Words That Breathe Life

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Have you ever had times when you felt like you just couldn’t breathe? Stress weighs you down and the “to-do list” becomes the “too-much-to-do list.” Sometimes we just need a friend to come and breathe life into us. And one of the ways they do that is with words.

When I was in my teens, I went scuba diving with some friends. I had no training and probably shouldn’t have been in deep water, but I was a teenager and threw caution to the wind. The guy who took me below the surface of the deep, another teenager I might add, strapped an oxygen tank on his back, a mask on his face, and flippers on his feet. I only had a mask and flippers.

“Where’s my oxygen?” I asked.

“I’ve got it,” he answered as he patted the tank on his back.

So, into the ocean we jumped. He put his arm around my waist as though I were a sack of potatoes and down we went. John drew oxygen from the tank and then passed the breathing apparatus to me. We took turns breathing in the oxygen in what he called “buddy breathing.” It then occurred to me that I was totally dependent on this boy to keep me alive!

Buddy breathing reminds me of the life-giving words of my friends that I’ve experienced through the years. Words that have been like oxygen when I’ve felt like I was drowning.

Solomon wrote, “Gracious words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones” (Proverbs 16:24 NIV). Life-giving. Soul-nourishing. Buddy-breathing.

He also painted a beautiful portrait of the power of a woman’s words to her friends in Ecclesiastes 4:9-10,12 (NIV).

Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor: If they fall down, they can help each other up. But pity those who fall and have no one to help them up…  A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.

It is often with words that we pick up a friend who’s fallen down.

I’ve noticed through the years that a true friend is one who knows what I need without me even asking. She is someone who will offer to pitch in and help when she sees me growing weary. A true friend never sees the mess in my house, but the love in my eyes. She listens without judging but sets me straight when she sees me straying off course. She never ridicules my children or my husband and encourages me to love them better. A true friend says, “I believe in you, and I’ll be the first to blow the horn at your celebration party!” A true friend passes me the oxygen of an encouraging word when I feel like I’m drowning.

We can embrace a friend with words that warm a chilled soul, words that fill an empty heart, and words that lift her up when she is lying face down in defeat. I’m so glad that friendship was God’s idea, aren’t you? Not only do we need those kinds of friends, but we also need to be that kind of friend.

Heavenly Father, thank You for being a friend who breathes life into my aching soul. I ask that You give me one friend with whom I can be totally honest with and completely loved by. Give me one friend whom I can encourage and who can encourage me. Help me to be a woman who not only needs from others but one who gives to others. Help me be a speaker of life. In Jesus’ Name.

Leave a comment and share one person who has been that friend for you. I’ll randomly pick one entry and send 2 copies of The Power of a Woman’s Words. One for you and one for a friend.

The updated version of my best-selling book and Bible study guide, The Power of a Woman’s Words: How the Words You Speak Shape the Lives of Others includes a new chapter on the power of a woman’s words to her adult children…it’s complicated! Perfect for your women’s ministry’s next Bible study!

Words are one of the most powerful forces in the universe, and God has entrusted them to you! They echo in hearts and minds long after they are spoken. How will we use this gift? Your words can change the course of someone’s day…even someone’s life.

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Comments 133

  1. I’ve been truly blessed with an earthly friend who embodies all the qualities you mentioned. Her name is Amanda and I’m so thankful for her. God bless you and your ministry!

    1. God has blessed me with some sweet friends that have been such encouragers . I am so thankful. God knows our hurts and our needs. Thank you for your encouragement too.

  2. Wow I have several friends who are my friend. I’m blessed for the times they know what to say to me.

    1. My special friend is Melody who knows me so well and loves me anyway and has been there for me through all the storms in my life.

  3. Thankful for Jesus as my forever friend in life. But thankful for my earthly friend Becky that has seen me through all stages of life, the good and the bad and is a steady, kind, compassionate, encouraging friend!!

  4. My Gracious and Loving Lord placed this one woman in my life when my marriage became dark and hard. Her husband suffers as mine does with mental illness and she was the one who stood by me and still does to this day. She pulled, pushed, me to the Word daily. She is my gift and blessing from God. Our friendship is 25 years old and we can’t wait to eternity with each other!

