When You Feel Like You’re Drowning in Bad Decisions

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I’m posting over at Proverbs 31 Ministries today and thought you might enjoy this too. Leave a comment at the end and be eligible to win a free LOVED cuff bracelet!

The current swift and fierce, I could feel my body being swept away like a hollow reed.

I was a 6-year-old, 40-pound wisp of a girl with gangly arms who vowed she could do anything her 11-year-old mischievous brother, Stewart, could do.

Standing on the sole-blistering sand, I watched as Stewart and his friend plunged into the briny waters where the Atlantic Ocean merged with the Intercoastal Waterway. The boys had one goal: swim across to a sandbar some 100 feet away.

This was where the waves gave way to calm, saltwater gave way to fresh, and sand gave way to soil. But apparent tranquil water on the surface was, in reality, a strong undercurrent that sucked the ocean away from its home. Like a lovesick puppy, I watched as the boys dove in and swam away.

“I want to go too!” I called out.

“You’re just a kid!” Stewart yelled back. “You stay there! You can’t come!”

“It’s not fair,” I stormed. “He gets to do everything!”

“You stay here with us,” my dad instructed. “You’re too little. It’s not safe.”

My dad’s remarks only made me more determined to prove them wrong. “If he can do it, I can do it,” I mumbled. “I always get left behind.”

When my dad turned around, I saw my chance and dove into the water. I was no match for the force of the undertow and the pull of the current. Very quickly, my body was swept away with the ocean’s salt, sand and silt into the freshwater.

My salty tears mixed with the briny water, my small cries for help went unheard, and my family grew smaller.

Dad turned to see the boys were almost there. Then out of the corner of his eye, he noticed my small splashes.

Propelled by panic, Dad dove into the water and cut through the menacing current. He reached out and grabbed me to his side. With one arm, he fought the current and the other held me tight. We finally made it ashore. My dad had rescued me.

My dad was not a perfect man. He certainly made his share of mistakes, but that day, he represented a good God and Father to me.

Have you ever been in a similar situation? Perhaps you’ve jumped into deep waters that appeared calm on the surface but hid an undertow of trouble.

Perhaps you’ve envied others headed in a certain direction and felt you were missing all the fun. “Don’t go there,” your heavenly Father warns. “It’s not safe.”

“But why do they get to have all the fun?” you whine. “I always get left behind.”

Then, when you think God isn’t looking, you jump! Before you know it, you’re swept away in the current of poor choices, sucked down by the undertow of self-centeredness, pulled away as your Father grows strangely small.

When we ignore our Father’s warnings, we forfeit His safe shore and plunge into the ocean of harm’s way: the undertow of wrong choices, the rising tide of moral danger. Perhaps that’s where you are right now. If so, there is hope. You only have to call out to your heavenly Father for help, and He will pull you safely to shore.

David cried out, “Turn your ear to me, come quickly to my rescue; be my rock of refuge, a strong fortress to save me” (Psalm 31:2, NIV). He pleaded: “Reach down your hand from on high; deliver me and rescue me from the mighty waters” (Psalm 144:7a).

As God told Moses at the burning bush, He sees, He hears, He’s concerned and He rescues. (Exodus 3:7-8)

Maybe you’re thinking: You don’t know what a mess I’ve made of my life. You’re right. I don’t. But I do know how badly I’ve messed up. And guess what? There’s no place we can go where His arm is too short to reach down and rescue us.

No matter what your relationship with your earthly father has been, you have a very concerned heavenly Father who sees you, hears you and stands ready to rescue you.

Dear heavenly Father, I am so glad Your arm is never too short to save me — to pull me out of the difficult places of life. Forgive me for ignoring the Holy Spirit’s warnings and jumping into treacherous waters I should have avoided. Give me the strength to walk away when I feel that check in my spirit that says “Don’t go there.” I love You, Lord, and I thank You for being my Rescuer, my Rock, and my Redeemer. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

What’s one situation you need your heavenly Father to rescue you from today?

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Comments 102

  1. This was so perfect for me today. A friend is off at a writers conference and I’m not. Just a few weeks ago God made it clear to me to learn at home from Him. “When we ignore our Father’s warnings, we forfeit his safe shore…” That fell in my heart today and what peace that is. ❤️ I have the whole day to work on writing – on safe shore and sure foundation. Thank you for writing this! I am super encouraged.

    1. I love the prayer and believe. Today is infant and pregancy awareness day and I lost my baby and God got me through that time in my life and know I have an Angel baby looking down on me.

