When “Yes” Seems too Hard

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Lisa was a party girl who partied every chance she could get. She was a bartender. A cocktail waitress. A fun-lovin’ girl without a care in the world…until the stick turned blue.

Lisa had grown up in a Christian home and walked the aisle when she was eight-years-old. But in her twenties, Lisa put Jesus up on a shelf to live the wild life. But one day, in 1996, she discovered she was pregnant, and her fast-paced world came to an abrupt stop.

After several home pregnancy tests, Lisa decided that she needed an “official” test from a medical facility. She got in her car, and headed to the Planned Parenthood office where she had gotten her contraceptives. She knew that they would encourage her to have an abortion, and frankly, she was committed to continuing her partying life-style with as little interruption as possible.

But on the way to the clinic, something happened. God happened. Lisa saw a two-story brick building with a sign that read, “Charlotte Pregnancy Care Center.” She felt as though God was beckoning her to pull into the parking lot. He was. She did.

Let me let Lisa tell you what happened in her own words:

I remember it just like it was yesterday. From the moment, I got out of my car, I just felt like the Lord was with me. I walked into the Center and was met by a woman with a nice, warm and caring smile. Not a smile that was a, “I’m just doing my job” smile, but a caring smile.

She came over, met me, introduced herself, and put her hand on my arm.  “You have come to the right place,” she said. “ We’re here to help.”

I felt like I had just walked into the arms of Jesus. The love, the compassion, the confidence and sensitivity in her voice was incredible. She wanted to know about me. We talked and she listened.  She was gentle and kind.

We discussed how I felt and what I wanted out of life. What I wanted for me and for my baby. She called it a “baby.”  Not “a pregnancy” like so many do in the early stages of pregnancy. She confirmed that my test was positive and gave me a due date.

I remember hearing her words and the Holy Spirit using those words to tell me it was going to be OK, but that I would have to change!

A week or two went by and this woman called to check on me and to ask how I was doing. I thought wow—she cares!

I went to my doctor to begin my prenatal appointments, and he did an ultrasound. He had some bad news.

He said I had a problem in my uterus and that the embryo had connected to a part of my uterus where there was some sort of separation.

His words to me were, “It will not live.  Your body will not be able to carry to term and besides, you can easily abort it at this stage and get back to your normal life. This does not have to be an interruption.”

But as he talked, I was listening. I was listening to him, but I was also listening to a voice in my right ear that was saying, “It’s going to fine. You are going to be fine.”

I even asked my mom who came to the appointment with me, if she heard it too. She didn’t. The voice was just for me.

When the doctor came back in, I looked at him and said, “I’m not having an abortion. I’m having my baby. “

Well, Lisa did have her baby. Jordan Reese Holt was born weighing 7lbs, 5oz and measuring 20 inches long. Perfectly healthy. Magnificently beautiful.

jordan born

In the fall of 2012, our Charlotte Pregnancy Care Center celebrated its thirtieth anniversary. They had planned a celebration banquet with Bruce Wilkerson as the speaker. For a year the staff had prayed for just the right testimony to share.

As soon as the announcement about the banquet went up on their website, Lisa called to order a ticket.

“The center has meant so much to me,” she began. “I came to the center seventeen years ago on my way to an abortion clinic…”

Lisa told the receptionist the story just as I told you, and ended her conversation with these words: “My daughter, Jordan, just turned sixteen, and we want to celebrate by coming to the banquet.”

With tears streaming down her cheeks, the receptionist ran into the director’s office and said, “Erin, I think I just found the testimony for the banquet.”

Erin met with Lisa at a restaurant, told her the story, and showed her pictures of Jordan today.jordan and lisa Then she said, “By the way, I saved a slip of paper from the Center that the counselor gave me that day – the one that confirmed I was pregnant. I keep it in Jordan’s baby book. Would you like to see it?”

“Yes, I’d love to,” Erin replied.

Then Lisa slid the slip of paper across the table for Erin to see.

At the bottom, the name of the counselor.

It was me.

lisa confirmation

Oh friend, when Erin emailed and told me this story, I cried for 4 days. I am not kidding.

Of all the babies that were saved over past thirty years at that one Center, God put His hand in the hat and pulled out this story just for me, and for you.

