Red and Yellow, Black and White

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A burning in my heart has been singeing my conscience for quite some time. The flames rise and relent with the nightly news and the NY Times, but the smoldering tension never quite goes away. Just when I think the embers have settled into a comfortable glow, the winds of injustice stoke the cinders and ignite the flames of prejudice as human beings brush up against each other with ignorant hatred and irrational hostility.

Racial prejudice stands center stage and wags its crooked finger in the face of humanity, and my heart hurts once again.

I’ve had this uneasiness for a while, but I’ve been afraid to write about it. Afraid I won’t say it right. Afraid my words will be picked apart and scrutinized through the lens of other people’s pain and preconceptions. Afraid I’ll get nasty emails (yes, that happens). Afraid I’ll be seen as just another white girl who doesn’t have a clue, or as a Christian sister who needs to simply stick to quoting Bible verses. But I can’t hold back any longer because of the fear I won’t do it right. So here goes.

My heart is broken because of the injustice against people of color in our country. Ahmaud Arbery. Breonna Taylor. George Floyd. If you aren’t familiar with the names, I hope you’ll look them up. You need to know these people. Focus on their faces. Peer into their eyes. Think of their mommas and their sisters, their fathers and their brothers.

I hate racism, and I don’t know what I can do about it. I was talking to my adult son about the recent murders of Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd. He told me about a black friend of his who was riding his bike in Chicago. He had on stretchy biking clothes, biking gloves, and a helmet. Because of the neighborhood, he was riding in, a policeman stopped him and asked if he was lost.

Steven couldn’t see the tears in my eyes as he told me the story. “Oh God, what can I do?” I silently cried.

The keyword there is “silently.” It was as if the Holy Spirit stopped me and asked me why I was “silent,” other than with my small circle of friends. Sucker-punched by the gentle hand of God, I tried to answer that question.

Honestly, it goes back to fear. Fear I won’t say it right. Fear I’ll offend people on both sides of the political spectrum. Fear readers will say, “Oh no, she’s getting political. I’m going to unsubscribe.”

But this is not political. It’s as spiritual as anything I’ve ever written. Jesus prayed for unity: “My prayer is not for them (the disciples) alone. I pray also for those who will believe in me through their message, that all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in me and I am in you” (John 17:20-21 NIV emphasis added).

Jesus preached love. In the gospel of John, he said, “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: Just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another” (John 13:34, ESV). That is sacrificial love that considers others above themselves (Philippians 2:3).

Jesus broke the cultural rules of his day and treated the outcasts with honor, respect, love. When it came to the marginalized and ostracized of society, Jesus risked his reputation to save theirs. He went out on a limb, never fearing the limb would break under the weight of love.

Jesus crossed cultural, racial, political, and gender boundaries to love equally, wholly, and without prejudice.

You know, if Jesus had a blog, I think he would have had a lot of unsubscribes. He was constantly butting heads with the culture: standing up for the people who could not stand for themselves; standing with people who others would not stand near; standing by people who others stood against.

He stood up for the culturally unclean woman with the issue of blood who others stood away from and called her daughter.

He stood by the woman caught in adultery who the Pharisees stood against and called her forgiven.

He stood with and sat with, the tax collector who the townsfolk turned their backs on and called him friend.

He sat with men and women with questionable lifestyles and heard their stories because sometimes you have to sit with someone to understand them before you can stand with them to support them.

Jesus talked about the love of God…and He lived the love of God. This is what God says; this is what it looks like. Talk was not enough. It never is.

I know that most of us who watched the horrific videos on the news shuddered and thought, “I would never do that.” And somehow, we use that conviction to make ourselves feel better.

But I don’t feel better.

My friend Suzi Eller wrote this week,

We need to listen to those who are on the receiving end of racial injustice.

We can’t dismiss their stories because it doesn’t match our reality.

We look at what happened and say, “I’d never do that,” ignoring that this has gone on for 400 years. We ignore that racial injustice doesn’t always look like a man dying, but a soul being chipped at day after day. We ignore that mamas have to tell their sons to act differently than their white friend, because there’s a high likelihood that one will be seen as a threat while another is not — regardless of their character.

“I feel like there’s nothing I can do,” I said to my son on the phone yesterday.

“Mom, you have words. You have a platform. You can speak up for justice. You can do that.” he replied.

And I felt a pang of guilt because he was right.

So, here is my heart cry. I know some will dissect my words and tell me that I didn’t say them right, but at least I’ve said something. Even one of my friends said that I should have a few other people read this before I posted it, to make sure it was OK. But I didn’t. Please give me grace.

We may need new laws to protect those who feel they have a target on their back. However, I don’t believe that racial prejudice will change because of new laws, but because of a new love—a love that recognizes that every human being has worth because he or she is created in the image of God.

I know that I might lose some followers from this post. My friend Suzi did because of hers. But as she said, I’m not called to collect followers, but to help others follow Jesus. Thank you for allowing me to share my heart. I know that I cannot fix anything, but I can fix my eyes of Jesus, the author, and perfecter of my faith, to love like He loved (Hebrews 12:2).


What is my next step? I’m going over to Be the Bridge at and soaking in all I can about how to be a conduit of racial reconciliation and unity. I will not do it perfectly, but I will do it.


“And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.” (Micah 6:8)

“Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves;
ensure justice for those being crushed.
Yes, speak up for the poor and helpless,
and see that they get justice.” (Proverbs 31:8-9 NLT)

Thank you to Youversion for this prayer for true justice.

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Comments 243

  1. Thank you for not being silent. As a black woman it means a lot to see more and more of my Christian brothers and sisters address the sin of racism.


    1. Sharon, I am an African American mother and I can not express to you how you have blessed my soul today. I’m an educator in Chicago, and I had five adult children. However I lost my oldest son to racial violence three years ago. Your courage to stand has refreshed my soul dear Lady. I was vexed and so I had cried out to the Lord and asked him, why Were Christians remaining silent when my people are being murdered!! Lord Can’t they see what is happening! I hope that you are encouraged by my comments. May the Lord continue to give you courage to stand for what is right!

      1. I was so touched by your comment and will pray for nations of a different color. I am Indian originally from India ,but was born in Kenya , E. Africa & my sisters & I & my Mom & Dad experienced prejudice in Canada.

        1. I am so saddened by the condition of our great country, and the hearts of the people. Why, I ask myself, must we never learned from our past and move forward? Why can’t we, as Christians around the world, be more willing to stand for what is right, rather than just sit silent and watch as things continue to get worse, history repeat itself, and people die because of the hatred in someone else’s heart?
          Thank you Sharon, for your willingness to obey God and write what He put in your heart! So proud also, of your son, for his boldness to speak his heart to you!! He is right.

      2. Dear Ms. Jones,
        I am so sorry for the loss of your son. Praising God for the strength of your faith and for your ability to extend kindness to a sister in Christ. I am mourning your struggle and ashamed at my ignorance. I just did not know the depth of suffering but I do know that it cannot continue and I am praying that God will make a way for real change.
        God bless you.

    2. Keep talking. You cannot keep quiet speak whatever God puts in your heart. We are the disciples, the teachers, but also prophets that will tell the people when they are wrong and right. How will they know the truth if they do not hear it.

    3. Thank you for not being afraid to speak your truth and allowing the word of God to guide you through the journey of reconciliation. As a black woman I appreciate your willingness to do the work. God bless.

      1. There’s always a right way to say it. The Bible calls it, teaching the truth in love. That’s what you just did and anyone who doesn’t understand just isn’t capable of understanding.

    4. I love this so much! I have an adopted black daughter, and my eyes have already been opened to the reality of the struggle of being a person of color. I am sending this to as many people I am able to do. I want to post to facebook! Thank you!

    5. It breaks my heart as well. I am white, but my friend group has always included people of color. My best friend in elementary school was black–in 1967-68. Her mom was the first black teacher at my little county school. I couldn’t understand what the issue was when they were integrating my school–I only knew that I was taught from a young age, “Red, Yellow, Black, and White.” Neither was better than the other, Jesus loved us all the same. He still does. When I see black women in the stores, I want to say something to them. Something to ease the pain that they have suffered for so long. I can see the hurt and anger in some of their faces, as they turn their head to avoid looking at me. What can I say? Can I apologize for their pain? Especially now having to wear masks, how can they see that I want to be friendly?

    1. Sharon ,
      Thank you for not being silent. You spoke from your heart and that says it all. Well done!

  2. You did just fine!!!!!!! You said what was on your heart! You do a great job in all your write! You cam see that you have the Lord in your heart!!!!!!! And I see that you have a heart for women! So keep up the great hard work that you are doing for others !!!!!!!

