your devo this morning and found myself in so many of the same situations with my tongue. My husband is a great helper and friend and has done so much for me; I need to appreciate him more and show him how special he is to me and my spiritual and physical health. With God’s help I will control my tongue so my words do not tear him down. Thank you for sharing your story.

  173. It has given me a peace that I haven’t felt in a long time. Raised how I put other “things” before God & even some to the point of being an idol! Praising God for opening my eyes.

  174. Thank you Sharon for your devotions, I lost my husband recently in a tragic accident and I’m still trying to cope but everyday I look forward to read your devotions and I’m lifted and strengthened. Be blessed.

  175. God has given me a burden to be intentional with my time and words. To make them count and build others up, especially my sisters in Christ. We are not promised another hour on this earth and we should constantly keep Jesus at the front of our daily progress.

  176. I have learned that there are many searching for the Lord than I realized. People are open to individually studying the word or joining for a livestream of a church service when they would not have stepped foot in the door before. I m daily praying for God to help me not to waste this opportunity and to find the balance between being a faithful teacher for my students and faithful regarding the opportunities all around me.

  177. He has shown me I’ve put health as an idol and given in to fear and worry. I’ve really spent time repenting and giving to God what is out of my control and in the same praising Him for Jesus for this world is not the end!

  178. God has taught me that I have been too distracted over things that really don’t matter. But, to use this time to sit at Jesus feet and seek him. At the end of the day it is what is most beneficial for me. Luke 10:38-42.

  179. I’m learning to hold my tongue! I may want to reply in the way I feel but that can often start bickering. I have a note on my mirror. “Don’t do something permanently stupid because you’re temporarily upset..”. Good reminder for me and anyone else in the house!!😉

  180. God has taught me how to appreciate all the little freedoms I took for granted such as my church, my job, family get togethers, going to the gym or the stores. But in this down time he has also taught me to be more present to him in this uncertain time. Your embarrassing moment sure hit a chord with me. Thank you!

  181. I have learned where my priorities lie. What is important in my 24 hour day and what is not. What I do and how I respond to my family and that noThing is more important than the Lord and my family

  182. God has reminded me of so many lessons through this Covid-19 Pandemic. The two most important to me are that He is my source for EVERYTHING, and that he designed us to be in community to be His hands and feet. 💕✝️🙌

  183. Thank you for sharing your embarrassing moment. I must admit I laughed out loud at todays devotion. I must also admit I’ve been there and my young children were witnesses. I took the time to stew all day At what snippy thing I could say to my husband for the “infraction” he committed. That night at dinner I was ready to unleash my wrath when God pulled a “Babel” on me. I held on to my anger (hurt) all day and when that right time came, my bitter tone was in full force but my words came out so gibberish! My husband had the knowing look of my mood, due to the tone , but the children all laughed at the nonsense of my words. My gracious husband laughed too. It sounded so bizarre out of my mouth that I couldn’t maintain my bitterness and chuckled too. To this day I can’t remember what he did, but it was a great lesson to me that my children could see God working in my life. So fast forward 15 years to this quarantine time. I’m in the same house, but its with my husband and now grown adult children. They have such changes in their routines that I have never experienced. Unfortunately, one of my children was less than respectful to me. I was immediately mad and feeling hurt. I went to bed, praying about it , and ready the next morning to talk and address the matter. During morning devotions, my plan of action was changed. I realized that maybe what my child needed wasn’t words but a quick hug and I love you. I planned to speak loving words to my (grown)child and realized once again I was making it about me, and my need to be heard and understood. How do I forget God Knows. I feel addressing with a hug allowed for some internal thought and reflection for my child to reconcile that behavior with God. And I remember the grace my husband gave me over 15 years ago.
    I have done a bible study on this years ago, and realize, it is also my posture and facial expressions that can speak volumes. I try to be conscious of being very approachable and kind. And now with wearing masks to the store, I try very hard to make sure I look like a happy and inviting person. I was smiling under the mask. I even practiced in the rear view mirror. I hoped people saw that my eyes were smiling too.
    During this time I’m learning about relationships , time , kindness and patience. My husband always encourages me to spend time with our children first. He stressed it especially when we had limited time with their college and working lives. So when they are on their breaks we would linger over coffee, play games in the middle of the day or go outside to exercise. Time , the greatest gift. I never could imagine we would all be under one roof like we were when they were toddlers. Time goes fast. Sippy cups are now coffee cups. Trivial Pursuit replaces Candy Land. Regulation basketball hoop replaces Little Tikes hoop. Yet I still never win at “horse”. Cultivating Relationships are paramount. They mattered to me when my children were little. I see it matters even more as they are older. At “such a time like this,” I am focused on the importance of healthy relationships. My words could tarnish relationships. I need to be quick to listen and slow to speak, and especially slow to become angry. Not an easy task. I value the Word and those who share their gifts to help us be who God wants us to be and to behave the way Jesus has. I am thankful for bible studies.
    So now the gap is closed . My children and I are grown adults , together . And the prayer my husband and I have had for 20 years was for our kids to like each other and choose to be together when our time here on earth is done. We hoped as we have gathered them for family time, that it would continue in the future. We prayed to create a welcoming home for them to want to come back to on their own. If this is a hint of what’s to come. I think we have a glimpse of answered prayer.

