Seven Red Wheel Chairs

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The fog was thick.

I was late.

My husband was tense.

It was a Friday morning and my husband, Steve, was driving me to the airport for a speaking engagement in Kentucky. We were one of a parade of cars inching our way down the highway, feeling our way through the curtain of fog. With squinted eyes, white knuckles, and steady determination, Steve kept his eyes trained on the taillights in front of him.

“Lord, please delay my flight so I can make it,” I prayed.

At 8:59, I bolted from the car to attempt to make my 9:00 flight. At the security checkpoint, I stripped off my boots, jacket, earrings, necklace, and watch, pushed my carry on through the x-ray monster’s mouth, and walked through the metal arches.

“Ma’am, we’re going to have to check inside your carry-on,” the security guard sang.  “There’s something in there we can’t identify.”

“No, please don’t,” I pled.  “I’m about to miss my flight. They’ve already boarded.”

No, please don’t,” isn’t something that goes over too well with security guards.

“Sorry,” she said, as she slowly and methodically picked through my personals. Inside she discovered a bag of twenty-five silver scripture bracelets that read, “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.” I almost laughed.

I jogged to the gate only to discover that God had answered my prayer! The flight was delayed due to the fog!  Hallelujah! God is good!

I dared not tell the disgruntled passengers that the flight delay was my fault – an answer to prayer.

After a two-and-a-half hour delay, we finally made it to Atlanta, where I was to change planes and continue on to Kentucky. However, the Kentucky flight had been cancelled. Not delayed…cancelled.

They put me standby with forty other very unhappy people. I was number thirty-two on the list, and the plane was booked solid.  I called the conference coordinator and gave her the news. Prognosis – not good. My attitude – even worse.

Now, I have left out lots of frustrating minute details, but let’s just say I was not happy.  No one was cooperating: the weather, the airlines, or the One who controls it all. At least that’s how I felt.  Pull up a chair beside me and watch what God did to adjust my attitude and put the day’s frustrations in perspective.

I sat at a jam-packed gate filled with angry, disgruntled passengers. B12. I looked like them, felt like them, acted like them. You with me? Not a happy camper. Not a good representative of Jesus. Not saying “God is good.”

Then someone walked up and had the nerve to interrupt my pity-party.

“Excuuuuuse me,” the airport employee shouted.  “Let’s cleeeeeear the aisle, people. This plane is preparing to disembark. Cleeeeear the way. Make room.”

She walked over to the door where the passengers would exit the plane and positioned a red wheelchair.  Then she was joined by another, then another, then another. I had a front row seat and facing me – staring me in the face – were seven attendees standing behind seven shiny red wheelchairs – waiting for passengers to disembark the plane.

Then God spoke to my heart. I suspect He had been trying to get my attention all day long, but I was too wrapped up in my own pouty self-centered attitude to listen.

Sharon, which side of the aisle would you rather be on. The standby side or the side waiting for those who can’t stand at all.

Suddenly, my little trials and tribulations of the day seemed very small. So what if my flight was canceled. I could walk. So what if I didn’t make it to the speaking engagement. Did I not think God could use someone else to speak to those precious women? I was not bound to a wheelchair but bound to God who is in charge of the moments of my days.

I stopped whining and began thanking God – for eyes that see, ears that hear, fingers that feel, hands that help, lips that speak. I realized that I needed to focus less on the air traffic controllers and more on the One who controls the air. A little fog never stopped Him from accomplishing all that He has purposed, and if He wanted me to sit in that airport, I could trust that He had a great plan.

I did not make it on that flight, but all forty of us on standby did get out of Atlanta that night. A family of five made it to the wedding of a beloved son, a soldier in uniform returned to the arms of his waiting mom, and I made it to the conference with thirty minutes to spare.

God had it under control all along. He just needed to lift the fog in my own heart before I could see clearly to serve Him.

How about you? Are you frustrated with a certain situation in your life? Have you been just a little bit grumpy about it? Here’s an idea.  Let’s turn our pity party into a praise God party.  Spend some time thanking Him for His many blessings. Leave a comment and tell me one thing you are thankful for today.



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Comments 173

  1. Well, we don’t have a car at the moment. But we all have bicycles and sun is shining. So in the end, at the moment, life’s no problem without car!

  2. Hi. After working so hard for almost four years without a pay hike, i was amazed as only yesterday, received a letter of my promotion and a pay hike. Praise be to God, for He loves me.

  3. I’m thankful that God never, ever gives up on me, that He keeps showing me again and again Who He is, is patient and kind, and loving no matter who I am being.

  4. Yep, I’ve been having my own little pity party because work has been so stressful and time consuming. I haven’t been a very good representative of a person dependant on Christ for my strength. I’ve been whiny and disgruntled. God convicted me of my attitude just this morning as I spent some quiet time with Him. Then I was blessed with your story. Thanks for sharing. He’s such a good teacher; so patient and kind. PRAISE THE LORD!

