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Germs and Jesus

Hand sanitizers! We’ve never heard so much about washing hands and sanitizing hands in the history of man! It reminds me of a story about a little boy whose mother called him to come in from outside and wash up for dinner.

“But my hands aren’t dirty,” the boy argued.

“Yes, they are,” his mom replied.  Read more…

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When You Feel Empty

I don’t know about you, but the quarantine is leaving me feeling a bit empty. Being with my friends and church family is one way that I get filled back up after pouring out. Today, let me introduce you to a woman  who also felt empty. We’ll start with a sign I saw posted on a telephone pole…

A sign was posted on a telephone pole by the grocery store: “LOST DOG with three legs,  Read more…

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Zip It

Have you ever said something you wished you could take back? Silly question. We all have. But

I remember taking my son, Steven, to an amusement park just before he began fourth grade. It was hot, the lines were long, and I began to feel queasy from being gyrated and jerked to sudden stops from 60 miles per hour.  Read more…

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The Guestbook

Happy summer! Can you believe it’s the end of July already! I thought I’d share a lesson God taught me and my family while we were on vacation. Grab some lemonade (or sweet tea) and let’s enjoy God speaking to us first one way and then the other during the last few weeks of summer!

Just before leaving our rented condominium after a week of sun,  Read more…