The Power of Prayer in the Life of a Child

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I know that most of you in my online family know the story of how I came to faith, but I realize that many of you don’t. So, I want to take today to share it with you. If you’ve heard it before, perhaps this would be an opportunity to forward it to someone who might be encouraged by it.

I grew up in eastern North Carolina in a nice neighborhood and a nice house. But much of what went on behind the door of our ranch-style house was anything but nice.

My father didn’t drink every day, but when he did, he got drunk and grew violent. My parents fought both verbally and physically in front of my brother and me, and we lived much of our lives in fear. I saw many things a little girl should never see and heard words a little girl should never hear. I didn’t know what some of the words meant, but I know how they made me feel.

On many nights, I went to bed, pulled up the covers around my quivering chin, and prayed I would quickly fall asleep to escape the yelling in the next room. On my dresser, I had a musical jewelry box with a ballerina that popped up when the lid opened. Many nights, I tiptoed over to the jewelry box, turned the wind-up key in the back, and opened the lid in hopes the tinkling music would drown out the fighting in the next room.

I felt that I was always in the way, a poor excuse for a daughter, and a burden to be tolerated rather than a child to be loved. I concluded I wasn’t smart enough, pretty enough, or good enough—just not enough, period. Insecurity, inadequacy, and inferiority dogged me, shouting accusations and heaping condemnation on my little-girl soul.

That’s where our family story began, but God didn’t leave us in that sorry state. When I was twelve years old, my best friend was Wanda Henderson. We’d snuggle down in thick comforters when I spent the night at her house and tell little-girl secrets. Those secrets eventually made it around to me telling her what was going on at my house. And later, she coaxed me to tell her mom.

Mrs. Henderson took me under her wing. She told me about Jesus who loved me, and a heavenly Father who adored me. She not only explained the gospel to me, she lived it for me to see. But most importantly, she prayed for me and my family.

For two years, Mrs. Henderson mentored me without even knowing it. She was just going about life being her joyful Jesus-lovin’ self, but I watched her every move. She sang praise songs when she did her housework, called her gregarious husband pet names, and talked to and about Jesus as if he were her best friend. One night, when I was fourteen, she sat me down on the den sofa, took my hands in hers, and asked, “Sharon, would you like to ask Jesus to be your Lord and Savior? Would you like to become a Christian?”

I said yes.

Mrs. Henderson prayed. I cried. We all rejoiced. Jesus did change my life.

However, the next day, I had to go back home. Tension still ran high, and nothing much changed, except we began praying for my messed-up family. Three years later, through the influence of this same woman, my mom gave her life to Christ. Three years after my mom, my mean ole dad gave his life to Jesus and became one of the sweetest men I’ve ever known.

How did that happen? It started with the prayers of one mamma who loved and prayed for a child that wasn’t even hers. The Bible says, “The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective” (James 5:16). And if you know Jesus as Savior, then that person is you.

Through prayer, the enemy’s plans are intercepted; the principalities and authorities are defeated; the power and provision of God flow into the lives of His people. It’s the conduit through which God’s power is released and His will is brought to earth as it is in heaven.

Prayer is simply opening the storehouse of heaven for lavish blessings He wants to give. And friend, He’s inviting you to stand in the gap for those you love. When you do, miracles will follow.

Heavenly Father, thank You for giving Your Son, Jesus, as a sacrifice for my sin so that I can live in eternity with You. Thank You for forgiving my sin and making me a brand-new creation. I continue to pray for my family members who do not know Jesus as Savior and Lord…yet. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Who is one person you are praying will come to know Jesus? Leave a comment and let’s pray for each other.

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Comments 192

      1. My childhood memories are very similar to yours. I struggle to love myself, but pray everyday for the Holy Spirit’s guidance. Please pray for my grandson Jacob.

      2. Thank you for sharing your story and testimony. I grow up in a similar home, my dad died when I was 14. When I met the Lord at 24 years of age, my mum gave her heart to the Lord before she passed away at 70. God changes lives for the good.

    1. pray for Sally, Eric, Lori, Danny, Blake and Liam’s salvation, thank you fellow believers!!! I didn’t see a separate “comment” box, just a reply, so thank you for letting me. Better together!!!