  5. I immediately even before you asked the question about who is friend that breathes life into me- I thought of my friend Lisa. The description you gave fits her to the T. I am so blessed to have thru all the ups and downs as my true friend. Also Lisa and I meet with 3 other friends about once or more a month to pray and study together- we call our group the sweet aroma. Our goal is be a sweet aroma to our wonderful Savior as we pray and encourage one another together.

  6. I used to have a friend like that in the past in different seasons of my life. There is also time that Jesus is my only friend.

  7. I just ❤️❤️❤️ this message‼️ Thank~You, for reminding me that in our crazy world where human connection is more important than ever,…it’s such a blessing to have a good friend‼️

  8. My friend, Ria has been that person. We have consoled each other and helped each other and laughed together through many things. We have walked alongside each other through challenges with our kiddos. I’m not sure what I would have done without her. God truly blessed me with her friendship.

  9. A sweet lady named Virge is just that kind of friend! She has now passed to heaven but I strive to be like her – always ready to listen and always an encourager, she shared God’s word and lived it. By just a touch of her hand you felt better because you knew you had a prayer warrior!

  10. All my life I’ve had many acquaintances but making a true friend, that one true friend that I can share my most inner thoughts, fears, and dreams with has been difficult. I had one in high school. We were pretty much attached at the hip. But when I left for college the friendship that I though was unbrakeable fizzled and died. It wasn’t until several years ago I made another friend that was my cheerleader. She was my prayer warrior and encourager. We laughed and cried together. We worked together and attended the same church but didn’t socialize outside those two arenas. But that was okay. I lost this friend to cancer last November. I have never understood why making a close friend has been so difficult for me. It seems all my life just as I start to cultivate that one close friendship something happens and the friendship is gone. I am again praying for that one friend who I can encourage and who will be my encourager.

    1. Same here Deborah. My sister was that friend to me and she died several years ago. I’ve been praying for another Christian friend but it hasn’t happened. I know to have a friend we must be a friend. Praying for us both

    2. I’m still praying for that friend; one from God, and I know God will grant me the desire of my heart.

  11. Denise reminds me of God’s love for me as I am when I feel like I am a failure. She has also been the one who will let me know when I am not thinking or reacting as God would have me do. We have laughed together, prayed together and cried together. When my husband Mike passed away unexpectedly, she grieved with me. I am so thankful for her. She is more than a best friend, she is my Sister in Christ, truly a blessing from God.

  12. Thanks Sharon for those encouraging words from God’s word and from your heart. My friend Sharon from our church has been that kind of friend as we walk the journey called life. Especially in the area of depression and also our children .

  13. My dearest friend Shiryl is Jesus on earth. She tells me what I NEED to hear even when I am wrong and provide bible verses to help sustain me. She will send me a message when I’m down because she has the discernment of when I am in need. She breathe life in me.

  14. Words are definitely part of my love language breathing life into me and I desire to do the same for others.
    Kim Johnston is my friend I would love to bless. ♥️

  15. My sweet friend Elizabeth and I were stationed together. For over a year we were just us…. separated from our families and relying on God. This devotional touched my heart and blessed me with the reminder that God loves us so abundantly – sometimes through the gifting of a dear friend!

    1. Remember the “Dances With Wolves” ending where Kevin Costner was leaving and his friend was standing on the cliff watching home leave and he put his hand on his heart and yelled “you are my friend”. When he spoke those few words, we knew what he meant. You are that friend to me.

  16. My two best friends are my prayer partners I have had since I was 7 years old! We are approaching 70 now! They are wise women who encourage and laugh and cry with me. We all live miles apart but thanks to technology we stay close! Yes, we are blessed! God enters all of our conversations. I’m sharing this devotional with them! ❤️

  17. My friend Mary Ann has been such an encouraging friend for many, many years! She sends me inspirational quotes, Bible verses, n thoughtful words.

  18. I enjoy your words inspired by Hod!
    My friend who Buddy breathes for me is Becca Bell. We live over 700 miles apart now, but she is still the Christian friend I know I can depend on always!

  19. God has given me Ms. Dee. She always knows how to encourage me, and lift me up. She knows God’s word inside and out. She often speaks it over me and it soothes my soul. She has been such an amazing example for me to embrace and follow. I thank the Lord for her.

