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I’m loving your comments and emails about how the message of Enough: Silencing the Lies that Steal Your Confidence is encouraging you! Keep em’ coming’. Congratulations to  Angela Pritchard, the winner of the Enough bracelet from last week’s blog. That was so much fun, I’m doing it again. Scroll down to the bottom and enter a comment to win.

Can I remind you of an important truth? Here goes…If you have made Jesus the Lord of your life, you have the power of the Holy Spirit living in you and working through you. Jesus said, “You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you” (Acts 1:8).

You have God’s incomparably great power at your disposal. “That power is the same as the mighty strength he exerted when he raised Christ from the dead and seated him at his right hand in the heavenly realms” (Ephesians 1:19-20). The same power that raised Jesus from the dead is at work within us? Yep. The same power.

So many Christians are trying to earn what they already have. You are already enough because of the finished work of Jesus and His spirit in you.

Jesus said, “I tell you the truth [Don’t you just love it when He says that?], anyone who believes in me will do the same works I have done, and even greater works, because I am going to be with the Father” (John 14:12 nlt).

What does going to the Father have to do with the power we receive? Because once Jesus went to the Father after his death and resurrection, the Holy Spirit came to take up residence in believers. “If you love me, keep my commands. And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another advocate to help you and be with you forever—the Spirit of truth.” (John 14:15-17).

Take a glove, for example. A glove is powerless sitting on a bedside table. But put your hand in the glove and it can do many things: play the piano, paint a picture, scrub a floor, plant a garden. But is that the glove or the hand in the glove doing the work? Of course, it is the latter.

You and I are nothing more than gloves—powerless on our own, yet powerful when filled with the Spirit. The glove can’t do anything if it is merely near the hand. It must be filled with the hand, controlled by the hand. And it is the same for us. We have power to do everything God has called us to do when we are filled with the power of the Holy Spirit.

When you hear the lie “I’m not good enough” weaseling its way into your mind, reject the lie and replace it with this truth: “His divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness” (2 Peter 1:3). Another translation says it this way: “For His divine power has bestowed on us [absolutely] everything necessary for [a dynamic spiritual] life and godliness, through true and personal knowledge of Him who called us by His own glory and excellence” (amp).

A confident woman is one who walks in faith, knowing she is a holy, chosen, redeemed, dearly loved child of God, empowered by the Holy Spirit, equipped by her Maker, and enveloped in Jesus Christ. And that is you!

Heavenly Father, sometimes I forget that I have access to the power of the Holy Spirit. Help me to stop trying to make life work on my own, but to pray each morning for a fresh infilling of Your Spirit. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Which areas of your life do you lack confidence? What is God telling you about your true identity in Him from today’s devotion? Leave a comment and I’ll randomly pick one to win a FREE ENOUGH bracelet made by the women of Fashion and Compassion.

Do you ever feel that you’re not good enough, smart enough, or just not enough, period? If so, it’s time to silence the lies that steal your confidence and awaken the truth that you’re amazingly created and equipped by God. Today’s devotion was adapted from my new book that released  TODAY: Enough: Silencing the Lies that Steal Your ConfidenceIt is an expanded and revised version of the book, I’m Not Good Enough, with 50-percent new material.

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Comments 135

    1. Thank you Lord for all of the Godly women you have blessed me with in this life. Thank you Holy Spirit That I Am Enough.

    1. Not on self righteousness,but on the righteousness of the cross,I am at peace with God and I stand bold and confident in Christ Jesus,my redeemer.
      Now therefore there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus,who do not walk according to the flesh but according to the Spirit.(Ro 8:1)
      Your writeup made my day💐. It’s wonderfully written and it’s the truth that will liberate many ..
      I stand confident in Him…Yayyyyy🥳

  1. God hasn’t given us a spirit of fear, but of POWER, and of LOVE and of a SOUND MIND. This is my testimony. I know that our God is the same God. He does not change. I believe that God will renew my spirit, mind and body through the stripes that Jesus bore on the cross. Amen.

  2. Whenever my husband looks at other women I tell him it makes me feel inadequate and ugly and old and undesirable and that he would rather look at a pretty girl and I wonder why he is still married to me. He does not get it . It HURTS

  3. Lie: I am a nobody. Of no significance.
    Truth; I am a true daughter of The King.

    Thank you for this subject. It hits home on so many levels. Will be ordering the book on my next payday!!!

