Trusting God to Answer Your Prayers

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If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish and it will be given you, (John 15:7, NIV).

I am blessed with some very special nieces and nephews. One of my favorite people in the world is my niece, Grace Anne. After college, Grace Anne served two years with a mission organization, teaching Physical Education in the Dominican Republic. Those two years were very different and difficult for Gracie. She didn’t have the luxury of hot showers, fast food, or texting. Her apartment was sparse, her friends were few, and her trips to the mall were non-existent.

(My son, Steven, and Grace Anne in picture.)

But while Grace Anne didn’t have the luxuries and modern conveniences that we so take for granted, she did have the indulgence of a quieter life, a beautiful mountainous vista, and an increased proclivity to hearing God’s voice without the carnal clattering of our fast-paced society.

One day, Grace Anne e-mailed me about what God was teaching her. Let me share these wise words from one so young.

Hi Aunt Sharon,
I hope your Monday morning is going well so far! I haven’t started having class yet, so I thought that I would share with you something I have been reminded of lately.

I was reading Streams in the Desert the other day and read the scripture from Genesis 24:15, 26-27. “Before he had finished praying, Rebekah came out with her jar on her shoulder…Then the man bowed down and worshiped the Lord, saying, ‘Praise be to the Lord … who has not abandoned his kindness and faithfulness.'”

I couldn’t remember the whole story from that scripture so I looked it up and was reminded of the great story of Abraham’s servant being obedient and putting his faith in God to provide a wife for Isaac.

Before the servant was even finished praying his request to God, God answered the prayer! I was reminded, “When we ask in faith and in Christ’s name–that is, in oneness with Him and His will–it will be given you,” (John 15:7). Since God’s Word cannot fail, whenever we meet these simple conditions, the answer to our prayer has already been granted and is complete in heaven as we pray, even though it may not be revealed on earth until much later. When we believe God for a blessing, we must have an attitude of faith and begin to act and pray as if the blessing were already ours.”

Reading this was such an encouraging reminder for me that when I make a request to God, I shouldn’t pray and then say to myself, “I hope that gets taken care of,” or “I hope it works out.” I should have confidence that “even before I am finished making my request, the Lord has already answered it.” I just need to wait patiently!

Well, I guess I needed to be reminded of it again, because this morning was touching on the same subject. The Scripture was, “Commit your way to the Lord; trust in Him and He will do this,” (Psalm 37:5). The author of Streams in the Desert says, “The literal meaning of this verse is “Roll your way onto Jehovah and trust upon Him, and He works. This brings to our attention the immediacy of God’s action once we commit, or ‘roll’ any burdens of any kind from our hands to His.”

But if we don’t commit and trust that when we roll it over to him it will be taken care of, He cannot do this. He goes on to say, “Our expectation that He will work is the very thing enabling the Holy Spirit to accomplish what we have ‘rolled’ onto Him.’ At that point it is out of our grasp, and we are not to try to do it ourselves! HE WORKS! Take comfort from this and do not try to PICK IT UP AGAIN! What a relief it is knowing that He really is at work on our difficulty.”

How many times I try to pick up that “thing” again once I have already prayed about it. Why in the world? I have no idea!

Psalm 57:2 says “I cry out to God Most High, to God, who fulfills his purpose for me.” Another translation says, “He will perform the cause I hold in my hand.” So the very thing “I hold in my hand,” my classes today, preparing to come home in the summer, getting this new apartment, worrying about my finances, “this is what I can ‘cry out’ for Him to do ‘for me’, with the calm assurance He will perform it.”

Oh how I love this girl. And how I love our LORD who is using her to teach the world, and her Aunt Sharon, to have a greater faith in God.

Let’s Pray
Dear Lord, Help me to have faith to believe that even as I utter a prayer, You are in the process of answering. Thank you for caring about the smallest details of my life. Fulfill Your purpose in me, and give me the faith to be a willing vessel.
In Jesus’ Name,

What do You Think? 
As you read this devotion, did you see areas that you had not completely given to the Lord?