      1. I lived as a child with a Christian mother and a dad that drank and came home drunk. If you made him mad he would pull that belt off his pants and beat you. If my Momma tried to interview she’ d get the same. He’d come home with lipstick on his shirt many weekends. My momma continued church with all of us and she remained my prayer warrior up until she drew her last breath heaven bound at the age of 92. My parents divorced after I graduated high school, I being the youngest. Dad kept after Momma so she took him back however he had not changed he beat her and broke her wrist. Once again she filed for divorce and the judge said she should have never gone back to him and to teach her a lesson he cut down her alimony check. I watched my momma struggle but maintained her faith. My momma was a Christian woman and taught me that while others may harm you and leave our Father is always with us. My Dad started attending church near the age of 70 years old and got saved and Baptist. He went to church constant and died during covid at the age of 93. You see my momma didn’t give up praying for my Dad. She said its all in Gods perfect timing so never give up and think your prayers go void. My marriage is something what like my Momma, I married he went to church with me and then one day he said I’m not going to church with you anymore. He became a Jehovah witness, started drinking, being abusive, any my life was changed but My God didn’t leave me. I still pray for my husband I’ve given all my burdens to Lord in prayer. I still suffer from depression and anxiety but I’m under the care of my family doctor. My husband and I have had counseling but he refuses to accepted my belief. I am Pentecostal and will die clinging to the old rugged cross and someday ill be with my Lord and Savior and my loved ones that have gone before me. I pray for my husband my brother, my sister my children and for this world that we call home. Don’t give up on your prayers because he hears our cries. My name is Anita and you can pray for me and my family. I appreciate my praying warriors.
        In Christ,

        1. Dear sister in Christ. I so much feel for you. I grew up in a family where both parents drank and argued all the time. Now my father is dead. My mum still has alcohol issues. She claims to be atheist and so do my sisters, brother and their families.
          I married a man who used to be an enthusiastic Christian but turned his back to God and blames God for some bad things that happened in his life.
          I do not consider myself a righteous Christian but I do believe that Jesus gave his life for me. I didn’t manage to turn anyone from my family or friends to God and many times I think I must be doing things wrong. I do struggle with quite a few issues: can’t trust my husband, I think I’m not giving a good example to my children, I’m not patient, lately I’ve been constantly tired and therefore consider myself lazy,(I’m only 47),I don’t really read the Bible, I don’t go to church regularly, I lose hope very easily.
          But I pray and I hope God has mercy and listens to my prayers.
          There are three things I would like to experience in my life: see Northern Lights, see the whales in real life but most of all, meet Jesus Christ

          1. Hi Maria – a few years ago I decided to read a chapter a day of the Bible (I use Bible Hub on my phone) and am now on my 2nd time around. I have found that many days that particular chapter seems to have been “written just for me” (as a matter of fact this morning I was wondering if everyone reads the same Bible since it seemed so custom tailored). I encourage you to try it as it has been a great source of comfort for me and really helped deepen my relationship with God, find grace towards myself and in that, approach the world in a much more peaceful manner. Prayers for you!

        2. Anita, the Lord God is your strength. I’m praying for you, your husband and your family. Because I believe in prayers and I believe in miracles. I too am married to a husband who is not a Christian but I have been praying and I can see the changes in him. God is good and faithful.

    2. My grandkids are growing up in a house like yours my son is in prison his wife is a mess the kids live in a terrible home but I’m praying for all of them 🙏

    3. I also grew up in an alcoholic home and by God’s hand my father stopped drinking and gave the glory to God. My adult daughter has 3 months sober now and also knows it’s by God’s grace that she has the strength to stay sober. Praise God!!!

    4. Please pray for my husband Danny; Hannah and Cesar; Chad; Corey, Mikhaela, Eric, Erin, Cole, Mckenzie, Brynlee and Raylee; my Sister’s family, David, Liam and Claire. I pray they all give their life to Christ.

  1. I am praying for my father. He came to know Jesus after my sister pass away, but turn back later. His name is Gladston King. I had the same experience growing up as a child my father was never drunk, but my parent argue alot even into my adult life. I got married and move out at 30. I am 40 years old now and they are still arguing.

