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Today’s Truth
Mark 5:32 (NIV) “Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace and be freed from your suffering.”

Friend To Friend
If you have ever felt worthless, this woman knows how you feel.  For twelve years she suffered from bleeding, and no one could find a cure. The more money she spent on treatment, the worse her condition grew. Her money was gone … her heart was spent. In Jesus’ day, a woman was considered ‘unclean’ during her monthly cycle. This woman had been considered ‘unclean’ for twelve years. Untouchable. Unacceptable. Worthless.

But she had heard about this Jesus. “He heals the sick. He raises the dead. He restores sight to the blind.” Perhaps he could heal me, she hoped.

Can you see her? Her head was covered. Her eyes were downcast, hoping no one would recognize her as she scurried through the crowd.

If I could just touch the hem of his garment, she mused. I know I am not supposed to be out in public, but I have nowhere else to turn. There he is! I see Him! Thinking that she could “steal” a healing, the woman reached through the crowd and touched the corner of Jesus’ robe. Immediately, the flow of blood ceased.


But what happened next was even more miraculous than the physical healing she received. Jesus stopped the caravan of followers to recognize one who felt worthless in the world’s eyes.

As soon as the healing power of Jesus left his body, he knew it. Jesus spun around and asked, “Who touched my clothes?”

The disciples thought that was a strange question. Hundreds of people were pressing in all around him. How could he ask, “Who touched my clothes?” But Jesus always knows the intentions of our hearts and he distinguished the touch of faith from the touch of followers.

The woman could have easily snuck away with her healing. But Jesus was interested in her total restoration not simply her physical health. With fear and trembling, she fell at her Healer’s feet.

“It was me,” she cried. “I know that I am not worthy to wipe the dust from your feet, but I have had an issue of blood for these twelve years. You were my only hope. Forgive me, Lord.”

“Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace and be freed from your suffering” (Mark 5:34).

Yes, Jesus was on his way to an important official’s home. Jairus’ daughter was dying and Jesus was about to make an important house call. And yet, this daughter of Abraham was also important to Him. He stopped his journey, turned around, and restored her physically, emotionally and spiritually. She was worth it. So are you.

Let’s Pray
Dear LORD, I am so grateful that in Your eyes, I have great worth. I am so thankful that Jesus took the time to heal this broken woman and that He takes the time to take care of me as well.  As I go about my day, help me to reach out to those who feel worthless and share the love of Christ.

In Jesus’ Name,

Now It’s Your Turn
Have you ever felt worthless?

What do you learn about Jesus’ attitude toward women as He stopped to heal this woman?

What do you learn through Jesus’ actions about stopping to encourage those who feel worthless?

Go back and look at Today’s Truth. How do you think it made the woman feel when Jesus called her “daughter?”.

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Comments 4

  1. Dear Sharon,
    So blessed by your devotions and other writing. I have been sharing them with the women who we serve at The Sanctuary and with my staff and prayer team and other friends!!
    Praying God’s blessings today and every day!
    In Jesus,

  2. Hi. So many times I have felt worthless over this past year alone. My husband and I were called to come to Virginia and we left our home church that we were involved in deeply for over 3 years. We asked for our tents to be stretched… He stretched them alright. Being brought away from all we knew during our return to Christ has not been easy. No family here and no relationships have truly formed…it seems as though there is always a wall up to those we think we are going to “connect” with in God. On top of it all, I have allowed the Enemy to come in and steal my joy through robbing me of an extremely close friendship… we were like David & Jonathon, Mary and Margret. At times I feel like it is a “death”. I want so badly to have freedom in this area of my life…it is like my heart won’t stop missing her no matter how & when I leave it with God… it seems like i unconciously pick some of it back up and then it hits me like a ton of bricks. I pray, I ask, I am beginning to think the Lord doesn’t want me to forget or lay it down completely??? It seems to me to be a way in for the enemy to play. The Lord has not brought anyone into my life yet… I have been praying that I will become a better friend to those he brings in, though it was my friend who was listening to the lies of the enemy. I ask God to search and search my heart for things that I may have done to cause this friendship to be lost, but He always seems to tell me there was not anything that I did. So now i just pray that God shows me the signs before it happens again, when He allows someonelse close to me again, so i am able to pray them through. As you can see, i am having a hard time processing all this. I want through it. I know I am a daughter of the Lords. A Princess of the Most High! I will con’t to say the prayer you said at the end of this devotion. Thank you for your genuiness and obedience to Christ in all that you do.

  3. Good day Sharon Jaynes
    Thank you so much for the message of today. It is so applicable to me. I am always amazed at the gentle way God works through us (I love that about Him, He’s never forceful or invasive). I have asked guidance on this topic and your message is the second confirmation of the answer.
    May you be blessed in your teachings,
    E du Plessis
    South Africa

  4. Hi Sharon

    For the past 3 years things have been really rough for me. In 2005 the company that i had worked for for 4 years went of of business. I have been struggling every since. Everytime i have found a position i have issues with co-workers having a problem with my ability to accomplish almost any thing even with the obstacles that put in front of me. It always seems that they want to stiffle me because of my attitude of not waiting to be told but just doing. I have heard the phrase you are trying take over. i come from a large family and was raised that if you see something needs to be done, do it. So in I have the attitude that everything is my job. I feel people don’t realize that a job title is nothing. Your job is to enhance the profitability of your company. I pray constantly that God will lead me in the right way but I have a hard time in standing on faith sometimes because i have been unemployed, homeless and treated so badly even though i was trying to better my self. Sharon i would love to hear from you and ask you to keep me in your prayers.

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