  20. Hi Sharon! My sweet and wonderful friend is Linda! We have been friends since 1975 and came to know Jesus together in 1984!! We live 4 hours away from each other, but we always take the time to check in on each other for a listening ear, word of encouragement or a sweet prayer! Her friendship is a gift and she is precious ❤️ to me💕

  21. I am so blessed to have my friend Norma in my life. As I trust in God, I can trust in my friend…to listen, to offer loving support and to pray with and for each other. We are there for each other, even when far apart. I thank God for having her in my life❣️

  22. My friend, Nancy, and I met when both of our youngest were in strollers. We thought life was hard with two small children then. We have adult children now and by all measures they have turned out fabulous! But we have learned that adult children aren’t necessarily easier than children in strollers. I don’t know what I’d do without a bestie to talk to about life and kids and whatever! So nice to have someone to pray with!

  23. My dear friend and my prayer partner, MaryAnn, has been with me in my darkest days and she has been with me in every celebration and victory. Her words of encouragement have been the fuel that have kept me going when all I wanted to do was curl up and wither away. We have both seen the importance and the need to “speak words of life” over and over to resuscitate a dying hope….Together we have learned the truth that God never intended us to be “self” sufficient in this life. The gift of a Christian friend is a precious gem to be cherished and cared for…For two are better than one….and three are even better…

  24. My friend Cathy has been such an encouragement to me as she speaks words of life. God used her at my lowest time to focus my eyes on His goodness and continues to bless us in friendship.
    Thank you for your words Sharon. So appreciated!

  25. This devotional is a reminder of the importance of my friendships with other women of God. My friend Latressa has been a God-given friend that always offers an encouraging word-no matter the situation. Lord, please help me to be a friend that offers encouragement to others.

  26. I have a friend, Ashlyn, who has been a steady influence in my life since high school. Always encouraging and there for me at the drop of a hat. She is my BFF and my sister in Christ. I would
    Be lost without her.

  27. I have this kind of friend! She is 83 (I am 59) and she is a genuine Christ follower with the lovely quality of godly counseling and encouragement! I value her friendship more than anything!

  28. So funny how God works. I went SCUBA diving for the first time in 25 years last week and it was not great. I loved being underwater, but I couldn’t stay neutral—either I was floating clumsily to the surface or sinking to the bottom. I have been planning to go diving again, but was puzzled as to why God would ignite this interest after so many years and then have my first time back in the water be awful. Then I read your post this morning…the words spoken by my dive partners after the dive (while I was struggling with seasickness and dizziness) were nothing but encouraging. I had met these people only an hour before, and yet they cared for me as if I were a good friend (something I had not processed until now). Thank you for giving me a different perspective on that dive—I had been focused on feeling like a failure instead of focusing on God’s blessings at a difficult point.

  29. Over the years, isolation has been my first response to life troubling issues. Today’s post is an eye opener that I can thrive better in such times if I open up to friendship. “Joy .A.” has been a wonderful and consistent friend over the years and henceforth I will reciprocate her friendship.

  30. Hello, My best friend is my sister. We have so many memories of holding each other up and accountable. She has a lot of health issues now and is home bound and I work, so when I go to see her we talk about our week and health issues and pray together. We are just now getting back to our Bible study together. We had to put that off fior a while. Last year she had COVID-19 and was in the hospital for 59 days. I praise God for allowing her to heal and not leave me yet. It has taken months for her to recover. She is still struggling especially with her breathing. I love her so much and enjoy spending time with her. She is definitely my best friend and Bible mentor. Thanks for reading!!!

    1. My sis is my best friend and Bible buddy. When we get together we talk about everything. We pray together, laugh together and cry together too. I’m so thankful for our friendship. Her health is not the best and I enjoy going to see her. We talk on the phone almost every day. I love her so very much!!

  31. My friend Beth is that good friend for me. She is compassionate and encouraging and knows how to be there for me. She has been my friend since college. And then 6 years ago she moved next door. It was such a blessing!

  32. I have to say that my MOM is also my friend! I am SO blessed to have my 80 year old mom living right next door to us and she ALWAYS has the most encouraging and uplifting words for me. She is a true GOD blessing.

  33. I have in my friend from high school our life have Paralleled in many ways in our adulthood our love for God has continue to Grow and we truly ely breathe life to one another In the good times and bad! She is my blessing from God!