    2. I lost everything because of 1 man. Now, I don’t have a stable home for my son. He’s 16 and should not have to worry about anything really. But he does and he’s so strong. Every day is a new day for me to dwell on my bad choices I’ve made. I love God.

  2. Thank you so much for your blog today. I have been drowning in so many bad decisions, that I began to hate myself more than ever for being so stupid. For trusting people and for trusting myself that I made the right decisions, when I did not. I never thought ahead at all, just the here and now is all I thought about. And it got me into lots of problems. I always felt I was never good enough for anything or anyone. Self hate is a terrible thing!!!!
    I am learning now at my old age, that God loves me not matter what I did. He is always there to rescue me and believe me, He has done that many many times!!!!!!!! I always felt alone, but now I know that I am never alone. He is always there for me whenever I need Him.
    Thank you for reminding me that I am good enough!!!!

    1. Thank you for sharing your story. I too have been drowning in bad decisions and am learning to lean on God for forgiveness. I am learning the same thing as far aa how much God loves me and constantly reminding myself my strength comes from him. Thank you again for sharing. Have a very blessed day 🙂

  3. I’m a prisoner of my own body. 3 1/2 years ago I had a massive stroke and it left me paralyzed on my left side and as weak and tired as a newborn kitten. I can sit up in a wheelchair for a very few hours a day before I give out and have to get lay back down again and sleep for several hours.

    I’ve been in a nursing home since 3 weeks after my stroke because my husband doesn’t want to have to take care of me at home. He has been asked if he would let me come home with a CNA from PACE with me from 7 am to 7 pm and he said that he can’t deal with me for the other 12 hours, despite the fact that I generally sleep between 8 – 10. Of those hours. He still says that he might have to do something with me. The facility I’m in is over an hour from our home. I only see him one to two times a month at the most!

    I am feeling that I’m not ‘enough’ for anyone anymore! Even myself. Especially not God. I don’t have a purpose here anymore. I’m not just feeling like I’m on the ground, I feel like I’m as far under the ground as I can be! I don’t have a reason to be here, not even for God! I just want to die and leave this Earth!

    1. Diane, your situation breaks my heart!!! I just want you to know that a woman in Kansas will be praying for you and praying for your husband’s heart. My husband just passed away 10 months ago and he was in a skilled nursing facility before a crisis of being septic sent him to the hospital where he passed away several weeks later. I saw him every single day and had a 45 minute drive one way. There were a few days I was so worn out I was sick and did stay home but not seeing him every single day was my priority. As believer’s in Christ, we are “other centered” rather than “self-centered”, and I will pray that your husband’s heart will change. Today, I was feeling like you described. Not so much that I’m not enough, just that I don’t feel like I have a purpose to live anymore. I don’t know how to live alone without my husband….we were married 42 years and had a special love that I’m learning not every woman gets to experience. We separated 2 different times during that 42 years, but those times apart drove both of us into God’s strong arms and made our marriage even stronger. I am so sorry you are so alone and feel like you’re not enough. When I feel alone, I picture myself crawling up on the lap of Jesus and Him holding me, assuring me He will be enough for me and He will show me (eventually) what my purpose in this life is. I will pray the same for you, Diane. I send you a HUGE (((HUG))) and pray Christ’s love will fill your heart and you will KNOW YOU ARE ENOUGH!!! Perhaps there is someone that needs your friendship or your special gifts. I will pray He will show you just as I’m praying He shows me what my purpose in this “very alone” life is.

    2. Diane,
      You are precious to God! He sees and loves you unconditionally. I am so sorry to hear of your situation. Dont give up! You are loved! Call out to your heavenly Father. I am praying that He reveal Himself to you in a mighty way and to make a way where there seems to be no way. This is where He can show His glory like no other. I am believing for you, Diane and will continue to pray for you in love. In His love, Tricia

    3. Where are you? I pray I’m close enough to get to you. If I’m not, I pray there are people who see this and will physically come to you. I can’t even begin to know what to say. I’m in a season of suffering but it doesn’t come close to what you’re enduring. My devotion yesterday said: Be prepared to suffer for Me, in My Name. All suffering has meaning in My Kingdom. Pain and problems are opportunities to demonstrate your trust in me. Bearing your circumstances bravely even thanking Me for them – is one of the highest forms of praise. When suffering strikes, remember that I am sovereign and that I can bring good out of everything. Do not run from pain or hide from problems. Instead, accept adversity in My name, offering it up to Me for My purposes. This suffering gains meaning and draws you closer to Me. Joy emerges from ashes of adversity through your trust and thankfulness. This is easy for me to say but what you’re describing is more than most could bear. I have put you on my prayer list and wish I could communicate with you often. I’m including my email address and hope you get it so we can communicate.

