Grabbing Hold

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He sat behind me in the airplane. He didn’t speak, but I felt him rummaging about. His occasional kicks and presses against the back of my seat. Little boy noises. Restless, “get me out of here,” stirrings.

And then I saw fingers. Five little fingers exploring the space between my and my neighbor’s seats.

Little finger tips. Then a hand. A well-suited arm.

boy poking hand2











I held up my hand  to the space filled with trust, and he grabbed hold. No fear. Just trust.

boy grabbing hand

Jesus’ words painted with little  fingers. “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.” Mark 10:14-15

“Like a child of God…” Simple trust. Unadulterated faith. Reaching through the space and grabbing hold. Groping through the cracked and broken places of life and grasping tight. A Sudden Glory.


That is my prayer for you this weekend. Grab hold. Grasp tightly. Trust.


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Comments 12

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this post…. It was a perfect reminder and more importantly confirmation of what the Lord has been speaking to me this weekend.

  2. I appreciate the message….Timely since lately I have been having difficulty figuring out who to trust when everyone is claiming to be following God. I’m waiting for God to tell me. Jesus light that bush!

  3. May each and every mother be filled with His presence , guided by His love, nurtured with His Truth, & project His grace in all she does. Mothers Day 😉

  4. Hi sharon

    I want to thank you for your word written today. Last night I was parying for my marriage and asking God if there are things in these trials to which I contrubute too , please Lord show them to me. And this morning your word on STINKING THINKING REVEALED so much of the contribution I was giving in silence which was affecting the relationship. Thank you for teaching me to Sieve my thoughts through the word of Phillipians 4.

    Keep up the goods work of Kingdom ministry. God bless Oriana.

  5. Thank you sharon for keeping this ministry. May the Lord give you strength and word to continue. You help me and a lot of women out there. Every devotion is you write help me in my life. Whether it for friends or family our myself personnel! This devotion helped to remind me of things in my life.

    I couldn’t get into your blog for this one devotion that talk to us about our children. You ask to type our children’s names. I am a parent who was bless with two step children. One daughter (Rachel) and she is married and has three children of her own and my son in-law is wonderful. He is a good man. And the there is my step son (Dan) he is 30 and my husband and I don’t here of him. We still don’t know why. All we know is that he was in college and had a girl friend and we think he graduated. He is a very smart in school, but we don’t know what went wrong. The last time we heard of him was when he need help with a loan for college and we did col-sign, but after that we have not seen or heard from him. My husband has tried to get in touch with him through email and his sister but still nothing. My husband and I have to girl together and one is high school and the other is in middle school. So I would like you to pray for all my children. Will start with the oldest Dan, Rachel and her family and Jessica and Christina. God Blessed me with wonderful children. Never knew I was going to have four, but it has been good. Again, thank you for you devotion. God Bless you and your family.
    Your friend and sister in the Lord

  6. As I sometimes struggle with walking by faith and mor by sight. This is a great example of trusting. Waiting with expectation and trusting throughout th,e journey. Thank you

  7. Thank you for your god given world of wisdom. I have tried to do it without god and always make a mess. Love you and our lord.

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