  34. My best friend Mary. We met when she spoke to me, the new kid on the school bus. We were 13 years old. Still friends in our 50’s. She is my buddy breather.

  35. My friend Kathy is always ready with words of encouragement, helping me through tough times in my marriage, with aging parents

  36. My precious friend Paula is always there for me…no judgement, always encouraging, always there no matter the circumstances. We may not see each other as often as we would like, but we pick up right where we left off when we do get together. We can tell each other our deepest innermost feelings without fear of being judged or rejected. I am so blessed to call her my friend.

  37. My dear friend Sue has been there for me through most of my life’s battles. It is precious really! Of course, my husband too. But, none compares to Jesus and in a hard struggle now, only Jesus understands me. Jesus is always enough and He always does put the right people in our paths.

  38. Yesterday was the 22nd anniversary of the death of my teenaged daughter to cancer. Two days previously, she would’ve been 39 years old. My home has flooded twice in the past four years and we’ve lost so many possessions with love and family and meaning all wrapped up in them. Sometimes life’s pain is sure bigger than normal! And yet, in spite of all she has also suffered and lost, there is my friend Stacie. She never forgets the anniversaries when my heart aches so badly I can barely breathe, and she puts herself and her own needs aside to find my heart and offer it love and encouragement. She is a faithful prayer warrior and a true earth angel in my life.

  39. “Words That Breathe Life” truly resonated with me! God favored me with a true godly friend (Barbara) in college 55 years ago! Throughout the years in the midst of trials & triumphs our faith & friendship has been strengthened & fortified by God’s grace! Charlene

  40. I had a nervous breakdown (taking pills at the moment) and was struggling through the sickness. Of course, I felt shunned and cursed. From a beauty queen to an invalid. There were friends that reached out but there was this one special friend who was there making me included in going out to lunch or dinner or boat trips. I’m very grateful to the Lord God Almighty because if it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t shape up. I totally lost my reputation but she remained my true best friend. She’s also a believer and loves Jesus. Of course during my paraiah days I thought Jesus was my only best friend but I also have a true earthly best friend. I love her like my sister!

  41. My sweet friend Phyllis has always been there for me for more than 35 years. Through babies being born, and us losing loved ones. We live hundreds of miles apart but just are a phone call away. In difficult times we can be there in a long day. Both of us know we will always be there for each other, lifting one and other up with encouragement and love. I am so thankful to God for this amazing friend.

  42. My sweet friend Anne is a quiet, loving person who takes the time to call and check on all her friends. We meet for coffee and she listens with her heart. Her words of love and wisdom have both encouraged and shielded me in times of need. She truly is a blessing.

  43. I was struggling this morning and feeling horrible about how bad of a friend I have been lately. I have been so wrapped up in what I have had going on and going wrong that I wasn’t being a very good friend. I read this and forwarded it to my best friend because I haven’t been the best friend I could be. I told her “leave it to a devotion to show you where you can always be better”. I love my best friends and couldn’t imagine doing life without them and I thank God everyday that He brought them to me. I couldn’t have made it this far without Him & them.

  44. The Lord has given me a great friend in Angela. She is right there in good and bad times when I need someone to listen, to support, and to encourage.

  45. I wish I had a friend like that. I use to but we have moved and now starting over at my age is just too hard

  46. I love this message – Beth is my “trauma” friend. We share a bond through varying traumas that had drawn us closer to each other and closer to God. We are each other’s secret feeling keepers, encouragers, and prayer partners. So blessed to have her

  47. thank you for the reminder today that Jesus is our friend. My friend Magi is the encourager – uses her words to show compassion without judgement, to lift others up
    and to teach Gods Word.

  48. I’m most thankful for the friend I have in Jesus! But have been blessed to have several life-giving, spiritual friends. The one that comes to mind as being my longest and closest friend is named Christi! Beyond grateful for the 30+ years we have traveled this sweet journey of life together!

  49. Thank yo for the reminder today that Jesus is our friend.
    When I think about a friend who uses words to encourage others, I think of y friend Magi. She listens without judgement and uses her words to lift others up. She is a beautiful writer and teacher of Gods Word. She also shares her knowledge of birding and gardening.