  3. Sharon glad you spoke up, but let’s take this further. I will not kneel before anyone but my God, I will not apologize for the color God created me. I am not privileged, I am equal. While I cry for those who have suffered racial injustices, I also cry for the good police officers who are paying the price for the wicked. I cry for the victims whose world has been shattered because some believe two wrongs do make a right. We live in a broken world filled with sin. This goes beyond race. It lies with devil attacking and destroying the family unit. There is no respect for authority, life, and especially God. Why? Because it is not being taught in the home. You can change all the laws you want, but until the heart changes nothing will change. Please remember there are other victims besides those you mentioned

    1. Sue, I agree with you 100 present, I have a few African American Christian friends and when I talk to them I don’t see their skin, I see their heart. Until people realize they can’t save themselves and cry out to Jesus to save them, there’s always going to be protesters fighting for their own rights, yes we do live in a fallen world and when you stand up for truth, you will always have opposition. Because the devil has the title deed to this world, until Jesus comes back for us believers this will always be going on. But we do need to love and treat people with respect even if we don’t agree with them. The law will not change a thing, only JESUS CHRIST OUR SAVIOR will. It’s a choice!

      1. You used your words beautifully. Thank you for your courage. Let us all pray for unity and clarity in understanding. May God give us eyes to see and ears to hear. May He provide us with the wisdom to know that not saying something; is saying something. Help us stand Lord. So many times in the Bible you have asked your ppl to stand and you will fight for them. Now Lord, I pray for the courage to stand.

    2. TRUTH SPOKEN!!! Laws might satisfy some But people need God to do His circumcision on their hearts and cut out hate. Only God’s Love can change evil thinking and hate. Now America bow before King Jesus and He will feel you with Love.

      1. I just like to say I’m glad you wrote what was on your heart. When God gives you something to write or say, don’t let no man come in and change God’s word. Thank you for being true. It’s okay to get other’s opinion, however, God’s word is Truth.

    3. Sue, you could not have said it any better. I totally agree with with your comments. There are so many others who have suffered, because of
      the lawlessness, the disrespect for authority, and disregard for property and businesses. I think all of us would agree that without a transforming of the heart, respect for others, a belief in God’s words, and meaningful prayer, change will be difficult to come by.

    4. Sue, I agree with your comment 100%! This goes far beyond race, and it hurts me to see the victims that are being overlooked because of the emphasis that has been put on this one subject. Hate is not to be excused, but MANY are experiencing hate at this time. The problem is sin. We are called to love like Jesus and that love should be expanded to ALL.

  4. I love reading your blog. You write honestly, from the heart and share personal experience as well as private life. You don’t sugarcoat anything, you are straight to the point. If we were ever in person, I know we would be good friends. I would love to write as well, it has always been my dream. But sadly, the budget, inexperience, and lack of understanding how to blog keeps me from sharing my words. I want to share my life, my thoughts and feelings because I know God has given me gift of writing. I am not perfect and I may never be the best.
    You’re awesome… know that please.

  5. Thank you Sharon! I think You conveyed your deep desire to be a light in this darkness very clearly. I agree with you and thank you for setting an example.

    May God bless you in everything you do and may many who read this fins the beginning of healing as you point them to our True and Perfect Healer

  6. I admire and respect all that you have said and are doing. I agree there will be those who will not like this but there will be many who see this as a perfect time during a storm between people who do not choose to take the time to love as Jesus called us to do.

  7. Thank you for putting words to what I am feeling and trying to process.

    God Bless you & God Bless is all🙏.

  8. Beautifully, perfectly written. I have never thought more highly of you than do right now. Much love Sister.

  9. Thank you for sharing what’s on your heart, Sharon. Well said. I, too, abhor racism but am doing nothing to stop it other than feeling sad, ashamed of my Caucasian race, and frustrated. Not enough. Your words are prompting me to take a more active role and I appreciate you for doing that. God bless.

    1. Christine – You don’t have to be ashamed. Just feel activated to help dismantle the system. While white people today did not invent this oppressive system, we do benefit from it every day and the best thing you can do is learn what that looks like and how you can start breaking down those barriers. Please open yourself to hearing Black people’s stories on this and read some helpful books like White Supremacy and Me. So many generous Black folks have poured themselves into educational materials for us that we would be remiss not to use them. It isn’t easy because it’s scary to give up comfort and we will mess up but this is ours and ours alone to fix. Thank you for taking the first steps.

  10. Thank you so much for having the courage to speak your thoughts. Beautifully written. God. Help each of us to listen to those that are or have experienced racism in any form and help us to “be the bridge”.

    1. Thanking God for your voice today. I know that God is pleased with you, which is the only thing that matters ❤️❤️

  11. Thank you so much for speaking up. When your heart and motives are pure, even when you say it wrong grace will be extended🙏💚

  12. Thank you, Sharon, for listening to not only your son, but especially your heart. You have a perfect platform to spread the love for all of God’s children! I participated in my first BLM protest/rally in my this past Saturday. Say his name, George Floyd! Say their names! No justice; no peace! I, like you, have never had to have the conversations with my 3 daughters about how to act in the presence of police officers. My heart aches for the families! I pray in Jesus’ Name, that our Heavenly Father would become known to all and guide us all through these dark times to the light that He wants us all to live in! 💜💜

  13. You are right on target. Happy you listened to God and posted this. Thanks for sharing. My dad was a pastor and we had people of color as members so I grew up with them.

  14. God bless you for taking a stand, love has no color. Speak your truth and what your heart feels, we are all brothers and sisters in Christ. I don’t know you personally, but I love you all the same.

  15. Your message is so important, and we all need to hear what is happening and what should be happening! To stay silent is to be part of the continuing problem rather than part of the solution. I’ve done a devotional from Be the Bridge by Latasha Morrison on YouVersion. My next step is to read more, pray more, and find ways to support racial justice within my community. Thank you for sharing your heart of love!

    1. Thank you for sharing Sharon. I live in the Caribbean but I have been following the issues of racism and discrimination for the last few weeks. I have been horrified at the level of injustice meted out to African Americans. I have also been very concerned as I have not heard many Christian leaders address the issues. Thank you for doing so in such an open and heartfelt manner. The Lord loves justice and so should we. Your son did a great job of encouraging you to speak up and speak out.

  16. Sharon, thank you so much!!!!! You do not know how much this means to me and it came at exactly the right time. I love your devotionals and follow you on Facebook, as well as, Girlfriends in God. I kept thinking why aren’t any of them speaking up about this. I thought about it for the last few days. Silence speaks volumes to those of us screaming for this injustice to end, for our children and grandchildren to grow up in a much better, safer, loving world. It will never be perfect in between these two gardens but it can definitely be better. It is a heart issue. As my pastor would say, it’s not a skin issue. It’s a sin issue. I do understand your hesitance as I was just saying to one of my closest friends, who is white. Some people find it difficult to speak on these issues for various reasons. However, it is absolutely necessary as children of God to speak up for each other. We are all one body in Christ. When one suffers, we all suffer. Thank you again. May God continue to use you as a vessel of light and love.

  17. I’m so thankful you posted this! You speak the heart of so many – my silence is not for lack of empathy and wanting change. My silence is fear of offending, of not sounding sincere enough, of saying the wrong thing, of saying too much/not enough, of being misinterpreted, and the list goes on. Praying for you tonight as you do as God has led you!

  18. Thank You Sharon! I’m a mother of a black son and a daughter who worries every time they walk out our home and pray that they don’t run into police and that they return home safely. All mothers love their children the same. If white mothers could put themselves in our shoes and what if it were their children being treated unfairly and racial profiled just because of the color of their skin? It would hurt so deeply. That’s a reality that I live with daily…but God! And let’s be clear: We said: BLACK LIVES MATTER. We NEVER said ONLY Black Lives Matter – that was the media, not us. In truth, we know ALL lives matter. We’ve supported your lives throughout history. Now we need your help with BLACK LIVES MATTER for black lives are in danger. (Gene Hall)

    So thank you Sharon for taking a stance for truth and justice. My bible tells me when we do what is right and justly, our Father in heaven will reward us rightfully and justly. You may lose some but you will gain so much more in Jesus Name! Blessings Always on you and your family…
    Carrie Jones
    A Black Mother from Mesquite, Texas

    1. Carrie Jones, you are speaking from experience. I am white, as most of my friends. Most of my friends say “all lives matter.” I have two adult children (39 and 41) who live in Western MA and San Diego, they are disgusted when people say “all lives matter.” I had a hard time comprehending their anger. No one could explain this to me. I felt that all lives matter, including black lives, and everyone who is not white Caucasian. This puts both comments in perspective. You have done that here. Thank you.
      I will continue to pray for this country to have their eyes opened and stop this attitude of racism. We are all children of God. We need all of us, especially the ones in charge that can effect change, to somehow acquire the wisdom, insight and understanding needed to come to common ground. We are all human beings – children of God.
      I will pray for all black parents who must teach their children differently than white parents. I am so ashamed of the ignorance of those who were called to protect all of us.
      I pray for peace to you and your family.

