Daddy’s Got You

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It was a bit too early. Little Tripp was snug in his mommy’s womb and not quite ready to meet the world. But the doctors decided it was time for his grand debut.

My niece, Emily, developed preeclampsia in her last weeks of pregnancy. The doctors waited as long as they could, but decided it was best if Tripp were welcomed into the world sooner than later. Emily was placed on magnesium to prevent the preeclampsia convulsions, and induced for pre-term labor. And while Tripp’s birth was God’s poetry in motion, he arrived with a few side effects of the magnesium on his 5 pound 12 ounce body.

Toxic magnesium levels.

Relaxed smooth muscle activity.

Reluctance to eat.

Irregular heart rate.

The nurses swept Tripp away to the neonatal intensive care unit soon after his first cry. While we prayed for him and his mom, Stu, his dad, stayed right there with him—exactly where Emily wanted him to be.

Tripp was hooked up to several monitors and had a feeding tube in his nose. At one point, his heart rate began to drop dangerously low from the 120-160 of a newborn.


Stu held little Tripp’s hand and began to speak. “We love you, Tripp. Daddy’s right here with you. God’s right here with you. I’ll always be with you. I know this is a scary place, but this is the best place for you right now. I’ve got you. You get strong. Don’t give up. I’ve got your hand. You’re going to be okay.”

“Mommy loves you. She can’t come in here right now. She’s got to get well too. But she loves you. Try to block out your surroundings and look at me. People everywhere are praying for you. Keep fighting, little man. You are God’s miracle to us.”

As Stu spoke words of love and encouragement, Tripp’s heart rate began to climb—70…80…90…100…120. In a few minutes the blood coursed through his veins at a quickened pace, pumped by two hearts joined by fingers of love.

I don’t know where your heart is today. Perhaps like little Tripp’s it’s running a little sluggish. I’m not talking about your physical heart, but your spiritual heart, your emotional heart. Sluggish from sadness. Despondent from disappointment. Barely beating because of being beaten by life. Hopeless because life just isn’t turning out the way you hoped it would and you’re out of options.

Here’s what I want you to imagine. See yourself in Tripp. See your heavenly Father in Tripp’s earthly father. God is talking to you. Reaching for your hand.

“I love you, daughter. I’m right here with you,” God’s saying to your heart. “I’ll always be with you. I know this world is a scary place, but this is the best place for you right now. I’ve got you. You get strong. Don’t give up. I’ve got your hand. You’re going to be okay. Try to block out your surroundings and look at Me. People everywhere are praying for you. Keep fighting, little one. You are My miracle.”

Tripp leftthe NICU after seven days. Healthy and strong.

And, friend, you’re going to make it too. Reject the lie if the Enemy tells you anything different.

Last week Tripp turned two-years-old.

“Fear not for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name, you are mine” (Isaiah 43:1 ESV) – God

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Comments 75

  1. Thank you for this! What a sweet example of our Father’s heavenly yet personal love for us. Knowing that God knows me individually and that I am Him means that there is nothing on this earth too big for God to handle, so I should have nothing to worry about. Always easier said than done, but always good to be reminded of as well.

    1. I needed this today. Life has been hard for a long time now. My life seems to be one hard thing after another. I get worn sometimes & now is one of those times. Needed this exactly today. Thank you.

  2. Thank you for your words of encouragement today. I have a friend going through a terrible trial right now and we both need to remember we are Gods children and he is always there . This was the scripture I needed today. I am so greatful for your emails.

  3. Sharon your words this morning were spot on ,A couple of days ago during my devotion as I was pouring my heart out to the Lord and asking for his guidance he spoke to me “You are my daughter I will always hold your hand !”ever since then that relationship between father and daughter has grown even more , Thank you for being another avenue reintegrating our loving Father ,

  4. I am a fairly recent widow(almost 11 months) for the second time and this blog spoke such love and hope. God is and has been with me but this verse encourages me that with all the decisions and challenges I have ahead He loves me…I am not alone… I am His.

    1. Thank you for sharing baby Tripp’s story. It is one that resonates with familiarity for me in that I was that baby much like little Tripp almost 37 years ago!
      I was premature, weighed 2 lbs and had fluid in my brain. I wasn’t expected to make it. And if I did I was supposed to be mentally handicapped.
      Yet God blessed me with the ability to proudly serve my country graduate from HS in 3 years and Suma cum laude when I got my bachelor’s degree in criminal justice.
      How easy it is to forget about God’s miracles, until they’re staring back at me from an all too familiar story!

