What Happens When You Say “Yes” to God…even if you’re scared to death

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Hi Friends. I’ll be honest. I received so many Christmas emails in December, I decided to give you a break from mine. My inbox just about made me break out in hives. Just in case you felt the same, I spared you one less email. But now I’m back! I’ve missed you! I hope today’s blog will get you excited about what 2018 holds!

I hope you don’t mind me sharing something really personal with you. See a few weeks ago, a woman named Brenda asked me to speak at a Christmas gathering of at her church in my hometown.

We chatted on the phone for a few moments and made the arrangement. When we hung up, God whispered to my heart…This one’s for you. Remember where you started. Look how far you’ve come. Remember where a thousand “yeses” have taken you.

See, twenty-one years ago, a woman named Shirley asked me to speak at a women’s dinner at this same church. At that point, I had never spoken in front of more than a handful of women. This event was going to have  500-plus attendees. Everything in me wanted to run in the opposite direction.

The devil fed my fears with fitful words. “Who do you think you are?” he snarled. “What do you possibly have to say to these ladies? You’re just a kid. You need to say ‘no thank you’ and not embarrass yourself.”

And you know what, I believed him. Feelings insecurity, inferiority, and inadequacy wrapped their gnarly fingers around my neck and began to squeeze. Sheer panic shot straight through.

But God reminded me of the words He spoke to Moses. You do what I have called you to do and I will tell you what to say…I will show you what to do.

So I did it. I told God, “yes.” I stood in front of that sea of faces for the very first time in my life, and God took over.

Twenty-one years later, God brought me full circle. As I stood on that same platform, in that same church, looking out at another sea of beautiful faces, God reminded me of what can happen in a life that answers Him with tiny little “yeses.”

One step of faith that leads to another, that leads to another and to another.

I paused before I spoke, and looked over at the book table with twenty-one authored books. Tears welled up in my eyes. I truly believe none of that would have happened if I had not said that fearful but faithful “yes” twenty-one years ago.

I wonder…how many other blessings have I missed because I’ve said “no?”

How my miracles have I forfeited because of fear?

So here’s my encouragement to you today…Say “yes” to God.

It may be a tiny “yes.” It may be a big “yes.”

Amazing things happen in the life of a woman who says “yes” to God.

I want to be that woman.

I want you to be that woman.

Let’s make 2018 a year of saying “yes” to God.

If you want to make 2018 a year of a thousand “yeses,” leave a comment and say, “I’m saying “yes” to God!”

I’ll randomly pick 5 comments and send a FREE laminated card of Your True Identity in Christ!

If you would like to learn more about how to step into your destiny and LIVE BOLD, check out my book, Take Hold of the Faith you Long For: Let Go, Move Forward, Live Bold. This book includes a Bible study guide and is perfect for Bible study groups.

Congratulations to Rebecca Jones–the winner of Susie Finkbeiner’s 3 book series.

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Comments 228

    1. I will say Yes to God! I was just reading John 2:18 and I was thinking how John simply said yes to the angel and if he hadn’t we might if not have Jesus as our savior! Bless u for sharing your testimony!

    2. I am saying yes to God. I already have and believe God’s Word that I will be able to do what is frightening right now. Thank you for this encouragement.

    3. Sharon,
      A group of my lady friends will be using your book “Take Hold of the Faith You Long For” as our next Wednesday night study. I read it already and will be facilitating the class. I pray God will use this book to get us all excited about saying “yes” to God and living bold! Thanks for being obedient to Him and writing for others! May God bless you and your family.

  1. Thank you, Sharon, for the reminder of the importance and reward of saying “YES” to God. I’m saying “YES” to Him in ares of my life where I really need ant want to grow this year. I’m seeking His grace to make my “YES” a daily reality. His grace is sufficient!

  2. I am saying yes to God in 2018. I am scared starting a business as i have worked in an office for 10 years. But i am scared that i am not ready for this phase. Will pple patronise me? But todag i am saying yes lord. Help me.

