Prayer Can Change a Man’s Heart

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I know that devotions on marriage are difficult for many who are not married and perhaps would like to be. That’s why I usually keep the marriage devotions that minister to thousands of women in the weeks around Valentine’s Day. Whether you are married or single, please join us me in praying for marriages all around the world. Also, the prayer at the end of this blog can be used to pray for anyone in your life. Here’s how I saw pray change a man’s life.

Allan was a tough man. Raised by a single mom with five siblings, he learned how to scrap his way through life and climb to the top of humanity’s heap through sheer determination and grit. He married at nineteen, had his first son at twenty, then a baby girl at twenty-five. Over the next two decades, he advanced from driving a delivery truck at a lumberyard to becoming part-owner of a building supply company.

Allan drank heavily, fought with his wife verbally and physically, and terrorized his children emotionally. He gambled, dabbled in pornography, and had questionable relationships laced with a host of unsavory vices. But when his teenage daughter gave her life to Jesus and began praying for her family, God grabbed the chisel of grace and began chipping away at Allan’s proud heart of stone. One day he told her, “I’ll go to church with you from time to time, but I could never become a Christian. I’ve done too many horrible things in my life. God could never forgive me. I could never be good enough.”

His daughter explained that no one could ever be good enough. If we could, then Jesus wouldn’t have had to die on the cross to pay for our sins. But Allan couldn’t wrap his mind around that kind of grace.

When Allan was forty-six years old, his life took several hairpin troublesome turns. Because of a business deal gone terribly wrong, he was sued for breach of contract and breaking a no-compete clause with a former employer.

Allan teetered on the brink of a nervous breakdown. From man’s perspective, it appeared he was on the verge of losing it all. From God’s perspective, Allan was right where he needed to be.

One day, in a surge of panic, Allan drove from North Carolina to Pennsylvania to try and find his wife at a meeting she was attending. When he couldn’t find her, he stopped by a church and asked for prayer. The church receptionist drew Allan a map on a piece of scrap paper and sent him to find a pastor out in the woods building his new church.

Allan followed the map and found a man with a hammer in his hand and Jesus in his heart. He poured out his heart and told the pastor everything he had ever done in his raucous life. Then the man put his arm around Allan and said, “Now, let me tell you what I’ve done.”

The way Allan later explained what happened that day was this: “That man had done everything I had done. I knew that if God could forgive him and he could be a pastor, then He could forgive me too.”

Allan accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior that day in the woods of Pennsylvania and became one of the sweetest men I’ve ever known.

Allan was my dad.

From my earliest years as a Christian, I experienced the power of prayer to change a man’s life—to strengthen a man’s resolve, to protect a man’s heart, and to mature a man’s faith. My firsthand encounter with God’s faithfulness to hear our pleas for the men in our lives began with my father and continues with my husband and son.

As a wife, you have the power to open the floodgates of heaven through prayer on your husband’s behalf. (If you aren’t married, keep reading. There’s an assignment for you too.) Whether your husband hasn’t yet decided to follow Christ, has a lukewarm fledgling faith, or lives a fiery firm faith, there is no one more qualified to pray for his relationship with Christ than you. No matter where your husband is on the continuum of faithlessness to faithfulness, I encourage you to pray with “the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not see” (Hebrews 11:1, NASB).

In my book, Praying for Your Husband from Head to Toe, I show wives how to cover their husband’s in Scriptural prayer from top to bottom. If you’re not married, you can use this same pattern for praying for the important men in your life. Today, let’s pray for the mid-section.

Dear Lord, I pray for ________________.

His Shoulders – No matter what my husband goes through today, assure him that nothing is too hard for You. Empower him to cut the cords of worry with the saber of praise and to place his burdens on Your able shoulders. Genesis 18:14; Deuteronomy 31:8; Psalm 9:10.

His Heart – Place a hedge of protection around his heart to keep corruption out and purity in. Proverbs 4:23; Proverbs 17:20; Proverbs 17:22.

