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I’m posting over at Proverbs 31 Ministries again today. I just love linking arms with those women! I wanted to share this post with you too. Be sure and read to the end and leave a comment to be eligible for a free Enough bracelet!

My son played on his high school’s basketball team when he was a teenager. We loved sitting in the bleachers and cheering him on. At one of the games, I noticed a man on the home side of the court videotaping the game. I also noticed a man on the opposing side doing the same thing.

“Steve, who are those men with the video cameras, and why are they recording the game?” I asked my husband.

“The guy in the opposing stand is from the team that we’ll be playing next week,” he explained. “He is recording the game to study our weaknesses, so our opponents will know where to attack and defeat us. The man on our side is also looking for weakness but for a different reason. He will show our team their weaknesses so they can learn from them and improve … to make them better. Same video. Different purposes.”

That truth hit me hard. I don’t know much about sports, but I do know a bit about how the devil works. He records our lives and looks for our weaknesses to bring us down — to plan his attack, to defeat us. He’s looking for ways to trip us up at just the opportune time. (Luke 4:13)

But remember, there were two men recording my son’s game. There was also one on our side. Just as the accuser is against you, there is someone else who is for you.

Before Jesus went to the cross, He assured His followers that He would not leave them as orphans. (John 14:18) He promised to send the Spirit, the Helper, (John 15:26) who would encourage, enlighten, empower and intercede for all believers. (Romans 8:26) And then Jesus gave the Spirit a name: the Advocate. “But the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you” (John 14:26).

An advocate is someone who is for you and acts on your behalf. Yes! He is for you! And one of the ways He is for you is to convict you of sin — something you’ve done that is contrary to God’s ways. However, He will never reveal a weakness, a sin, or a flaw in your life just for the sake of exposing it. He always reveals a deficit because it’s time to make it right — to conform you to the image of the Son. The Holy Spirit awakens your senses to an area of your life that you need to change and then helps you do it. He shows you the video and says, “Right there. See that move? Let’s work on that area and improve your game.”

Isn’t that what Jesus did with Peter? After Peter denied he knew Jesus three times, the devil showed him the “video,” and the rooster crowed “shame, shame, shame.”

However, after Jesus’ resurrection, Jesus showed Peter the same “video” and asked him three times, “Simon son of John, do you love me more than these? … Feed my sheep” (John 21:15a, 17b, NIV). It was the same situation but with a different purpose. The devil wanted Peter to feel disqualified; Jesus was calling him to get back in the game.

While the accuser points out your weakness and makes you feel defeated, the Advocate points out your weakness so you can overcome. It’s the same scenario but seen from a different perspective. So tell me, whose voice are you going to listen to? Whose voice are you going to believe? The voice we listen to determines our destiny.

Remember this today: The Advocate is for you! Jesus is for you! God is for you!

Lord, thank You for being for me. When I play back the life “video” in my mind of weakness and failures, help me not get stuck there, but grow there. Thank You for the power of the Holy Spirit to make necessary changes to be conformed to the image of Christ. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Enough BraceletWhich condemning lies of the enemy have you been listening to lately? What do you think God would say about those particular lies?

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Do the voices in your head say you’re not good enough, smart enough, pretty enough … or just not enough, period? It’s time to stop listening to the lies that sabotage your confidence and embrace the truth of who God says you are. In my latest book, Enough: Silencing the Lies that Steal Your Confidence, you’ll learn how to recognize the lies, reject the lies and replace the lies with truth. Enough includes a Bible study guide.

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Comments 272

  1. Lies the devil keeps telling me are that I cant get past PTSD and trauma from domestic violence that I have. My God would say I am a treasure and that with Him all things are possible. Out of my pain and hurt, victory and testimony will happen to not only Glorfiy Him, but also help others down the road.

    1. Satan has been lying to me about my ability to work due to illness. God is telling me, I have you,my child”. God pushes me through each day when Satan tells me to give up. Thank you my Lord 🙏

    2. Dear Keri,

      I know your emotional state first hand as I too experienced domestic abuse. It seems to take such a long time to work through the pain but be encouraged, you’ll get through it with the Lord’s help, guidance and wisdom. I’m lifting you in prayer before our heavenly Father and ask that you’d kindly pray for me too.
      💖 God bless you, keep you, heal you and give you His hope. I pray that He will use your sorrowful situation and heartache to help others, minister to them and be a blessing in their lives.

  2. This is what I needed. I been getting stuck in parts of my past and feeling awful for it but now I see it from a different perspective. Now I can look at it differently not just as my failing moments. Thank you for this.

  3. Thank you for the reminder that God is for us! I start my day every morning reading your devotionals and it is always very uplifting. God bless you all.

  4. For some time, I’ve been seriously battling thoughts that I’m condemned and not loved by Jesus anymore. It literally has been a daily struggle. After silently crying out to Jesus for help, I opened up my email and saw this. I feel a whole lot better now after reading this. I really do think God is trying to tell me I’m not condemned 🙂 Thank you Jesus and Sharon for this eye opening and stress relieving post.

  5. The enemy regularly tries to tell me that I’m a loser that keeps messing things up. However, God isn’t looking for me to be perfect but to trust in Him who is perfect! May God continue to bless your ministry, Sharon! It has been a blessing to me and my family.

  6. I’ve been listening to the lie that I have failed miserably and that I will not get a good job again! That the decks are stacked against me and that I’m not worthy. That noone believes in me and I’ve lost all credibility. Feel so ashamed. I just need to let go of these worries and feelings of defeat. Trying to not cry so much and believing God to be the Way Maker and do a miracle in my life!

    1. I love this devotion as well!!! I’ve been through some “stuff” in my past-some voluntary, unfortunately (stupid choices), and some involuntary. Needless to say, I’ve overcome a lot. But, I didn’t do it alone. God was there with me each step of the way. I truly believe that if I didn’t have my faith, I wouldn’t be here today. I’ve been in that darkness that can suck the life right out of you and make you believe you’re not worthy of anyone or anything. But by the grace of God, I have not only lived to tell about it, I have come out on the other side of it with my head lifted high! Do not give up! That is exactly what Satan wants you to do. Don’t give him that power cause honestly, he doesn’t have any unless you give it to him. He’s already lost so don’t do anything to give him a small “win”. He’ll just laugh about another statistic. I know that seems harsh but it’s truth.

      About that job- you hang in there and keep praying – hard. I’ve been there too with different jobs from hell. But you’ve got to remember that most of the time, in order for you to get that better job, first, you need to do your part in the search. God has to make way for you in your new position. This usually means moving someone else to another job and/or position. So, there’s a bigger picture here. It’s not just you that He’s helping and working on. It’s other people too. And their families as well. Just thought that’d help. Remember who you are and Whose you are and never give up. He loves you. Have a blessed day! 🙂

  7. I so needed this today! I have felt so lost lately and this has changed my prospective on things. Thank you so much for your lesson!
    God bless and have a fantastic weekend ❣️

    1. When I listen to the voice in my head instead of God’s truth, I get exhausted and negative. I become very “woe is me”ish. Sorry for myself because I’m such a mess. God doesn’t think I’m a mess. He sees me as a wonderful loving woman Thank you Lord. Let me never listen to anyone but YOU!!

  8. condemning lies of the enemy have you been listening to lately? What do you think God would say about those particular lies?

    The enemy wants me to forget Who I belong to when I get distracted and unsure as I am working on my college degree near graduation. The enemy wants me to feel hopeless when I worry about youth of the world. The enemy wants me to believe relationships can’t be rebuilt. God is saying and reminding me of Jeremiah 29:11 That He has good plans for me, for our youth and for our relationships. God also reminding us that He is the One, as mentioned in this article, that sees ANOTHER view of our circumstances…and is our hope.

  9. The lies that I have been listening to are that I am not good enough, never was; that I didn’t raise my children right or they will not be prodigals; that I followed the wrong people and messed too much for God to give me another chance to help me with my finance and my job.
    I am a child of God, sometimes I fail, but He loves me unconditionally and He rejoices when I come to Him with all my hears and with prayer, with mourning and thanksgiving; God is concerned about every area of my life, He knows the hairs on my head; I can do all thing sthrough Christ who strengthens me.
    I just need to put all this into practice, I need so much help for that.

    1. Waiting on an unanswered prayer. Reminders keep whispering God has this, His timing is the right timing & then the devil of fear tries to sneak in. Why so long, why isn’t this easier, discouragement worries. Then God sent me your e-mail reminding me we have the Precious gift of the Holy Spirit to lift us out of weakness & to hear loud & clear God has this unanswered prayer, hang on alittle longer. It will be all right because God has this unanswered prayer! There is a reason & as it unfolds I too will have a precious story to share.

  10. The last two weeks the same “video” has played over and over pointing out where I have failed in my service to God. I had been listening to the enemy and felt defeated, weak and as if there was no hope for me to move forward in my life and ministry at church. God has also pointed out the same weaknesses but has shown me in scripture that it is not hopeless and has allowed my friends to speak tough love and life into those weak areas to show me how to change my thinking and behavior to be used by God.

  11. Thank you for such a wonderful reminder this morning. The enemy has been showing me too many videos lately and I am tired of hearing I am not enough. I struggle with this lie as a working mom of 4 young kids who is stretched thin. I feel like I am not good enough at what I do and then too worn out to give my best for my children. I need to silence that enemy. I would so love that bracelet as a reminder that I am enough and God has me positioned just where He needs me! Thank you for your beautiful words!

  12. Some of the lies are that am not pretty enough, not smart enough, and getting to old that’s why my husband left me for another young lady a coworker…but God its being telling me that he won’t leave me or forsake me that he make diamond out of my dust because literally my hear were shatter to a millions of pieces but God faithfulness..i am here reading and staying up trust in his redemption.

