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Sometimes when I’m reading the Bible, one little sentence jumps out and grabs me by the heart. That’s what happened when I read 1 Kings 19:19-21. This was the day that Elijah the prophet called Elisha the farmer to take his place. Here’s the verse…

“He burned the plowing equipment…” 1 Kings 19:21

Okay, this might be the strangest Bible verse I’ve written about, but stick with me a moment.

So Elijah went from there and found Elisha son of Shaphat. He was plowing with twelve yoke of oxen, and he himself was driving the twelfth pair. Elijah went up to him and threw his cloak around him. Elisha then left his oxen and ran after Elijah. “Let me kiss my father and mother goodbye,” he said, “and then I will come with you.”

“Go back,” Elijah replied. “What have I done to you?”

So Elisha left him and went back. He took his yoke of oxen and slaughtered them. He burned the plowing equipment to cook the meat and gave it to the people, and they ate. Then he set out to follow Elijah and became his servant.

He burned the plow.

That’s not one of those power verses that people memorize, put on their refrigerator door, or paint on a crafty plaque to post on Pinterest or Etsy. No, it’s not one of those. But perhaps is should be.

Let’s go back a moment and ponder these strange verses.

Elijah was a great prophet to whom God had given the power to speak a drought into existence, keep a widow’s pantry mysteriously stocked, raise a widow’s dead son, and eliminate 850 false prophets in one day. But Elijah, this mighty man of God, got tired and depressed. Yes, he did.

So, God decided it was time for Elijah to pass the baton to a younger man and led him to a fellow plowing his field.

Elisha was just minding his own business and doing his job when Elijah walked up and threw his cloak over him. I’m sure it seemed very “out of the blue” to this young man. But I’ve learned that oftentimes what seems “out of the blue”, is right “out of God’s playbook.” God had had this in the works for quite some time.

We don’t know much about Elisha. He was just a working man. Every day, he got up out of bed, hooked up the oxen, and looked at their backsides. Nothing special. Nothing extraordinary. Just a working man.

But God had a plan; God chose a man.

Now, here’s what grabbed my heart. After Elijah threw his mantle over Elisha, which was a sign that he was passing his prophetic anointing to the younger man, Elisha went back to tell his family goodbye. He also had a giant barbeque celebration and sacrificed his oxen. He didn’t keep a few just in case this prophet gig didn’t work out. He even burned the plow.

He burned the symbol of his former life.

He burned the source of his former livelihood.

There was no turning back.

There was no plan B.

There was no safety net.

He burned the plow.

It made me stop and think about my own commitment to Christ. Sure, I sing, “I have decided, to follow Jesus. No turning back. No turning back.” But are there parts of my old life that I hang on to? Old habits? Old desires? Old grudges?

Are there parts of your old life that you are hanging on to? Old habits? Old desires? Old grudges?

Paul wrote, “But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus” (Philippians 3:13b,14 NIV). Paul left behind his former life and was, as we say today, “all in.”

As long as our new lives in Christ are tethered to our past lives, we will never experience the abundant, exciting, adventurous faith-filled life with signs, wonder, and power.

Is there something from your pre-Christ days that you have dragged into your present-Christ days that you need to leave behind? Maybe it’s not even a pre-Christ habit, relationship, or a way of thinking, but something you’ve picked up along the way that clings to you like spiritual chiggers. If so, let’s burn the plow. Let’s leave it behind and move forward into God’s call on our lives with a whole heart.

Heavenly Father, thank You for choosing me to be Your child. I am “all in.” I have no plan B. You are my life. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Is there anything that God is calling you to leave behind once and for all? Resentment? A relationship? A habit? An attachment? Anger? Regret?

If you’re ready to be “all in,” then leave a comment, and let’s agree together.

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Comments 112

    1. I’m all in! I have so many things to let go. I pray God sees that I’m trying, but that I need help. I struggle to let go of the past. I pray for deliverance.

  1. Very convicting.
    My prayer is for God to reveal those “former self” issues/habits/items that I am unaware of.

    Thank you!

    1. God has been revealing to me that I have a negative and angry mindset because of childhood psychological abuse from my grandmother who was honestly mean, bullying, and hateful to me as a child. I have never felt good enough inside being raised like that. I don’t trust people especially women and I feel very angry. My mom was bad in a different way and I never had a father. I used to hate women. I’m praying for healing.