  2. I ask for prayers for my son Jericho who is confused about God and his word. He is 14 and does things without thinking. I want him to know Jesus and the to come to have a relationship with him. I do my best to explain the word to him but he complicates things and grows more confused. Please pray that God will open his mind and heart to receive the Holy Spirit . That it enable him to feel the lords presence and give him faith even when he can’t see it .

  3. I’m praying for a high school friend, Nancy, who professes to be an atheist. Many of my other friends are praying for her, too, having read some of the comments she posts on my FB page. Even though some have encouraged me to unfriend her, I refuse. And I continue to pray for her.

  4. Praying for household salvation Joshua 24:15
    Praying for the stronghold of alcoholism over my spouse , daughter in-inlaw Jackie , praying for marriages to be restored , healing for our grandchildren that suffered under the pain of alcoholism. Break every chain , I pray in the name of Jesus Hesl the broken hearted 🩸🙏🏻

  5. A man I love who doesnt know Jesus Sean Barnes.
    My son who’s an addict, Aidan and my daughter who tries to fix addicts, Julia. I’m a recovering alcoholic.

  6. I prayed for my sister for over 40 years — she is now a believer but sometimes has doubts. I continue to pray for her. I pray for family members who have known the Lord but walked away (my son, my nephew) and for other family members who have never acknowledged Jesus (my brother-in-law, my nephew’s family and my son’s family). But prayer is powerful!!

    1. I grew up among the same circumstances like you. My father never stopped drinking and got killed in an car accident ( drunk driving). Nevertheless I hope the Lord has mercy on him. Please pray for me as I struggle with life in many areas, not knowing where I belong to. Thank you. I’ll pray for you, too. Greetings from Germany, Claudia

  7. I love this message and encouragement I so received change for my life to make a difference in my grandkids life and children thank you I recommit my life to be a light for many to see and come to Jesus.

  8. Please pray with me for my niece, Chandler. She is an addict but highly functioning. She has a story God could use for Good for herself and others who are struggling…and for His Glory. I have prayed daily for her for 2 years. I know God’s timing is perfect….

  9. I was an angry mother, full of self. Oh I thought by keeping a prestine home, cooking good meals, sacrificing sending 5 children to Christian school, having morning and evening devotions, taking them to church, and praying with them, but when things didn’t fall in place, I became a screaming monster. That is what my children remember, not the good, but my hurtful tongue. One of my children, after leaving home says he does not even believe in Jesus. Others do not even take their to church. One has returned to Jesus. But I messed up. I could go on and on. But …..

    1. Good morning Linda. I read your comment and was ready to cry because I recognize me in this so well. I know this about me in the last couple of years and am ashamed; have blamed on causes like illness and tiredness but still I have no excuse. My husband is in hospital Cardiac ICU. I am so tired and taking antibiotics while trying to pack and move BUT am so ashamed of my past nastiness and wicked tongue. What has helped me is an Abandonment Novena which we have been repeating for nearly a year ….. the repetition of “Oh Jesus, I surrender myself to you, take care of everything.” This has given me such Peace and a sense of inner strength. Bless you and your family and may you all heal with the Love of Jesus’ generous heart.

  10. My two older children have “decided” they no longer believe, after being raised in the church. I think it’s mostly because they lost their wonderful daddy when they were so young (5 & 8). I know that God will bring them back to Him. Thank you, Sharon, for all you do and your ministry. YOU are precious!

  11. I am praying that my 18 year old son will come to know Jesus as his Lord and Savior. He was baptized as an infant, raised in church, confirmed and become a member of our church. He has recently told me that he doesn’t know if he likes boys or girls. This mom is in turmoil, but the Peace that passes all understanding is holding me steady. The most important thing is my son’s salvation.

  12. I have been praying for my brother & messed up, dysfunctional but very much loved family for a long time. Particularly my 17 year old nephew who is so hostile toward God due to years of emotional abuse & being taken to church regularly but seeing his parents live a totally different life outside of church.

    Thank you for spurring me on to continue praying for God to bring them to salvation and a peaceful home life.

  13. My daughter and her boyfriend. She’s KNOWS the word but has put it on the back burner. She’ll come back because she was raised right. I’m not sure about the bf, because he’s rather new in this relationship. I’m praying for both and that they’ll stop living together.