    4. Diane, I cannot imagine your pain! I only read the beautiful words of an introspective soul who gives honesty and justice to a body that no longer works with her beautiful mind. Always know that God sees you, holds you, and has a purpose for you. You truly touched my heart today!

    5. Hi Diana,
      I have a special place in my heart for you today! I just wanted to simply remind you that when the glorious heavenly Father molded you in your mothers womb from his lovely thoughts of you, he wasn’t just doing it to show you off to the world but for him to love all over you too. Yes, there may be others who dont see your loveliness as your glorious Father does but that still wont take the Fathers eyes off you. He make you for his glory weather others see that are not. Also the Lord has said that he will be with us even in our old age (Isaiah 46:4) and he promised to never live us or forsake us (Deuteronomy 31:6). So you just simply have to take take your eyes off the one who doesn’t see your loveliness and turn it towards the one who yearns for you affections because you are the apple of his eyes. Diana, I will pray that you will grow in his love for you and in his strength to overcome all lies told to you. So what are you waiting for? Get your eyes on the love of your life and keep them there. Amen Jesus!

    6. Oh Dear Diane, how devastating for you. Life did not turn out as you expected. Please don’t give up hope. God’s plan may be different than you imagined but perhaps he has a plan for you in the nursing home to reach others for Christ. When my mom was in a nursing home there was a lady who was also in the nursing home who encouraged others through writing poetry and creative writing. This woman had been a writer, but like you could not longer take care of herself. She was such a blessing to the residents in the nursing home. God hasn’t taken you yet, because his plan for you is not yet finished. I will pray that your husband will have a change of heart so that you can go home with him soon, but until that happens know that God loves you and is with you.

    7. Dear Diane. I worked in long term care for many many years. I can hear your pain and frustration.
      Do you have use if your dominate hand and a writing pad or encouraging cards? I know there are activity ladies or volunteers that could help you. Be on the lookout for those who could use a card, scripture and your very unique beautiful smile. The fact that you have access to this beautiful ministry is awesome and while unwanted, a gift from God. Wise words were said to me. ” Dont wait for a friend, be one” By being an encouragement to others you WILL feel better. As God’s will is in your heart, you will see miracles. Nursing homes can be sad but my patients that had this attitude of grit became a source of inspiration. Love, Gail

    8. I am so sorry to read about your situation! I will keep you in prayer. We never know what God’s reasons are for situations in our life. Try to be positive and smile, maybe you are meant to uplift and be an encourager to others despite the adversity in your life! God bless and strengthen you! 🙏✝️🙏

    9. Dear Diane,
      Of course you matter, though it might not feel that way right now. What it must feel like is what I hear you say. But you know something, you really, really do matter to someone, and most of all to God. He says that it”s not over until He says it is; He says you are enough, and so you are.

      Years ago, I swore that I would never again let anyone define me. I promised myself that I would never again let anyone leave me feeling worthless. I recognized that the person with a problem in my most unsatisfactory relationship was not me…. Guess who it was? Not I. That recognition brought me to a place of unprecedented self worth. Rather than bury myself myself alive, I went out there and formed other meaningful relationships: such as the ones you are crafting on this blog.

      Girl, hold up your head; square your shoulders; meet the world head-on, with a positive spirit. You are your own best friend, but even you cannot best the pure love that God, your creator, has for you. Moreover, only when you value yourself, will you attract the value of others. Quit feeling sorry for yourself. Invite Jesus, who heals our wounds – physical and heart – to heal you; above all, to heal your hubby. (who knows what he’s going through?)

    1. Hi Monica! I just wanted you to remember that you should not worry about the acquisitions and the pointing of the fingers from others because people tend to forget that we aren’t perfect but that we do the best with the strength that we have. And I just want to encourage you to keep leaning on the greatest strength that we do have, which is in the Lord and allow the Lord to teach you all the wisdom that you desire to have so that you can continue to overcome all that you face each day. So be blessed my strong sister in the Lord! Amen!

