Praying for Your Husband from Head to Toe

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“For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms” (Ephesians 6:12 NIV).

When God created man, He stepped back and said: “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him,” (Genesis 2:18).

The Hebrew word translated “helper” that is used for woman is ezer. It is derived from the Hebrew word used of God and the Holy Spirit, “azar.” Both mean “helper” – one who comes alongside to aid, assist or rescue. Ezer appears twenty-one times in the Old Testament. Two times it is used of the woman in Genesis 2, and sixteen times it is used of God or Yahweh as the helper of His people.

The remaining three references appear in the books of the prophets, who use it in reference to military aid. Interestingly the sixteen times the word, ezer, is used of God, it also carries military connotations.  “O LORD, be my helper,” David cried (Psalm 30:10 NASB). “My father’s God was my helper; he saved me from the sword of the Pharaoh,” Moses proclaimed (Exodus 18:4).  Clearly, the word “ezer” holds a place of great honor. It is a portrait of great strength.

Theologians William Mounce, in his Complete Expository Dictionary of Old and New Testament Words paints a poignant picture:

With so many references to God as our helper, it is obvious that an ezer is in no way inferior to the one who receives help. This is important because this is the word that God uses in Genesis 2:18 when he says about Adam, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.” God then forms Eve as his ezer.  According to God’s design, therefore, the man and the woman, the husband and the wife, have been designed by God to stand together and help each other fight the battles of life. And God is there as the divine ezer to fight with them.”

I was surprised to discover that even the Proverbs 31 woman, this woman who has been showcased as a godly role model for centuries, was referred to in military terms. “An excellent wife, who can find?” the passage begins. “Her worth is far above jewels” (Proverbs 31:10 NASB). The New International Version calls her “a wife of noble character.” The Amplified Bible describes her as “a capable, intelligent, and virtuous woman.” The Hebrew word that is translated “excellent” or “virtuous” can also mean “wealthy, prosperous, valiant, boldly courageous, powerful, mighty warrior.” Did you catch that? “Mighty warrior.”

I’m not suggesting you replace your jeans with battle fatigues, brooms with rifles, and stilettos with army boots. But I am suggesting that God has given you an amazing role as a prayer warrior on your husband’s behalf.

There is a spiritual battle going on all around us, and Paul urges us to be prepared, armed and alert. Paul wrote to the Corinthians: “Though we live in the world, we do not wage war as the world does. The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds,” (2 Corinthians 10:3-4).

In my book, What God Really Thinks about Women, I noted the following:

God did not create woman simply because man was lonely or needed a reproductive partner. He intentionally fashioned woman to complete man-to love with him, work with him, rule with him, live life with him, procreate with him, and to fight alongside him. She was a female image bearer in this mysterious union of marriage. [tweetherder][/tweetherder]Woman was and is a warrior called to fight alongside man in the greatest battle that was yet to come-a battle not fought on the battlefield with guns, but on our knees in prayer.

Through prayer, the enemy’s plans are intercepted. Through prayer, the powers, principalities, and authorities of Satan’s realm are defeated. Through prayer, the power and provision of God flows into the lives of His people.

Jesus said he has given you power and authority to “overcome all the power of the enemy,’ (Luke 10:19). “The one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world,” (1 John 4:4). You are an ezer, uniquely fashioned and supernaturally equipped to pray for your husband.

Let’s Pray:

In today’s prayer, I’ll lead you through how to pray for your husband from head to toe.

Dear Lord, today I pray for my husband, from head to toe.

  • His Head –That he will look to You as Lord of his life. (1 Corinthians 11:13)
  • His Mind – That he will have the mind of Christ and think as the Holy Spirit would lead him and not the flesh. (1 Corinthians 2:16)
  • His Eyes –That You will keep his eyes from temptation and that he will turn his eyes from sin. (Matthew 6:13, Mark 9:47)
  • His Ears – That he will hear Your still small voice instructing him. (1 Kings 19:12, Psalm 32:8)
  • His Mouth – That his words will be pleasing to You. (Proverbs 19:14)
  • His Neck –That he will humble himself before You and be strong, courageous, and careful to do everything written in Your Word so that he will be prosperous and successful. (James 4:10, Joshua 1:8-9)
  • His Heart-That he will love and trust You with his whole heart. (Deuteronomy 6:5;  Proverbs 3:5)
  • His Arms-That You will be his strength. (Psalm 73:26)
  • His Hands-That he will enjoy the work of his hands and see it as a gift from You. (Ecclesiastes 3:13, 5:19)
  • His Ring Finger – That he will be true to our marriage vows and that our love will never wane. (Proverb 3:3; Malachi 2:16)
  • His Legs – That he will stand firm in his faith and not waver. (Psalm 62:6)
  • His feet – That You will order his steps and that he will walk in Your truth. (Proverbs 4:25, Psalm 26:3)

What Do You Think? 