  50. My friend Sonia has always been there for me, now she is going through many different problems in her life . I pray I’m being the friend to her that she has always been to me.
    Thank you for this devotion today. Helped me remember what a wonderful friend we have in Christ as well.

  51. My friend Debbie is always encouraging to me – even when she is going through her own troubles! Thank you for this devotion! God Bless each of you who are commenting, and I pray that you all have a friend you can count on!

  52. I have been blessed with a friend like you described. Her name is Pam. She is not only my friend, she is my sister. Growing up we fought like cats and dogs but when she left for college I experienced a profound sense of loss without her. It changed our relationship from just sisters to forever friends. She loves me like no one else in my life. I am so grateful to our Lord for her!!!

  53. Thank you for always opening our eyes to blessings. I have three really close friends who I would like to mention, Two great friends; I would say one that has been a NEIGHBOR friend for many years and growing our girls up as great friends too. That’s Kathleen and I call her my sister as we have a relationship of close families. The other I call “best Bud” as we share so many things and laughter is always a great part .We can talk for hours and still have more to say . Then my precious daughter Christina who truly knows me and who shares as much knowledge and support as I hope I give to her too. We are one heart. God has been so great and has blessed me with so many friends. I guess I never meet a stranger; I could probably talk to anyone even if I had never met them before. I think that is another blessing that I inherited from my sweet mother who also never met a stranger. ” a friend sticketh closer than a brother”

  54. Kristal is a friend who I have recently gotten close to again. We are co-hosting a Podcast on Parenting called Growing Pains. During our time pre & post recording we share with each other our hopes, dreams, worries and joys. So very thankful God lead us on this journey together.
    Thank you so much for your wise words of encouragement.

  55. My friend Josie needs to hear Gods voice in our conversations. I feel all my words are falling on deaf ears. It’s heart breaking to see all that she is going through. She is such a special friend!

  56. God has blessed me with a true dear best friend from birth! My sweet beautiful sister Aleta Ann Hall!! She’s always there for me with encouraging heart felt words to uplift me when needed. She’s also there when I need prayers, advice, and sometimes correction! I grateful for the bond we share God is good!!!!

  57. I don’t have a friend like that, I have always longed for one. I am trying to be more intentional in our home group to establish friendships. I am learning to be more transparent, trusting, and true. I’m trying to be the kind of friend I would want/need😊 the closest friend I have right now is Michelle 💕

  58. I am a Hindu background believer and my journey with The Lord has been beautiful but rocky at times. My dearest friend and sister in The Lord Debi Drypolcher has been that life giving oxygen to me , many a time . She is always ready to encourage me , support me and turn me to The Lord when the going gets rough. I thank The Lord Jesus for a friend like her . She is always ready with a life giving word and kindness when I stumble and ready to pray for me, encourage me and love me through the hard times. . I cannot thank The Lord enough for her.

  59. I have a bestie that is such and encourager and a true Proverbs 31 woman, we have been friends for 30 years when God allowed our paths to cross as I was in the middle of a job change. This was also a time when we were looking for a new church home and she was dealing with and aging father who passed shortly after we began working together. Mary F Conner and I hit it off from the start as in our office we had a lot of down time and so I would do my devotion and Bible reading early in the morning opening by myself at 7 am, if it was something that really caught me I would mark it and share it with her when she arrived. She then invited us to visit their church , we did and fell in love . Later in the first year that we worked together her husband took a fall and in the midst of loosing her father they found that her husband had bone cancer, needless to say he soon passed and through it all we were there for each other. In 2019 we found out that my hubby had prostrate cancer and I have to say she was right there beside me when they wheeled him out for surgery staying with me until he came out praying and encouraging me throughout the 6 hour process. There have been many other times that we have been there for each other but I must say she is a constant and a true prayer warrior and I am simply blessed to call her my Best Friend.

  60. Beautiful message! My friend Dianne, listens without judgement and is a strong prayer warrior! She delights in the Lord and always is there to lend loving and encouraging words that help me breathe!!

  61. Lannette is a friend who stepped out of a group of women in the community pool to welcome me when I moved to the Villas. She invited me to her church where I have ft God’s love and grace from her and others for almost 5 years. She lo as me as I am and is a true soulmate.