  13. Recently one of my nurses decided to transfer to another department and my other nurse was struggling in her role. Overall our department had made great strides during the past 1 1/2 years. But the administration decided that instead of replacing my one nurse, they were going to restructure my department. It has been a roller coaster of emotions, mainly making me feel undervalued and that my work and input are meaningless. My workload has increased significantly and my days are spent reacting to problems rather than being proactive. I have been in daily prayer about this situation and God brought the scripture verses Colossians 3:23-24 to me about working for Him, not for man. I want to exemplify grace and I know my value and worth come from who I am in my union with Christ not from my role as a Nurse Manager, not from the organization’s view of me or my performance. God is for me and I need to listen to His voice and continue to keep my focus on the One who is the “Author and Pioneer of my faith.”

  14. I have been comparing myself and feeling defeated. God is my advocate and wants to show me truth rather than the lies Satan has been trying to paralyze me with. Thank you God for your everlasting love and truth❤️

  15. I have been listening to lies like; “You aren’t good enough!”, “You will never be enough!”, “This is why your children don’t want to be around you!!”, “This is why you will NEVER have a healthy relationship with your children!!”, “You Don’t Deserve Better!!!”. The Truth that God wants me to believe is that I AM ENOUGH!, I will have a healthy relationship with my children, He Loves Me, His Grace & Mercy are Enough. I am in awe at His Greatness! He wraps His arms around me with His everlasting love & forgiveness when I fall at His feet broken beyond belief. He Is Awesome! He is ALL I Need!

  16. Good Morning Sharon and Thank you for this message! I struggle with staying focused when I pray…thoughts come rushing in from all sides…I know this is a weakness that the devil grabs hold to…I always pray for God to come in and take over my heart and mind…giving me His peace and strength over the matters of my heart.

  17. I have listened to the enemies lies about lack since my divorce in 2013. The fear from losing everything allowed the enemy to whisper ” this is the way it will be; you won’t have enough for you and your children” but thanks be unto God that The Holy Spirit voice overpowers the enemies voice to remind me that wealth and riches are in my house and I continue to stand on my faith and the promises of God which are yes and Amen. God promised that He would never leave me not forsake me so I trust Him and I know that He will supply my every need according to His riches and glory!!!🙌🙌🙌

  18. I truly enjoyed your post about Enough! I have been serving Christ since I was 8 years old. I’m 54 now. I don’t I ever saw the Holy Spirit as my advocate in this way before. Thank you for an eye opening awareness that I pray I never forget! He’s on my side to reveal my weaknesses so I can improve my game! To God be the glory.

  19. Lie – I’m not loveable – been divorced12 yrs and still single -yes God loves me he shows me daily but oh how I long to be held -yes I would struggle to keep God family job order correct but don’t we all?

  20. Can I be completely honest? Every lie the enemy throws at me I remind him who I am who I belong to. I point him to My Jesus and remind him He died for me and He loves me so go talk to him about it. Grace Grace thank Jesus for your Grace!!!!!

  21. I came over from Proverbs 31 to tell you how timely your message is for me today. How I reached almost 60 years old and still struggle with the little girl’s cracked beliefs about her value is hard to believe. God IS for me. The Holy Spirit IS my advocate. The abandonment of me by my mother as a child is NOT who I am.

    Thank you Lord. Help me remember this Truth going forward

    1. I’ve been struggling greatly for the past 8 months. My elderly mom lived with us for almost 4 years. I couldn’t do it anymore and after talking to a brother, we moved her to an assisted living residence. But oh the guilt! God will never use me again because I dishonored her! Your article today was very encouraging. Thank you.

  22. This is exactly what God has been trying to speak to me. He desires truth in the inward parts but when he reveals things I reject it and hide it away not allowing his healing and power. Praying I can get unstuck!

    1. I know what you are all talking about. The devil will try to distract you when you’re praying. He’ll tell you that you’re not one of God’s children,that you are not saved. Don’t believe him! Read your Bible,God loves you.Our God is the only true living God. Jesus Christ ,our Lord & Savior. There is no other.

  23. The enemy keeps telling me that I am not smart enough and will never succeed. I find it hard to make friends and feel that there is something unlikable about me. God says I am enough the way I am. I am made in His image and was born to glorify him and no one else.

  24. Thank you for this word today. I often hear from the enemy that I’m not enough and don’t pray enough, etc,etc. But God! He says I am enough and His Spirit will guide me to be even better. Thank God for His grace and His Spirit to advocate for us and to be a help in times of trouble.

  25. The enemy feeds on my ‘there is never enough time’. Then God shows me that time is precious and is revealing the areas of time not spent for Him. This encourages me to make changes. Changes in habits, priorities and most importantly, my heart. Thank you Lord.

  26. Because of Prior sexual abuse and promiscuity I truly believed I was not pure enough to be loved and treated right by anyone God gave me the opportunity to know that because of His son’s blood I am good enough and the things that happened to me don’t make me me

  27. Wow! This is powerful! Thank you so much for that lesson, that example. It really is a great analogy to teach that truth! I’m so thankful that my God does not see my weaknesses and consider me disqualified or not enough, but instead He loves me and wants to grow me so that I can overcome the weakness by His strength and help.
    Thank you, Sharon, for this word!

  28. Yes! I literally just preached a message on this on Sunday. So much confirmation!
    Lie: I am not good enough (in my marriage, as a person, as a child of God, etc.)
    Truth: I am fearfully and wonderfully made (made according to Gods perfect intentions)
    My sins were like scarlet, but now they are white as snow (I am forgiven for my mistakes)
    He first loved me. He chose me (Jn 15). He proved His love for me on the cross.
    I am more than “good enough”, I am wholly loved by my Father!

  29. The lie that I’m hearing lately is things in my life will never change. The past several years have been nightmarish to say the least. Satan knows that Jesus can redeem everything, but he’s trying to get me focused on how weak and helpless I am to change the circumstances and how God isn’t really in my corner or none of this would be happening.
    God would say, “My Child, I have plans for you. My plans may not look good, but they are good.” “I’ve got you and your family right in the Palms of These Mighty Hands.” “I’ve been there way before you were born and I’m going to see you through until the end.”

  30. The enemy keeps trying to tell me that I am a bad person, not a good Mom. God is telling me, that past mistakes have been forgiven, that change can be made. But oh, do I need his help. Loved your devotion, thank you.

  31. Thank you. I want to remember to be in Jesus looking at my video and not look with my mind that is sometimes full of fiery darts! Thankful for Him leaving His Spirit here to teach us. Thank you for the reminder!

  32. This ties in with the study from my discipleship training this week. We talked about how we need to listen to the Holy Spirit better so we can walk closer to God. He will convict us not condemn us… #enough

  33. You’re not enough to do…… fill in the blanks. This lie hits hard when I try to do spiritual ministry and others seem more capable to do it.

  34. The lies of the enemy can seem more truthful than truth itself when under attack.
    John 8:44- When he (Satan) lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

    When Satan appeared to Jesus during forty days of fasting, Jesus had to continually voice scripture and Satan ultimately fled….unfortunately until a more opportune time. This means he will be back. I’ve learned the hard way you have to be prepared with scripture. Our battle is a spiritual one. Put on that armor of God!

    The key in freedom (from lies) is through His powerful word.

  35. Amen. He makes us brave, He says we can, we are, we will, and our victory is through His strength when we can’t stand up by our own.

  36. What a wonderful way to start the day! Knowing that no matters what happens today God is for me. The Holy Spirit will guide me and keep me on the right path. Thank you for sharing your gift of writing with the world You are a blessing to all those who choose to listen and seek. God bless you!

  37. The enemy wants me to believe the lie that I am not good enough to be a child of God. When he attacks me I pray for increased faith. Lord help my unbelief!

  38. When you have been fighting since the age of 5 to deflect the spurs and disrespect of your own bidtpy, the voice of the devil roars like a lion. Your story resonated louder then the lion and has awoken my desire to come back, to try and hear His voice. Thank Y ou.

  39. The Enemy has been trying to show me that I’ll never be successful in buying a house and coming out from under my debt when I know God does not want me to a borrower, but to be debt free. I’m learning how to do this through Financial Peace University with Dave Ramsey.

  40. Great illustrations! Scripturally on point. Always a great reminder that we can decide the voice to listen to and it will determine our thoughts and habits!thank you for bringing this word. Blessings!

  41. Thank you for the devotion today on whose voice wil you listen to. The story of two videos was a perfect picture to visualize the situation and how two can be doing the same thing but different perspectives of the meaning of it.
    I truly would love to win this bracelet …this has been by 2019 journaling journey of being enough.

    Thank you Sharon for all you do.

  42. The devil has been whispering lately that I can’t handle, shouldn’t put up with, my husbands declining health and abilities. God is giving me strength to persevere! Amen.

  43. The condemning lie I’ve been listening to is You’ll never get out of debt, you’re going to have a hard retirement. There is no hope for your husband’s agonizingly difficult job.

    God says, all things are possible. The plans I have for you are good, to give you a hope and a future!

  44. The lie the enemy uses against me most is that I’m significant. I could leave everything I’m doing and no one would even miss me. After years of complex trauma, I had ingrained into my thinking that everything is somehow…MY fault. If only I were thinner, prettier, smarter, quieter etc. THEN everyone will love me, until then NO ONE can. Thank you for making clear what the enemy would love to keep confusing. If God be for US, who could ever be against??

  45. I have been listening to lies that I am fat & not worthy. I know it is not true but boy is Satan persistent!
    I would love to win the Enough bracelet to remind me everyday that I am enough, no matter what size/ shape my body is.

  46. Sharon, thank you for this message. The way you use a basketball game to illustrate what Jesus does for us makes so much sense. It’s so much better to see life from this perspective than from the ‘disqualified’ one. Thank you!

