Leaving the Land of Disappointment

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I was so disappointed. I had worked really hard on a project, and to be honest, it was a flop. It seemed that not as many people loved it as much as I did. And it made me just want to pitch a tent in the land of disappointment and quit!

I think the women on Jesus’s ministry team must have felt the same way. They had committed their lives to the Messiah and believed that He would restore Israel. Mary Magdalene and a handful of other women had followed him for more than three years. But life had not turned out like they thought it would. Their hopes and dreams were nailed to a cross, and the lifeblood spilled on the ground to be trampled underfoot. Their future lay in a borrowed tomb—sealed behind an imposing stone.

It appeared Jesus was not going to be the ruler and set things right after all. The very people He came to save had killed Him. This was not how the story was supposed to go . . . at least in their eyes.

So, what did Mary and the other women do? On the third day after Jesus’s death, while it was still dark, they got up, gathered their spices and started walking to the tomb (John 20:1).

Never mind that it was still dark.

Never mind that a giant boulder blocked the tomb’s entrance . . . a stone too heavy for the women to move.

Never mind that armed Roman soldiers stood guard over the grave.

Never mind that the disciples were so discouraged and disillusioned that they hid away in a secret room.

Never mind all that.

The women didn’t have all the details worked out in their heads, but they were not going to sit home in their discouragement—paralyzed into inactivity. They were going to move forward…while it was still dark.

Mary Magdalene got up, and she got going…while it was still dark. In the end, she was not disappointed that she took this step of faith, and you won’t be either. Just as assuredly as Jesus met her at her greatest point of need, He will meet you at yours.

Did you notice that Mary Magdalene didn’t wait until her circumstances changed before she got moving? Jesus was still dead as far as she knew. But she got up and moved forward anyway.

And where did she go? Yes, she went to the tomb, but there is more. She went back to the last place she had seen Him. Perhaps that is where you need to go today. Go back to the last place you encountered Jesus. Even if it is still dark. Even if you are still in a dark place. Even if a seemingly impossible imposing boulder of disappointment is blocking your dreams. Don’t worry about moving the stone. God’s good at that. You just keep putting one faithful foot in front of the other and let God take care of the rest.

Oh, what we miss when we make camp in the painful place of disappointment and refuse God’s invitation to continue the adventurous journey. We miss the moments of sudden glory when our eyes are shut tight because of discouragement, and our hearts are bolted fast with despair.

Don’t let the weight of discouragement hold you down or lower your expectations of the life in Christ. Get up. Get moving. Open your eyes. Open your heart. There’s more to experience just around the bend.

Heavenly Father, sometimes I get so discouraged that I just stop. I drive my tent pegs down in the soil of discouragement and camp out. I know I need to leave the past behind and press on toward what is ahead. That is exactly what I’m going to do today. Give me the courage and the power of the Holy Spirit to take the next step out of the wilderness and head toward my Promised Land. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Is there an area of deep disappointment in your life that you’ve gotten stuck in? What is one thing that you can do to put the past behind and move forward…even if it is still dark? Leave a comment and let’s share.





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Comments 60

    1. I know just what you mean – 11 years divorced and still live paycheck to paycheck – some days it is almost impossible to have faith but I try to just trust God to take care of me today and get me through today. I am so thankful for Sharon’s God given ability and passing it on to encourage us.

    2. Well sisters…. I too am stuck the Divorce isn’t finalized but the posting on social media hurts…. some days I’m up and other days I’m really sad… reading the post I am not the only one but my heart break is still a heart nonetheless.

    3. I feel the same way… and I claiming his promises for my life. At times I get discouraged but God reminds me that His plans are bigger and better.

    4. Thank you Sharon for the encouraging words. I too am divorced and have met a nice man, but so afraid to move forward for fear of failure and dissapointment. I need to pull up my tent pegs and charge forward.