  3. I too have been asked to participate to an event at my church that takes several months of Sunday afternoon classes in preparation for a four day retreat. I agreed, then decided I would opt out, but I felt God telling me to hang in there that I could do it. So I’m listening to Him even though I’m scared. Thanks for the motivation.

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  4. I really understand when you really say yes to God. I decided enough was enough, all or nothing to Him. 12/16/17, I said Yes, Yes, Yes little things have begone to happen, may not mean much to anyone else, but much to me. I have been serving Him for a long time but not all of me. Now is the time for a complete “Yes” and I am so excited at what God is about to do through me and for me.

  5. These were timely thoughts as I have just submitted my retirement letter after 34 + years of working for the same company. This will be a life change for me. I admit to having fears and excitement all at the same time. I am saying “yes,” to God.

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  6. Many changes in my life are ahead because of my husband’s death with selling my home and moving to another state. I want starting today to say “yes” to God.

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  7. I’m saying yes! I choose a word this year to focus on and study – that word was courageous. As I think about it, Satan makes me nervous, but I know God will be with me in WHATEVER he calls me to do. Your message confirmed my word and my step. Thank you! Love your devotions!

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  8. I am saying Yes to God to write children’s books to explain some of the things our children hear but don’t really understand. For that matter, adults struggle to understand them, too. I keep hearing that I’m not good enough to write books for Him, but I’m listening to God instead.

  9. Thanks for saying yes 21 years ago! I’ve enjoyed so many of your books and emails.
    Hopefully I can answer yes more in 2018

  10. I’m saying yes to God! I’m not going to say no or pretend I didn’t hear. I’m not going to focus on what I can or cannot do but I will allow my Heavenly Father to work in me:

    “But He has said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you [My lovingkindness and My mercy are more than enough—always available—regardless of the situation]; for [My] power is being perfected [and is completed and shows itself most effectively] in [your] weakness.” Therefore, I will all the more gladly boast in my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ [may completely enfold me and] may dwell in me.
    2 Corinthians 12:9, 10 (Amplifird Bible)

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      I love that you said, “I will not pretend that I didn’t hear.” That is what we tend to do, isn’t it. So proud of you.

  11. Hi, Sharon! Thank you for being so open! I have read many of your books and you have really helped and inspired me over the years! In 2017, I said “yes” to God and it has been a hard but incredibly rewarding journey. You see in 2014, I achieved my weight loss goal losing over 150 pounds with Weight Watchers. I started working there as a receptionist a couple of years ago and have always seen it as a ministry from God for me to help others the way others (and God) have helped me in my journey. Last year, I made the leap and went to leadership training and became a leader myself. This was very difficult for me. I have an anxiety disorder as well as fibromyalgia. I had to travel to Chicago by myself for my training and although the training was ultimately a good experience, it really played on my anxiety. In fact, at one time, I was ready to walk away, but I felt so strongly that God has called me to do this that I didn’t. Music has always helped me in my journey, and I made this playlist of songs to help me be brave and to face my fears. I listen to it frequently to help myself during the hard times and share it with others to inspire them. You can listen to it at this link on Spotify if you are interested: https://open.spotify.com/user/22r6crqrkj5e774u5qjzqpjdi/playlist/3iOHqNdb7pnXn6QjDMzGuE. Some of the songs are Christian songs and some aren’t, but I picked them specifically for the lyrics and the message they convey. Thank you again for your vulnerability and willingness to put yourself out there! May God continue to bless you and your ministry!

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  12. My journey on saying “yes” began about 20 years ago at a huge arena sized Women’s event. Luci Swidoll was one of the speakers. She said: The next time someone asks for help just say “yes”. The next Sunday they were asking for volunteers to teach the 3rd grade Sunday school. Immediately Luci’s words came back to me. So I connected with the person asking for help and said “yes”. That one step launched me on a path of GROWTH. I was the one who was blessed, not the giving of my time to the children. And that one “yes” has opened more doors for me to GROW SOME MORE. THANK YOU, LORD for prompting me to say “yes”.