    1. I am fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God and I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

  4. Thank you for your words of truth I need this as I am at work and the pressure of not feeling like I am worth anything presuresme daily. I am in a busy veterinary practice working with younger girls. They take advantage of me doing all the work and I get angry I want to be a testimony of Gods love but it is hard. Pray for me to be a light to them and that they will willingly help me and see the need to do things to help me not just leave for me to do. You are a blessing to all.

  5. My self worth. I’m always struggling with negative self talk. I have to remember that those are all lies, and I am a daughter of a king, who loves me more than I could ever imagine.

  6. I am hesitant to talk to people about Jesus because I know I don’t feel like I shine for him as well as I should. When I feel too human and not so Godly … because I know they’ve seen me struggle. BUT GOD …

    1. I could have written this, BUT GOD KNOWS.
      He has given me a little helper. My granddaughter is five and started Catholic school in September. She is very literal and is always talking about God our Father and Jesus, which helps me witness to my daughter and her family. Her favourite song is the Creed which we love to sing together.

  7. Rejected from job after job I was feeling so broken and defeated. Thank you for the reminder I’m enough with the Holy Spirit inside me. I am enough…. I am apparently where God wants me and HE doesn’t want me to change jobs!

  8. I grew up feeling like I was not enough due to an alcoholic father who onced asked me if people didn’t like me because I was short (4’11”) and a neglectful mother who handled her depression by sleeping.
    Satan continues to try to get me to believe his lies, even now telling me my story isn’t good enough; I should not leave a comment.
    But I stand tall with my Father and tell Satan, “Enough of your lies. My heavenly Father created me in His image. I am the daughter of the one true God, a warrior princess, and I am more than enough!”

  9. I ‘ve ordered your book and am anxiously awaiting the time when I can dive into it. It’s 4 o clock in the morning,and I am feeling so alone, sad and worthless. I am in constant need of a reminder of who I am in Him.

  10. Sharon,
    I Love your books, blogs and everything about you. You have made me change in so many ways especially from your devotions. That i read daily. Sometimes I don’t feel like I’m doing enough in all aspects of life i have a lot on my plate right now with ailing parents.

    Thank you for being my inspiration!

    Michelle Young

  11. I think I’m not worthy to be with other believing moms because of my past. I was that blind, LOST, rebel per say and I used drugs. Most of these other women i feel look down on me because I found Jesus a little different than they did. I always think I’m being classified because I’m different and I have MS. I have 0 confidence

  12. Love this! I struggle with this in all areas, especially my jobs. I need to remember that I have the power that raised Christ IN me!!!

  13. Thank you for this…I needed it this morning. I need to read this every morning. One day I hope it sticks 🙂

  14. Praising God for the gift of the Holy Spirit and thanking you Sharon for the reminders of this truth in His holy word. Praying I will always pause and wait on discernment of the Holy Spirit in everthing I do. And to never forget Jesus did not leave us here alone and to keep our eyes focused on Him always.

  15. My areas where I need more confidence
    Is forgiving people . What I learned from devotions today leave all problems big or small with the Lord, holy spirit, Jesus, & God. For nothing is impossible for them & us if yu believe.

  16. I’m a checker of boxes on my to-do list… when I go to sleep, I’m often focused on what I didn’t accomplish verses what I did… It’s never enough, therefore I feel I’m not enough.

  17. I was a leader in my community, in the military and I thought in my family. However after retiring and being around to actually interact with my family more often I have realized that I am not the parent I thought I was. My family was pretty much on auto pilot. Now I have 1 child that wants absolutely nothing to do with me and too many other circumstances to go into.

    Reading this article helps me understand that I can’t do it by myself. Hiwever, when I allow the Holy Spirit to work through me and guide the way. Anything is possible.

  18. All my life I was told I was nothing and I was never good enough. But since I started to draw closer to God he has shown me that these are lies from the devil. I am a child of the king and I am good enough because of his grace and love for me.

  19. I don’t think through things as thouroughly as I used to. I keep thinking I can’t do this anymore but I know God can restore this way of thinking through each project, each work task, each decision in everyday life. I have allowed wrong or negative thoughts, none meaningful activities to distract. God can, God will affect change in me (in us) to become more and more like Him.

  20. I have felt “not good enough” my whole life. Thank you, Sharon, for sharing so much of yourself to benefit others!

  21. Perfectionism is something that I have struggled with a good portion of my Christian Life. When I try so hard to do it my own way and then fail I know the enemy triumphs because my eyes are on myself and not on the source of my strength. Thank you for the hand in the glove analogy. I am praying that this love will be filled with God today so that he is able to minister through me to those around me.