Here’s what you need to know:

When I felt God calling me to be a counselor at Center, I did not want to do it.

I had experienced over six years of infertility treatment off and on, and had lost a child. And now God was calling me to volunteer at a place where most of the clients did not want their children.

“No way, God,” I complained. “This is too much. This is too hard. I don’t want to do it!”

To be honest, I was a little bit ticked off at God. But I put my frustrations, pain, and hurt aside and obeyed. I said, “Yes.”

Here’s another thing you need to know:

When Erin told me the story of Lisa and how God used me to encourage her to have her baby, I didn’t remember it happening. I didn’t remember Lisa. I didn’t remember what I had said to her, or anything else about that day. But Lisa did.

And here’s what you need to remember:

Sometimes God will call you to do a work, – a work that He has planned for you to do (Ephesians 2:10). You may not want to do it. You may feel that you are not smart enough, talented enough, strong enough, or bold enough. You may even argue with God like Moses did (Exodus 3-4). You may laugh at God like Sarah did (Genesis 18:12 ). But if you obey God and depend on Him to work through you, amazing things will happen.  People will be blessed. You will be blessed.

You may never know the people who are changed by your obedience to speak a word, to lend a hand, or to give a hug. You may never know the lives that are impacted by your obedience to do what God has called you to do. But know this. [tweetherder]There will be abundant fruit with your name on it – if you choose to obey.[/tweetherder]

If you are ready to experience the abundant life by saying “yes” to God, leave a comment that says:  I’m ready to be radically obedient to God and abundantly blessed by God.

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Comments 121

  1. So beautiful! I’ve been struggling with infertility for 2 years. Praying for God to send me a baby. It’s hard to even talk about infertility and you obeyed God and worked at a place you had to talk about it every day. So amazing. God Bless You!

    1. Thank you for sharing this most beautiful story of how God can use one in such a mighty way if we just obey Him. I’m ready to be radically obedient to God and abundantly blessed by God

  2. What a truly amazing story!!! So inspiring!!
    I’m ready to be radically obedient to God and abundantly blessed by God.

  3. Hi Sharon

    Thanks for sharing such a touching story! I was moved to tears.
    Keep up the good work in writing inspirational articles!
    God Bless 🙂

    With love from Singapore,

  4. I’m ready to be radically obedient to God and abundantly blessed by God.Truly a blessed story! I know what you are talking about with struggling to have a baby of your own and all around you everyone seems to think children is a burden… I was there once and have a beautiful three year old daughter – a true blessing to us. I take my hat of to you for doing what you did back then – I would not have been able to but now I will and am ready to be obedient to God. Thanks for your inspiration.

  5. I have had to make an extremely difficult decision. I am relocating after my divorce (2 August) and starting a new Studio in a place 5 hours from where I live. Looking back I can see that even from 3 years ago God has been directing my path. When I went to look at property & a studio to rent, I looked back at this little town and cradling it was the most beautiful rainbow, always my sign from God. After that things fell into place in the strangest way. I will have to leave my current home, my 2 sons & my pets behind to start anew. I am not so young anymore and really didn’t want to do this at this stage in my life. As I’m packing, very sad and very scared, Sharon’s e-mail landed in my in-box. It was just as if God wanted to say to me to obey Him and that everything will be okay, and there will be abundant fruit for me with my name on it. So I am packing, and obeying my God.

  6. What an encouraging story of how good God is – we have hope in all our different circumstance! I really needed to hear this.

    I’m ready to be radically obedient to God and abundantly blessed by God.

  7. Thank you I needed to hear that message again. Oh how much I did need to hear that. Currently, my family life is a mess. I let it all slip by because I was to caught up in getting ready for our son to be and getting back into school. My husband has fallen so far and is taking our son, future son, and myself down with him. He is pretending that everything is alright but it surfs when things do not go they he intends especially when he wakes up in the morning, or not wanting to wake up in the morning is the more accurate case, and trying to take it all out on me. He was once broke free of this destructive behavior somehow he let it all slip back in. I know this did not happen over night. I have no idea how I could not see him slipping so far. I know that God has him in his hands and this too shall pass. I know that God will get us through this. I know my husband is a man of God, he just needs to let God take reign over all his life again rather than just parts of it, and follow where God is calling instead of the direction he feels he should go. So thank you again for that uplifting reminder that God can get us through anything as long we let him have control, and control he has over everything in my life and my son’s lives, my marriage, family and anything else to do with our home.

