What Do You See When You Look In The Mirror?

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This devotion is running over at Proverbs 31 Ministries today. I wanted to share it with you as well. It’s THE truth that changed my life. I’m giving away a FREE copy of my book Enough: Silencing the Lies that Steal Your Confidence at the end, so leave a comment and join the conversation.

I was in the sixth grade when I first ventured into the House of Mirrors at my hometown county fair—a mere 12 years old. My friends and me ran from booth to booth, suckered into paying good money to play rigged games. For hours we gave cash to shady carnival characters in hopes of winning a stuffed purple polka-dotted snake, an oversized tie-dyed teddy bear, or a cheesy piece of jewelry we’d never wear. Personally, I stuck with Pickup Ducks—a sure win.

But of all the sideshows at the carnival, it was the House of Mirrors that captured my attention.

We walked through maze-like halls, giggling at the distorted images of ourselves. Short and stubby. Tall and lanky. I looked at the various versions of me and tried to decide which one I liked best. See, deep inside, in a place no one knew existed, I was in search of another version of me. I did not like the one I knew best.

Now that I’m older, I realize women all around the world have grown up with a distorted view of who they really are. They look into the mirror and see words that don’t match up with the truth about who God created them to be.

They look into the mirror of value and see the word worthless.
They look into the mirror of success and see the word failure.
They look into the mirror of intelligence and see the word stupid.
They look into the mirror of competence and see the word inadequate.
They look into the mirror of acceptance and see the word rejected.
They look into the mirror of confidence and see the word insecure.
They look into the mirror of comparison and see the word inferior.
They look into the mirror of performance and see the words not good enough.
They look into the mirror of sufficiency and see the words not enough…period.

Many women live in a house of mirrors, believing distorted interpretations of who they are—and the devil polishes that mirror of deception every day to keep it shiny.

I know the House of Mirrors well. I grew up there. Lived there for years.

For decades, feelings of inferiority, insecurity, and inadequacy held me captive to a “less than” life. I was misshaped by the words of others interpreted by a needy little girl who just wanted to be accepted and loved.

You might expect me to say, “But then I met Jesus and all my insecurities miraculously disappeared.” Oh, I wish that were the case, but that little insecure, lost girl grew up to become an insecure Christian woman. It wasn’t until I was in my mid thirties that I began to come out of that house of mirrors and look into the only mirror that really matters: God’s truth.

The Bible says, “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind,” (Romans 12:2). When I was in my thirties, an older woman in my church told me it was time to renew my mind with the truth of who I was, what I had, and where I was (my position) as a child of God.  She encouraged me to make a list of my true identity. I had read those verses scattered throughout Scripture before, but when she encouraged me to cluster them all together, God began a new work in my mind and my heart.

You are a saint. (Ephesians 1:1)
You are chosen. (Ephesians 1:11)
You are dearly loved. (Colossians 3:12)
You are holy. (Colossians 1:22)

These truths were right there on the pages of my Bible in black and white, and a few in red.

You are reconciled through Christ’s life. (Romans 5:10)
You are justified by Christ’s blood. (Romans 5:9)
You are free from condemnation through Christ’s death. (Romans 8:1)
You have the mind of Christ. (1 Corinthians 2:16)
You can do all things through Christ. (Philippians 4:13)

I knew the verses were the infallible Word of God, but I felt rather squeamish hearing them, reading them, believing them. But I had a choice to make. Was I going to believe God told the truth?

I decided that even though the verses about my true identity as a child of God felt uncomfortable, I was going to believe God. And that’s what I’m challenging you to do today. Let’s silence the inner critic that hold us hostage.  Let’s silence the lies that steal our confidence and look into the only mirror that matters–God’s truth.  After all, God’s truth is the only “mirror” that matters. 

Are you ready to silence the lies that steal your confidence? Leave a comment below and I’ll randomly pick 3 comments and send a FREE copy of my double-sided laminated Identity in Christ card.

Girlfriend, have you had enough of believing that you’re not enough? I hope so! That’s why I wrote Enough: Silencing the Lies that Steal Your Confidence. Join me in silencing the lies and the liar (John 10:10). Greater is Jesus that is in you than he (the devil) that is in the world! You can do it! Get your copy of Enough and start today!

Congratulations to Stella Valdivia! The winner of Kelly Balarie’s book, Battle Ready!


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Comments 217

  1. The message to a young girl of “not being enough” is everywhere. I’m a successful physician and wife but it’s taken years to learn to keep focused on God’s love for me to quench my thirst and feed my soul. I’m still a work in progress. Thank you for writing this insightful piece.

    1. Thank you for the reminder of God’s view of us. I am in my sixties and still battle the same feelings of inferiority as in my childhood.

    2. I love these encouraging words! I am so tired of looking in the mirror and seeing the girl who was rejected by her teachers in college. The girl who was never quite enough. I remember writing in my private journal once that I was the girl everyone loved to have around, but no one loved. Always trying to keep up with others view of perfection left me empty. NOW I know that God’s view is all that matters. I bought 12 of your identity cards and gave them to my friends. Thank you for this valuable tool. I love reading it out loud to silence the lies in my head!

    3. I absolutely love this. My daughter is 14 and I try to put something on her mirror that way when she’s getting ready she can always look at it and be reminded of who she is .

  2. I will be 48 this month and still see the broken fat girl I was in middle school every time I look in the mirror….. this is such a battle.

  3. This is something I struggled with as a child that continues even into my adult hood. I never feel I am good enough. I am not a good enough Christian. I am not a good enough wife. I am not a good enough friend. I am not a good enough woman…….. It is a daily struggle. One I hope to be able to defeat. But, what if I am not good enough to do even that?

  4. Yes! I have had enough and am ready to see myself as God created me to be. My backstory is long but I am going to put all of that behind me and press on toward the mark of the high calling in Christ Jesus! Thank you Sharon for your faithfulness to your calling of encouraging and teaching women! Blessings to you!

  5. This is so awesome! Alot of times I have felt not good enough or not fit in. This book is so needed because I know alot of eomen who need to read this besides me. I will definitely share this with my womens group to study.
    Kudos you for writing it

  6. I am ready to believe. Your previous post, “Think about what you’re thinking about” really challenged me in this same area. What random or idle or “less than” thoughts were in my mind ?
    I had to on purpose choose to turn those idle “less than” words off, and instead focus my mind on God’s Word. Powerful !
    It is a “new” habit to form, but with time and repeated use, it gets easier.

  7. Romans 12:2 is an action verse is an action verse and a very important one to follow. I also can follow into the trap of forgetting who I am in Christ. Thanks for this wonderful reminder.

  8. I’m 64 and STILL need these reminders! What happens in your childhood never really goes away, it has shaped my life. I pray that all these encouraging words of God will overtake them!

