Don’t Let the Enemy Rob You Blind

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words before traveling from the east coast to the west coast.

When I came home from seeing Steven, I had a note from the government, an invitation of sorts, one of those that you can’t refuse Jury duty!  Noooooooo, I cried as I read that I needed to report on the following Monday.

 “God, you love me too much to let this happen to me. You know I’ve only got four days before I have to go back out again.”

I folded the letter and prayed for deliverance.  My only hope was that when I called in the night before I was to report, the operator would say my number was not needed. That did not happen.  When she read the list, my number was called.

“OK Lord, I’ll report, but I know you love me too much to let me get selected to be on a jury.”

When I arrived at the court house, I discovered that there were four cases being tried that day.  About 120 of us good citizens waited in a room, most hoping our names would not be called.  After three hours, I heard those two words I did not want to hear – “Sharon Jaynes.”

OK Lord, I’m one of thirty people called in this group, but I know that You love me too much to let me be chosen to serve on a jury. Remember California in four days

The jury selection was arduous. It was an armed robbery case and the defense and prosecuting attorney were taking this very seriously. Twelve potential jurors were called and my heart silently cheered!  I was not one of them! Hurray!

But things started going quickly downhill. The two attorneys grilled the possible jurors.  Had they ever been robbed? Had they ever used drugs? Did they know any District Attorneys? Had they ever been arrested? Did they know the defendant? Twelve went up and five came down.

More went up and more came down. Finally I heard the wonderful words, “Judge, we are satisfied with the jury.” I was not one of them.

No sooner had I picked up my belongings and started making my escape, when the judge said, “Now we will pick the alternate.”

Lord, you love me too much….

“Sharon Jaynes.”

Downcast and defeated I approached the jury box. For the next few minutes I told both attorneys all the reasons why I would be a poor choice. I knew several DAs. I had a friend that went to prison for cocaine possession and I thought the judge was way too lenient on him. I’ve been robbed – twice!

No matter. I was on. As an alternate, I had to show up every day, but did not even get to give my opinion or cast a vote. I just had to sit there and watch! (And you know I wanted to give my opinion.)

As discouraged as I was to be spending my precious few days at the courthouse, I must say the trial was a bit entertaining. I’m not even sure if it’s legal for me to be telling you this. Here are the basics of the case.

A man, the accused, got off work at 5:00 in the afternoon. Over the next twelve hours, he consumed two fifths of Wild Irish Rose wine, one-fifth of liquor, snorted crack cocaine, smoked marijuana, and drank a case of beer. Sometime the following morning, he had the stamina to walk in and rob a convenient store.

The store employee said the would-be robber walked in with a gun under his jacket, pointed it his way and said, “You know what this is. You know what I’m doing here. Don’t do anything stupid.”

The store owner calmly took the money from the cash register and placed it on the counter.  The man tucked the bills into his pant leg, ordered the attendant to face the opposite direction, and then made his way to his car for the escape.

When the attendant turned and faced the window, he saw the license plate which read, “Miss Pooh.”

Now I have to tell you, we were all about to crack up laughing at this point.  Miss Pooh?  Really? But it’s not good to laugh when you’re a juror. That never happened in all the times I watched Perry Mason with my grandmother. I did know that much.

The would-be robber took the stand and told his side of the story.

He had been out partying all night, got hungry. Went to the convenience store to buy a muffin. Discovered he didn’t have enough money. He went out to the car to ask his friend if she had any. She did not. He came back into the store to tell the attendant that he was sorry; he didn’t have enough money to buy the muffin. (I thought this was very thoughtful.) When he went back in the store, the attendant opened up the cash register, placed the money on the counter, and said, “Here, take this.”  So the would-be-robber made a bad decision and took it. (I bet you’d like to know the name of a store that has such wonderful service!)

By this time, I needed a chin strap to keep my mouth from hanging open in disbelief. Did he expect us to believe that? Besides, we had the shot from surveillance tape plastered on the wall as big as life. It showed the perp with something pointing at the attendant that looked like it could have been a gun. He said his hands were cold and he had them in his pocket. I guess one finger was frozen.)