  14. I grew up with a narcissistic mother – it was terrible. She still is. Pray for her soul. Her name is Ann. Pray for me that my mind would heal from my childhood.

  15. I am praying for my husband’s salvation and healing of our entire family relationship with Collin and Campbell Holbrook, my grandson and his wife. We have not had any contact for almost 2 years. He is not speaking to his mother, father and siblings along with his other grandparents or any other extended family. Thank you

  16. Please pray for my mother and father Angelina and Benedicto that they will have a close relationship with pur Savior Jesus🙏

  17. I pray for my Family, especially my
    Son. He was introduced to God at the age of eight thanks to my mom. He is 40 now and never speaks of God. I pray that one day he will give his life once again to God🙏🏾. I trust in God and I know that He is able to turn His
    Life around!🙏🏾. I ask that you pray for my Son🙏🏾 and for my Entire family🙏🏾

  18. I pray for all my grandchildren but I’m afraid my grandson Isaac is on a road of destruction. He is so gifted but never saw it through and he struggles daily. I pray for salvation for my loved ones that don’t know the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior. I do covet your prayers.

  19. I’m praying for my two kids Lorna and Gage who have turned away from their faith. I am praying for their friends too who have seemed to let the ways of this world get the best of them. Lord, remove the scales from their eyes and soften their hearts.

  20. I grew up in a very similar situation. I felt all the things you felt and to this day, I still fight those feelings of inadequacy, trying to please everyone and putting myself last. Thank you for this message.

  21. My son is 36 and was raised in the church but dad never went. When he was a senior in high school, dad left us. He blamed himself, was angry and shunned and angered a girl who had been hoping to be his girlfriend. She had been in a lot of trouble in the past and without any proof, just her accusation, he went to prison. He lost faith in God then and we have been praying since that he will find his way back.

  22. I’ve been praying for my two sons that were raised in the church but, haven’t been followers as adults. My 34 year old son was just diagnosed with a brain tumor (he has a wife and 2 toddlers). Surgery will be next month. Just before the diagnosis he began reading a non fictional book about a young man who returns to Christianity after being diagnosed with a terminal cancer (When Breath Becomes Air). He said it was beautifully written. Last Sunday he called and told me he and his wife went to church! And he actually spoke highly of the experience! He said, “nothing like a brush with mortality to bring me back to the fold.” God works in mysterious ways. He has a bigger plan for my smart son. All the Glory to God.

  23. Thanks Sister Sharon.
    My request today is for the team to pray for all praying mothers who love and care for their Children’s Salvation. My Sons Bryant and. Paul and their Children are in my prayers. Thanks for encouraging me to hold on to God’s hands and never give up.
    Take care.

  24. I grew up in a verbally & physical abusive house- my exStepdad was/is an alcoholic. (I never was brave enough to ask Christian friends for prayer-it was embarrassing.)

    Cover my Daughter-Bayley, & all her friends.
    Cover a daily alcoholic drinker named Daniel-that is in denial of his actions & words.
    Nieces and nephews-that are not exposed to the house of the Lord.
    Thank you for sharing your story & encouraging us to pray Sharon!

  25. My son Travis, as an adult, has pulled away from God. As an elementary student he once answered a question about the scientific big-bang theory by saying of course it’s true, the Bible says that God made the world out of nothing. At university he lost that belief in God. I need a whole Legion of prayer warriors praying for him.

  26. I also grew up in a very unhealthy household my daddy was an alcoholic and was very abusive to my Mother and to me and my three sisters I am a Christian and gave my heart and life to Jesus He saved me and has taken good care of me and my family.! Praise God for ever and ever!

  27. Sharon, I grew up in survival mode after my momma passed away from metastatic breast cancer. I was 10, my brother 8. My dad worked 2 jobs to support us, however he was never home leaving us alone to fend for ourselves. I cooked, cleaned,paid the bills and went to school. I grew up way too fast. We were orphans.
    But God kept me safe. I had many folks in my town watching over us, and sometimes too much!
    I suffer from much fear of course but as I mature and put everything in front of my papa God, He releases this fear through His perfect love.
    I now have been married for many decades and actually live very near where you grew up in NC. My husband and I are recently retired educators from New England.
    I so enjoy seeing your blog in my inbox!
    Thank you for your vulnerability Sharon.
    Be Blessed

  28. Thank you Sharon for this message this morning. Praying for all my family. Husband, step children,
    children, grandchildren, step grandchildren, sisters, brother in laws, nieces and nephews. Waiting and watching how God is always working, even when we think He isn’t. Thank you Jesus!
    Praying for all you sweet sisters in Christ!