His Back – Protect him in the physical and spiritual realms. Keep him from the devil’s schemes that would attempt to trap him or trip him up. Thank you that no weapon formed against him will stand. John 10:10; 2 Corinthians 2:11; Ephesians 6:10-18.

His Arms – Help my husband be strong and courageous in Your mighty power. Bolster his courage when he is afraid and reassure him when he doubts. Deuteronomy 31:6; Joshua 1:9; Isaiah 30:15.

His Hands – Bless the work of my husband’s hands. Reward his efforts and bring him success. Deuteronomy 33;11; Deuteronomy 28:12-13.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

What is your most pressing prayer for your marriage or the man in your life? Leave a comment with your prayer request and then pray for the woman’s name under yours. You don’t need to share a lot of details. God’s got them all!

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Comments 90

  1. I ask for prayer to touch the heart of my daughters father, Aldo. We were not married when we decided to have our daughter. I pray for peace and unity for our family. I feel in my heart he wants to make amends in placing our family together but holds a lot of pride. Many say I am foolish. I lift us all in prayer for the best and Gods will for our family. I see a future together but with God at the center. Thank you.

    1. I pray for my husbands heart that God soften his heart for his wife and his marriage! That He lean on God and not his flesh for answers that he’s seeking. I pray that God heal every area of his heart that is wounded! May he touch him in a way that he knows its God! And fill him up with his strength and courage to put our marriage back together. In Jesus name I pray! 🙏🏻❤

      1. Dear heavenly father, I pray that you touch my husband‘s heart and remove this stone of his heart to the stone of flesh, Buy your will and buy your whill I pray that you Every area of his heart, and let him surrender his heart back to you, and let him think about his marriage, and by your will to stop the stood wars that he started and bring him back home so we can be a family again. I pray this in Jesus mighty name, and by your will just around him with your words when he made his promise to you, sickness and death to us part for Richer or poor , Lord, I believe in my heart, and I have faith that you are working on his heart as I speak these words and I believe in my heart, and I have faith that you’re already at work on this, Richard Tootle‘s heart right now to bring him back home for him to run his life back to you and to save this marriage to call his lawyer and to stop this divorce I pray all this in your son, sweet and precious name and I give you Thanksgiving glory and honor and it’s by your will and your will only I love you Lord thank you for hearing my prayer and it’s in Jesus name of prayer. Amen and amen and amen , Thank you, Lord

    1. Praying that my husband walks into spiritual maturity. Praying that his heart becomes soften to Gods will.Praying that He truly begins to put effort into the position of Husband.

    2. I pray for my husband that has been gone for 15 months. I pray the Lord’s would bring him back to me and our children. We are broken. We feel the missing piece of him not being in a hone together as one. We need him to lead us and strengthen us as a family. I pray for his heart to be healed in Jesus name. I pray for a hedge of protection over his mind and body. Amen

  2. Please pray for my husband to accept the Lord into his heart and surrender his drinking. I pray for healing of his broken and cautious heart from past wounds. I pray I am the wife that God intends me to be. May I be a tender loving example to my husband of what Jesus’ love looks like.
    Truths: Sometimes I become frustrated with the drinking and am short and distant with my husband. Sometimes I lose faith that God will answer my prayers.
    Please pray for my heart, mind, and faith. Please lift my husband up and pray over his entire being.
    Please pray for our marriage.
    Thank you.

    1. Melody,
      I feel the same way! My husband has so much hurt and doesn’t understand that God can heal All of it!
      I pray you and I continually show, give, speak words of love/God’s love to them, for them, over them!

  3. Left my alcoholic husband of 25 years in 2015. The Lord has done amazing in my life since then. Healed my heart of fear of love and rejection.
    2 months ago was blindsided by guy friend worked together 15 years. Asked if I ever considered a partner to take care of me. If I would marry for money other questions – I was in shock said no even to Love.
    Then asked what would you consider- I said a man that loves Jesus as I do- would put Jesus first.
    Reat of day my head was spinning on what just happened.
    Next day he said we will talk
    He is now working 2 days a week till April then moving to another state. Which he said now you have reason to visit NE.
    I think we are both Leary because of bad marriages and it has to be Gods Will for my life.
    I’m 63 was not looking for anyone. All I have been praying is to be able to retire and make ends meet as my job is becoming physically to hard for me. Income cannot make it on SSN. Was not looking for a partner.
    After 2 months of emotions up and down realized I do care about him but need to know what his relationship with Jesus is.