  5. Thank you for this post! Not only does it go along with what a friend & I were talking about yesterday~I needed to read it. My last two weeks have had some crazy personal attacks & I have been feeling pretty down & out. There was even a point after the third incident~my faith was even wavering. This post is another way God spoke to me (which I adked for some clarity through this fog in my morning prayer yesterday). What a blessing you are!!! I love reading your posts each day. Many blessings to you!

  6. I thank God for a clear mind and heart to take care and provide a safe place for her. She has dementia. I don’t thank him enough. So Thank you Sharon for that reminder

  7. I am thankful that I can get up and bless God today. Don’t know what tomorrow will bring but today I can thank God for his blessing and bless Him as well.

  8. Thank you, Sharon. God has given you such a gift with your writings. Today hit home for me. I start working full-time tomorrow after being a stay-at-home Mom for 25 yrs. Working part-time this summer was a major adjustment! I fully believe that God has opened this door, but I have been murmuring and complaining…in the midst of being excited, scared, nervous, etc. May my every thought, word and deed be filled with praise to The Most High God!!!

  9. After 32 years of marriage, my mid-life crisis husband has told me that he “no longer loves me”. Rather than seek marriage counseling, he sought legal counsel and has officially separated from me four months ago. However, we are still living in the same house as I think the financial implications of a divorce are causing him to drag his heels. He is miserable and distant, making no effort to converse or acknowledge me. I struggle with my daily life of rejection, betrayal and despair. But I can be thankful for my supportive church, my job with benefits, my friends, and most of all for Christ who promises to “never leave me or forsake me”. I have found that this crisis has caused me to depend on God and has strengthened my faith. I am thankful for the changes God is working in my life if they can be used for His glory.

  10. All I can say is…. “Is there anything too hard for the Lord” ?

    Answer : A resounding NO!!!! His ways are not our ways , His ways are higher. His plans are good ,
    they are to prosper us and not to harm us Hope and a Future.

    To God be the Glory!!

    CB (in Barbados)

  11. I’m thankful for my children’s good health and strong body’s. Many children don’t have healthy body’s , i need to remember that when my children are making me a little crazy with their jumping and running around in the house .

  12. Your message really touched my heart.
    I am a 62-yr.-old caregiver for an aging mother and a disabled sister. I work (I’m a nurse), I clean house, I cook special meals and I transport. Sometimes I get home and just want to stop for an hour or two but there is always something else that needs to be done.
    Thank God that I still have the strength to do all those things. Everyday I find myself complaining about my situation and the ‘burdens’ I must bear. But our God is a good God and by the time I go to bed at night I can usually find a way to say thank-you for the day. I don’t know how He does it, but He always knows when I need a special lift. His grace is truely sufficient.

    1. Hi Kathy: So glad you clicked over and posted your comment. Hi Kathy: Your comment reminds me of many of David’s Psalms. You could slip it right in the middle of the Bible for a modern day Psalm. David started many of his Psalms distressed. But somehow, by the end of the verses, he remembers God’s faithfulness and ends praising and thanking God. So have a good day, Miss modern day Psalmist!

  13. Thank you for the attitude adjustment! I so want to live in gratitude to God and live a life of thanks and praise for Who He is and His Sovereign hand, but I find myself at times forgetting, nothing touches my life without His permission and He will work it all for my good and His glory! Thank you for being a voice for our Father. May God continue to bless you and use you to pour out His blessings on His body. Glory to God. In Christ alone…

  14. Sharon, I needed to read this today! I am thankful for so many things. It has helped me refocus my thoughts this morning. I am thankful for the love of my children and that God blessed me with them.

  15. Sharon, thank you so much for the reminder. Things have not been exactly the way that u want them to be in my life and I have been having the best pity party. But thank you for reminding me that I still have a lot to be thankful for. To God be the glory!

  16. I am thankful that God healed me from cancer & gave me the opportunity to spend more quality time with my family – especially my parents. God is good!!!

  17. Ur word really touched my heart today sharon,am a 22 years old nd I’ve being having serious financial issues in my home,my dad has 2 work really hard so he can take care of the family,so I had to start working so I could assist him any little way I can,I know God is working on my family and I know very soon evrything would be okay

  18. Hi Sharon, wow! your message really made me think how blessed I really am. When I wake and my hip hurts and my hands ache from yard work, I CAN STILL WALK! I do thank God everyday and every night for His blessings,
    God bless you as you send out incredible messages. Oh, where can I get one of your bracelets?

  19. I am so thankful for the love of family, especially our son & daughter and being able to spend time with them. Even though they don’t live in the same city, they are always glad to come home or have us visit them. After having a bad day yesterday and being very disgruntled, your story reminded me that I needed to focus on God’s blessing of just having spent the weekend with our son and wife and our precious little granddaughter! Thank you for sharing and helping to bring God’s many blessings back to the forefront of my life!