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  13. I started saying “yes” to God and not only am I leading a Bible study at my church, I couldn’t find what I wanted among the thousands available, I am writing my own…spending 30-35 weeks last year in John, this year in Genesis. Thanks be to the Holy Spirit and the resources I have at my fingertips.

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  14. I’m saying “yes to God!” This summer I was asked to lead a ladies Bible study. I am a preschool teacher and had never taught older then elementary age children. My first reaction was to say no I can never do that. Through a couple of different confirmations, I felt God was calling me and I said yes. We are on our third Bible study and I have truly been blessed. I want to say “yes to God” more this year then ever before, because I know I have missed opportunities to do God’s work in the past.

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  15. I want to say “YES” to God this year! I am grieving the loss of my career, due to complications from my 4th bowel surgery for Crohn’s disease. While I’ve stumbled into “the void” of losing my identity, and honestly having far too many pity parties to count, I am determined to seek God’s plan for my life. I have come to realize that through troubles and trials, He alone has sustained me, even as I’ve said, “No!” and “Really?” sarcastically, AND this is hindering my journey to peace, which begins by saying, “Okay, God, I will say ‘yes’ and truly trust You to show me the path.” Being a professor for 30-plus years brought me joy and satisfaction. I was helping my students find their way. I am now a student to the Greatest Teacher. I will humbly do my homework, read the text (Bible), and say “Yes” to the exams He has for me this year. I am an “A” student, but in God’s course for my life, I must be willing to do more than show up in my sweats with a Starbucks in hand. I will need to pack my backpack, throw it over my shoulder, and step into His “Course Objectives” with faith. As I put my glasses, I imagine the first and only objective will read: “Say ‘YES’.”

  16. Thank you Sharon for sharing a part of yourself. Personal stories are what hits me the most. It makes me feel like I am not alone on my path and that there are others who are struggling just like I am. You are such an encouragement. Thank you and God Bless!

  17. I desire for 2018 to be a year of many yes answer to God. Pray with me that God will open my eyes and led me. I would love for you to pray for my grandson Kyle who is 26 years old and he is an addict to the worst drug I know, Heroin. I have given him to the Lord. He accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior when he was 12 Years old, I know God has His hand on him, and God will bring him through. Thank you for agrring with me in prayer

  18. I’m saying yes to God. Little by little, I’ve loosened the tight grip that I tried to have on my life. Sometimes I grasp it hard other times I’m so tired that I just let it hang out for all to see. Yes, Lord, it’s Yours.

  19. I’m saying yes to God. My ‘word’ this year is obedience. I will pray to hear God speaking to me and be obedient in serving Him and our church.

  20. Yes! I’m saying yes. Prayers for when to say a holy “no” so I can say “yes” to the right things. (I have a tendency to say yes to everything and then don’t give my all to any of them.)

  21. This is my year to say yes at God’s prompting instead of thinking I know best, or thoughts of all the “what ifs” that pop into my head in a negative way. Starting today and throughout 2018 I am believing God for heavenly God-lead “what ifs”. This is my YES GOD year!!

  22. I am always so inspired by you and your “friends” the other GIG’s! Each and every day I look forward to reading such encouraging words, and can feel the love and caring coming through your words! I want to be a woman who says YES to God and the wonderful things He has planned just for me! And I’m very glad you said YES all those years ago so we would have all those wonderful and truly helpful books that you have written!

  23. Hi Sharon!

    I loved this devotional, especially because I learned the full backstory.
    I’m saying “yes” to God afresh and anew this 2018. 🙂

  24. I want to say Yes to God in this new year. I pray for discernment in hearing & knowing his voice so I can say Yes at the right time.

  25. Sharon, I am saying “Yes” to God in 2018. I am a woman who has said “Yes” before to God for over 25 years. I have seen God work in miraculous and exciting ways. My heart was full. Then, things in my life changed and I started just sitting by the wayside. I was tired and worn out. Instead of seeking His presence, I got caught up in the noise of the world. My heart didn’t have the joy and fullness that it once held. However, the Spirit has been whispering my name and I am ready to make my time with the Creator of the Universe a priority beginning today. Thank you for your encouraging words. May God continue to use all of your “Yes’s” to further His Kingdom.