  9. God’s truth is the only path to renewal of the mind. All our anxieties are impotent before it. We must remember these truths every day…

  10. I often do see negative images as you described and I kneel and believe God’s promises….sometimes it is very hard, but I have faith and I believe He has more for me…I am,going through a very bad season and I have to remain strong and know that I am what God has announced me to be and must steward this announcing and protect it. I know I am chosen and blessed. I stand on His promises and they are my Strength.

  11. I have struggled this for so long it’s like a part of me I cannot shake . Mostly from my later teen into my adult life. It’s lie is like a mirror I try to wipe with cleaner and there is always a part I miss. Thank you for your devotion to this and I would love to read and study your book.

  12. I am a clinical counselor working with teens and families. I would so love this book. This read would be more valuable than you realize. Blessings to you and your team.

  13. This devotion is me at 56. I love Jesus he is only Daddy I have ever known. I have no friends, never had a dad, was labeled not good enough by my family and they have nothing to do with me.. jits so hard to feel good enough. I struggle with this every day. Jesus tells me I am his daughter and I tell Satan to leave me alone in Jesus name but he sows up constantly.. thank you for your words and I woul so love to read your book Enough

  14. I am currently at this impasse in my life. I just had a conversation with the Lord on my way home from work yesterday about who I am, what I need and about my purpose, ok maybe it was an outcry with alot of tears and speaking through sobs that only the Lord could understand anyway. The point is that I don’t know who I am or what I need or what I’m supposed to do right now. I am discontent with life and with myself. I feel doubleminded and like all I do is complain about my problems to the Lord when I know that my problems are so tiny in comparison to all the ones other people have in the world. I just feel like a mess right now. When I saw your devotion in my inbox this morning, just reading the title I felt a hug from the Lord. And the devotion was a reminder that even though I see something totally different than He does when I look into the mirror, I DO have to choose who I’m going to believe. What a step of faith to choose to believe something you do not see.

  15. So timely that I read this today. The lies of the world come at every angle. These lies about who the world thinks we should be come so often and so loudly that even as Christian women it is so easy to forget who we are in Christ. Thank you so much for this reminder!

  16. Your message on P31 this morning spoke right to my heart. I’ve been hearing and listening to the devil’s lies for far too long and how amazing that this week, John 10:10 has popped up in three separate quiet times that I’ve had. I’m so ready to rebuke his lies and finally embrace Christ’s truth. I would love you read your book! Thank you for your wisdom and writing

  17. Thank you for giving us your gift from God to share with us to have ours open
    My mother told me I am nothing it took me 30 years to see and hear Jesus soft spoken voice to tell me I am his and he loves me for me my whole self

  18. Thank you, Sharon, so much for this! I am so thankful for God’s Word and these truths! However, I confess, as you said, I often forget. Yes, I need to memorize these. Lord, help me remember who I am in You!

    I would love to win one of those cards to help me remember/memorize these truths!

  19. My husband and I were just talking about this last night. It is a real struggle for me to see past my own thoughts and feelings about myself. Thank you!

  20. Knowing that God sees all things before we do them, such as Adam and Eve eating the forbidden fruit, throws chills down my spine. I know it’s Satan that sends the chills just as he showed Adam and Eve they were naked. Satan also shows us our inferiorities, so we won’t believe God will provide all for us.

  21. I know I have been forgiven by God. My struggle is in forgiving myself when I feel the rejection of those I love. I am finding it so hard to see myself in the Words of who I am in Christ Jesus.

  22. Thank you Sharon, I love your devotions. Many days they hit home and I find myself sharing them with my bible study group. I have never had much self confidence and past relationships left me with even less. I have a long list of things the devil constantly tells me I’m not good enough at. Thank you for pointing out that God says I am enough not matter what I feel.

  23. What a wonderful reminder that our identity comes from Christ and who we are in Him! Thank you for encouraging us with the truth.

  24. Thanks for sharing .I have struggled with me identity when I look in the mirror and see a plus size woman that struggled with myself worth of being an awesome wife (married 3times) good mom and now leading out church ministry .I think this book would be a good resource to use in my ministry.

  25. I am just hearing you say speak the truth to yourself and l know l have spoken what’s going through my head and was so defeated in loving me. Gods words are so precious yet l was so deceived by lies. I am trying to do this everyday by listening to what God has to say and truly believe it. Not easy when all I excepted was bad ones, but possible to reprogram l hit delete and say no my God says l am more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus amen

  26. I’ve been shy & a bit insecure since I was a little girl. At 16 I was saved & baptized & over the years grew my faith & intimacy with God through Bible study. But my confidence & self esteem were not growing much. I suffered depression & anxiety that went undiagnosed or treated for years. At age 51 I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. This was both devastating yet freeing! Oh how that funhouse mirror deceives! The devil feeds our insecurities & we so need Jesus to take control, guard us,& guide us out of that not-so-fun house! Sharon, your devotions have helped me so much! I no longer feel alone in this pain & shame. You’ve helped me realize that no one is perfect & we all have struggles others don’t see. Thank you for allowing God to use you so wonderfully! God bless you!💕💕✝🙏🙌🏼📖💖

  27. I so badly want to believe what God says about me! I struggle with insecurity and forget that His voice is the One that matters.

  28. So many days I feel exactly like Sharon, a little girl lost in the house of mirrors. Today I’m doing really well, thanks to a serious conversation yesterday with my husband about my identity and inheritance in Christ…but I have a friend who’s really struggling. I’m going to share this entire devotional with her. Thanks, Sharon, for sharing your heart.

  29. I am just finishing this book, what a blessing I picked it up when I heard your u speak at the LYFE conference in June. The chapter about choices has been a special blessing – such a simple concept but oh so hard to put into place – my struggle is my weight and eating habits but this has reminded me it is a choice every time. When I finish the book I am sending it and your other one – your scars are beautiful to my younger sister who professes Christ as Saviour but because of choices she has made is currently on her way up from the bottom of life. I am hoping they will be a blessing to her as well. Her name was one of the names I wrote down and left at Jesus feet at the conference. Thank you for your ministry and for the blessing you have been to me.

  30. It’s a wonderful thought to realize once again just how special I am to God. So special He died so i could live with Him.

  31. I lived my whole life feeling I wasn’t enough.. I am now in my 60’s and starting to realize I was just listening to other people and not going within myself and knowing God made me the best I can be. I need to accept me for me and not who others think I should be. I am enough, I am smart, I am strong.

  32. Oh Lord this one is for me. I read and read about being enough, hear people say I am enough. My ears and my brain get it but my heart does not believe it.

  33. This message is so true. Once you stop focusing on your outward appearance and change your inner appearance to “mirror” Christ, you will be amazed at how you appear to yourself and others. God’s light will shine through you and your beauty will be unbelievable!! Love in Christ will do that!!