  20. God has been speaking to me everyday through this battle with Sarenity. He keeps reassuring me He is in control and to trust him. Hiw awesime is that. I mess up all thr timr and He takes the time to keep reminding me He is there. I feel He is still eorking in this situation. I am thankful God let us have Sarenity for three years and truly blessed.

  21. Well that was the best devotion I have had fly like an arrow into my heart in a long time. So easy to see what is not there, and miss all that God has provided. It is a beautiful, sunny day here in Michigan, but I couldn’t see thru the fog. Thanks Sharon for being the fog lights I need for God to help me see.

  22. It made think how true this devotion is. As the saying always goes, “It could always be worse”. I just need to keep God’s truth close by–He is in control!

  23. I’m grateful for the comfort and peace that comes with knowing that our Heavenly Father will never leave or forsake us! It is SO AMAZING!!!

  24. I Also, Am thankful for Your Post….But most of All JESUS………God is so good to us…and yes, HE has a plan……And it is a Perfect Plan….A plan to prosper us all in so many ways….I love your words of encouragements…You truly are A Girlfriend from God …to me Ty….and Gods Blessing on you always and your family….

  25. I’am thankful that he has taught me how to wait on him and not be anent for anything.

    I’am thankful he has brought me out of the pitty party that I and showed me how to enjoy my life and the people around me.

    I’am thanful he died on the cross for me and took the strips for my healing..

    I’am thankful he lets me live one day at a time…

    Sharon I could go on an on..

  26. Wow, thanks for your post. I suffer from depression and anxiety. Most of the time it is under control with medications and 2 years of therapy learning how to “re-think”. But sometimes circumstances can trigger it to rear its ugly head and I feel as if I’m drowning in self-pity. It is so hard to come up out of that. And worse than that, I seem to not be able to pray during those times. Not that I don’t want to, I just can’t. Today, after reading your blog, I will stop and look at the circumstances. I WILL look for the positives in them and the things that I can be thankful for even in the midst of my depression. I WILL pray and just thank God for the blessings I see. I believe He will honor that. Thanks for being so “real” in sharing your life with us.

  27. I have been working at a resort for the past 4 years, so very thankful that God gave me this job. Of course, it doesn’t give me much family time during the summer. I have also been on the Board of Directors for a pregnancy center since the beginning, 2004. In June I received a call from the executive director that the administrative assistant went on maternity leave, and found a job closer to home. She offered me the job. It is only 24 hours a week, but it means weekends off and more time with family! So, as soon as the camping season is over, my job at the resort is too. I will be able to relax, and have more family time!!!

  28. Although our cars are old and we are having trouble with one of them I am thankful to have them. My husband and I both work and must have transportation.

  29. I am thankful I read your post this morning as it reminded me that I should be thankful for all the years that I did have my dad and not to dwell on the fact that he is dying. Thank you so much.

  30. Since I am unable to get to work today because of severe back pain of unknown origin, I have been in my self-pity party all by myself!! Thank you for reminding me that God is good and “has my back”! A perfect post for a perfect day in God’s world.

  31. I’m not sure if my first post went through but I wanted to add that today is my birthday and I am thankful that I am still alive to live out my life verse which is (Isa 61:1)

  32. I am THANKFUL that I have a job, as I know friends that don’t. I am THANKFUL for the home I live in as I have friends who do not know where they will sleep tonight, I am THANKFUL that I have God in my life to turn to in times of trouble.

  33. I am thankful for the ability to read this inspiration that has now softened my heart and opened me to the will of GOD for my life

  34. Even though the news I got yesterday – which was my pathology report & biopsy have come back and confirmed I have breast cancer….I am thankful that God is going to have my back during this battle. I am thankful for my many friends and the support of my family.

    1. OK everybody. Let’s stop right now and pray for Michelle.

      Lord, I pray for Michelle right now. I pray that you will heal her completely. Give her the strength and stamina for the treatment she will endure over the upcoming months. Touch her. Heal her. Remove this cancer from her. I pray she will have a wonderful story of healing (physically, spiritually, emotionally) in the days to come. In Jesus’ Name, Amen

    2. Michelle, thank you for your post. I too have had that diagnosis back in 2008. Today I am cancer free, by God’s grace. He took me through the valley of 2 surgeries (lumpectomy), 4 months of aggressive chemo, every 2 weeks, and radiation. He gave me a new job just 6 months before my diagnosis and they choose to keep me on and cover me with benefits and prayer – Samaritan’s Purse Canada.

      It did not make any sense to me at all at the time, I had just gone through a divorce after 28 years of marriage and 3 children, only to learn that my husband at the time desired sexual relations with men. And the cancer hit 18 months after that shock.

      I knew the Lord was with me throughout it all, even though I did not understand any of it.

