When You Feel Like You Can’t Hear from God

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I was so confused. I was talking to God, but it seemed He wasn’t talking to me. There seemed to be a barrier between us. I was single, twenty-years old, and needed to make an important decision about my future, but I wasn’t hearing from God.

Have you ever had that experience? Talking but not hearing. Asking but not receiving? Let me tell you what happened.

Mr. Thorp was an older, godly gentleman who mentored my Christian friends and me during our teen years. After one of our Bible study meetings, I asked him to pray for me.

“Let’s read some Scripture about prayer before we pray,” Mr. Thorp suggested.

First he turned to Matthew 18:19-22:

Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven. For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”

Then Peter came to Jesus and asked, “Lord, how many times shall I forgive my brother or sister who sins against me? Up to seven times?”

Jesus answered, “I tell you, not seven times, but seventy-seven times.

Then he turned to Matthew 6:8-15. Then to Mark 11:22-26.

Every passage Mr. Thorp turned to regarding prayer had verses about forgiveness either before it or after it. He stopped reading, looked me in the eyes, and said, “Sharon, I sense that God is telling you that you have unforgiveness in your heart. Have you forgiven your father for what he did to you and what he withheld from you?” (Mr. Thorp had walked with me on my spiritual journey and knew very well what had gone on in my home.)

I was stunned. “Mr. Thorp,” I respectfully replied, “I came here to pray about my future, not talk about my past.”

“But, Sharon, God can’t talk to you about your future until you obey Him regarding your past.”

It was a rough morning, but a good one.

At that time in my life, I had been a Christian for seven years. My father came to Christ six years after me. He had been a violent, heavy drinker with a rage disorder who gambled, indulged in pornography, and had affairs. Dad hit my mom, terrorized my brother, and treated me as if I were non-existent. When he gave his life to Christ, he was truly a new creation. The change was and is one of the most miraculous transformations I’ve ever seen. Only the Almighty God could have orchestrated the twists and turns that led my father to the cross.

However, I had a niggling resentment toward my dad, which I clung to with a closed fist. Yes, I saw the change, but no, I didn’t trust him. I didn’t even like him. I still had nightmares, fits of fear, and trigger points of panic. Whenever Dad made a mistake—because lo and behold he still wasn’t perfect—the bitterness of my childhood rose up like bile. God was speaking to me through Mr. Thorp, saying, Now’s the time to let it go.

Mr. Thorp and I spent hours talking through the pain of my past and the purpose of forgiveness. We prayed. I cried. Finally, I cut my father from the noose of the past I held around his neck. In turn, God cut away the bitterness filling my heart and replaced it with a tender love of a daughter who saw her dad through the lens of grace. I was free.

Amazingly, after forgiving my father, my inability to hear from God was lifted. I knew exactly what I was supposed to do. I’m not saying that once you forgive, everything in your life will fall into place, but I do know that my refusal to forgive my earthly father hampered my communion with my heavenly Father.

So here’s what God’s asking you and me today…is there someone you haven’t forgiven? It’s time to cut them loose. Let it go. Forgiveness isn’t saying that what the person did isn’t wrong, but that you’re going to let go of the angry resentment, give the person to God, and live free. Forgiveness is setting the prisoner free, and then realizing the prisoner was you.

Never once did Jesus tether our forgiveness to the caveat that the person we forgive has changed or asked for our forgiveness. Why? Forgiveness really isn’t about the other person at all…it’s about what we choose to do with forgiving as Christ forgave us, and set ourselves free.

Lord, today I choose to forgive _________ for ____________. I have been terribly hurt [misused, abused], but I am not going to allow the offense to control me any longer. Just as You have forgiven me, I now forgive ____________. I relinquish any need for revenge and place the consequences of this person’s action in Your hands. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

If you prayed that prayer of forgiveness, leave a comment and say, “I did it!” Let’s celebrate together.


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You can do it! I know you can!

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Comments 212

  1. Oh Sharon, such a beautiful account of how God led you all those years ago. I can see its impact on countless lives even today through your tender words of truth and your vulnerability in sharing from your painful past. Thank you!

  2. I did it!!!! ThankYou Abba Father God for hearing my prayer and blessing me with safety and love through our Lord Jesus Christ! God bless you sister too in Jesus name Thankyou for your testimony!!!

