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Sharon Jaynes

I believe one of the greatest inventions of the twentieth century was the Post-It Note. First there was yellow. Then came fuchsia, turquoise, buttercup, and magenta. From full-page mega notes to tiny little strips, sticky notes have kept me organized, tasks prioritized, and Scripture memorized. Mostly, they have served as visual reminders of information, events, and appointments not to forget.

But a visual reminder of things not to forget didn’t begin with Post-It Notes. They began with God, Himself. All through life God places holy Post-It Notes on our days to remind us of Him.

In the Bible, Paul wrote to the Romans, “Since the creation of the world, God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse” (Romans 1:20 TNIV).

I call these moments when we see these holy Post-It Notes of His “eternal power and divine nature,” glory moments. The concept of glory can be a difficult concept to wrap our human minds around. It seems so otherworldly. We can catch glimpses of its meaning throughout Scripture, but then like a shooting star that appears for just a moment, it quickly slips away into the vast expanse of God’s infinite wisdom. But let’s see what we can know about this bigger-than-life word.

In the Old Testament, the most common Hebrew word for glory is kabod meaning “weight, honor, esteem.” The Bible associates God’s glory with how He manifests Himself or makes His presence known. Some theologians refer to these as theophanies. He made His presence known in a devouring fire (Exodus 24:16-17), a moving cloud (Exodus 13:21) and a still small voice (1 Kings 19:11-13). His glory is reflected in creation (Psalm 19:1) and in His sovereign control of history (Acts 17:26). His glory is made known through the life of simple human beings like you and me.

The same concept of God’s glory is in the New Testament in the Greek word, doxa, which means glory, honor and splendor. John wrote, “The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the One and Only who came from the Father, full of grace and truth” (John 1:14).

The verb form of glory, to glorify, is doxazo, and primarily denotes “to magnify, extol, praise, to ascribe honor to God, acknowledging Him as to His being, attributes and acts, i.e., His glory. It is the revelation and manifestation of all that He has and is. When we glorify God, we are giving a display or manifestation—or a reflection—of His character. To glorify God is to make Him easy to see. We become God’s Post-It Notes to the world.

One day I jotted down a few glory moments God placed throughout my day like holy Post-It Notes reminding me of His presence.

  • The sunrise with swirls of mist rising from the lake behind my home
  • A vibrant red male cardinal and his demure wife sharing the bird feeder
  • Boisterous Canadian geese flying in V-formation across the sky
  • Tulip bulbs peeping through the ground
  • Dogwood blossoms heralding Easter’s approach
  • The weeping willow praising God in the breeze
  • A monarch butterfly perched on the windowsill
  • Midday sunlight dancing on the water
  • A baby’s cry
  • A little girl’s giggle
  • Orange, magenta and red streaks across the sky as the sun bid goodnight
  • A sliver of white in the inky sky with a smattering of twinkles all around
  • My husband’s hand reaching for me in the night

Each of these sightings were God’s reminders to me that He has infused my life with His presence. Through creation, God longs for us to see, discover, and remember His creative beauty, His enduring grace, and His fathomless mercy.

As you go through your day, look for holy Post-It Notes of God reminding you of His presence AND His love for you. Then click on comment and share one!

Dear Lord our Creator, I am in awe of Your creation today. Help me to never take You or Your handiwork for granted. I pray that I will always be amazed at the sunrise and the sunset and all that falls in-between. I love You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Consider getting a pad of Post-It Notes and jot down visual reminders of God that grab your attention. Write your observations on the notes and post them around your home.

A Sudden Glory Sharon Jaynes

A Sudden Glory by Sharon Jaynes


If you want to learn more about how to become more aware of God’s presence in your life, then this book is for you. A Sudden Glory: God’s Lavish Response to Your Ache for Something More, He is longing to speak to us, we just need to discover how to listen!




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Comments 43

  1. And Lord we Pray that the unbelievers especially family members a Son ,a daughter etc will see into your beauty you have placed all around us that their eyes would tell their brain there is more to know beyond the sunset or sunrise ….Lord have mercy on their life’s oh ! Lord 🙏 that they may call out your majesty rather than a brain appreciation .❤️🌲

    1. Amen! I pray this for my own son and daughter. Thank you for this prayer!
      Today’s post it note: Gillian Valente’s shared prayer

    2. That was so heart warming and exactly how I feel about my family. I will keep your comment to pray again when my children are unforgiving of each other and realize God is there for them to heal & love again ❤ Amen

    3. This prayer is such a blessing as my heart knows my children were raised with you Christ but they have yet to see the need to raise their own babies and children with God’s love acknowledged in their lives. Thanks be to God for Gillian and Sharon’s words. For our sisters in your Love. Amen

  2. My 8 month old grandson’s giggle. My 4 year old granddaughter’s dancing “twirls”. My Labrador Retriever’s cuddles when I am lonely.

  3. A friend of mine use to call these “hugs from God”. Either way both are a good reminder of Gods love for us. Thank you!

  4. My sister in law and I send each other pictures of “hearts” that we find in the most unique and crazy places, we know these hearts are reminders that God “loves us” and shows us.

    An example of one recent find was in a boiled egg so therefore we named it “boiled heart” perhaps at the moment and a reminder my heart can boil over with anger .

