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Hurray! It’s Friday and time for the Friday Friend giveaway. Today, my guest is Crystal Hurst. She’s an amazing wife, mother, and friend. You just might know her dad, Tony Evans. Chrystal is carrying on her family tradition of loving Jesus and telling others all around the world about the One who set her free. Let’s lean in as Chrystal encourages us from her her book, She’s Still There.

My college-aged daughter called me to ask for my advice. She had a major decision to make and wanted me to lend my ear and my thoughts. As I listened to her explain her dilemma and share the pros and cons of the decisions before her, I realized in either case that her choice was not an issue of morality, black and white or right and wrong but more of a preference. This decision involved knowing what she wanted and would carry major implications regarding the direction of her life moving forward. She just wasn’t sure which direction she wanted to go.

When my daughter asked for help with making her decision, I answered her — offering her a piece of advice she didn’t expect.

I asked her when she’d felt most closely connected to the best of the girl inside. I asked her to tell me when she felt as if she was honoring her God-given design. I asked her to think about the last time she looked at her life with expectation and anticipation.

She took a few seconds to ponder my question – a question that didn’t seem connected with getting an answer at all. But after a few seconds she was able to answer. She gave me a time two years before. A time that she was about to graduate from high school. She was excited about the next stage of her life and was aware of what she might want out of her journey.

Glad that she had been able to pinpoint a particular time in response to my query, I then told her to present the decision she needed to make to that girl — the girl that had high hopes for her life and that had a handle on what she expected to get out of life.

It took my daughter a minute to follow my slightly ethereal and non-tangible question, but after awhile it dawned on her what I was asking her to do.

Simply put, how do you best honor the life of the girl in you? The life that only you can live.

Because sometimes life unfolds and things get more complicated than they should.

The longer we live, we learn to do what makes sense, what seems safe, and what seems reasonable. We learn to stick with what is acceptable. We learn to color inside the lines even if coloring outside of the lines is what thrills us down to the core of who we are.

If we are not careful, we will reason ourselves right out of wonderful opportunities to express the unique gifts, abilities, interests, passions, and personal nature of the girl inside. We learn to silence her. We build her life around the values of other people, familiar places, or super-sensible plans.

And we forget to take a chance on her – the girl who would really love to live out her unique God-given presence in a unique God-given way.

I asked my daughter to pray and ask God to speak to her heart and to let her know if there was a way that was His way for her. And then I told her that if the decision was only a matter of choice — of picking a direction and moving forward — that she should take some time and listen to the girl in her.

She needed to take time to hear what that girl wanted, needed, or desired.

This world is a noisy place. It takes intentional effort to hear the cries of our hearts. Then it takes courage and bravery to honor the girl who utters them.

While I don’t remember what that particular decision was or what her choice ended up being, I do remember that she took the time to listen to the girl inside. And when she called to tell me her decision, she was sure.

Leave a comment and share one thing you do in addition to pray

when you have a tough decision to make. We’ll randomly select one comment to win a FREE copy of Chrystal’s book, She’s Still There.

What’s a woman to do if her life is not taking shape the way that she thought that it would? What happens when she looks at herself in the mirror, lingering just a little longer than usual and realizes that she no longer recognizes the person staring back at her? What does she do when she sees that, somehow, her life has drifted away from all her original hopes, dreams, or plans?

Speaker, blogger and writer Chrystal Evans Hurst wrote this book because she was that woman. One day she realized that she had somehow wandered away from the life that she had purposed to live a long time ago.

Chrystal uses her poignant story of an early and unexpected pregnancy, as well as other raw and vulnerable moments in her life, to let readers know she understands what it’s like to try and find your way after some missteps or decisions you didn’t plan on. In She’s Still There Chrystal emphasizes the importance of the personal process and the beauty of that path as it is shared authentically from one girlfriend to another. It’s a book of “me toos”, reminders of the hoped for, and challenges for the path ahead—to find direction, purpose, and true satisfaction.

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Comments 129

  1. In addition to praying sometimes I call one of my prophetic friends, sometimes I’m given a prophecy, sometimes I’m told to wait on the Lord and really seek Him for myself. I make sure I listen to worship music before I go to sleep at night.

