Trusting God to Lead the Dance

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OK, now that’s a funny picture of me. I couldn’t figure out how to get the video to put a different one.

Today I am recouperating from a red-eye flight home from Oregon where I spent three days speaking at a retreat for some AMAZING women, one day with my AMAZING agent, and one day with my AMAZING Harverst House Publishing Team. Now I’m pooped.

I flew all night and landed in Charlotte around 6AM-ish.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to put two sentences together that made any sense, so I’m sharing a video that I hope will encourage you to trust God to lead you in the dance of life!

This is a video from our Girlfriends in God Bible study titled Trusting God. Even though we aren’t doing the study together on my blog, I though you might enjoy the lesson.

It’s short. Just a few minutes.  So click on the funny picture of me and be blessed!

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To learn more about our Girlfriends in God Bible Study/devotion book, Trusting God click on the cover! Cover



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Comments 2

  1. Sharon….over the last couple of years, Girlfriends in
    God e-devotionals have been a life-line for me.
    It seems that when I felt led to read them, particularly
    yours, there was always a heart to heart message communicated. His heart through you to me. I am a writer. I have written quite a number of devotionals on-line, that are yet unpublished. Am realizing more and more how much writing can impact women’s lives.
    You have been such a blessing to me on-line. I hope at some point to be a blessing to women through my devotionals. God bless you richly in everything you
    put your hand to in the coming days.


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