  5. The wild violets that have popped up in my yard and the red bud trees nestled among the dogwoods. Tiny bright yellow birds that we’ve seen before (and we’ve lived here in the woods for 45 yrs!) God is good!!!

    1. That was so heart warming and exactly how I feel about my family. I will keep your comment to pray again when my children are unforgiving of each other and realize God is there for them to heal & love again ❤ Amen

  6. The soft skin of a baby. The tiny fingernails on a newborn. The amazing growth and changes in a child first year.
    The smiles your grandson gives you!

  7. Aww….teary-eyed and with a chuckle I read through this beautiful devotional today. I look forward to receiving Sharon’s emails and each one ministers to me, and yet, this one had a little extra special something for me that I cannot articulate but made me feel embraced by the Lord. Thank You, Heavenly Father—I love You so very much. Thank you, Sharon, for letting the Almighty Creative draw and write through you.

  8. What an awesome reminder to look for God in everyone and everything. My post it note for today is I woke up praying and smiling. Thanking Jesus for this day and I will rejoice in it. How May I serve You today Lord. Thank You for the opportunity to do so. In Jesus name, amen.

  9. The infinite array of varied flowers and plants we saw at the nursery last weekend was a reminder of God’s glory and our miraculous Creator. I am always amazed at the unique traits of each plant and flower, how each requires its own unique nurturing, and how each fulfills a distinctly different purpose. Then, I reflect on how each of us is similarly unique and created by God and for His glory. Thank you for this reminder to see His glory in all we do.

  10. Since reading your book A Sudden Glory, I have seen so much more of God’s glory and experienced those ‘ glory ‘ moments. I look for them everywhere. And sometimes they are a happy surprise. When I am feeling especially low God shows up in surprising ways…. a comment from someone going through the same experience. A call from my daughter. My husband has been in a nursing home since his stroke has disabled him a year ago. My first husband died of a major heart attack at age 61 while we were attending a prophecy conference. My son committed suicide two years later. We had a house fire that took everything, and a barn fire two years later that destroyed everything that was part of our income. But GOD! God was always there with help and encouragement beyond what we could ask or think. My second husband and first husband had the same aunt and uncle. Jim’s wife died in another state and he came home to help his aunt and uncle who had no children. We took care of their business and all their needs. We witnessed to them but did not know if they were ever saved. So, like so many others, we have had our trials but God has always been our strength. He is ever faithful. Thank you so much for sharing all that God has done for you. And thank you for studying the word and passing it on to everyone that they may know how great our God is. Love and prayers,, Becky

  11. The fact that I woke up this morning and could tell God thanks. My granddaughter hugging and kissing me on the cheek.
    My husband looking after the flowers in the garden.
    Thanks be to God for his Glory!!!!!

  12. Rosebuds on my rose bush this spring. This bush hasn’t bloomed in years. This was definitely a glory moment. God spoke volumes to me in that moment reminding me of His faithfulness in my life.

  13. I saw the sun as it was rising through the clouds this morning. Because it is so cloudy I could look at it’s beauty without it hurting my eyes. Such a beautiful sight.

  14. My dog looking at me when I’m depressed
    And his look is like
    “I’m here, pick me up, I love you”

    Thx for the post it note my father

  15. Feeling the Holy Spirit rescue me when I cry out in anguish to bring me back to the present moment where I am safe in His care! This, just an hour ago. GOD IS SO FAITHFUL ❣️❤️🙏

  16. As I was sitting at church on Sunday a newborn and her mommy were sitting behind me- and she started hiccupping – the sweetest little noise – my heart was going to burst I thought because the noise was so precious it literally transported me back to holding my own newborns (who are now all grown) and I just sat there in my tears and precious heart burst thanking the Lord for letting me experience a fraction of His love for us.

  17. I love reading all your emails….they are very inspiring to me and help me to find peace and calming. I am so grateful for you and pray for you.
    Thank you, this was a good reminder for me to thank God for all the little things in my life.

  18. I never grow tired of the beauty of the heavens; sunrises, sunsets, moon, stars…a glorious display! I love that God, the Master Artist magnifies His beauty everyday in creation! Every season has its own beauty! Thank you, Lord, for the glory moments!

  19. God’s Post-It Note was the sun breaking through the thick dark clouds, and my son asking how my doctor’s appointment went today (4/26/2022).

  20. God’s beautiful artistry displayed in His creation is always something I appreciate and cannot get over. The joyful early morning chirping of the birds as they sit on the trees and visit our bird feeder, the buzzing of the daring hummingbirds as they come to get their daily “manna”, the warmth of the bright sun, that uplifts our spirit and pushes away the cloudiness of our heart, the constant presence of my dog patiently waiting on me and rejoicing when we go out to play. Though all these are proof of His glory and presence, I don’t want to forget that behind all this is God Almighty. Give credit and appreciate the Creator and not the creation!! Thank you Lord for all your daily reminders, please speak to my daughter’s heart in such a way that she will see You in a unique way and experience Your presence. Thank you Sharon for explaining His word to us, be blessed 😊

  21. I hasd post-its show up on mothers day. I was very sad about my splintered family and mom’s unwillingness to love my daughter and I. But my daughter and husband made it a wonderful day with delicious food and gift treats. Then I watched the waves roll in in on the beach close to us. They were the assurance of God’s constant promises and glory. They, like God, will always be there!

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