  3. I did it I forgave all that hurt me I thank you for it Lord Jesus take away the hurt the shame and revengeful attitude toward all the Anthony Walker Frances Grant Sybil Jones. Twaikia Queasily Bettye Green my mom Joshua McLain. Stephanie FeliCa Jordan and my entire family. And finally myself Ingrid Rochelle Harried.

  4. Thank you for this. I forgave my step kids. After the George Floyd deal that happened in our city, apparently it was my husband’s fault for not understanding how it felt to them. One is Korean and one is half African American who have lived very privileged life’s etc. do they have not talked to my husband in 2 years. Adult children and I have been very angry at them. We are very conservative people and we have always been willing to listen etc . But they are the victims a role the love very much. My husband said he doesn’t care and have written them off. He does not deserve this at all. Thank you Sharon!

  5. Pray for me please! I am struggling to release the anger and bitterness of my husband’s constant relapses of his sex addiction. I think I have forgiven him but I can’t feel the love I had at one time. He is just a helpful roommate now. I can’t change my feelings and I have begged God to do it for me. Change my heart Lord.

  6. I prayed that prayer. I think I will have to do it every day because I live with this man. He is my husband. He does not love me, support me, or take any interest in me. I have been living with this for 20 years of our 30 year marriage.

  7. I praise God for forgiveness, that God created forgiveness! Something we need to do for others and also seek for ourselves. Either way it’s all about our relationship with our Loving and forgiving Father God.
    I’ve never noticed the forgiveness verses surrounding those prayers before, thank you for that Sharon and for another opportunity to forgive others so that I can be closer to my Saviour ❤️

  8. I did it! another great devotional to hit me where I need it. I had already done this with my abusive dad but had not done it with my husband. I had bitterness and resentment from years of an ungodly marriage. I am committed to being obedient to God and changing our marriage into one that is pleasing to God.

  9. I thought I forgave my mother father and brother for the abuse and pain growing up. I love the Lord so much and if there is unforgiveness in my heart i want it gone. Nothing can come between my relationship with God. Ilove Him too much to let that happen. So I forgive them but does that mean I have to associate with them. I just can’t be around them. Thoughts of the past will surface and the anger and bitterness will take over. Please, answer my question. Is it ok to not associate with them even if I forgive them?

    1. Kim
      Forgiveness is almost more for you than them. It frees you from being in charge and gives it to Jesus.
      If they are still abusive there is no need to make yourself a martyr.
      If they have truly changed then you need to consider what you can deal with.
      But God might be making a new person of you and you can deal with things you never could before. Remember, you just did this (forgiveness) on July 3rd. Let it work for a time in your heart.
      Perhaps they have changed and you don’t know it because you keep your distance.
      But if they are still abusive please protect yourself by staying away.
      There should never be any forced reconciliation between abusers and abused. But between the repent and the forgiver there can be a new beginning.

  10. I did it! I have been holding on to anger and fear for way t long. It feels good to let go and give it to God.

  11. I forgave myself for things I asked the Lord to forgive me for yet times come when I condemn myself like God forgiveness wasn’t good enough . So I forgave myself and asked God to forgive me for that which I didn’t let go of . For when we asked forgiveness God is faithful to wipe the slate clean .
    Then I forgave others from my past that the Lord put on my heart.

  12. I needed to read this article. This has been an issue in my life for so many years. I am a Christian but still struggle. Thank you for your openness.

  13. Sharon
    Thank you so much for your guidance one this matter. I had to forgive myself for all my past failures.
    Thanks again:

  14. I did it. I prayed to forgive my immediate family for not showing up over the last seven years to help with caring for my mother diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

  15. I did it ! I have forgiven my estranged husband and now I work on healing my heart and hopefully God will work on my husband Chris heart to bust down the wall between us. The Jericho wall ! Please pray for us Thank you !

  16. I did it today, 6-27-2023. I realized in reading your story how I had been withholding forgiveness that the Lord just brought to light. Thank You Lord for using Sharon’s story in my life. Thank you Sharon for being so transparent.

  17. Thanks for this. I had unforgiveness in my heart for a long time although I have been a Christian for many years. Could not understand why my much older sister was mean to me as a child. Had visible scars on my body she inflicted. I confronted her just recently and told her how she hurt and bullied me. I have felt so much better talking to her about it. I loved her all my life but I had not forgiven her . I feel free now and I give all the glory and honor to God.