    5. Lord have mercy on Karen. Pour out your spirit upon her and give her the hope that she needs to go forward. I have family members that have faced divorce. It’s been hard. But you’re the lifter of our heads. I pray for financial increase. I pray that she would have friends around her not and not be lonely. I pray for a church where the Holy Spirit reigns, where she can be encouraged. I pray for faith. I pray that she would sense your great and awesome love for her. That you could never be separated from her. And you are now her husband who will take good care of her.

  1. Thank you for these encouraging words. I am camped at that place, disappointment. There are so many disappointments and regrets. I’ve become paralyzed with fear and I can’t move. I don’t know how to escape. I know God loves me, but I’m stuck.

  2. Watching my beautiful daughter’s sadness over the realization that she is married to an addict who doesn’t want help. I am praying for her and my granddaughters. But I don’t feel heard. I need to think of the good things that God continues to do in our lives and have faith that He will get us through this season too!

    1. Good morning Lorraine
      My heart hurts for you. I have a 33 year old son that is an addict and has been or 5 years. I can’t for the life of me understand why he chose this path and he’s not interested in any way to get help. I can’t tell you how many times a day I pray for a change but everyday is the same. I know God hears my prayers. He has an 10 month old son that I know he cares deeply for but doesn’t care enough to get clean. This consumes me most days. We need to keep praying for each other.
      Blessings to you

      1. Hi Sheila, I know what you going through. I have a 17 year old son who is addicted and he even refuses to go to school. I have prayed and prayed but I believe one day God will answer. I took him to psychologists, rehab more than twice but he refuses to change. They have expelled him on several schools and its putting a strain on the whole family. I’m a widow, my husband passed on 10 years ago. Sometimes I feel helpless. The only thing is to put trust in the Lord.


  3. My marriage. Its dead as a doornail. So much dysfunction, invalidating, gaslighting, manipulation, financial abuse, mental abuse. Its dead. I see no way forward. Every marriage vow broken by him. And I have hung on for 6 more years only to be driven insane a 3rd time.
    Don’t have a direction. “Being Still”.
    Please Lord God. Your ways are always better than my ways. I cannot see what tomorrow holds. I can’t see what an hour from now holds. Please place the next flagstone underneath my foot so I see a direction, A way forward.

    1. Elaine I am where you are, BUT I am in a marriage care group and we are reading/studying the book by Jimmy Evans, “Marriage on the Rock”. He and his wife were at the point of divorce when God showed him from Genesis how marriage was suppose to work.
      His videos are awsome too. I’ll be in prayer for you my sister in Christ.
      Love and Blessings, Sharin Holmes

    2. Elaine
      I so sad for your marriage and proud that you recognize what is happening. God hates divorce AND he does not want women to endure the abuse you are talking about.
      There is so much help out there for survivors of domestic violence. You are a survivor. Domestic violence does not always mean physical violence, it’s power and control.
      Please reach out to your local advocate center . I will be praying for both you and your husband.

  4. Hi I’m Jersey I’m 16 in high school I recently fell away in Christ and my past recently almost everyday it keeps coming back in my mind there’s this guy that was in my past and goes to my school it came in my mind and I felt regret and unforgivness and I started to feel worried and sad just thinking about past problems it frustrated me a lot I just wanted to come back to God and move forward and obey What God tells me and what his word tells me to do thats how I fell away by not obeying God’s word please pray for me

    1. Jersey, How wonderful that at such a young age you already recognize that no matter what, you need Jesus. Remember, he loves you despite any mistakes you’ve made. Ask him to forgive you and help you. I’m 61, and I still have to pray daily to bring my thoughts captive. I am adding you to my prayers. You’re young, but don’t ever let Satan make you believe God doesn’t want you because of something you’ve done. His love is so great that he sent his only son to die for you. Wow, that is an amazing love. Look up, Jersey! He’s got you!