    1. I always talk to my best friend about decisions. Sometimes before prayer, so we can pray together and sometimes after I’ve laid it at the Lord’s feet. My best friend is my husband of 28 years. It wasn’t always this way unfortunately. I would discuss issues (even personal marriage issues) with girlfriends, which only made things worse. First because it widened the divide between us that had entered our marriage and second, I wasn’t even taking the “problem” to God at times. Through much prayer and soul searching, God has shown me the way to find answers from Him. Through His Word, through my devoted husband and through other believers and circumstances, I rely on these ways for discernment. My relationship with my Savior has improved, and my marriage has as well! I know I am never alone, my Heavenly Father has my best interests at heart and my sweet husband is a wonderful prayer partner and confident. I am blessed!

      1. I looked deep down in my soul and I found the girl inside that I wanted to be. I have come along way from who I use to be, I live my life for Jesus without Him I have nothing. He has given me peace, joy, and happiness. I smile all the time and give to others, not material things, but me. I thank Him everyday for what he has done in my life and I give to others because he gives to me and shares his word so I can be the person He wants me to be and share with others. I am very blessed.

  2. I talk with my husband and my heavenly Father when I have a big or heavy decision to make. It is so important to seek advice from godly people.

  3. Spot on message for this time in my life. I left a job that I loved because of very poor leadership, my daughters are out of the house now (onegraduated and one still in college), My husband and I moved my 80 year old mother who is suffering from Dementia (moving quicker than we anticipated) and I have lost the Girl inside to being slightly depressed. When did my life turn down a different road? Anyway…thank you for sharing this message! Along with prayer, I scoure the Word for anything to hang on to! Blessings to you ladies!

  4. When faced with decisions, worries, conflicts, anything of course I pray. I pray in the traditional way of eyes closed and head bowed. I pray by conversing with God all day the same as I would with anyone that is by my side (only silently so others don’t know how nuts I am). I journal and write letters to God. I wish I could say I had a close “go to” friend that helped me but I don’t. However if there is anyone I know that might have some insight with any particular situation I speak with them and usually find their input helpful in my process.

  5. This time I was taken by surprise as I pondered who I was many years ago.
    We tend to block out unpleasant things that happen, bravely moving on… Taking care of everything and everyone else. After an longterm illness the Lord chose to give my husband and I three boys. My oldest will graduate this year. Ministry, problems, cross country moves, losses of homes and my husbands health crisis this year; a recent car accident that has left my oldest son in concussion therapy… Has left me feeling like I’m not recognizing my life.
    Although I have faith and know the Lord is with me, I don’t have any real dreams or much hope left. We currently serve in a small community church and live in a parsonage as we’ve lost our home to foreclosure after 2 years of paying payments over a thousand miles away! I need to get in touch with the girl inside of me again. What a much needed reminder.
    Other than pray….*I have anchor scriptures that I cling to that guide me each time I am overwhelmed. Proverbs 3:5-6 & Isaiah 41:10 (Psalm 28:7)
    Thanks for the wonderful insight and sharing this book. I’m sure many will be helped. Blessings, B

    1. Wow Brenda… I’m so sorry for all you have had to endure. But never forget, as long as you are still breathing you still can live well. It may not look the way you thought it would but God still sees you. Honor the gift of you by celebrating His gift of life to you in small ways often.

  6. I have been wanting to read this book but haven’t gotten a chance to yet. I sometimes feel like the dreams I had have died due to a chronic illness which renders me tired after a day of work without the energy to do much more. Along with that my husband lost his job earlier this year putting a financial strain on us as well. I am trying to rediscover my dreams and passions as lately life has been a struggle to survive and I don’t want to live that way anymore.

  7. In addition to praying, I listen for an internal peace about the thing I am deciding on. If I am peaceful inside, I move ahead, if I’m in turmoil inside, I know to put on the brakes!

  8. I weigh the pros and con’s. Then I think about how it will affect my family. I pray for discernment, wisdom, and strength. Then I do my best to take a step to move forward.

  9. When I have a big decision, I definitely pray and I talk to my mom or to one of my wise friends. And I pay attention to how the choices I have in front of me make me feel inside.

  10. This article has me going deeper than I generally go in the infancy hours of a Friday morning, but that’s good. To answer your question, when I have a tough decision to make, yes I pray but I also talk. Usually I’ll call up my Aunt and just talk through the options with each of their pros and cons. This helps me sort all of my thoughts and quiet my voice so that I can better hear the voice of God. More often than not, when I’ve finished speaking with her I know which way to go.