  22. I feel like I’m in a tug of war….standing in the middle, I see on one side all God’s goodness, His favor, and the dreams He’s planted within me coming to pass. On the other are the lies…you’re a failure, you’re not good enough or smart enough to win the war. The truth is on my own I can do nothing. This season of my life has left me depleted and struggling to simply believe. A hurricane, wayward children, & an array of tests stand between me and the center of God’s will….I’m fighting to find the confidence it takes to overcome. My heart is heavy today as I stare at fear I will fail in my very own relationship with my savior. I don’t know what’s wrong with me…where’s the fire that was once within me, where’s the hope I know exists because of who I am and whose I am? Your words in this beautiful devotion was a kiss from God that came with a promise….”I am enough”! Thank you from all my heart.

  23. I always do everything alone, on my own power. Pride gets in the way and I often say I got this when I know I truly do not. It is so great to know that Act 1:8 says, But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you. I feel so blessed & thankful this morning that the Holy Spirit is walking with me every step of the way!!

  24. Love this book”Enough”. I purchased it for an eighteen year old young lady who receives almost no encouragement from her parents, but a lot of constant criticism. I pray God uses this book and Godly people around her to show she is a child of God & she is “Enough”. Thank you for letting God use you to write this great book.

  25. I love the example of a glove and hand. That painted the right picture for me to see that God is in my life. Great post! I’m reminded of 2 Corinthians 1:21,22 Now it is God who makes both us and you stand firm in Christ. He annointed us set His seal of ownership on us, and put His Spirit in our hearts as a deposit guaranteeing what is to come. Amen Sis Sharon

  26. When I can’t find a job because “I’m not good enough”, “I’m too old”, “I’m not a -good fit-“
    The lies of Satan! I’m perfect and God has me right where He wants me. Now, if my heart would just believe this too!

  27. My husband of 45 years died 6 weeks ago, and I feel woefully incomplete & and out of touch with God. I know he is still there, but my mind is so confused I am unable to maintain a conversation with Him.

  28. I feel that I am lacking in my job as not being good enough, but most of that comes from my supervisor who is a big part of that. I know that with God’s love and grace I am and I pray for her to treat others better.
    These readings are such a blessing to me, especially when I can read them at the beginning of my day!

  29. Sharon,
    I just finished reading your book “Enough” last week and I’ve already recommended it to two of my sisters. I love the summary in the back with all of the “lies” and the “truths” and the the Word to back up the truths!

    I’ve started to think about all the negative, destructive, self-defeating thoughts that I get in my mind. You touched on a bunch of them in your book, and I told the devil quite clearly that I know they are lies and that God is fighting for me with the truth. I also know that the battle is new everyday and I have to remind myself of that.

    Thank you for the gift of your insight and sharing your faith with me!

  30. Gosh, where do I start…but GOD…HE is faithful. I have seen HIM answer prayers within short moments and other times, HE reminds me of it later. Funny how quickly we forget in the midst of our struggle.

  31. I lack confidence in my role in my marriage. We have been through an incredibly difficult year that has shaken our relationship trust. We are working together to rebuild but it is a very slow process. I battle with the constant thought that I am not a good enough wife, and keep trying to remind myself that in Christ I am new and that his power is able to change hearts.

  32. Today’s devotion tells me that I have to stop letting satan tell me that I am not good enough at anything. Get back under the holy spirit to guide me and tell me I am good enough I just need to get to work and rebuild my confidence.

  33. would so love to win this bracelet as a reminder that HE is enough. I grew up in a Pastor’s home, yet all my life I have struggled with this concept of never being good enough, because that was the message I heard more than anything else….I’m not good enough; as a friend, as a mom, in my job, as a leader, and the list goes on. it has been overwhelming to start reading the truths and see the lies, but fought with scripture truth and I’m believing this will sink in.

  34. I lack confidence in the area of my job.
    There are things that need said, but being the “new kid”, I don’t want to risk my job.
    I’m 57 years old, and starting over in a new town has been rough.

  35. Sharon I love when you state that we are good enough. There have been many days when I was feeling low and one of your posts would show in my fb newsfeed and there it was, just what I needed to hear, that I am a child of God and no matter what I am good enough.
    Thank you for those and for all of your posts!

  36. Sharon, everytime I read your devotions, prayers and books I thank God for you. You have encouraged me greatly. It’s like a breath of fresh air! Thank you for showing me that

  37. I lack confidence in stepping out and fulfilling my dreams. I’m working on it and I know it’s a problem but I’m not there yet.