  47. I have spent the last month watching old VHS home movies to prepare them to be digitized. It is funny how watching them so many years later through eyes made wiser by decades of life experience, I saw everything with a different perspective. The girl on the film (me) was so busy, trying so hard to portray the perfect life…always afraid she didn’t measure up. She worked so hard at Life that she missed the joy of living. I am so thankful for that day back in 1981 when Jesus came into my life and through His uncontitional love, tender mercy and amazing grace, began His good work in me. I am still a work in progress, but the Holy Spirit is a patient teacher, who never tires of reaffirming who I am in Christ. I watch those films today through tears of joy I am grateful for the wonderful memories and the beautiful life that God gifted me. No shame, no regrets because He has used everything for my good and for His glory.

  48. The enemy condemns me when I focus on regrets and failures in my life…broken relationships, wrong choices and failure to love others as I should. Regrets are useless thoughts that plant failure in my brain so much so that I see no good in me. I csnnot change the past. I can only live the life I have left…live the life in front of me with the forgiveness I received from Jesus. His Word strengthens me and gives me hope. I can’t get enough of it.

  49. ThankYou for this today. I had a phone call this morning from somewhere I have just started to volunteer at. I’d cashed the til using the wrong button. Only been there twice to finish the day alone. Of course Satan came in saying don’t return you don’t need this. I had been quietly praying about it then along cane your message on Bible gateway. ThankYou God for putting Your gentle servants message in the right place at the right time. I’m in England please pray for our government turmoil at this present time. ThankYou

  50. That I can’t do this by myself. That I’m not fit enough, strong enough or enough of a planner. God would tell me that’s not true, that he made me to do great things and I’m enough.

  51. I truly enjoyed reading your writings this morning. A reminder of how much God does love us and His Holy Spirit is our advocate. How reassuring your articles are of how much Christ does love us.

  52. Right now it enough for everyone I love. Sick father, pregnant daughter, son and husband not getting time, and missing work to help father. To make matters worse I am a preschool teacher and God is calling me to quit. I help provide for my household. Okay JUMP!!!!

  53. The devil wants me to believe that I can’t make it through this difficult season of life and that I will never change. God wants me to believe that He will enable me to make it through this season and that He will change me and mold me into the woman He created me to be.
    Wonderful devotion and illustration! Thank you!

  54. I hear the enemy say you’ll never change… look at your attitude, it’s still prideful..

    The Lord says… rest in Me… i’ll cause the change… remember, I provide the seed…

  55. Not until i started listening&believing through faith what God breathed in the bible. I had negative influences (enemy lies) in my life, I believe I’ll never be anything good enough. When I had enough of those negative voices, I turned to Jesus &what He did for me on the cross; anyone that wants a life of victory.
    He healed my thoughts, Isaiah 26:3 healed my soul Deuteronomy 4:29 & my body Isaiah 53:5. I walked around with these sculptures & others in my pocket determind I was going to find a new voice to listen too. 2 years of this I walked in a Christian book store came across bookmarkers with everyone’s name. I found my name its meaning and a scripture. The meaning Kimberly Royal Meadow; my scripture Isaiah 26:3 of which I meditated on when neg. thoughts what come to my mind. I couldnt believe how God showed me He is listening & would change my everything! I could testify how good He has guided me to a life filled with love & purpose. I seek others especially women & speak His goodness, that are loved by an excellent God & they have amazing life to live with His guidance. 15 years later, i am free & know I am/We are ENOUGH with Him as our Lord &Savior!! Listen to His voice, He is amazing & good always! Trust what the bible says, He is alive! Amen

  56. At this season of my life (older woman) every now and then the lie that creeps up in me is when I focus on a desire I had and prayed about which I will be transparent here was to (get married) after praying many years and God never answered. The evil one would remind me of my past sins,and have me feeling ugly and not worthy of Gods love or anything I prayed about.
    But God would remind me of Romans 8:1 “There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.”
    We must replace lies with God truths…
    Stay encouraged ladies.
    And thank you for this devotional

  57. I love being reminded of Jesus response to Peters betrayal.
    As women I think that is the enemy’s prime tactic. We are not good enough, don’t measure up, fail fall short. Endless lists. I have to verbally remind myself I am His beloved !
    Lessons like this one are a treasure I read over and over.

  58. I like thr way that the basketball games and the video taping, were turned into a purpose of God. How the devil wants to look ahead of our lives and destroy us . But God sees the video and our faults and wants to help us be a better person! The advocate is for you, Jesus is for you, God is for you.

  59. I really struggle with listening to the enemy’s lies instead of God’s truth. I struggle with depression every fall and it’s because I let the devil fill my head with lies and tear me down. I want to break this terrible cycle. Your book sounds like just what I need!

    1. Thank you Sharon for that truth!
      I’ve been struggling with a habit that is not pleasing to our Lord, & “I’ve” been trying…..but
      The truth is that my advocate will help me overcome & will remind me that He is for me not against me…..
      Thank you those words that I will hold close to my heart ❤️ & together we will achieve victory

      In His loving name

  60. This is the gospel of GRACE you’re sharing today! Grace… this great power working in us by His Spirit to transform us, Christ in us, the hope of glory. Thank you so much. I needed this reminder! The enemy is relentless, but the always-redemptive love of God is eternally relentless and TRUE. I love your statement… the voice we listen to determines our destiny. I’m going to fight this battle by worshiping the One whose victory is complete and completely mine. And then watching the right “video” with Him… what a great picture! Speak to each of us today, Lord, and give us this hope of carrying Your glory. The hope of being transformed over and over again by Your grace. Thank you, Jayne.

  61. My husband and I are having marital problems due to his alcoholism and the devil is constantly working to tell him/us we can’t succeed and break free of this situation.

  62. I am so thankful that God is in my life and that I listen to Him and His truth. Trusting in God has healed me from cancer twice in my life and helped me overcome many big hurdles in life. I choose God every day!

  63. I’m always amazed at the perfect timing of these devotions. I’ve been struggling hard lately with feeling I’m not enough, feeling that I spent more of my life not listening to God than listening to him, losing family and friendship because of selfish ways, and trying hard to feel Gods love and forgiveness. I see anxiety in my children and hope I didn’t cause it, I was in a bad place when raising them. I know I’m making progress, but I fail so easily and listen to the Accuser! Thank you for the analogy, it truly will help me.

  64. Today’s message was really good – the basketball video made it so real for me how we have an Advocate and an Enemy working at the same time. Good choice of metaphor!
    You could extend that idea in another devotion – I used to pray my children’s teams would win ( of course, they didn’t always win) and I kind of knew it wasn’t Gods will.
    We don’t always “win” in this life either, but it is all in His plan. Our losses do more for us spiritually than our wins ever could. I’ve had successes in my life and deep heartaches. I know which events have stretched me, grown me, and glued me closer to Christ – and its not the successes!

  65. The lies I keep believing are that I’m ugly and not good enough. I know thinking these things breaks God’s heart. I know that neither of these lies are true- but yet I keep playing them over and over in my head. I have spent most of my life struggling with this and I’m tired.

  66. I think that Satan uses that same line on all mothers, especially single mothers. ” You are not a good Mom”. We all struggle but GOD is faithful and I needed your reminder “GOD is for me always.” Thank you for your encouragement.

  67. Thank you Sharon for this beautiful analogy! I can just hear Jesus asking Peter “Do you love me?”…Also I can see my Jesus at the right hand of the Father pleading my case❤️(Being my advocate✝️ Love it!

  68. I enjoy your ministry. It reaffirms I am not alone in this world and I appreciate the Bible verses you tie into your message. Thank you for your honesty

  69. I’ve been believing that I’m doing okay and doing enough for God instead of asking God if there is more He wants me to do and something bigger to be involved in.

  70. I am enough. I have made mistakes that have taken time to get through and I have made hard decisions that have made my heart sad. But today, through the strength of Christ, I know that I am enough. No matter how many mistakes or anything else. I am not only enough, I am chosen worthy and beloved!

  71. I run an outreach ministry at my church and when we don’t get anyone asking for help in a week I start to feel like I am doing something wrong or people don’t like what I am doing. I need to remember maybe the residents of the town don’t need food or clothing that week or worse can’t get to us because of transportation.
    I have to keep telling myself “ when they need my services they will come to me “

  72. Me to Myself: You are dull and boring, and there’s no reason anyone should listen to you for anything. They’re all looking at you like you’re stupid, and you are.

    My God to Me: My sweet child, I made you with my own loving hands. I made your mind and your mouth and heart myself. I know you, inside and out. You are smart, funny, and worthy to be loved and heard, because I love you with a dying love. And what I say goes, because I’m your Daddy.

  73. I love how Sharon writes about our relationship with the Lord. This illustration made perfect sense to me and it helps to reminded that God is for us always. We just need to believe Him, not the lies that may be in our heads. Thank you, Sharon

  74. Thank you for this. God knew I needed it today. I have been listening to the voice that says, “ you aren’t happy with him” and “how can we do this?” I want to listens only to Christ because I know his will and desire for my marriage. Increase my faith Lord and cast out my fear.

  75. For the last two years, I have hated myself for mistakes made as a mother while my children were growing up. I have lost my husband to suicide, two of my five children to death (separate car accidents) and now have lost two to life because pf my failures. They, at the present time, are wanting nothing to do with their mother. God has lead me to your devotionals, to “Great Bible Study.com, and to a Christian counselor to help me realize that every time I dwell on the past and don’t forgive myself of my past failures and wrong choices, I am not accepting the truth about what Jesus has done for me on the cross. The way I see myself is not an accurate picture of what Christ has done for me. It is basically denying the work that Jesus accomplished for me on the cross and am saying “He is not enough”. Now, I can thank you, Jesus, for accepting me as I am; a born again, forgiven AGAIN, sanctified by the blood of Jesus Christ, CHILD OF GOD! He HAS forgiven me and I am praying that my children will too. I know He has heard these prayers and am praying that He will answer them in my lifetime. But… He is the One that truly matters!!!