      On Sept 7th I will be married again! The Lord has brought me through the valley and is restoring everything the enemy tried to steal from me – he has no legal right over God’s children, stand on this truth and allow our Lord and Savior to be your Advocate throughout this new journey before you.

      Many Blessings Michelle

  35. Thankful I can wake up and get up. Thankful my husband woke up with a sense of new hope. Thankful that when he woke up and checked a message on his phone from a client saying the company he works for owes them 40,000.00 + dollars the first thing my husband did was to get on his knees and pray. Thankful that I can open my phone up this morning to read this devotion which reminds me who is in control and to switch my thoughts to that of what’s good, right and lovely. Thankful I live in such a place that has so many freedoms but mostly thankful God continues to love me and keeps pursuing me and my family even when the fog is thick and its hard to see and hear, he still gets through.

    1. Thank you for sharing. What touched me the most is that the first thing your husband did was hit his knees. May that be our first reflex. How precious!

  36. Hi, I am thankful that God has all this in his control. And that I am one of his children. I am thankful for all the wonderful people he puts in my life. And for reminders like this one. I needed this today!

  37. I have been worrying about my broken relationship which up till now I have not been able to identify the reason for the break up. But as I read today’s devotion, I began smiling and started thanking God for his wonderful ways of doing things. He always has a perfect plan and if only I will quit worrying and look his way, I know he will bring to the place. I am thankful to you Oh Lord for working you purpose in me. God bless you Sharon for a channel of blessing to me.

  38. Thank you…..I am 78 years old…healthy as a hog (my mother use to say) but I probably have more pity parties than any one else. I am a window after 50 years…I thought for a long time…I was the only widow around… You’ve opened my eyes and I hope my heart.

  39. Thank you…..I am 78 years old…healthy as a hog (my mother use to say) but I probably have more pity parties than any one else. I am a widow after 50 years…I thought for a long time…I was the only widow around… You’ve opened my eyes and I hope my heart.

    1. Girlfriend (Yes, you are still a girlfriend even if you are 78 years old!) No more pity parties. What I have discovered is that when I have them, no body wants to come and no body wants to be around me. That can lead to lots of lonely hours. So get out the praise God pary hats and watch people want to be around you even more than they do now!

  40. Thank God that he woke me and my family up to another beautiful day and to good health so we can share his word with others. This message will a very big eye opener to me this morning. Feel as if you stomped on my toes and they needed it. Thanks for sharing your heart with me. May God Bless You.

  41. I am thankful that even though I lost two of my children, one at age 14 and one at the age of 20, I at least have those wonderful memories and all the years I was able to love and nurture them. How many women would love to have children but can’t. How many mothers are diagnosed with a serious illness and unable to care for their children at all. I am thankful that Jesus went before me to the place where he knew I would be, he prepared me and made me strong, for what was to come. I thank him for being a part of my life and for providing me with the strength that I would need to overcome my sadness and I thank him for replacing my sadness and sorrow with his everlasting Love

  42. I am thankful for your honest transparency! This is a very real and yet transformational message.

    I am also thankful for spending the past weekend with my children from far and wide and for their safety.

  43. If it has to be JUST ONE — the first that comes to mind is FAMILY! I am thankful for my family…. and so much more!

  44. I lost my job, engine in my car blew up and my family had to move. God has taught me to be grateful, patient and appreciative. I have been so content and thankful! He allowed me to get a brand new car, live in a house that is perfect. And now I just patiently am waiting for His perfect job for me!

  45. Thank you Sharon for the reminder. I’m learning to trust God more and see his hand in things. I have days where I think I do fight some depression. I can get overwhelmed with all I have to do and don’t have a lot of strength to do what I want. But I am thankful that I can work. I can look after my healthy 3 yr old and 2 teens. God is good. I WILL remember to thank him and praise him for that when I feel it is all too much. I ask him for strength many times and he gives it. I prayed about my crazy busy schedule and commited it to him. Right the next day he answered by changing my schedule in the way he saw fit. Praise God. And praise him for teaching me through the psalms that I should praise him publically for all he has done. How good he is.

  46. Boy, Sharon, I really needed this message today. I’ve been in this pity party mode way too long and the end is not nearly soon enough, but Thank You Lord… I do see an ending somewhere down the road! This message has already put me in a better spirit! Thanks!

  47. Running low on groceries, couldn’t find help, so I called a public transportation to get it done. As of Today my pet Cockatial: Pretty Boy would be eating his last meal and shortly after that I would have eaten my last. Thank you LORD for the courage to make a call I shouldn’t have had to make! But, did!

  48. I’m thankful for my Rotary friends with whom I met this morning. It always starts my Tuesdays off with joy in my heart!

  49. Wow! Thank you! That was a much needed devotion ! Thank you for interrupting my potty party! And opening my eyes to my bad attitude.