  4. Thank you for this incredible devotion full of truth and admonition. I wish my husband had listened to the Lord‘s voice years ago. He’s now walking with the Lord but at the great cost of consequences and heartache, both his and mine, and in the future, when he tells our children that he’d been unfaithful to me. The Lord has healed me after discovering the affair nearly 4 years ago, and I even started a local support group. He can redeem any situation when we cooperate fully and do the hard work of self examination and making restitution. Our faith has grown and we enjoy deeper intimacy with each other and the Lord. Thank you again!

  5. Thank you for this devotional! I’m praying for God to help me hear Him and desire to be with Him instead of letting business distract me. Thanks for the chance to win too.

  6. I felt the pull of the Lord as I read your story. I have made some decisions that pantered to my wishes of a serene life with my grandchildren away from difficult relationship. I found some happiness, but all burned away when a serious fired destroyed my dream. I now am seeking the Lord and finding the Word is my Salvation as I seek Him before any of my pleasures and desires. God has a plan that is for my good and I need to trust Him and not my human understanding. Thanks for such a picture of how our Father rescues us and brings us into His way of life.

  7. In the midst of healing from rejection and betrayal. It was hard to not blame God and feeling not enough for my family and Him. As this journey continues, I am realizing I am enough for Him. He not leave me abandoned as I believed.

  8. I know I have been swept away my my desire to fit in, to be a part of the crowd. This cost me twenty years of my life and I Praise God for reaching down to save me and introducing me to Jesus and setting me free from a life of sin. Thank you for your post. May God bless you abundantly.

  9. Really needed to read this today…Thank you for reminding me that God is always there no matter how much messed up my life has been lately!!!…Thank you so much and may you continue to bless others with your writings and devotions..God Bless You

  10. One to many times I have been sweped away and fallen short of God’s word. We sometimes get lost in this worldly mess. I am so thankful that the lord is ALWAYs there to pull me up and back into his arms. 💙

  11. I need God to step in in a BIG way right now. To show up and show me that there is good in my situation. I need to know He cares and wants good for my life.

  12. Hearing the Holy Spirit asking me to go without knowing where and ignoring it because of fear and self doubt about being wanted and now wondering about missed blessings or opportunity.

  13. This devotional so speaks to me at this time in my life. I never would have guessed that I would have such doubt about my worth and low self esteem at this stage of the game. The voices in my head are always telling me the lies the enemy wants me to believe. It is good to be reminded that I am not alone in this struggle. Thank you Sharon for the encouraging word and hopeful reminder that we are “enough” for our heavenly father and He loves us because He created us for that purpose…period!! (Hard to wrap my tiny human brain around that! 😉)

  14. Thank you for the encouragement. I definitely don’t feel like enough. I lovr my family. I love the Lord. But my tone of voice and the way I react to my children is often not how i would like to respond. It haunts me. I have 4 children 7 and under.
    God is able and I pray every day the Lord changes my heart. That he would help me respond and not react. I just often feel like I’m failing.

  15. Sharon,
    I can’t thank you enough for your special way of drawing the analogy that you did in today’s Proverb’s 31 Ministries meditation!!
    My husband passed away 10 months ago and after being in a special marriage for 42 years, I haven’t got a clue how to live. I was feeling today like I had no purpose…..not necessarily that I wasn’t enough, but just like “What’s the point?” in going on living? The way you made the analogy thru your story when you were 6 yrs old spoke directly to my heart. Something about your words…….the Holy Spirit deposited them into my heart. I thank you for taking the time to write the devotional for Proverbs 31 and will cling to the promise that He will rescue me from this state of mind I find myself in right now. I’m not in a good place at all; seeing no purpose to my life now without my husband. Thank you so much, Sharon. May Christ’s love fill you to the brim!!

  16. Thanks so much for this. I was totally randomly searching for a devotional and it just so happened that this was the devo for today. I don’t think you can know how much this topic resonates with me. I have felt so hopeless and broken, drowning in a sea of my own mistakes and past pain. I have been in a desperate search for God in my life and this has really set a spark of hope in my soul, even if it’s a small one. Thanks for posting this devotion, because I really needed it. I hope this touches many others the way it touched my heart <3

  17. Wow. I really needed that today. I’ve been struggling back and forth for the past few years and feel like I’ve been pulling away from God. This was truly an inspirational story for me and I’m thankful I woke up at 3:30 in the morning with this ringing in my ear. At least now I know there was a reason for me to be awake at this time. Thank you again.

  18. Loneliness is with me all the time.
    I want to trust but and I think I can but when trouble comes I panic. I want to trust. Pray with me that I can overcome this with Jesus help.