Consider asking your husband for some specific ways that you can pray for him today.

Look up each of the Scripture references above and make the prayer for your husband specific to his particular needs.

Find one friend with whom you can pray for your marriage. Commit to pray for each other’s marriage on a regular basis.

If you prayed for your husband today, from head to toe, click over to my blog page and say, “I’ve got him covered!”

Want More? 

I don’t think there is any other role for a wife than to pray for her husband. If you would like a laminated card of verses to pray for your husband from head to toe, click over to my webpage to check it out. It will fit into your Bible for quick reference.

14-Day Romancing Your Husband Challenge: How would you like to join your girlfriends in a 14-day Romancing Your Husband Challenge? Click over to www.localhost/sjold, click on the challenge sign-up button in the right column of the home page, and your 14-day challenge emails will begin.  The chance to sign up will end February 28th. Come on girlfriend, February is the love month – it’s time to spice up your marriage.




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Comments 305

    1. I’ve got him covered!! Thank you Sharon for the beautiful prayer! I’ve been praying for my husband for many years to realized Jesus is his savior. Has issues about letting God be in control. I will never stop praying for him, and your prayer is perfect!!

      1. These prayers are helping me a lot I nearly lost my husband as he was being approached by a certain woman who offered to sleep with him unfortunately for me offer was accepted but Glory be to my Lord Jesus Christ who showed me these prayers and the man was delivered

    2. June 1st 2018 I am just starting this book I am so excited please pray that I am faithful and obedient to pray for my husband each and every day.

        1. Post
          1. Please.pray husband to be responsible in showing affection to me.
            Be at home with us from 5pm monday to friday.
            Be always happy to be home
            Buy us food
            Pay water and lights
            Pay school fees
            Pray with us anytime

          2. I have lived in denial of my marriage and it has made us never move forward. But I read this book and felt like wax melted on the 1st day of opening the pages. I want to be a new Eve Woman. Do assist me in prayers that I may be changed.

        2. Bendiciones! Me pregunto si aun deberia orar por mi matrimonio, ya que hace 4 años mi esposo me abandono por otra mujer y aunque he orado por una restauracion matrimonial, todo sigue ugual. Legalmente aun estamos casados ya que el nunca me pidio el divorcio y cuando yo se lo he pedido en varias oportunidades, a veces no me ha contestado y la ultima vez me contesto que divorcio era una palabra fuerte.

    3. I got him covered 😁👍😊 please pray for me and my husband we are separated and that God will have his way in our marriage vows

          1. I pray for healing on my husbands health from head to toe to restore his health he is in palliative care now. God please put your healing hands on my husband raymond. Amen.

    4. I got my husband covered please help me pray that our my marriage will be restored in God’s way he has filled divorce 🙏🙋💟

      1. Praying that God will step in and restore your marriage. Continue to trust God for complete healing. He is able to do all things. Don’t lose hope and faith. He is the most high God and has your best interest at heart. I will be praying for you! Be strong my sistee in Christ.

  1. Hello, I’m not married and have been reading your devotionals about love and marriage they are very good. I may meet someone someday so these devotionals will help me if I ever get married again. I’m divorced, and had a terriable marriage my spouse abused me and our marriage was based on a lie. We both made mistakes im not putting all the blame on him. He told me he was a born again Christian however, I feel he wasn’t because it was the way he treated me plus ,he was in denial which I had pretty much known that he was a gay man. I really feel very sad for him because he chose to be that way. In the past I never really prayed much for him, and I know I should have. having gone through all this instead of getting closer to the Lord actually I drew away from him, and started living like the world. Oh, I knew I was doing wrong until one day I came to a point because being so miserable that I needed to get my life right back with God. I needed to get on my knees and ask God to forgive me for all the wrong I did. Praise God he does, I been single since 2002 , and like I said maybe someday God will truely bring a person into my life who loves the Lord with all his heart, mind, and soul. Right now the Good Lord is my main man of course for the rest of my life. But, someday he may bring someone else if that is his will for me it will happened. Life is great oh yes there may be some health issues plus getting older now. However, that wont get in the way of my meeting someone someday. It’s so much better to live and have Christ in your heart then being without him. The closer I get the more love pours out of my heart for him and others too. Praise God!!!

