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When you Need A Little G-R-A-C-E

There it was.
Carved in wood.
The evidence could not be denied.

Anna dropped her kids off at school and then went home to clean up a bit. She removed a hairbrush, school papers and yesterday’s jewelry from her dresser. And there it was. She couldn’t believe her eyes.

A nail. And a name. L-i-l-l-i-a-n … carved into the top of her dresser’s walnut surface.

Seven-year-old L-i-l-l-i-a-n hadn’t even bothered to hide the weapon used to commit the crime. The nail lay just where she had left it. Right on the dresser by her name.

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Gratitude Changes Everything

I just love Thanksgiving! It is my favorite time of year. A time to remember all that we have to be thankful for!

But what about the times when we just don’t feel very thankful. When the job stinks or the kids get on that last nerve. When we’ve got too much to do and not enough me to do it.  Read more…

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When You Feel Discouraged

Have you ever gone through a period of discouragement? Perhaps you’re in one right now. Believe me, I’ve been right there with you. I’ve hidden in the cave with Elijah, under the gourd plant with Jonah, and in the dessert with Moses.

Discouragement comes when there is a gap between what you expect and what you experience—when there is a gap between what you hoped would happen and what actually does happen.  Read more…

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Seeing Beyond the Giant Before You

Today I’ve invited my friend, Kelly Balarie, to the kitchen table. Kelly is one of those spiritual cheerleaders…the kind that encourage you to never give up! She’s written a passel of articles and some great books, but the truth is, she’s just like you and me. She’s had some tough times, and now she loves to share about how to be battle ready and victorious through it all.  Read more…

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You Have a Daddy Who Loves You

Father’s Day is June 17. For some that is a wonderful day. For others it is a weary day. No matter what your experience has been with your earthly father, know this…you have a daddy who loves you.

When I was a little girl, my father spent most of his waking hours working at his building supply company,  Read more…

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How to Be Enough, When It Feels Like All Eyes Are On You

Today’s the last day for the Launch Week Free Bonuses when you order Enough: Silencing the Lies that Steal Your Confidence. Scroll to the bottom to check it out. Now, let me share about the night God called me to step out beyond my greatest fears and into His amazing plan.

One evening, while on a getaway with my husband,  Read more…

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Telling Yourself the Truth

Hi Sweet Friend. I’ve been thinking so much about how I long for you to take hold of this one truth: Because of Jesus’ finished work on the cross, and His Spirit in you…you are enough.

In my new book, Enough: Silencing the Lies That Steal Your Confidence, (which releases just 1 WEEK from today!) I share the plan I have followed to silence the lies that hold us hostage and lean into God’s still,  Read more…