  11. I usually do exactly what Crystal’s daughter did. I call my mama. And ironically, she usually reminds me of a girl she once knew in me. And she tells she can’t make my decision for me, but that she will pray. Thank you for your lovely story here! A great reminder to remember the fierce girl within. God bless you!

  12. In addition to praying, when I have a serioys problem or big decision to make, I like to discuss it with a loved one who”s opinion I value, be it my husband, my mother, my mother-in-law, or one of my three sisters or a close friend. That helps me then decide what course of action to take.

  13. When I have a decision to make, I go back and read my life verses in my journal. Sometimes I go back and read old journal entries that I have written. It seems to help ground me. Then I write and pray. Writing seems to help me sort it out.

    1. Post

      Congratulations! You are the winner of Chrystal Evans Hurst’s book, The Girl Inside. This is from my blog post a few weeks ago!

      Please email me your full name and address and I will pass it along to Chrystal’s publisher. They will get you the book out right away!

      Again, congrats!
      Sharon Jaynes

  14. In addition to prayer, i listen, i watch and trust what God is telling me. It took me a while to figure out the patience of waiting to hear his still small voice.

  15. Wow! What a great read this morning. It has shown me how, at 50 years young, I have not allowed me to be me. I will be praying that God will help me find myself, and begin enjoying things He wants for my life. Thank you for sharing. Blessings

  16. I have a group of friends that I know will pray when I ask them, so when I have a tough decision to make I put a message on our Group Me strand and they will reply that are praying. Not always do they all reply but I know God uses He knows is going to pray. Life is too important to do it without Godly friends.

  17. I know we all struggle at times in our lives and wonder where God is taking us to. Would love to read this book and see how God got you through.

  18. What a great reminder and sound advice. I’m approaching retirement but it’s really more of a transition. As I think about what’s next, reconnecting with “that girl” is an exciting proposition. Thanks for sharing your heart!

  19. In addition to prayer, I discuss my decisions with family and friends. It helps me to see things in different perspectives. God Bless.

  20. As I am nearing retirement, I find that I wish I had made different choices along the way. Now, I ask myself is the decision in question going to bring me closer to what is in my heart or delay reaching for what is in my heart.

  21. I pray when I have a tough decision to make , and I also seek Godly counsel. Sometimes just speaking your thoughts out loud to someone else gives you clarity !

  22. In addition to prayer, I often journal my thoughts, fears and experiences. I do this in order to get to the root of my dilemma. Sometimes I need to let my heart speak through my writings to finally unleash what I am reluctant to say and/or believe. 💗

  23. Talk to a friend, not so much for advice, but just to hear myself process is outloud. Usually as I’m talking out loud tje answer will come. I

  24. Usually I need to stop and sit for a while with the options. I also almost always ask the two most influential people in my life their opinion. My Mama and my husband. They are on opposite ends of the risk taking spectrum and also know me better than anyone. And I trust their judgment.

  25. In the early morning I seek God, Jesus in nature, on my porch or back yard… I get my Bible, my music, my coffee… I sit in solitude mostly and just look up. I tune out any distractions and center myself. I look up the Scripture for the KLove Word of the day, and for the various devotions I’m doing. If I’m having a difficult time centering I’ll start my favorite worship songs on my iPhone first, otherwise I just play them as I feel led. I love this special time with God, it helps manage my day no matter where I may be or what may happen in a “best” way that honors who I am in Christ Jesus. If I don’t schedule this time into my day I feel like that country song- a beautiful mess!😂😍😇

  26. Wow, Chrystal put into words what I felt when I became an empty nester. I’m going to forward this on to my adult son. He needs to read this, tool, thank you for sharing!

  27. Many times when I am in the decision making process, I think back on things that God has already done for me. I also have my spiritual advisor and accountability friend to pray and give me their opinion.

  28. For any really big decision, I take at least one night to “sleep on it”. I want to be certain I’m not making an exhausted decisikn, and that I truly sense God’s peace.

  29. I packed up the girl inside me to ‘be’ for others…wife, mom, daughter, friend, volunteer. My voice fell silent & I didn’t like looking in the mirror. Now I’m seeking me…but learning to speak to me & nurture me out hasn’t been easy. Learning to be me when others have gotten comfortable with all the others I have been is often confusing. Today’s message brought the encouragement I needed…thank you!