  26. I am saying yes to God. Please pray for me. I am a teacher and I am having problems walking due to hip bursitis. As a single mom, I have to work to support my family. I feel very discouraged and depressed but I will say yes to God. He knows where I am and what I am going through. I need a break through.

  27. Thank you for inspiring me. I have let fear hold me back so many times. This year I want to say yes to God and let go of my fear. I’m making changes and trusting Him. I can’t wait to see where He takes me. I would love to win a copy of your book. Thank you for saying yes so many years ago. You are a blessing to so many.

  28. This really resonated with me as the Lord is also nudging (and sometime shoving me) to do things I really don’t think I can do. As I work more with children as He guides me, I am told frequently that I am a blessing but I always let them know the blessing is mine as I grow in the Lord. I am abundantly blessed and love to share my Lord and His blessings where and how I can.

  29. Thank you for your timely message, your obedience, your courage and transparency. You are a blessing. I am saying YES to God.

  30. Thank you for that! I had just been sitting at my computer and listening to satan tell me that I don’t have the ability to write the book I have started about my life story. It is something I have felt God urging me to do for the past 5 years. So I will make this the year that I say “YES” to God!

  31. Sharon,

    Have you and God been discussing me? I’ve been looking for a word for this year in my relationship with God and late last week I settled on the word “Open”. Open to whatever direction, opportunity, door, window, etc., etc., He leads me. Now you blog about saying “Yes”!

    As “scary” or “nerve-wracking” this might be for me, I’ll be OPEN to God’s leading. I may need to turn up my listening ears, too!

    Thank you, Sharon, for the confirmation!

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  32. Help me Lord to say yes through all the fear and doubt when I hear Your voice. And help me to recognize Your voice. I don’t want to miss or delay Your plans to prosper me and give me a future of hope. I need to trust You will be my helper. In Christ I stand.

  33. All I can say is Wow…..God is surely calling my name……..and in my fear…I am stepping forward….
    I am saying YES …..whatever Your will is for me…..I say YES.

  34. I am saying Yes to God! Even in my own little way if I can make a difference I am all in. Saying Yes to God was the message that was given at our combined service on New Years Eve. Thank you Sharon for confirming it!

  35. I’m saying yes to God and yes, I’m scared all the time. I said yes and gave an art presentation for my women’s ministry.

  36. Sharon, in 1992 we said YES to the Lord when He told us we would be working for a helps ministry that grew out of our church. We prayerfully told Him to work out the details, we were ready to go. In 6 months He worked out those details and in October we began our 5 years with that ministry. Then after that season He directed us to missions. We traveled doing pastor’s conferences and other services and personally, He stretched me way out of my comfort zone but I said YES to what He wanted me to do. That stretching included teaching and preaching. I have a soft voice and once I was to preach in an open air pavilion to a group of people in a foreign country without a microphone. When it was my time to speak, I stood and spoke through the power of the Holy Spirit and ALL, even Charley and the pastor at the back of the group heard me. BUT GOD!! I encourage everyone to say YES to the Lord and watch Him do His work through you and in you.

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  37. Sharon:
    I have been struggling for years with insecurity. God is telling me to tell others about the things He is doing in my life. My word for 1018 is “Testimony”. I need to be faithful to Him, He is so faithful to me.
    I am saying “YES”

  38. I am saying yes to God – even when I am scared or don’t understand stand. Bless you for this Devotional. It spoke to both my life and my heart!

  39. Ok Sharon you hit me hard! Several years ago I heard that small voice say to me this time you will have a women’s retreat with over 500 people. I was like what? Instant fear took over but I started planning as i continued i lost focus it seemed impossible but gave into fear .I have only done small groups and never spoken only delegated behind the scenes. It’s always weighting on my heart! I truly love putting together these things. So today with boldness.