  8. The tears streamed down my face reading this. Thank you for this. I am scared spitless to be radically obedient to God and abundantly blessed by God but He is preparing my heart and mind on a daily basis..

  9. I’m ready to be radically obedient to God and abundantly blessed by God!!!!!

    This story is so powerful! God has been giving me so many things to do to be a blessing to others, but there are so many forces (namely those that oppose God’s will for my life) that try to make me sit down on what God has anointed and appointed me to do. Interestingly, though you had been saved much longer and had experienced a personal relationship with the Lord, your radical obedience prompted obedience (to an “unknown” voice) within Lisa. This powerful element of the story epitomizes David’s plea, “restore unto me the joy of my Salvation.” It’s something about just being saved and just gaining relationship with Christ- it causes us to trust wholeheartedly and relentlessly obey. Sometimes, we just have to be taken back to that place!!

    We never know how our obedience may urge someone else to seek God with all their heart and to turn toward Him! Now, wouldn’t it be something if you’d not been obedient and He had to use someone else to draw her to Him (of course, He could use whomever He chose, and whoever was obedient to the assignment). So, truly, it is RADICAL obedience to lay down what we feel is important to be a blessing to others.

    This story just makes me want to say “YES, LORD” to every assignment He has chosen for me!!! Because, after all, if I don’t do it, someone else will, and they will reap the harvest for their obedience, while I reap the harvest of disobedience (of course, there is a harvest for disobedience, too)!

    THANKS for the post!!!

    P.S. Sorry, didn’t mean to write so much, but, like I said, God is really working with me on this obedience thing 😉

  10. Precious and inspiring…I’m ready to be radically obedient to God and abundantly blessed by God. Jordan the same age as my son….a beautiful girl with a beautiful Mother and beautiful story of God’s love. Thank you…

  11. Very inspiring, thank you Sharon. Some time ago I heard God’s voice telling me to go and minister to people at the hospital, but I’ve been fighting it, this will be my guiding light…I AM READY TO BE RADICALLY OBEDIENT TO GOD AND ABUNDANTLY BLESSED BY GOD. Thanks Mrs. Jaynes, I love you.

  12. Okay…now I am crying after reading today’s post. I am just starting to work after 25 years of being a stay at home mom. This is something I have not “wanted” to do, but have felt the Lord opened the door. I am humbled, blessed and in awe of His love for me. Thank you for today’s reminder to “obey is better than sacrifice”.

  13. I had to wait for the tears to stop to attempt a comment.

    I’m ready to be radically obedient to God and abundantly blessed by God.

    I’m in the middle of a book study all about saying Yes to God and this piece would be an awesome blessing to other participants. I’d like permission to share it, via it’s URL , not just a copy and paste job.

    Thank you for sharing this testimony of what can happen when we say #yestogod. And I hope you will allow me to share it so it can bless and encourage thousands of other women struggling with saying Yes.

    Be blessed, today and always, as you are such a blessing to so many.

      1. Yes, that is the book I’m doing. Thanks for allowing me to share your words with that group. I’m sure it will speak to many others as it spoke to me.

        I’m woefully behind in the reading, but keeping up with the blog posts for the study. Even with just that I’m being blessed and challenged. Can’t wait to get into the book for more!

        Thanks again!

  14. What a so God like life lesson. To be used by God and to later be shown the fruit of your obedience. Bless you woman of God you are truly amazingly anointed by our God bless you. My day is blessed by this life lesson.

  15. I’m ready to be radically obedient to God and abundantly blessed by God. That was an amazing story. I have a sister who 14 years ago she was not sure about keeping her baby and asked me to take her to Planned Parenthood for an abortion. The appointment was made despite the fact that I knew my sister did not believe in abortion so I continued to ask her “are you sure you want to do this” yes she said. The day of the appointment we sat in the parking lot at Planned Parenthood and asked my sister again there is still time to keep the baby. Do not worry about the future put all your cares and trust in God who will guide you. She started crying and said “get me out of here now” . I praise God today because that 14 year old son is the apple of her eye and my nephew is a straight A student and awesome basketball player with an great future ahead of him.