  62. Thank you for the reminder today that Jesus is our friend. When I think about a fried who uses words to encourage others, I think of my friend Magi. She listens without judgement and uses her words to lift others up. She is a beautiful writer and teacher of God’s Word. She is also generous in sharing her knowledge of birds and gardening.

  63. I have two breathing buddies, Robbie and Monica. We meet most every week for Bible study, and “therapy”. Monica and I went to highschool together, and she introduced Robbie and I. It is such a blessing to do life with these ladies. 💕💕

  64. My friend Lara is a blessing to me. She always speaks words of life over me and I do the same for her.
    So grateful for the gift of her friendship!!

  65. I’ve been very very blessed by friends and have two that have been of great support to me. Lorrie and Bridget. Both women have been there for me when I felt very alone, when I was troubled and when I was sick. Thank you dear Jesus ❤️

  66. This has spoken volumes to me too. God gave me that type of friend with Denise, but now we are more like sisters. I’m so thankful for the friendship that God orchestrated.

  67. I do have one friend. She has been my friend for 31 years… I met her when I was going through a divorce. I had 2 small children under the age of 5. She has been with me through so many moments in my life. She is the best!! She was there for me when my oldest child died at 22. She still helps me get through those moments I have a hard time with. We get each other. God Blessed me with her…

  68. I have been blessed by a friend named Sandra! She has walked with me in prayer and counsel through many deep waters. Her encouragement and prayers have been life giving!

  69. My sister in law. She has been a true source of encouragement and support in my life. There were times when I thought I would not be able to go on and she was right there. My daughter…she has always been a “mom supporter” and loved me through it all with such gentleness and love. These 2 ladies have mended many a broken heart. Thanking God for their presence in my life.

  70. I am blessed with a dear “soul sister” friend who I treasure as a gift from God, her name is Nancy.
    God has used her in my life to speak truth and remind me of God’s promises to me as His daughter.
    I’m thankful for her! We share prayer requests, concerns and encouragement with each other.
    We help each other to recognize the messages in our thoughts & who they are
    coming from to keep each other accountable. Truth or Lies from Satan.

  71. I feel like I have lots of friends but not that one close one. I really want that one close friend I can support and be supported by.

  72. I have been loved an supported by Cammie Benefield for 27 years. We have a long distance friendship and try to make time to visit as often as possible. She is a true friend and I call her one of my greatest blessings.

  73. I’ve been blessed with amazing women whom I call sisters but am truly grateful for my British/Jamaican sister Lorna. We met 10 years at the gym. We don’t see each other as often but when we do, it’s like we never skip a beat. A genuine, loving, God-fearing woman of faith that I can truly count on.

  74. My friend is Eileen – we met where I live now – she has been a winter Texan where I am, but I haven’t seen her since Co-vid. We e-mail each other encouraging and special devotions all the time. We pray for one another. We consider each other family. I am very thankful that I have her for a friend. Thank You, Lord

  75. Right now I am praying for that kind of Christian girlfriend.. I do not have that right now. I have not had that in a few years. I’d appreciate prayers for God’s direction as I’m hesitantly reaching out to test the waters. It’s hard to start all over again and schedules make it a challenge. My current home church (where I’m sure my husband and I were called to) is almost an hour out of town, making it not possible to get together during the week (except by phone). So far there is not anyone there that I have truly connected with. Thanks so much for your prayers and your ministry! God bless you as you continue to serve Him. You’ve been a blessing in my life!

  76. God is so good! I have a best friend since fall of 1977. We were semi friends our Jr n Sr years in high school but we bonded in our Fr year of college. I would do anything for Ann and she would do the same for me. Distance and time cannot break our bond!

  77. I have a best friend, Pam Engel! She lives too far away for us to see each other much, but she has always been there for me! We have been friends since we were little girls, going to GA’s together!! I know I can call her anytime and she will always make time for me. She has been a faithful prayer warrior, praying for my husband as he has faced several health issues recently and last July when we almost lost him. She tells me to just say the word and she will be on her way to me. Just love that God saw fit to put us together all those years ago and we are still friends to this day!

  78. I have been blessed that Sheri Fulghum has been that life-giving breath for me for 26 years. Thanks for posting this. It blessed me!