    2. Thank you, Carrie, for your heartfelt words. As a person with white skin I can never know what you have endured, but can only imagine. It is heartbreaking, horrific and so shameful when prejudice rears its ugly head. The word ” unfair” is so weak in describing the pain and anguish that a black person experiences. I will pray for truth and justice to prevail. God bless you and your family.

      Sharon, thank you so very much for speaking up and saying so gracefully what many of us think. The truth of your heart spoken in love is never wrong. Thank you for listening to your sweet and wise son. Blessings to you.

  19. Anyone who speaks words with the guidance of the Holy Spirit speaks rightly. It is evident that you heard the voice of the Lord as he tugged on your heart and spoke to you, you spoke and said, “Here am I, send me.” As a person of color, I heard Jesus through your words. Thank you for letting Him use you. Even if people respond in angry or defensive ways, just have compassion in your heart for them and pray for them. There is so much fear and hurt and only the Lord sees the pain and anger for what it is. Only He can truly speak truth into the deepest parts of our hearts no matter which side we are on. We just have to answer His call to be His hands and feet wherever and whenever possible. He will do the rest. God bless you.

    1. Post

      I have tears in my eyes reading your sentence, “Even if people respond in angry or defensive ways, just have compassion in your heart for them and pray for them.” How precious you are.

      1. You wondered if the words would come out wrong and I can tell you this is exactly what my heart is feeling right now. I have been awakened to how different people of color are treated by others than myself.

      1. Sharon, I am PERSONALLY thankful for your boldness. As a 65 yr.old Black woman these recent acts of racial injustice have affected my in a similar way that you’ve been affected. I too want God’s direction on how I may become involved in community action to stand up for my black people. I truly appreciate you’re unashamed HOLY Ghost boldness. That’s the type of boldness that is needed today. Please be encouraged that God has used you to bless me, your Black sister in Christ. I plan to lift you in prayer as you fight the fiery darts. Please continue to let God use you BOLDLY in ALL situations. Fear not. You find out who people really are at times like these. It’s up to us to decide if we will choose to continue these relationships.
        Much love my sister!!!❤

  20. Thank you, Sharon!! Thank you for your courageous stand!! May God richly bless your ministry!!
    Julia Smith

    1. I am a white girl but have felt the sting of discrimination. My accent is from a country steeped in trouble. Many painful words and situations have been experienced in more than one country. I am not a visible minority, but I can, in a very small way, relate. Well done Sharon for pushing aside popularity, subscribers, what others will think. Well done for being brave enough to follow through.

  21. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I found them to be very moving and heart warming, reminding us of what Jesus said and how we can apply those words to our life. I pray you receive positive comments and no hate mail. But if you do receive bad comments, don’t let them get you down. You have so many people who care about you and support you and focus on that and your #1 fan is Jesus.
    God Bless you Sharon!

  22. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your heart, Sharon. I too am guilty of silence. I will share with a friend or two or more. God bless!

  23. Thank you Sharon! God bless you for speaking out. Each one of us has to step up, speak out and address racial inequality. As a sheltered, privileged white woman I can’t imagine what people of color have gone through. I am determined to change and love others as our Savior loves us….

  24. Sharon,
    Thank you so much for being a voice in the ongoing injustice that has stricken me and other African Americans in this country. I believe as Disciples of Jesus, we need to take a stance when evil is a constant in our society. I agree with you in regards to taking time to listen to what African Americans are feeling. We want to be heard and our feelings validated. As a Christian, I have been struggling with the hatred that is permeating throughout our country. God’s word continues to keep me focused. 1 Peter 3:9 is one of my favorite scriptures. God is the only answer and we must love, pray, and not be silent.

  25. Thank you Sharon, this was beautifully written. There is so much hatred out there and it is going to take all of us to extend our hands and Hearts to begin to heal. I feel very fortunate to have had been exposed to black people at an early age. I wouldn’t give up my time with them for anything. I don’t under why skin color is such a big deal. White women pay good money to try and have dark skin. Tanning bed producers make lots of money off them. I pray we are learning from this horrible experience. We are all from the same Father.
    Again, thank you for your message.

  26. Thank you for breaking your silence! Your voice matters just as much as mine. And this will be a learning experience for all of us. I pray we all are humbled so that love may increase in us.

    A black woman

  27. Thank you thank you!!!
    You have written what I have been feeling these last couple of weeks. I have said some of these EXACT words in my prayers. We can no longer stay silent for fear of offending, I’m so glad you have shared your heart here. May we all find it within us to do the same.

  28. I absolutely love it. I am a black woman and though you don’t need my approval or anybody else’s, I’d like to say, i enjoyed reading this. It’s hard to have a racial conversation with my 16 yr old son who is a gentle giant, but looked at as a threat. If we could all love they want Jesus did. We would be so much better. Thank you for conquering your fear and speaking up.

  29. God bless you for speaking up. I keep hearing the same thing over and over again. Something’s got to change be I don’t know what to do. But you spoke out. God doesn’t see color and neither should we.

  30. Thank you for your words. I felt that they were exactly right. Many of us feel the same sense of what you wrote. Praying for you and your ministry to continue sharing God’s Word.

  31. Thank you for this Sharon- you understand. This was beautifully said and I pray you continue to challenge those who still don’t understand. Why I have this inherent need to prove myself as “good” knowing I’ll be prejudged. Why black men and boys are seen as a threat first which could lead to the police being called and that powerlessness and automatic presumption of guilt leading to their deaths. It’s not fair and no matter how good we are or how Godly or how much money we make these issue are there all because our skin is black. It is tiresome and exhausting and just plain sad.

  32. Thank you for trusting the courage God provided you to share your heart. I experience that ache in my heart as well. You have shared words and thoughts that I’ve been struggling to put together. I imagine many others feel the same and share similar thoughts.

    I pray for love, tolerance, kindness, mercy, justice, and that we may show grace to others as our loving God shows us grace abundantly. And for many to learn about Christ and become saved by him.

    God bless you.
    Carla A.

  33. Sharon,
    I was just recently introduced to you and your writings. This was amazing! I too, have been so afraid to say anything for fear of saying the wrong thing. You said it for me and so wonderfully. I had all those same concerns . I am saddened by where Our country is now – where it is – now – still Love is still the answer – color is not! My thoughts aren’t as well written as yours but they too, come from my heart. Thank you for your voice.

  34. I am a black woman and have been deeply hurt and highly offended by my white girlfriends who refused to even call me and acknowledge the centuries of racial injustice in our nation. It is not for me to make the first move, but for them to. Their silence speaks volumes and is disrespectful to me and to black people in general. God bless you for your blog post. I wasn’t going to read it at first, but I’m glad I did.

    1. Monique, I am so sorry that you and your friends are not taking this opportunity to have a long, overdue (difficult) conversation. Now is the time to come together to hug, cry, love one another and pray.

      I know I don’t know you personally; but it would be a shame to loose people who are close because no one knows how to take that first step. Like Sharon’s letter mentioned today, sometimes you just don’t know what to say. The problem with that is, then nothing gets said, the silence grows, nothing changes, and then everything you had is lost. And that’s sad.

      I urge you to consider being the one to reach out to your friends; it doesn’t have to be much, just an email or text. They may not know how to start the conversation, but if you signal your willingness, they just might surprise you.

      I will pray for you Monique. I will pray that you and your friends figure this out and that God truly blesses your life.

  35. Sharon,
    I thank you for speaking out. “Am I my brothers keeper” ? Yes, I am. So much hate in the world, some of it has been covered up a long time. We, as followers of Jesus must stand, shine the light, love and tell others of His goodness. We must love our enemies. Not always easy but with the power of the Holy Spirit we can do all things. Thank you again for speaking out, thank you for the scriptures you shared, I will meditate on them.

  36. How many biggots grew up singing “Jesus loves Me ” and never listened to the words …”they (we) are ALL precious in His sight. Any one of us could have been born any where to anyone and of any color . It breaks my heart also that there is such prejudice in this world and most of it is shared by “Christians”. Thank you for standing up and speaking God’s Word and heart. Praying that people will listen, learn, and follow the example Christ showed.

    ( my wht granddaughter is about to have a mixed race baby …the first in our wht family and the first in his father’s black family. This baby hopefully will bind us all together in mutual respect and love…thank You Father God for this and watch over and protect us all from this prejudice issues.