  4. I have a special friend that I would like to pray for. He is such a good giving man and extends a helping hand to anyone in need. He doesn’t attend church and it’s hard to talk to him about his faith. I pray for his salvation daily and ask God to help him. Amen.

  5. My husband and both my sons live with anxiety and depression. They love the Lord but struggle from time to time to live in this unforgiving world. Thankful for a mighty faithful all-powerful Father who keeps them firmly in his sight and cradles they gently when they need Him most – even though they don’t always feel Him there

  6. Please pray for me and my partner. He grows cold as ice and makes loving him very hard. God has made it possible for me to see his heart but I am struggling to reach his soul.

  7. I have prayed through your book 3 times. We just moved to Albania to teach at Torana International School. My husband is 57 and we were planning to teach here until my youngest daughter graduates in 5 years. Now the school is transitioning to IB. My husband is so stressed out about it he wants to quit. He feels he is too old and too far at the end of his career to take on the challenge and our 8th-grader won’t be up for the challenge (which he has said so in front of her.) I want to support him, but I don’t want to leave Albania, and he is taking this all on himself, not seeking the Lord’s wisdom or believing God can give him the strength he needs to adapt to a different program (same subjects.)

  8. Praying that we allow God to chisel us and mode us into the daughters He called us to be. With this transformation, everything from relationships to opportunities, we will know how to Be, Do and Have because we have God’s Spirit inside of us and a new heart (His Heart) which causes us to be filled with God’s Love and overflowing.

    Lord, I pray to You to make me over. I pray for myself and the women here according to Ezekiel 36: 26-27, You Lord will give us a new heart and put a new spirit within us; remove our hearts of stone and give us a heart of flesh . And as You have promised Abba Father, You will put Your Spirit within us and cause us to walk in Your Statutes and to carefully observe Your Ordinances. In Jesus Name I pray and believe, we will receive, Amen.

  9. Thank you for this . Praying for a miracle for a man that I once loved for 30 years and married for 29 and the father of my 2 children (grownups now) was once following God and decided to walk away from God and us. Please can you pray for us. Thank you Jesus

  10. This devotion hit home today, thank you. My marriage of 25 years seems loveless, seems like a roommate situation. I’ve had bitterness and hardness in my heart from dreams dashed and hopes diminished through the years. My husband is a strong Christian man, but we see life/savings/home/finances a lot different. I’ve prayed and prayed for change. Just last week, I decided God, I can’t change my husband, and started praying for God to light a fire under him and his business. Yes, I’ve also prayed for me to change, for my heart to be broken of the stone built around it. Thank you for your sweet words and guidance on prayer. Blessings

  11. My prayer request is for my husband to first come full circle back to the Lord. He moved out 6 months ago and knows God is not first in his life. He also told me he is filing for divorce and knows that isn’t what God wants either. Please pray for my husband.

  12. Two fold prayer request. 1. For my husbands heart, that he would surrender all to God and know him more deeply. For his faith to grow and his knowledge of Gods Grace and Love for him to grow.
    2. For our marriage which is struggling. We have lost connection and seem to fight more often. I’m asking for healing, renewal, refreshment, restoration and unity and peace. And for better communication. For Intimacy and grace and compassion to be renewed between us.

  13. That my husband will believe that Jesus is the Christ. This is my number one prayer. I want our Lord’s grace, peace, knowledge, and His lifealtering *zap* to change my husband’s heart. Thank you!

  14. Please pray that David would find the courage to be baptized. Although he has accepted Christ for some reason he does not feel he is called to be baptized yet. Maybe he feels unworthy or not ready.
    In Jesus’ name.