  2. I have been praying everyday for my husband for the past 3 1/2 years. We have been separated off and on and he has turned away from the Lord. I pray the God will touch his heart and that he will come back to the Lord.

  3. Thank you, Sharon!

    Your devoional really spoke to me this morning. My husband will celebrate his 50th birthday without me this weekend because I am headed out of town to speak at a women’s retreat with my church. I know that God has called me to attend this retreat and I am going with the blessing of my husband. BUT… I have felt so guilty!! I have “called in the troops” so to speak as I have covered him with prayer and asked each of our grown children to call their dad, to take him to lunch or dinner, and to otherwise help him have a wonderful weekend without me. I will also leave him a copy of the above prayer inside the card I plan to give him, letting him know that, though I am not here celebrating with him, he is in my heart and on my mind.
    Thank you for blessing me today!!

    In HIS Love,
    Susan Martin

    1. I’ve got him covered. We’ve been going through a rough 2 years and ever so often I feel hopeless about our marriage but I understand now that I need to pray for him. I need to pray for us!

      Thank you for this prayer!

  4. I got him covered. Also praying for Kenny to find his dream job as a coach and English teacher today in Florida. I lift him to you Lord! Amen

    1. I got him covered. I ask that you will pray for our marriage, because we are separated right now. I’m believing that God will deliver him from the addictions, and restore our marriage. If it’s His will.
      Thank you for the pray. It came right on time.

  5. I’ve got him covered!
    To God be the Glory. Hubby is scheduled for spinal sugery on 2.26.13, if you read this, please say a prayer for him. His name is William. This is sugery #2 and we trust God to stay with us on this journey, that he will finally find a pain free life after 8 years of chronic pain. Thank you Father.

  6. I got him covered. We did not get to pray together today because he was running late for work. This devotional was perfect and made me appreciate my husband even more. Thanks so much! Renee Hr

  7. I haven’t prayed today for him but for a pretty long time I prayed diligently for him from head to toe literally every day. I think I must have consistently done this for many, many months. I think I got “tired” and just stopped. But G-d is faithful and my eyes are witnessing changes….. not just changes in him – sometimes more so it’s changes in me. This post has reminded me that I need to still pray. A tool I feel is very helpful in doing this is a little prayer book by Sylvia Gunter called “For The Family.” I hope ot was OK to share that.

  8. I’ve got him covered! thanks for such a great prayer, My husband is going through a very rough patch and he needs these prayers and I know I must pray them daily.

    Thank you !

  9. I’ve got him covered! In fact, I’ve been praying the “head to toe” prayers every morning since Septemeber (was that the last time you posted this type of devotional?) Anyhow, I added the ring finger and his legs! Thank you!!

  10. As my husband is having a Ct scan this morning and we await a diagnosis, Today’s message, guidance and prayers couldn’t have been chosen better….thank you, Lord, for guiding Sharon to do this particular devotion today…you never fail to amaze me 🙂

  11. I’ve got him covered…this is great – thank you! My husband and I are currently experiencing a bump in the road of marital bliss and praying for him from head to toe will keep me focued on what is true, noble, right and pure.

    1. Please pray for my husband who grew up as a Christian. Lost his mum 7 years ago and in that time has lost his faith and doesn’t believe IN God anymore. Combined with a stressful job that he enjoys but is demanding and he works away alot. I feel his mental health is suffering and he struggles with family life when he gets back home. He’s a great husband and dad. Please pray that he will know that and that he will encounter the holy spirit afresh.
      Thank you for your book. It’s a great encouragement. X

  12. I’ve got him covered! There is no escaping what God has planned for this man. No amount of drinking and drugging and prideful behavior will set him free the way that God can. I am glad to know that with this prayer I can stop fighting a fight that’s already been won!!!!! Thank you so much for your obedience and encouragement!!!

  13. I’ve got him covered 🙂 🙂
    Yesterdays message was amazing and made me cry. My life has been changed because of it. Thank you Sharon for the blessing you are from God.

  14. I so appreciate this months devotion on marriage, the family unit is so critical to the body of Christ. Thank you so much Sharon, I love the head to toe prayer!

    1. I am new to all this! But please pray for my husband and 2 small children. We are currently separated and I would like nothing more than for him to come home and for us to truly work on our marriage with Christ at the center! Please pray that God is working in my husband and his will to bring him back home.