    God Bless,

    Debbie L.

  29. My Daughter Tiara and Her Shipmates on Deployment on The Gerald Ford out at Sea: My 22 year old Twins Elisha and Elijah; Pray for my Mom Lois Health; My 4 Brothers: Eddie Sr Is Saved but his wife needs to be DELIVERED from cigarettes and alcohol; John Jr and Wife need to be saved; Deaf brother Jimmy and fiancé needs Salvation; Ronnie needs to be Saved/wife Darlene is a Christian. Pray for my Place of Employment: Dallas County Health and Human Services(All 8 Floors-Entire LAB) in The MIGHTY MATCHLESS NAME Of JESUS 🙏🏾

  30. My brother-in-law Johnny. He doesn’t see the need in going to church, doesn’t believe the bible is true. Also, praying for my husband Allen. He says he knows Jesus, but I haven’t seen a life changing transformation. Please pray for my husband, as well as my brother-in-law. Also, a coworker named Charles. I’m not sure he knows Jesus. He claims he does, but his actions don’t reflect knowing Christ.

  31. I am believing in healing, resurrection, restoration, the peace of God and the joy of the Lord for my family. My husband has filed for divorce, my children are older, but angry with their dad over this and years of his drinking, emotional disconnect and lack of making work and not so much family and God a priority.
    He is trying to reach out, including attending church and says he is now praying to see if divorce is what he feels led to do.
    I stand believing nothing is impossible with God.
    Thank you for praying for us.

  32. I am one of four adult siblings and the only Christian. I pray for Alice, Sandi (alcoholic) and my brother Ralph to come to a saving grace in Jesus.

  33. My son’s Dad, Doug Scanlon recovering from heart surgery, estranged from our son and doesn’t know Jesus, Our Lord and Savior. His father and I are divorced. My son, Derek, is hurting once again by his earthly father who still cannot/will not reach out. Even, at this time during recovery from surgery. Our son asked if his dad would welcome Derek’s visit while hospitalized. Dad refused. My mother’s heart feels disappointed in Derek’s rejected attempt to reach out.

    Now, I ask for prayer of protection, guidance, healing and love over my son that he turn to his Heavenly Father. Thank you and blessings for all that you do.

  34. I’m praying for my 17 year old granddaughter. Through me she has been in and out of church but life at her house has been difficult and she doesn’t think God is real or that he cares. Please pray that her eyes will be open to Gods love and that I can be an example of his love on action.

  35. My son, Jake. He was raised in church and accepted Christ…I thought. He has since turned away. I pray that he will return to Him.

  36. Our son Michael who is 41 and turned away from his faith. I see signs that the Holy Spirit is working in his life. I pray he, his wife and children will come to the Lord and give their lives to Him.

  37. My Brother in law and sister, Jefferey and LaTisha Taylor. Oh Father please, save their souls and change their hearts to You and You alone!!! 🙏🏼💜

  38. I have goose bumps all over right now. Your story is exactly my story! The drinking, the abuse, and even my friend’s name was Wanda! When I would spend the night at her house her mom told me about Jesus and was the first family to take me to church. Even the part of giving my life to Jesus but things were still the same at home. Unfortunately I did not have the same happy ending. Both my mom and step-dad died without knowing Jesus. Thank you for sharing your story.

  39. Same childhood father but thankfully same Heavenly Father. A lot of self destruction came from my childhood but God has cleared the wreckage and healed my brokenness. Praying for my nephew Brandon. He’s got to know Him for himself.

  40. My son Hunter who has never accepted Jesus and my daughter Madesyn who has as a child but is not close to Jesus as she should be. Also my husband.

  41. Please pray for my adult son, his girlfriend, and my precious granddaughter. That they turn to the love of Jesus to help them kick their alcohol abuse, and that they commit to each other in marriage in Jesus mighty name. Thank you ❤️

  42. My brother, Jim, and his entire family. Thank you Sharon and prayer warriors. I will pray for your families as well. Thanks be to the God of mercy, love, and redemption.