  5. It feels marvelous knowing God has my hand!! Through these storms we are walking in I know God has this girls mosquito bitten hands 🤣 I love you Jesus!! Thank God for a sense of humor!! No electric from Irma BUT I’m grateful for a new day

  6. Knowing that God loves me and has my back gives me the confidence to face whatever comes across my path. It is a wonderful feeling.

  7. It seems lately that everything I read, has a baby story or advice to parents.My husband and I are trying to get pregnant with our first child. At first it seemed like a cruel reminder that God is blessing everyone but us with a child, but I know that’s not true. This story today reminded me that God is very present, He is the God who sees me and has a perfect plan. I’m trying to rest in that. Thank you. Blessings!

  8. Sharon, your devotions and blogs are always so uplifting. This one hit home for me…going through a season of life that has been particularly hard and at times overwhelming. My oldest son who just turned 31, has been estranged from the family since December…the last time I spoke to him was right before Christmas when he announced that he would not be coming home. Nobody understands what is going on (not drugs) and all I know is that it has sent me to my knees…and Christian counseling and a whole lot of Bible study.
    Thank you for the encouragement. I do know God, my Heavenly Father, is holding my hand through this.

  9. This spoke to me personally this morning. I am going though a lot of struggles and have some tough decisions to make. Since I know that the circumstances I am going through are my fault, I haven’t expected Gods help. This devotional allowed me to see that God is with me through it all, even when it’s my fault. He is always faithful.

  10. God knows how much I needed to read your encouraging email “Daddy’s Got You”.
    Thank you Sharon for being His instrument to help me today!

  11. Even though I can’t grasp the message of God’s love right now, I know it is true. My life has been in upheavel since losing everything but my life in last year’s flood. Trust in Him is all I have. My trust may at times be shaky; however, the One in whom I have placed my faith forever stands strong. Jeremiah 29:11

  12. Thank you for the story and relating it to us. I will really try to listen to that voice that says “I love you, daughter. I’m right here with you,” God’s saying to your heart. “I’ll always be with you. I know this world is a scary place, but this is the best place for you right now. I’ve got you. You get strong. Don’t give up. I’ve got your hand. You’re going to be okay. Try to block out your surroundings and look at Me. People everywhere are praying for you. Keep fighting, little one. You are My miracle.”
    This is rally a help!!!!!! God bless.

  13. It means everything to me to know God has me because I struggle with financial and health issues! And it weren’t for the the love of my father God I don’t know where I’d be….

  14. Sharon,

    What a powerful message just at the right time, brought me to tears.

    I am struggling in my job being unfairly judged, being layed off trying to find another job and feel the company I have worked for almost 12 years and gave my blood, sweat and life has just kicked me to the curb for no good reason. I am keeping the faith that the Lord has my back and will bring me out in victory. So thank you for this note, I really think this was a note from my father to let me know to hold on and don’t focus on my surroundings and what evil is around but to depend on him.

    Thank you from a Girlfriend in God follower.

  15. Hello. I can’t tell you what this meant to me. That verse! Years ago, soon after the break up of my first marriage, I was 25 with three children, and an abusive ex, I was questioning whether or not I really did belong to God, if He truly loved me and wanted me…the wanted part was really big for me. I was sobbing and praying, and the Holy Spirit led me to Isaiah 43:1, but I read it with my name….within an few minutes, my sister from Vermont (I was in British Columbia at the time) called me and told her that the Lord and given her a verse for me….Isaiah 43:1. I was blown away! The next day I went into a book store (secular) and the first thing I saw was a poster of a pasture land with some sheep on it..and you guessed it….the verse from Isaiah 43:1! Needless to say I bought the poster. Years later when my now husband and I were planning on marrying and talking to a minister, we needed a church that would marry us…we had both been divorced so it was difficult…my hubby suggested the minister he had been raised with….I was very unsure because it was an Anglican! church….not what I was used to (Pentecostal)…but I said ok, we’ll meet him….lol…when I walked into his office he had the exact same poster on his wall!!! (this was in Montreal Quebec). The Lord and I started on a whole new journey together.
    Lately though I have been feeling very very down, I am under a lot of pressure and I wasn’t going to read your email today….but I decided I needed to…and then the verse…….Thank you!!! HOW I could have forgotten I have no idea…but you have helped to renew me….Praise God!

