When You’re Drowning in Bad Decisions

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Have you ever made a bad decision that threatened to suck you into an undercurrent of destruction? I certainly have. This memory reminds me of the dangers of jumping in where I shouldn’t.

The current swift and fierce. I could feel my body being swept away like a hollow reed.

I was just a wisp of a girl—a six-year-old, forty-pound monkey with gangly arms and legs who vowed she could do anything her eleven-year-old mischievous brother, Stewart, could do. Standing on the sole-blistering sand of Bogue Inlet, N.C., I watched as my brother Stewart and his friend plunged into the briny waters at the end of the island where the Atlantic Ocean merged with the Intercostal Waterway. The boys had one goal: swim across the waters to a sandbar some 100 feet away.

This was the spot at the end of the island where waves gave way to calm, salt water gave way to fresh, and sand gave way to soil. What looked like tranquil water on the surface was, in reality, a strong undercurrent that sucked the ocean away from its home. Like a lovesick puppy mourning its master’s absence, I watched as the boys dove into the water and swam away from shore.

“I want to go too!” I called out after them.

“You’re just a kid!” Stewart yelled back. “You stay there! You can’t come!”

“It’s not fair,” I stormed.“ He gets to do everything!”

“You stay here with us,” my dad instructed. “You’re too little. It’s not safe.”

My dad’s remarks only made me more determined to prove them all wrong.  “If he can do it, I can do it,” I mumbled.  “I always get left behind.”

When my dad turned his back to talk to a friend, I saw my chance and dove into the water. My thin limbs were no match for the sucking force of the undertow and the pull of the current. Very quickly, my lithe body was swept away with the ocean’s salt, sand and silt into the fresh water.

My salty tears mixed with the briny water and my small cries for help went unheard. The strong ropes of current continued to pull me away from my family, as they grew smaller.

Dad turned from his conversation to see the boys had almost hit their mark. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed my small splashes to his far right.

Propelled by panic, dad dove into the water and cut through the menacing current. Like a fisherman’s hook, dad reached out and grabbed my flailing body and reeled me to his side. With one arm, he fought the current and the other he held me tight. We finally made it to shore. My dad had rescued me.

My dad wasn’t a perfect man. He certainly made his share of mistakes, but on that day, he represented a good God and Father to me.

Have you ever been in a similar situation? Perhaps you’ve jumped into deep waters, into strong currents that appeared benignly calm on the surface, but with an undertow of trouble.

Perhaps you envied others who were headed in a certain direction and felt you were missing all the fun. “Don’t go there,” your Heavenly Father warns.  “It’s not safe.”

“But why do they get to have all the fun,” you whine. “I always get left behind.”

Then, when you think God isn’t looking, in you jump!  Before you know it you are being swept away in the current of poor choices, sucked down by the undertow of self-centeredness, and pulled away as your Father grows strangely small.

When we ignore our Father’s warnings, we forfeit the safety of His shore and plunge into the ocean of harm’s way: the undertow of wrong choices, the rising tide of moral danger. Perhaps that’s where you are right now. If so, there is hope. You only have to call out to your Heavenly Father for help and He will pull you safely to shore.

David cried out, “Turn your ear to me, come quickly to my rescue; be my rock of refuge, a strong fortress to save me” (Psalm 31:2).  “Reach down your hand from on high; deliver me and rescue me from the mighty waters…” (Psalm 144:7).

As God told Moses at the burning bush, He sees, He hears, His is concerned, and He rescues (Exodus 3:7-8).

“But Sharon,” you might say, “You don’t know how far I’ve fallen. You don’t know what a mess I’ve made of my life.” You are right. I don’t know. But you Heavenly Father does and there is no place that you can go where His arm is too short to reach down and rescue you.

Dear Heavenly Father, I am so glad that Your arm is never too short to save me – to pull me out of the difficult places of life. Forgive me for ignoring the Holy Spirit’s warnings and jumping into treacherous waters that I should have avoided.  Give me the strength to walk away when I feel that check in my spirit that says…don’t go there.  I love you, Lord, and thank You for being my Rescuer, my Rock, and my Redeemer. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

What is one situation that you need for your Heavenly Father to rescue you from right now? Do you believe that he is able?

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Comments 7

  1. Whenever a weakness has lead me to make a bad decision, I look up to my dearest Abba and cry out – “HELP”. Then, I can feel HIS graces and mercies wash over me.
    Truly. … HE NEVER LETS GO!

    praise our God Almighty!!

  2. I was in a situation where I didn’t know what the outcome was going to be in a betrayal of a business partner , I was in a stressful situation I didn’t know how to pray or even the strength to at that time , I was fairly new in my walk with Christ, I had a dream woke up with arms in the air yelling for help, the next day everything changed and turned around not to what I hoped for but God took the pressure of the situation off, came to my rescue I see the situation more clear today . God is faithful in the storm .

  3. Hi Sharon.
    I too had an imperfect earthly father. And like you, I remember a time he came to my rescue. I had crawled under a fence into the pasture out back, only to be confronted by a Hereford bull named Josh. I was too scared to move, but my father climbed over the fence and carried me to safety on the other side. It’s good to be able to remember the times our earthly fathers came through for us, even when they fell short in a lot of ways.
    Thank you so much for sharing and helping to resurrect my own personal memory when my father interceded for me.

  4. I’m teaching from your book “Enough”. Question 8 on Chapter 3.. I believe the inner part is the soul, but not sure what else.
    Would you help me with this answer?
    Thank you, Nancy

    Also, the women I’m sharing this with are very excited about this book!

    1. Post

      The outer part is the body.
      The inner is the soul and the spirit. They are different.
      The soul is the mind, will, and emotions.
      The spirit is the part that is eternal and communicates with God.
      Like and apple. Peeling, White part we eat. Core with seed that determines what kind of fruit it will be.
      Make sense?

  5. Oh how this hit me just at the right time, those waters are so tempting but knowing my God will rescue me from wrong thoughts and actions is a blessing beyond measure. He is a faithful loving God that keeps me in check daily. Do I wade into the waters a bit, yes I do but he always pulls me back saying NO, you are mine. Thank you Lord Jesus for my salvation and your love.

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