  43. My 14 year old grandson Owen and my 11 year old grandson Kellan to accept Jesus as their savior. They know all about Jesus as they have grown up in church; but have not asked him into their heart.

  44. I am from your hometown and Wanda Henderson was instrumental in helping me draw closer to the Lord while we were at Girls State together in 1974. She gave me her copy of God Calling which has been one of my favorite devotion books.
    She also invited me to Ancient of Days – our local Christian gathering place in the 1970s. So exciting to see how God has used this family for His glory.

  45. There is so much to my story but my dad also says things he shouldn’t say in front of my mom, daughter and myself. Never knew my whole life my dad could be so hurtful until my 50 yo self moved in to care for my mom after being diagnosed with ALS. I also want my children to grow nearer and follow Jesus….both sets of people have turned away because of tragic events

  46. Please pray for my son, Casey and his wife, Lia. They need salvation. My son, Charlie needs pray as well. I am praying for a Christian girl to come in to his life. I have added all the above prayer requests to my daily prayers. Please help me pray for mine as well! Thank you all!!

  47. I’m praying for the salvation of all my loved ones. From my husband, daughter and her family, my grandkids, siblings and others. It’s my heart’s desire.

  48. Prayers for salvation for my son Chris, my granddaughters Jacqueline, Destiny, and Grace ,my grandson Michael whose on drugs and setting in jail as I write this.
    For ur family to reunite as a family of God..
    Thank you

  49. My daughter, Danielle and granddaughter, Sydney . My daughter is a single mom who puts my granddaughter in unhealthy situations. Sydney’s dad was killed in a car wreck when she was 9 months old and her parents were separated. Sydney and I are very close, she is 9, and she loved going to church with me until a few months ago and now wants no part of it. While my Christian walk hasn’t always been stellar, I have been on a path of restoration. I love my Jesus with all my heart and pray for my girls to know Him too.

  50. Please pray for both daughters’ salvation. One is living in a sinful life-style of fornication and hasn’t yet internalized it. Although she loves Jesus, she needs a spiritual awakening.

  51. Pray for my son Daniel that he may go back to salvation.
    Praying for grandchildren..
    Dear heavenly father, for all those who have poured out their prayers Lord, it’s a sign of faith in a God who is alive, willing, ready and loves it when we reach out. Meet each one of them at their point of need, heal, the broken heart, lives ,relationships, bodies, spirits. May they sing a hallelujah. In Jesus mighty name.

  52. Please pray for my two sons Corey and Quinton that they will come to Jesus. I pray it everyday and need loving supportive people to join my prayer for them.

  53. My children and their relationship with Jesus. They are all in difficult stages and dealing with different struggles. My youngest son especially. He is 19 and in his 2nd year of college. Sometimes I think he even doubts his beliefs or what he used to believe. Please help me to pray the blood of Jesus over them.

  54. I grew up blessed with christian parents. I am so grateful for my childhood memories that i now share with my daughter. I am married to a man that once believed in God but no longer lives for God. My marriage has become broken and my daughter now sees the mess in our relationship. Please pray for my husband that he can once again find the Lord, and my daughter which now has doubts of her faith. Pray she and my husband will find the Lord again.
    Thank you so much.

  55. Please pray for the chains of bondage be broken for my granddaughter who is very near becoming a boy. Close the doors for a future operation that would bring permanent changes. Help her to see her own beauty within and without and that she has always been God’s creation.

  56. Praying for my 2 rebellious children who were raised in a christian home and church but one has turned his back on his faith and the other not following God’s commands ..Also praying for my ex husband who has been introduced to Jesus but has chosen to go his own way. Reconciliation with 2 if my 3 children as well. Thank you.

  57. Please pray for salvation for my family: husband George; son Brian and his wife Joy and their daughters: Isabelle and McKenna. Also, our daughter Jennifer, her husband Michael and their sons: Benjamin and Asher. Thank you!

  58. Please pray for my daughter Delila, my husband Tewolde, my brother Yonas, and my in-laws whole family for salvation and for my husband God will reveal to him that all our blessings are from God not from our hardworking nor our knowledge and knowing that he will serve the Lord.