  76. My sons are with their dad for a season. They left because they didn’t want to respect my rules and have accepted bribes and manipulation instead. They’ve purposefully been kept from wanting to spend time with me. God has promised they are coming home. Now, as they are wanting to be with me more, the enemy is trying to manipulate our time together. Focusing on God’s promise more than the enemy’s schemes is a challenge. But I know I already have the victory and will continue to trust God until He releases them to come home.

  77. This has spoken to me so much that I couldn’t help but finally realize that I am enough ,that I see myself as sufficient no matter what people think.

  78. The enemy keeps interfering in my marriage filling me with thoughts that I would be better off divorced then dealing with really what is stupid stuff. I have a husband who adores me, loves God and loves our kids. I need to remind Satan he has no place.

  79. Right now, God is telling me to trust Him to give me “a future and a hope.” I believe God will “restore what the locusts had destroyed.”
    Satan (and the world) tells me, don’t retire early to care for a grandchild. You need more money. This kind act won’t repair any broken relationships.
    But Ha! Satan is a liar! My God will prevail!

  80. Your books have certainly helped me to understand who I am in Christ …and NOT the ugly duckling (the lie) I believed I was for the majority of my years! I recently turned 60, and rejoice as never before because of His love, healing from recent breast cancer, and passion to encourage other women NOT to believes the lies!

  81. i love this! it is so true that there are always two points of view … with everything. we need to attune our ears to hear the Truth and keep our eyes focused on what lies ahead. the enemy will always do his best to pull us back. he is so manipulative, but God’s grace and love are far more impactful.

  82. What a timely reminder. Thank you! And thank God, who not only offers his love and grace, but gave us an intercessor and advocate in his Son and the Spirit. What peace he offers. Let me always listen for that voice!

  83. Always failing God! Believing He’s so disappointed in me! The truth is God is for me!! Must believe this truth no matter how I feel!

  84. Thank you for this post! Satan has been yelling in my head for a while now, bringing up past sin and shame and old wounds that all bring with them old mindsets. Some of them are that nothing I do is enough, I’m taken for granted, everyone else’s “stuff” seems to be more important…etc. But, I keep reminding myself that God said I don’t have to be enough for anyone because He is and He deemed me and the whole world worthy to be redeemed of all sin and iniquity because He loves all of us equally. His blood covers all our “stuff”. His grace is sufficient and His mercies are new every morning. He cares about everything I care about and when I stop and surrender everything to Him and rest in the knowledge of who He is and who I am in Him, I find peace and joy. He pursues me constantly because He wants relationship with me and longs for me to know Him and let Him take all my “stuff” and replace it with more of Him which results in me being transformed into the person He’s created me to be for the glory of Him and His kingdom…and that’s a person He can use to bless others with and in so doing spread the Gospel if Christ. <3
    God bless you.

  85. Sometimes I feel so burdened about the relationship with a family member. I pray for God to carry me through and guide me in the Christ like way.

  86. Only God promises you Jerimiah 29:11. He had a plan for you. Keep your eyes focused on him and he will guide you. He truly is a lamp unto our feet. Walk in is his light.

  87. I just had an 11 year friendship end because I didn’t believe/condone Satan’s lies regarding homosexuality, especially in the area of church leadership. While I mourn the loss of this friendship, the Spirit has brought me peace that my convictions are God spoken and Bible based rather than the lies that Satan is spreading throughout society. Peace in my soul trumps earthly friendship!

  88. Thank you, I really needed to hear this today. I lead a ministry at my church, but the pastor has been dumping criticism about it on me for months….I’m so discouraged. But I’ve been listening to the wrong voice. I need to let God speak to my heart because he will help me to find the right way forward.

  89. My heart is troubled by the lies that I am not good enough… as I approach an “empty nest” …and have been a stay at home mom for 15 years. I know the Lord has me where he wants me yet, what is my purpose? What kind of work can I do now for you Lord?

  90. It’s so important for me to remember God is for me. I have been working through a challenging situation for a long time. I pray and ask God for direction and to reject the lies of the evil one. I continue to look for the growth and seek his treasures in the darkness.

  91. God is amazing! I struggle with depression and low self esteem. The Lord reminds me that his love is so powerful and I’m not perfect! He gave his life for all of us. He turns off the videos of yesterday and shows the new in his word🙏. God blessed me and I will thank him everyday. Amen

  92. Very good post that I can definitely relate to. I listened to the “voice” for years that said I was to blame for childhood sexual abuse and could never be “enough.” I started listening to the “Advocate” several months ago and with counseling and a Spiritual Director am learning to listen to the “Advocate” that says I am a child of God and He loves me. It has been a very painful journey, but one that I think has been led by the “Advocate.” The evil voice is still there, but is starting to fade at times.

  93. I have been listening to the lie that it’s ok to use food as a stress reliever, comforter and to relax. God placed a verse in my heart this week….(Come to me all who are burdened and I will give you rest Matt 11). Just yesterday I had a lightbulb moment when God brought this verse to life for me. If I come to HIM He will be my rest, my comfort and everything I need. I need to go to the Father and listen to Him. I need to listen to the Holy Spirit. Today’s devotion went along with this. I need to listen to the right one. Please say a prayer for me as I try and get healthy.

  94. Today’s post really hit home. For many years I have held myself hostage for the unthinkable things my dad did to me as a child. The devil using me as a playground. Enough is enough. I need to have faith that my Father in heaven will take me through all storms – even the ones I continue to create.

  95. Its my appearance. That I dont look a certain way. Or have a big nose, or big forehead, or too much cellulite. I know all these things, and yet I wish/want to change them. But the other part of me knows, I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I am made with perfection. This is the struggle bus Im on.

  96. todays devotional is a great encouragement, sometimes when your busy, the negative voices try to creep in, sometimes I can catch them and throw them back at the one who tried to get them in my head, but Jesus is always there to remind me that I am good enough, no matter what.

  97. The lie that is spoken to me by the accuser is that I’m not good enough- I’m not a good wife or good at my job. I believe God says that I am enough and that he will fill in the gaps where I’m lacking.

  98. My opinion doesn’t matter and maybe I’m wrong. I am wrong for standing up for my beliefs. God says that I am enough. It doesn’t matter what others think; God loves me and looks at my heart.

  99. As I plan my Mother’s memorial service, I keep hearing voices saying that I could have been, should have been, a better daughter. We weren’t always as close as I would have liked. I know that God understands our human weaknesses, and that without him, we will never be good enough. He doesn’t want me to focus on what ifs, but to obey His voice in future situations and relationships.

  100. Thank you for this. Right in the middle of reading it, I was convicted on something I needed to make right with a friend.

    I do struggle against the lies of the enemy. As they echo my own fears, it’s all too easy to believe them. The lie I listen to too often, is that I don’t matter; I’m not special; no one wants me as their partner; I’m not worth it. It’s especially painful because I recently left the man I was certain I was created for. Now that I know we are no longer intended….I question a lot of my decisions. And, him not fighting for me or us, feeds my fear that I am not wanted. Logically & spiritually, I know this not to be true. I know my savior loves me & no man can fill that need. It’s just hard…

  101. I will only listen to what God says I am, HIS! I often hear the enemy telling me I am.not good enough, have enough, or am getting too old, but that is a lie. God has a purpose for me!

  102. When I was younger, I strived to be the person God wants me to be and I believed I was making progress. I married a man that was a profound Christian and he helped me even more in having a personal relationship with God. He passed away after only 5 years of marriage and two children. There was evidence all around me and in my children that allowed me to feel the embracing arms of God to help me through this difficult time and to let me know that my husband was with the Lord. This gave me peace. After a few years, I married a second time but this time things were different. After just 2-3 years and one additional child, I was constantly told, by my new husband, verbally and in non verbal ways that I was not good enough, I didn’t know how to take care of my kids, I wasn’t a good wife, my parents, brothers & sister were a problem, why do I waste so much time on this or that and even spend time in church. I heard this almost every day. I didn’t realize how much it was changing me, dragging me down to be constantly told you are not good enough. I didn’t think about this being the devil talking, spewing that condemnation of me from my husband. He didn’t only do it to me but also to my children. I never left the marriage but one day while in church as I was talking and crying, God was listening and told me that I am good, I am not a bad person. This changed me, my life. I know growing up with so much discourse negatively affected my children in ways known only to God and I have shared many many conversations with my children. I believe God is telling my children, they too are good enough, They too will heal with HIS help. God is the main focus of my life. Thank you for all the God filled stories, lessons you share. It is a blessing.

  103. Today especially I am struggling with the lies of “this is too much for you to handle”,, “ you font gave what it takes”, , “no one wants to know what you think” and “ you’re not wanted here”. I know God says I have everything I need according to his riches in glory. He also says where I am weak He will be strong and that He thinks great thoughts towards me.

  104. I keep hearing, thinking, feeling like I’m not good enough…never will be. I’ll never be good enough as a mom, wife, and friend. It’s so sad and discouraging. But, thank you for your words of encouragement.

  105. I was just at a conference last week, though it was a secular conference, one of the sessions that resonated with me was “Silencing my Inner Critic.” I’m learning that is a daily task – not a one and done kind of thing. Each day talking with God and believing that I am enough!

    1. I was at at workshop on Prayer yesterday. I took a session of Centering Prayer.
      Find a Place of peace and silence. Be comfortable…Then think you have Deep Dived to the bottom of the ocean. You see boats passing overhead. But you stay in the calm , deep waters and will Not go up. You will let your fears, baggage, hurt, tears and pain float away for in the deep ocean.
      Pick a word or a phrase….Mine was…Be Still…. and know that I am God.
      Then…Think of Nothing for 10 minutes. If you go back up to those boats….Bring yourself back down, with your word or phrase….
      Be still. Be surrounded by His Love.

  106. Bless you for this message Sharon. I frequently find myself feeling I am inadequate in so many ways and I know who is telling me this. But, I turn to our Lord and Savior, who calms me down and lifts me up. Have a blessed day!