  16. Hi Sharon. Excellent Post. I joined a centre as you speak of and I received more help than I gave. I was that young girl at 17, but then I didn’t know of these places and I had the abortion,not due to keeping a life style as I had no money and was on my own. This shame and guilt haunted me until I turned 48 years old and finally shared with counsellors. I went to pregnancy centre and they helped me with a biblical study book that helped me to forgive myself. Oh I still regret it and that will never go away. I have 2 beautiful grown girls now and I treasure them. God has even blessed me with 2 son in laws a step grandson, I love like my own and a beautiful granddaughter. I also have a sponsor child the same age as my grandson whose birthday is Dec 25, and I did not even pick that!! I ended up not being able to stay at the centre to volunteer as the pain was too great for me, as it surfaced. God did have a purpose for sending me there! It just was not the one I expected. Thank you for allowing me to share this. It is hard, when I know soo many people will judge me, but I know with all my heart God has forgiven me! Praise God!

    1. Oh sweet friend. No judging allowed on this site. You are loved. Remember, we just did a blog post on the older brother of the prodigal. We have our dancing shoes on celebrating your forgiveness and coming home.


  18. I am ready to be radically obedient to god and abundantly blessed by god! This
    Really spoke to me today. Thank you for sharing Gods loving kindness. I am a result of Gods Handy work my mother was on her way to abort me when a missionary in Guatemala found her and introduced her to my father who decided immediately that he would adopt a baby and bring me home to his family. That was 29 years ago, I a mom of 4 beautiful kids thanks to the Lords plan. Thank you again for sharing this.

  19. Thanks Sharon for sharing this. I too worked for a crisis pregnancy center years ago in Asheville and met a young girl whose mother demanded she have an abortion. Through wisdom, understanding & love her son was born premature. Years later I saw her at an Ingles store and we greeted each other. As I walked away, I heard her say to another co-worker.”That’s the lady who helped me to decide to keep my son”. He was 5 years old than. God is all-knowing and loving God. The tears flowed from my eyes this morning. May God continue to Bless You in your ministry.

  20. Thank you for sharing such a powerful story. It blessed me tremendously. I am in the process of saying yes to God.

  21. Sharon,
    Your story was similar to my story. My husband and I were not able to have a child, so I volunteered at a Crisis Pregnancy Center called Birthright in the 1980’s. I was so desperate to have a child, that I thought maybe one of the clients would want to place their baby for adoption. It was hard to volunteer there, but I did my best to help the girls with maternity and baby clothes and supplies. I volunteered there for 10 years, and God answered our prayers in 1991, when the doors opened at a new Adoption Center. We traveled 5 states away to receive our daughter Sarah on Christmas Eve. As we signed the adoption papers in the nursery, “Away In A Manger” was playing on the TV. As we left the hospital that December day, everyone says we must have been so happy. It was a bittersweet kind of joy. We were also crying tears of sadness for Sarah’s birthmother, who made a loving sacrifice and adoption plan for her daughter.

  22. I am ready to do all that God has for me to do . Reading this I have been thinking about writing a book about what God did in my life with my Son And others Just really wanted to know it was God telling me to do it. God gave me a song to write and a poem about it . Then he called me to share my story with a lady’s group. I feel my story would bless a lot of people . Not because of any thing I did it was all God it changed my life.

  23. I am ready to be radically obedient to God and abundantly blessed by God. Reading this post was just confirmation to two sermons I heard on Sunday. I am struggling with church family because they feel that I should not be involved with church activities because I am taking it in a new direction. Oh, did I say I am the youngest officer in the church? Well, I am and all the others are as old as my parents and are old enough to be my grandparents. I had been struggling with being obedient to God and to wishes of my Pastor for a year. I decided not to go to church as much and to just stop doing what I was asked to do. Needless to say life was not as good as it could have been because I wasn’t obedient. So, this year with a new Pastor in place, he asked me not to become discouraged. So, I decided to try it again! And once again, I am faced with the same problems. It has become out right disrespect towards to me. Well, I have decided not to even let this situation discourage me again. I have come to realize that when you are not obedient to God’s wishes, life as you know it is not the same. But once you say YES to God, all the battles that may come your way will be like water rolling off a duck’s back. Thanks for the post. It has helped me tremendously!

