Miracles in the Messes, Majesty in the Mundane

Sharon JaynesA Sudden Glory 2 Comments

Over at my Girlfriends in God devotion, I asked women all around the world to share a moment of Sudden Glory when God made His presence known in a real and personal way.

Over 200 women shared amazing stories of miracles in the messes and majesty in the mundane. I spent my day with a box of tissues — reading, crying, laughing, and praising God for women who recognized God’s fingerprints in their days.

Women who were surprised by God.

Women who were romanced by God.

Women who felt God’s passionate pursuit of their hearts in tangible ways.

To be honest, I don’t have anything to say to you today that would be more meaningful, more moving, or more inspiring than the stories tucked away on one of my most treasured pages of my website.

So today, I invite you to peer in the window of women’s hearts and read the God-moments of your sisters-in-Christ. And while you’re there, I want to encourage you to share your stories as well.

Are you ready? Grab a cup of coffee, a box of tissues, and get ready to praise God for the wonderful ways He shows up in our lives…when we take the time to recognize Him.

Visit this page and click on the “Read Glory Moments” button to begin.

P.S. Congratulations to the winner of a copy of A Sudden Glory: God’s Lavish Response to Your Ache for Something More, Russelyn Westmoreland. She was the winner of the random drawing from the comments of my February 18th post.

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  1. Dear Sharon, my sudden glory moment was when I learned to let go. Of all the things that that bothered me , truly made him the Lord of my life. And just watched everything in my life. My children, marriage and my finances. Miraculously turn around. And line up in straight path. Now even though sometime I struggle I would not live without him. Not for one moment. In this world. God is so awesome and love that he reveals himself to me in the most extraordinary ways. I am a Sunday school teacher and I pray for inspiration and he gives me ideas through things that are foolish to some . But so awesome to me. He is so loving. I couldn’t ask for more. sincerely yours Jaime

  2. Few days have passed since you post this blog. Yet I want to share this moment of Sudden Glory. I have been watching the young girl who dances in my church during the worshipping since she started doing it like a year ago. And every time I dreamed like a little girl that I was there dancing too. But I’m almost 40… and I have family, and a job, etc…. So I never said anything. And then a friend asked me if I wanted to dance too. WOW, I thought for a moment and almost said no, but I said yes. That was in December. Last week our church hold the annual Women Seminar and I danced along 4 girls (young girls) for my Lord. I was so excited, ha-ha, I trembled and sweat. I felt like a little child dancing in front of her dad, been admired by her dad. I enjoyed so much. The dress was so pretty looked like a wedding dress and I was the bride and Jesus was my groom. I will never forget that moment. So I learn something. Daddy really sees my dreams, really cares for my dreams, really fulfill my dreams. Now I’m expectant of my next dream fulfilled in His glory.

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