    2. Hi Jersey,
      I’m also in high school and it’s not always easy being a Christian in today’s society but it’s definitely worth it! One verse that always encourages me is 2 Corinthians 4:16-18. We have to move on from the past and press on towards the future. God bless you 🙂

    3. I am praying for you, Jersey. Praying that you will feel the huge abundant love God has for you. Know that you are His beloved. I’m praying that you will feel His loving and comforting arms around you, guiding you towards His will. Truly ask for forgiveness in Christ for the past and it will be washed away, leaving you blameless and clean. Blessings to you and know that you are not alone.

    4. Dear Jersey, I did so many things in my youth that I regret now. But remember Jesus cleanses us from all unrighteousness. If we confess our sins to him he is faithful and just to forgive us. I pray that you would choose the right path. I pray you will stay away from men that just want to hurt you. I pray that you would make Jesus the center of your life. I know that he will lead you and guide you. Don’t make the mistake of wasted years going in the wrong direction. Realize the advantage of serving the Lord at a young age. I didn’t start serving the Lord till after I was married. God will always bless you for obedience. God bless you sister. Gina

    5. Jersey you are strong young woman and it takes a lot of courage at your age to live for Christ! Always remember once we ask for forgiveness God throws it into the sea of forgetfulness! So there is no need to feel guilty because God remembers it no more. Guilt is the enemy’s way of making is believe God holds us hostage by it, and that is a LIE! Take it day by day and speak against those thoughts of guilt every-time they rise us cast then to the outs of hell! You’re forgiven and it’s time to walk in its fullness!

  5. Good morning!
    My life has been filled with times of faith and times of stumbling through life on my own.
    God answered prayer in a huge way, requiring a leap of faith unlike anything I had done before. During a global pandemic, I ran away from home- I moved out, retired, and moved 500 miles from home. He leads me all the way, but still, there are days when nagging doubts fill my head. He brought me to a church that needed a piano player. He’s provided so much, but still those doubts arise.
    Thank you for this message. A reminder that we all have disappointments and doubts, but we must stand strong in faith – God’s strength when we don’t have enough on our own- knowing he cares and is with us always.

  6. I have been stuck for months now, feeling paralyzed. I needed to read this & be reminded to forge forward & that Gods promised land is just that- PROMISED!

  7. I’m trying to let go of the past of my divorce, my guilt. It’s been just a little over 10 years now, and I still keep going back to the past hurts of other things as well. My mistakes, how it hurt my children my ex-husbands mistakes. Family pain for my childhood I just want to move forward.

  8. I’m trying to let go of the past of my divorce, my guilt. It’s been just a little over 10 years now, and I still keep going back to the past hurts of other things as well.

  9. Thank you for your encouraging words to keep moving “in the dark”. I’ve have been sooo discouraged with my foot surgery I had last year, that I am still challenged through. When I get disappointed and discouraged I ALWAYS turn inward instead of upward. I stop, pitch my tent, and stay there for waaaay to long. I am trying hard to believe God is for me, but my thoughts keep from believing it. I did not have love in my childhood, so it is really hard to understand the type of love God has for me, FOR ME TOO. I feel His words are for everyone but me, and when I feel that way I get down on myself and start to hate myself. I get sooo lonesome that it paralyzes me to move ahead. All I want to do it stay in my comfort zone and not move. Help me Lord to see that You are for me, and that I am an EVERYONE!!! Thank you again for your devotionals, I love them soo much.

    1. Christy,

      You are in my prayers. I can too attest to feeling like God’s love and promises are for everyone but me. And like yourself, this mindset is rooted from childhood trauma. The enemy wants us to put the face of our earthly parents and caretakers on God. I declare that satan will no longer have any victory over you in this area. I pray that the Holy Spirit will personalize God’s promises for you so that you may walk in assurance and know that you already have access to every spiritual blessing, because of Christ (Eph 1:3). It’s not easy, but I have to take every thought and feeling captive and make it bow down to the Word of God. (2 Cor. 10:5)
      It’s so much harder when relationships from childhood weren’t the picture of Christ’s love for us. I pray that God will open your eyes, and tailor His love & promises to you. And that He heals your heart and rewires your brain, to truly know with assurance how much He loves YOU. Praying for a speedy recovery from your surgery as well.