      1. Deborah, what a hard road you have traveled. Those early experiences so shape our lives and color our outlook. I will pray for you as you learn to look to Jesus for healing. God bless you.

      2. What a blessing to have had the Lord reveal that to you. I can relate to the psychological trauma you experienced. For me, becoming aware was a huge step towards healing. I’m not there yet but I’m growing daily. Keep at it! It won’t always be pretty but with Your focus on Him you can do it!

      3. I will lift up prayers as well!! I am also struggling with healing from my abusive past. I am currently struggling with falling back into my “old self”, before I was saved and that terrifies me.

      4. Hey Deborah, I had some things happen to me as a kid that were hard to deal with. I went back and forth between being hurt and being angry. Then at one point God helped me step away from that child and my mother and view her as another adult. I could see she had things going on that really weren’t about me at all. I just got a bunch of the fallout. I pray God can help you find a way to release those heartaches and grow in your faith.

      5. If only parents would remember their instructions to train up a child in the way s/he should go, realizing that the love or abuse given in childhood will be the way the child will go in later life.
        The pain, depression and lack of self value that debilitates many adults today withold not be so.
        However, thank God that His grace is sufficient Deborah and your day will come when that peace which passes all understanding will be your experience.
        This journey is tough for the enemy wants to keep us on the road to his final destination.
        The Father already warned us. He never said it would be easy. He has promised to be there with us and with tears of joy, your anticipated joy, I can tell you He is with you.
        He was there for me, He is still here with me, He removed the pain for me and I know He’ll do it for you.
        Talk with Him often. Hold on real tight. He’s on His way.
        My prayers are with you.

      6. I can relate to this but my father was the mean one; abusive both in psychological terms and in deed. I then married a man who was like my father. I have divorced him but I carry wounds that make me feel less than. I am trying to work on this but I do not trust men as far as I can throw them. I am praying for healing in this as well. My kids say that I need a man but my heart is very closed along this line.

    2. Yes, God gave me the plan to have a quiet time today outside in the garden to make some choices- to stay away from a TOXIC person I used to know, to stay away from my sis for a while as she has been nasty, crabby, working too hard & her husband is 10 yrs older than her and he is liable for health problems & she fears that! To stay away from people for a while and relax in the Lord and pray for them.

      1. I would like to let go the anger and not forgiving of the cheating and breakup by a former partner. God help me as I struggle to pass through a prayer if his name and the new partner props up.

  2. What a timely word today! Thanks for writing such a neat perspective and the reference to the Scripture verse about “burning the plow” is very significant to me as well.

  3. Thank you for this devotional. I needed to read this today. It’s so easy to hold on to old things in our lives that are holding us back from living the abundant life that Christ died to give us. I am ready to be all in!

  4. It’s a struggle for me to leave the relationship and some things I picked up along the way. It captures how I am feeling lately. This year has been difficult for me in terms of leaving everything behind and trying to push forward. It’s like a constant battle in my mind between what I know it’s right and what I am actually doing. I feel disconnected , I feel powerless, like not having a purpose and having a hard time listening to what God is telling me. I know that God is a God of second chances but how many more He is giving me. I dont want to conform with this life.

    1. Remember there is no condemnation in Christ. He loves us regardless of how many times we fall! We just have to keep getting back up and going forward with Him ❤️

    2. You must be my twin. The enemy uses our thoughts in an attempt to discourage us. Keep talking to Abba. He knows and I rest in that knowledge. Not easy some days but He is true and faithful. I “remind” Him of His words…prayer.

  5. I have been struggling to make a change in my life. I have had one sign after another that the Lord sends me. But I’m scared! I need to burn my plow! And follow him, I need to give him my all.
    I have been so stubborn and selfish all my life, and he still wants me.

  6. The message came just on time and explained what that dream I had the other day was about too. Thank God for your life and Praise God always for never giving up on us all and wanting to always elevate us to better; because He believes we deserve it!

  7. Thank you, for such a powerful lesson of Elisha answer to God’s calling. I am still trying to digest this for my life. How not only accept what God is saying, but to destroy my old way of providing for myself. No plan “B” ! Allowing God to be my provider! Powerful!

  8. Thank you Sharon. I would like to tell you how thankful I am for your writings. They have really touched my heart and made me feel as if you know me and my feelings. It feels good to know I am not alone. I know He is with me always but it really helps to know that there are people who have had the same feelings as me and that makes me feel even more….not alone. I just finished the 7 day mindset-reset. I just really can’t thank you enough – you have helped me. You have a gift….truly.