The trial went on and on. Officers, detectives, and more officers. When I finally quit internally pouting about the terrible timing of my civic duty, I began to pray.

OK Lord, I know that you do love me and for some reason, you want me here. All I can do is watch. You know I need to prepare for the upcoming retreat, but I know that nothing happens by accident. What do you want me to learn?

Then God spoke to my heart, Finally you’re catching on. I have a great lesson for you to learn this week. Pay close attention.

My attitude changed. What had felt like an interruption was transformed into a divine appointment. I had studied and prepared for the retreat. God thought I needed to go on a field trip per se.

As the trial came to an end, the prosecuting attorney approached the jury for her closing arguments. She paced back and forth just like good ole’ Perry Mason, and recapped the facts with a freeze frame of the surveillance film as her back drop.

Then she placed her hand under her jacket as if pointing a gun at each of us. Meeting each of our eyes, she concluded…“You know what this is. You know what we’re doing here. Now, don’t do anything stupid.”

Boy, she was good. Of course, he was guilty, guilty, guilty. Of course, being that I was an alternate, I didn’t even get to cast a vote or even join the discussion. So what was the point of my presence?

God spoke:

This is why you’ve been here this week. This is what I want you to tell those ladies in California. John 10:10 says that Satan comes to steal, kill, and destroy. He wants more than a muffin. He wants more than money. He wants to steal your joy, steal your peace, steal your freedom, steal your future, and steal your spiritual inheritance.

When he attacks, he only has one weapon – lies. He points his gnarly finger at you and shoots out lies. The robber in this case didn’t even have a gun. He just had his finger under his jacket. Satan doesn’t have a real weapon either. He just points and shoots blanks – lies with no merit. When you believe his lies, he robs you.

He empties out your cash drawer – change and all. This is what you tell them. I have blessed them with every spiritual blessing in the heavenlies (Ephesians 1:3) and I have given them everything they need for life and godliness (2 Peter 1:3). 

But some of them have been robbed. Some have placed their spiritual inheritance on the counter and allowed Satan to take it. Some have believed his lies and fallen victim to his tactics. Go tell them how to defeat the would-be robber and take back what the enemy has stolen from them.

You know what his weapon is?  You know what he’s doing here?  Don’t do anything stupid.

So that’s what I told them. And that’s what I’m telling you! As you go through your day…your week…your life, don’t let Satan shoot blanks in your direction. Don’t let him cheat you out of the abundant life that Jesus came to give.

You know what he’s (Satan) doing here (John 10:10). Now don’t do anything stupid.

Note to Friend: I had 2 goals in my blog today. Number one: make you laugh. You need to laugh! Number two: Help you see how powerless yet effective Satan can be. If I accomplished one of these two goals, leave me a comment that says so.  

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Comments 82

  1. Yep!! You got me with “Miss Pooh!!” :)). Felt good to laugh! And, you reminded me to be alert and put on my armor each and everyday. Praise God that He provides EVERYTHING! We are in many trials all at once right now…the greatest being the shock of our 27 yr old daughter (now 29) turning her back on her Savior 2 years ago. Truly a John 10:10 moment that came like a bolt of lightning in our lives and our seeing no storm on the horizon? BUT, my husband, son, and myself are leaning on our precious Savior…and He has been ever faithful in taking us deeper in our faith! We are estranged from a grown child who is making poor decisions. A child who was a shining example of authentic faith in Jesus to her brother and parents. He is teaching us to “be still” and trust in the most excruciating period of our lives. He brings His peace and strength to our frazzled emotions. A truly Great Shepherd with a VERY comforting staff! We KNOW His timing is PERFECT in returning our little prodigal sheep back to Him and the fold! God Bless you, Sharon!! P.S. I had texted our daughter early this morning to tell her I loved her. AND, she called while writing this comment!! :). (That is a rare thing…for a mother and daughter that talked everyday! God is Great!)

  2. I laughed! I wasn’t sure where you were going with this story but when you got there it was exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you Sharon, you are such a blessing 🙂

  3. Thank you Sharon for a great devotional. Satan is so powerful and he never gives up. I decided yesterday that when my self esteem gets low he pulls on me with mighty force. Praying and living as close to God as possible helps keep Satan away. I am glad we have wonder speakers such as yourself, to help us along the way. I pray for God to give you strength to continue on your journey.