  15. Pray for my husband who has a lot of health issues. Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s also heart issues. He has been through a lot and it has grown my faith. But there are times I get scared and discouraged but I know God has him. He was a pastor and he has strong faith but can’t help but worry about what our future holds. Have a Blessed day.

  16. Gregg my husband lives in constant chronic pain that robs him of his joy and mine too . This pain makes him obnoxious and hard to live with. I am at a complete loss of words on what to even pray for for him.

  17. I’m asking for prayer for my husband that God will work with his heart and mind and he will restore his relationship with our son. Recently they got into a disagreement and my son said some unpleasant stuff to my husband that he now doesn’t want anything to do with our son. My son will be 17 years old tomorrow just starting to live life and thinks he doesn’t need his parents. I know it’s nothing but the enemy trying to destroy their relationship. Please help me pray and bind the devil in Jesus Name!
    Thank you for your devotional! They have helped me through out these years!

  18. I would like prayer for my brother and his wife. She has gotten addicted to prescription drugs and now they have lost their 3 beautiful children. Thankfully one of her family members took them in but idk how long she can continue to keep them. My brother doesn’t think he can work and take care of his kids even though I’ve told him I can keep the kids while he works!?! Think he’s just scared to try it alone. He wants his wife to do it! Their names are Troy and Amanda btw. I know that God knows and He is working something out for all their good and His glory.

  19. Please help me Lord, to trust my husband and let go of whatever is bothering me in my heart regarding trust.
    In Jesus’s name I pray.

  20. I pray that my husband will accept Jesus as his Savior, and be willing to develop a personal relationship with our Savior. I pray believing men come into his life to help show him the way. I pray for guidance in this season as my husband does not like the pastor at my church, but it is a bible believing church where I’ve actively served for many years. If I need to change churches, let God make this clear to me.

  21. Please pray for my husband Dan. We have been together for over 30 years and our marriage is very good most of the time. However, the past three years, I’ve noticed him changing in ways that I don’t understand. His mind goes in directions that it shouldn’t and he does things that he doesn’t mean to do (so he says). Please pray that the Lord can overturn his thoughts and for him to be the man that the Lord once created.

  22. I am praying God will make my husband’s heart tender towards Him. He is a Christian but distances God from his life and I feel the disconnect.

  23. My prayer is for my husband Eugene who lost his job after the company closed suddenly. He’s 56 and was planning for retirement in the next 5-7 years but is now looking for a new job. He prays but has never really given his life to Jesus. Praying for him to give his heart to Jesus and for the Lord to take him to a good stable company.

  24. Please pray that my husband will be led to the Lord.
    He will turn to the Lord and back home to be with his wife and children. For my husband to be the spiritual leader of our family.
    Restoration of our family.

  25. Please pray for my husband David. We have been married for 28 years and truly love each other. However, there are issues that we continue to struggle with. God knows what they are. Thank you!

  26. Pray for my husband to want to follow God, and not be too busy to have a close relationship to me. I am losing patience waiting. Married for almost 25 years.

  27. For Daniel to trust and obey God’s way and not be corrupted by the enemy. For him to Love unconditionally and stop running from God. Speak life and pour Joy into his life. Healing his body, mind, and spirit from: alcohol destruction, pornography, adulterous friends, and depression of his body. Loyalty and protection.

  28. My husband to turn his heart God and return to our home and stop the divorce proceedings. God has told me to stand and fight as I love him as God loves him. So, pray that I continue to walk in His will and have strength to fight.

  29. I pray that my husband, Bob, will truly know and receive Christ as His Savior–he goes to church with me and he likes the fellowship, but I’ve never seen him read the Bible although he does seem to know scripture, I’ve never had him actually pray for me and sometimes the way he talks about the Bible and messages he’s heard concerns me because it’s like his understanding is totally skewed and not from God. He’s 81 years old and claims he was baptized as a child to please his mother. I just don’t know where he stands with God and he gets defensive when I try to ask if he really believes in Jesus and has asked Him to be his Savior. I love my husband and I don’t want him to perish not knowing Christ as his Lord and Savior.