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  9. What perfect timing to receive this devotional. I am all in. I have recently obeyed God’s voice, taken a step (leap really) of faith and I am burning my plow. I quit a job I liked and have semi-moved to another state (hoping to complete the move end of August). I do not know what God’s plan is, this is not like me to do something like this, but I do know that He is moving me for a reason and that He will reveal that reason eventually. That He will be with me every step of the way. What peace and joy I have about this move.

  10. I so badly want to let go of my anger and resentment and bitterness which has entered my life since having cancer last year, also the regret of a past relationship where I deeply hurt someone. Amen

  11. Recently had to sell my home and leave the area where my husband and I had made our lives for over 30
    years. We are now an hour away from all that and I am isolated at our daughter’s home where we have in law quarters and I am taking care of my terminal husband.
    I am seeking ministry work and have non of my “contacts” to draw on except via internet. I’m missing the comfort of the known.
    This devo convicted me that it is time to make contacts/friends here where He has planted me.
    I’m an outgoing extrovert but I cannot
    Believe how hard this is for me right now.
    I know it is because my husband of almost 35 years is dying. I’m about to be on my own. Of course I have Jesus! Wouldn’t be able to make it a day without clinging to Him!
    Just felt led to share. Thx for this message.

    1. Post
    2. Oh Pamela, I’m so sorry for what you are going through, but God has plans for you. Just remember He goes before you and clears a path; He walks beside you holding you by the hand; He’s got your back; He covers you with His feathers and underneath are the everlasting arms. I’m pausing here to pray fervently for peace for you, your husband and your family.

    3. Pamela, God bless you and your family! Your message really touched me and reminded me to stay grateful and humble in this season I’m in. Thank you for sharing!

  12. Wow! Just what I needed to hear!! I hadn’t realized that I was dragging a plow along with me. I absolutely loved this verse. I am burning my plow today and walking into the future that God had for me, unencumbered!

  13. Thank you for sharing your inspiration on these words. I would love to say I am ‘all in’. For the moment I can only say I want to be ‘all in’. I’ve just listened to the last interview and am emotionally exhausted. Excited for the future xxx

  14. Simplebqords from God…Burn the Plow! I always need a reminder!
    Love the phrase “cling like chiggers”!! They do get under your skin and itch like crazy! Like our old ways do sometimes! Then I need to remember o burned my plow! Thank you Sharon!

  15. This is a timely message. I found out about my husbands adultery and even though he has come all out and trying to retrace his steps. we doing counselling. I’m still so enraged and bitter knowing my suspicions were right all along and how unfair this had to happen to someone like me. I’ve become a shadow of myself, but it’s time for me to let go. I can’t do it all alone, I can’t keep fighting God and listening to the Devil. Please pray for me, I’m all in.

    1. Praying for you in this Ade. I have walked this road and it is a horrendous one. God has been faithful to heal me and heal our marriage. Do not give up! Lean into Jesus sister. You are so very loved. I am praying your mind will be filled with truth.

  16. Yes I am ready to be all in.Thank you so much for this message .it really touched me to the core of what I’ve been going through

  17. Oh Lord help me to be all in, show me where I need to make changes. I am tired of being angry all …. the….. time….Thank you Lord for loving me even when I am not being loving. Amen

  18. This was so timely. God is so faithful and loving as he reminds us that he is near. Thanks Sharon for your service in writing.

  19. I can’t even tell you how grateful I am for this message today. God really used it—I’ve been asking him for guidance about whether to leave our home of 25 years (my husband feels prompted but I haven’t had peace about it). This is the 2nd day in a row where a devotional “popped up” 😉 on letting go of things. I think I’ve made an idol of my home over the years. I think God is speaking to me! Thank you so much for your ministry—blessings ➕🙏🏼💕

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  20. Wow, amazing how God keeps trying to get this message thru to me?! I just happened upon this reading;’out of the blue’….so know and need to let go of anger, bitterness, resentments and just move on to what God wants me to do …the big change! And yet its like I don’t want those who hurt me to get away with what they’ve done?! STILL!! Most recently feeling spiritually abused; after 24 years of service at so-called therapeutic Christian community drug/alcohol rehab. Resentment only makes me pay a price; physically & emotionally cause the ones hurting you don’t even care…they’re out there dancing while you’re tied in your chains! Live & let live…let go, let God 🙁

  21. Thanks for your timely message. I am just out of a 30-year abusive relationship (4 years dating and 26 married) and I realize now that I have been holding on to resentment, anger etc. I ask God to help me forgive and get rid of all those things that are hindering me from burning my plow. I want to be “all in” for Jesus Christ. Please pray for my soul.