  34. 1. I hide my insecurity by being a work a holic.
    2. I know what Jesus has done to cover my sin but I cannot forgive myself even though I try
    3. I hold myself to a standard that is very high and so afraid I cannot reach or maintain that standard

  35. Oh, how I struggle with this! I have battled my weight for the past 10+ years and it has left some big scars. Satan reminds constantly of how many times I’ve failed. I can’t seem to silence him either!!

  36. Thank you for this message! I’ve struggled with insecurities my entire life and I’ve unfortunately passed it on to my two beautiful daughters. I need to break this cycle of lies from satan so that they can live the life God planned for them.

  37. I grew up with a very verbally, psychologically abusive Mother and so for most of my life….I felt worthless. I had God in my life but I hit a point where I wondered…Why is God putting me through this? I still wonder and struggle some days…but through years of therapy and a wonderful husband…and GOD…I have mostly good days.

    As a Mother myself I struggle to over compensate my daughter with praise and love always…..

    Your daily blog and prayers help me day after day…..and I am blessed to do life with you!

  38. I have overcome some many lies but now I’m in my forties and i can see them trying to attack again ever so quietly. I used to pray daily Lord let me see myself the way you see me and I’ve stopped. I left the door open and i know it now.

  39. I’ve been here for awhile. I know these truths. Have practiced them for years, yet at different seasons it creeps back in. All the lack. Thanks for reminding me.

  40. Thank you for the beautiful reminders of who I am, how God sees me. I need this reminder often, because the enemy wants to steal that from me.

    1. I will say of the Lord he is my strength and my refuge in him will l put my trust
      It is thru the different seasons of life,and the test .Christ reaveal who l
      am ( in) Him!!!

  41. At 60+ years old I still struggle with looking in the “mirror” and believing the lies I’ve heard since I was a child. Please pray that God would open my mind to hear the truth of His word!

  42. I have believed the lies off and on throughout my life, and most recent these lies have reappeared. This time around stronger than ever. I would truly love to read your book Enough:Silencing the Lies that Steal Your Confidence. God bless you and your devotional.

  43. Back when cross-stitch was popular, I made a picture for my bff about who she is in Christ. I put words on there like Princess, Redeemed, Child, Holy, Warrior, Chosen…all things I’d learned from God’s Word. And I believed those words…for her. I’d been raped – how could I possible be pure and holy. My ex-husband beat me – I clearly was not the Proverbs 31 woman. I’d been told I had no talent in a job I’d been doing for 15 years. I was constantly compared to my siblings and coming up lacking – how could I be chosen? So, when I look in the mirror today, I see an ugly, worthless, fat failure. I don’t know how to make the voices in my head stop. I’ve tried quoting those scriptures about how God sees me. I believe those words for everyone else. When I pray and it’s not answered the way I had hoped, it feeds that sense of worthlessness. Why would God answer MY prayers? There are other, more worthy people He needs to take care of. I don’t know how to just choose to believe God for me.

  44. Hi Sharon
    From a child even as young as 5, I heard the enemy’s lies and believed them and as I grew those lies got louder and louder, I learned crucial lessons on how to cope, adapt, deal with, live with and live through those lies.
    Even though nobody in my family knew God and never went to Church, I knew at the age of 8, God loved me!
    I felt God’s presence and knew that He loved me, but I didn’t know how to accept Him, and didn’t know anything about how to apply His love to my life or how to combat the lies.
    People around me, kids at school, even those that were suppose to love me, enhanced those lies and my insecurities grew stronger and stronger and at times overpowered my carnal flesh.
    But… My Heavenly Father had other plans!
    After many years, still believing and allowing those old lies and new lies to run my life, Jesus came into my heart and my life, for good.
    That’s great right?
    Yes it is! But, did I know how to change everything now?
    Yes, I knew Jesus was my Saviour! Nothing could snatch me out of His hand! And Yes, He loves me unconditionally.
    But, I received a lot of wrong teaching about a lot of things!
    It took 26 years after receiving Jesus as my Lord and Saviour before I knew that I need to partner with God, and believe that with God, I can and need to undo all the wrong teaching, acknowledge, understand and believe the right teaching that God had for me.
    2years later, I have been going through a lot of getting rid of the rubbish, am still going through the turmoil as I reach through some of the deep stuff, but God is giving me the strength and grace to keep going and not give up on re-storing and re-newing my mind!
    If with God, I can do it, then with God, others can too!

  45. Oh how I struggle with the image I see when I look in the mirror. A women of God carrying the weight of the world. Trying to be who God calls me to worried about the flaws I see, and trying to raise 3 daughters to not be like me.
    Reading this is a reminder of self worth, trust, acceptance and pure and true Love.

  46. I am learning this later in life than I wish but thankful at any age. I know I can be more effective for Christ as I change my distorted thoughts about myself.

  47. Good Morning, I read your enxouraging,uplifting and beautiful devotions Everyday.. sometimes I smile most if the time with tears
    In my eyes.. But I am thankful for the gentle reminder of Just How Great our God is.. I would,live to Blessed with my vety own hard copy and my fingers tips..

    Blessings and Peace,

    Smile it’s Fre’

    #IthappensafterPrayer #Godisgood #Godisincontrol #GodisFaithful #GodIsaHealer #GodisAble #PrayerWorks #DailyDevotion #SharonJaynes

  48. I really didn’t understand why I feel the way that I do about myself the devil lies constantly telling me that God don’t love me. I am now learning to renew my mind with the truth of God words, and not allow the devil to try to kill,steal or destroy me. Yes I want to fight back by speaking out loud the truth of God’s word on a daily basis. God loves me unconditional 😍!

  49. Thanks for your devotional today! As I sat outside on this nice cool morning in Texas (rare in August), I reflected on your words and God’s truth. Thank you for pointing back in the right direction. Looking forward to reading “Enough”!

  50. I have never stopped feeling like that small child in a room full of adults. Small, inadequate, stupid, embarrassed, ugly and fat. To this day, I struggle still.

  51. Sharon
    I heard you speak at LYFE conference in June and what you said there along with this, shout at me. My thinking is wrong and i remind myself often that it’s wrong, but changing my thought pattern is extremely slow.
    Thanks for your encouragement through God’s Word and the things he has laid on your heart to write.

  52. I have been trying to get over being told when I was a teenager ( by my sister) “Mom never wanted you anyway!”. It is a constant struggle, I would love to read your book and be reminded that God did and does want me.

  53. Such great truth. As a counselor I see this in my clients…male and female! Working in a Christian Clinic I can freely share the word of Christ.