  184. The most important thing I’ve come to realize during this pandemic is that the relationship you have developed with God and family is what’s going to sustain you in hard times. And I’m so grateful that because I’ve invested time in God’s presence and valuable time with my spouse and children through the years, that in times like these, where we HAVE nothing but time with one another, it’s not a struggle. I’ve also learned, that so many things that I’ve considered a necessity, are not so necessary; I’ve learned to simplify my life!

  185. It is amazing how kind I can be to strangers yet I struggle to control my tongue with those I love the most. I definitely need the power and strength of the Holy Spirit to guide me through these very trying times. We raise our 16 year old grandson and I know now why I never became a teacher, working from home full-time, keeping up with the house and home schooling…Holy Spirit just speak for me!

  186. The quote “Few forces have greater impact than the words we speak” really spoke to me today as I have been struggling lately how many times I have hurt the ones I love with harsh words. I’m desperately try to find peace with my past as it is tearing me apart inside. I know God forgives us for our sins but unfortunately memories are etched in those I love. I have apologized to loved ones but I’m still haunted by my poor choice of words.

  187. To be in the presence with your family, loved ones, friends is a present from God. Fellowship and connection is truly important

  188. This has article has spoken loudly to me as I try to find peace with family over harsh words I have spoken over the years. I know that I can’t take back past words but I know with God’s help I will get through past regrets.

  189. During this pandemic God has taught me how little we need and what really matters. He has also taught me to continue to completely rely on him and trust he will provide. We’ve been struggling financially for a while and when this pandemic hit I felt like God had prepared us mentally and physically. Ive learned what my family needs and what I need. I pray this situation continues to bring us closer to God. I want to change my tongue too and have my words sing praise and encouragement instead of being harsh. Thank you for sharing this. It really resonated with me and know I’m not alone.

  190. The Lord is showing me the truth of some of the many things I have been telling myself for a while now. For example, that thing of saying, “when I have time I will —” or “I wish I had time to sort —” and then going busily along with my everyday life and forgetting all about whatever the object of those statements happened to be. Here’s the truth I am seeing during quarantine: it wasn’t a matter of having or not having time; it was a matter of my attitude and motivation that kept me from whatever I was talking about then. Also, I have described myself as something of a loner over all these years, but frankly, I find myself missing social interaction with others and my church community more than I thought I would.

  191. During this pandemic I have come to realize how little we need and what really matters. We’ve been struggling financially for a while and when this pandemic hit I felt like God had prepared us mentally and physically. Ive learned what my family needs and what I need. I pray this situation continues to bring us closer to God. I want to change my tongue too and have my words sing praise and encouragement instead of being harsh. Thank you for sharing this. It really resonated with me and know I’m not alone.

  192. I am learning the power of my words – both good and bad. I pray to be an encourager to friends and family and to use my words as an example of God’s unfailing love (not my moody, fear-based wishy washiness of this quarantine time.) Thank you for sharing one of your most embarrassing moments, it make me feel more connected to you!

  193. The biggest thing for me is just to be still…..listen to God…..I need to not take things for granted, and to stop procrastinating. The Enemy is strong these days….and I need to do more face planting before the Lord and making things less about me. It’s also a time to really seek and ask God to send people my way who need him, or who need my help, and for me to know who they are.

  194. I’m learning during this time to slow down and enjoy Him, & everyone and everything around me. I definitely feel more appreciative of what I have and don’t have.

  195. Quarantined alone, waiting upon God during the lockdown, pheeew! It’s not easy, it’s a trial. One has to be obedient and hang in there. Isaiah 40:17. The presence of the Lord instills hope. The absence of many doesn’t erase the presence of God.

  196. Fuses are short, frustrations are high…even as we slow down and enjoy these precious moments together that we might not have had otherwise, satan is standing by just waiting to light up our tongues with a bitter retort that cancels out the glorious moments God has blessed us with in this quarantine time. We must be extra careful during these times not to allow him to win. Don’t let the words fly without putting thought behind the words. Make sure they are for His glory and not just out of bitterness and anxiousness.

  197. I have learned just how important it is to stay connected. To my family to strengthen our bonds in more strategic ways. To God to trust him during this uncertain time, that His plan is still in motion.

  198. Lesson from God in covid19: If I am anchored in God’s Word and He is my Rock,then I have no need to panic, fear or fall in a heap of despair! I am thankful for the Word of God.

  199. One thing I’ve been noticing more is that the things I always thought I was too busy for are actually things I just choose not to make time for. I always had a crazy schedule to blame for not reading the Bible like I should, but now that things are a bit slower I realize it’s more that I just choose not to prioritize it like I should. I need to change this and stop making excuses.

  200. This pandemic has given us the time to slow down and realize how important our voices are to family members, close friends, our children, our parents, and specially to God. I’ve come to know how faithful he is to us, and that He honors all of His promises.