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  40. I have been reading about the Jewish older people in Israel, from communicating with the Rabbi, God has been telling me for months that I need to donate to the elderly like me, although I receive a small check each month, HE is telling me just do, I have just read my latest email from my friend, and I just said to my Lord yes, Starting this month, my small donation will start, praying it will feed, cloth a few, I love God chosen people, and I love my heavenly Father.

  41. I’m definitely saying yes to God! I recently was invited to speak in another country in June..never done this before, completely afraid, but your blog has encouraged me..Thank you so very much!

  42. I feel like I’ve lost my fire. It’s been gone for awhile now. I want to end 2018 knowing that I have done something for the Lord. Used by Him. Obeying Him and not just plodding along. Oh how I would love to have some intentionality in my life.

    Yes Lord, use me however you want.

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  43. This was for me today. I could say the very same things you have said here about fighting God to say Yes. I have said Yes to speak at two local churches. Now God is saying to read out further.. to people I don’t know.. larger crowds. My heart goes flitter flutter thinking about it.

    A big part of me wants to do it. But now I must prepare the letters and introduce myself. Satan is again coming and telling me I can’t do it.

    Pray that I will have a year full of Yeses for God.

    Thanks for the encouragement.

  44. I am saying YES to God in 2018. Thank you for sharing your story, it has encouraged me to be bold and overcome fear knowing that He who promised is faithful.

  45. This is timely! Thank you for your obedience Sharon. Your courage to step out has impacted thousands of women over the years… all for the Lord! I have been asked to step out of my comfort zone quite a few times this past year. In a month I will give a “ teaching” in front of a group of around 150 women. I am not a teacher or eloquent with my words. I am just trusting God to speak through me and minister to someone who needs to hear HIS message.

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  46. I am saying Yes to God this year! I am 58 years old and looking forward to retiring from a teaching career that God called me to, but now I believe He is calling me in a different direction! I am excited, but scared about what He has in store. Please pray for direction and clarity about where He is leading me! Thank you for your message today!

  47. I have been praying for so many things to happen in my life. I want my son to be saved and my daughter to be healed. I see so many people hurting that I feel guilty asking God for anything because I am truly blessed but I know there is so much more for me. I have a doctorate degree and work in an end job going nowhere. I have so much debt. I am there for so many people but no one is never there for me. I desire a companion but in my eyes can only see why would someone want me. I believe that God made me in his image. I believe His word is true.

  48. I am saying “Yes!” to God this year! I don’t know what’s in store…what I’m saying yes to, but I am stepping forward to what He wants me to do!

  49. I am committing to saying yes, the problem I have had in the past is deciphering when it is the Father and me just being a people pleaser.

  50. I really needed this, I want to start saying Yes to My Heavenly Father, no matter how difficult things become. I have struggled for more than 20 years of anorexia and I have social anxiety, mood disorders, and depression. Recently my Daddy died from a rare brain disease, and I have been feeling so confused, but I never give up, no matter how painful this has been, I just can’t stop worrying about if I will ever get better.

  51. The devil is a liar, he only want to steal, kill and destroy our lives. Take our pure joy and laughter and turn it into something ugly. I will stand against the devil and let him flee from me. I have kept quiet for too long ….I just want to shout out all the goodness the Lord has done and still is doing for me…
    This is a bit personal but I need to share….I have totally cut off people in my life that I believe is not helping me in my walk with God nor helping me in my marriage…eg: Old boyfriends who I have kept as friends and even old girlfriends who were in my past when we use to flirt with men..Since my renewed faith with God I notice they are calling me OUT OF THE BLUE to say hello….Strange to say the devil is using them to turn me away from God. I will not let them back in my life.

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  52. I’m saying “Yes” to God.
    Just last night my husband was soaking south me about strengthening my faith. Interesting how I came across this message the very next morning while “decluttering” my inbox. 😉🤔

  53. The hard part about saying “yes” to God is that it takes total and complete trust in Him, without seeing anything happen until we say “yes”. “My grace is sufficient for you” but you won’t see it until you take the risk and say “yes”. For me, it’s a matter of trust. So since God can be fully trusted, and even though I’ll be threatened and bombarded with spiritual warfare, I’m saying “yes” to God.