  24. I read your comments every so often..but this one..the spirit told me to read and I am so glad that I did. I hear God talking so loudly and feel so insecure and worried that it will not work out —then I see my faithlessness, my husband took a big pay cut in his job only to not like it as much as we thought he would, he is disrepected, belittled and often feels worthless. I know God has a plan for us, I keep feeling, I’ve felt it for years that we need to go into buisness together–we pray daily that we God’s voice and then Satan attacks…or whispers a lie- a lie I will not believe because my Daddy is the King. Thank you for sharing this every important testimony—it has truly inspired me this moment.

    Sharon R

  25. I am ready to be radically obedient to God and abundantly blessed by God!!!
    Sharon I was once a LOST LITTLE GIRL. My story was a lot like this young ladies… But I did have an abortion and gave another baby away. That was 20+ yrs ago. The devil had me right where he wanted me , I was ready to end my life then JESUS HAPPENED:) I prayed with a kind preacher on tv and the Holy Spirit shot right through me and I WAS SAVED!!! Now fast forward 20+ years I am married to a Godly man, we have 3 beautiful children and WE ARE SAVED BY THE BLOOD OF JESUS! Amen!:)

  26. What a beautiful heartfelt story. I love how God uses us! It is so beautiful when we find out how He uses us. Most of us never know how. Wow, what a testimony, and what a beautiful girl God has a plan for! I love Him so much, everyday He touches my life, He has rescued me from the pit, and pulled me up. He is my rock and my salvation. Shout it out ppl, He loves us!

  27. It was a long time coming but I can honestly say I am ready….I dont know what it is but I have been wanting to be ready for a long time, but yet afraid…But i say use me Lord just show me the way…I’m Yours.

  28. Abba Father, my Song! I AM ready to be radically obedient to
    GOD & abundantly blessed by GOD! Yahweh…
    YOUR will be done on earth as it IS in heaven!
    Amen Amen & Amen

  29. I’ve always been inspired by ur words but I have a challenge and from biblical perspective, I want to hear from you. pls can u let me email u privately? Hope to hear from u soon.

  30. Very much so! God has called me to do a very big job for Him that I feel is so hard, but He keeps reminding me that there is nothing He can’t do through me! I had been struggling with pursuing this endeavor which God has called me to do, and this morning when I read your blogl, it was God confirming that I am to go ahead with it. 🙂 Thank you Sharon!

  31. This story was so powerful and affected me in so many different ways! I know God used you to deliver this message and I’m thankful I read this story. I’m ready to be radically obedient to God and abundantly blessed by God. Thank you for the work you’re doing.

  32. I was bowled over by the ending… I am only just beginning to know you and I am glad to have this opportunity. Thank you for sharing your testimony this way. It encourages me to keep sharing as well.

  33. I’m ready to be radically obedient to God and abundantly blessed by God.

    Thanks for this post Sharon. As I seek His direction for the next phase of my life I needed to be reminded that He does have a perfect plan for my life, and even if it didn’t turn out the way I thought it would, it will be best plan. I am GOOD, SMART AND EQUIPED ENOUGH!!!!.

  34. I’m ready to be radically obedient to God and abundantly blessed by God.

    My life has also been touched by an unexpected pregnancy. My firstborn grandson was given in a closed adoption to a great couple in 1992. He must be in college today. I look forward to the day when he decides to meet his birth mother and her mother!

    Thank you for sharing your story.

  35. I have served the Lord in small ways in the past. Now I am very busy taking care of my husband who has dementia. I have not heard The Lord asking me to do anything else now. I am serving in the nursery in my church only once a month and I believe I will have to quit doing that because Charles needs constant supervision

  36. I’m ready to be radically obedient to God and abundantly blessed by God. And I agree with Bonnie above – that scares me to death. But I trust God.