  30. I look back on my life, I see where I was, and how far God has brought me. I see the abused angry little girl that made a promise to herself that she would not live this type of life when she grew up. Saved at the age of nine (9) relying on God to hear my cries, knowing that He had not left me and that He was the one true friend that I had. I praise Him and thank Him daily for he is my deliverer. I am still growing and He is still working on me but, PRAISE HIM!! I’m not what nor am I where I used to be…

  31. I really struggle with this one….being what everyone else thinks I should be. But I do talk to God many times a day about what I should do…. I seldom trust what “I” think is good for me….I wait for more to tell me. I complicate things…. I want to just trust and move forward….knowing if I choose wrong God gets me back on track….and I’ll never know if it’s God’s chosen path for me unless I try. But insecurity and loss of self worth often hold me back. I talk with my friends who Believe for reassurance beyond prayer. I would love this book….its been on my wish list for a while now!!

  32. Wow! How I would love to rescue the girl inside, because she has definitely been buried. Every day I pray and then I put the needs of my family and my students before me. I end up tired – exhausted, lonely and irritable (truth be told), longing for the arms of God to wrap themselves around me. I wanted to be the hostess serving delicious food to dear friends. Most days I feel like my inner girl will lie dormant until my children are on their own and can be involved in projects with women, so that I can be a hostess, a leader of Bible studies for peers and young women. If my husband never restores his faith in the Lord, at least I can be a hostess to women.

    1. You can hostess now 🙂 Even if it’s just one woman who comes to your home on a Sunday afternoon for a glass of lemonade. And even a phone call or a card makes all the different in someone’s day. Either way, yes, a season will come where you can do more but don’t forget that small things are important too.

    2. I like the way you put your beginning statements. I can relate, and felt that way yesterday. Why did I not take out the weapon of praise during the difficult times of the day? I want to do that much more frequently in addition to prayer.

  33. When I have tough decisions to make, one thing that is necessary after praying is to read the Word of God.
    Hebrews 4:12
    For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.
    He alone has all the answers and will give us peace that we are traveling down the correct road.
    Philippians 4:6-7
    Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. [7] And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

  34. I try to reconnect with that girl and ask her what is fun. Life is serious and as the only parent carrying al of the burden, I remind myself to laugh and have fun and reconnect to feeling young and vibrant with all of life’s possibilities ahead of me. She was damaged for a long time so I guard her as a cherished jewel as I do my own outer self.

  35. when I am unsure of a decision I have to make I ask my sisters in Christ to pray with me about it and I seek God’s Word for direction. I am so thankful for the devotionals I also get that have helped confirm that I made the right decision.

  36. I too, look back and wonder what would have happened if I had made this decision or that decision. But, THANK GOD, He never abandons us and He can still use us even though we made the wrong choices. It’s NEVER too late to step in line with God’s will for you right now. Yes, right now!

  37. Prayer. But wow! It is the way I have been feeling for a while now, where is she? I had to get a tumor and sick enough before I opened my eyes to see, I am not living the life God wants for me. I have settled into the “practical” when I once was very creative. This spoke to my heart this morning. Thank you for sharing.

  38. Many times I’ll talk with a friend, search the scriptures. Thank you for this timely devotion. At 63 I feel there is so much I’ve failed to do. I just wish I could pick up the confidence to do things my minds eyes see me doing. I’d live to read this book!!

  39. what a great insight to tie in the girl inside with the God direction of our life. Besides praying I often ask advice of a trusted friend. There is wisdom in multitude of counselors.

  40. Hello! One thing I do, other than pray when I have a big decision to make is I talk to people. Not just anyone, but the people that know me best. See what their insight is. But what I’ve found is that I usually already know the answer before I talk to them.

  41. When I am facing a decision, with much prayer, I search deep into my heart and ask myself can I live with myself with the

    decision that I am able to make. I have many regrets because I doubted the true person that I am. I have had to live with

    those regrets. So now I pray and ask God to give me wisdom and knowing the decision I make is one that I can live

    with. Therefore It gives me peace in knowing that I can live with myself with the decision that I make.

  42. Praying and searching scripture for God’s wisdom is first, but I also talk with mentors of experience for their Godly advice. They often help point out things that I cannot or don’t want to see. Sometimes our eyes are clouded because of what we already want instead of what we really need.