  30. Pray for my husband who loved and adored me for 30 years and then 10 years ago left me without an explanation. He has been a wonderful godly husband, but Satan has somehow blinded him. I use Sharon’s book to pray over my husband every day since it came out. This year I am sending him a verse every day. Still no response, but I know my God is working.

  31. To bring my husband home and complete restoration of my marriage; renewed hearts and minds of me, my husband and my two sons.

  32. I pray that God would break through the chains of sin in my husband’s life. He is more than willing to live according to the world’s standards, despite knowing what the Word says. And when God is finished refining him and making him the man he was created to be, I pray that he sends my husband home; so we can heal our broken marriage.

    1. Praying with you my dear in Jesus name we pray Amen God got your marriage in the palm of his hand keep praying never doubting and God will touch the heart of your husband in Jesus name God is more than able to heal and restore be Blessed

      1. Thank you, Shevona. I am constantly praying for a miracle to occur in my marriage, and I covet your prayers. It does help to know that other people are also praying for us.

  33. For my husband to be the strong Christian man he is called to be. A man that covers his family in prayer and leads us in God’s way.

  34. I pray for my fiancée, Tim. He is a godly man in many ways, but Satan has put a barrier between us. I am praying that God will release Tim from Satan’s bondage and restore our relationship to what it was prior to a couple months ago. I know God is faithful and he will continue to work in Tim’s heart to heal, restore and free Tim from whatever dark power Satan has over him. I am thankful for your prayers to lead Tim & I to restore a strong relationship in Christ.

  35. Pray that my husband loves and honor God above everything and to live his life to fulfill God’s purpose, God should strengthen him in his weakness

  36. It is my desire that my husband completely surrenders his life to Jesus and become a godly man that will lead his family in God’s ways and stop looking for his significance in a wealthy business partner – may God break the chains of financial captivity to this man and may my husband search after God’s heart and godly friends

  37. Please pray for my husband. Since loosing his faith her seems to have lost himself.

    He recently left home with the hope he will sort himself out. This has been devistating for our young children and me. He knows he’s a mess and is hoping we will be able to build our marriage back up again. But he is lost and doesn’t know how.

    Please pray his faith is renewed and our marriage is restored and he will come home.

    Please pray he will get the help he needs to sort himself and the right people will be put in his path to help him to this.

    Praise God for the ways God has grown my relationship with God through this ordeal and the way he has provided so far. This is a spiritual battle like I’ve never encountered before.

    Pray for the armour of God daily and a hedge of protection round us all and that we will be able to raise a hallelujah at a victorious tesetmony in all our lives that can be used for his glory as a result of this pain and that our marriage will be stronger than ever before. I know we are good together busy lives and loss of faith have destroyed us.

    Please pray for better a work life balance so family time is prioritised.

    Thank you .

  38. Please pray for my husband to repent and go back to the Lord and for restoration of my marriage. He sropped going to church about 2 years ago. Then he started dating a married woman who was later chased away by her husband. Now my husband is taking care of her and her family, and is neglecting me and our children.

  39. I pray for my husband salvation also for our marriage we are separated right now I’m praying when he comes back he has a change of heart and be willing to fight for our marriage and let all the distraction that has came between our marriage go. Prayer that I can fight for our marriage like praying and believing God is going to do a new and great thing in our marriage although I don’t see a change my Faith be stronger and never doubting knowing God will definitely all things right on time. Thank you all

  40. Pray for my husband TJ’s salvation / spiritual life to be awakened (for him to have a hunger for God and all things God). Also pray for his work/projects… for God to open doors.

    1. I would like prayer for my son Roelle that the lord will remove his heart of stone and give him a heart of flesh. There is too much unforgiveness in his heart. That the lord will renew a right spirit within him and he will stop the lying and the drinking. That he will love his family and take care of his daughter

  41. Please pray for my husband to surrender his life to Christ. For forgiveness in our marriage, restoration of our marriage & for him to be the spiritual leader of our home. For us to walk in unity serving the Lord.

