Grandma’s Hands, Your Hands

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On a shelf in my living room sits a black-and-white photograph of a young girl taken in the early 1900s. Her hair is pulled back with an oversized bow peeking from behind the edges of her head. Her dress is typical of the times, with puffed sleeves and a brimming lace collar resting on her shoulders. She isn’t smiling, and she appears to be somewhat awkward, timid, and, I dare say, even afraid. This is a picture of Grandmother Anderson on her wedding day. She was 14 years old.

As I gaze at this amazing farmgirl who bore 12 children and miscarried 11 others, I am always drawn to her hands. Hanging uncomfortably at her side are hands that seem much too large for her petite frame. “Anderson hands,” my mother calls them. I surmise that God must have known this little lady would need a big heart and big hands to embrace all that life would send her way.

Like Grandmother Anderson, all mothers need big hearts and big hands. A mother’s hands grip the bed rail in pain in the delivery room and then gently caress a newborn for the first time.

Before long, those hands are changing diapers, washing bottoms and faces, cleaning spit-up, wiping tears, rocking sleepyheads, and placing babies in a crib.

Then they are holding a toddler’s chubby hand and grabbing him to keep him out of harm’s way.

Tossing a ball, preparing holiday dinners, setting a festive table, tying packages for birthday parties and Christmas presents.

Coloring and cutting out shapes in workbooks. Picking up leaves and bugs for collections.

Pushing a swing and letting go of a bike as a child first learns to peddle on his own.

Sewing party dresses and mending torn baseball jerseys, washing scraped knees, and spooning out medicine.

Holding the sweaty palm of an awkward adolescent while dancing around the den, tying the knot of a necktie, and pinning on a boutonniere for a first party.

Writing letters to children away at camp, or folding hands in prayer asking for the Lord’s protection while they are away.

Tightly grasping the steering wheel while chauffeuring children from one place to the next or gripping the seat as a teen learns how to drive.

Hands that wave goodbye as a son drives off to college and hands that adjust a cherished daughter’s wedding veil.

A mother’s hands are loving hands, disciplining hands, grieving hands, protecting hands, providing hands.

They embrace the child and then when the child is ready, she opens them and lets them go.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the women in our lives who have used their hands to shape and mold us into the women we are today. Happy Mother’s Day to all the women who are shaping and molding children’s lives still. You are someone’s hero.

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  1. My mother was 14 when she got married in 1943! She had 6 kids and lost one at age 10 months with measles and pneumonia! She was very small, 4ft 11in, and she worked hard all her life! She was kind and loving and gentle and forgiving! Her hands were arthritic, but GOD healed her of the pain, and she prayed for my dad for many years, and he finally became a Christian and apologized to her over and over! Thank you for letting me comment

  2. This was a lovely story that really hit home with me. Brought back so many wonderful memories of my mom! ❤️

  3. Will you please pray for Maegan and Amanda, two friends of mine, who have both experienced at least one miscarriage and are trying to trust God for a healthy pregnancy(ies) and baby(ies) in the future? Their husbands are good men who are sad about the situation, too.

  4. Dear Sharon

    This is beautifully written, it goes straight to the heart of an old granny. I praise God for the sweet title of Mom, Granny, Momma and all the rest. I thought my Mom was joking when she said : “I don’t care what they call me, as long as they call me.” When we attempted to allow her to choose the moniker she wanted her Grandchildten to call her. Now, I know exactly how she felt. What a blessing.

  5. Thank you. That was Beautiful and Priceless. As a Mom of 5 incredible Blessings and 1 grand baby I can relate on every level 💞💖😍

  6. Wow that’s wonderful I didn’t know I did all that when our children were little, and it’s right we are willing to do everything we can. Now I am a grandma and I can’t do much more than praying for them. Ps my English is not very good . Sorry

  7. Last year, my daughter gave me a beautiful figurine from ART HEARTS.
    It says “A Mom listens with her heart.”
    It helps me to remain calm and to respond with love (on most days).
    I am blessed and grateful that my mother is still living and is one of my biggest supporters!

  8. Miss my Mom very much, it’s been 16 years now and it seems like yesterday. I wish she was here at this time to guide me through the journey of motherhood . I’m 9 weeks pregnant and Miss my mom terribly kindly Pray for my unborn baby to grow up being a God fearing little young baby, keep me in your prayers as I go through this journey. To all the Moms out there, I’m also sending my Love to you all . You have SPECIAL HEARTS !!! May God Bless you all

  9. My heart goes out to that little girl at 14 years of age getting married . Was she made to get married?? At that age, she has her whole life ahead of her. She should be getting an education and playing with her friends. She looks frightened, sad and unsmiling for a reason…!
    That little bit of the story makes me feel so sad and uneasy! Perhaps it’s because of how young she was.
    On Mother’s: My mom has beautiful warm and loving and caring hands. Hands that have made my clothes since I was a little girl. I enjoy wearing lacy tops and dresses and hair accessories and my mom made them all.
    I am blessed to have a beautiful and wonderful and loving mom!