  107. I broke my foot last week, and ever since all that can think of us how useless I am, because I can’t produce. I think God would say He loves me and that I have value just because I AM, not because of what I can DO.

  108. I have felt “less than” the moment my father said to me “you are not my child” and he went on to collaborate it by disowning me. Since then trying to overcome the feelings his words engendered has been an ongoing challenge. Because of my relationship with God the challenge of handling this is getting easier. I am a child of the most High God and He has been and is the only – and the best Father I have.

  109. First let me say I can’t wait to read your book. The topic resonates with me. I’m 65 years old and I sometimes feel like God is calling me to jump out in faith, regarding a couple ideas that keep popping into my head. It’s ideas that involves women in our church, which could also include invitations to women at other churches to come join in the fellowship. I allow the enemy to put doubts in my head that you are too old to do this, who would want to attend with you heading it up. You don’t have what it takes to drawl them in. I think God would ask me, “do you not have faith in Me? Do you not realize I am with you each day, each minute offering my love and support? Why are you not listening to my urging and calling with the faith I have in you? It doesn’t matter what gender, age, nationality, religious affiliation you are. You simply have to believe and walk out in faith.” After writing this out, I’m going to set an appointment with my Pastor, my United Methodist Women group leader, plug my idea and see where it takes me. Thank you for your post, thank you for making me write/type these thoughts down. I feel a lightness in my chest. I know I can make this happen, because Our God is standing right beside me, cheering me on. God Bless, Warm Hugs and Lots of Love to you Sharon.

  110. The lies that are always spoken to me are the fact that I am not a good enough wife, not good enough at my job to succeed to make it on my own as an independent hair designer, that I will never have a happy loving marriage. I know that Jesus is enough, but between financial set backs, marriage disappointments, and the ailing health of my elderly father whom I care for I just get worn down. Thank you for this important reminder!

  111. This was a great perspective and I really needed to hear it. I’m a work from home mom and life gets a little crazy sometimes. It’s easy to put things to the side (like my morning devotional). But in doing so it’s allowing the devil to slowing creep in. I decided yesterday to make Bible study a priority. You know what, my mind set and my day was so much better because of it!

  112. I have been a member of my church for over 60 years. Our membership is barely able to keep the lights on. We shared a pastor with another church and that church has not folded. Many members at church think we cannot go on much longer. I always think of “Ye of little faith” and “God will take care of us” and yet silently I worry about our church. With the good weather about to come my idea is to meet and greet our neighbors and have activities that others will want to share. We need to be done with words like “we can’t” and “I’m too old” and “does it really matter?” that are circling through the congregation. During Lent I’ve been sending out note cards to members – one each day – about how important they are to me and to the church. Each card is sealed with a prayer. Do I think it matters? You betcha! Thanks for the boost this morning.

  113. Lately I’ve just felt like I keep making the same mistakes, and nothing will ever change. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that God is for me, but I’m trying to trust that He is, because I believe that what He says is true really is true. Thank you for this devotional!

  114. I have made so many dreadful mistakes in my life and if it were not for the love of Jesus I would have never made it through all the stuff. I have also had cancer twice and went through brain surgery and God/Jesus healed my body and strengthened my mind and encouraged me to be strong. I love Jesus and I know without him I am nothing. GOD IS GOOD.
    Thank you Sharon for your words of encouragement. Richly bless you for all you do for each of us that read your messages.

  115. Satan always tries to tell me that things going on in my life will not be better and tries to me to give up and give in. So many times I try to overcome that voice but seem to let it keep talking to me. This devotion today was just what I needed to read to help me to see that in my weakness God is still there.

  116. Good morning,
    Thank you for that Word. When the adversary tries to speak, I remember that greater is that is in me , than he that is in the world. I remember that I am more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus and no weapon formed against me shall proper because I dwell in the secret place of the Most High.


  117. I’m still listening to the condemning lies that tell me I can’t make it on my own after leaving my abusive husband. I’m coming up on the one year mark and I still have doubts. I know God is stronger than the devil and He is walking by my side. I know that it is human weakness that creates these doubts. I need to turn off the devil’s voice and only listen to my Father’s loving voice!

  118. Satan tries to tell me you can sit back relax. Your saved aren’t you? You don’t have to do as much now that you’re as old as you are ( 69 ). He tells me it’s OK, just look back at all the things you’ve done. It’s time to let go, do what you want, enjoy your retirement years. When I read the Bible there is not one word to support that lie. I hope and know I’m still going to follow what God tells me to do till he returns and calls me home. This is a temporary assignment and I will do all I can to guarantee my permanent assignment in heaven. All I want to hear is “well done, good and faithful servant; you were faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things. Enter into the joy of your Lord. Just think I’m not a ruler now, but some day I will be. When I’m faithful with what God has given me the ability to do now, I’m looking forward to the promotion I’ll get when I get to heaven. No Satan I wouldn’t judge what I do in the future by what I’ve done in the pass. May God give me the strength to keep on, keep on doing what he has given me to do, till the rapture happens.

  119. As a parent of three teens there are days where I feel like such a failure. Whenever one of our kids struggles my husband and I look back on our parenting and ask ourselves what did we do wrong? We feel hopeless. We need to remember that God is always working, in our lives and in theirs. Yes we do fail at times, but He can work through our weaknesses and our kids weaknesses to bring about His glory. He is bigger than our mistakes.

  120. This morning as I was reading your post. I mulled over the feelings I struggled w yesterday. I am a full time caregiver to my 94 yr old mother in law. My husband and I gave up everything to come and live w her. I retired only to take on this. I know I am going to have no regrets when Jesus calls her Home. However some days are so very hard. The other siblings are out doing what they want and we are stuck here taking care of her. I pray daily not to become bitter or resentful because I know that is what the enemy would love to happen. I choose to trust God and day by day He is directing my path. Thankyou for your encouraging word today.

    1. Polly!!! You are a jewel. I am so proud of the choice you and your husband made. You are showing your Mother in law the utmost respect and you will have a special place in Heaven. Yes, I imagine that there are hard days, but don’t get caught up in the comparison game. Keep your eyes on the cross and remember what Christ gave up for you. You are a rock star in my book 🙂
      prayers for strength and endurance for you and your husband.

  121. Say with a breast cancer diagnosis recently I’m afraid I’ve been listening to Satan’s lies. Lies about fear and not healing, discouragement and not hope. After reading this devotion I realized God is saying stop! Turn back to my words that you’ve heard all your life. Hope, healing, encouragement, joy, peace. I’ll be seeking out those words in His word today. Thank you.

  122. Praise God at this time right now I have recognized the evil one’s voice and have rejected him through the power of the Holy Spirit. Of course he has been very busy in my life over many years. So with much experience I Sometimes recognize his words earlier. Not always for sure! Thank You Father God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit for being EVERYTHING I NEED!!!

  123. This was a tough one for me to read today… I’ve been struggling – for two and a half years now – with betrayal and the massive amount of pain and shattering that it caused. I don’t like to think about God having a purpose for allowing it – because that means He allowed it! But I have to recognize that this heinous act against me has had a positive effect on the one who betrayed me. Could the same result have occurred without this specific sin and betrayal? Yes, I think so, and so does he. But we can’t go back in time and change it. We somehow have to glean whatever lesson we can from it and keep moving forward. Watch the video and see where the weakness was so that we can strengthen it, right?

  124. My earthly father went home to be with Jesus on Monday, April 1st. As we make plans for the celebration of his life, I ask my self repeatedly, was I a good enough daughter. Many failures come to mind. As I think of these, the Holy Spirit reminds me of many times I have prayed with my Dad, great joys we have celebrated together and the love we have shared. I know my Dad is in the best place and he is just waiting for us to join him. He was an incredible singer as were his brothers and sisters who went before him. I know there has been a harmony of voices in that homecoming this week. And, oh, that being enough, I’m not sure any of us will ever be enough, we will all fall short, but praise God, Jesus is enough and He is all the enough we need.

  125. The enemy whispers in my ears, especially at night. He tells me “I’m not good enough! Never have been.” He repeats over and over every single event that shows for sure that I am NOT GOOD ENOUGH! He throws all my past mistakes at me – repeating them over and over and over. And I believe him. And all I want is to be left alone. I cry and cry silent tears in my bed. I have no one to talk to. So I cry out to God. Please help me! Give me strength! God says, “Hush child! I AM here with you! You are better than you think! Don’t let the devil rob you of all that I have given to you! Go to sleep! I will be with you always!”

  126. I needed to hear these words. Sometimes we listen to so much junk that we forget that God is truly on our side. Thank you Sharon.

  127. Which condemning lies of the enemy have you been listening to lately? That I can’t stop smoking.
    What do you think God would say about those particular lies? It’s not that you can’t, you won’t. The Holy Spirit will be there to help me!!

  128. Sharon, I love you book Enough. Yes, God is for me and as long as my eyes are on Him, he strengthens me. When my eyes are on myself, I tend to listen to the enemy and those are dark days. I love the bracelet and the reminder that I am enough.

  129. i am sharing this with a friend who is blaming God for the negative things in her life. It is good for her to know that God is for her and the devil does not what her to know that . Thanks for the encouraging devotion. Greater is he that is in us than he that is in the world. Yeah!!

  130. The lie I am being told is my husband left me because of me. His unhappiness is because of me and our marriage.

    I have to listen more to God and realize i am not responsible for my husband’s actions and he needs to be right with God. His joy and happinesses come from him.

  131. I have been listening to the devil tell me “You are not good enough. You don’t deserve to be happy and have the things you have been provided.” It has taken me some time of deep reflection and prayer to get out of this spot. But thankGod I am now out and on my way of seeing how things really are. THANK YOU LORD FOR YOUR MERCY ON ME!!