    1. I’m divorce.. Are there prayers for divorce couple… I want to get back with my husband… How will I know if this is his will and not my flesh… He not in church.. He use to go with me… He had a few bad experience.. Please pray for me

  15. it is a new prayer like new testament. I’ve got him covered. I am in the valley of separation after being lived together 29 years of married life. I pray God to see our situation and ‘direct me in the right path as He has promised'(Psalm 23.3). I’ll by heart this prayer as Lords prayer.

  16. I’ve got my ex covered….I have been praying this for my former husband, Steve, since Dec.29, 2012.
    I had found it in an earlier post from you (Feb.2010) and liked it and had saved a copy of it. I see you’ve added the ring finger since then and I like that too!

    My husband, of 29 yrs. left me in July 2010 and sought divorce. In my brokenness, I surrendered to God and He began a wonderful transformation in my life, but still my husband did not want to reconcile. He had drifted away from God and I had finally allowed God into my life, completely. Previous to our separation and divorce, I claimed to be a Christian, but had never read the Bible, didn’t have a prayer life, didn’t truly live like a Chistian and never knew about a personal relationship with Jesus. Wow! God opened my eyes and I have been born again! Praise God!

    I continue to pray for Steve’s salvation and that he would come to have a personal relationship with the Lord. I also sent Steve the head to toe prayer and told him that although he was no longer my husband, that I was praying this for him. I also pray that Steve would come back to me and that we would have a brand new marriage with Christ at the center. God’s will and not mine be done.

    Thank you for your devotion and all that you do to bring women to know Christ more completely.
    In Him,

  17. I think that this is a fantastic lesson and practice that every woman should do for her husband and self. Thank you so much for sharing this through your website. I really believe many marriages will be touched by such great teaching.

  18. I’ve been separated from him for the past 5 years, almost, but I’ve still got him covered. I wasn’t in the Lord then and its difficult to undo the awful things you have said and done. Only God can do that and thats what I pray for. Please keep me in prayer!

  19. Got him covered in prayer today. He’s a Bible translator on his way to our village, to check three books of the New Testament. Thank you for your leading today. Will use this each day for him.

  20. I’ve got him covered, but would like prayer for us both because he is a tough/hard one.
    Thank you ladies and God bless you all.

  21. I love this idea to pray for my future husband. It is a cute way but yet so meaningful too. I am sure to copy this and put it somewhere where I can remember to do it often. The idea of asking him if people are married is a great idea too. I will try and remember that when I get married. Thanks for the idea! 🙂

  22. Last May my husband told me that he does not want to be married to me any more… to say I have been devastated is a understatement. To be honest I have barely survived… only by the prayers of others and God holding on to me in the worst moments I am still living and desiring to be healed and whole in God. We are still separated and my husband has been very definite about wanting to divorce me in May this year.
    I have not read any of the February devotionals on marriage as it has been way to painful but today your title caught my eye before I could hit the delete button. I can’t help but pray that prayer for him!

  23. I’ve got some hard marriage problems, but I’ve got him covered! Planning on doing the prayer for the next week, for him and for me.

  24. I have him covered. Blessings for the reminder yet again what a powerful influence we have as women in our husbands lives. I jut taught submission to young women last weekend and how important our role is as a helper/completer and sent this along to all of them! It meakes me want to treasure this role even more! Love your devotions!

  25. I’ve got him covered! Thank you for an empowering message to women and encouraging us to be the helpmates God called us to be. Please pray for a stronghold my husband struggles with. I am expecting great things and your article reminded me I am mighty warrior for my husband through prayer. Thank you for allowing God to flow through you and reach so many women. Blessings!!!

  26. I”VE GOT HIM COVERED! My husband is NOT a believer and I struggle with that daily. I pray for him daily.
    I would have posted yesterday but my Grammie went home with The Lord yesterday morning. When I think of the peace and joy she is now experiencing it frustrates me with my husband’s unbelief. I want him to be in Heaven with me one day.
    I’ll keep praying!
    Thanks for this devotion Sharon!

  27. My husband is traveling home to me today from an international trip. It is my blessing to pray for my husband today and every day. I have him covered!

  28. I am not married yet, but I prayed for my dad: “I’ve got him covered”. I am also going to put a twist on your list and share with the teenage girls that I’m doing something special with from my church. Thank you for sharing your gift, stay encouraged

  29. My husband and I have been married for almost 19 years, and 4 months ago he left me. I still pray for him daily and truly believe that God will restore our marriage and return him to me so that we may continue to abide by His law. I’ve got him covered! Please pray for my marriage, nothing is impossible for God! Amen!