    Colossians 3:23-24
    whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord you are serving.

    God Bless

  59. I pray that my family, my children and grandchildren will all come to accept my Lord as their Saviour

    My husband was always a good man but never had time for God. I prayed for 30 years for him. You couldn’t believe how he changed. He wouldn’t stop reading the Bible and preaching to everyone
    He has Alzheimers now so doesn’t read anymore but he still loves Our Lord and loves listening to Praise and Worship music

  60. My son and his fiancé, my daughter and her husband.
    Kyler , Tylyn, Brittany, Ronnie and nephew Caleb for salvation and protection over them.

  61. Please pray for my husband, Marc. He’s is unsaved, but a good and moral man. Also, pray for my son, he’s 14 and while he professes to be a Christian, he is skeptical of all the hypocrisy he sees.

  62. My daughter and her husband. Great financial crisis, spend more than they earn. Alcohol is issue. Constant stress for my daughter KK knows the Lord, went to Bible school, seems to have forgotten how to trust Him.

  63. My 19yr old daughter is an aupair in Amsterdam, all alone, please pray with me, that God sends some good Christian friends her way

  64. Please pray for my children’s salvation. They were raised in the church but as adults now the world pleasure is consuming their minds.

  65. Please pray my father will be brought to his knees in repentance. He is living with a woman 40+ years younger than him. I have no relationship with him. But I still wish he would invite Jesus into his life and heart. His name is Johnny. Thank you.

  66. I have been there my home was exactly the way you explain in your writing. Unfortunately we had to separate. The separation and the violence etc. left a big hole in my children’ s lives. My daughter is saved and has found her feet in the Lord but I still see some struggles in her life. My two sons were badly affected and they turned to addictions. One has overcome and still on the recovery mode but the older one has really struggled and is still struggling.

  67. I’m married to a man that grew up in a similar household. Our household dynamic is milder but after 15 yrs of marriage, counseling is finally starting for him. I am so grateful to stop this cycle. We are saved but we all need healing desperately on many levels. Please pray for me, my husband and our 3 kids (14,12 and 9 yrs) that as parents we can be an example for them so they will know Jesus at an early age. Thank you.

  68. I am praying for my friend Christine. She is really more like my auntie than my friend. I have known her since I was 14. She was a friend of my mother’s. Over the years their friendship dissolved but ours remained. She has cheered me on through difficult times but also let me down in huge ways. Only none of that matters to me. The only thing that matters is that she come to know Jesus. I am 52 years old and I have been praying for her for a long time. Her heart is softer now than it’s ever been, but still if you ask her there is no room for Jesus. Please pray with me for her salvation. She has a very large circle of community and could do extravagant things for Jesus. But she has to know Him first. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Your friend in Christ, Melanie

  69. Please pray for my son, Matthew, to give his whole heart to Jesus, to make wise decisions about his career and life. Also pray for our daughter Emily and her husband Nick. I pray for a marriage that reflects your love Jesus. I pray for my 3 week old granddaughter Cely. I pray they can reflect your love to each other.

  70. My son, Jase who has made a profession of faith and been baptized. His priorities are not consistent with putting God first, but rather last. Sports has become his God

  71. Love your ministry Sharon! Please pray for my son Cole who is dealing with spiritual warfare and needs deliverance! To God be the glory!

  72. Please Pray for my Granddaughter. She is 11 years old and lives in a home that is not really good.. She struggles so much with her love and dislike for her parents..It is not a good place.. When she is with us we talk about Jesus and God. I know that she loves God . please keep her in Prayers. Also for her parents to give their lives to God and stop their lives. Thank you💗

  73. Please pray for my husband, who says he’s saved, but I see no evidence of the fruit of the spirit in his life. Also, all my adult children; there are four, and my only grandson, who is 4 1/2. I have prayed and continue to pray for each of them, but I get weary. I have so many lost relatives and I am saddened that they don’t know Jesus, but I will keep on praying for their salvation and keep on believing! I know that God’s timing is always perfect and He is never late!

