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Welcome to my website. It is my hope that you will be encouraged in your journey to become all that God has created you to be! Grab a cup of coffee and browse the pages of my “home.” I invite you to visit often! The door is always open. The welcome mat is always out, and fresh insights from God’s Word appear daily.

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Take Hold Do and Dare

Taking Hold When You Cannot See

He sat behind me in the Boeing headed west. Perhaps “sat” is not the right word. He didn’t speak, but I felt him rummaging about. Occasional kicks and pushes against the back of my seat let me know he was there. Little boy noises. Restless, “get me out of here” stirrings. And then I saw […]

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When Comparison Kills Confidence

If there’s one thing I know it’s this: Comparison is the devil’s tool that has kept many of us gals from stepping into our God-given destinies…and it’s time to stop! You know I’ve been camping out with Moses by the burning bush for over a year while writing Take Hold of the Faith You Long […]

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When You Want to Live Bold But Are Afraid

I was sitting on the balcony of a condominium at the beach with my computer in my lap. In the background I listened to the excited squeals and splashes as children played in the swimming pool below. One particular little girl caught my attention. She appeared to be about six years old and wore bright […]

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