    1. Wanted to say thank you. I lived in Mo. growing up and there was a lot of rascal issues. I have never been taught one way or the other. I just believed to treat people the way I wanted to be treated and that was with respect. The color of ones skin is just that when we get cut our blood bleeds the same color. Growing up I didn’t care who you was or the color of your skin or if you was fat or skinny smart or stupid or mentally challenged I would call you friend and treated you with respect. The problem with this race is it keeps on blaming younger generations for what generations did in the past. I came from Germany to the US in 1956 I grew up here but when people found out I was from Germany they called me names. I as with the black people I was hated a nd it is because everyone holds onto the things of the past and trains their children to hate the people that aren’t like them. I became a Christian 15 years ago and learned I was already do a lot of what God wants of me. Racism of any kind is wrong.

  37. The Lord created all of us in his image!
    Not some but all.
    Love your neighbor as you love yourself!
    Do unto others as you would have done to yourself!
    Let’s pray for obedience to our Lord and may love and healing prevail.
    I am praying along with you -your powerful prayer.

  38. Thank you for clarity and transparency. As you were obedient to the leading of the Holy Spirit, your voice will make a difference. I am an African American mother with three sons whom I’ve raised to be strong hard working young men . This systemic sin of prejudice and racial bias unfortunately permeates our world across the board. This is deeper than the recent chain of senseless deaths, they are just the final straw that has broken the resolve of the African-American Community. I am thankful that the hearts of many were broken where they can no longer turn a blind eye to the injustices. Yes, I am in agreement, Love, God’s love is what will solve not just fix our problems. Let’s continue to keep our nation, our world in prayer. I am assured that God is in control and He has a purpose and a plan. What the enemy means for evil, God can turn it around for His glory and our good. In His service .☝🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾❤️

  39. Thank you for not being silent. I am with you- we need to be advocates for our brothers and sisters of color. I don’t know how to say it either . Our whiteness says things that we don’t even know is offensive when we are trying to be nice. We need to read things The Color of Compromise . Even the classic Uncle Tom’s Cabin. We need to listen to their stories . We need to lament – weep with those that weep. Keep up the good work!

  40. Dear Sharon,
    I love Girlfriends in God. I love your post and thank you for your sensitivity to this issue. You are so right we need new love in our hearts. Each believer Black, White or any other nationality have to start with themselves/ourselves. If the Holy Spirit is really how guide then nothing but love can flow from us. I pray you gain followers that share your pain and insight when they see injustices that we have seen these past few weeks as well as over the years in our country. Racism is something that will not change overnight but we all can start today standing in truth and the love of Jesus Christ for all people. The enemy wants to divide us in any way he can knowing that racial divide can be a powerful thing if we allow it to penetrate our hearts in an emotional and hurtful way. We cannot change the past but we can change the future in ourselves, our homes and in our circles of influence. I am very proud to say I am a Black woman who love all people. I was born and raised in the 50’s and have encountered many unpleasant racial experiences. My story is I was raised to love not hate those who hate me. Everyday I want to make a difference in my fellow sisters lives whatever race they belong to. We all belong to one race created by God: the Human Race. God Bless you and this ministry.

  41. Greetings Sharon,

    I am grateful that God put it on my heart to read your post today. As a woman of color, I wanted to thank you for your bold action to say something. As parents, we teach our children if they see something wrong to say something. Unfortunately, too many times as adults, we turn a blind eye. As Christians, we do the same; we don’t act or call racism what it is – sin.

    Thank you for seeing us, our struggles, plight, history, and for using your voice to pray, educate, provide a resource, and bring awareness. You have truly touched my heart. I wish more people took the time to understand the “why” rather than condone. The Bible teaches us to love without conditions.

    You mentioned that you didn’t know how to help. Like your son stated, you have a platform—one not to be used as a political weapon. But instead, if God leads you (like today) for you to operate in His grace to educate and speak truth (John 8:32). If nothing else, I implore you to have these difficult conversations in your inner circles. If you have friends of color, solicit their help. If not, I would be happy to share some resources.

    Thank you again for your words. Oh, and I will not unsubscribe from your platform 😊 It is my sincere hope that your ministry continues to flourish. May God continue to keep you.

    1. Thank you Sharon for adding your voice. Shinning our lights from our little corner makes a lot of difference. To replace darkness, we just need to turn on the lights. As each one turns on the light, it will grow stronger and stronger, enough to overcome darkness. Thank you for turning on your light. I pray courage and strength for others to turn on the lights. God bless you.

  42. Thankyou for your caring words Sharon, and thankyou also to Suzi Ellis and the other contributors. Thank you, Sharon, to your son. We live in New Zealand, at the bottom of the world, but our TV’s are full of the world news. May we all have courage to face each other in love and truth.

  43. Thanks Sharon l always follow your blog and may God give you more grace as you continue doing what you are doing as we continue praying to God to fill us with more love and understanding it is a difficult time we are living in but we will triumph by the grace of God

  44. Dear Sharon, My Sister In Christ,
    Thank you for sharing with your followers and we are followers of Jesus. I appreciate your comments especially the part about we are all created in His image and likeness. We must speak up because Jesus would want us to do that. God loved Mr Floyd and I heard his brother say on the news that they are a God fearing family. My prayer is that this incident will bring us together not divide as a country. You are God’s spokeswomen Sharon. Thank you for speaking up and for your very important ministry. God tells us to love Truth and Mercy.
    Hugs, Katie

  45. Kudos to you for having the courage to speak up. Thank you! My heart is also breaking right now. I’m also suddenly learning so much when I already thought I knew so much. I want so badly to help. I will do all I can to help heal this country and make things better for POC.

  46. Thank you Sharon for not being silent. I am an African American mother of three African American sons. I fear daily my babies or my husband won’t come home to me, and that they could become a George Floyd or Ahmaud Arbery. I thank you for speaking your heart and asking how can you help, this is a start. Thank you for using your talent of writing to step out and help us in this fight and also bringing the spiritual side of Racism. It is time now that the church open their mouths about injustices and it is going to start with all of us. It is going to take lots of prayer and the Lord stepping in and changing hearts. Please keep speaking and helping. Thank you!

  47. Beautifully written Sharon and thank you for putting my heart in words as well. I pray that God will open my eyes and heart as to what He wants me to do. II starts with me.

  48. You are being used and played. You are so deceived! America is not systematically racist and you should not feel guilty about something you have never done! Black lives matter was founded by a Marksist. It’s real objective is to tear down America & western civilization. What about all the looting, graffiti, burning and injuring and killing police officers and yes black people by this evil movement! Why don’t you see that thousands of lives have been hurt by this movement, including many black lives. Many good, amazing, black people have spoken against BLM. It is not black vs white – it’s good verses evil. There is good & bad in all groups. We should judge by the content of character & totally forget about what color everyone is!!! That’s the only way it will stop! Stop talking about racism!!! Because of a few lives, that doesn’t give the right to hurt thousands!! Most police are awesome people who risk their lives every day to protect us and keep us safe! What about their lives and many of them are black. Seceral of them have been injured and killed by the rioters! Open your eyes!! America is the best country in the world! We are not a racist country! There are very few racist among us. And among those who are, there are many black people who hate white people! Wake up! Like I said, there are good & bad black people and good and bad white people! To speak up for s few people who were killed, with white guilt, even though your not guilty of anything, and not speak up for the thousands who have been hurt by the rioters by killing (black & white) injuring, stealing, destroying property, burning property, smashing windows, using laser pointers, beating people, yelling horrible evil things and on and on! I don’t understand why you don’t have the discernment to see the greater evil and see what’s really going on here. By the way, these same groups that want to defund the police. Good luck when you’re being robbed, attacked or worse. “Have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them.” Eph. Chap. 5. I hope this will help you to see what’s really going on.

  49. Sharon
    I totally agree with you. Jesus wants us to love everyone. And to live in unity and harmony. And we all need to work and pray together. But Jesus also said do not return evil for evil but overcome evil with good. So we need to also realize that most of our law enforcement people are good people. And they are being spit on, called names, projectiles thrown at them and murdered. Their wives and children have been threatened. All this while they are trying to help people and maintain order. Jesus was able to discern between good and evil and while we definitely have problems, we need to be aware that the devil is manipulating this situation. We now have a mob mentality trying to run our country. We need to pray for God’s wisdom in the changes we make. We all, red, yellow, back and white are precious in God’s site. Pray that He will help us in helping the people who are truly hurting and not giving in to the evil opportunists. Let’s start with our families and schools. Let’s teach our children about Jesus and loving and respecting ourselves and each other. If we don’t stand up for each other and for America, we will lose our freedoms, including our religious freedom.