  4. You scored 2 goals! One of my biggest daily challenges is to get Satan out of the tape recorder in my head…And yes, you did make me laugh…thank you…

  5. “Oh, thank you for this. Your (His) timing is perfect.
    Those lies can be very persuasive. Very convincing. Satan points at the most vulnerable, sensitive parts of me and he knows where I’m most fragile. I think too often I’ve just emptied the till and handed over the treasure.
    Isn’t it amazing and wonderful that it’s not too late? That we have a God who can give back all that has been stolen and more? That I don’t have to be a victim. That although the battle rages on, the war has been won.
    Thank you, Sharon.”

  6. You accomplished both of your goals with me today! Thank you for you words and all that God is doing through you! I looked forward every morning to seeing an email from you because I know whatever it is about I am going to be blessed.

  7. “Sharon,

    I feel that you have a way to help drive the message through to us with your words. I truly enjoyed this posting!”

  8. “Sharon,

    The timing of this blog post is absolutely perfect. It confirms a message that was delivered to me by a dear friend, which itself was a confirmation of a message God had delivered to me during a time of prayer. It never ceases to amaze me when God takes the time to speak to us so personally.”

  9. Recognize, Reject, Replace with Truth, I’ve read Becoming Spiritually Beautiful and Now I’m almost finished with I’m Not Good Enough. I plan on reading all your books and let God continue to transform me. Thank you. I Love Them!

  10. “Good Morning Sharon!! Yes, you gave be more than a chuckle this morning:) Thank you for reminding us that our Heavenly Father is bigger than anything Satan tries to throw at our lives.
    much love, kena”

  11. “Sharon,
    God has been speaking to me though your devotion and gthrough Derek Prince’s devotion coming in my mail box today.
    Satan has been stealing my joy, my finances, my kids.
    I have claimed God’s promises, I have done it all.
    I need help to recalim what GOd promised me or very soon I will be on the street with no car and no job. Help me please!”

  12. This was great! A lot of humorous confirmation. The devil and his ploys have been discussed a lot in our church recently, even last night! We must stand strong against him!

  13. What a great story! Thanks for sharing. I am always amazed how God teaches us through everyday experiences. Yes, you made me laugh and yes, you made me think. 🙂

  14. Thank you that was funny and helpful post. I know that I have been reminded of this a lot this week about Devil ways and how he will twist everything. But he can never create it. Thank you for that reminder that I always need to be on guard and let God guide me no matter how busy, or tired or whatever the case may be.

  15. Thank you so much for posting this! I REALLY NEEDED IT! I am bad about letting the enemy steal my joy by listening to the lies he shoots at me and allowing him to interrupt what God has in store for me. Thank you again and I will be sharing this. 🙂

  16. “Sharon,

    Great story and yes, your creative way of making the story come alive gave me a few chuckles! Keep blessing folks like you have been doing.”

  17. Great story, great example of how Satan can deceive us! I was quite amused when you were bargaining with God. That in itself is quite a lesson. How often do we do that? How often do we get trapped in Satan’s lies! Thank you, Sharon, for sharing so willingly your stories. Many of us can relate to them, and it helps knowing that someone else has gone through so many trials, and yet is staying strong in her faith in the Lord. A great testimony!

  18. “Sharon
    Thank you for this post today! Yes you have accomplished your goals. And this sounds like a “”screensaver”” and/or a bumper sticker.
    You know what this is
    You know why we are here
    Now Don’t Do Anything Stupid
    As a matter of fact that is my prayer today – I don’t want to be subject to a momentary lapse of reason.”

  19. Thank you so much, Sharon! You certainly did achieve both of your goals with me today…..making me laugh and reminding me how powerless yet effective Satan can be. The enemy has been robbing me blind for years, but only because I’ve allowed him to. I’m taking back what is rightfully mine through Jesus Christ, our Lord…..Amen and AMEN!!!! Blessings to you for allowing the Lord to speak to me through you. You’re awesome!