  19. This serves as confirmation from the service my pastor preached 10/13 “The Storm Is Over”. Thank you for your wonderful teachings.

  20. Thank you for this! I have had a rough year. We had to file bankruptcy, my 20 year old truck broke down to a very expensive fix, I broke my wrist at work. Everything was falling apart. I completely lost it one morning when I got home from work. I asked God to rescue me and He did! I was able to take a 401k loan out to purchase another vehicle. Everything is starting to look up! Our help ALWAYS comes from the Lord. Why do we ever even get about it?

  21. Thank you for this. As I read it I had tears in my eyes. I’m making a conscious effort to not get ahead of God and let Him lead. I wish I had done this a long time ago, but at least I am now. ❤️

  22. not Sure how deep this is that I’m seeking out right now…being afraid of deep water I was imaging. Myself with you in the current and I could, actually feel your fear. The decision I ha e before me is a financial one. I’m retiring in April and I partly feel it is a privilege that’s given to do so. But also I want and need to hear or see a clear sign that God is okay with it to.
    I look forward to the day of being mine and his ..to be able to do day things and remain home at night …to enjoy my garden and friends during the day and to be away from the pressures of work …
    I need a sign …has anyone been here ?

  23. This was perfect for me to read today. I’ve found myself drowning in a sea of debt, feeling like I’m going to be punished for the poor stewardship of God’s money, not knowing what to do. But today I know God sees, hears and will rescue me. Thank you for the word today.

  24. Thank you for writing this. I have made lots of bad decisions in my life. I am finally trying to just listen to God. It’s hard however, I am starting to see it’s worth it.

  25. Thank you for this reminder! I feel I have jumped off into treacherous waters. I thought God had opened a door but turns out I don’t believe He did.. I shouldn’t have went through the door and now I am seeing I made the wrong decision. I am praying hard for God to rescue me and to keep my family and myself healthy and safe since we have no health insurance at this time. Please pray God opens a door this week for another position, the right position. I only want to be in His will. Thank you for writing and sharing the post! It was much needed today. May God continue to use you in mighty ways for His kingdom!

  26. I needed this today. I am back at the same job I have left 3 times before. Third time is not a charm and I am regretting my decision for going back. Also dealing with depression and anxiety in my life. Thank you for this devotion today. I’m reaching up to my Heavenly Father for help.

  27. I have found myself in this place of discord in my relationship and I’ve been praying for wisdom to handle my situation. I feel so lost and so alone in this place. I don’t feel like I’m deserving of help. I didn’t pray to hear for guidance or wisdom when I put my self in this situation in the beginning. Now that things have gone array, how can I trust I’m making the right choice? I have been praying and waiting and I have no idea what the Lord will do. Or if I’m just on my own on this one. Feeling stuck and trying to keep the faith.

  28. I have learned this the hard way… with deep regrets…. yet even these regrets, He can heal. There is no hole so deep that He will leave me in. For this I am ever grateful!!

  29. Thank you for your devotional this morning. It was a very timely message. I am enjoying looking around your website and checking out your book.

  30. I was that little sister also always left behind by my older big brothers. Always compared to them and it seemed always found lacking. How comforting and fulfilling it was when I come to faith to find out I was lacking in nothing and didn’t need to feel as though I had been left behind! What a good Father we have who guides our steps and checks our mis-steps because He knows what is good for us!! I am blessed!

  31. Excellent word! God is faithful and merciful. I forget not his benefits, the times he has delivered me…we all make mistakes, and we can learn from them, accept his grace and move on with thankful hearts. I am blessed. Blessings to you.

  32. I love how God is an on time God every time. This was exactly what I needed today. Years of bad decisions that I believed were right decisions have left me doubting myself and fearful. But, God…..I know He’s reaching for me and when I fill my mind with His truth the doubts and fears subside. I am so thankful for His love and protection.

  33. Right now I feel like I am drowning. I am having a hard time finding a job even a retail job. I don’t understand why no one wants to hire me. We are struggling to pay bills and our bank account is negative. We need a miracle and I know God can and will provide and rescue us, but I can’t stop worrying that it will be after we lose everything. We need strength and prayers.

  34. I have been rescued more times than one can imagine! I continue to need rescuing all the time! Fortunately God loves me unconditionally and for that I am most grateful! We serve a mighty God who loves us even when we don’t deserve it! This story was right “on spot” for me this morning!