  37. I’m ready to be radically obedient to God and abundantly blessed by God. In 2007 I was released from prison after serving 8 1/2 years. God changed my life and I know he is not done. God has called me to prison ministry but just thinking about going back in through the front main door it makes my stomach hurt. Am ready now, I don’t know how to start or who talk to- am trusting Him

  38. Hi Sharon,
    Just to say..
    I am radically ready to be obedient to God no matter what his will for my life is.
    I desire no more than to be abundantly blessed by God.
    I just recently lost a job after 8 years of service.
    However, with great excitement I am looking forward to what God has in store for me
    Just pray for me that I will know God’s voice so that I can obey him wholeheartedly.

  39. I am now doing an online Bible Study called When Women Say Yes to God — God is really talking to me about this very topic. I’m all in, and I’m ready to be radically obedient to God and abundantly blessed by God.

    Thank you, Sharon. Your words often touch me deeply.
    God bless.

  40. “When yes is too hard.” The caption caught my attention, because I believe God wants me to leave my job of 23 years. It doesn’t make sense I know. It’s two years before retirement and I have no clue what God has planned for me to do. I’ve prayed for signs. God sent them. I searched scripture that seemed to confirm it. My church is in the middle of 10 days of prayer and fasting and I’ve been secretly praying about this call. Sharon I would love for you, and all who read this, to pray for me to have clarity, faith, and courage to follow God’s will whatever it may be.

  41. Wow…thank u Sharon for sharing this…its late at night and God spoke to me to tackle somethkng that has just been taking me down since Feb…I’m ready to radically say yes to God and be blessed by obeying…but I will say..that yes is sometimes excrutiatingly painful

  42. Thank you so much for this. I’m ready to be radically obedient to God and abundantly blessed by God. This brought me to tears. There is something God is calling me to do but I’ve been struggling with how it’s going to happen. Even arguing with God isn’t there something else I could do; do I really have to do this?

  43. I am ready to be radically obedient to God. I have been married for 22 years and was with my husband for 5 1/2 years before that. Even though I told myself otherwise, I have always put my relationship with my husband before my relationship with God. It has come at a high cost to me and to him. Just the other day God used a friend who doesn’t even truly know our story to gently tell me that my husband was a stone in my soil. She was referring to the parable Jesus told about the farmer who scattered the seeds that fell on different types of soil. She was speaking about the part where some fell on the rocky places. She also talked about the large stone in front of the grave of Jesus. I’ve been asking God to roll the stone out of the way. I don’t know what that means other than that God wants my soil to grow deep roots and it can’t with rocks taking that space. He told me that I need to give my husband to Him. Over the last couple of days God has affirmed His desire for me through scripture and music. As I’m writing this KLOVE is playing “Whatever You’re Doing” by Sanctus Real. More affirmation. Please pray for me as fear has been a huge part of my life. Pray that I will walk in continued obedience regardless of what the future holds and that I would rest in Jesus. Thank you.

  44. I’m ready to be radically obedient to God an abundantly blessed. Widowed and worried but keep pressing on and trusting Him to meet my needs. In the mean time your post was meant to be read today…His timing is perfect. I await His voice to lead me onto the next chapter for me and in the mean time grateful and praising God for His provision of rest and healing.

  45. I’m ready to be radically obedient to God and abundantly blessed by God. I want to thank you for the words spoken today on your blog and the free gift of downloading the one chapter of your new book “I’m Not Good Enough”. That one phrase sums it all up for me and how I have been speaking and viewing myself, while comparing myself to others. I thank God and you for such a powerful message and thank you for helping me to realize that I am a child of God and he loves me just as I am. Continue to be blessed and a blessing to others!

  46. Wow once again!!! The story above is mine I am the Lisa! even though it is my true life every time I read about the blessing of my sweet Jordan I am overwhelmed with thankfulness! God is so good he truly does know us from the beginning of time and what our life’s will turn out to be and never does he leave us even when we leave him. What to say about my life today I am a single mom and Jordan is a sweet loving young lady, loves God and I also have Elijah he is another story of how the Lord brings joy out of ashes! This is what I know about my Lord he is loving he is faithful he cares deeply for us and he puts great people in our life’s see what you guys don’t know is I have been receiving girlfriend in God devotions for the past 5 years and never knew that Sharon was the same lady that loved me on that cold day in Jan 1996, until the night of the banquet see God has sudden Glory’s all around us:) Even today I am at work and it is crazy and I remember that the center in Char NC was having another banquet this Sept and Jordan wanted to go back and I called out of the blue to tell the girls we would be coming back this year to see them and the office manger emailed me and said, have you read Sharon’s blog from Monday and I did and there is my Jordan’s story with photos God is so good he knows us our fears our hearts desires and he loves to bless us to just let us know that we are not alone. Thank you Lord for touching life’s with a girl who was so disobedient you truly do bring blessing out of ashes!!! Lisa Holt Johnson