  10. I live my life consumed with regret and disappointment by choices that I made intending to honor God but have brought so much hardship and pain to our family. I feel let down by God, as I sacrificed so much to obey his calling. It makes me terrified to do anything else he asks me to do.

  11. Thank you Sharon, You have said it all. Everything i need to hear through the Power of the Holy Spirit, you have said it in your devotional today.
    May GOD bless you more with good health, long fulffilled life and may He also bless your ministry in JESUS’ most precious name amen.

  12. I wanted a baby when I got married and I didn’t know my spouse was likely on the spectrum. Years later and numerous teaching job opportunities later, I feel like I’ve failed because I wanted to move on, divorce, and I didn’t. There was control and abuse-and I still want that child. Maybe a school art teaching opportunity will open up so I can be around children-these treasured ones I so want to be with.

    1. Dear Susan, are you aware of Kathy Marshack and her support group for people who are married to someone on the spectrum? She has also written books that are on this topic. It can be a lonely place but you are not alone. Jesus sees and is right there with you. I pray that you, with Gods help, are able to get your eyes off the child you long for, and have them fixed on Jesus. Love and blessings to you dear sister.

  13. I needed to leave my place of disappointment of feeling betrayed by friends and family. God has told me to forgive and move forward. This was also preached to me on Sunday at church and this confirmed it. You have to keep walking to get to the light. When you walk it does help to release that burden and you feel weights being lifted immediately! Praying that every woman on this post has the courage and peace to move on from their dark place no matter what it is and continue to walk into what Christ has for us! In Jesus name amen!

  14. Go even farther with Mary and you’ll see that because of her obedience, she got to see what only a high priest saw once a year: the Holy of Holies/the Atonement Seat/Mercy seat. See and compare Exodus 25:22 and John 20:10-12.

  15. I am so grateful for this message. I visit the land of disappointment often when I have times when I feel misunderstood and not valued as a person. But thank God He faithfully sends me a word, in His Word, through a friend and even now in this devotional! I know that I am not the only visitor to the land if disappointment and even though we have different reasons for our stay, I have faith that the Lord will abide with us, feed us with His love and grace and show us how to walk through the darkness to His light ahead. Sometimes we have to go through but we are never alone. May God bring each of us comfort and courage we need for the journey.

  16. Reading over the comments I can’t help but think sounds like satan is up to his old tricks again, attacking folks w their past mistakes.. Satan you are so lame and btw Defeated Already! Cheer up gals and remember we are new creatures in Christ. The old has past and the new is before us. Our savior has forgiven our past and removed our sin as far as the East is from the West. If we find ourselves in the depth of despair, God is with us there. You are not alone. Look at/to Him and He Will lift you up and out. He has promised us an Abundant life. Are you ready for that? Time to exchange your “ingrown eyeballs” (what I call my own condition when I’m so focused on my own problems) and think on what is Good and lovely and Worthy of praise. Today is a new day; rejoice and be glad in it. You are loved!

    1. Amen thank you Stacy this is what I needed as I have been wallowing in fear doubt and disappointments. I definitely need to change my ingrown eyeballs and look until the hills from where cometh my help. Have a blessed day!

  17. Sharon thank you for another powerful word. I am still letting go of a failed engagement two years ago.
    I am moving on wi to my life but the flash backs are still with me but God is helping me to keeping look ahead and not back.

  18. My husband and I have been missionaries in Nicaragua for 22 years. The Lord called him home July 18, 2022. I feel it is God’s will (and my husbands greatest desire for me) to continue the work in Nicaragua. I get discouraged sometimes thinking I can’t do this and I feel so alone sometimes. But I have put my hope in the fact that God said He would never leave me nor forsake me and I cling to this daily. The devotion today was such an encouragement to keep going forward, even in the dark! Thank you for the daily devotions!!