  35. So true and spoke to where I have been numerous times! Thinking something else or someone else’s life was better….only to get a glimpse of that way and feel it is a dry place or need rescue from the muck & more! Thank you Sharon for your heart and talented writings!! Blessings, Kim

  36. This has encouraged me. I dont know how many times i have made bad decisions, they are countless, leaving me empty, costing me money, and relationships. Sometimes i wish i could turn back the hands of time to undo them (thats the “miss perfect side of me thinking) , but i cannot. Despite the wrong turns i have made, God’s grace and His arms have been wide open to ask & receive his forgiveness and also know that he is with me even when i fail. That doesn’t mean i take God’s love and mercy for granted. Thank you Ms. Sharon

  37. To be honest, I almost deleted this email. Then I felt the nudge to go ahead and open it. Wow, did it speak loud and clear. I know these scriptures from going through some treacherous waters years ago. I needed to read this again to be reminded that God is in control only if I will let him be by reaching out and asking for help. Thank you for this message this morning! What a great way to start the day with hope and encouragement! So glad I didn’t hit delete after all!

  38. I guess GOD feels I need to read this again as I read this yesterday maybe on P31 ministries encouraging word. Made me wonder was this in NC?

  39. My husband left me and my daughter. I am learning to only listen to God. I am and will continue to honor my husband. I believe in the Lord and His plan for my life. I am waiting and listening. I cry out and pray for His strength and refuge.

  40. This is right on target for me in my life right now. Everything around me is pulling me down. Some of it is my fault for not paying close enough attention. But, the people I love so much (spouse) has pulled me into their bad decisions affecting how my life is. I want to scream: “This isn’t fair!” However, I know that because my love had blinded me to look the other way, I am part of this situation. Bad financial decisions,( chapter 13 bankruptcy) an aging father with dementia, now my own health issues, (heart) struggling to make ends meet, and fighting hard for my faith in a marriage to a “pre-believer” (came to faith after I married,) has me feeling like I am drowning. I appreciate your prayers and this message! thank you so very much!

  41. I had a period of my life where I was living in some dark times as the result of a series of bad decisions. I repented and it has taken some time to forgive myself from those bad decisions. To this day I still live with the result from one of them and no it’s not the blessing of an unplanned child. HE is so good and has forgiven me and loved me. HE has picked me up and set my feet back on solid ground.

  42. For me it’s the fact that I have ignored the prompting of the Holy Spirit for so long, becoming aware of his ‘Don’t go there’ is of utmost importance right now. Thank you for the story and the nudge further into my walk not to just hear but listen (heed) to the right Lord of my life.

  43. I need God every day. There is a situation in my family that is critical for His hands to touch. We have been praying that He take hold of it and clear it up so it doesn’t ruin a precious young man’s life. I have faith enough to know He will but as we humans do, the answers aren’t coming quickly enough. I pray for patience to let Him handle it in His time!

    1. I, too, need GOD every day. I know that no matter what I face God will never give me more than what I can handle. Yet, I with all my prayers to Him to watch over my loved one, and to help her have a change of heart and mind, and to feel His guidance to move along a different life path, the answers have not come and the behavior change has not come quickly enough. So many years of the same choices, same behaviors, and heartbreaks. The challenge to believe that God knows best and that His timing is perfect are hard to accept many days.

  44. An Awesome and timely word…Praise the Lord, God has made me enough, wen I am abandoned and rejected by my husband and made to feel that I am not enough, for yrs,.. God healed my wounded broken spirit, and let me know that I am His, and that makes me enough. Because God is More than enough…Praise You Abba Father, for Your Great Love, for loving me…

  45. This was a good message for me today because I had to leave my job due to health reasons and I feel like I let my family down, because now are income Is much less and my insurance changed causing more of a financial hardship. My family said it’s okay but it’s hard for me not to work. But I know God is with me and he said he will provide all my needs and o believe in his word. Just getting my mind to be silent is where I’m struggling.

  46. Wow!!! It was exactly what I needed. God Knows the advise you need and when you need it! This really hit home for me and I know it must have for a lot of people because the comments were really awesome as well!!

  47. Thank you for this gentle reminder that the Lord is never checked out or unable to rescue me from whatever deep waters I’m in at the moment. He is faithful always and mighty to save and redeem my losses and overcome my doubts and fears.

  48. Drowning in bad decisions, seems like this is the title of my life, because I continuously make bad decisions, and they seem to be the same, just an unending cycle. Thank goodness He is there always. He never leaves us, even though He might want to. I can see Him shaking his head, saying under his breath, again! Really!