  30. I’ve got him covered! Him and my kids! PTL! Please pray for my kiddos-daughter is still sick with flu/cold thing,miserable and in pain;son is paraplegic and is due for surgery soon. So much going on and hubby’s an alcoholic,please pray for us! 🙁

  31. This prayer has indeed covered my husband from head to toe. What a blessed reminder it is to commit to the Lord with our whole self.

  32. Sharon, My husband and I have known each other since the 8th grade. We began dating after high school and have been together as a couple for 22 years and married for 15. He is a pastor of 3 churches and we have 3 amazing children. He has many duties related to his ministry and I we don’t see him often and Satan has used that space apart to cause us to live separate lives many times. So often we feel as if we have no connection to each other any longer and over the last year I was wondering why I continue to do this when I feel single so much of the time. However, we continue to serve a very BIG, STRONG GOD who answers the prayers of the faithful. I came across your book “Becoming the Woman of His Dreams” and want to be just that! I’m reading it now. I took the 14 day Romance Challenge and found that my husband is reading and carrying out the Love Dare. We are falling in love all over again. Thank you for following God’s lead and ministering to women’s hearts this way. Thank you also for being bold enough to say the things we don’t want to hear, but need to hear. I am one grateful, incredibly happy girl! Praise God!

  33. I’m not currently married, but I have been praying intensely for a specific Christian man I dated for a year and a half. We had discussed getting married several months ago but there has been a big pull back on his part. However, I continue to pray for him regularly that God would bring healing in his life. I feel this is very serious business and that’s why I continue to pray for him. This is a great blog and the prayer is excellent. I also like two books by Stormie Omartian, The Power of a Praying Wife, and Praying Through the Difficult Issues of Marriage. I recommend them to many friends and use them myself.

  34. My husband Rafael and I have been separated since Aug. 16. He says he doesn’t want a divorce but is doing absolutely nothing to prevent it. I haven’t seen him since mid Jan. or spoken to him since Feb. 4th. I pray for him daily and sometimes call him and just pray over the phone for him in a message.
    I know God is moving and I pray He shows up soon in a BIG WAY!
    Divorce is not what I want but can’t stay married to a man who refuses to communicate with me and just wants to run and hide.
    Please cover us in prayer that God’s will be done in both our lives and in our marriage.
    There are 3 children involved… 14 yr old daughter and his 2 sons 9 & 3.
    We are newly married and just after you could say all hell broke loose and Satan thru everything he could at us…..I know God can restore all Satan destroyed, repair and mend broken hearts and reconcile our marriage and relationship – that it can be greater than it ever could have been.
    Many Blessings!

  35. Since I started praying the list you have to pray for my husband, I am starting to notice that the bad language, although he is a Christian and I’ve been trying to get him to stop for two years, is starting to go! Praise God!

  36. “I’ve got him covered!” as well as my son in law and my future son in law. I will try to remember to continually pray this prayer for all of the men in my life and my daughter’s lives.

  37. I have got him covered and I trust God is going to do great things in his life. Dear Sharon thank you this is very powerful prayer.

  38. I’ve got him covered, even while I’m going through a rough patch. I know His strength is perfect, when our strength is gone. 1 Peter 1 : 13 encourages: “Prepare your minds for action….”

  39. Hello,

    Recently my husband decided he wanted out of our 17 year marriage. I am in a place of denial and disbelief. My husband is a Man of God, and is a Minister of Music at our church. I recently have been seeing signs of another woman, from dinner receipts to a valentines day gift for her. I am praying for my husband through the Word of God and with the help of Sharon’s book “Pray for your Husband from Head to Toe”. This book is nothing like any other book I’ve read relating to praying for your husband. I try to encourage my self daily by speaking the Word over my life, but sometimes it seems like it is not enough.

  40. Hi Sharon,
    Just wanted to let you know how much your book,”Prayingforyourhusband from head to toe” has impacted my life! I have prayed the prayers for thirty days and now am going through it again. Not only am I seeing changes in my husband, I am seeing God change my heart as well. I would love for you to write a book on praying for sons and daughters. Prayer is such a powerful weapon against the enemy that unfortunately is what we come to last,when it should be the first place we go! Thank you for reminding me of that truth again 🙂

  41. I’ve got him covered. I trust God in helping me to bring peace, love and strength to my husband. Amen.

  42. Thank you!
    I’ve got him covered.
    We are currently living like roommates instead of spouses and not even speaking to one another but I do continue to pray for him. Thank you for the “guide” on praying for him from head to toe.
    God Bless You!