  38. My book just arrived in the mail and I am so excited to start reading it. Being Enough has always been an issue with me. As a child I was teased and I know I carried a lot of that with me into adulthood. Almost every day I write “I Am Enough” on my wrist so that I can see it and remind myself that I am enough to my Father in Heaven. Thanks for the encouragement to live each day in His arms realizing that I am Enough! : MWHA! <3

  39. ENOUGH such a big word…ive been married 26years and have never been enough for my husband no matter how hard I work, how clean my house is, how sucessful my children are…I am so thankful my heavenly father sees me as a enough it is what keeps me going eveyday the devotions you share keep me lifted and you will never fully understand what they do for me…

  40. Wow! I always think that I am the most insecure woman in the world! But now realize that I am not alone. With a joyful heart I praise God that He loves us all more than we can even begin to imagine! Thank you, Sharon, for keeping these truths in front of us daily. You are a blessing!

  41. Lately, I been struggling with what to do for my family. But I’m having a hard time listening to God give me guidance. I’m not sure if he is telling me and I’m just not picking it up or it isn’t time for me to know what to do with my life yet. This message reminded me to keep my eyes and ears open to what God wants from me.

  42. I do let doubt creep in sometimes that I’m not good enough since my husband left me for someone else.

  43. So grateful for the Grace of God who bestowed me with the victory of Jesus on the cross and the work of the Holy Spirit within me. This book Enough helped to open my eyes to so many truths that I didn’t even realize were Satan’s lies, holding me back from what God wants for me! Bless you Sharon Jaynes for being His messenger in writing this eye opening book!!

  44. I lack confidence at work and feel I’m not taken seriously. I don’t know how to show my worth. I can stick up for others but feel hopeless at times about sticking up for myself.

  45. I have felt invisible, insignificant and incompetent my whole life, and I’m 38! Looking back, I had test scores to do anything I wanted, but because my confidence was zero, I was very limited in my career choices. Thank you for your wonderful, encouraging words! I am trying very hard to install a healthy confidence (not arrogance) in my children, so they will not be handicapped with such suffocating insecurity.

  46. I’m empowered to move heaven and earth in prayer because I have been filled with the Spirit of the One who has ALL POWER in heaven and earth. Thank you Sharon for reminding us of who we are because of Who He is.

  47. Many times those thoughts sneak in of not being enough! Thanks for the excerpt! I look forward to reading your book and sharing with those around me!!

  48. Feeling unsure of direction for this phase of my life. Your article reminded me that I have a Comforter that will lead & guide.

  49. Thank you, I’m struggling with fatigue and pain. I’m reminded today I have the power of my risen savior in me. I will now get out of bed and live today in that power not of my own doing. Blessings to you,

  50. I struggle the most with fear and worry. Its an area of my life that I’ve been working on – working to release those fears and recognize God’s sovereignty and power over all situations. Even when the situations are hard, God will use them for my good.

  51. I have been feeling an Urging from God for a few months now that has really intensified. We are working on restoring our marriage for the last 3 years. We are much better through God’s Grace. My Husband is in the process of a new job. We do not know if it will mean a move or to stay put. Our youngest is about to graduate High school so we are not tied to this school district any longer. He will continue to live at home as he attends a voc/tech school.

    Our church is in a season of discernment regarding a new building and our pastor preaches about the difference between the Red Sea and the Jordan River. Then we watched a move “All Saints” and the pastor in the movie also referenced the Jordan. Then My “New Life Ministries’ email devo this morning referenced it again as well as not being afraid. Then your post this morning again referenced rising above our fears and that God will equip us because we are Enough.

    My head is spinning as I pray for clear discernment from the Holy Spirit regarding this “urging” I am feeling from God. I know my hubby needs to get his feet in the water in faith and that God will lead us with or without the new job. I just feel like something bigger is comin and I don’t know what. I feel like there is a reason that God patched and restored our marriage that was in a shambles 3 years ago after major issues of betrayal. There is a reason and it feels like we will need the strength for something.

    Thank you for coming to Pine Cove by the way a couple of months ago and for this blog. I look forward to every post of encouragement and teaching.

    God Bless and I will keep you posted about what this is all about!