  47. I am not strong enough!
    On April 15th, 2011 the Lord appeared to me in my basement. He showed me He was real though I was an unbeliever. That morning my life changed forever. You see on May 12th, 2006, I had my miracle baby. The doctors told me at 37 I was infertile. I did all the testing and “they” said my eggs were not good. We had given up but at age 42 I had our miracle child after 13 years of marriage.
    In April 2011, after extensive sickness, postpartum depression, vaginal attrify and many other undiagnosed issues, I found my marriage on the “rocks”. The Lord told me that my marriage could be fixed if we “stayed on course”. Of course, the Lord knew it was not to be. On January 1, 2012, my husband called me upstairs and told me he was done, he was leaving and he wanted a divorce. My 18 year marriage was over.
    There is only one way I have survived these traumatic events in my life. “With God all things are possible.”
    He has given me a new life, new strength and new faith. He is teaching me to pray wisely and to trust again. I am healing rapidly. All my physical health issues are gone. I am no longer on depression medication and alcohol for the pain. Our God is great.

  48. Wow! Lisa, what an amazing story. God is still in the miracle business! God bless you, and God bless Sharon for being obedient!

  49. YES, I’m ready to be radically obedient to God and abundantly blessed by God. Thanks for sharing this story. The Word of God says that if we being willing and obedient, that we shall eat the good of the land!!! Hallelujah!!

  50. I am 70 years old and lost my job and my home in 2009. My daughter and son-in-law opened their home to me for the short time I would need to be there until I found my next job. Unfortunately, I have not found another job. Due to a series of events and circumstances, my daughter and her husband divorced and sold their home, causing me to not know where I was going to live. My Social Security is not enough to pay rent, utilities, insurance, etc, so I did not know what I was going to do, but knew that God would provide a home for me. I did not think it would require me to move 3 hours from the area in which I have lived for most of my 70 years. My son offered for me to move in with their family on a temp basis, work for them as ‘Nanny’ of my 2 grandsons, 6 & 4. I now have my own apt, but am struggling with expenses. My son and his wife proclaim to be atheists and are not teaching their sons about the saving grace of Jesus. My heart said this was why I was to move so far from the rest of my family and children. I have resisted from the beginning, having the thought in the back of my mind that this won’t be long term. I didn’t want to say ‘Yes’ when God told me to move, but felt I had no other choice. I’m learning that I am to be content no matter my circumstances, but need much prayer in that area. I love your posts and some days they speak directly to my heart, just as this one did. Thank you Sharon for sharing your love for the Lord.

  51. Yes this was a beautiful story and still is. It does show the power of God to work through people to change the lives of others for eternity. But when I was 19 and a Christian (or so I thought/think) why did He not put a road block up for me? Why did I not get a billboard on the side of a building telling my heart to change direction? So yes this is a beautiful story of the work of God in this woman’s life but what do I say yes to? Did he not care for me the way he did for Lisa? Was I lost? Did he not care about my baby? If the Spirit was in me why did I not get my reprieve ? This story is beautiful and I rejoice in the life of Lisa and her daughter but for me it just raises up question after question and doubts about my salvation. I have been a Christian form36 years and my life testimony was similar to Lisa’s for that era in my life yet mine ended in de sating tragedy. Why did I not see a billboard?

  52. I have been living in the fear of the unknown all my life. I start something and before I am able to finish it I bail. I have only 2 years left and I will have my nursing degree but the fear of failure has kept me from even applying to get accepted into the program for a year now. The sad thing is I KNOW God called me into the field of nursing but I am gripped by the fear of moving toward finishing. I could name things from my childhood/adulthood that may or may not have caused it but I can no longer hold onto that. I earnestly ask for advice/scripture/experiences from any of you to enable me to BURST through this fear and complete God’s calling. Thanks, Pam

    1. Pam, I understand the fear. Been there too. I really think you would be encouraged by the book, I’m Not Good Enough…and Other Lies Women Tell Themselves. It is arm you with the Scripture to fight the lies of the devil.