  43. I prayed this prayer for my son whose wife is filing a divorce!!!!! I prayed this prayer for my son – law that divorced my daughter…and prayed this for my other son-in-law that is verbally abusing and persecuting my daughter

  44. I have him covered!! I would like to print the prayer card but every link I clicked showed an error message. Can you please tell me how to get them and sign up for the love your husband challenge. Please and thank you.

  45. Hi! My name is Silvana. I am from Brazil. I am going through a hard moment in my marriage. I have been a Christian for twenty years. My husband is always with me at the church, but he has not accepted Jesus as his Lord and Saviour. It has been a long way. I didn´t know how to pray for him any more…but last week I bought the book ” Powerfull Prayers for Wives” . It was like a fresh water in a dry land. I have been blessed and helped by those prayers. Those prayers are like a guide when I can´t think anything to pray. Thank you Sharon Jaynes . May God bless you all.

  46. My husband and my marriage need prayers. I am learning how to be a praying wife and I am committed to fighting this battle in prayer. My husband has left and is seeking legal separation. I am drawing near to God and relying upon Him to heal us.

  47. I´ve got him cover! we have been through very hard times which those sometimes made me feel discourage and want to give up, but i realized only God could change his heart and once He change him everything will be different, and i found this book it is helping me for praying in the right way for him and already started looking some changes in his heart and life, Praise be t God!! thank you

  48. I’ve got him covered! My husband and I currently separated and have been going through allot and we have a new almost 2 week old baby and my husband wants to file for divorce. I am surrendering him to God and put him on the throne! Praying this book will help me learn to pray for my husband from head to toe and God mend us and save our marriage. Please pray for my marriage and family. Our 5 kids and I miss him very much. In Jesus name.

  49. I’m not married but for real the message is so inspiring and I have been passing through a lot of hard relationships fully of disappointments. Sometimes I had said to myself I will never get married.I pray today I have got him covered in the precious blood of Jesus wherever he is the God I believe and trust in will bring him in my Jesus name I pray Amen

  50. I got him covered. I ask that you will pray for our marriage, because we are separated right now. I’m believing that God will deliver him from the addictions, and restore our marriage. If it’s His will.
    Thank you for the pray. It came right on time.

  51. My husband decided on 1 Jan 2020 that we were no longer compatible and told me so and left….there was no warning nothing my world fell apart…he wanted nothing to do with me he was not interested in counseling or anything…I turned to God in my darkest hour and prayed daily. My husband approached me 4 weeks later saying he believed we should see someone to speak about our issues…I knew that God brought that chain…3 months later we eventually found a Christian counselor with no connection to either of us…we have started out journey He is still adamant that we are not for each other I remain steadfast in my faith and prayers…some days are harder than others…especially now with lockdown I miss him and want to just hold him but I will continue to pray for restoration in my marriage….please pray for me and our marriage that God will breathe life into it. I love him and dont want my marriage to end

  52. Thank you for your book. I’ve gone through it slowly, praying as I went. I’m now starting a second time. Please pray with me for salvation of my husband of 53 years. I became a Christian 40 years ago & have been praying ever since! At times, I’ve wanted to give up, but God has given me persevering grace. I love the song by Selah, Press on! Yes, in Jesus’ name, I press on. He is not antagonistic, just seems apathetic. He would say he s a Christian, but there’s no desire for the word, for fellowship, & won’t really talk about it. He’s 82, has been on dialysis for a year now, so life is growing short. God has given me a great love for him, even renewed affection. I’m so thankful.

  53. Please pray for my husband to forgive, heal and get accept the help he needs in order to be a better husband and father to his family.
    Please help him to want to follow God In all the ways of his life.
    I feel like he is very fragile and this is where that God wants him to be in order to change.
    I feel blessed and close to God and am praying my husband and I can get closer through him.

  54. Prayers for my husband. So much has occurred. Been with him since high school. Married 3 years next week. 14 years total with my love. He’s requesting a divorce and leaving the state for a work contract. He won’t tell me where he’s going. He says he still loves me and has feelings for me, but that he does not want to work on the marriage. I have been a terrible wife. We’ve hurt each other immensely with infidelity. In your book there’s a paragraph describing how I feel “Too much. ” The Lord has been working on me and has given me unrest about divorce. I feel spent, sad, anxiety ridden, and long for him to come home. I feel like a soldier with a water gun; ill-equipped. Praying for my husband to come home to the Lord and to me, his loving wife.