  52. So many times I feel like I can”t do this.I can’t walk this walk, talk this talk.This christian journey is bigger than me. I’m not knowledgeable enough and strong enough nor consistent. I’m a female Paul! I understand what he was saying when he said: “that which I do I allow not; for what I would, that do I not; but what I hate, that do I. O wretched man that I am! I thank God through Jesus Christ our Lord. I am complete in “Him”.

    Your analogy of the glove really put this spiritual battle in perspective for me. Keep my family and I in your prayers. Thank you!

  53. Thank you for the reminder of the power we have from God who so desires to be with us always. I pray for everyone and myself that we always remember this especially in the challenging times. Sharon you are a true blessing and I needed this reminder today.

  54. LOVE the hand and glove illustration! I am a visual person so this helps solidify my understanding and keep the image in mind. Thank you!

  55. I have the power of the Holy Spirit in me , I’m more than enough to defeat any evil hinderance the devil tries to conquer me with . I am more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus !

  56. Sometimes I lack confidence in everything. That is when I have to sit down & have a conversation with my Heavenly Father who gives me strength to overcome my lack of confidence. My biggest issue is anxiety since having 4-renal failures & pancreatic cancer. I constantly need reinforcement from ABBA push that anxiety out of my being. Hand all self confidence issues over to our Lord & Savior! God bless & love to all!

  57. Not smart enough. Yeah that’s me.
    I think my problem is… I can’t remember why I got married in the first place. Did I love my husband once? Was I good enough once? Not smart enough I know, but why did a perfectionist choose someone so imperfect?

  58. I could sure use power when I’m teaching and parenting and directing a play. I wish the Lord could grade my papers and plan some of my lessons.

  59. I have ordered the book and I love your devotions in my inbox everyday. My husband and I own a HVAC company and I do the paperwork. Needless to say I don’t feel I am enough to do this so I am praying for God to fill me so He will direct my path. Thanks again for all your insight.

  60. Needed this today. Struggling to believe I’m enough these days. God is using some trials to change me and I’m thankful and waiting in Him for renewal. Thank you for these words that I have The Holy Spirit in me to keep going. ❤️

  61. I am MORE THAN ENOUGH even though at 50 years old I don’t work because I quit my job at 30 to be home with my children. They are now late teens!

  62. I have been a Christian for many years and am just now learning so much how God’s Holy Spirit is with us always. We were just at a revival last night and the minister was preaching from Acts 4: 23-31. Peter and John were filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke with boldness. He spoke of being at a men’s retreat in Michigan where he swore the room was shaken with God’s spirit and power! It was very powerful! God bless you for your teachings & support of us all!! I pray for you & yours today. 😉

  63. Thank you for such inspiring words..we all need to remember we are the King’s daughter. And when we fall He is always there to help us brush the dust from our knees and try again. Thank you Jesus for saving a broken pot like me..He is awesome!!

  64. I have always felt am not good enough but your blog have encouraged me.
    I am enough and I can surely do all things through Christ that strengthen me.


  65. Enough!!!
    We seem to get in the habit of measuring ourselves by the wrong ‘ruler,’ never good enough for others nor ourselves. ALWAYS enough in the eyes of God, the supreme Ruler!

  66. I feel that I am lacking a lot of confidance in the area of my ability to move, get up, and get around. I know that may sound silly, or trite, but ever since I had two very serious health crises in 2014, I have felt very fearful of being able to get around on my own accord. I need, like you said in your article, to remember I have the power of the Holy Spirit to fall back on for guidance and reassurance.

  67. Warm Hugs From INDIA Precious Sharon Jaynes , Love This Amazingly Anointed MasterPiece You Blessed Us ALL with ! I m I ‘ am So EMPOWERED With The Power Of CHRIST !

  68. It is true that Satan works everyday to bring us down. I ask God everyday to surround me and keep me from the onslaught of Satan, who tries frequently to influence me through reminders of past mistakes, that I will never be good enough. With God all things are possible, the past is gone and I live with the promises of God today.

  69. I AM ENOUGH!! Just as I am, Jesus loves me and accepted me. I don’t have to change one thing for Him to love me. Praise God for His unconditional love.

  70. Words I need to hear! A lot of wisdom in your words ..God help me to live like I’m enough so I can impact others for you!Awesome💗

  71. Holy Spirit- I depend on you to be a godly wife for my husband, a godly mom for my children, a godly staff in my work place…i trust u and surrender all my concerns to you. Thank u so much for indwelling in me! Amen!!!