  54. I look in the mirror every day, all day. I am a hairstylist. I watch other women look in the mirror too. They unfortunately do not see what God sees. Or what I see. Strong, beautiful, Wise, smart ( because those are different) They see every flaw. My job is to make them feel beautiful,if only for the time that they sit in my chair. My job is to listen , encourage and offer advice. A small portion of the advice I give is on beauty. It’s usually on life. Sometimes I have no advice. I have to say” I truly don’t know what I would do in this situation”. To some I can say, I’ll pray for you. God will guide you. For some,the prayers are silent, as I apply their color. Asking God to give me the words.

    Thank you for posting this today. I will reflect on this, every time I look in the mirror at my salon. And at home, In my own bathroom. Hairdressers need a “beauty” pep talk too every now and then.

  55. Thank you for this. I needed to hear this. This last 2 years have been a real rocky road for me. I read devotionals everyday and they fill me up but then fear gets in my way. I know I’m not perfect far from it. I pray for so many . I need to be stronger.

  56. Reading your story Sharon, I felt as if I had written it myself! To this day, as a 58 year old Christian woman, I struggle with my identity, self image. Knowing full well who Christ Jesus says and promises I am, it is a constant uphill battle. Thank you for your beautiful words of encouragement, it helps to know I/we are not alone in this struggle.
    Would so love to read this book!

  57. Wow. I’m lying in bed now dealing with this very issue!! I’ve been these false thoughts and perceptions for nearly 38 years probably! I’m not sure how old I was when they started or why but it is an extremely difficult battle to overcome!! I’ve never been an avid reader but I have read a few interesting books lately and they have helped me a lot! I know it’s going to be a daily requirement to keep my mind focused on Christ to overcome this stronghold in my life! But I can do it!! We all can as long as we allow the Holy Spirit to work through us and make the contious choice to believe God’s Truth over the lies. Hang in there y’all!!

  58. Thank you for sending this. It’s hard to remember all these truths when the devil is CONSTANTLY whispering all the ways you’re inadequate in your ear. It’s a daily battle with that one. He loves to bring doubt and chaos in the midst of the storms of life.
    Thank you.

  59. Hello My name is Kindra. I just turned 40 and is a married Christian who struggles daily with love , acceptance confidence and security. I’ve pretty much have struggled throughout my life and dealt with sexual abuse and feelings I’m not good enough and feelings of judgements from others. It wasn’t til my senior year in high school I found the love of my life, married and worked with individuals with disabilities ( worked there for 12+ yrs) I loved helping others. Had our first child and couple years later husband diagnosed with bipolar. Things went down quickly after. I was in my early 30s and put myself on hold. I worked and had to come to real hard decisions stick it out, give up on plans I thought my husband and I would have. My dreams were scattered. I remember crying and sobbing in car and listening to k love. We definitely have worked through many obstacles in our lives.Slowly with medication and letting go in gods hands things were looking up again. After about three years we tried for another child and miscarriage after miscarriage started happening. Lots of testing . Our marriage was really struggling again more than the basic stuff. After 5 years trying it finally happened. I was pregnant. Lots of anxiety settled in through the pregnancy and working. Once we had our son we were elated with joy! Shortly, after I dealt with decisions to stay home, family issues that change relationships and family dynamic on my side family. I have a hard time dealing with the hurt and rejection of my husband on certain people in my family. This all happened during the time after I just had my son. One step forward and three steps back! Constantly Feeling judged not good enough, don’t belong, not doing enough being compared. Always had problems making decions, used, people pleaser. I don’t speak up and avoid conflict. I take digs and inappropriate comments from others about choices I make. Since I’m 40 and staying home I lost touch in who I am and struggle with finding a me job that is going to change for the better and I’m passion about! I feel like I’m in the house of mirrors now and I would love to read the book! Thank you so much and God Bless!

  60. I am over 50 and have struggled with insecurity and rejection from nearly every relationship in my life for my entire life. I, too, have read, memorized, studied all of these scriptures but I still see failure when I look in the mirror. I am a work in progress and I am SOOO thankful that He does not give up on me!

  61. Wow, this is so completely me! I am divorced, overweight and old enough I don’t fit in this computer age!! I need to remember that I am a child of God! It’s hard in this world today. Thank you for your encouraging words.

  62. I recently lost my husband and have no idea how to go on…am 69 years old and still feel so inadequate in life….I have never felt I am enough…now seems those feelings of insecurity have only tripled in my daily life….at times I feel God is there for everyone else but me….

  63. Your identity in Christ verses are not just for grown ups – I put them next to my teenage kids mirrors in their rooms and change them every so often…praying over them as I do. The difference in their belief as to who they are in Christ is stronger bc of these verses. Scripture does matter!

  64. After reading “What Do You See When You Look in the Mirror?” this morning, it was like you wrote that story just for me. I have said all of those things to myself in the last year after going through some major life changes in my life. I was put on medical leave from my job and thinking I would return in a week or two, it’s now been 11 months. It’s been an awakening for me to imagine what else I can do with my life, but getting past those words of looking into the mirror and saying all those negative words to my reflection in the mirror, has been a major struggle. I too, grew up in that House of Mirrors and have really faced it this last year! In Christ, I know I am worthy, I know I am loved and I know I am not “less than” because God tells me so in His Word. I just have to have a new mirror! Thank you for your writing this morning! It was a message I needed to keep reminding myself all the positive things and loving things God wants for us, as He is more important than any of these challenges I have been facing. I have been writing a short story each work for our church bulletin that people want me to make into a book; I am stained glass artist whose art is something people are looking for; and I am a wonderful child of God who is leading me on a new path. Reading your line, “Let’s silence the lies stealing our confidence and look into the mirror of God’s truth.” reinforces what God wants for us, for me.

  65. I am 47 and I came from a broken home. My mother a drug addict and my farther was abesent. I am just now discovering that I am still hurting from not having a childhood and not having someone to go/to trust. God is still healing me! I trust him!

  66. I love this. I can’t imagine being so confident that I dont care what others think…or that I could believe all of what God says about me apart from my performance. I need freedom in this area!!!

  67. It is so sad how we as woman struggle with this – I honestly don’t believe there is a female out there that doesn’t (even if they “appear “ not to) 🙁 Let’s ban together and pray for a breaking of this horrible curse and/or torment of our enemy. Be strong BEAUTIFUL sisters in Christ and remember the scripture that Sharon quoted…John 10:10.

  68. As a Grandmom, I still avoid looking in those mirrors…I don’t match up to those around, look more and more like my dear Mom but my granddaughter is there, comparing herself to others, and not happy with what she sees. This is a beautiful guide for both of us…many thanks

  69. I am 67 years old and I am never satisfied when I see a picture of myself. My physical appearance in that photo leads to criticism in my mind, which leads to a showcase of my shortcomings physically, spiritually, and mentally.
    I am ready to see myself as He sees me.

  70. I want to break free of looking at myself in mirrors of the world and start looking though the mirror of God. Thanks for sharing this.