  50. Dear Sharon,

    Reading this post brought tears to my eyes and touched me deeply. You perfectly expressed what I feel in my heart. I feel like I have been walking around dragging a heavy weight the past two weeks. But as a pale white girl, I really know nothing about dragging around a heavy weight. Our brothers and sisters of color know it far too well. You are right. We can no longer be silent. My heart feels great sorrow for all those on the receiving end of pain and injustice. However, I am encouraged. People are finally listening and seeking to be a part of the change that must take place. Even our 13 year old granddaughter has been deeply affected by all she has seen and heard. She and her mom and dad and sister wrote a blog of support in honor of George Floyd, and included artistic drawings. I believe the generations beneath us will give wings to our hopes and dreams for a more tender world, one of fairness and equality. But this grandma will make sure they know the necessity for spreading love, for striving with everything we’ve got to be worthy Christ-followers.

    Finally, I will say your post conveyed your heart perfectly. You are the genuine “real deal” and your words revealed what I’ve always known about you. You are a conduit for the Lord and He loves to speak through you! Thank you!!

    Your Sister in Christ,

  51. Good evening Sharon,
    I have been praying for my husband with your daily prayers. I am blessed by your honesty and authenticity.
    Your words are right and the Holy Spirit has pressed you to speak because of your loving heart. Remember the song…they will know we are Christian’s by our love, by our love…so true. I am reading Philip Yancey’s book…what is so Amazing about Grace. .he discusses what a Grace filled Christian looks like…first humble. masks in need of God …it is our cracks where God’s grace flows…may we all take steps towards this humble heart and listen to those hurting.
    Blessings to you and your family.
    Deanna from Columbus, Ohio

  52. I’m a Black woman who reads Proverb 31 and First 5. I have been very disappointed by the comments from many Sisters. They to profess to be good Christians, but feel praying is all they need to do. I have posted several times that they should ask God what He would have them do. He suggested that they stand up and speak up. I’ m so happy to see this devotion. Maybe now some of the sisters will be more involved.

  53. Thanks you Sharon. As you stated “Jesus talked about the love of God…and He lived the love of God”. This is what is required of all of us for things to change. I am an African American mother who is grateful you will no longer fear speaking the truth.

  54. Sharon, you said it just right. Right because what you expressed I truly believe was the heart of our Father, God. Thank you for being courageous in the face of maybe losing some friends and or supporters. I imagine I’ve been unfriended too for sharing my heart. The truth is, God calls us to be the light and salt in these troubled times. He’s using the platform He’s given you to get out the boat, be a little uncomfortable but be true to His heart for ALL humanity. I’ve read your articles for years and when lead share with family and friends. Love your transparency and honesty because I see real life in what you share, struggles and all. May God continue blessing you with what you need the most.

  55. Thank you for not being silent. Keep using your voice. Thank God for your son and for your conversation with him. We can “all” raise our voices together. Acknowledge racism, say that it is a sin and make a plan to change it. This is a battle, but it CAN be overcome. God bless you Sharon.

  56. Thank you Sharon for allowing the Lord to speak through you. As a black woman with 1 son (33) and 6 grandsons (ages 1 to 15), I have to trust God. I tell my 2 oldest grandsons they can’t act the same way as their white friends. This shouldn’t be.
    It saddens me to see the silence from my Christian brothers and sisters on this matter, but when the looting and violence came (that was wrong), they had much to say about that.
    I’m afraid for our country because I believe the Lord is giving us a time to reset – to repent (not the world but for those who call Jesus Lord) and we’re just as arrogant as the world. He will not continue to let a people He created in His image continue to be oppressed as He says in His Word. Again, thank you for speaking out on this matter. Love you my sister

  57. Thank you so much for your words. They were perfect because they came from your heart. I am heartbroken because of injustice, ignorance, and hate, but a lot of my hurt is because I have those around me that I consider friends who have said nothing. I wonder if they remain silent because they don’t know what to say or their silence speaks to who they truly are and what they feel or don’t feel. Words are powerful and you have shared yours and again, I thank you.

  58. Thank you! You are a vessel chosen by God! Never be ashamed to fulfill your assignment! I pray you continue to be obedient to God! Your calling is based on your faith, not others opinions or your own emotions! God Bless you and your Son!❤🙏

  59. I appreciate your honesty but truly, ALL lives matter. If you cut anyone open, we all bleed the same red blood. JESUS is the only answer. This is a spiritual battle that has been turned upside down and too much attention had been given to the enemy. He made one seduction, and we feed into all the others. I have a daughter from China who was taunted by classmates with the slanted eyes sign, yet she holds her head high knowing who she is in Christ…even in the pain. We need prayer vigils, not protests. We need to stop feeding the frenzy and pray for our Nation. We need to stop the blackouts and let HIS LIGHT SHINE. Now more than ever. 2 Chronicles 7:14

    1. YES!!!! Absolutely agree 100%!!!! ALL lives definitely matter, as God has created each and every one! More prayer vigils needed for sure!!!

  60. God bless you Sharon! I have been reading Girlfriends In God devotionals for several years and continue to gain inspiration and encouragement through your devotionals. As an African American woman I am deeply touched and encouraged by your transparency and Spirit- filled words. I pray God’s favor over you as you continue in service to God’s people for His glory!❤️🙏🏽

  61. “At least you’ve said something.” I’m sure your son is so proud of you. I know I am. Thank you for using your platform to share your heart and voice your feelings about injustice and racism. You have stewarded your influence well in such a time as this. The Word is so true. ‘Fearing people is a dangerous trap, but trusting the Lord means safety.” (Prov. 29:25) We pray for those who choose to unsubscribe or turn away from conversations that are difficult or uncomfortable. God’s kingdom come and His people reconciled with Him and each other will not happen easily. Bearing each other’s burdens and taking part in our suffering are important steps toward progress and peace. Human to human, woman to woman, daughter to daughter of our Loving Father, thank you.

  62. Hi Sharon.
    Thank you for your concern and sharing your heart felt words. You did well.

    One thing I don’t remember reading is that you did not say, I don’t see skin color. When I hear that comment or read that comment I feel a nice size pea in the pit of my stomach. I know I see color everyday why don’t you? It’s ok to see the color of someones skin. LOL, we see skin color everyday. It’s not that we cannot not see it, it’s the reactions we get when we do see skin color. What does a person’s skin color means to all of us, including me? What messages are we receiving, again this includes me?

    When I go out on any given day I see God’s rainbow in human form, in all different shades. The spectrums of the shades I see are from dark dark to the palest of pales, so beautiful! When I read the bible, it says we are created in God’s imagine. Sometimes I imagine God looking like one big glow ball that exumes all the colors of the human race. 🙂 Maybe that is part of His glory and being human we can’t look upon Him and live, but looking at the Father through Jesus the Christ allows us to behold His glory and all His beauty. So, I believe as we look at each other we see a glimpse of Him!😀

    I say all that to say again Sharon, you honored our Heavenly Father well.

    Thank you for taking a stand.

  63. Thank you, Sharon! You spoke exactly how I am feeling, but have been unable to express with words. I truly appreciate your humility and honesty!

  64. Thank you, you spoke my heart in this problem also. I thought I could only pray……but still was not content with that!

  65. Thank you for sharing Sharon. I live in the Caribbean but I have been following the issues of racism and discrimination for the last few weeks. I have been horrified at the level of injustice meted out to African Americans. I have also been very concerned as I have not heard many Christian leaders address the issues. Thank you for doing so in such an open and heartfelt manner. The Lord loves justice and so should we. Your son did a great job of encouraging you to speak up and speak out.

  66. Thank you Sharon for using your platform to speak out ! For not letting fear keep you from speaking the truth !

  67. Thank you for your strength, courage and passion to share your thoughts. You are spot on while so many of us stay silent. I’m so glad I read this. Thank you

  68. Thank you again. I too am appalled at the evil on humans hearts. Jeremiah 17:9 kept playing over and over again in my head the more and more I heard of this most recent story of one life for another.
    At the end of the day, the bottom line is that we do not value human life as God values us. We are to love as He loves us, as a mother loves her child.
    The change will begin when each of us begins to place a higher value on each other than we do ourselves.
    Thank you again for using your platform today. God WILL honor you for this.

  69. Now i know you are a Christian and you read the Bible with an open heart and under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. It touched me beyond measure that you are speaking for Christ, not for your race. It soothes my nerves that one white person would speak for us colored people this way. I will never overcome this and I will never forget it.Glory be to God in the highest.

  70. You put into words what I have been feeling. I am working on listening more to hear others stories so that I can get to know them and possibly be there voice if they need me to. I work in the medical field with all races and color. I enjoy working with everyone but I know that I need to listen to their stories more to understand their feelings on injustice. Thank you for sharing your heartfelt feelings. For putting your thoughts into words. If anyone has a problem with this story we need to pray for them. God bless you Sharon and thank you.

  71. I liked your article.I think it’s terrible the way George Floyd died.Lets not make George Floyd a hero.He had been in prison ,done several things against the law.

