I AM is the God Who Fills in Your Gaps

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Ever feel like you just don’t have what it takes? I often do, and it all started in the first grade.

When I was six years old, I skipped off to school with a new box of crayons, a Swiss–polka dotted dress, and fresh hope that I would be smart. But first grade only confirmed my greatest fear. I was “not enough.”

As soon as my first-grade teacher held up that initial spelling flashcard, I knew I was in trouble. We lined up our miniature wooden chairs in a row like a choo-choo train. The teacher held up a spelling flashcard for us to identify the word. If we missed the word, we had to go to the caboose. I spent most of the first grade in the caboose. I just couldn’t spell to save my life. For some reason, I especially had trouble with the word “the.”

I’ll help her, my teacher must have thought. She made me a nametag that read

t-h-e, and I had to wear it for two weeks. Students came up to me and asked, “Why are you wearing that tag?” “Is your name ‘The?’” “You must be stupid.” “What’s wrong with you?”

Well, I learned how to spell the word the, but that’s not all I learned. I learned I wasn’t as smart as everybody else, and once again, not enough. And even though I ended up doing well in school, many times I’ve still felt like that little girl in the caboose of the spelling train.

Moses was a man who felt he wasn’t good enough. When God spoke to him through a burning bush and called him to lead His people out of Egyptian bondage, he had a big case of the “not good enoughs.”

That’s when he had a one-sided argument with God. Moses told God he was the wrong man for the job. He wasn’t brave enough, strong enough, smart enough, eloquent enough, charismatic enough, or confident enough.

At one point, Moses said, “Suppose I go to the Israelites and say to them, “The God of your fathers has sent me to you,” and they ask me, “What is his name?” Then what shall I tell them?

God said to Moses, “I AM WHO I AM. This is what you are to say to the Israelites: ‘I AM has sent me to you’” (Exodus 3:13-14).

Moses was 80 years old when he had his argument with God at the burning bush. But even the weakest knees in the hands of I AM can become a mighty force to be reckoned with.

I’ll go out on a limb and say that you too, at one time or another, will struggle with feelings of inferiority, insecurity, and inadequacy just like Moses did. And the underlying statement feeding the sense of worthlessness is “I’m not __________ enough.” You can fill that blank in with any number of qualities.

But here’s what we need to remember: Whatever we feel we are not, God is. He is the God who fills in our gaps; He is I AM who fills in our blanks.

  • When we say, “I’m not strong enough,” God says, “I AM.”
  • When we say, “I’m not wise enough,” God says, “I AM.”
  • When we say, “I’m not bold enough,” God says, “I AM.”
  • When we say, “I’m not smart enough,” God says, “I AM.”
  • When we say, “I’m not good enough,” God says, “I AM.”

Once we let go of the lies that we are not enough and take hold of the truth that we are more than enough because of Jesus’s presence and power in us, then we will be set free from paralyzing insecurity and be on our way to experiencing courageous confidence to do everything He calls us to do. It’s time to get out of the caboose and sit up front with the Chief Engineer.

You want to know something amazing? One of my greatest weaknesses as a child was spelling words. And now that is what God has called me to do today…write with words. I stand with Paul who lamented about his weakness: “But he [God] said to me, ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.’ Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me,” (2 Corinthians 12:9 NIV).

That’s what happens when we allow God to fill in our blanks. He turns what we perceive as our greatest weaknesses into our greatest strengths.

What is God calling you to do today? In what areas do you feel that you’re not enough? Oh friend, because of Jesus Christ’s finished work on the cross, and His power in you, you are more than enough! Don’t forget it.

God, I have so many gaps! Thank You for filling them. Thank You for giving me everything I need to do what You have called me to do. Help me to remember to ask for Your supply. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

If you were going to boast in your weaknesses, what would they be? What would God say to you about those weaknesses?

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Do the voices in your head tell you that you are not good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, or just not enough, period? If so, it’s time to stop listening to the lies that sabotage your confidence and start embracing the truth of your true identity in Christ. It’s time to overcome the lies of the enemy with the promises of God.

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  • be preloaded with the truth to fight insecurities
  • walk in the surefooted confidence of God’s unconditional love
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    1. Dalene if you go to the top of the page and click on free resources it will bring you to the page you need to be on for the 7 day mindset. You will have to put in your e-mail address and for 7 days you will receive an e-mail. God bless.

    1. I agree!!! Not a good way to teach at all but we see how God we see how God used it for her good. In all things God works for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. Romans 8:28

  1. this really spoke to me. I have always felt that I was not enough. I did not connect it to my struggles in school. Spelling, math and memorizing were a cruel reality I had to endure while fear of being laughed at and condemned by classmates were always near. I did not connect that to my present fear of failure and fear of not measuring up and therefore fear of rejection. Now I know the root and will chop it off. thank you

  2. Thank you for telling me again how POWERFUL the God I serve is. I am so dishearten about what has happened in our recent election.

    So appreciate the words of encouragement.

  3. I can definitely relate to this story! When I was a second grader I had challenges reading, I was placed in the lowest reading group. Remember reading groups? Of course the entire class knew what reading group you were in. One fall afternoon our reading group had to stay after school for additional help. A storm was rolling in, my twin brother had already left to go home, I was going to have to walk home by myself! I was terrified!! The elementary school my brother and I attended was built in the early 1900’s. The wall of windows were so tall in the classrooms, a wooden pole with a metal hook on the end, was needed to raise and lower the windows. The storm clouds had taken over the skies and created darkness my classroom. I tried not to be afraid, but tears began to roll down my cheeks. There was no way I could focus on reading and my teacher knew this. “Cry baby,” she said, “you can go home!” “Cry baby!” I have not forgotten those words. I made it home, running and walking in the rain, flinching at every crack of thunder. I arrived home soaked. Words hurt. Later in life, I graduated from college with a degree in education. I became a Kindergarten teacher. Now when storms rolls in I pray for calmness and God’s safety.