  71. Thank you for your devotion today. I have struggled with this issue my whole life and I want to be free from it.

  72. Even as I read the words of Scripture, that voice in my head telling me that it applies to everyone BUT me is still in there, taunting me. Telling me that I’m unworthy. Often I feel like the dirty street kid slipping in the back door, hoping no one will notice me so I can hear just the tiniest bit of goodness. Perhaps if I reflect on Scripture enough, I can feel worthy of the love He has for me. Why can’t I break the bonds holding me down?

  73. I have struggled with insecurity my whole life. I always felt I was never good enough, no matter how well I did something. 1st place at a meet became a poker to me and all i saw was my time isnt good enough. I’m not thin enough. I’m not liked by the right people. Etc etc.
    I thought I broke through this years ago, but now it appears to be back, not thin enough, not a good enough mom, no one wants to be my friend. Lord Jesus please deliver me from my self torturous thoughts.

  74. As a teenager I was always comparing myself to other girls. I felt like I’d never measure up. Once in my 20’s I was able to travel out of the country and it gave me a self confidence I never had. I stopped comparing. Now I’m 40 & facing difficulties I never thought possible. My self worth has dropped, I feel like a failure & I have no idea what direction in life to go. I am thankful I have God in my life, for with out Him I wouldn’t get up in the morning. However I still struggle with the lies inside my head.

  75. Almost 67 years old and have a Christian for decades; becoming more aware each day of the lies I have accepted about myself and the distortions of perpetrated by the devil; who is the father of lies.

    The kids called me “fatty Patty” when I was a child; because I was chubby. I was non-athletic…the one last to picked on any sports team, especially softball. Always wanted to hit the ball and make it around all the bases and hear the word “safe”. Now at this age (almost 67), I am learning I am safe in Jesus.

    Oh, what a struggle it has been! Jesus never gave up on me! He is able to do what I cannot do! My part is surrendering to Him and trusting Him!

  76. I feel like at this stage of my life I should have conquered all those lies. But instead of believing the truth, I have often believed the lies. Thank you for the reminder of His truth.

  77. Oh how I wish I could truly silence those lies. They scream at me from morning throughout the night – you are unworthy, I have been told so many times in so many different ways by my ex husband and family that I am a failure, that I will never be loved again. The rejection and abandonment have cut so deep, the bleeding cannot be stopped. The grief is suffocating.

  78. This is a topic ive struggled with my whole life due to abuse, neglect and rejection in many forms. Many times at the hands of those who were supposed to love and protect me. When I came to a relationship with Jesus in 1991, I struggled but my faith began to grow. My trust in God also grew. I started to believe I had worth and value because God said I did. Then in 2000, my life began to unravel and I started questioning my faith. And in 2016 I was raped. I have severe ptsd. I cant get past where was God that day and since. Ive continued to look for Him, but believe what He says about me, not so much. I believe I’m worthless, dirty, a whore, rejected, abandoned, fat, stupid, ugly and so on. Ive read the verses, Ive memorized them. I’m just not sure I’ll ever be able to believe them again. I want to, Im just not sure how.

  79. Thank you for posting this message. It is just what I needed! Just this morning I asked the Holy Spirit to renew my mind and then I read this! I will be 70 this month and still struggle with who I am in Christ. Earlier this year I came across Proverbs 4:23 – “Be careful what you think because your thoughts run your life.”

  80. How true that we often spend so much of our time trying to find our identity as man would see it and less time finding our identity in Christ. This reading came at a time that I really needed it. I have been struggling a lot lately with how other people see me and I knew I needed to bring my focus away from that but Satan has been working a number on me. I am taking these verses and posting them for me to see daily. Thank you

  81. Patricia Chavanell could have written my comment for me, though in my case, I was called “Skinny-Minnie.” Same results though – last picked because of my small size. I grew up in a loving, supportive family but still never felt like I was enough because of the enemies lies. Thank you for the chance to win a copy of this book. It seems it would be the perfect read for just about everyone.

  82. I really needed this today. I’m struggling with a relapse from alcohol. Reading this brings me hope and joy that I’ll get through this and God is right there by my side. I choose to begin to believe the truths about me verses the lies. Thank you for this devotional.

  83. I have always labeled myself as inferior I think because my family was always ‘different’ due to my mothers struggleswith chronic depression. Silencing thoughts that I’m not good enough or that I’m a failure is so hard for me. And now, after my teen gives me the crushing news that she no longer believes in Jesus, it is that much harder to silence those loud feelings of being a failure.

  84. Why do we feel that God’s truths are for everyone else, and not for us! Father God, let me believe that I too, am loved by you. Father God, let me know that your promises are for me too!

  85. I lie to myself. I keep telling myself that I am nothing, even when people tell me how wonderful I am. I just can’t seem to get it in my head that what I am doing with my life is OK with God. Being OK with God should be all I need.
    I believe I am a “Work in Progress”. I will always keep trying to be a better person and believe that I am AOK

  86. 54 years old, turning 55 this October and still strugglin with the list you posted at the beginning of your article. So tired of this, so tired of this never ending battle!

  87. Since i was a teenager ive struggled with self confidence, self worth, body image, feelings of not fitting in, etc. I was introverted, i never spoke up for myself, i wore clothes that would mask my body, i made choices i didn’t want to so i wouldn’t be uncool, i gave my purity away as a teen so that i wouldn’t be rejected, the list goes on and on. I became a believer when i was 28 and im 49 now…..not a whole lot has changed in my image of myself. I feel like a failure as a mother, nana, daughter, sister, friend, etc. I still have no self worth, no confidence, i have a horrible self image!!! I know what God’s Word says about me, but i can’t seem to accept it and believe it!! I need help!!!!!

  88. I have to remember the scripture everyday tilt satan is a liar and the father of lies! I have to believe in God and his word and trust in today and not the past! Thank you

  89. I was raised believing that I was not smart and not worthy of anything, and that I would be a failure as an adult. In my 40’s now, I have a wonderful husband and family, a good job, and my oldest is getting ready to go to Welch. All by the Grace and Love of God!!

  90. Ohhh WOW 😲. I was just reading the email you sent today, and everything you said is HOW I FEEL EVERY DAY. . Worthless. Failure. Rejected . Insecure . Not good enough. Stupid. Just the other day I had something come up from my past , and I felt all these things and even said them out loud to myself. I truly need to be set free from these feelings of hopelessness and of being worthless. I know what the Word says….but! Applying those words to myself is a daunting task in itself. I would really appreciate a copy of your book ! I believe it would be a true blessing in my life. Thank you 🙏🏼

  91. Thank you, I have been struggling with self confidence and I am currently enjoying a closer relationship with Christ. I enjoy the daily devotions and I am seeing a positive change. Thank you for sharing Hess wonderful scriptures!