  42. Please pray for freedom for my 4 kids and I from the financial disaster that my husband has infested us with as he lives and works 2000 miles away. I need direction

  43. I pray that my Father learns the perfect love of God and learns to walk in it. I pray that my man is freed from every bondage and shackles and he is promoted and restored. I pray that Jesus becomes everything to him in every way.

  44. My husband Matt is a police officer on light juty after being injured when he was rear ended on the job in Jan. 2019. He needs surgery but has to wait for the outcome of his workmans comp case. We know God will provide but there is still fear around our financial future and what changes lie ahead.

  45. I pray for the divine restoration of my marriage, my husband should return back to me before my 40th birthday. I pray expressily for wisdom and knowledge to manage my home in Jesus name. Divine job and restoration of the dignity of my husband in Jesus name

  46. Pray Ezekiel 36:26. For a new heart and a new spirit. We are about to file a legal separation after 41 years of marriage. He can’t get over an affair he had 3 years ago. I prayed through the book several times when it first happened. Ran across it this week and felt led to get it back out. Now I know I am for sure. So sad all these broken marriages. Satan is bad but God is all powerful.

  47. I read this a couple of days ago. My husband is a Christian, but often he falls asleep in front of the TV without really knowing what kind of show he has on and some are not good! But two nights he has put on Christian programming!

  48. Deep healing in our marriage. May my husband grab ahold of You God and not waiver. Teach him to walk as a man of integrity.. a man I can respect. In Jesus name

  49. I am 53 and not married, but will start praying this every day for my future husband.
    A couple of reasons I am not married is when I was a child I was sexually molested by my father and when I was growing up, two times I was almost raped but got away. In my late 20’s I was actually raped. So I get terrified when a man wants to get close to me. Being my friend is fine, but when a man wants to be more than friends I freak and run the other way. I guess that God won’t send me a husband until I am healed of my past scars. Or maybe he will send one that can help me heal with him praying for me and being there to help me through this trial that I can’t seam to shake.

  50. I pray for marriage restoration and spiritual intimacy for my husband and marriage. May God continue to bless us and use us to bless others.

  51. I’ve been praying that my husband, who is Jewish ( nonpracticing), would come to recognize Jesus as his Messiah. I know God is working on his behalf and when it’s His time I will see my prayer answered.

  52. 1. My significant other will heal from his past hurt, and marry me
    2. His heart will soften and he will realize the way that he speaks to myself and our kids sometimes is hurtful
    3. God will change him into the man HE wants him to be. Not who I want him to be. But a godly man to lead our family.

  53. God I ask for your mercy upon my life and marriage for the sake of your name pour out the Holy Spirit in our house. This feels like all too much. Christ soften my husband’s heart right now and prepare us to have an open heart conversation this morning and that we stop the quarreling as our MO. Please for your name sake for the peace in our lives and the hearts of our children. I pray that my non-christian husband puts you first and me second and our 2 babes third. I pray for faithfulness and continue commitment in our marriage. Help Help Help now before we allow the enemy to take on more moment. Help me grow up and develop my ability to communicate consisely so we can understand each other.

  54. Please pray for my husband to turn away from the dangerous world and lifestyle he has chosen…bars, clubs, drugs, alcohol and women. Please pray for God to soften his heart and allow the Holy Spirit of God to direct his paths. Lastly, please pray for the clubbing and bar business to be shut down. In Jesus Name, Amen. Thank you!

  55. Please, God, I surrender my marriage to You, God. I have tried to fix what is broken in my own ways and it has never worked because my husband just won’t accept my feelings as true or valid. He has been in addiction since the age of 18 and is now 45. Since we had children, our relationship has crumbled under the pressure of long-term substance abuse, his verbal and emotional abuse towards me, not to mention the stress of being a parent to multiples (triplets). Please, God, soften his heart of stone and give him a yearning to please and honour You alone so that he can want to seek help to restore our marriage? Please, God, give him a renewed trust that only You can change or fix what is broken or stolen by the enemy. God, I trust You to work in him a love and respect for himself, so that can overflow to a feeling of love and honour towards me and our girls? I am tired but not ready to give up, but You alone can help us. Amen

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