  10. Some how I lost touch of my Teen kids. We talk but only when I initiate the talking. The spontaneous talkes we had from 0- 12/13 is gone. One is 18 the other is 20 is in college.
    I now trying to talk more to my daughter who is 11. I would like to be part of there lives.
    The oldest said that I do not share my pain with them. So they do not share their lives with me.
    What have i done wrong
    My Mother shared everything with me. There were mostly pain hardly any joy. Whenever she remembers the past its just pain. Thinking I might be protecting my kids. I did not share any pain at all. Share just the great stuff not even an ok day.
    So we talk about all kids of subjects. But not our emotions.
    How do I become a person they can confide in. I am lost here.

  11. I just woke up crying. I lost my mom on April 13th. I’m my moms only child. As I was sleeping God seemed to have given my mom back to me for 5 more days and in the dream she was walking around in our old area and it was as if evey one knew my mom was going to pass away and this 2nd time they was able to say their goodbyes and they was giving her money. However, from there to when she passed I ended up in the nursing home she was in (real life she was in this here nursing home) and I saw my mom as the ambulance but it seemed like the funeral home wheeled her out on the stretcher. I woke up crying and saying ” mommy I love u” I don’t know the reason of this dream but I thanked God and opened my email and read this blog about your grandmother. Mother’s Day is coming this I know and I just don’t know smh I just don’t know. Sorry for the long comment that may seem off topic.

    1. No Shuquin it is not off topic. I think your dream was perhaps God’s way for you and friends to have closure. I hope you will have another dream where you will visit your mother and she will be in the place that Jesus has prepared for her. I did not get the chance to see my mother-in-law before she died. She had Alzheimer’s and sadly, we got closer as the disease progressed. She seemed to forget why she was mad at me to begin with. I guessed it was because my husband is an only child. After she passed, I dreamed we visited her in her apartment (she was about to be moved to a special memory loss facility). She looked the way she was when I first got married to my husband. I remember looking out the French doors in her living room and seeing flowers and trees and green grass and walkways. Couples were walking side by side and conversing. It gave me peace and I told my husband about it. I too thanked God. You will get through this day by God’s grace and love and I will keep you in my prayers.

  12. Thank you for this message- it’s applicable, I don’t consider it’s meaning until dear friends send it to me! I am still grieving the loss of my husband who helped me raise 2 beautiful children through Christ.
    Keep up the great work.

  13. Wishing you a very blessed Mother’s day, Sharon. Thank you for your encouragement, as you nurture others through your ministry.

  14. As a mom to 2 boys one I lost he was 22 in a car crash! 💔and I still have his younger brother at age 24. That was amazing story and thank you for sharing and HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!
    Also, God Bless

  15. Thank you for this. My mother and father passed away two years ago, a month a part and then my mother-in-law the following year. As I wrote my mother’s eulogy, I focused on my mother’s hands. The hands that I used to hold in church and trace her veins, and admire her rings, are the hands that taught me to Hold On Tightly to Jesus’ hand during the trials of life and to raise them up in praise to our Lord in Savior. Her hands taught me to be the wife and mother I am today, as my husband and I raise our 5 adopted children, and watch them move on toward adulthood. Again, thank you for this sweet message of hope.

  16. Although I was not blessed to be a mother, I am blessed with my mother’s hands. Every time I miss her, I can look down and “see” her still connected to me. I also wear her wedding rings on a chain around my neck, so she is always close to my heart.

  17. Dear Sharon. I really love the way you write. I don’t read everything you send out, but when I do, I just devour it.
    I too, have my grandmothers hands. Large, long fingers, soft and with age spots.
    I used to love my Oma’s hands. She’s gone 20 years now and I still miss her every day.
    Blessings to you and Happy Mothers Day 🥰

    In Christ,

    Jocelyn Knight

  18. Very touching. I lost my Mother 10 years before she went to heaven to Alzehiemers. She raised 4 children the best she knew, mostly alone. My dad was a truck driver. I never realized some of the struggles she faced till I read some old letters she had written to my grandmother. My siblings have criticized her ways because she was very harsh in her ways that children were to be seen but not heard. But I know she loved us and did the best she could to raise us up to love Jesus. Some day I will see her again in heaven.

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