  92. I have to remind myself by scripture everyday who I am in Christ, this would be a helpful reminder! Thank you for the emails I thoroughly enjoy them!

  93. Thank you Sharon. I’ve been a Christians for over 30 years my husband and I are in the ministry, he is a worship leader and I’m involved in women’s ministry. We have been married 28 years. I still to this day struggle believing the lies of the enemy. I was a lost and broken little girl too and although I’m saved…I find myself feeling like that lost and broken child all to often. Recently our only daughter who is 28 moved back home and is constantly reminding me to stop believing the lies. Here I am trying to be the strong Christian example, mother that I should be to my adult child (who is saved, but struggling in her walk) is going through it right now and she seems to be the one who is being the example for me right now. I don’t want to be that kind of example. So thank you again for your words of encouragement I will tie them around my neck and post them over my doorways. There are so many things coming at us women particularly in this day and age and if you don’t look the part and you’re pretty enough they don’t make enough money you don’t wear the right clothes the list goes on and on and on, I want to be free from this burden so please pray for me as I will pray for you sweet sister in Jesus.

  94. Getting closer to 30 every day, your comment about not realizing the truth until your mid 30’s was something I could relate to! There are many times I go through slumps where feeling I am not enough, and I love social media, but it tends to make me compare myself to everyone else constantly. Which is a shocker for me, because I find myself to be quite a strong and independent woman. So, if I am getting tricked, how about all of the other women around the world?
    I think this book sounds great! Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us all and help us realize that God made us so very special and it’s ok for us to be different, because God has such a special yet different plan for ALL of us! I can’t wait to read the truths you have in your book.
    God bless you and many thanks!

  95. I come from a very abusive family, always being told that I
    was dumb, ugly, fat, and mount to nothing. My marriage ended this
    last Oct 2017, because I was being held back in everything I tried to
    advance to better myself. I have 2 girls and I’m trying starting over.
    I just turned 49 and I pray everyday that God would give the strength,
    wisdom, guidance to move on. It’s tough.

  96. To this day I struggle with this truth. I am 48 years old and have always seen myself in a distorted way. I have passed those distortions on to my 20 year old daughter. She has been away at college and has been struggling with this. I have been trying to right the wrong that I have done by putting my own distortions onto her. Daily I send her words of affirmation about how worthy she is and that she is enough trying to change her mind set and my own. Thank you for this today. As heavy as my heart is about this I know God can use it for the good and His truth is all that matters. I am working on believing the truth for myself and helping my daughter believe it for herself.

  97. I have lived my entire 62 years with self doubt, fear and thinking that if your really knew me, you wouldn’t like/love me. I have put on a facade of being positive, happy and in charge of my life. That is so far from the truth. I feel unloveable, ugly, fat……the list goes on and on. The 2 men in my life, my father and ex-husband (of 25 years) have never showed love, kindness or acceptance (maybe that is why I married my husband, as all I knew was how my father treated me). I have to look in the mirror and see God’s truth. Thank you for all the verses, I will read them daily to silence the lies that is stealing so much from me. Blessing!

    1. I was going to leave a comment of gratitude for how grateful I am for your wisdom and help. You are transforming lives! Which is all TRUE!!!

      But instead, a shout out to Margarita, You are beautiful and God has marvelous plans for you. I wept as I read your comment because that was me too. You are not alone. We can drop all those hurts and give them to Jesus because we are not meant to live lives carrying those lies. God Bless You!

  98. I can’t thank you enough for being so transparent! You are speaking the words I’ve been to scared to say. As a child I could get back up and dust myself off, but as the years go by, I don’t seem to have the strength to get back up so easily. Like you, I know what the Bible says, but I can’t seem to accept that it’s really speaking to ME. God bless you for all you’re doing!

  99. I’ve always been insecure abouy appearance, my poverty, my family, just everything about my life. Being overweight my whole life I grew up with the taunting by other children and adults about being fat. My dad worked hard to support a large family, five children (I am the oldest), but I always felt we were poor financially. I was taunted because my mother was heavy. Mom didn’t participate in classroom activities. I was young to realize she couldn’t because of having my sisters and brother to care for. Mom wasn’t a good money manager. I never went hungry, my clothes were clean and neat, we always had a roof over our heads. But mom would forget to pay the electric, gas and phone bills so we were often without one of them.

    I had to sleep with my youngest sister when I was in high school and she wet the bed, so I not only had to bathe at night I had to get up early and do it again in the morning. We are ten years and one week difference in age.

    As with all little brothers, mine tormented me every chance he could. When I was left to babysit all my siblings tried themselves.

    Looking back I see not everything was as bad as I thought, but those old feelings still creep back now and then.

  100. As I waited patiently for the doctor to give me my results this morning I began to pray and ask God for me to be in peace and not react if it’s bad. Driving out the parking lot…as I was about to dwell in the negative result I began to tear up but then I said “NO”…”NO self pitty”. I was at peace internally. The devil is a liar…that I know but when I’m in the moment and anyone around me such as my children I get cranky, inpatient and not kind. I wish I was more of a loving mother to my children where I can put aside all my insecurities, ugliness and pain from my past. Looking in the mirror is a quick second for me in the mornings. If I ever steered in the mirror really deeply for over 30 seconds I see ugly, tired, stress and nothing! I can’t even look myself in the mirror anymore as I tried to within the last 2 weeks when a friend told me to tell myself in front of the mirror that I can do this. But I couldn’t. There’s disappointments to many areas of my life that many may look in from the outside and say I got it all together but I really don’t inside. I believe that I’m on my way because I’m getting to know Jesus Christ….like really know him. And that brings me joy! 🙂

  101. I too have suffered from body shame from family members then myself. Too fat, not pretty, not good enough. Then I started doing it to myself; I have a mirror. Then I was made disabled and now I’m worthless, dumb, and have no future and I believe it all
    I Know God Doesn’t want me to feel this way but my MIND has taken over. I’m 52

  102. Definitely think this is an area God is dealing with on as keep coming across various devotionals, etc relating to this.

  103. Thank you for the message it was beautiful message I have been struggling with this ever since I was little and being a Christian I thought it would all end. This was a positive encouragement to to replace my own personal struggles. Thanks for opening my eyes to look to scripture.

  104. Fear and insecurity had always been part of my life. I am now beginning to see God wants me to live the abundant life he has given me as a child of god and who I am in him.

  105. This is something that I wish I would have taught my daughters, but I couldn’t teach what I didn’t know myself. I pray for them, I know the torment they feel. It breaks my heart. I know God is the answer in my heart, it’s the voices in my head.

  106. I’m 68 years old and I like my body for the first time in my life! I have baggy arms, wrinkles, craepy skin but very little gray gray hair! I feel good and cane move without pain, I’m blessed!