  22. Thank You for this message Sharon.
    Lord I am all in and am ready to burn parts of my old life that I hang on to. My sexual addictions, my struggles with codependency, anger, anxiety, people pleasing, unforgiveness, regrets and resentment. I am ready to burn it all and
    strain toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which You hav called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.

  23. I’ve been hurt so many times by friends family and even my spouses. Been divorced twice they want to come back after years off wayward living I’ve made a lot of mistakes being in relationship I shouldn’t and now am so angry and broken and am tired of living like this. Your article has shone a new light on me please help me to see a new way of living as I feel so lost

  24. Again, God’s perfect timing through you Sharon! Thank you! I identify with all of these ladies. It’s been a struggle to let go of past regrets and guilt and to feel worthy of God’s deeper calling. Its time to burn the plow and embrace it ALL IN, whatever He has for me. God bless you for this timely word!!! I pray for freedom for everyone reading it! He has begun the good work in us and He is seeing it to completion, in the name of Jesus!🙏❤

    1. Post
  25. I am “all in!” I agree with the comment of another lady… Thanks for the pep talk, and for making the point of leaving our pasts, in the past.

    You’re a blessing Sharon!

  26. Lord, I’m all in! I have no plan b, no backup plan, You are it! You are enough. I take this leap and know you’ve got me. Thank you Lord! Amen

  27. I have held onto a mind block that driving alone in a vehicle alone is terrifying because when I was 18 (I’m 36 now) I had a terrible panic attack. I went through some really rough and dark times. I have came a long way through it all, but that one thing I can’t seem to overcome. Riding alone in a vehicle to go a distance longer that 10 miles!! If I’m within 10 miles of my home I feel comfort. When I go outside that boundary (mind block) I feel anxious 😟

  28. Sharon, thank you for this devotional! This has been a very hard 10 months for me. I lost my job as a nurse due to an abuse allegation last September. I was cleared by all governmental agencies but the nursing board placed stipulations on my license and so I have been unable to find work. I lost everything including myself. Thank you for confirming for me that I have to “burn the plow” in order to truly move forward with my life! May God continue to bless you and all the others in this group!

  29. Wow, thank you Sharon! I am all in. It has been 6 years since my husband passed and I have struggled with my now 21 year old son. I have built a new life and my son resents me and feels like I should be taking complete care of him. He won’t stay with a job and mocks my beliefs. My parents are 86 and 87. Although I have siblings I take care of them and assist with whatever they need. My complete pleasure and blessing. I feel a sadness that I can’t explain. When my husband was ill I was strong and felt God’s presence very step of the way! I needed to hear this message this morning. I am honestly all in! God Bless you

  30. I am all in. I also would like God to help me find what I’m holding onto to so I can let it go. Thank you, Sharon, for your encouraging words.

  31. It’s soo funny how GOD works. my not so long ago past is what we discussed this morning. Thanks! I’m ALL IN!

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  32. Sharon, thank you for this devotion. Please pray for me that I can leave my past behind. I have forgiven my dad and ex-husband but lack of trust for anyone has hurt my relationship with my present husband and work relationships. I have been gas lighted in the past that almost destroyed me, but praise God for His faithfulness! I want complete healing and for God’s power and love to shine through me.

  33. There has been habits and relationships that I’ve yet to completely let go of and God has still shown me grace and mercy. I thank God for everything and I am
    All In.

  34. I am all in for Jesus. I have brought fear and anxiety from my past and it has prevented me from fully following Christ and living the abundant life He has for me. I am recommitting my life to Him and am going to be obedient to wherever He leads me!

  35. I am definitely all in. There is nothing in my past I ever want to hinder me. God delivered me from a 17 year crack and cigarette addiction 9 years ago and he is the only way I could have quit either one of them. Praise God.

  36. Dear Sharon,
    Thank you for your beautiful messages, I look forward to receiving them and reading them right away.
    I am really ready to burn my plough.
    My husband passed away tragically 7 weeks ago, in South Africa, under lockdown and both of us have recently been retrenched. Our children are all grown up, married and getting on with their lives – which is tough at this time too.
    So, I really have nothing left to keep me tied up anywhere now and got a calling from God almighty that I have new ventures to commence with right now … hence I’m burning my plough.