    1. Post
  55. I’ve got my husband. I am praying for him every day. He is struggling with demons of the past and also losses in his life. I would like you to help me to pray for him, because he is not a person that opens up about his feelings and I am not always sure how to approach and help him with what he is going through. People in our lives are also toxic to us and I am praying to God that he remove those people from our lives and put people in our lives that is send from God. I just want God to help him be the husband and father that God wants him to be.

  56. My husband has found a new love with a woman online for the past 4 months. He said he wanted out of our marriage long before this emotional affair. And that him wanting out has nothing to do with her. But he doesn’t want to end it with her. I chose to stay in the home after I found out and really felt that God was leading me to do that. I was fighting for my marriage the best I could in the physical and spiritual. But He just told me he is going to visit her. (She lives in a different state) my heart broke. I’ve been really leaning and trusting in God more than I’ve ever done before and feel his grace on me. And felt the release from God to leave. I moved out of the home 2 days ago. I’m still fighting for my marriage in the spirit with everything I got in me. I’m not giving up on him and our marriage. Please pray for him to come back to God first and foremost. That he come to his senses and the deception would fall off his eyes mind and heart. And that our marriage WILL be restored in the name of Jesus! And for healing for me in this..

    1. I am praying for you Jade! I’m praying for the Lord to show you HIS LOVE, and HIS GRACE, and HIS PEACE, throughout the days of your life in Jesus’ name. I pray that any weapon formed against your marriage will not prosper in the name of Jesus! I pray that your husband see the woman that you are as you lean in closer to the Lord and falls more deeply in love with you! And I pray that during this time you continue leaning to the lord in all that you say or do. In Jesus’ name. Amen

  57. My husband has been out of work since early this year and has not been able to find any at all. Please pray for God to open doors and bring in the right job, right opportunity and make him qualified and able. Please also pray that he will not lose hope and be discouraged because of this. Please pray that God will not only restore him but gives him a breakthrough in his career path and our finances. Thank you!!!

  58. Quiero dar gracias a Dios porque este libro, ha rescatado a mi vida en lo personal, me ha edificado, ha salvado Dios mi matrimonio, me ha enseñado amar de verdad a mi esposo, Dios ha cambiado a mi esposo y sobre todo me ha transformado a mi. Gracias Señor y a ti mi hermana seria bueno recibir otros libros. Vivo en Cuba. Una gloria leer este libro. Dios te bendiga más y más. De hecho lo leeré muchas veces y lo he compartido ya hay un matrimonio restaurado con el. Y espero Dios siga obrando. Gracias. Mailen.

  59. No quiero dejar de agradecer a mi hermana Ruth desde Argentina, que compartió este libro. Jamás sentí tanto gozo al leer un libro. Cada noche deseaba llegará la hora de todos dormir para yo leer y orar por mi esposo. Pido oración por el y por una situación que tiene en el trabajo, también por su salud y porque podamos vivir juntos. Ya que el está ahora en otro país. Dios les bendiga. Seguiré compartiendo el libro. Dios es bueno. Bendiciones

  60. Please pray for my husband and I. We have ups and downs but this caught me by complete surprise. He had been very quiet and distance for a few weeks but the day after Christmas I finallyI asked him if we were okay? He tells me that he has fallen out of love with me. Said he wanted to get through the holidays because we have 2 teenage daughters. My world has been shattered and I am completely broken. Please pray for healing and that God will protect our marriage.

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  61. Hello, ladies,
    I am a 23 year old woman married to my amazing husband. We have been married for 1.5 years. Recently we have had so much conflict, in which he is now thinking of divorce and we have separated. He doesn’t trust me, he is angry with me, he said he doesn’t think our marriage is redeemable and he said that he is no longer the person that he use to be and wants to be free. I love my husband so much. Ladies, I need all the prayers that I can get for my husband’s heart to run after Jesus and seek His love and forgive as and grace! I know my husband isn’t a quitter, I know he is a man of God and I know He values marriage just as much as I do. I need you ladies to pray that the strongholds that he’s carrying be released! I know this is a fight against the enemy which is why I need the prayers!!!

  62. I am using your book, “Praying for you husband from head to toe”. I have did the prayers with a friend and I am starting it over again, being that I am at a different place in my life now. My husband and I are separated and has been for about 2 years. It is coming to the point that a decision needs to be made. The environment is not safe for me emotionally, mentally, or psychologically at this point. I am praying for him and myself.