  50. I am thankful to have received this encouraging devotional. Only a few weeks ago I was admist a severe pity party because my car insurance had been terminated due to a returned payment from my automatic bank draft. I was devastated BUT God had another plan…I ended up with the same coverage with another company but $100 less per month. I was in holding for a few days with no insurance but my Heavenly Father was doing the negotiating to lighten my financial load. I needed this!

  51. I am thankful for life. Thankful for a loving husband, healthy child and wonderful friends and family. I truly can’t complain. God is good

  52. I am thankful Abba, for the ability to still walk some (even with MS), and that I had the ability to have 12 teeth pulled for a denture (painful in ways I cannot describe), when so many others cannot do either. I have not handled it in the best ways, but with Your strength and my puny faith, am trying. I am so very blessed, in so many ways, even though I would have been one of those passengers in a red wheelchair. Thank you Sharon… this hit home. God bless you. I pray to be able to hear you speak when you are in Atlanta next.

  53. Often times, I need my life to come to a screeching halt to remind me who is in charge. God is in charge- not me! When I want to go in many directions at once, I have to stop and read your messages to help me put everything in perspective.
    I care for people’s dogs when they are away from home. I am caring for a very strong willed and physically strong dog. I have been on the verge of crying from the stress.
    Instead of giving up, I have to be thankful I have this kind of work which affords me to spend time with the animals I love.
    Sharon, keep the messages coming. You are a God-send.

  54. I am thankful for so many things. today I am most thankful for my family. and the message from God that came through this story. I needed it. thank you.

  55. Yesterday would have been my 24th wedding anniversary, except for the fact that I’ve been divorced for the last 12 years. For the last 4 or 5 years, I have longed for a loving, Godly man to come into my life…still waiting…(and yes, sometimes, I have my own pity parties over this). However, I am SO THANKFUL that in those first few years after my divorce, when I was not living the way I should have been living, that God faithfully took care of me and protected me…from abuse, from disease, from numerous things. I am also thankful that even though the right man has not come along, that God still protects me, and that I haven’t settled for just anyone, or fallen into the wrong relationship, or an abusive relationship. Thanks for this post today…definitely makes one stop and think!

  56. I praise God for putting it on my ex-husbands heart to send a plumber to fix our bathroom. I praise God for restoration in my family & our break thru around the next corner!!

  57. I am very thankful for the awesome husband God chose for me 41 yrs ago.. I have Cerebral Palsy never dreamed that I would marry let alone, have 3 kids, plus thanks to hand controls my husband taught me to drive! The Lord has blessed me beyond belief! Did daycare in our home. Just retired from being a switchboard Operator at a hospital for 18+ yrs. Huge challenges on the horizon.. Holding on to the truth that God has had this plan for me from the foundation of the world, He will see me through..

  58. Thank you, dear Sharon for your website. It does help me so much. My wheelchair is pink! And I don’t have to use it much – yet. I have Stage IV lung cancer – never smoked a day in my life. It is progressing slowly, but God has a plan for me. He lifts my spirits with wonderful family and friends, and His ever present Love for me.

  59. Iam thankul for life, Iam thankful i can walk n see n hear , iam thankful all my 7 hildren are alivee n well im thankful god forgives me of my sins

  60. grateful for the time spent with my grandson today despite having a horrible cold I am still able to watch him while his mother a single parent cleaned houses today

  61. I am grateful for another day to live and to pray for some else’s needs. God is so good. You see I fell 3 weeks ago and was in a lot of constant pain. Now the pain is better and not so constant. Thank you God.

  62. I’m so thankful that I serve a mighty, awesome God whose mercies are new each morning! He knows the trials that will face me each day & already has the outcome in his hands! Thank my loving heavenly Father for the blessings, answers and peace that you have brought into my life today!

  63. I’m thankful for this blog that brought me back to the right prespective. I was so caught up in my situation and being kind of ungratful, that after reading I had to repent and say :Thank You Lord!

    thanks for sharing! God used you to help me see things differently

  64. This is great! I am thankful for a loving, undeterred, resolute God! He’s so determined to get through to us and shower us with His love in so many different ways. Praise Him!

  65. Thank you for sharing this! We all need reminders that God is still God & NOTHING surprises Him. If we just learn to take a deep breath, thank Him & praise Him – all is well & ALL IS ON TIME!
    We don’t get the “whole plan” at once – we’d probably quit before we started! Faith is DEFINITELY on a need to know basis – & God KNOWS when we need to know!
    Be blessed!!

  66. I am grateful for my “other place of ministry.” I had been layed off for the past three years and had been volunteering at my church in the mean time while still looking for employment. I had hoped to be in full time ministry at my church. Turned out God wants me in full time ministry at my job. I am finally learning tht wherever I am, there is ministry. So grateful to have the right perspective now. :)))

  67. So very thankful to be alive today. Prayed for restoration to my financial situation and He is doing it bit by bit. Thankful that I have a husband and the trials and tribulations we are going through. Havent been too connected with God lately, but I know I cant make it without Him. All of this is a reminder that I need to be on my knees.