  107. It is such a struggle to remind our selves that we are loved, blessed children if the Living God and that is enough!! Every day we must do it! Those verses are really great. I will put them someplace where I see them everyday!

  108. I gave my heart to the Lord at age 4, yet I grew up with the lies that have stolen my confidence and true identity. At almost 60 I continue to struggle with these lies. May the Lord help me to block out the lies and believe HIS truth!

  109. Sharon,
    Thank you for your devotion. It hit home for me, because my husband and children are always telling me to stop the negative talk about myself and that it is damaging to me. My daughter, probably wise beyond her years, tells me that it is hard to be happy when someone is always talking me to me, i.e. her way of reminding me that my thoughts about myself need to change. I am planning on printing out your e-mail/devotional and reading those Bible verses to renew my mind. Thank you so much.

  110. Every time I look in the mirror, I see every wrong that I have ever done. The ones with my children are the ones that beat me up the most. My children have forgiven me and I’m sure God does too but I am still struggling with forgiving myself. Thank you for this. I needed to hear this.

  111. My whole 38 years of living, I cannot remember a time when I have had a positive thought about myself. I have always felt like whatever happened or happens to me, I deserve it. I have always felt unworthy of love and kindness. I have felt incompetent, inadequate, and incomplete.Even though, I know they are nothing but lies from Satan. sometimes it gets truly difficult to see the truth. Reading your verses made me take a second look and realize that GOD makes no mistakes. So, the next time I look in the mirror I need to have a different perspective and remember that GOD loves me unconditionally. Thank you for the verses, I will definitely read them and start adding them into my life. GOD bless you!!

  112. I really need to read this book!! That’s me, and I could list a few more I’m not “enoughs”. The book would help me change my mindset of myself. I was at the LYFE conference where you spoke at Clarks Summit University. The words God has given you to share are powerful and meaningful to all . Thank you for obeying Him.

  113. I’m pretty sure I had a mini Stroke a couple of months ago and it has effected my cognitive thought processes, I used to be a great cook now I have problems cooking an egg without burning it. so the Devils been getting me with the your not good enough lie daily. I’m getting better but still have problems with my thought life.

  114. Romans 12:2 is one verse near and dear to my heart. I’ve seen God’s Word transform my own perspective and way of thinking, and I can testify!🤗 I am involved with a prison ministry thru my church. Once a week a group of us women go to study Scripture with the inmates who opt to come. I call those who come “Swans,” bc I’m seeing God’s Word change them from ugly ducklings into something radiant & beautiful. Thx so much for reminding us all of whom God says we are and that Satan is a liar.

  115. I L💗V this. I’m Enough thru & by Jesus Christ! Amen! I listened to the pod cast on Gwen’s Graceology. I printed out the lies/ truth cards Love them. Made 3 copies one to share,one for me & one to get creative with in crafting! Thank you! Blessings😇

  116. I think it’s rare, that one who is born again, is suddenly a different person….maybe there are a few, but for the most part I believe we are a constant work in process. During that process, we have to learn and love ourselves as we transform according to God’s will and love. As the world we live in, we are in a constant state of change and we must learn to accept each change and turn in the path we walk…..

  117. I struggle with a lot of insecurities. I have vitiligo and it’s spreading over my body. Also a lot of days I feel
    like a failure as a mom.. I pray that I will have more wisdom, patience, love for my three small children. Thank you for the reminder of who we are in Christ! You know, your emails are right on spot. Every time I struggle with something you post about and it helps me so much. God bless you!

  118. This journey of discovering & really believing my true identity is in Christ is a daily battle for me. Each morning I read the truth of what God says about me but… a comment by a frenemy or a failure or a snub can take me back to the lies that Satan so craftily aims my way. I want abide in the words of truth that my Savior says about me more consistently & not be so easily shaken or derailed by lies. I want this truth to rest with my daughters too, as I see them fight the same battle. Lord, help us to believe that You are the Lover of our soul & we belong to You! Thank you Sharon for covering this topic & offering hope & truth to us who forget where our real identity is found.

  119. I love your words: “God’s truth is the only mirror I need.” If I spent as much time studying God’s truth as I do studying my face in the mirror I would have every reason to smile.

  120. Sometimes the words I heard in my younger years come up to haunt me still. Four eyes, bug eyes, ugly, skinny…. So thankful to God, for I am a new creation; I am His child!

  121. I am 51 and I have dealt with insecurities my entire life. From family to a failed marriage. I still to this day don’t feel good enough. I have been divorced for over 20 years, I was told no one would ever want to be with me, I have never been small enough, the list goes on. I try to push my way through life but it gets so hard. I feel like a complete outsider, a failure. I am so tired of feeling this way. I know God wants me to see myself as He does, it wears me down trying to believe that I am not the way I have allowed others to change my thinking my insight of me.

  122. Shame and shaming or other negativity have no age limit , thanks be to God who also has no limit to God’s goodness!!!!!!!

  123. I will be 57 next week and still struggle with who I am in Christ. I know many of these truths in my head, but have to get them in my heart. Thank you for being so transparent and honest. This has truly been a blessing!

  124. It is hard to feel enough when it seems value only comes from what I can do for others. I am trying to make a change. Thanks for the opportunity to join others in this struggle.

  125. Love it!!! It’s amazing how we can be best down by others & the enemy!!! Let’s rise above & seek God’s truth!!!
    Thanks for the reminder!

  126. Thanks for the encouraging post on who we are as God’s children; our identity in Christ alone is our true identity!

  127. I am 74 and still can’t silence the lies. I will always remember 2 things my Dad said to me. If you can’t do something right then don’t do it at all. Another thing when I asked him ‘why’ about something when I was about 7 yrs old and his comment was “that’s why”. I felt stupid and unworthy my whole life.

  128. This spoke to my heart today, reminding me to take a step forward in faith and hear what the Father tells me and wants me to believe, not what the enemy wants me to hear.

  129. It is so very simple. The infalliable words of God. Yet it is so hard to do sometimes ! Battling the lies of the devil has been a lifetime battle of mine, Bless you for addressing it !

  130. I love reading your devotions! They always seem to be talking about me and to me! I can’t wait until the day comes that I can afford to buy your book “Enough “
    God bless you and please keep on writing!!!

  131. Thank you so much for speaking Gods truth! I am amazed throughout my day how the thoughts try to tear me down….I know that I am loved. I know that I am NOT a mistake! I also know that God has a very personal special plan for my life 🔥🔥🔥
    It’s always great to be reminded from others as well!

  132. Confidence is something I very seldom struggled with. Maybe I got to confident. That was until I found out my husband was cheating on me. It shook me to the ground. I have since learned that my God is the only one I can rely on through thick and thin. He has carried me through many issues since that day. And I am very thankful and feel blessed to have him as my Lord.