    Thank you for your inspiration in writing this book. God bless.

  63. I’ve got him covered ! I have just completed the book a second time. We have been married for over 20 years but separated for the last 3, life got in the way and although both Christians we let God out and the enemy in. I turned onto a crazy woman on the change. My Husband had a complete career change, but our children growing up are our biggest blessings. I feel God has kept giving us wonderful family times together even though he has filed for divorce, our relationship is healing however, he is now dating someone else but still I feel God with us. The biggest prayer I ask is that he will return to his relationship with Jesus he still has a faith but not getting any feeding for it. Please pray for restoration of our marriage. I will not give up hope. Nothing is impossible with our amazing God.

  64. I’ve got him covered!!

    My husband is currently incarcerated. He desperately needs encouragement and prayer everyday. Communication is challenging between us right now. Praying for His relationship with our Creator. I submit our marriage to you Lord and may you will be done in us and through us. My deepest prayers is his relationship with the Lord will grow. His faith will be built. Freedom on the inside while physically he isn’t right now.

    1. Lo tengo cubierto con la Sangre de Cristo. Mi esposo Jorge Armando Celis Montoya servira a Cristo 24/7 Amén.

  65. Lo tengo cubierto con la Sangre de Cristo. Mi esposo Jorge Armando Celis Montoya servira a Cristo 24/7 Amén.

  66. I just finished praying for my husband for one month, & I can tell a difference in our marriage. If nothing else, God has used this to soften my heart towards my husband. I pray that as I continue to pray for him that God will draw my husband & ultimately our whole family closer to Him & closer to one another.

    It seems that the devil was attacking our relationship before, & now has moved on to attacking in a different way. Pray that God will guide my husband as he will likely be looking for a new job. (We homeschool, so he provides our only income.)

    1. Post
  67. Dios me guió el día de hoy a leer este maravilloso libro, me ha llenado de alegría el corazón esta guía de oración. Estoy clamando por restauración matrimonial, agradeceré infinitamente sus oraciones. Para mí la oración es el recurso más importante que tenemos ante nuestro amado creador. A través de la oración nos acercamos a Dios y Él nos muestra su infinito amor al llenarnos de los frutos de su Santo Espíritu. Gracias Espiritu Santo de Dios por inspirar este maravilloso libro “Ora por tu marido de la cabeza a los pies”, por demostrarnos una vez más que para nuestro Dios nada hay imposible.

  68. Pray for my husband to stop his addiction of gambling and for God to bring him back home as a man who takes care and loves his wife and his daughter. To be responsible with his finances and be there was us. Pray for salvation and resolution.

  69. I am on day two of Praying for my husband from head to toe. Our marriage is in a dad place. Praying God will bring a miracle of new love to our marriage. We will draw close to each other through communication and spending time together. Lord have your way and all glory be to You🙏🏼

  70. My pray is for my husband to find God the way he did before. He loves God, but gets distracted with what the world has to offer. He has his weaknesses, which I believe is preventing him from totally committing. I want him to truly serve God and for him to be committed to his marriage 100%. Please pray for my husband and I to recommit our marriage and to stay true to each other.

    1. Doy gracias a Dios por este libro y por el trabajo de la autora. En estos momentos son casi las 4 de la madrugada y estoy leyendo el libro. Llevo separada de mi esposo dos años y hemos intentado volver sin ningún resultado al contrario ha sido peor. Empecé a leer el libro con las esperanzas perdidas y a punto de viajar a los estados unidos si Dios lo permite junto a mis hijos y dejar todo atrás, le confieso que leo el libro con cierto temor porque todo está muy confuso para mí, creo que no hay nada más que hacer, he orado por muchos años sin resultados o pocos resultados y al leer este libro me digo: empezar otra vez🙆 bueno que sea lo que Dios quiera. Estoy muy muy lastimada emocionalmente pero el señor es mi sanador y ayudador. Muchas gracias. Bendiciones

  71. My pray is for my husband to find God the way he did before. He loves God, but gets distracted with what the world has to offer. He has his weaknesses, which I believe is preventing him from totally committing. I want him to be committed to his marriage 100%. Please pray for my husband and I to recommit our marriage and to stay true to each other.

  72. Pray that God should heal and restore my husband’s health. He had an accident and got paralyzed.
    That God should change him and turn his heart totally to God.

  73. Praying that god will restore my marriage for that my husband doesn’t ignore me, I pray we have our apartment together an he start going to church with me an he change his selfish ways so that we become one again.

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