  43. I was really suffering in disappointment! BUT GOD! Living in a peace that surpasses understanding ! Trusting HIM to walk with me!!

  44. I guess I wait when I pray about what to do and which way to go……this article opened my eyes to doing something more while I wait for God’s direction.

  45. I have a great friend with whom I’ve been friends with for 30 years. She is a godly single woman who devotes her life to serving God. I always turn to her with my issues or problems along with prayer. She helps keep me calm and trusting in God’s timing and not mine for issues to be resolved.

  46. I had no answer but after reading the comments I see a direction of seeking God’s word, seeking wise counsel and seeing how my direction gives God the glory. I have lots to ponder.

  47. Sometimes in addition to praying, I will make a pros and cons list. It helps me look at what is really going on versus what I imagine in my mind with all my emotions whirling that are not real tangible things once I list them on paper.

  48. I was so blessed by Chrystal’s message. I began my adult life truly desiring to help people so I became a nurse. I believed that was what I wanted to do to fulfill my heart’s desire. I enjoyed a few years in that role but came to a time of decision whether to quit and stay home or continue in that work. Well, through seeking the Lord through prayer and attending a Bible study to help me know all that the Lord desired of me as a woman, wife and mother, and the counsel of my sweet husband who did want me to be a stay at home mom, I stepped away from the nursing and began a journey not only to be with my children and minister much better to my husband but also to find great fulfillment in my heart’s desire. My family is the one that benefited. I also benefited because all my life I have used my nurse’s training to care for many others including my family.

  49. I will pray and then at some point in the next few days an opportunity for quiet and peace finds me or I find it and I feel answers flowing through me. It brings me peace after I am done.

  50. At 64 I know my days are numbered. I ask God to give me peace and to fill my heart with him and to leave no room for the longings if this world.

  51. It’s amazing how easily we can forget who we are and where we thought we were going. So glad that Chrystal wrote about this realization in her life. I’m sure there are many of us that could agree about “that girl” who used to be.

  52. Loved this story and the connotation behind the story. We do tend to neglect our inner girl inside. Great lesson for all women. I will share with my daughter who is going through this same thing at this particular time in her life.

  53. Hi Sharon,
    Not only to I pray about decisions. I write out pros and cons. I spent time talking to my family and sharing. Seeking advice and quietly pondering and listening for the still small voice.

  54. Thank you for this well timed word and reminder to find a quiet place to think before making decisions. God’s plan is better than my own and when I don’t take quiet time, the decision make is not always the best. God bless.

  55. Hi,

    This is so good-!!!! I forget the little girl, I have lived for everyone else’s praise. Afraid to disappoint, and don’t stretch what God is flying me too.

    Thank you Louann

    1. Thank you, Louann. So much like me. I am 61 years young and, lately, wanting people to see me – not what I do… I feel I need to maybe get to know myself better, too. Does that make sense? What do you mean by “stretching to what God is flying me too?”

  56. I pray about decisions but I am willing to wait. Instead of rushing into something, I wait for His peace. If you don’t get that then it’s not the way to go. His burdens are easy and light. Matthew 28:30

  57. I once took a training program called “Leadership Coaching” through the Christian Business Men’s Connection (CBMC). It was really about listening and asking good questions, and I’ve used those same principles myself when making decisions and goal-setting. In addition, I have a tendency to ask advice from multiple advisers and sit and think & pray on it for some time before deciding.

  58. I am a firm believer in the power of prayer. I am also blessed to have a wonderful, small circle of close friends that I ask to pray for me and my family and their health needs. The support of those prayer warriors gives me added strength. They are invaluable.

  59. I think that as you are praying you have to listen. Listen to what God is saying to you. It can come in the form of something you hear about a career or about something that makes you aware of a gift you’ve been given and God has called you to use. It could be in the form of a need you’ve noted and you have an idea of how you can take a step to fulfill that need. Perhaps the need will be for one person in the short term but then after fulfilling that needs you see how you have been called to enlarge the fulfillment of that need-and God has given you tools to enlarge that area.