    Thank you for sharing, I needed this word. Thanks for the encouragement.

    Hope you day is blessed.

  49. Feeling really insecure today – a struggle that is very real when I am at work. I feel left out, not included and the list goes on. I know God is there with me, it just feels so lonely sometimes. I love that you shared His arm is never too short to reach us. I need to feel his loving arms wrapped around me today.

  50. Jumping into a current of “Don’t leave me behind!” Is a sure sign I am not confident in God’s plan for my life. I jumped into trying to fix my broken body. If 30 years of polishing my heart with a chronic disease has not given me a new perspective of purpose, I’m surely not listening to Him. Sure, others, friends, relatives, and most everyone, seems to easily swim in the fun, deep water of life. Maybe, no, most likely… well, honestly… God is on the shore standing right next to me. I will enjoy the sweet feel of solid ground. I will try my best to stay in the conversation. God does know best! Peace is truly standing, resting, and knowing, really knowing, I am not missing a thing.

  51. I love how timely your posts are! We almost jumped into a major purchase and though my husband and I both felt ill at ease, we pushed forward because it was for a good cause. He had given us several warnings but it took one final one from outside to get our attention and stop the process just this morning. We will lose some money, but nothing compared to if we had moved forward. Now the situation has changed full circle and I am amazed! I know it is time for healing in our family. Thank you, God.

  52. Thank you for this message, it was so encouraging. I’ve made a few choices in the past years that now seem to have me held up in a stronghold and it truly feels like there’s no way out. I appreciate this message of hope. Thank you.

  53. Amen! I went down that road twenty years ago. God gave me a sign to leave the person I was involved with. I didn’t leave…and I ended up being betrayed by this person. Good news, I am now going to church and learning about my heavenly Father and how much He loves me.

    1. Post
  54. Good Morning, I always keep God in my business, I didn’t have a earthly dad that I knew and it was not a problem for me because God has been talking to me since I was 12-16 years old and up until this day, I still hear from him. I know I am a hand full for Him but He won’t leave me alone. God has always been my father, thru a lost of a child, 2 sons imprisonment (30 years), 2 almost deaths, homeless, and 3 cancer relatives as of today, etc. I feel sometimes I am alone but I fight the feeling. I ask Him everyday what He thinks of my day.

    As of today, I have accepted Jesus and God as my savior and I don’t care what people say or do, I listen to them for my guidance . I worry about being too old (66) to get more blessing but again I will wait on the Lord.

  55. What a timely message. We often feel like we can lead our lives best, thinking that we are being withheld from what we believe to be good things. I have certainly experienced and struggled with that. This was a great encouragement that God knows best, and knows more. He loves us. Help us Lord.

  56. I am 76 years old. I have fought the weight issue all of my adult life, and now it causes health issues and depression, and yet I still cannot conquer it. Before I eat a snack late at night, I try to convince myself that I don’t need to eat it, but I always do.
    I am a Christian, and I know that God never leaves me. I just need help convincing myself that He will help me conquer this before it’s too late.

  57. Thanks for such an encouraging word today! I love this devotion. thanks also for the chance to enter this give away too. 🙂 To answer your question about an area where I need God to rescue me would be in my finances. I have begun a new job with that provided a raise and has more hours than where I was so, i know I am in the right direction for my life. This time of transition though is a challenge. I need God to continue to surprise me with His provision.

  58. God has been saving me since I was born to parents who lost me and all my siblings when I the tender age of 9 months old. They were horrible parents who deserved to loose us but being raised by the state of Illinois was not much better. Though I didn’t meet my Heavenly Father until I was in my mid 20’s I see his footprints and arms of passion from my birth. He has guided me, I have made some very questionable life choices that have cost me dearly but it has never cost His love for me!

  59. Thank you for this great reminder. When I have a big decision to make and I have prayed and asked the Lord to open or close doors according to His will, and I initially have peace, I will continue to question whether my decision was right or wrong, especially if doors have been open and I am moving forward.

    I recently read that we don’t always experience peace when we are in prayer for a big decision. Sometimes we need to take that leap of faith trusting God will be with us while we make them and guide us in wisdom with the end result. I would much rather hear His audible voice telling me, “Rose, move forward, you will be blessed” or “stop, this is not a good decision.” But that doesn’t happen and I often will question my decision and then worry and stress about it, especially if everything doesn’t go smoothly.