Do you tend to pray for God to take control, and yet continue to attempt to make things move along on your own?

When you pray, do you truly believe that God will answer? If not, what stands in your way of believing God?

Write ten on-going prayer requests that you have in your life. Now, beside each one write today’s truth.

Now, leave a comment and say, “I rolled my burdens from my hands to His.”

Want More?
Rolling our burdens from our hands to God’s hands is all about trust. And here’s the thing, you don’t have to understand all there is to know about God to trust Him! Mary, Gwen and I have written a 12-week devotional book titled Trusting God. We also have free videos to go along with each week on our website at This book is the perfect book to study with a friend or a group of friends. Check it out at  www.localhost/sjold.

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Comments 63

  1. I rolled my burdens from my hands to his. Thanks Sharon for this devotional please pray for me there some areas where I’am still weak that are in my life that need to be in God’s hands not mine. I will pray for you too for your Ministry, You sure have been a blessing to me. God Bless you.

    1. I roll my burdens from my hand to His. Thank you. I really needed this devotional. I am currently in a phase where I find myself struggling to put all my faith to God. I tend to question his timing because I think I am being delayed in some parts of my life. I am thankful to God because now I am reminded to put my faith in him. I am reminded that my prayers are already answered . I just have to be patient and roll my burdens from my hand to His. Amen.

    2. I roll these burdens to the almighty God who I am trusting and believing to answer many request I have. This really came at the right time in my life. God is good

  2. I rolled my burdens from my hands to His. Thank you so much for this word today, I really needed this. It blessed me.

  3. I rolled my burdens from my hands to His.

    Oh, how many times a day I need to be reminded to release all my concerns to God! Thanks for this post, Sharon!

  4. i roll my burdens from my hands to His.Am trusting God for somethings in my life.i have prayed about it and have a word for each.however,i find myself praying again and again about it even when i want to thank God.thanks for this devotional.

  5. I rolled my burdens from my hands to His.I will no longer pray and hope but i will believed that God will answer all my request, In Jesus Name Amen!

  6. This is an area I struggle with because I always wonder if what I ask for is really in God’s will for me, because if its not then he won’t answer my prayer. I might want to move but what if God wants me to stay put?? How will I know? The thing is you never really know what God will do in your life or understand His reasons right away. I trust Him and I know He loves me but this is always something I think about. I always wanted to ask about this because it stops me from really letting go.

  7. A perfectly timed devotional, thank you Sharon… I roll my burdens from my hand to HIS!
    I will wait and trust in His perfect timing. Amen.

  8. what an amazing devotion today. Once again GOD has shown me what I need to do. I can’t change those I love, but he can. I have rolled my burdens from my hands to his.

  9. I rolled my burdens from my hands to his. Praise God that he is always willing to accept us regardless of our faults, mistakes, errors in judgments, choices which may be different than what he set forth for us. He is an Awesome GOD and I am amazed at how accepting and loving he is of us. Makes me tell myself, that if GOD can be so accepting and loving of me, that I need to do the same with everyone I come in contact with. AMEN

  10. I rolled my burdens into his hands today! Thank you Ms. Sharon for writing and sharing this article with all of us online. Your words are a blessing to my life and to my walk with G_D. Hugs to you.

  11. Im rolling My Burdens into His

    Sharon, You always speak into my life and I know its no coincidence . Please if you have a minute, pray for me I’m really struggling with some stuff.
    Thanks and God Bless .

  12. I rolled my burdens from my hands to his today! Thank You Sharon–your messages are so timely and help me ‘keep in check’ and ‘stay balanced’ . I really needed that today!!! Thank You, and Thank YOU Jesus!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  13. I rolled my burdens from my hands to his!! Thank you Sharon…I really needed this today. You are an angel spreading the word of GOD! Thank you!