    1. Post

      Oh, Janet. I am so sorry. Take time to grieve. I know God will show you next steps in His perfect time.
      Much love

  37. I need to let go of the pain and hurt of an abusive husband who has had me in and out of court for over 8 years. My children and I are safe, the courts finally agree, but I’ve been in survival mode for so long, and I want to thrive! I ate to comfort myself, and I used the extra weight as a protection. My husband would attack me for being overweight, something I controlled. It is strange, I know. Being a teacher, a single mom, taking of elderly parents, I’ve not had much time for myself. It’s time to get rid of old mindsets of defending and surviving. I need to be all in! I need to believe what God says about me and live like His loved daughter!

  38. I am all in. And the devil is working harder than even to derail and discourage me. Lord have mercy and strengthen me, please.

  39. I am all in. Pray with me for this and no looking back. I am physically and mentally exhausted from hanging on to anger and hurt from family members that I have told God I’ve given to Him but apparently I haven’t. I find it rises up in me at just the mention of certain names. Forgive me Jesus.

  40. God has spoken for me to leave behind what I have known for 31 years as my resource for provision to live. This is yet another confirmation of Him speaking. Please pray for me to walk out the Divine plan He has for me without stumbling. I’m willing. Hands lifted. I just don’t know how to go about letting it go. I have no plan be and no backup plan.

  41. I’m all in. I have repented if arrogance and harsh words. I’m in the battle to save- transform my marriage. Satan’s attacks are fierce because I have hope that God will provide a miracle and I have claimed my family in the name and power of Jesus.
    There is a new life ahead and I am excited for the adventure. Gods timing. Not mine.
    Thank you for your guidance and obedience to God.

  42. Thank you for your devotion today. Our family is on the jouney to be missionaries in southeast Asia. We have prayed a feel strongly God’s call to bring the Gospel overthere. So we give up our job to focus on raising support. It has been challenging during this time and I admit that it made me doubt God. We have burnt the plow. But thanks to your devotion, we found trust that God will orchestrate the best plan He has in mind. And it will be good whatever it is…

  43. I am ‘all in’ for it. I’m tired of falling back and forth into lustful thoughts and images that run through my mind no matter how hard I try not to. Thank your Sharon Jaynes for this encouraging message. I can confidently fight knowing that I shouldn’t hold onto former markings of my former life such as pervasive fantasies and images as a result of lust. I’m trusting God for an all through complete deliverance from sexual sin. In Jesus’ mighty name, Amen!

  44. Praise the Lord for this message! What a timely reminder to burn the plow and ensure there are no weeds tangled around our feet as we walk with God and draw nearer to Him. Thank you for sharing, Sharon and have a beautiful rest of the day.

  45. I’m ready to be all in, however I do have a challenge. I currently have a smoking habit that I have hoped to have quit by now. I have prayed about this but unfortunately am still struggling. Of course like others I’m praying for the Lord to reveal anything that may be holding me back in my faith, relationship with him, holiness, etc. which would keep me from being ALL IN. Please keep me in your prayers.

  46. I’m ready to be all in, however I do have a challenge. I currently have a smoking habit that I have hoped to have quit by now. I have prayed about this but unfortunately am still struggling. Of course like others I’m praying for the Lord to reveal anything that is holding me back and keeping me from being ALL IN. Please keep me in your prayers.

  47. I’m all in. God has been telling me to walk away from all of it and learn to trust Him. Which is hard to do considering the live I have lived. Mental abuse through childhood, my marriage, cancer…I know He will get me there, the word trust keeps coming up…so today I am all in…no looking back.

  48. By God’s grace and mercy, I am all in my Lord. I am struggling on this habit of trusting evil friends that called themselves true and living friends. Heavenly Father please deliver me from the spirit of fear,unbelief, anxiety,bondages,setbacks,evil dreams not to come to pass and every spirit of disappointments I ever experienced in my life in Jesus Mighty name. Please pray with me to regain my confidence back and continue to enjoy the goodness and blessings of God in my life.Thanks for all your hardworking and motivational words given.May God bless you Sharon.

    1. Post
  49. Today is the day to leave it all behind. After being a missionary for 10 years, 8 years of an abusive marriage, I have now returned to the states a single mom starting life over with a first grader. I am 50!!!
    God knows and Jeremiah 29:11-14 is so true!
    Thank you sister for writing this encouragement!

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