  72. Thank you Sharon. As a sister in Christ I appreciate your courage and applaud you for speaking your truth. It’s funny that being African American or Black was never a problem to me because my father always encouraged me to embrace differences so I guess I felt more isolated within my own environment for embracing anyone. However we look at things I am grateful that you had the talk with your son as I had the talk with my grown son and revealed my secret fear that he would never be acknowledged for his true being because of his genetics. God has used you to help others to see themselves as God sees them and because of this I was able to encourage my son at the same time to trust in Gods plan for him which supersedes all of human bias, lack of awareness or lack of knowledge about different cultures. Keep up the good heart work, your message will be heard by the people that need it.

  73. Thank you for seeing and standing up against injustice. As a new mom from a different country, it breaks my heart that I will have to educate my child about the threats to be faced due to skin color. I’m hopeful, however, as more and more persons of influence use their platform to speak up for change. God bless you. PS. thank you for not “vetting” your words but flowing from your heart instead.

  74. Thank you Sharon for speaking up! As a black mother of two young son’s the youngest 25 and away in college my heart ❤️ is in fear as they venture out in the world praying and pleading the blood of Jesus over their lives, I know they had to leave the nest and get their own wings to fly, I always ask them to always pray and seek God, respect others and please be careful, you have no idea how your blog has helped me. Thank you so much and continue to speak out for All human race. God bless you.

  75. God blessed you with this platform, thank you for speaking from your heart. Praying for equality and justice in our world.

  76. Greetings!
    Let us be reminded, that our enemy is satan, NOT each other.
    Eph 6:12 says, “For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places.”
    satan will NOT stop influencing and instilling pride, hatred, indignation in our beautiful God-given world.
    Let us NEVER give him the victory.

    God put us in this world, out of LOVE and FOR love.
    1 Peter 4:8: “Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.”

  77. Thank you so much Sharon! God forgive us, the church of Jesus Christ, for being silent too long! Our silence speaks volumes.

  78. Thank you for speaking the truth in love. This message needs to be heard by so many. It breaks my heart to see God’s children being treated unjustly every day while others stand by and watch, making excuses for the bad behavior. I am so glad that you did not remain silent for fear of saying the wrong thing – you have inspired me to do likewise. ❤️

  79. Sharon, God has given you the gift of communication to bring Insight, healing, and encouragement to so many of us on a variety of topics. Thank you for using this gift to speak out and acknowledge the sin of racism. It truly means so much to me personally, as one of your African-American readers, that you would choose to be beautifully transparent and determine to be an agent of change. Those who disapprove or unfollow you as you have decided to follow Jesus on this issue will prayerfully have their eyes and ears opened in some other way. May God continue to shine brightly in you and your ministry.

  80. Sharon you did an awesome job. I think of the childhood song. Jesus loves the little children, red or yellow back and white we are precious in his sight. Gods love know no color. We have to walk in his steps.
    Hugs to you. I know this was hard.

  81. Thank you for this!! You have just “done something.” And you might lose followers, sure enough. But there I believe God that those whom you will gain will outnumber those you will lose. Amen.

  82. Sharon, I so appreciate this post and your courage. As an African American woman and mother, I have experienced things that i have had to be silent about because it is brushed off as if I’m making it up. This is even more hurtful when you experience this in the church. I truly believe that God has been trying to deal with this issue for a long time in the church and we have the ministry of reconciliation for a reason. We cannot sweep this under the rug, have a Kumbaya moment and say it doesn’t exist just because we want to be reconciled. There has to be true healing, hearing and forgiveness and repentance that takes place so that we can truly look like the body of Christ. The Bible instructs us to place our sacrifice down and stop everything we’re doing when we realize our brother has something against us. Meaning even if we don’t think we did anything, we must stop, confront and listen. I personally am thankful that the lord is dealing with this because it resides in the hearts of many and God sees all.

  83. You are right we need to speak up. These people are made by God just like us. They did not choose the colour of their skin anymore and we chose to be white. God did not say that white people were any better than any other colour. In his word we are all made equal. For many years I have been mom to an African family that moved to Canada. Their children consider me your nan. They do not see colour and neither do I I love them just as much as I love my other grandchildren. The colour of their skin has nothing to do with watching their heart. You go girl and you tell anyone you say about the love you have for these people and how you feel.

  84. Thank you Sharon for posting this. You feel as I feel – nothing I can ever say or do as a privileged white woman will be correct. I’ve watched so many well meaning friends get slammed on Facebook. But as daughters of Christ the King, in Him we can call for justice!

  85. So well done Sharon. I hear your heart. It beats along with mine. Thank you for being courageous and using the gifts He has given you.

  86. Thank you Sharon, I don’t know you but I feel the love of the Lord and your neighbor in your letter. May the Lord be with your ministry . Thank you again from SOUTH AFRICA!

  87. I agree I feel the same and Iv had to deal with backlash from my close friends. You know My first thought was imagine having to fight this for years. Plus worse as the black community has had to. Reality check for sure, and breaks my heart. I’m sorry I’m just now speaking up. I have been blind I never realized how bad and real racism is.

  88. This may be the best thing you have ever written. So heartfelt and spot on I believe. Thank you for being vulnerable, truthful and standing for mercy love and justice. We must all be part of the solution to this. Thank you again for your words.

  89. Sharon thanks for pushing fear to the side and using your platform to speak up and speak out against injustice. As a black woman from Caribbean decent living in the South with a teenaged black son, I live in fear everyday when he leaves home that he might not return..the fear is real. I pray that this time our voices will be heard that change will come and that the love of Christ will be poured out. Bel blessed!

  90. I think that all people are the same except lost and saved.
    There shouldn’t be rioting beating people burning businesses and nasty language etc to bring about change
    Get on your knees people and pray to OUR LIVING LORD and SAVIOR.
    In HIM all things are possible.

    1. I agree whole heartedly! The violent protests are completely counterproductive to what their cause and issues are. More praying and less destroying.

  91. Thank you for sharing your heart. I think we all feel a bit helpless when it comes to knowing what to say. We can not emphasize if our skin is white, but our hearts can break at the thought that anyone would be treated the way these folks were. I pray that God will open more eyes and break more hearts. We are all equal in HIS eyes.

  92. Dear Sharon,

    I admire your courage to break your silence over fear. Thank you for valuing the importance of speaking up and out for justice. True racial reconciliation happens when we call racism what it is – sin. Like with all sin, we have to choose on purpose to do something about it so that it does not overtake us. I applaud your willingness to utilize your platform as a way to minister healing to all people. It is important for your readers to know your heart. I have followed you for years, as well as Girlfriends in God. As a woman of color, one of the ways I would like to see Girlfriends in God value the voices of women of color is by practicing inclusion in selecting contributing writers for the daily devotions. I think Gwen Smith has done a great job of individually celebrating diversity with her podcast guests and would love to see others follow in her example. This is just one tangible example of how we can intentionally represent our love for Jesus by modeling all have a place at the table, even if we have to create a space for them within our own spheres of influence. Thank you again for your honesty and being bold enough to share what so many of us needed to hear you say. Blessings to you!



    1. Sharon, coincidentally, the same text you referenced from Micah is the same basis for my microblogging post yesterday. I am including the link in my reply to you, not for the purpose of it being seen publicly in connection to my original comment. It just so happens that I made a connection to your post and wanted to share it with you. Again, this is not meant for your audience. Blessings!


      1. Post
  93. Thank you for speaking up! The time is now; it has gone on way too long. We need to join in and fight the injustice that has been so apparent in our world but that has been ignored. We cannot be silent. The church cannot be silent.

  94. What a joy to read all of these positive responses to your thoughts-put-into-words, Sharon. God graciously uses our imperfections for His glory when our hearts are focused on Him. There is such great anticipation for heaven, when we will fully bask in the creativity of God the Father while surrounded by people of all colors, all nationalities, all languages, all praising Him and singing, “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty!” That day simply cannot arrive soon enough for me. Alleluia for God’s perfect timing.

  95. Thank you Sharon We are all searching our hearts and your words express my desire also. I appreciate you and your words of Love

  96. Thank you so much Sharon for speaking the truth. The believer in Jesus must stand up against hatred. Racism has continued for to long in this country. Keep writing and teaching your readers.

  97. Bless you Sharon for your words of truth , God created all human life to be loved and respected and honoured, it has to start with oneself ,we are one race under God ❤️

  98. Thank you, Sharron. I too believe that racism isn’t a law problem, but a heart problem. I pray for people’s hearts to be changed by our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. 🙏

  99. Thank you. So much. The thoughtfulness, love, action steps, Spiritual guidance… Thank you.

    It is so hurtful to feel like leaders I respect Spiritually can ignore the humanity in others so severely- can teach me how to save my marriage (beyond just prayer), but not how to save our world. Thank you for not alluding to it, but being specific. I look forward to confidently sharing your work with others.