    I have made plenty of bad choices and decisions and have made some good ones as well. The big ones always seem to be questionable for me because I know my life can be impacted negatively…and they also seem to be the ones I’m most fearful to make and that sometimes holds me hostage to make them. I feel unless I’m 100% certain I shouldn’t move forward, I need to continue walking forward and then pray for God’s leading and hope I can discern His will. If after all that, the decision turns out to be wrong, I continue to pray He will guide me thru them with godly wisdom.

  60. I continuously need the Lord to reach out and save me from myself. I make good decisions but react adversely to people who I perceive mistreat me or those close to me. I am defensive, hostile and combative. Although I often prove my points to my own satisfaction, it feels like empty victory. Lord please reach out and take me by the hand and pull me back from being reactionary!

  61. Oh how I wish I had known this long ago. I made things in my life do much more difficult than they ebet needed to be. I still struggle daily. I am praying that I will hear truth and know that God is able but more so willing!

  62. If I would seek God first on making decisions, then I would be spared much headache later. Yes, God is very merciful. I’ve called out to Him numerous times in my life & He is there. He brings me back safely to shore, so to speak but often there are consequences along with it. I’m so thankful our Father says, What sin? Thank you for sharing your experience today. May we always look to God… He’s only a prayer away.

  63. Thank you Sharon. This was just what I needed today as I have had some difficulties of late with negative comments from other, and also in making some mistakes at work. While I had thought I would work about 5 more years I wonder if I am getting too old. What a discrepancy between your story as a youngster and my story as an elder. Still, we continue to seek the Lord in all circumstances and know he will call us to what is best and sustain us through whatever situations unfold.

  64. This was so perfect for me today! We recently moved for my husband’s job, which resulted in me leaving a job that I loved. About a month ago, I started a new job — the first full time job I’ve ever had (as a mother). Up until this point, I’ve been blessed to be able to drop off and/or pick up my kids from school. Now, not only am I unable to do that, but I’m also not getting home until a couple hours after they do. Recently God showed me that I didn’t even seek Him in the process of finding a job…so there’s my bad decision!! What an encouragement to be reminded that in spite of my independence, my Perfect Father still loves me deeply and wants to help me. So I am praying for Him to lead me and trusting that He will provide in whatever way He sees fit!

  65. What a beautiful post. Knowing Gods hands are never to short to pull you up from all currents that pull you away from him. I was blessed to have a great earthly father and yet I made those wrong choices that hurt me. God now has placed me in a position of possibe adoption of my 29 month old great grandson at the age of 66 years. So my faith has to be stronger than ever before and listen to my Lord for every decision I must make concerning him . I belong to God now and in eternity. There is no room for mistakes any longer and that can only happen when I know God lives in me and my prayers are guidance are from him for i am his daughter. God bless all in the name of Jesus.

  66. This message is mine today. Am drowning in financial messes. I really don’t know where I messed up but I really need Great dad’s hand to uphold me and lift me from the storm. It has affected me to an extent I have feared to venture into other dreams but thank God for the book “ENOUGH” that I bought through amazon after I let your blog, I stopped feeling less of my self and always believed that God will see me through in every situation. Before then, I used to attack my self-esteem. Thank you for the word Sharon, It was timely.

  67. The Lord is our rescuer. Proverbs 20:22 ” Do not say, I will repay evil; wait for the Lord and He will rescue you.” The world needs to know our Lord and Savior and needs to know how to love one another. As in in 1 Corinthians 13:13″ And now abide faith,hope,love, these three,but the greatest is love.

  68. It’s been almost 2 years after I gave into my selfishness and ended up being”the other woman”. Truth is before I met him (the married guy) I wouldn’t even entertain the thought of being with a married man. I thought anyone who did decide to be the other woman was sad in a pathetic way and of course dillusional. However, when I allowed the voices in my head to reason with me that I too deserve fun and attention somehow, being the other woman seemed like a small price to pay. As if there is a price enough to wreck have in your life.

    The affair went on for almost a year (until I found out I was pregnant). The guy started ignoring me and reminding me that he was married. I went through the pregnancy alone and today I’m raising my 14month old daughter alone. He calls monthly to send child support money. Me on the other side had suffered public shame and humiliation.

  69. I’ve left a beautiful flat and was very ill. I panicked and moved to a rented flat in over 55s complex. Total and utter mistake. I regret each day. The flat is now being sold and I need to find another rental flat in 2 months. I miss my friends and am falling apart. I just want to go back. Please help me Lord Jesus. I feel so alone

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