  72. This has been a life long struggle for me. I have been told I wasn’t good enough by my parents, church leaders, neighbors and, most recently, my adult children, one of which has cut off contact. She’s very rebellious towards God. I have wanted to please the people in my life for my whole life. It has just been in the last couple of years that I have begun to understand that God made me for a purpose and awe allowed even hurtful circumstances for His purpose. His plan, not mine. At 63 I still don’t quite understand what that purpose is, but maybe I don’t need to. I haven’t really conquered all of it, but there is peace in forgiveness and trusting His sovereignty.

  73. It has been almost 6 months since I lost the love of my life of 23.5 years to cancer. I’m now a single mom to a amazing 16 year old son. Somewhere I never thought I would be in my life. God has been so Faithful! The enemy likes to destroy me and tear me down as we are doing our new normal. I’m Thankful God allows us to see and read what we need at just the right time.

    1. Post

      Hi Hope. I am so sorry. I know your heart is breaking. I pray that God will lift you up and help you to look forward to what is ahead. Big Hugs, Sharon

  74. Sharon – Your book used as a study with a small life group has made such an impact on these ladies. Thank you. I am visual – so the cards really help cement the point!! And as God intended – emails would drop in just when needed to share with others during life group – or just now as I am working with a young lady in church struggling with confidence and fear from past abuse. Please keep her in your prayers – she is precious. Thank you again.

  75. Hi this morning before I put my feet on the floor. I felt the Holy Spirit say. “Open to God try to know Him better. I open to your devotional. A lot of times I’m afraid to talk to my son that he will turn more away from truth. He has drifted away from God it’s not important to follow him. My children are all 3 adopted from Korea and my son he now 34 and very selfish loves his cars. Want to do things in life that make him happy. He does it but leaves God out of the picture. I just don’t have enough confidence to know God will give me His power to be honest and talk to him. I’m afraid he’ll not come around anymore.

  76. I’m not ever confident about being enough in God’s eyes. It’s very difficult to accept that I have the power you speak of. I believe in God with all of my heart. I trust Him. I lean on Him. Because of my strong, outgoing personality, I feel like I’m always sinning in thought, word or deed. Therefore I don’t feel I’m empowered. It’s like pouring gas into a tank with a hole in it! I’m encouraged by your words. I’ve read Enough and loved it but still felt “outside looking in.” I’m going to keep this devotion close to me so that I may be reminded of your comforting words through scripture. Thank you once again for helping me in this journey.

  77. I LOVE the analogy of the glove. That really spoke to me. I spent 25 years trying my hardest to be enough on my own. It is life-changing to rest in the knowledge that He already did the work for us. I really loved this devotional as a reminder of the fact that Jesus makes us enough and because of that I can be confident. Thank you

  78. I’m still recovering from a 32 yr battle w/ someone that tried to take everything out of me and leave a shell…it was bad enough that I had 2 trees picked out when it got bad….it got close many times. God helped me to cut off this abuse and 5 yrs later, I long to know the love/kindness of a Godly husband but the past comes after it’s been buried…I sit in an apartment alone, wanting to have a relationship…God is teaching me true love, His love and heart and what to look for….

  79. Thank you so much for this much needed reminder. Even as followers of Christ we fall victim to the relentless lies of the enemy. He uses fear and discouragement to keep us from living out our true purposes for which God created us. I am in prayer and meditating on His word everyday to embrace my calling and to be bold and courageous. He has brought beauty from ashes but I am still healing and He’s not finished with me yet. I’m so thankful my God is faithful.

  80. I lack the confidence I used to have after my heart surgery. I feel no worth within myself. I have emotional up and down moments. Want to get rid of this. I try to speak affirmations to myself and they don’t stay with me for long. I’m praying to get my confidence back and realize I am enough. I’m holding on to God’s unchanging hand.

  81. I don’t feel like enough in most any area and it gets to be exhausting and demoralizing. Especially when I’m struggling with a stupid mistake which has caused great stress and anxiety. In my heart I know God loves me no matter what, but my head feels the shame, embarrassment and fear that Satan uses against me. How to get past it is difficult

  82. God is drawing me closer to Himself and teaching me that I am His blood-bought child, inhabited by the Holy Spirit, I am enough. He has brought me through so much already and He will empower me, keep me and see me through.

  83. Once I learned from Sharon, Anne Graham Lotz and Max Lucado about being in dwelled by the Holy Spirit–I actively pursue His guidance, advocacy to help me feel that I’m enough and comforting when I feel minimized òr ridiculed. This is a wonderful prayer to ask for daily filling of the HS. We can NOT forget that we can’t do life on our own!

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