  79. My special friend Carolyn died of cancer 5 years ago. I thank God everyday for bringing her into my life. I will never forget all the wonderful times we shared. She was bigger than life and lit up the room when she walked in. I don’t think there will ever be another Carolyn in my life but that’s ok…..I feel nothing but gratitude for the time I had with her. I know God put her there for a reason.

  80. I have known my best friend, Lisa Armour, since we were 12 years old; we will both be 58 this year. We have been there for each other through life. She is just as you described in your Devotional for today and I thank God that He sent her to me.

  81. My dear friend Vicky, who is always there for me, who speaks the truth in love and who prays for me and my family daily!

  82. My friend, Catherine, was a neighbor when our children were young. We were part of a Bible study group and saw one another regularly. I live in New York State, and she has lived in Oklahoma for more than 20 years. Though we have seen each other only a few times in the last two decades, we stay in touch through phone calls, text messages, and cards/notes. We share prayer requests, Christian songs that have special meaning to us, and we give each other time to talk and unload. She is a very encouraging Sister in Christ. I am thankful God put her in my life.

  83. I’ve been blessed with some really good friends throughout my life, over the years new friends have been put along my path. My friend Shirley has been my inspiration for many years now, she encouraged me through difficult times in my life and is still always there for me. Thank you God for Shirley.

  84. I have 4 ladies in my life right now that I feel fits this request, but the first that comes to mind is Kristie! She’s a straight-shooter… speaking truth in love!

  85. My sweet friend, Amy, is such a friend as this. She has prayed with and encouraged me through many trials over the past 20 years. Just hearing her voice brings joy and a smile to my heart! God has been so very loving to provide me with such a godly and joyful friend.

  86. My true friend is also my cousin Debbie whom I speak to regularly and we share our weeks joys and problems and pray about them together and glory when God answers our prayers. And when He doesnt answer them, then we know that it was for our best interest.

  87. A true friend says, “I believe in you, and I’ll be the first to blow the horn at your celebration party!” A true friend passes me the oxygen of an encouraging word when I feel like I’m drowning. This is my friend Gigi…She always tells me she wants me as part of her army 🙂

  88. My best friend, Veleta, has been in my life for over 50 years! Whenever I need a listening ear, she’s the first one who I will call. She always imparts Godly wisdom where needed or practical advice.

  89. I just love this message well said! Unfortunately, I do not have someone in my life whom I consider a true genuine friend, These days it’s just God and I, the one I put all of my trust in. I would love to have that someone as you described so my prayer is that God send me that one individual and that I also becomes her.

    Thank you for the encouragement!!!

  90. I am Blessed with that one friend,with one life change break in our 65 yr friendship.
    We have been to he’ll and back with life’s unexpected pain and sadness but we always know our soft plan e is there for each other.
    I have two blood sisters but Sally is sister of the heart.

  91. I thanks God that I have a friend who never judges me. Even when I feel down and out. I can be honest with her, even when it hurts.

  92. One of my greatest blessings in life has been my sister. She is a wonderful encourager. She’s my sister, my sister-in-law (we married brothers) and my best friend. She knows all about me and loves me anyway, unconditionally.

  93. My college roommate poured life into me then and even more so as we reconnected 40 years later. Can’t imagine doing life without LInda and her Christian influence.

  94. God has blessed me with many true, genuine friends! I’m so thankful for the gifts has given me and I pray to be a blessing to them also.

  95. I have a couple of friends like that. Sharon is the most amazingly awesome friend that has been there with me through everything. I have Sara who jumps in & helps with whatever life throws my way & is one powerful prayer partner. Then I have Rhonda. What a treasure that will set me straight off I need it. My kids call her Aunt Rhonda.

  96. I had a very close friend like this, but she suddenly passed away in May. Thankfully, I have another friend who understands this concept of healing words and we have offered each other that.

  97. I have a friend that I met when she was going through a divorce and we spent countless days sorting out lifes struggles then 20vyears later I went through a divorce and 6 months later lost my mother. This friend is the only one who has struck by my side through it all and has picked me up and encouraged me when I was ready to give up. She is like a ray of sunshine in this dark world.

  98. I wouldn’t call her a freind but a spiritual sister God Almighty sent me, firstly she didn’t judge me she didn’t want me to be someone I wasn’t the most thing about her when I’m wrong she tells me straight with love and care she is that person who would pick you up when you are down with words of advice.

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