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Pretend with me for a moment. Let’s say you are on an island in the Pacific. Pick an island, any island, but make it a tropical, lush, and beautiful one. You walk out onto the porch and see some equipment laid out just for you. You know what it is, and you know what it’s for. You’re excited! You’ve always wanted to do this, but never had the right gear.

You slip into a black sleek wet suit, zip up the front closure, and most likely marvel at the way it holds everything in. Then you squeeze your feet into squeaky black flippers. I know they’re tight, but go ahead and wiggle your feet in. Next, you strap a heavy oxygen tank on your back. One arm. Now the other. Finally, you slip a facemask over your nose and eyes, and place a mouthpiece between your lips.

But rather than heading out to the ocean to explore the marvelous coral reef, vibrant fish, and swaying flora, you turn around, go back into the house, fill up the bathtub, and settle in.

What a silly picture. If I was there with you, I’d march right into that bathroom and say, “What are you doing in that tub? Get out there in the ocean where you belong!” But then, I remember that I have acted out the very same silliness time and time again.

So many of us are equipped to live the abundant life in Christ but don’t even know it. We suit up, but settle in. We resign ourselves to living the mediocre faith void of vibrancy, wonderment, and awe. Don’t head to the bathtub with your scuba equipment on. Head out to the ocean of preordained opportunity and experience all that God has for you. You’ve already got the gear. It’s just up to you to jump in.

Think about Moses. He had everything he needed to accomplish the task God had pre-ordained for him to do. He was saved by the Pharaoh’s daughter, raised in the Pharaoh’s house, trained in the Egyptians’ ways, and taught the Egyptian language. He was “powerful in speech and action” (Acts 7:22). God had been preparing him for what He had prepared for him.

But by the time Moses had failed in Egypt and bailed to the desert of Midian he had forgotten all that.

He was like a scuba diver in a bathtub of self-pity.

When God called Moses to a great adventure at the burning bush, Moses argued and told God all the reasons why He had the wrong man for the job. He was suited up for great things and didn’t even know it.

He said, “Who am I, that I should go…?” (Exodus 3:11). “What if they don’t believe me…?” (Exodus 4:1). “I’m not a good speaker! Pick someone else!” (Exodus 4:10 paraphrased). Ouch. I think I’ve said those same things too! Have you?

So here’s my question for us to ponder today: What will we say to God when He calls our name or taps us on the shoulder and says, “Now’s the time?” 

Perhaps today is that day.

Dear Lord, I know that You have equipped me with spiritual gifts…Your Word says so. I know that You have empowered me with the power of the Holy Spirit…Your Word says so. I know that you have a purpose and a plan for me…Your Word says so. Help me to suit up and head out on the adventurous faith You’ve called me to. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

What are some ways that God has been preparing you for what He has prepared for you? Click on comment and let’s share.

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Comments 6

  1. Thank you Sharon for your devotion. Yes i truly believe that GOD has equipped us all with everything we need to fulfill His GOD-given plan for each one of us and the good thing is this is just not a simple plan, it is GOD’s inheritance to us as His own daughters and sons.

    “Furthermore, because we are united with Christ, we have received an inheritance from GOD, for He chose us in advance, and He makes everything work out according to His plan.” Ephesians 1:11

  2. Oh my! This description fits my personality completely. My husband and I live in a neighborhood where we’ve become good friends with a couple that has healing abilities. Because that’s not the norm for me it’s a little scary. For 18 years I’ve been dealing with residual from a major stroke. I admit I was a little skeptical of the healing gifts people have. Until I recently received partial healing in my left hand. After asking him about this I was told yes you will be receiving full healing. I’m super excited but on the other hand scared to death of having to “shout from the rooftops” about my wonderful news. And for the skeptic this is the only way I’ll be healed. Medical doctors cannot fix the brain. All the glory goes to our Father in heaven.

    Lord, help me to proclaim your name in this healing process you have promised to give. I know it’s from you and only you. Thank you just isn’t enough. You are an awesome God! Thank you for sending this healing in small baby steps. A bolt of lightning healing I wouldn’t b able to handle. God is ALL GOOD! In Jesus name, Amen.

    Wait did I just shout from the rooftop?

  3. I’ve always been wanted to work in the Government but every time I go for interviews I get turned down. I worked in the Private sector as a hotel receptionist/Waitress for many years and thinking that’s the only kind of work I was destined to do. During those years I had to struggle and put up with so much crap. It was humbling and strenuous and agonizing. Then came the Covid-19 pandemic and I finally cried out to God. He heard my cry and got me a job at the National Government. I got hired as an Executive Secretary to the Secretary of National Department of Education. All those years in the Private Sector God was grooming me for this job. I now have a permanent job and I enjoy it so much. The shoe fits. All I can say God works in mighty ways. I’m forever grateful.

  4. I love your story Madelene. Thank you so much for sharing your story. Your story is so beautiful. GOD is indeed so, so good all the time. Praise GOD!

    When you said in your story “He heard my cry”….i remember the verse from Micah 7:7 …” but as for me, I will look to the LORD, I will wait for the GOD of my salvation; my GOD will hear me.”

    I am also longing for something for almost a very long time now and like you, I also truly believe that GOD will hear my cry in His perfect timing in JESUS’ most powerful name, amen.

    And I am very willing to wait for that day for I truly believe that like you…I shall once again praise GOD, my salvation and my GOD.

    1. Just know that God hasn’t forgotten you…he may say yes, no, or wait…He knows what’s good for us….all we have to do is trust HIM…and when He answers its mind blowing….I’m praying that you achieve what you are waiting for…He sees you and hears you…hi

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