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Welcome to SharonJaynes.com

Welcome to my website. It is my hope that you will be encouraged in your journey to become all that God has created
you to be! Grab a cup of coffee and browse the pages of my “home.”  I invite you to visit often!  The door is always open.
The welcome mat is always out, and fresh insights from God’s Word appear daily.
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Sharon’s Recent Blog Posts


How to Experience an Adventurous Faith

I sat in a giant swing with two other crazy women. Strapped in. Hanging on. Poised to be flung out over a cliff…over and above a valley below…way below. I’m excited to meet Jesus. I really am. But this was not how I envisioned it happening. We were at a women’s retreat in Colorado, and… Read More

The Beauty of Boundaries

I am so sorry that most of you received a blank blog post this morning. The new web site has presented some challenges. Aren’t you glad that there are no glitches with God! He’s got it all covered and does it right the first time! So let’s try this again. Here is today’s post! Talk… Read More

The Horsehead Wallet

When my husband, Steve, was in high school, he worked various jobs and was notoriously frugal. His twin brother, Dan, and their best friend, Mike, were not quite so thrifty. Dan and Mike did have odd jobs from time to time, but their funds disappeared as quickly as they got them. Steve was a saver,… Read More

When You Feel Like Something’s Missing

  Do you ever feel like you just don’t fit in this crazy world? That you’re not at home here on earth? That even with Christ in your life something is still missing? The reason is because you’re not at home, and something is missing. (The sun rising at my house.) I don’t know about… Read More

When God Calls You to Calm the Storm

A summer storm was brewing somewhere off in the distance. I could smell it. Trees waved their arms in warning and leaves quivered in fear. I closed the book I was reading to make a mad dash to the grocery store, glad it was only a few miles away. Just ahead an angry dark sky… Read More