  68. I’m thankful for you!!!!!!! Thank you so much for the time you put into this and for the way you love the Lord. I heard you at Word of Life in Scroone lake. You were great! Thanks for making my day Martha Hall

  69. I am thankful that husband finally was able to get the medicine that he needs so he can drive on his own again, and I am also thankful that God open the doors so we can trade our run down car for a minivan to help with our new coming son in a few months. Now we will actually have room for both kids and then some.

  70. I am so thankful that I am saved an have a home in Heasven with the Lord.I am so thankful I can walk although I have terrible arthris,so thankful can still take care of myself although I have severe very thankful God keeps me in His arms daily.Praise Him!

  71. Great post, Sharon! You shared feelings we get in our heart and do not want to admit to our self or perhaps we just are not aware of the “fog in my heart”.
    Your post reminded me of a quote I read today:
    “I complained that I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet.”

    What am I thankful for? I am thankful for Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, my husband of 41 years, our children and grandchildren.

    I am thankful that I am able to walk . . . and talk. . . I had multiple strokes 12 years ago and was paralyzed and could not talk. ( I found out I have a rare antibody in my blood which makes the blood to be thick and also causes Lupus. I had to quit work and stop teaching Sunday school. .

    I am thankful I am able to cook again. (My husband did all the cooking for 2 years after my strokes.)
    Yesterday after I worked out, I took my dog for a walk to the park and then down to the Columbia River. It was so beautiful. I was thanking and praising the Lord for beauty of his hand—-for the birds singing and flying overhead. Too often it is easy not to notice with all that is going on in our lives.
    I like Psalm 46:10 ” Be still and know that I am God.”


  73. I am thankful for my mom who is recovering from surgery and winning her battle with cancer. During her stay at the hospital, I meet others like my mom in different stages of illness. Jesus was there and opened my eyes to the suffering of many who need Him.

  74. I am thankful for this message… a reminder that I have much to be thankful for ant that God has his hand on what ever is to come next… though it might not be the way I think it should be done but it will be done… Thank you Sharon for listening to God so you could pass this message to us…

  75. I am thankful for my children and all the strength I have gained .for everyday that I wake .and for the sleep as I had sleeping problems for the past seven months .

  76. I’m very thankful for the music God puts in my heart every day, and for the gift of the piano and praising God every Sunday. I’ve played since I was 6! (now 61). Sometimes I start to feel like “I’ve done my part”, but I think the pastor was speaking to me last Sunday, because he “targeted” the elderly in the church and said, “you must never stop working for God, until you can no longer” 🙂 It really felt like a direct word from the Lord himself! I’m listening Lord, and that’s why I said YES to the next Emmaus Walk as a member of the music team ? God bless you Sharon – I love your stories! I share GIG with about 30 women every morning 🙂

  77. I am thankful for you! Your insight is inspiring! Thank you for being so brave and sharing your journey! You have made such a huge impact on my life by sharing yours. God bless you!

  78. Dear Susan.
    Thank you for the educated example.
    I have similar situation at my work. But yes I’m very thankful for my job.
    Yes I am working on pay attention what God would like me to learn.
    God Blessed You

  79. It’s 10:46pm and I am so very thankful to my Lord that all of my family are tucked in bed and we are all safe and sound in our home. Not like a family in our community who’s daughter, a senior in High School, was buried last week because she killed herself. Tragedy strikes all around me, yet my home is at peace. Yes, I have some physical ailments, but praise God I’m not in a wheelchair. Thank you, Sharon, for yielding to God and writing your story exactly the way you did. It prompted me to express a grateful heart very quickly. What a blessing you are, Sweetheart. 🙂

  80. Thankful to God for my husband, 2 and a half year old son and baby on the way. We have just moved to a different country, and feeling rather lonely. I struggle with depression and negative emotions and dont easily make friends, but at least i have my family. This post helped me feel better this morning, thank you…

  81. I am thankful that I have hands to praise God through music. I have been having my own pity party because I am having surgery on my left hand on Tuesday and I will not be able to use it for several weeks. I know that God has a plan for me and I need to just wait and see what He has in store for me.

  82. I am Soo thankful for a wonderful husband who loves me and sleeps at home 🙂 for a healthy happy baby boy and for you Sharon and your great devotionals and books in my life. God is using you to change me into who he wants me to be.
    I pray I will remember I am thankful when I am tired after a long day and still have to cook etc. and remember I am thankful for having a family to cook for.

  83. I’m grateful. Thank you for the reminder to get out our pity parties because the situation we whine about may be a far better place to be than where others are!