  18. I am glad . Thanks for your devotions. They have strengthened me so much. I help to take care of a 92 year old lady and I read them to her each time I go to her. We both are in tears or laughing or really thinking deeply about the word after. Thank you so much!!)

  19. Good Day, I have the same story, but with my mom. I love her but I can’t be around her her body language still makes me feel anxiety&my heart bets fast. I feel uncomfortable. I also have asked her for forgiveness for my part,but she gets this cold look&can’t hug me back. This treatment has been going on since I was a child. I was physically & mentally abused for years,still till this day she manages to make me feel as a bad daughter, a bad person. Years go by& we don’t speak. My brother & sister who I had a big part in thire life when we were younger. My mom was an alcoholic for most of her life. Now thank God she’s clean. But her ways have not she still has those same ways. I think she just never cared for me. She always use to blame all her troubles on my dad & me. I love her & pray for her every day. I ask God all the time to forgive me for my sins as a bad daughter. Here I am 64 years old & still have these issues. I don’t talk to know one about this because I feel that people look at me like ” get over it” But it’s not easy at all. I have tried to let it go and let God work on both of us,but I end up taking it back. I think about this at least 10 times a day. I believe my life has been up & down because of this great sin I carry with me since I can remember. Your story today hit home I couldn’t believe that I could relate to your story. Thank you. I will keep this prayer for ever. Thank you, God bless you always. God bless. Keep writing your words help to ask God for help. Sincerely Ana Medina.

  20. I did it! I forgave my dad for the incest I suffered for 5 years of my youth. This had caused me to be very skeptical of men & their intentions all of my life.
    I believe that since I forgave dad (who passed away a decade ago) I will be able to stop being paranoid.
    Thank you Jesus for freeing me, Amen 🙏

  21. I did it! I forgave my husband and his “young female friend” for cheating on me. I relinquish it all to God.

  22. I did it and feel better already. Forgiveness is hard sometimes but so necessary for your own soul. Thank u so much for your message today

  23. I always felt invisible to my father.Therefore it was hard to imagine a Creator as a loving Father. I forgave him and realized he did his best.
    Enter in and heal me!

  24. Wow! What a powerful reading!
    Thank you for sharing!
    I was soo Oblivious…
    I didn’t even feel like i couldn’t hear God…
    However, he spoke clearly through your words regarding holding a noose around peoples necks who have hurt me!!!
    What a great reminder!!
    Now comes the heart retching work of forgiving, being forgiven, letting go, and growing!!!
    Tx again!!!
    I just love You Sharon!
    Your sister in Christ!!!

  25. What do you do about temptation? I just started building my relationship with God but the devil is always in my mind and it’s hard to concentrate and understand the word and whenever I’m praying, he will try to scare me and distract me.

  26. Amen !’
    I did it !!!
    My daughter is mad at me for nothing I’ve done wrong. Shes convinced herself I’d done wrong to her when she’s really assuming. I’ve prayed about this several times but never thought of her forgiveness part.
    I have been even speaking to my grandson about forgiveness when it I needed it myself as well.
    Thank you Jesus for showing me.

  27. On this day, TODAY, this has helped me so much to FORGIVE where I have been offended and I judged. Forgive others as I am forgiven 77×7 times.

  28. I did it. I forgave my husband for threatening to leave me in Jan 2018. It was the year I was turning 50, it was our 25th wedding anniversary, our oldest was graduating college, middle child was graduating high school, and youngest child graduating 8th grade. It was a big year for us,,,for me and I whirled into such anxiety that I got on medication that made my anxiety worse and I couldn’t sleep. The greatest year of my life turned into the worst because of those words, “I’m not happy. If things don’t better, I’m leaving you.” After a full year of anxiety and depression, I talked to my doctor and came off the meds. I have not been able to forgive him for the messed up year until today! Thank you for the beautiful prayer!

  29. I did it. I want the book/study guide, 2 of them. Thank you for this!!!!!! It was for what someone did to my brother prior to his death. He was dying and it was so cruel. It is so hard. See…I have to do it again. Already. 🙁

  30. Sharon,
    I did it. I prayed that I can truly let it all go. The person I have to forgive has not changed, and I have to continue to let go and forgive.