  132. When I listen to the enemy spewing lies in my head (am I good enough, am I qualified, am I a leader, is this really where God wants me), I become unfocused on Jesus – Satan focuses me on myself. I have to pray each day for the Holy Spirit to empty me of me and to direct my path. Sometimes, I have to stop and shake my head and just whisper “Jesus” to myself in order to get my focus on the right thing. I think in those moments that I can pray Romans 8:31-32 back to God and say “Heavenly Father help me to remember that because you are for us, that it doesn’t matter who is against us. You, God, are bigger than any enemy in this world! You sent your only Son to save us from eternal separation from you and if you are willing to do that then you want us to have your best intentions for our lives. Help me to focus on your Word and to stay obedient to your precepts” Amen!

  133. I believed that I am not good enough for way too long… Thanks to you, Sharon, I now know that “I am good enough because Christ dwells in me and the Holy Spirit empowers me.” God used many of your posts, books, and Bible studies to teach me some valuable truths. Thanks for all you do.

  134. The lie that I am unnoticed keeps coming up and reminding me of the things that I don’t have. As I see friends moving into the stage of life that I so desire to be in the insecurities that I am not pretty, smart, interesting enough etc keep tugging at me. It takes the word and looking at the situation from a different perspective to remind me of the truth that I am enough regardless of what I feel.

  135. Thank you so much for sharing this… wow!! Jesus IS my advocate!!! This word will be so helpful as I continue to walk on this earthly journey!

  136. I have to remind myself I am enough! Using the 1st chapter of Ephesians, I use the words, blessed, loved, adopted, holy, free, forgiven, without fault, predestined, purchased, showered in kindness, identified, and chosen! Thank you for your reminder! I love the bracelet.

  137. The voice inside my head is constantly saying ….you’re too fat, not pretty enough, you’re so stupid. But I know that God loves me and only sees the beautiful creation that he made.I am a child of God!

  138. Thank you so much for this powerful post that communicates so clearly the difference between our accuser and our advocate! When I discovered my husband’s infidelity a little over three years ago, my world was shattered, and I never imagined that we would have the healed, thriving, loving marriage that we do now. This was only possible because my husband experienced the deep transformation that only God can perform, and I forgave and healed – both of us through hard work, counseling and prayer. I just forwarded this to my husband, who will live with regret his entire life. It will remind him that though his accuser’s refrain is shame shame shame, his Father’s voice of love is stronger, truer, and always redemptive.

  139. Satan tells me I will not be able to overcome and have victory over my health situation. It’s been a rough one year journey of having panic attacks. When I happen to have a panic attack, Satan’s lies are amplified making it difficult to believe that I’ll be okay. BUT, I choose to trust God. I know that Jesus has overcome the world and that in Him I have victory.

  140. Lies the devil has been telling me are that I’m not qualified enough or not smart enough at my job. He also tells me that I’m not a good enough mother and stepmother because I can’t get everything done and can’t seem to make everyone happy. God says these are all lies and that I am enough. With Him by my side I am enough. I don’t need to do anymore because he qualifies me and makes me smart enough and my children are His children. He is there with them as well…working in them too.

  141. I keep hearing that I’m not a good mother becsuse I failed my son, who is a homeless addict, that as lost his home, family, job, phone, and has only a back pack to his name. He’s not safe. I had to choose my husband over him, because my husband is 75 and has lots of health issues. My son was always angry. Nothing we ever gave or did was enough, but I love him. My heart breaks for him. I know God loves him more than enough. It’s what I hang on to.

  142. oh the lies the devil likes to fill our thoughts and lives with… if we can remember to look up and soak in the truth. God… redeems us and walks with us to fill our hearts and minds with His truth of love, grace and mercy. grooming us to have hearts more like Jesus and using it for us to be used for His glory! Genesis 50:20 English Standard Version (ESV)
    20 As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good, to bring it about that many people[a] should be kept alive, as they are today.

  143. Lies of the Enemy: That I’m not being enough of a mom, that I’m not performing well enough in my job – that others are against me. That I should be doing even more and sacrifice my walk with the Lord…..
    You are enough, you are doing the ver best that you can, God loves me very much and he considers me worthy in all these areas, plus more.

  144. This devotion is PERFECT for me today!!
    My world fell apart. The pain almost unbearable, at times. I have cried to my God so many times “Lord, I beg you to just fix this”. My head, my human- side just wants the pain over right now. God has so lovingly responded to me every single time(which is such an honorable blessing to my heart now, too) ” Be still, Be patient”.
    My nature is to fix, to do, to make better, to figure out. Satan is feeding my anxious mind. “Do this, Do that.” I feel guilty for a moment that I’m not doing enough or anything.
    I go to God…”Be still”. God keeps commanding me to let HIM work- to get out of the way. I want to jump in and do something- something. Let me feel pro- active. Let me feel satisfied- but it would be for a fleeting moment. I know this. It seems so simple but this is extremely difficult for me.
    Although there are so many times I feel consumed, my Advocate always lets me know that He is there with me. Those moments- there are no words to say how thankful I am that my powerful God is actually fighting my battle for me.
    I know this devotion was just another way of God reminding me that He is here- right here with me.

  145. This really spoke to me today! Praise God! He, the three in one, is/are for me! And, greater is He who is in me than he who is in the world!

  146. I really enjoyed this analogy with the taping of the basketball game. I had never thought about how God and satan are both looking at me the same time. I trust I will always let God win.

  147. Lies – “I can satisfy my own desires.”, “I don’t need help from God or others; I can do this alone.”
    God’s Truth – He alone satisfies (Psalm 145:16, John 4:10-14). He is always here to help me (Psalm 46:1).

  148. Divorce, Failure, Unlovable, Alone, Broken….

    After fighting on my knees with everything I have for two years in an attempt to save my marriage after my husband’s affair, which unfortunately was not reconciled by his choice, these words often creep in and are heard louder that what Jesus says I am. The “D” word still gives me a pang in my chest to hear it, and I can not even say it out loud. While I know these are lies and know Who and What my Father says I am, they still can creep in and overtake my thoughts from time to time.

    It’s a training in process to not let these words take up too much of my thoughts, but instead fight them with scriptures, repeating them to myself until the lies leave.

    I AM ENOUGH <3

    Thank you for this post as a reminder that although my enemy is watching for my weaknesses and creating a game plan to prey on them, my coach knows me better and trains me to fight back.

  149. Thank you for your wisdom. I loved your analogy, it’s so true about different perspectives. The enemy uses whatever works and usually when I am my weakest. He will remind me of my past and try to get me to stay there and cause me to feel like I don’t have value. He will try to invoke jealousy either of other women or that my husband thinks that another woman is more interesting. God has faithfully shown me that I am fearfully and wonderfully made and my sins have been thrown as far as the east is from the west. He has shown me that value and worth comes from Him not from other people including the ones I love the most like my husband and children. He has shown me that He will never leave me or forsake me. He has shown me that the battle against the enemy belongs to Him I just need to remain faithful.

  150. Lately I’ve been feeling like a failure, loser, a disappointment and I know God would disagree. I know with God I’m a winner, an over comer but I just can’t seem to keep the lies from the enemy at bay.

  151. Great reminder to know that Satan is like a prowling lion waiting for the opportune time to strike. But greater is He tgatvisbin is than he that is in the world. Thanks for sharing the Word. Blessings.

  152. Thank you for this, Sharon. I really needed to hear it today. I have 3 sons (36, 19 and 16). They are all essentially “grown up” and I don’t have as much influence as when they were little. Satan has been hammering into my brain that I’m a failure as a Mom, and therefore a failure as a person. Sadly, I have been believing these lies. My Advocate tells me over and over that my boys are exactly where He wants them to be, that they belong to Him, and I will hear “Well done, good and faithful servant.” Thank you again!

  153. Thank you for that post today! So many times I feel like my whole life has been a failure so I don’t like to think about it very much but with God’s help I’m praying and trusting that with His wisdom and guidance I can finally move into the next phase of my life with freedom from the past and a happiness only He can give!!

  154. The enemy tries to tell me that I am not smart enough, don’t have any skills, and I haven’t accomplished anything with my life, especially compared to others who are the same age. Comparison is something that I struggle with. However, I know God would say that He has made me who I am and He is still working in my life everyday. And to remember how far I’ve come as a Christian, and that he began a good work in me and will carry it on to completion! (Phil 1:6)
    I have made much progress in believing what God says about me, but some days it’s still a struggle.

  155. Which condemning lies of the enemy have you been listening to lately? That I’m not good enough
    What do you think God would say about those particular lies?
    That he is always with me and will never leave me when these thoughts come into my mind I have to stop and recite one of the Bible Verses I’ve been learning and Philippians 4:13 is one of my favorites
    Thank you Sharon

  156. I am listening to the lies that I am not a good enough mom because one of my daughters is really struggling right now. It is hard not to try to figure out the ways you, as the mom, may have contributed to this problem. Once I go down that path, it is a spiral into the ways that I have messed up and the feelings of shame that I should have done things differently and better. I love the reference to the Holy Spirit as an advocate because that feels so real.

  157. The Advocate has been with me as long as I can recall knowing of God. Sadly, in my humanness, Ive too often strayed from God’s path. Knowing that I’m enough is such a great blessing.

  158. Lies that I have messed up too much and am keeping God’s Sovereign plan from working out in my life.
    God Is bigger than those lies

  159. That I don’t need to talk to that person that said something very hurtful to me years ago. But God would say, yes talk to them and tell them how hurt you are by their words. Then he would say forgive them.

  160. What lies have I listened to. Unworthiness due to my desires to improve our home and my husband’s complacency in this. I hear devil saying you want too much. Ex. Seeding our new lawn. Wall covering in kitchen. I like things to be done with attention to correctness. He’s a get it done any old way guy. So we clash if doing things together. Me desireto do things together in many areas always brings conflict. We’re retired and I hoped to spend more intimate days with him. God would say allow changes to comes from Him and be patient. I try to be assertive and not critical but often end up getting upset. My prayer is for me to focus on the good traits of my husband and not always be in conflict. Amen.