  201. I have always struggled with patience. With this quarantine and working from home, God has taught me about patience ❤

  202. I learned I need to change my priorities and that my grown sons still need me and want me as an integral part of their life. Thank you Lord for opening my eyes that were so clouded with working.

  203. God has taught me patience and to be content with where I am in my life and with who I am with (my husband) and how appreciative I am to be blessed with so many wonderful friends. He has made me slow down and let Him be known to me on a more personal basis. I love being able to watch other church messages on facebook and attend bible study in my hometown church online. God is Good all the time and all the time he is Good.

  204. Our gracious Lord has shown me that during this time I can be a light to those in my care and those I work with. I am a nurse and work in a long-term care facility. We have not allowed visitors since March 9th, including family and friends. My staff and I are all that our residents have. I have been able to use my gift of leadership and teaching to share the Good News and bring positivity and worship into a rather dark situation. Praise be to God our Father!

  205. I’ve learnt that if anything we all need to be patient and ask God just as Paul did to help us endure this race set before us because the race will end when God decides it’s been long enough. In that time we will surely or hopefully have learned patience and endurance.

  206. It sure has everybody slowed down. But the great thing about it is if you slow down you can hear from God.He is still in control of our lives and He has a plan ,but it has you to seek He purpose, His best for you. So waiting has becoming a good treasure to hold in your heart.Keep asking and you shall receive keep knocking and it shall be opened unto you.

  207. I can have peace in the midst of the storm when my focus is on God and not the storm of COVID-19. He is my shelter!

  208. Thanks for reminding me to be an encouraging wife, mom and Mimi with my words! One thing I’ve learned is that when my husband retires it’s going to be great! I retired 6 years ago from teaching and have had moments of wondering how my husband and I will handle retirement.
    We’re good, and after our adult son, came through having covid, I promised God, I would never grumble again! So I definitely need your new book!!❤️

  209. Slowing down actually helps you connect with others. Despite the distancing there are many who have actually increased their connections. Challenges are the catalyst to innovation. I love the car birthday parades, singing in the neighborhoods and all the positive stories of people helping people! Stay strong and patient and we will move forward. God bless!

  210. Thank you for sharing your story. It is so relatable, especially at a time like this. Being cooped up with family while worrying about finances and the next meal etc and also trying to make sure the toddler is fine and entertained. We really need to calm down, pray more and lean on God. May we come out of this molded and better individuals and not people who have survived the worst but are torn apart.

  211. I’ve learned that what I want and what I need are two different things.
    I WANT to go to church, but mostly I NEED the hugs from my friends;
    I NEED desperately to go to the beauty shop, but mostly I just WANT to go because I’m not very good at doing it myself; I NEED to go to the nail salon, but actually I just WANT to go because my nails look like crap, but no one sees them anyway except my husband, and he hasn’t complained. The things I normally think are so important are not so important right now. God is providing all I need. I am blessed!!

  212. Thank you for putting a smile on my face with this! I’m sure it was no laughing matter then, but thanks for sharing this story to help us remember to speak kind words.

    1. Post
  213. During this COVID-19 pandemic, I’ve learned that in the midst of such sadness, it is still important to find reasons to smile.

  214. This is a good one, Sharon! On-point to be sure. Oh my – can’t believe that message on the answering machine! I can relate though. I have tried not to get caught up in the “feeding frenzy” of life as it is with the Co-vid 19 news changing every day, but I have gotten “testy” with my husband and less patient. My husband tends to worry, and so I would think of different Bible verses to quote each day like Mark 5:36 or Isaiah – but the best message I got from one of my church friends was on “Worry.” Worry is a conversation you have yourself that doesn’t change anything. Prayer is a conversation with God that only He can change.” Amen, sisters? Keep the faith!

  215. I confess my intentions and want to are not the same as my actions. I admit that I’ve said, “if only I had the time, I would….” and I don’t! Reality is sometimes difficult to confront. I say I would like to read my Bible more then I sit with my spouse and watch television instead. I have books I want to read but I don’t because my husband is with me. God, please forgive me for placing time with my husband above more important pursuits.

  216. I have learned that I need to have my mind renewed daily. One day I’m ok and the next I’m either fearful or complaining. I realize that renewing your mind daily and focusing on God and His promises is a daily must. I’m also praying daily that I won’t be the same as I currently am when this is over. I realize a lot about me needs to change and I’m actually grateful that all of this is going on because I don’t know if I would have realized all of this otherwise.

  217. The lord has taught me to TRUST him! Rely on him for everything! To slow down and take a deep breath and to have a thankful heart❤️. Thank you Jesus for everything 😘

  218. I have learned that I need to invest my free time more rationally. Dedicate time for things that matter, for things that grow us up, for the kids, for the family and to appreciate having one another.

  219. My family has learned that we needed our world to slow down. We have learned that we enjoy each other more when we aren’t so hurried and rushed. We can and do have fun with each other. We are able to make the most of this situation and have joy in the midsts of it.

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