  20. “Thank you & God bless you Sharon!
    satan began his lies this morning as I opened my
    eyes this AM. Frustration, anger, doubt. I got on my knees and began to pray & purge & sing! This is the day! I love You Lord! Oh happy days! Joy! Joy! Joy! down in my heart!
    I read my warrior princess letter & your story today. Praise God …!
    1 John 4:4 Amen …

    Peace be with you”

  21. The story of jury duty was so enjoyable. You have the gift of drawing me into it and I even could visualize it. But I wasn’t sure where you were leading me and boy, what a message! It is so easy to forget that Satan can rob us so easily. Your words have reminded me that I fall prey to his lies all the time. Thank you for your message today.

  22. WOW. I loved this. It really touched my life. Just last night a friend talked to me in my despair. Now this! WOW. Thanks a million for sharing this. 🙂

  23. Yes, the devotional did make me laugh. And you did impress a very important point that I frequently forget. Satan can only hurt me if i allow it to happen. But being a human, I fall into the same trap over and over again. Keep reminding. As my old Sunday School Teacher used to say “God’s word is like a bath. We need to have one everyday.”

  24. I’m, as usual, in a hurry this morning (as I’ve been all week, coming back from a much-needed vacation) and I almost deleted your post before reading it. I’m so very glad I didn’t! I need to listen more to what God has to say to me, and I appreciate your sharing this story. Although it was funny, it sure was good! God bless you as you continue to listen to Him.

  25. Thanks Sharon and yes you accomplished your goal with me. You made me laugh and you made me see how powerless Satan can be if we only turn to God for guidance. Thanks for your devotions. I look forward to them. Can I ask you to pray for my church. I agreed to be on the pulpit search committee and I am learning. I actually called someone to come preach at our church and he will be a possible candidate. Please pray for me and our church as we seek guidance from God and not let Satan steal our joy while we do it. 🙂

  26. Thank you Sharon for this message. God knew I needed to hear this today. You see my husband has pancreatic cancer – Stage IV and I keep hearing of other people being totally healed of cancer by God, but I always think – God won’t heal my husband, we aren’t special, we aren’t a pastors mother or spouse, we don’t deserve God’s healing. Satan’s lies. Please pray for me and my hubby as we battle one of Satan’s horrible diseases. Thanks!

  27. I got sucked into your story from the beginning, and knew you had to be heading somewhere when you kept repeating the same prayer. Your final destination brought a smile to my face, and an ‘aha’ moment to my mind. Thanks so much for both!

  28. Sharon, what a gift you are to us! You understand how we feel and you shine a light on what we need to know. My relationship with God is better because of you and your studies and blog. I’m so grateful that you are a willing instrument in Gods plan.

  29. Thank you Sharon. Always right on the mark. I love the conversations you have with yourself and then with God. The ability to share with us in such comical and poignant prose is truly a gift. God Bless You!

  30. Sharon, Thank you so much for this message today, it was exactly what I needed to hear. This will definitely stand out in my memory, thank you!

  31. I worked third shift last night. I felt like I was fighting satan in my mind. I felt vibes that the nurse I was working under did not care for me. Hurt my feelings. I know I am powerless against satan and know that I have to lean on god. I love my job and my patients who has mental illness. Thanks for your message. Really helped. Keep me in your prayers.

  32. Hello Sharon: Yes I did laugh! But you also reminded me of this: God loves me! You said that several times, and then Satan tries to rob us. I realized as I have had a complex couple of months I have been so heavily burdened with 2 deaths and more, that it effected my health to the point of exhaustion! BUT, I am realizing that when this happened and other times I am definitely going straight to The Lord!! The harder things get, I am drawing closer to God! I am so Thankful for that! It was in 2009 when I said I don’t care what people think? This is who I am! I know I still have to be diligent, but I am growing and maturing in Christ!! I am excited, Praise The Lord!

  33. I so needed this. Not only the laugh, but the lesson. Over the past two weeks Satan has hit me hard. First instinct, is to blame God, of course. But it isn’t Him. I just had to remember that sometimes God steps aside and lets Satan have his way just to see where a Christian stands. If anything, I’ve learned my God is bigger than anything Satan can throw at me. Prayers that we all keep the faith even in our hardest battles.