  161. It’s a choice and I CHOOSE to believe the voice of the Lord! Every word or thought that the enemy tries to raise against me in judgment, God has given me the power & the authority to condemn. I have the ability to take every thought and word the enemy says to me and compare his lies to the word of God, then bring those evil thoughts under captivity to submit to the obedience of Christ! Yes, it’s easier said than done, BUT the more I choose to believe God’s word over any other thought or voice, I silence the voice of the enemy’s lies.

  162. I’ve been an athlete and now a retired volleyball coach for over 20 years. Video was always a huge part of my strategy in helping my team. Your analogy of how I can use the “video tape” to either help me or hinder me was fantastic! Satan truly knows my weaknesses but so does God. These things are not hidden from him. There are some things about my character that I can treat as though God is oblivious to them. I know he knows these these things but something about this analogy really clicked a switch in my heart!

  163. I most certainly need to stop playing those tapes and throw them out and look at who I belong to , The One Most High! I’m His Daughter and I can do All thing through Him !

  164. This is an ongoing battle for me since i was about 3 years old. Ive dealt with fear and rejection most of my life to what led to straight insecurity. Im not enough is my trademark. im JUST starting to try to change those negative emotions in myself now at 32 years old! Im trying my hardest to defeat the enemy in this area, i realize now its completely taking over my mind now Romans 8:28 is all i can play on repeat in my head. Thank you good for revelation!

  165. That I have to keep doing everything for everybody. such a lie!!!! God know my heart and I am enough just the way I am.

  166. Which condemning lies of the enemy have you been listening to lately? It seems that I continually listen to the same lies, even though I have purchased your book “Enough”, I haven’t been able to read it yet. I struggle with confidence and I always have, even though I don’t have reason to. My husband is very attentive and complimenting. I also struggle with PTSD since an awful head on collision 2 years ago. The man who hit me had a stroke, and we were on a bridge, so I had no place to go to get away from it. He drove a full size pickup, I was in a Honda civic. He passed away and I survived. I am postitive God was with me at that moment. I asked of him and he protected me. I felt His presence and it was the most peaceful and loving feeling. It is undescribable. I felt so calm and was ok if it had been my time. What you do not know is…. I am the “panic er” and I was calm and thankful and smiling ear to ear. All emergency response teams could not believe that I survived. My right foot was crushed (because I held the brake the entire time), a broken sternum, 6 broken ribs on the right, 3 on the left, minor cuts and major bruises, not a single cut to my face. I am truly grateful to have my life spared, and I am positive God protected me and yet when I cross that bridge twice a day, every day, I have such anxiety.

    What do you think God would say about those particular lies? I know He loves me, and protects me. I know He has “everything” under his control and that I am his child. I also know He wants me to surrender this anxiety, that the devil throws at me every day, but I have difficulty doing this. Some days are OK, some are terror. I continue to pray for His peace and comfort and as always He provides.

  167. What a great reminder that it does make a difference whose voice we listen to! The “thief” certainly comes to main, destroy and take our joy, but Jesus came so we might have life and that life more abundantly! I just love the GIG’s and enjoy reading their devotions every single day!

  168. I’ve been listening to the “just not enough” comments most of my life. I remind myself that God made me perfectly, just as he wanted me, in His image. The devil is truly good at what he does, but God is great! I think these are the things God wants me to know.

  169. Thank you for this reminder. I have a job interview coming up and I’m struggling with voices saying I’m not good enough to do this job. It would be a step above what I currently do. I know God would tell me I have the skills to do it I just need to trust him.

  170. There are so many lies that bombard me every day. Lies tell me I’m a sub-par parent, I’m not talented enough for my career, I’m never going to be financially stable, I’ve messed up too much in the past to be a witness for God, etc.

    God tells me I’m more than enough for my children, that I am more than enough for my care, that He will supply all my needs and bless me with abundance, and that I am forgiven and destined to leave a legacy for God.

    Thank you for the reminder to listen to what God says over what the enemy feeds us.

  171. Thank you for this post, I have been struggling really bad lately and I know the enemy is continuing to attack me in my moments of weakness. The lies the enemy is telling me right now are that I will never have the life I want because I dont deserve it and I dont work hard enough for it 🙁 I know that God would tell me to be still and rest in him that he has a plan for my life and will use this season to grow me but more importantly he has my eternal life secured for me! John 13:7 Jesus replied, “You don’t understand now what I am doing, but someday you will.”

  172. tears are running down my cheeks as I read this;
    I SO want to be “enough” – but as a recent widow whose husband died suddenly & unexpectedly at age 53, I feel so bereft & empty most of the time….
    even the better & happier times I experience seem somehow hollow.
    thank you for your words.
    I will try to instill a reminder for myself that God sees me & wants good things for me – and that, even now, I am enough in His eyes.

    1. As someone who was sexually violated at a very tender age, who has been ridiculed for being ugly from early childhood to present day, who has been told repeatedly by those closest that I will never amount to anything or be enough, it is easy to fall prey to the lies of satan and admittedly some days I do. However, I believe in the Word and I know that I am a child of God through faith in Jesus Christ, that I am fearfully and wonderfully made and that while it is true that I am not enough, the One who is enough dwells within me.

  173. Hello Sharon. I’m 75 years old. I have been saved since age 8-1/2. I grew up in a Christian home and received excellent training in Christian education. In the past 3+ years I began to spend considerable time each day in Bible study. As I’ve come to know God and His Word more deeply, the H.S. has pointed out to me small sins of my youth and beyond that I’d forgotten about. I was surprised to remember details about those sins and how they led to daily habits of deceitfulness! As I’ve confessed them, God in turn gave me peace of forgiveness, but then exposed more of my Self. I was amazed. I’ve looked at Peter as an example of forgiveness, restoration, and usefulness. I love 1 Peter 5:6-7 because they describe where I was, what I needed to do, and God’s lovingkindness.

  174. I recently have had lots of scenes flash back through my mind of times I was less than stellar in my words and behavior. It was making me feel totally defeated until I realized that this was the enemy trying to weigh me down and hold me back. As you said, if God shows us something, it is so He can help us overcome and move forward. If it is the enemy of our souls, his purpose is to drag us down and leave us in the dirt. Thank God for being for us!

    1. Nancy, my friend and I were talking about our now adult children last night. She and I struggle with some of their decisions. She said, “They were in our dust for a short time, but we will always be in their dust now.” I disagreed, but the more I ponder this metaphor for life in general, we are perpetually leaving something, someone, somewhere… You are not the same person today, and even now, you are dusting that “old” version of you! Keep on going! Don’t look back! : ). Best to you! I appreciate your honesty, as we all want to be better, but many times fail to recognize our failures. Now you know better, so you do better! And believe me, the past is really eating dirt! : )

  175. The devil is working on me a lot lately. Seems like his voice is louder than God’s. I’ve been praying for something for a long time that God seems to withhold from me. So Satan starts on the “if God really loved you blah, blah,blah” stuff. When I’m down it’s hard not to feel that way. I’m hanging in there though and praying also for more faith and trust!!

  176. I constantly feel like I’m not good enough and fall into the trap of comparison. I know God would tell me I am enough the way I am. It is so difficult to remember that!

  177. Satan tells me I’m not smart enough. I recently started a new job that I love but I worry that I can’t handle it even though I’m doing good. I know God sees the good job I’m doing.

    1. You bet He does! And the fact that you “know” you are doing well is the voice you can turn up! Play on! Turn the volume all the way up! : )

  178. The enemy haunts me in blaming myself for my daughter passing away. She had pneumonia, and was in the hospital, but in my mind, I am in haunted that if I would have taken her to another hospital, she wouldn’t have died.
    I have to believe God that no matter where Trishia was, if it wasn’t her time to go home, she would not have died😢. God help my unbelief.

  179. I’ve been listening to subtle, but powerfully demoralizing, lies insinuating that I’m incapable and not “enough” since my accident 4 years ago.

    Thankfully, the Holy Spirit presents countless ways to refute/ignore the untruths.

  180. My lies are God doesn’t love you or he wouldn’t have allowed what has happened to you to happen. He doesn’t allow those things to happen. DOES HE? REALLY? If he REALLY loved you things would have been different wouldn’t they? or WOULD THEY?? The struggle is real.

  181. Many times during the day I ponder my purpose in life. This sounds deep and may point to a particular insecurity. I retired from my 25-plus year college teaching career about 2 years ago due to Crohn’s disease. I have endured 4 surgeries and a boatload of various drug regimes. I am physically weak, but my mind is strong! My mind is also sharp, in that I feel “too much” like a failure, because I cannot be the career I worked so hard to obtain. I did say “be the career,” because the more I move forward in my life, the continual head swiveling back in time makes me sad. I am in a state of perpetual questioning and obsessing over what to do next, especially because I loved what I did, and definitely felt I was giving the best part of me to my students, and there was mutual growth and valued learning. Hence, my purpose! Now? “Not so sure I’m that important now” is more than a thought. My heart thanks God that I am able to live! I know that He doesn’t see my career, He sees me. He has more for me. I wonder when and if I will see the beauty in my life now… today. It’s here… now! And God is the best teacher, so why am I listening to the chatter of a failed angel. Just making this comment pauses my busy mind… I smile and continue on!

  182. This was the most perfect and appropriate analogy of God’s intentions vs. the enemy’s overall objective. Thank you for the reminder that God is for me- and the rest of that is: who can stand against me? I am so glad He has my best interest at heart.

  183. That I am not doing the right things, not trusting Him enough. Not worthy… :,( which I know I’m not… not without Christ. God is telling me He loves me.

  184. Satan tells me I’ve failed my family, my children and my friends.

    Jesus tells me, “I’m for you, not against you. I love you more than life itself. I gave my life for you.”