  60. Hi Sharon,
    Besides taking my decisions to God in prayer I also write write down all the pros and all the cons of the decision I am trying to make.
    Seeing this on paper helps!! Then you can pray again and ask God for direction on the subject, talking to him on how you feel and your findings and were He wants you to go with your decision in your life.
    🙏 ✏️🙏 😊

  61. This is a phenomenal book!!! I have one for myself and have ordered several for others.

    I struggle daily to put the “girl” and my relationship with God first…just because I put everyone else first. Yes that’s not necessarily a bad thing. But I have learned my daily time is the only thing that keeps the “girl” in me alive and strong!

  62. I do pray. But i also take time to think how that would afect the people in my life. Sometimes I weigh down the pros and cons, but mostly, I ask the Holy Spirit to guide me. It helps me to be content with my decision.

  63. When I have a tough decision to make, I pray and ask God what His will is and for wisdom, ask others for their advice and insight, make a list of pros and cons, and if I have time, maybe read Christian books on wise decision making. I hadn’t really thought of asking the “girl” in me and trying to think like she would have. I’m not sure I would even be able to think like I did as a girl or know what she would have wanted. It makes me more curious to know what Chrystal shares in the book.

  64. Tough decisions bring us to our knees. They cause us to seek God, who knows what is best for us. After prayer, listen! Listen for His answer. His plans are best.

  65. I read and study the Bible beside pray for my decision. I will look up in the Bible what will help me decide. Then I leave it to God to help me be led.

  66. Pray and read scripture. Be patient and willing to wait for God’s answer.Ask God to help me in totally surrendering the tough situation and to rest in His love.

  67. Whenever I have struggles, I immediately go to our Heavenly Father in Prayer, and pour my heart and soul to Him, and seek his will in my life!
    Then, I dive into my Bible and start reading.
    Soon the fog begins to lift, & the glorious beams of light begin to fill my life, and I can see my path very clearly!

  68. Besides praying, I also read through the Bible, and look at past Bible journals that I have written in ,to see how I dealt with different situations and events. I love my life verse Jeremiah 29:11. I believe that you have to go in the decision that God wants for you , I instead of what you want to do.

  69. Thank you for this article. It is quite thought-provoking. I have a special friend with whom God gifted me to talk and pray. She and I have oftened prayed about the little girl within and have seen changes and some release where needed. I know there is still plenty of room for more growth and change. Praise God for His patience and persistence. 🙂

  70. I would pray, then call someonea Christian, I know who knows me well. I would lay the whole situation out, listen for their wisdom, pray together, and then think about it. I would again pray, and go forward with my decision.

  71. I reach out to my support team, ask for prayer from them. They have been there, not to give advice or try to fix the problem or encourage a decision one way or the other but to listen.

  72. I needed this today. I guess I needed to be reminded that we all face things everyday. Life can knock you down but Jesus gives us His strength to get up and try again. I have faced health issues the past few years. I have days where I feel like giving up. Then I think about what Jesus has done for me. Thank God we have Him to turn to.

  73. I’m a fierce hearted woman!
    Afraid much of the time, slowly turning my fear to God and letting him handle it. Loved your post today. Thanks You

  74. I definitely needed this today!
    I’m a person that loves to cook! It’s a God given passion, and ability that I have. Everyone has, all of my adult life, told me I’m very good at it and love to eat the food I prepare.
    I’ve always heard this small voice tell me, “Go north and open a Cajun restaurant!” I’m a Louisiana native, and Creole by blood, so I have cooked authentic Cajun dishes all my life!
    But, I have always second guessed myself when it comes to that “small voice.” I second guess myself when it comes to whether my cooking is good enough for people to buy. I second guess myself in every way I possibly can concerning everything!
    I pray all day long. I talk to God about everything. Still I second guess myself concerning whether it’s Him I hear or not. Is it Him telling me, “Go ahead with your dreams!” So, I ask my husband, I ask my daughter, I ask family members, I ask friends, etc.
    I’ve began to prepare dishes for sale to strangers. I’m starting very small because I am afraid that my dream will fail. I pray while I’m cooking, I ask advice the entire time. Then, when the people purchasing the food come to pick it up I want to, and sometimes do, go to my room so my husband can deal with them. I’ve never been told anything negative about my dishes, yet I continue to be concerned.
    So, I continue to pray because I always go to God first! And, I ask everyone that I can think of for their opinions and advice.
    God bless you all and please pray for me! I love you!😎💕😎

  75. I’m addition to praying, I open my Bible and let God guide my fingers. Wherever they land, it’s always relevant, always personal. His voice is consistent and true.

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