  84. I am thankful for a faithful, loving husband and a marriage that God has preserved for 35 years. The journey hasn’t always been easy, but God is in it!

  85. I am thankful that I have a job and 20 precious little students will be walking through my classroom doors to meet me tomorrow night. I will have the privilege of being their “mom” from 8 am to 3:20 pm for the next 9 months.

  86. I love this!!!! Thank you so much for always painting a picture in my mind with your words. I am grateful I can share your and the other ladies devotionals. They have made such a difference in my life, and so many others. May God Bless you richly as I know He already has. You ladies ROCK!!!!! <3

  87. I am thankful for a God who gives new breath, new hope to new days all the time. I have 2 unhealthy parents, my 78 yr. dad just came out of the hospital, my almost 80 yr. Mom just went in. Its a terrible thing when the mind in the form of dementia/ depression/anxiety with age doesn’t work right!!! O Lord Jesus, bring renrwed health and healing with your mighty hand!!! Oh, and our almost 21 yr. Daughter moved back home on a whim!!!! We are on a Great adventure with our Great Almighty Savior! Love you, Jesus and holding on tight to your garment!:)

  88. For a praying mom. She passed away sat am but because of God hearing her prayers she and I will be reunited someday in heaven!

  89. I am thankful that even tho I am a new single mom and unemployed, my father god is taking care of all our needs. Everything will happen in His time and knowing that gives me peace. For this I am so thankful.

  90. I’m thankful for Christian women, like yourself, Sharon, who share their stories, so I can be uplifted and have a God perspective on my life and praise Him for all my blessings.

  91. I am so thankful for so many things it would take a book for me to list them all… Lately though the LORD has also given me a change of glasses so that I can view my world in a different light. Glasses to help me KNOW that HE is in control, so that I can stop pretending to be. I can’t convey how wonderful it is to know that I can trust and lean upon HIM and stop trying to be superwoman.

  92. I’m thankful for my health, as a 71 yr old woman it is pretty good. Thankful for job prospects and of course, Al-Anon which keeps my life full of great friends.

  93. Sharon, I am thankful for God using people like yourself who are willing to be used of Him. I am encouraged to give thanks for my loved ones…..addiction problems, rebellion,integrity issues and all. Instead of complaining, worrying and fretting, I am reminded of how blessed I am to have these loved ones in my life. The “other” side being those who had and lost them. I still have these precious people in my life and because of the Lord, there’s still hope!

  94. I am thankful for so many things. Today I am thankful for my Aunt Shirl who with a simple text to read a specific passage lead me to the message God had for me today – which was a direct answer to something I’d been concerned about. I’m thankful He loves me.

  95. I am thankful that I am able to finish my Bachelor’s in Fine Art! And also that I have a good relationship with my adult children.

  96. I am thankfull for s o many things, but just to name few most important things are that having rheumatoid arthritis since the age of 17 , i am the happiest i can be in life now!. I never thought id marry a wonderful, God fearing man who trusted the Lord in marrying me in October 2012, few months after blessing us with wonderful baby boy and now expecting again! I never in my life thought i would become a mother underthiscondition yet the Lord not only gave me children and a husband but also complete restoratin , drug free at the age of 39! Thankyou for your great post today, really needed to read it! God bless you Sharon!

  97. I am thankful for good health, a free country and for a Father who constantly pursues me, whether I am falling short of His glory or not.

  98. I am thankful to the Lord for his presence and his patience which he has showed. Presence because whenever I have called on Him, he was always there with me beside me. And patience because at times I am distracted nd don’t listen to Him, He waits for me to speak UP nd yet when I call Him he says “am always here for you”

  99. I am thankfull that God lets us take the test till we get it . We can’t fail if we keep trying . I am thankfull . That he loves me as I am and takes the time to remake me.

  100. Today, among other things, I am thankful for your post which reminded me that I have had so much given to me with love. Praise the Lord!

  101. I am 74 years old my son 53 was diagnoised with pancreatic cancer in June after surgery.. I thank God I am able to give him the 24/7 care that he has to have. Tthe doctor placed him in my care because his wife did not want to give up the time from her job to take care of him. Divorce papers have been filed by my son. All the bumps in the road that has happened if it were not for the prayers that have been prayed in his and our behalf and our faith in God we would not cope with this turmoil.

  102. I’m thankful that i have the use of my limbs, and for seeing my grandchildren as well as my own children. And for your ENCOURAGING WORDS.

  103. I am leaving an abusive relationship trying to move my two children and myself into a rental home that the owner is dragging his feet on when two days ago I found out my brother has terminal stage four cancer and my only other sibling won’t speak to me. I am drowning in self pity. I AM SOOOOO THANKFUL FOR THIS EMAIL SO THAT I CAN PUT THINGS IN PERSPECTIVE.

  104. Am thankful for God’s unfailing love. Am thankful my son (alcoholic 25 yrs old) is alive and I know where he is. At times I don’t understand all the chaos but I trust in Him through my tears. God told me, “Don’t whine but shine.”