  14. I met you in March at a women’s retreat. I told you of my concern (my marriage) . Soon after I thought things were getting better, and they were for a bit, but now it’s may and last month it got out of hand worse than ever before. I’m still praying and waiting, trusting God. I believe He is working on the situation even if its not the outcome that I thought. “I rolled my burdens from my hands to His” thank you for your encouraging messages.

  15. I enjoyed this post so much! I needed to be reminded that God is in control and that He will take care of my needs. I just need to trust Him. The past couple of weeks I have been praying and praying and praying for a specific need, but no answer is coming through. After reading this post I realised that as soon as I prayed, I started doubting and wondering if God will be able to do this. No wonder that I havent received my breakthrough yet. But I have made a decision – I rolled my burdens from my hands to his! AMEN His will be done in my life!

  16. I love the GiG devotions I get every day. LOVE!

    I made my list and then stopped to realize:

    1 – I only have 13 items, and that about half involve my children/family finding Christ or returning to Him. The other half are for health issues of family, friends, protection, etc.
    2 – I was not even on my own list – this opened my eyes, because I need to pray for MYSELF, too. As a working mother/grandmother, I am still not focusing on my own needs and what God has planned for me, but trying to help/change/fix everyone else.

    I rolled MY burdens from my hands to HIS!!

  17. “I rolled my burdens from my hands to His.” I will trust you Lord!

    Thank you so much for sharing this. It was exactly what I needed to hear today.

    Great is thy faithfulness oh God my father. There is no shadow of turning with thee.
    Morning by morning new mercies I see……


  19. I roll my burdens from my hands to his.
    I agree that most times, I pray to God to take control of a current situation in my life and yet still attempt to find a solution to it. Today, I no longer want to do this, I want to hand them over to God and totally trust that he will take control and that HIS will for me will come to pass in HIS time

  20. God bless you, my sister Sharon ,
    I been struggling with an issue that only God can answer it by me seeking Him in prayer, I been going to a church that want to change me instead of letting God change me . I am not allow to cut my hair, not allow to wear pant. And I been through this issue since last year and now am struggling. First they don’t believe giving classes where the member of the church can grow in God. Plus since I been in this church for one year and four month I don’t see it grow, only. Twenty people attend. Then. The pastor always giving away wal-mart. Card, mps3 and bike to get people to attend. I told them to give the gospel and a book to how to follow Christ. Right away they want to baptist lost soul but once the get baptist they don’t return to church. Then I put myself in an sister in church about how I feel and she went to the pastor to tell them everyhing. I not allow to watch Christian s

  21. Once I get up the first thing I do , wash my mouth, and go to my room and seek God through His words and than humble myself to Him by praising Him and glorified His name. And ask the Holy Spirit to search my heart. And I allow the Holy Spirit to take over in my prayer. But I have an sister that got the nervous to tell me be that I don’t put myself in prayer, only God know that I seek Him in prayer with all that I am. I been asking God in prayer to lead me to a church that I can serve Him and grow with Him. Can you please keep me in your prayer, I need to heard from God. I want more of God am thirsty and hungry for Him. That I brought me a Bible Study book to learn about false doctrine. I love to receive your devotion , is a inspiration and is help to lift me up went I am feeling down. Thank you, and God bless, may the Lord continue to bless you and your loved one!

  22. I rolled my burdens from my hands to His
    That I will get closer with God and serve him more
    My Adopted son 11 year old Eric.
    My Brother Fabio that he will be Save and Heal.
    My Brother Rafael Save and Heal
    Salvation of all my Children and Family.
    Salvation of my Grandkids and their children
    My Finance that i will not need to worry

  23. I submit to God and rollover my anxiety, fears, worries, bills/finances, my relationship, my career, my household. In Jesus’ name I release all control, and surrender. Amen!

  24. I rolled my burdens from my hand to His. Thank you. I really needed this devotional. I am currently in a phase where I find myself struggling to put all my faith to God. I tend to question his timing because I think I am being delayed in some parts of my life. I am thankful to God because now I am reminded to put my faith in him. I am reminded that my prayers are already answered . I just have to be patient and roll my burdens from my hand to His. Amen.

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