  4. Thanks so much for the encouragement! When I started working as a writer, I often felt out of my depths. But God showed me in His word that my competence comes from Him. (2 Corinthians 3:5) After that, whenever I felt overwhelmed, I thanked God that my competence comes from Him and trusted that He would see me through, and He did!

  5. I have been struggling with this for quite some time. Starting at a young age to now at age 54. My husband committed adultery and that really did a number on me. I have been working with a Christian counselor and also just did a prayer request with my bible study group about this very thing. Thank you do much.

  6. Just simply thank you…exactly what I needed today… I have fought this battle for so long. Especially, now that I’m divorced from a 16yr marriage/20 yr relationship. I always felt like a single married women thru the realtionship, and after his disclosure…well it hit me hard. I wanna know DEEP inside that I am enough, my family and friends say it. But I want to know truly in my soul and heart that I am worthy of love. You just don’t know how your email has touched my heart this morning. More than words can explain. Thanks again.

    1. Christy,
      Thinking of you and your story…after reading your response it also triggered something else in my almost 17 year marriage. Single and alone but I kept trudging through it only to be left for someone else. I hope and pray that you get through this and being reaffirmed that you were made by Him and he lives you and will never leave you. My heart just feels for you because I know what this feels like and how hard it is.

    2. I also understand and I too went through a divorce with 3children to raise after 14yrs God is true and is for you and blessings will come He is showing you even now in the God moments that surround you. His words are light in a darken world for you.

  7. Wow! This is so timely! Thank You God and Shayron! I am taking the LSAT in the morning. The enemy kept reminding me that I’m not smart enough. God spoke to my heart this morning & i thank Him! I am sufficient in Christ!

  8. When our thoughts about ourselves leads us to doubt our abilities, He sends a word to get us on track and reminds us that He is our “I AM.”
    With Him, nothing is impossible. Thank you so much for that word. Sometimes we need a reminder to set our minds in the right direction.

  9. This was well written with power to defeat the enemies lies against our minds. Also encouraging enough to empower us to trust God to be the I am in our short coming.

  10. When we compare the mission assigned to Moses with what is assigned to us, it is nothing. He has strengthened Moses, Esther ,Nehemiah and very many when faced with seemingly formidable tasks. Why not we ?

  11. Especially as an adult, I’ve struggled with expressing my thoughts verbally and sometimes in writing. God by His grace, has/is removing the fear and the second guessing of “I should have said this, or made that statement clearer” etc. What He gives me now has opened doors and encourages me to speak and even teach in small church groups. I’m slowly learning not to second guess myself, but pray the hearers hear the heart of God, coming through my mouth, whatever the words may be.

  12. This article is all me with the negative thoughts, I’m praying for strength, wisdom and courage to accept myself. Thank you for this article.

  13. Thank you Sharon for this devotional. I can relate to this being in first grade with Miss Morgan over 68 years ago. Can you believe that? Words hurt. Embarrassment would be the word I would use to say how I felt and made to feel stupid. I guess we never get over those memories, but God can heal those words.

  14. Thank you Sharon for this devotional. I can relate to this being in first grade with Miss Morgan over 68 years ago. Can you believe that? Words hurt. Embarrassment would be the word I would use to say how I felt and made to feel stupid. I guess we never get over those memories, but God can heal those words.

  15. Thank you Sharon, for the reminder. It’s not about me or my circumstances. I have ALOT of “I was” statements that come up in conversations. One friend said, “You ate the 21st Century female Job!”. We laughed. But deep down, I felt like I had your tag on me “The”.

    I have lost everything and I keep saying “God is keeping me humble”. And when I say everything… I don’t just mean my business, husband and home. I mean… My only living daughter, 3 babies in heaven, my Mom and family to disputes over child sexual abuses. I have an MA in Christian Ministries. I am living in a small apartment on disability. I think daily, “What is God doing?” It is hard to hold onto hope. But even He supplies that as well.
    Thanks for this devotion, God bless your writing!

  16. PREACH MY SISTER PREACH!!! Whatever the circumstances, problems or situations, we may find ourselves in, our God is the Great I Am. He said never will I leave you or forsake you. Thank you Sharon for sharing and showing your teacher, because of God you are an overcomer of
    her cruelty. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!

  17. What perfect timing Sharon, to so many of us!
    Ive started studying again at 43, as felt God’s guidance… yet I feel the insecure primary school kid in me saying…. you are not smart enough for this…
    So encouraging to remember that God’s strength reflects better in my weakness! Plus, reading the comments helps a lot too…. it seems that the enemy loves to trick many of us to believe such lies… but we can replace them with God’s truth!!! I AM ENOUGH, thank you very much!!! God bless everyone!

  18. This is right on time for me! I’m struggling with some major changes in my life, and I am trying to trust in God’s direction with the changes that are occurring. I do keep telling myself and even God that I’m not… or I can’t… This devotion was a great reminder that although I, in and of myself, cannot, God CAN!!🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

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