  133. You words inspire motivation to overcome a lifelong journey that included early struggles within our culture that did not value women. From a very young age I was told that girls must be seen not heard and that a girl’s purpose was to serve man. I struggled with this as I had a very independent and curious nature. I dreamed of more and in spite of my father’s objections pursued a college education. However the impact of my families cultural beliefs have caused a lifelong journey were I have grown to understand that women and men are equal and need to work together with mutual respect in order to achieve a love filled relationship. I am finding my voice and if I am unsure of my work I look for resources to help me improve myself. These things help to remind us that our purpose is to grow and become the best version we can be in spite of fears or obstacles. Thank you for this reminder.

  134. The biggest battle I have fought is the one that has had to do with my identity. My entire life I have felt rejected, unloved and unworthy of love. I have struggled with this as a Christian woman as well, BUT GOD, slowly but surely His love is transforming me from the inside out. It is His love that has rescued me and filled me with a peace that surpasses all understanding.

    Truly we are fighting a battle for our souls. The void that we all struggle with can only be filled by God, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

  135. One of my favorite songs is by Zac Williams “Fear he is a liar” this has ben a comfort yo me many times. After 20 years in a abusive marriage I sometimes still believe some of the lies. Praise be to God this is not my identity now. It’s been 19 years since I left that situation, but the wounds ran deep. They still haunt me at times, our enemy knows when we’re tie, in pain or otherwise weak but He who is in Me is Stronger than he who is in the world.

  136. Your “I am…” list is the biggest thing that stuck out at me at this last year’s women’s LYFE conference. Thanks for sharing! (Hoping you haven’t drawn yet bc I missed my chance to get a laminated list at the conference ☺️)

  137. I know Gods word is truth but it’s still hard for me to stay away from that distorted mirror image of myself.. I could really use this book of yours. God bless you always.

  138. Wow, there is so much, I don’t know where to start. I’m going to be 57 in Oct. So mine started at the age of 5. And from there life was tough and boy what a mes, but by the Grace of God at 42 I was put in time out go 6 years. But still I didn’t have the right tools to help with the negative self talk. But now I just asked a lady a the Church I attend to be my mentor. I have gone to this church for 9 years and never felt good enough with those women. I felt like if they knew my past, well . I always felt like I wasn’t good enough, smart enough. I always looked and wish I was someone else that had everything’s going for herself. Thank you ladies of Girlfriends of God. I love all your daily devotions. One day I pray God will use my bad past to help others. God Bless

  139. For me growing up with a disability and now with be an adult it has been more than a challenge to believe in myself that I can do anything if I just find a way to is going to be successful with where I am in my life. I never could trust myself to think I a capable as anybody else. I had to always prove that I belong in a regular school system and knowing that I was relevantly intelligent. I graduated with my school mates with those that knew me and my determination to fit in. I continued into college and gradually had many various employments. Even in the work force I had to prove to myself and staff that I could manage various tasks similar to theirs’ but at my pace and understanding. Now after 4 left hip replacements and 1 right I am now on long term disability in the work force and getting around with the aid of a walker. My confidence has been shaken quite drastically, I don’t know where I fit any more and feel like I disappointed God and myself. This is a on-going struggle to think positive over all this at the best of days. I now found this “Girlfriends In God” and am being to see encouraging messages of positive thinking to help me redirect my life to a better place. I am going to visit these verses of good enough to keep growing better with in myself and with God. Thank you.

  140. This message is dear to my heart because I have struggled with what I see in my mirror. Not only my own perceptions but those that others have put before me. Your message is so needed, by women especially.

  141. I grew up with “you are so ugly” and whenever some might say I am pretty or cute, I wonder with whose eyes they are seeing it!! I look at pictures of me and cringe. I am trying to see myself through the eyes of God but it’s really hard you know. Then I think does it matter if I am or I’m not what does matter, is what I can do for Christ! Who can I build up ? Now that is important!!

  142. Till my late 20’s , I felt like nothing. Satan really did a number on me and now in my 60’s he is trying to push me back into the cupboard and tell me lies about myself. With Christian therapy, online prayers, my sis’ prayers, I have come to believe I am a functional woman who loves the Lord and all His teachings. He is the GREAT PROVIDER & LOVER to ME.I have suffered a lot and yet have done so much with the Lord’s help. I was a teacher and taught the little ones. They were my loves and I taught them to LOVE THE LORD DEEPLY. I ask your prayers as my suffering is on-going but I feel much better now and know that the Lord will take away any obsessions and evil from me and that HE is MY ONLY LOVE, MY ONE TRUE LOVE and HE will bring me a great FALL SEASON.I PRAY that He gives me DIRECTION EVERY DAY OF MY LIFE.
    God bless you.

  143. Thank you for all the replies of these other women who are fighting Satan’s Lies and becoming their own persons in CHRIST.GOD BLESS YOU ALL.Let us PRAY FOR ONE ANOTHER EVERYDAY!

  144. I so needed this! I am seventy-five and still have these doubts. Thank you for writing this, it is an awesome analogy of some of our hearts, that we are not good enough, that we still are not where we need to be, that we still haven’t found our purpose. I think this is going to help me. Thanks again!

  145. Dear Sharon. What and encouragement. I thank God that he led me to your article. I started a ladies ministry called SHELAH as instructed by Father God. ” I’m busy planning a 3rd session for ladies during March and this morning the Holy Spirit said the theme must be “Discover your real Identity”.

    The short intro made me so excited, What a faithful God we serve. I would love to receive a free copy or even buy one as I’m sure it will change a lot of the ladies lives. Lots of them were abuse in different ways. Blessings

  146. Just reading this gave me tears of joy, especially when I read where it says He that is in me is stronger than he of this world, because I literally was just talking to my bf about that & now just read it myself & to have confidence & to remember how beautiful & important I am to God as well, so thank you for helping me remember & realize that God’s way is the only true way 🤗💖

  147. Wow this is wonderful!
    I’ve been struggling to change for so long and now you have made it easier through this amazing chart.
    I was sent this site by my sister not an hour ago and I’ve been devouring all the information …. I need to change.
    Warm regards Michelle

  148. This is such an annointed word! I absolutely enjoyed reading this.

    As someone who grew up in abusive relationships and suffered from a lot of trauma. I was suffering from health problems and CPTSD and ADHD and anxiety.
    Nothing has helped me the way learning God’s word has. And now I am still in the process of transforming my mind I would love to read your book, but as a single Mom with little support I am still struggling financially since my daughter’s father passed it has been only me and from kidney issues I have been out of work. If there is any way to get my hands on the PDF or anything please reach out to me.

    Thank you for investing your time and energy into God’s truth that he would be able to pour into you, what you are now helping others with.
    I pray he continues to bless you above and beyond, on every side. In Jesus name. Amen

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