  34. This was exactly what I needed to hear today, and to remember every day! Thank you so much for your beautiful and inspiring posts!

  35. Thank You, Sharon. 😀 How did YOU know I needed to laugh this hard and get this message today? 🙂 Yep, I did. Still grinning, and message is very understandable..LOL..Love You. 🙂

  36. You accomplished both. I laughed and I even because I am guilty of letting satan steal me blind. Thanks for the heads-up, Sharon,

  37. I was reading this on my way home from work, feeling kinda blue about a landmark birthday coming up and thinking I had no-one to share it with…Then I heard but I’m here, celebrate it me…(I knew it was no-one but God speaking…) thank you for sharing this story and lifting my spirits and opening my blind eyes to Satan’s lies…He will not steal my joy…

  38. I laughed and I realized how incredibly powerful I allow Satan to be in my life. I love my God and I am truly blessed, but Satan robs me on almost a daily basis and I allow him. I struggle with my new husband and our blended family, I feel defeated so many times. I try and constantly have control rather than giving it to God. I’ve spent a lot of time, too much in fact, with only 1 set of footprints in the sand. At 39 I’m trying hard to rekindle my relationship with God and walk the walk I want to teach my children. Thank you for reminding me that Satan is a thief and he can only steal what I allow him too…I needed that today.

  39. “Sharon, Thank you so much for the passage of scripture , It really hit home and makes me
    realize how I need to stay on guard and be careful so that I am not allowing Satan to
    rob and steal all the wonderful blessing that the Lord has given me. Love opening my
    mail and reading all you have to read. Thank you so very much ,you have been a
    blessing to me.

    Sincerely, Kimberley Leonard”

  40. Thank you so much for sharing this. It was a great reminder of how deceptive satan can be. I appreciate your ministry. God bless you!

  41. wow!! God bless you more Sharon. I did not laugh out loud since I’m in a public place but I laughed in my head :). But this certainly lifted my spirit. I just got off the phone with my sister discussing about our family problem & while I’m trying to infect her with my faith that God will take care of everything, I’m the one being somehow discouraged & infected with the feeling of helplessness. I can’t wait to share this to her… Thank you so much for always sharing your wisdom!

  42. I really love this about court ,it sure gave me a much needed laugh.Also it just showed me again how deceiving satan is.I so y everything you send me.Thanks and God Bless always. Linda Weems

  43. “Shoran, you did both! I laugh and got it. It was great to here and remember that Satan doesn’t have anything on me. I have a Father in Heaven that will alway be there for me. I need to remember to tell myself that when I am having trials of this world that Satan is only a liar and there is no way! no how! that, he (Satan) getting away and with anything. Because I know that God has my back on everything.

    Thanks a lot for your blog, I want to say everything you have sent me has spoken to me. My family has been going through some really bad times, but I can see Gods hand and I can tell that He is with us. I love my Heavenly Father<3

    Thank again

  44. This was funny. However, I will remember this when Satan shoots blanks! I know what he’s here for, and I know how to defend myself with the armor of God! Thanks!

  45. “Thank you, thank you, thank you for the snicker and positive reminder.

    You are truly and awesome woman of God…

  46. “I suffer with Clinical Depression Reoccurring and have for years. Your story is me. I let Satan’s lies steal the precious life that God has given to me. I knew about Satan’s lies but it wasn’t until now that I realized that that was what I was doing. Thank you so much for sharing this and I am going to try my best with God’s help to make some changes in my thinking.

    Darlene Taylor”

  47. I’m a prosecutor and the story told from your viewpoint was absolutely hilarious! Great point you made. I was ambushed by the word of God because I was enjoying your take on things so much. I was being taught a lesson without initially realizing it!

  48. I am always so touched by the ways God works on us. We KNOW that he has a reason for what is happening to us, and still we have trouble accepting it. It is just awesome how he works our trials for our good! Loved this story–it really speaks to me.

  49. Sharon, I needed to be reminded that satan’s weapon is useless lies. One sentence out of the blog changed my outlook today. Lies hurt and cause me to mis-trust. When I realize that the liars believe satan and his lies, I have a renewed sense of how much God loves me and how blessed I am to be able to walk free and rise above the lies. Psalm 147:3

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