  74. My son Aaron gave his life to God at age 7, now approaching 34 he’s living as a Muslim and teaching his family the same. Before he was born, I was shown his life in a .vision by God.. I was given his name as well… His purpose is for children’s ministry and to lead them like a Shepard.. please keep him in prayer to return to God’s fold bringing his family and fulfilling the vision God showed me for him while he was in my belly. Amen.

  75. I PRAY every single day for my children (Cyle and Jordan) and my husbands children (Jessie, Curtis and Alyscia) and grandchildren (John, Justin, Miranda and Michael) that they will ALL accept Christ as their personal savior one day!

  76. Sharon, thank you for your witness and guidance. I also grew up in a very dysfunctional family. I would like to offer up my husband Don that he may become the Spiritual head of our family and draw closer to Jesus as he is far away from the now after 48 years of marriage. My youngest son Scott is my Prodigal son, full of bitterness and hatred towards me especially. I know it’s in God’s WILL that these prayers of all of us will be honored in God’s timing. I lift up all the women and their families that have asked for prayer and look forward to meeting all of you in Heaven.

  77. My adult daughter, Kelly, who has disallowed me to see my precious grandkids because of my faith and that I shared it with my oldest God who accepted Jesus around age 5. I haven’t seen them in 5 years. My heart remains broken, and nothing changes.

  78. Thank you, Sharon! This brought me to tears! I grew up in a dysfunctional family as well! Our family is still suffering the consequences of it all! Please pray for my dad, my sister Nicki and her son Chad to come to know Jesus and to accept Him as their personal Savior!

  79. God has been hearing my prayers for 11 years and more than a half, when my husband left. I know my husband Marcos needs more prayers to come to Christ for once and all. But Jesús has changed him. He has to do some more work on him.

  80. Though I’ve heard your story multiple times, it still serves as reminder of how GOD is always with us, and though things aren’t easy, HE will always send his angels of protection to take care of us. I grew up in a home where parties, drugs, drinking, violence and abuse where always present, in some form of another, My parents both had good jobs, yet we were constantly getting evicted, or without lights, or sometimes food, shuffling from place to place. The verbal and physical abuse came at the hands of my mother, while emotional and sexual abuse came at the hands of my sister. I never felt loved or appreciated by anyone, except for my father and my big brother, the two men who were my protectors, couldn’t or didn’t protect me from being broken. I accepted Christ at the age of 7, and boy was I thrilled, I knew that Jesus loved the little children, and I knew that he loved me. Not long after I accepted Christ, I started a new school, and met a young girl who said to me, “You look like you are new here. Do you want to be friends?” Funny enough, we both went home that evening, and wrote in our diaries “Today, I met my best friend.” Her home became my safe haven, her family became my family. One hot, summer day, I called her, and she said she was going to church, for Vacation Bible School, and I went with her. After that, Kent Baptist Church became my home church, we were in everything together, the children’s choir, the youth groups, you name it. Kids in our school used to think we were strange, because we LOVED church, not only did we love it, but we LOVED GOD. To this day, we are still the best of friends, nearly 40 years later, and I thank GOD for leading me to her, which brought me to a deeper relationship with HIM. I never questioned GOD as to why I endured the things I endured, though I questioned the individuals, and truthfully speaking, I never got the answers… I got excuses and forced apologies… I know that I many never know why, but I have a GOD who loved me so much, that HE gave the life of HIS only son to save my soul, and for me… I don’t have to ask HIM to love me, or beg HIM for anything. HE is always there with arms stretched wide open to help heal any hurt or sadness, and replace it with smiles and joy. And for me…That’s more than enough!

    I pray that my family finds healing, true honest, healing, knowing it can only come from honesty and acceptance for not only the wrong that has been done to us, but the wrong we have done to others in our paths. ~ AMEN

  81. Pray for all 3 of my children.

    My faith has been shaken many times in my life and while raising my children.

    My ex husband doesn’t believe in God and recently told my youngest 10yo, he didn’t need to pray.

    My son said he didn’t want to pray and that be believes science.

    Please help them Lord to see you. Soften the heart of my ex husband so that he isn’t a hindrance to their walk with You Lord.

    Forgive me Lord for my sins and failures as well. I pray that I will no longer be shaken.

    Thank you Lord for helping me see again a dm for carrying me out of the darkness I was lost in.

    Bring my children and family out from the darkness so that we may glorify You!

    I pray this in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


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