  105. ‘Thankful despite’ or ‘thankful because of’???

    Sometimes it is hard to be thankful that I am one of the people met as I get off the plane with a wheelchair, I pray for healing but it is not His will yet. It is much easier to be thankful that despite my reduced mobility I am still able to get on & off planes – and see some of this wonderful world our Lord created.

    But I am also thankful that I have a message to show others, to show that I can still love our Lord despite being disabled – it has been a powerful testimony without me saying a word….

    And so I am thankful despite being disabled but also thankful because I am disabled.

  106. I a grateful for this message this morning. I needed it … Many blessings to you Sharon … and thank you! Caroline P.S. your encouraging words have brought me through a rather tough year … but, praise be to our Lord … the ‘fog’ has lifted.

  107. Next month will be 2 years since my husband and I have been in limbo, “waiting” to continue our lives…. sometimes during this 2 years unsettled I have relied on God, sometimes I have been a ‘brat.’ Sometimes I have been joyous about the ‘adventure’ and sometimes I have whined and complained because we did not have a job or a permanent place to live. Even after we found a place and made the plans, the 3 to 4 months wait has turned into 9-10 months wait. It has been a real test that included pain and sickness, death of loved ones, confusion and rejection. Yet, God has been there with me. He has NOT let me down. And I continually ask our Father to forgive me for my fear. I am thankful for His continued presence. I am thankful for His provision. GOD IS GOOD all the time and I want to finish this test with FAITH and TRUST. Yes, GOD IS GOOD all the time!

  108. I am thankful I woke up this morning able to move and love the Lord my God…thankful I have a program and a sponsor and accountability partners that love me and care for me.

  109. I am Thankful for God’s timing. Things may not fall into place when I want them to but my GOD is ALWAYS RIGHT On Time!

  110. Thank you for this. A year ago I was in a car accident and they didn’t know if I would make it out alive. I broke both my femurs and my jaw and nose. Since then I’ve been really positive from a worldly perspective but I have experienced so much anger with God but you are so right when you say that He has plans and we need to leave our pity parties behind. Tonight I was having a hard time and my pastor’s wife sent me a link to your website and when I read this it was just like “yes! yes! yes!” God works in amazing ways. Thank you!

  111. I am so very grateful as I think of my sweet 6 year old granddaughter Juliet who is 6 years old & broken her right leg 3 X in less than 18 months & the doctor doesn’t understand why. She has been in a lot of pain but requested Sat. to be taken out in her wheelchair to feel the sunshine & be with her sisters & family. What a bright smile she had on her face as 1 little sister collected blackberries for Juliet. She doesn’t even have a cast on yet-just a splint-because of the swelling she has. We are praying for her & our daughter who couldn’t be in the X-ray room because she is carrying a little boy who will be the first boy to join this 4 sister family. I’m sure they’ll teach him a lot as Juliet has with me (and you Sharon, too).

  112. I am thankful that God is in control of our lives and knows all the circumstances needed to strengthed our faith and trust in Him. I thank Him that what I think is devastation is a blessing in disguise from Him. Praise You, Jesus!!!!!


  114. Hi Sharon,
    Aw yes it Is easier for us to have that pity party rather than a praise God party. Always easier I thank God everyday for watching over me and even though things don’t go my way most days because He is in control. As long as I keep my eyes focused on him I know that God’s plan for that day has a purpose and my plans don’t even matter.

    Leslie Wilson

  115. I’m thankful that although things look bad in regards to my daughter’s spiritual health,(she stopped going to church and says she no longer believes) I know that God is in control and He will bring her back in His timing! It took me awhile to believe this, but God has put me in a great church with loving sisters and brothers in Christ who have prayed for me and my daughter! Now I don’t feel all of the anxiety and worry that I did before, although I do wish it would go faster!(ha ha).

  116. I really liked 7 Red Wheel Chairs. I am reading it in Circle tonight, so we can all discuss & see how much we need to improve. Thank You

  117. Hi Sharon, thank you for awakening my heart today. The way we allow frustrations to take over and forget whose we are.

  118. Once again I am reminded God’s timing is perfect! Over the last several months I had stopped being thankful. Instead I was grumpy, critical, a regular attendee of my own “poor pitiful me” parties and my prayer life consisted of what I have defined as “gimme prayers.” God didn’t slap me upside the head or strike me with a bolt of lightening, instead He used gentle persistence. When I stopped whining long enough to hear His voice, I prayed one more “gimme prayer” and asked the Lord to help me focus on His many blessings and to regain/revamp an attitude of thankfulness…in all things! I am still a work in progress and this morning as I was starting down the pity slide, I read this blog. Thank you!

  119. I’m thankful that God has allowed me to see another day and to be able to spend it with my four beautiful children.

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