    1. I feel to share a prayer of Timothy Keller:
      All knowing God, You see what is in my heart.
      All powerful God, I don’t have the power to accomplish what needs to be done, so I spread out my request before You.
      All-wise Lord, I know you hear and will act – but I know also I must wait on Your wise timing, and so I will. Amen.
      From His book The songs of Jesus; a year of devotional in the Psalms

  19. Hallelujah! Glory to God! Every time I read your blog, the words speak to what I am going through at that moment. I am so thankful to God for the signs He sends to encourage us.

    We walk by faith and not by sight! Disappointment is a reaction to what is seen. Lord, help us to choose faith!

    Thank you, Sharon, for being God’s vessel.

  20. Thank you for all your encouraging words. My second husband went home to be with the Lord in July, and I have felt stuck ever since then. I’m beginning to see a breakthrough. I believe we must keep in the word and read such uplifting stories and books like you have written. God has blessed you with the gift of encouragement. At 80, it doesn’t always seem like there is much of a future. But that is a lie of the devil. God will make a way. He has before and he will again. I’m His daughter and I know he loves me. After reading so many of the previous comments it seems there is so much pain in life and your ministry is so important. God bless you.

    1. Saying a prayer for you Becky. Extremely sorry for the loss of your husband. Here is a little something from Dayspring that I keep taped to my computer at work:

      You are the Lord’s,
      You are in God’s place
      at God’s perfect time.
      Your days are in His hands,
      and He is your future.
      He has gifted you
      and placed His hand upon you
      to bless you and make you a blessing.
      The burden of making a difference
      is not yours to carry –
      as you seek Him, He will work;
      as you abide, He will bring fruit;
      as you sow, He will give the increase.
      He is your shield
      and your exceeding great reward.

      God Bless!

      1. Post
  21. I am so encouraged reading everyone’s comments. Yes, so many of us have pain but we also know there is a light up ahead and it is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Thank you Sharon for your devotions. They are always encouraging and uplifting! Praise be God our Heavenly Father!!!

    1. Hi, this devotional really spoke to me…I’m from Brazil but lived in the US from 4 years old to almost 14 years old. Now I’m 33 and I’m stuck not being able to forgive. So many people. When I had my encounter with God when I was 15 I thought I had forgiven all the people that had hurt me.

      But during these past years I’ve not been able to forgive people that hurt me in my adult life. I pray asking God to help me, I treat the people that hurt me well… I pray for them. But I still feel the pain when I think about what they’ve done. It’s like I’m holding on to all my pain I’m unable to let go. I’m unable to put first all the good these people have done and I’m stuck on the bad they did against me.

  22. I am still experiencing long Covid after 13 months ago being hospitalized with Covid. I’m disappointed.
    Where to go for medical help?
    Your words spoke to me. God bless!

    1. i thought i was fine with COVID, but i was sent to rehab center in Seal Beach :)(next to the freeway) The people there and the food, i thought were great —not needing to cook was heavenly to me 🙂 AND with people taking care of me 🙂 I thank You Lord for taking care of me, in the name of Jesus. Amen. Lord, please help Gloria, Father, in the name of Jesus. Amen.

  23. Thank you so much because I really been struggling a lot with discouragement but this encouraged me to trust God in faith knowing that everything is going to work out the way he needs it to work out I’ve been walking in darkness but I know that God is Right by My side through it all so I need to keep believing keep faith in God and never stop believing because that’s what the enemy wants me to do and that’s not going to happen as long as I keep praying to God as long as I keep putting him first and trusting his word and his leading please keep me in your prayers God bless you all and thank you so so much

  24. Thanks for the wonderfully story Leaving the Land of Disappointment

    I worked hard all my life and Thank God for blessing me a great career to provide for my love ones and to give some back to society.