  31. This particular entry helped me immensely. I have a long way to go, but I am starting that journey! Thank you. 🙂

  32. “I did it”. and will keep on…
    Ty Sharon- your story revealed men in my life that I needed to forgive and let it go… grateful.

  33. I prayed the prayer for forgiveness
    Thank you Sharon! I certainly needed this. I so enjoy your devotions & your honesty & humbleness. We had a similar childhood & I can relate to many things you write about.
    You have helped me in so many ways. Please don’t give up writing & sharing your story. May God bless you for your efforts, love, & compassion for others.
    I dearly love you ♥️

  34. I do thank you for this pray. I have forgiven even myself for the death of my son also, my sister, and grand children who don’t care for me. Also the people who have done me wrong and specially my mother who was able to abuse me and my son who didn’t understand why I had to let his God parents raise him (committee his own death as far as I know.

    I I will be OK!

  35. I prayed for God’s grace to help me forgive the woman who murdered my brother. She took so much from our family, there are no words.

  36. Hi there. Thanks for this great devotion. I’m struggling with being sure I’ve forgiven everyone. I feel like I’ve had a lifetime of resentment along the way so there are multiple ppl to forgive. I’m going to pray on this. Maybe I need to pray for me instead of them.

  37. I DID IT! Thank you Sharon. I must say that I prayed this prayer over myself as well. I can’t be a victim of my own resentment anymore. God loves me.

  38. I did it. I’m starting divorce procedures and even though it’s been a year coming. Now that it is on horizon my emotions are everywhere. I was not the best wife. I neglected and put the kids first. And took him for granted. Now knowing that we will not be talking anymore has me down. So I ask for prayers to help me let it go.

  39. I did it! I have forgiven my brother and relinguish years of anger. Thank you Sharon, for all that you do. It has been years of your grace that has help me find my way. You are a beautiful, glorious blessing that have graced life life for years now. Thank you. Your GIG Susan

  40. Thank you Sharon, I did it.
    I pray that I do it again tomorrow, and the next, and the next.
    I don’t want to carry this burden any longer, more importantly I do not want to hinder my relationship or blessings with the Lord.
    Sharon, please remind me to do it again tomorrow in case it doesn’t take!

  41. I did it!!
    Thank you so much!! I have been holding on things for 32 years. I have been asking for help to forgive certain people (own family members) but have t really gotten there just yet. When I read your devotion tonight, I knew it was time!
    Thank you for all you do!

  42. I did it. I don’t feel completely free. I’m praying the Lord help me with my unforgiveness.

    It’s something that both sides of my family have had for years. Each side holds grudges.

  43. I did it I forgave my daughter for shutting me out of their lives and my grandchildrens lives.
    Also my father for abandonment

  44. Thank you for the sample prayer. That was very helpful. I would like to use this regularly to ensure that a seed of unforgiveness doesn’t grow in my heart.

  45. I did it.

    It is amazing that as i read the devotions the Lord speaks to my heart as if you know exactly what’s going on in my life

    It’s been a rough time, and I find after reading today’s devotions, I need to forgive several people who are causing me stress and hurt and self doubt.

    May God continue to give you the gift of helping us by sharing your devotions.

    A friend in Christ

    1. Post
  46. My husband and step son verbally attacked my daughter and her boyfriend after Christmas resulting in my daughter not coming around and keeping their daughter away from him, not me. But it changed everything! Nothing will be the same, holidays, birthdays, all will be without them. And I try to forgive them but have a really hard time letting go. At least once a week I read a devotional about forgiveness. God is really telling me to let go. I’m trying .. I want to cuz my feelings towards my husband have changed and I want to go back to the way it was before but just can’t. Please Lord, help me let go, help me truly forgive them. Amen.

  47. I did it. I’m trying to wrap my head around this feeling of forgiveness. I need a teacher to help me with continued forgiveness.

  48. Thank you for this. I have been hating my father for not being a father to me ever since he my mom divorced 35 years ago. He re-married and only does what the new wife allows him to do. I realize now, that his inadequacies are not mine. Only he can answer to GOD. I cannot do it for him. I will let go of my anger and my need for trying to understand why he does not want me in his life.

    1. Post
  49. I just did it. The funny thing is, I hadn’t read this until today but kept it to read later. God spoke to me about forgiving someone I didn’t really know that I was harboring the past hurts against! Thank you Jesus for pointing this out to me. I’m free!

    1. Post

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