  185. This devotion encouraged and challenged me. Mostly, I need to be reminded that it is satan pointing out and playing on my weaknesses, but God is on my side to cheer me on and help me become more like Him. There is such a fine line in the word “Enough.” I struggle with self-confidence and general self-esteem. I have felt the depth of not feeling like I was enough. I have fought the battle of knowing I was enough in Christ, but I still long to be enough to others. But, maybe the real struggle is feeling needed and that I make a difference and matter to others. During one of these “I’m not enough” times, God brought the verse, 2 Corinthians 12:9 to me:

    But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more
    gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.

    I’ve grown up as a Christian, read this Bible verse over and over, and prayed about my feelings for years. God, however, brought it to me in a new way. I still struggle, a lot, but I keep reminding myself that the glory is to be to God; my weakness can reveal God’s power. Thank you for reminding me again that God is for me.

  186. Virtually all my life I’ve listened to the wrong message, “You’re just not enough, in anything!” But I’ve started praying for the Holy Spirit to guide me, correct me where things need to change, and listening for the loving message He has for me. I’m new to this, but as I read Scripture, pray, listen and meditate, Jesus is changing me – my mind, my thinking, my doing – my heart. I am so in love with Jesus – my heart overflows with His love, blessings, and astounding gratitude. Just WOW!!

  187. Sharon, I read this through tears. I’m a mom of 4 and my 15 year old son moved to his dad’s house in May. Our family and house are divided because of this and my son has now fallen to the deep side. He’s using, failing school and barely speaks to me. I struggle daily with feeling like a bad mom. My whole life has been like this. I was abused most of my life and I don’t have any self esteem. I struggle with PTSD on a daily basis. I speak horrible things to myself, but what’s worse, I often believe those horrible things. I need to change my mindset drastically.
    Thank you for expressing something I couldn’t see.

  188. The lie is exactly what this speaks of. That I am not enough. I was not enough for spouse, betrayal in marriage. I was not enough for children, adult daughter has booted me from life, adult son has come around some. Days I don’t think I good enough for God.

    I am then reminded of the scripture that says I am fearfully and wonderfully made. He knit me in my mother’s womb. A year Go I even got a tattoo that reads I am enough.

  189. Lies from the devil are that I am the reason my husband is in adultery and our marriage failed. Lies are that because the other woman has now had a baby with my husband that he will never return home, that I am not good enough and that I’m a failure. God would say that because my husband and I didn’t put him first at all times we both contributed to our marriage wearing down, but that he is powerful enough to make anything happen. God would say I am fighting for you while you find comfort and peace in my arms. God would say seek me first and I will bless you. God would say trust in me, have faith and don’t give up, I love you and I will always be here for you. 😇😇😇😇

  190. The lie that I have been stuck on is that I am not good enough… in all aspects of my life… I have a teenage daughter telling me I am a terrible parent (which of course means the opposite) and an ex-husband who often says that I will never accomplish anything. It is so hard to ignore the lies, especially when there are not people helping build you back up. So thankful for our Chirch and online communities helping keep me on track!

  191. For most of my life, I tried to be the person that other people in my life wanted me to be instead of the daughter of a King. The voice that told me, “You’re not enough; You must do more; You have to change” became a constant struggle to live with, to the point of being depressed and anxious. Then God started to speak to me during prayer and in His Word, showing me that His love is enough for me. I am a child of God, created for His purpose. I began to follow His truth and look to Him for who and what I am.

  192. Sharon,
    I must say, Since following you- initially with girlfriends in God, I have witnessed you growing deeper and touching lives in such a passionate, personal relationship with Jesus. So filled with the power of the Holy Spirit, in truth you have not waivered.
    I have felt quite confident to share your books and insight with so very many.
    Thank you beyond words.
    Dede Jacoby

  193. Quite often in my life, I have had very low self esteem and hardly any self-confidence. I have almost always felt that I am NOT GOOD ENOUGH. I feel that way a lot, to this day. I don’t know why I tend to believe the devil’s lies. I want to know that God is FOR me! I want to have purpose and hope and peace in my heart. I believe it, but is still a daily struggle.

  194. I have been playing all of the videos of my past. I was feeling very bad. I know feel better knowing that the Holy Spirit is with me!

  195. The devil is always busy telling us we aren’t enough or good enough. I grew up thinking that way. I have always had a low self esteem and think I cannot ever be good enough. Thank you for this inspiring message and a reminder that God is on our side. We serve a mighty God. Love to all.

  196. Devils lie: I’m a failure as a mother of a 5, 3, and 1.5 yr old.
    I think God would tell me: persevere! Love them for who they are and ask for My help every day.

  197. 28 years of abuse has had their toll. All the lies I was told had hit me hard. Self esteem has been a huge issue. I was made to feel that I was never good enough. Thanking God for Christian Counselors.

  198. The devil continues to tell me that I’m failing as a parent, especially with my oldest child. I know this isn’t true because God hand picked these children for us through adoption. We are just in a diffficult season.

  199. The lie he has recently told me is that I’ve missed it! I’m going to be 58 years old next month, and have been asking the Lord what my purpose is, for the last two years. Slowly and surely, He is telling me—but enemy says, TOO LATE, you missed your calling! BUT— I believe God! Time is limitless with Him and I’m looking forward to living out His purpose for me here in this earth, more and more!! Praise Him for the Truth of Jeremiah 29:11-13! He surely knows…

  200. Thank you for this. Being not enough is a struggle, focusing on Jesus and having the Holy Spirit guides me is what keeps me centered. I know God has a reason for all things and I remind myself that things happen in his time

  201. I will never change. My hurts will never be healed. These are both lies, and I know that my Redeemer will heal me.

  202. The lies I am hearing are lies telling me that people don’t change. The lie is that I can discard and discredit those who have treated me badly because they don’t deserve my forgiveness because they will only treat me badly again.

    The truth is that Jesus forgave me even though I keep making mistakes, sometimes the same ones. The truth is that Jesus lives through me when I pass on the grace that He gives me even though I don’t deserve it.

  203. I’m stuck with my frustration on how to be a new wife. I want Hod to be the center of my marriage! I want to honor God in my marriage and it’s been such a struggle in this adjustment. The lies I’m hearing is my marriage is not going to last! 😔

  204. The lie that has me is that if I worry enough i can fix it, why can’t I believe He will fix it for me?

  205. The lies that I’m not qualified enough to graduate from my PhD are wrestling in my mind for the past year. The more I read God’s Word and he shows me who he is, he also shows me who I am and the power that he has in me. He is showing me that I’m not alone in this and that he has a purpose for me now and after I graduate. Thank you, Sharon for this reminder. Last night I started reading Enough and so far I can relate 100%. My sisters and I are doing a study on it!

  206. Thank you Sharon for these beautiful words. I need them especially today being worried if i’m Doing enough for my Mom since my Dad passed last year. I pray daily that I will do the right thing and that God approves of it. This burden is heavy and the Accusser sure works on me.

    God’s blessings to you and yours!😇


  207. Your devotion helps us to rise out of the”pit” when we are in it. It reminds us of who we are. Thanks for the verses you gave.It also reminds me of the verse Romans 8:31 b “If God is for us, who can be against us”. We need to go forward,not remembering our weaknesses and failures,but learn from them and always remember whose we are.

  208. Satan is always whispering to me that I am not smart enough or interesting enough for people to talk to. I am a bit of an introvert. I Can be a little awkward in social situations. My sister is so good at carrying conversation and everyone loves talking to her. Satan uses this in making me feel like I am not enough. I have to constantly repeat God’s truth in my head that I am enough because of who I am in Christ! His love an acceptance is all I need ❤️

  209. I’ve been listening to that voice saying ” I will die if I get rich, I will never become anything in this world, and I am a nobody and I am a bastard child and will never have any luck. But Now, I am listen to the right voice and 4 words helped me with that, and the 4 words are God is my HELPER!!!!

  210. As I read the first question I think back to 2 things. 1 how I am wanting to become debt free/help to better financial stable. I also think about the health issues I have been having for several months. Each test comes to a dead end. Still no answers. Constantly I am thinking I am not enough and that God has other things to worry about besides me. He has more important things to be doing. I think God would say that I am enough and that he is on my side. I often feel like He just doesn’t care nor like me enough to help me. I need to remind myself often that He does care and that in HIs time he will help me. I try to remind myself of this, but it’s so hard sometimes when things feel they are constantly going downhill instead of upwards. It’s hard when you feel your prayers are hitting a brick wall. I know that I need to just reminding myself daily not to listen to the devil. To listen to God and remember He does care, He does listen and He is there for me.

  211. Last year my husband and I were both diagnosed with cancer and my husband passed away October of last year. During every step of the way I felt surrounded by God’s love and He helped me to deal with each challenge. Recently however I have started to experience a deep loneliness even when around other people, because I miss that daily routine of being with my spouse. I prayed about it and read the Bible. I feel so loved by the Lord and I feel that with the Lord in my life He will help me to take the new steps in my life and He will work everything out.

  212. Thank you for your words that reminded me of the lies we hear from the devil in our own thoughts. That because of x,y,z… I’m canceled out, or because I may have fallen short of my own personal goal. That day or even that month or year that I’m a failure. Well I wonder let that like continue to break my spirit and confidence in who GOD call me to become. As a Christian woman, wife, mother, sister or friend today. Who’s report do you believe? I chose to believe what my Father in heaven God says about me. That yes I am enough! Thank you so much for your words of encouragement and support. I pray that God will bless you each coming day.

  213. As I have just recently had a disk replacement in my back and my husband has just finished two different radiation therapy’s and chemo. Satan has been working very hard on us. We found out that the chemo did not work as well as they wanted so they did a biopsy of his liver. We are both very positive and happy people with laughter in our lives. I get up and read devotionals from all sources but I need to remember that Jesus is Lord and God is our greatest Physician. Thank you for this wonderful reminder

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