Time to Put Your Foot Down

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This week I started reading Joshua and I got stuck on chapter 1 verse 3. I camped out on the east side of the Jordan for three days, just pondering that one verse.

“I will give you every place where you set your foot.”

I was about to head into the chapter 5 where Joshua leads the Israelites into The Promised Land…finally. But God wasn’t quite ready for me to go. He wanted me to get this one important truth.

In order to take The Promised Land…my Promised Land…I had to put my foot down. It isn’t enough to know God’s Word, you have to believe it. It isn’t enough to simply believe God’s Word, you have to obey it, act on it, grab hold of it to make it yours.

Just because God gives a promise does not automatically make it yours. The first generation Israelites out of Egypt had the promise of the Land, but they never experienced it because they didn’t take it. Experiencing God’s promises requires knowing it in your head, believing it in your soul, acting on it in your life…grabbing hold.

Miracles. I just love them. Don’t you? I love reading about times when God mysteriously and supernaturally intervenes in someone’s life—times when what is impossible with man become a reality with God.

But almost every time God performs a miracle in the Bible, He requires men and women to participate in that miracle. To take hold of the miracle. To put their foot down.

Raise your staff. (Exodus 14:16)

Throw in a branch. (Exodus 15:25)

Set your foot in the water. (Joshua 3:13)

March around the walls. (Joshua 6:15)

Blow the trumpet. Smash the jars. (Judges 7:20)

Make a cake of bread. (1 Kings 17:7-24)

Gather empty jars. (2 Kings 4:3)

Dip your leprous body in the Jordan. (2 Kings 5:10)

Fill the empty jugs with water. (John 2:7)

Pick up your mat. (John 5:8)

Stretch out your hand. (Matthew 12:13)

Cast out your net. (Luke 5:4)

Break the bread. (Luke 9:16)

Serve the fish. (Luke 9:16)

Stand up straight. (Luke 13:13)

There are so many more examples. But thinking on these, I started getting the picture. Yes, God does miracles, but He also wants our participation. God could have done everyone of those miracles without a single human being’s interaction. But He didn’t.

God wants a relationship with His people. He wants a relationship with YOU. God doesn’t want spectators. He wants participants who know, believe, and act.

So here’s what I am going to do today. I’m going to put my foot down! I am going to let go of doubt and grab hold of faith.

Is there something you’ve been praying about in your own life, and perhaps God is saying to you: “I will give you every place where you set your foot…but you’ve got to set your foot first.”

Your miracle could be one stop of obedience away.

If you’re ready to put your foot down and grab hold of God’s promises, then leave a comment that says “I’m ready!”




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Comments 187

  1. I’m ready!! Thank you for this wonderful reminder that we must participate and be involved if we want God to move on our behalf. I’m ready indeed.

  2. I’m so ready for a miracle and to put my both of my feet down. I have to say God help me with my unbelieve, doubt for some reason tries to creep in.

    I’m also praying that God would restore a broken relationship.

    I can see God already moving in my life. I praise you and thank you Lord for answered prayer.

  3. Your post, today, fits right in with the book my Bible Study group is studying, “Experiencing God – Revised and Expanded” authored by Henry and Richard Blackaby and Claude King. This is the most wonderful book I have read about aligning oneself with God.

  4. Dear Sharon,

    On Saturday February 28.@ 11 AM, I read your email a couple of times, and immediately
    God spoke to my heart! I firmly put my foot down for I knew exactly what God was saying
    to me. There is so much more to say…
    Thank you sister. You are in my prayers.
    With this I send you a big hug.

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