Taking Hold When You Cannot See

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He sat behind me in the Boeing headed west.

Perhaps “sat” is not the right word.

He didn’t speak, but I felt him rummaging about.

Occasional kicks and pushes against the back of my seat let me know he was there.

Little boy noises. Restless, “get me out of here” stirrings.

And then I saw fingers.

Five little feelers exploring the space between my and my neighbor’s seats.

A precious hand came through.

And finally a well-suited arm.

I held up my hand in the space filled with trust, and he took hold.

fingersSimple trust.

Unadulterated faith.

Reaching through the uncertain space of life and and taking hold.

Grasping tight.

He couldn’t see my face, but he trusted my hand.

And God whispered for me to do the same.

And that is my prayer for you today.

No matter what you are going through, I pray that you will will reach through the uncertain spaces, the cracked and broken places, with the trust of a little child…and take hold.

I press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me. (Philippians 3:12).


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Comments 29

  1. Such a beautiful visual of taking hold to God’s hand. I shared this post with my sister-friend Yakiciwey M.

    1. This is so timely for me. I trust God but I have a tendency to waver sometimes, be impatient. Thank you for this example. I’ll always remember it when I hold my grandson…I shared this with my daughter who’s a new wife and mom…

  2. Thank you for your words. I am going through a time that I just feel abandoned by God and lost with no direction. I know he won’t leave but I can’t see what direction he wants me to go.

    Veirdre Jackson

    Shared with Deb Studevan

  3. Thank you for sharing your life with us! I enjoy your blogs and short devotionals from GIG I receive in my email each weekday. What an encouragement! I have shared this blog and many others with my precious daughter, Rachael. Keep pressing on for Him!

  4. I have a prayer warriors group of my yaya sisters that I would like to see receive this book. Millette Smart, Janelle Coleman, Charity King (don’t you love that name) Janine Watkins, Sarah Fisher, Heidi Lara (she gets your blogs)

  5. Looking forward to reading your new book! I’ve enjoyed reading snippets of your books in Dr. Jaynes’ dental office, and have bought one of your other books. I shared about this one with Paula Poppe, my sister.

  6. I sent this to my friend Aileen. She odd on the verge of retiring & fearful about how she will make ends meet once she does. I know God will provide for her, but it’s still a struggle for her. Keep her in prayer, please.

  7. This message touched my heart today. Sometimes it is difficult to just reach out and hold on to God’s hand, especially when you’re not sure – can’t see – His plan and working in your life.

  8. Heather Blair, my oldest daughter…it will soon be 8 yrs since we lost Austin, her oldest son, at the age of 14…it’s a daily battle to deal with, but God helps us each day.

  9. I didn’t leave my friend’s name that I shared this with. It is J’Lee McCaslin – a dear friend and co-worker.

  10. Sue Willower is her name. Her son is fighting cancer and he will overcome in the name of Jesus. He is young and has 3 little ones. She is an inspiration to me as I stand for my marriage to be restored.

  11. Kerri is my friend who has been shaken by storms of life and needs to be able to restore herself to her relationship with Jesus. If not the storms of this life will swallow her. Thank you

  12. This is a message of trust and rest. You’re writing is a peaceful read. I’m sharing with M dear sister Bonnie Huff.

  13. Thank you! I really hit me this morning. ( wiping the tears). It’s wonderful how God sends us reminders in so many ways – to just trust him!
    He will and always takes care of us.
    For my sisters Rachael and Ruth

  14. Thanks Sharon! This was a perfect read for me today. I have forwarded it on to my 24 yr daughter Kori. She is currently in the hospital for a Cystic Fibrosis exacerbation and needs encouragement to “Hold on”!
    Thank you Sharon for your ministry. We heard you speak a couple years ago about scars and it was very meaningful for Kori.

  15. I am sharing this post with my sweet sister Cathy Rogers. We both met you at a church in Union, SC and sat with you and had dinner. I am copying her on this email as my one share as I don’t do Facebook nor does she. I saw where you said to share this with one person and leave her name so you could pick her as a winner for this book. Cathy is my sister in Christ and I would soo love for her to win a copy of this book and of course I would love to get one as well. I love your work for God. You help me stay focused each morning on our Father. I start out my day reading GIG devotion and I love all of you.

    Thank you God for Sharon. She helps me stay strong and holding on to your hands at all times.

  16. I shared with Vicki Bennett, Vicki Manuel, Regina Coke, Ellen May, Kathy Mitchell, Robin Kleppinger, Angie White, and Barbara Porache. I already have a copy, so should I win the two copies this time, I’ll just have to have a drawing! I haven’t finished the book yet, but what I’ve read so far is excellent. Cannot wait to get some more down time to finish it up. Definitely worth a 2nd (& maybe even 3rd) reread.

  17. Thank you for the Blog Post Taking Hold When You Cannot See. I was just literally speaking to God this morning telling Him I thank Him and will trust Him even though I see the answer. What an on time encouraging message. I plan to share this with my children; my son and daughter who are lifting some things to God. Thank you again!

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