    However, my career is entering a disastrous phase, as the current strong USD environment is killing me and my clients’ portfolios.

    It is OK I don’t make alot of money, it pains me everyday to see my clients lose so much. I felt useless, helpless and hopeless. I can only pray that God will bless me the wisdom and help me to help my clients to recover their losses for they are good people.

  25. Thanks for the wonderfully story Leaving the Land of Disappointment

    I worked hard all my life and Thank God for blessing me a great career to provide for my love ones and to give some back to society.

    However, my career is entering a disastrous phase, as the current strong USD environment is killing me and my clients’ portfolios.

    It is OK I don’t make alot of money, it pains me everyday to see my clients lose so much. I felt useless, helpless and hopeless. I can only pray that God will bless me the wisdom and help me to help my clients to recover their losses. Amen

  26. Hi it’s me Jersey again I feel that I have upset God because of my many sins and the further away I get from God my heart gets harder and harder and I feel like it’s almost the end of my life here on this earth and my heart is hardened I don’t know what to do I feel like a horrible person I really need help I don’t have a church to Go to because my parents haven’t found one and it’s the End Times and Im scared because the consequences of my actions I’m so sorry I want to be forgiven I’m sorry

    1. Jersey, Satan use to make me feel like my heart was hardened, don’t believe that lie. Trust God’s word about forgiveness over what your head and feelings say or even over what you think you see. Jesus loves you.

  27. My biggest problem is holding onto grudges and not being able to forgive those people who have wronged me or my family. I tend to always say the wrongs of what those people did. My aunties had to counsel me about it. I realized I still harbor feelings of hurt and anger and want everyone to know the people who are in the wrong doings. That’s when it clicked that I haven’t forgiven that person even though I hug them in public. That’s what my Aunty pointed out and it was a very humbling experience. I made it a commitment not to do that and was very remorseful. So, it takes time to heal but when there’s a will there’s a way out. I made sure that I forgive those people so that God would forgive me and my sins.
    Please pray for me that I truly and sincerely forgive those who have wronged me.

  28. hi everyone it’s me Jersey again I can’t hear God anymore or feel him. I getting further and further away and the things I did in the past are coming to pass and all things are coming out soon and it’s life or death spiritually and my heart is hardened towards God and I cry every day after school because everything around me influences me and Im really lost and I need help I don’t want to lose the only hope I have in Jesus I know that there has to still be hope for me to be with Jesus again and experience what it feels like to be loved by Him but my heart is hardened and pride is in my heart I really need help I don’t know what to do I can’t feel anything anymore I’m sorry God I feel that I’ve failed You

  29. Dear Jersey, please know that I am praying for you. Go in peace and serve the Lord. Jesus has you written on the palm of His hand.

    I Never knew how to forgive. Then one day I watched an old western & the words were spoken that made me laugh as I applied them to myself: “you mean it happened 35 years ago … & they’re still chewing on it?!” I remind myself not to keep chewing on things that happened in the past. Today is a gift from God. Jesus cleansed lepers, healed the blind & performed miracles & hung out with sinners. I am a baptized Christian. My baptism affords me God’s forgiveness of my sins, protection from the devil & eternal life with God. I am an adopted child of God through my baptism. I attend divine service every Sunday (observing His Sabbath Day, weekly sets the tone for my upcoming week) and receive His holy word & sacraments in His Father’s House.

    Our faith will always be tested. Trials & temptation surround us, but God promises He will never leave us or forsake us. Turn to Him & ask Him for guidance and to send His holy angels to look out for you. Keep praying and keep a journal. In one month, look back on your journey and see how far you’ve come with His help. I pray that you will find a good Bible-based church and His peace that passes all understanding. When temptation calls, Do the next right thing. I wish God’s peace over you. He created you for His purpose and loves you. Amen

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