  54. Thanking, praising and saying yes to Father God for all that he has done and all that he is doing in the lives of my family, love ones and me!! Thank you Father God for all your plans for us. Plans to prosper us and not harm us, plans to give us hope and a future. (Jeremiah 29:11). Yes God !!! Amen.

  55. I want to say yes to God! I have been held back my entire life by fear and the voices in my past telling me I’m not worth it. I struggle keeping a job because I hear the words “you can’t”.. I struggle with all relationships because I hear “I’m not worth their effort”. I’m saved by Gods grace and I know I shouldn’t let my past keep me from growth.

  56. I am saying yes with uncertainty and anxiety. 2017 was an exremely exhausting and mentally destroying year. BUT, through it all, God has remolded and changed my heart. I will never be the same, now I need to show myself that truth. I dont know what will happen to me, but I do know He loves me. Its knowing in my “knower” where that strength lies.

  57. I say yes to God!!
    Hello Sharon,
    My name is L. Nicole Cervantes. My contact information is (Email)nicolecervantes5@gmail.com;(IG)tazznicc9614; (Facebook) Ms.NyckkiCervantes. I appreciated your work and contributions to the world. Well, I am totally stepping out on faith today in writing this email. I pray in the name of Jesus that it reaches you and the Lord will confirm in in your heart my true intentions. I am not looking for fame or notoriety. I know there are hurting people that need to know GOD IS ALIVE AND LOVES THEM! I understand that our talents are given to heal us and the world through Christ Jesus and I intend to do just that. My husband and I have an incredible testimony. I’ll just tell you just a bit. After going through so much in my childhood and young adult life. At the age of 27, I got serious with God and was celibate for TEN YEARS. I waited on God to heal, deliver and restore me. I also asked God to sent my husband, well he did AND he was a VIRGIN!!In regards to this book, I stepped out on faith and believed God, when he told my husband that I needed to quit my job as a Children’s Social Worker to finish this book I started almost twenty years ago. (after losing three babies back to back and been blessed with a rainbow baby) in between. Well, Here is a brief synopsis of my book. I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience. It is my earnest pray that God will use this book to heal, inspire and empower people around the world to NEVER give up on God and their dreams. You can learn more about me, watch my book trailer and sign up to read the first chapter for free at http://www.msnyckkic.com/books

    This book takes journey takes you on a unpredictable rollercoaster ride filled with twist, turns, peaks and valleys that is guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat. This child came out the womb a fighter. The story dares to confront, and expose secrets of unimaginable horrific, traumatic and devastatingly painful events in stark explicit detail. From molestation by both genders from the age 5 to 15, witnessing the tragic loss of the only father figure, rape, mental, emotional, verbal, drug, and physical abuse and domestic violence. This child has battled and conquered at-risk behavior, self-hate, low self-esteem, suicidal thoughts and attempts, anorexia nervosa and addiction. This story is undeniably relatable to the masses as the child was raised in diverse communities from affluent, middle class and ghettos; attended prestigious parochial, private and local schools. For normalcy this child befriended members of lower, middle and upper class from gangbangers, convicts, preppy and religious kids from all races. This child had personal experiences as an at-risk youth, honor student, learning disability student, side lover, a single parent, divorced young parent, battered lover, high school, college and graduate school student and a happily married. From prison to praise,this story shares raw and candidly how this child broke through the other side of anguish and discovered redemption, restoration, hope, faith and forgiveness. From prison to praise, this story shares raw and candidly how you too can break through the other side of anguish and aggressively pursue against all odds, not to be defined or plagued by statistics, experiences or circumstances. Along the journey, this child discovers redemption, restoration, hope, faith, forgiveness, self-worth, self-love and solitude. This is a story of the power of undying faith, perseverance and positive thinking. This child held on to every dream and dared to dream bigger than any curve ball life gave; proving being destined for greatness. This book attests God and his angels will ground and protect you throughout your journey especially when you loose your way.

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