  53. Theresa, This is Lisa, I think that why the Lord stepped in with my life is I was sick and tired of the life I was living I knew to do right but I was so far in the world that there was so many times in my life that I made horrible choices and I still at 48 live with the bad choices I made. But this time when I found out I was going to have a baby I was so scared but I felt that this was the Lord giving me a chance to do something good even though I was single even though I knew everything in my life was going to have to be diffident if I decided to keep my baby I can only speak for my life but the lord puts up so many billboards for me and sometimes I see them and than there are times I hear I see and choose not to listen every day is a lesson and I have come to realize that I can do nothing in my strength and that the Lords just loves us and in Christ we are prefect in the fathers eyes. I want you to read a book that changed my life The greatest miracle in the world, by OG Mandino once we all understand the love of the father for us it changes everything. I struggle with things in my past but only for the time I spend on it I have learned that all my past present and future has been washed in the blood of our savior and he remembers them no more so why should I. Also you question your salvation the fact that you took the time to read and write the post means yes my sweet friend you know your father and your savior I pray the peace of the Lord, his peace will in Jesus name set on you and his joy will overflow in your life. The book is at books a million you will have to ask the clerk for it and if they don’t have it order it very cheap 7.00 I give this book to everyone they love it.

  54. I’m ready to be radically obedient to God and abundantly blessed by God because I’ve heard God saying to me, through many people, “Leanne, you should write a book!” The reason I say this is because, throughout my life, I’ve suffered many medical problems. I became a juvenile diabetic at age 8; and, fortunately, in the same year, I accepted Jesus as my personal savior. Because I had no guidance at home, I never grew. I had a mom who was saved but, because of my alcoholic and very verbally abusive dad, she didn’t live it at home. I was a good kid; but when I went into high school with all its pressures, I began to do whatever made me popular. I did things I’m not proud of despite attending church every week. I fell into a life of partying and alcohol dependence and thought I was happy. However, because my mom wanted me to, I continued to attend church every week; and God used our pastor, who preached messages I needed to hear, to bring me back to Himself. God also used my medical trials to bring me out of that life of partying and dependence upon alcohol into a beautiful life of trusting and being obedient to my Savior. God has brought me through and used every one of my trials to glorify Himself. When I share my life’s story, people say to me that I should write a book, sharing these trials and how God’s love, grace, and strength has drawn me closer to Him, have helped me overcome my trials and glorified Himself in the process. They say it would be so encouraging to so many. Despite God continuing to try to convince me to write a book, I’ve been putting it off and putting it off. I think I must stop procrastinating and get writing. Thanks so much, Sharon!

  55. This is a very beautiful testimony. I so want to be radically obedient to God. I love Him so much but am scared and not strong enough.

  56. “I’m ready to be radically obedient to God and abundantly blessed by God.”
    God has been doing some “rearranging” in my life since mid March. Not sure all the plan – but, I’m sure He is & I’m POSITIVE He will show me the direction. Not my will, but His!
    Loved this post!! Love your encouragement!
    Be blessed, my friend!

  57. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story with us. It touched my heart in so many ways. One of them being that I struggle with wondering if I make any difference for my Saviour.

    I’m ready to be radically obedient to God and blessed by God.

  58. Hi Sharon,
    I’m studying, along side 24,000+ other women, in the Bible study that Lysa TerKeurst wrote called, “What Happens When Women Say Yes to God: Experiencing Life in Extraordinary Ways.” It is so awesome! Learning to say yes to God has been a slow but doesn’t have to be. There isn’t much to say about that except God is Good all the time. God has a divine plan for each of us and saying yes to God assures you that trusting him is vital in your every day life.


  59. I’m ready to be radically obedient to God and abundantly blessed by the on-time God who led me to read this post, at this time, in this season. Thank you for sharing this.

  60. I’ll say ‘yes’ and ready to be continued radically obedient to God and abundantly blessed by His mercy and grace. All I need to do is to be active still but know that HE is God.

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