  100. Your heart is beautiful!! Thank you for your obedience and using your voice, and actions, against this unjustified hate. Continued prayers for our nation that are hearts will know and give God’s love and acceptance to all. Red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in His sight.

  101. As a black woman and mother of a black son, I appreciate anyone who makes a statement against racism. I don’t look for perfection-there is not a perfect way and it is not a comfortable subject. It is going to take people from all races and cultures to fight this fight. I prefer an attempt to show where you stand, over silence. Silence, to me means you’re on my side. It is true, a change of heart is needed. God can change any heart. Thank you for taking a stance.

  102. Thank you so much!! Your words have captured exactly where my hurting heart is right now. Back in the fifties, my dad was a white pastor of a small church in Tennessee. He was voted out of his church because he stood with a black family who wanted to attend. He lost that church because of it. I am so proud of him for taking that sacrificial stand for what is right in God’s eyes. I have sought to follow in his footsteps to obey God no matter what. We are at a divine reckoning point right now in our country. Each of us needs to obey God no matter what. Keep using your God-given platform, Sharon. You are encouraging many hurting hearts right now.

  103. Thank you, Sharon, for baring your soul with us. As a black woman, I appreciate you for using your platform to speak out and shed light on the injustices against black people in this country. It grieved my heart when I realized that so many secular companies were flooding my inbox with statements, but none of the Christian sectors or authors were.
    Thank you for being the one of the few. Your words were perfect, because they were courageous and honest. Thank you for listening to the Holy Spirit (and your precious son) and trusting Him to guide you.

    If you or any of your readers are interested in more information and guidance, please check out the ‘Why Tho’ podcast. They do such a great job showing what our responsibility is as followers of Christ and how to push words into action.

    You are loved dearly! ❤️

  104. Thank you for what you have said. We as Christians should remember what Jesus did in his lifetime. Then He did the ultimate thing & died for ALL our sins. When we enter God’s Kingdom, we will all be one. We must continue to pray for our country & the people in it. Jesus commanded for us to love one another. Let’s do it!

  105. Thank you for using your platform to speak up. I too, in my small realm of influence, have struggled to post things at times because of the backlash it may cause if I haven’t used the right worlds. Someone is always correcting or offending. I have used all of that to educate and learn more, but it still stings. But I was reminded during my quiet time last week that I am to be more concerned with pleasing God rather than pleasing my friends. Standing up for his righteousness and loving others in the process. You have inspired me.

  106. Thank you Sharon for voicing what is right and true. Laws will not change this dreadful bias but our hearts can. If we love as our Lord loved, we can and will make a difference. I hope you are encouraged by all the positive responses you have received. God speaks through you, so please never resist saying what he lays on your heart. May you be truly blessed as you continue us to share His words with us.

  107. Sharon,

    Thank you for such wonderful words and for using your platform to speak out for the injustice against black people.

  108. Amen and amen sister! We share the same heart in this matter. Thank you for throwing fear to the wind and speaking out. I want to be a part of the move of God that effects change! ❤️

  109. Your words are the truth that God Himself has given you to convey. They spoke to the sadness in my heart and to the concern I have for the future of my grandchildren. I am so very blessed to have grandchildren by every means ; through marriage, natural, and adoption. All four of them are dearly loved and cherished.
    My daughter has a serious autoimmune disease so she could not have carried a baby full term. So she and her husband adopted. The thing that was different about the agency they went through was how it all took place. The adoptive parents don’t really choose the child- the birth mother chooses the couple she wants to raise her baby. I know Gods hand was through this whole process. My daughter is white and her husband is biracial. So when a young black woman chose them to be the parents of her unborn child, they both believed that this was a gift from God and they went forward with the adoption. This little boy is an absolute delight to his parents and grandparents! He doesn’t know anything about racism or prejudice right now. He’s so innocent and full of love and joy and curiosity and imagination! I don’t want him to change in any of these ways. I pray he will always know how loved and cherished he is. I pray people will see him, the exceptional person he’s growing into and his engaging smile and beautiful eyes!
    I grew up seeing prejudice all around me. I was not unaffected by it. Sadly it is ingrained in my family. But this little boy has changed my perspective and how I see people, regardless of color or ethnicity. God has done a work on my heart and mind through the love I have for my grandson.
    I read a devotional yesterday written by a black man and he spoke about this heartbreak so many are living now. His words cut straight to the heart and I realized something about the most important commandment God gave us. We are to love God with all our heart and mind and soul and strength. In Matthew 22:37-40 Jesus is answering a question from a Pharisee trying to trap Him about this. In verse 39 Jesus says, “A second is equally important: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself. ‘
    I never thought about this until yesterday, but I feel as if I understand it more clearly now. Love your neighbor as yourself. In this whole dynamic that’s been transpiring these last few weeks, how could this commandment have helped? I wonder if we could have seen a completely different outcome if the officer that arrested George Floyd had seen himself lying face down on the ground, handcuffed with a knee on the back of his neck pleading to be able to breathe- if he could have seen himself in that position, would he not have immediately backed off in utter shame? Would he not have been more aware of the right and wrong in this situation if he could have seen himself as the one being treated in such an inhumane way? I believe I would have! When I feel the conviction of the Holy Spirit, I am so ashamed and quick to ask for forgiveness! And God is always faithful to forgive and to use the experience to teach me His ways, a better way.
    I pray this moment of time in our country, we will step back and see ourself in the situation others are in- see the hurt and disregard and any other pain they are going through and try to better understand and reach out in kindness and a desire to be better, to listen, and to see them through the eyes of our Lord and Savior that made all of us in His own image! That is my hope and sincere prayer. Thank You Jesus. 🙏🏼♥️

  110. I am a white woman, whose heart is grieving for our country and the injustice that was done, but like you, afraid to speak up. Thank you for sharing your heart and mine. May God continue to use you in a mighty way….and me as well.

  111. Thank you…thank you for speaking up and speaking out…thank you for not allowing fear to hold you back or people that are not genuinely compassionate to human kind anyway who may leave…thank you for following the nudging of the Holy Spirit. Thank you for being you…thank you for your charge to us…and most of all thank you for being honest and open.

  112. God bless you Sharon
    Keep up or should I say keep down on our knees and speak the words of our Lord. Love as I have loved you. We must continue being an example of our Lord Jesus Christ.
    God bless

  113. Thank you so much, Sharon, for saying what so many of us feel – but have been afraid of the backlash. God made us each unique (special), but not more important or special than anyone (ANYONE) else in this world. He loves us all, and he desires us to bestow the love to everyone in our path. Love as you mean it! Jesus did.

  114. God has seen your heart and you will be blessed for taking a stand. I am an African American women and have experienced many atrocities because of the color of my skin. Thank you for your words, which will educate and give other a way to help. I totally agree that laws won’t change this. We need a mighty move of the Holy Spirit in the hearts of men. Let me assure you I will not unfollow up, but I am forwarding this to friends and family. Thank you again.

  115. This response is specifically to Sue(below) Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was accused of criminal actions, jailed and persecuted beyond comprehension. Yes, Jesus was innocent of these charges yet He forgave and continues to forgive us of our sins. Sharon’s Spirit- led acknowledgment of George Floyd’s murder and her love for all humanity, (all of whom have sinned) created by a loving Father in His image in no way lifts our brother George as a hero but accepts him as a brother in Christ. Prayerfully, Charlene

    Sue Rupard
    JUNE 9, 2020 AT 6:21 AM
    I liked your article.I think it’s terrible the way George Floyd died.Lets not make George Floyd a hero.He had been in prison ,done several things against the law.

  116. Thank you for always writing from the heart as led by the spirit. It is comforting to know that Christ’s followers can find ways to still be the light when the darkness is thick and blinding. Writing from a black persons perspective I know faith can be challenged and commitments questioned when “church people “ remain silent while watching others gripe in pain. Thank you for allowing God to use you. I’m sure it was a struggle. May he continue to bless you abundantly .

  117. Thank you My Sister, we are one because we are in Him , Micah 6:8 is what He requires of us and His commandment to love , that is how they will know who we are by our love one to the other

  118. Your words were Beautifully chosen and guided by the Holy Spirit. Thank you for speaking up and sharing your heart. The truth is sometimes an offense but obedience is better than sacrifice. As a black woman and the mother of a black son I pray that more people see him the same way Jesus sees him.

  119. Thank you. From a black mother with 3 beautiful black adult children the talks that I have had to have with them.
    I’ve often said if the church would truly stand up and be the church this could not be such a big issue. I’m reading in the book of Acts where it talks about they had all things in common and that will be my prayer.

  120. Sharon Thank you so much for letting the Holy Spirit use you today. I too am a white woman and this prejudice has gone on far too long. I pray that this time we see real change. It’s time to wipe the slates clean and realize that God is not a God of color but a God who loves everyone. My heart has been braking for quite some time. I think it started with the young boy in Florida with the stand your ground law. Seriously?
    I’m positive there are more people that feel this way but it’s great to see that people are finally getting it. I keep thinking of how Jesus wept over Jerusalem. It breaks my heart knowing he’s surely weeping over these United States. We don’t even deserve to be called that name as we are not united. God Help us! Open our eyes, our hearts and lets us obey our Saviour to love one another. Thank you again for being brave enough to speak out for our Lord

  121. Thank you for sharing your heart and helping us to see Jesus’ heart. I especially was touched by this:”He sat with men and women with questionable lifestyles and heard their stories because sometimes you have to sit with someone to understand them before you can stand with them to support them.”
    You spoke the words the Holy Spirit gave you and there can be nothing wrong in that. May God use your broken heart to help heal mine and others. May He use your words to accomplish all He desires. May God continue to use and grow you along with us as you are obedient to His voice. Again thank you.

  122. Thank you for speaking up,sister! Well done. I’m happy you took your son’s advice and use your writing talent and platform to speak out. You said what so many of feel. God bless you and your ministry.

  123. I am so grateful that you have a true heart for the Lord. Thank you for this post. Please continue to use your platform to glorify God and to speak about justice and equality. I will be praying for and with you!

  124. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I must say I have been in a state of emotions these last couple weeks. Even as a Christian, but as an African American woman my cries have been overflowing that I just couldn’t see my way through…and I must say I was determined Sunday morning after my Facebook worship to touch base with my Pastor and address how come he hasn’t spoke or even address the situation…BUT GOD! My Pastor told us what to do and the Lord was on time with the message. As we move from Sunday to Sunday, we have to be close with God to continue in this walk, so I am encouraged with your words. My spirit is lifted up, I say thank you!

  125. Thank You for speaking up. We all need to put ourselves on the receiving end and learn and grow from it.

  126. If they walk away they were not truly with you to begin with. Walking with you in love. What would Jesus do is what you did.

  127. I was SO happy to see you talk about this Sharon. Absolutely brilliant! I love reading the GIG devotions and am so thankful for you and Mary and Gwen. But I have sometimes wondered why you don’t usually talk about the huge events in the world that are affecting everyone. Now I understand why you haven’t before…but oh, what a breath of fresh air for you to speak out like this. Thank you thank you thank you!!!! 💜

  128. You are an awesome woman…..
    As a woman of color I truly thank you and your son. May God bless you and cause his face to shine upon you…..

  129. Very brave words spoken from the heart. Thank you for speaking up & sharing this message with your readers. God bless you & keep you!

  130. I enjoy reading your devotional and receiving Godly insight. As a black woman, I would like to say that this was special and your words were perfect. Thank you for shedding light to others. We are all made in His image and the array of differences are a beautiful sight.

  131. I am African American and i want to thank you for speaking out. I wish I heard more from the white Christian community. I know that the police is also under attack and it’s because of the wrong some of them are doing to blacks. We know not all police officers are bad and they shouldn’t pay for what a racist police officer does, but we do live in a fallen world. We need to pray for them as well. Both sides need prayers because anger is boiling on both sides. Hearts need to change in order for people to change. We serve a mighty God who can pierced heart and soul. Yes, it starts with us, whatever color we are! This nation needs to cry out to God. We know that we cannot be bystanders while injustice reigns, that is not what our savior asks us to do. Thanks Sharon for speaking out! God bless you!!!

  132. “Well done thy good and faithful servant.” I thank you for writing this beautiful, honest, tactful blog post. I am praying more Christians began to speak on the sin of racism and that all would allow God to operate on their heart. Because it’s a heart thing.

  133. That was so beautifully written. Thank you. Sometimes with all the noise and craziness of this world, we need to be still, go into God’s presence and just let Him cleanse our minds n spirits. Racism is indeed a sin and we all need to do better to stop all these injustices. Thank you. Have a blessed grace filled day!❤

  134. Not sure if this went through but identify as a black woman but am biracial American, I’m sorry if I misjudged anyone it’s a unique place that I sit. I know that many times people assume things about you soley based on the color of your skin, I’m not a statistic and my African heritage is quite rich, and my European heritage quite difficult, I think the point is we shouldn’t judge by appearances and learn to practice impartiality in our judgement as well as empathy.

  135. Sharon,
    Your son was right, and you were right to listen to the Lord’s voice through him!
    You are saying what many of us white Christians are thinking, but are hesitating to say – and what our black sisters and brothers long to hear from us. Thank you for speaking to this, and in so doing, encouraging and drawing out others of us to do the same.

  136. Outstanding message. And while I read your blog faithfully, I have never posted a comment or replied. You spoke to my heart. And you spoke words that we all need to hear, absorb, share and live.

    Thank you!

  137. Sharon…. I AM AFRICAN AMERICAN,
    I am a Woman of Faith, a Pastor’s wife, a Mother and Retired Teacher in Denver.

    I was born in Missouri but raised in Illinois in 1952. Due to discrimation & segregation.. the two hospitals in East St. Louis, IL ( my home town) would NOT ALLOW Negro mothers to give birth in their facilities. So all of us, my siblings, friends classmates & folks in our city were either birth across the Mississippi River Bridge in St. Louis, MO or at home. You can check all of our BIRTH CERTIFICATES.
    Having said all if this…..

    I have been reading your blogs & posts for years. Never really felt any racial biases from your posts. Basically because of the Christian nature expressed & the GODLY messages sent.

    Just want to THANK YOU … for your transparency Today!! The caption Red/ Yellow Black & White caught my eye.. because we sang this very song in Sun School, VBS and Church programs!

    I just want again to thank you and encourage YOU to use your platform to be the VOICE OF TRUTH … the other way.. the JESUS WAY… to share LOVE during this “difficult season of Unveiling racism.
    It’s there!! Some are pulling the scabs and bandaids Off!! It’s ugly… but GOD’s TRUTH can heal the wounds of injustice!!

    Yessss use YOUR VOICE!!

    Mrs Wendy Hendricks
    Denver, CO
    King Baptist Church
    Rev Dr. T E Hendricks, Pastor

  138. Thank you! The overwhelming sadness that I have been feeling to know that so much ugliness and evil has been tolerated by so many for so long was almost too much. It felt wrong to be so paralyzed by grief when I know that God will be glorified in the end. I cried out and was reminded of that exact verse, that we are to weep with those that weep and mourn with those who are grieving. Thank you for speaking out. Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd did not die in vain. Enough.

  139. Thank you for speaking up. I feel so blessed and encouraged by this post. I am also going to use the build the bridge resources linked. Thank you for taking a stand.

  140. Wow! I feel so convicted! Thank you for speaking up, taking a stand, and showing me (or reminding me) that can do that too!

  141. Good for you Sharon. Thank you for writing this and making yourself vulnerable. It is going to take all of us standing together, putting ourselves out there to see real change.

  142. Very good blog, Sharon. I could identify with your words as a white, christian woman. May God help us all to seek justice for all.

  143. May God Bless you and your son! Thank you for using your platform for your expressions of your spiritual self in your truths with the reality of recognizing our truths and experiences of people of color. It’s a great start and I do applaud your courage. Thank you.

  144. ! Thank you for using your platform for your expressions of your spiritual self in your truths with the reality of recognizing our truths and experiences of people of color. It’s a great start and I do applaud your courage. May God bless you and yours! Thank you.

  145. Amen Sister! Red & yellow black they are PRECIOUS in His sight! Let them also be in mine!

    Thanks for setting the example! God Bless you Sharon!

  146. Thank you for words well spoken. I just copied so much into my prayer journal. Jesus loved the little children of the world and we need to love all of God’s children.

  147. Sometimes I can’t always find the right words I want to say either because of being mocked, and persecuted ,but I will boldly go to the Word of God, find a solution to the problem because He has given us the answers and I will speak forth His word over the situations whether in prayer or before many. I thank you Lord because You have not given me à spirit of fear ,but of love, power, and a sound mind instead. Thank You ladies for standing up for righteousness and glorifying Our Father. Bless you.

  148. Thank you Sharon for the courage to write this. As an African American woman who’s followed you for years now, it’s so comforting to know that you and your family are empathic and compassionate about issues that may not directly affect you as it does me. Honestly, it has been painful to see a white brother or sister who I’ve always admired, listened to or watched insist on making the racial and social inequality Issues of today simply about politics. Thank you for *not* doing that. And as you so eloquently stated, this issue is not about politics, it is about love.
    I love your heart, your openness and you and your family’s willingness to learn and grow. We all need to have more compassion for those who differ from us. Thank you for your compassion and for taking the lead in modeling this!❤️

    1. Post
  149. Thank you, your words touched my heart. Tearing down statues and removing flags mean nothing until the hatred is removed from the hearts and replaced with love, understanding and respect for differences

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