  16. Ever since the divorce, my adult sons and their wives have abandoned me so this email was such an encouragement to me. While I wait to be remembered, God knows exactly where I am, He knows my name, He chose me to be their mother and I know God knows my heart. Thanking Him today that I am His daughter and with God’s help, He will give me victory in the battle. 😉

  17. It means that I don’t have to live in fear and worry because God has got me. His blood covers me and I know that because He lives, I can face tomorrow because I am His. He paid it all once and for all and He has not given me the spirit of fear but of power and love and a sound mind!!

  18. Thank you for the reminder that God does indeed have our hand and He is rallying for us daily! The daily struggles of life become more complicated and yet our simplistic answer is to call to our Father and let him show us how to walk daily with Him! Thank you.

  19. I so needed these words today…I’m a child of the King (I know this beyond a shadow of a doubt) but sometimes I feel that I’m going this life on my own–alone.

    Thank you Heavenly Father for being with me in this scary place.

  20. Thank you, Sharon, for showing us God’s love and faithfulness in the lives of your family, and pointing us to scripture that reveals God faithfulness to us. I am struggling with grief over the loss our 5 month old grandson in February. It was right before the GiG cruise retreat. The constant undercurrent of sadness is overwhelming. Rhett’s birthday was last Thursday. I’m desperately clinging to the Truth that I know — God knows my name! I’m searching for the treasure in this tragedy. The triumph will surely be from God alone.

  21. Thank you Sharon! I am starting a new season in life, disabled and unable to return to my career in special education. Still recovering from major surgery I struggle to know what use I am on earth to God right now! There was never any doubt of my service through the years of teaching these special children as they taught me!! The innocence and compassion that special needs people have is something we could all learn from but so many feel they could never teach us….but they taught me to love others no matter what! I miss it very much. I’m listening for God’s new instructions…thank you for the reminder that I still matter! Blessings!

  22. God has, just yesterday, reunited my sister and me! Praise God! We have not been in any contact since our dad died in 1999. Now Angie is planning on coming to my home in Oklahoma to spend a week with me.
    Our family has been quite dysfunctional for a long time, but we are reconnecting, little by little. There are six of us children and both mom and dad have passed. But we are not orphans because we have the best Father in the universe!
    Angie has been through a lot, as we all have, but she knows and loves Jesus in her heart. God tells me that she is in need of reassurance as to God’s agape love for her. She was more devastated by our Dad’s passing than any of us could imagine. She is needing to know that Our Father in heaven has her back!
    Prayers for her and all of us would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for your words of comfort and sharing God’s love! All Glory is His!

  23. Thank you Sharon for this word from God today to me! My son has been going through a diverticulitis with a perforation attack for several weeks now and I have tried to be at his side as much as I can. He was in the hospital for over two weeks and is now staying with me for a while. The plan is to heal from the attack then elect to have surgery in a few month to correct the diverticulitis problem. I am so blessed to have so many brothers and sisters in the Lord lifting us up in prayer. But I can not seem to replace my fear with trust even though God has been so faithful in taking care of all the details of his illness. Every morning I wake up a couple hours earlier than I need to and my mind goes crazy with awful thoughts of what could happen to my son. I know these thoughts are from Satan and I renounce them immediately but they keep coming back. I pray all of the time to trust that God is taking care of my son, but I have no peace. I have asked God to forgive me for not trusting him more but I am just so scared at every turn in the road. I feel that God must be so disappointed in me. I love him so much and I know he loves my son more than I ever could. This message about Tripp just made me cry today cause I know that God was talking to me today and telling me that it is all going to be ok. Thank you so much Sharon!

  24. Thank you for this beautiful reminder of our Father’s unfailing love, faithfulness, and care. This blessed my heart so this morning. I REALLY NEEDED TO HEAR THIS. AT THIS VERY MOMENT. Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Sharon. May the Good Lord continue to bless your family & especially sweet Tripp. God is a God of miracles and I thank Him for this little miracle. Thank you for this reminder. Be blessed!!!!

  25. Hi Sharon,
    Several years ago I was a year and a half into a 3 year and 4 month divorce / custody battle when I had gone to court thinking my divorce will be final today. I was crying on the phone to my sister the next day saying, “I just need a Daddy to hug me and tell me everything is going to be ok.” The next morning it was cold in the sanctuary of a church I was visiting, sitting by myself, when the Worship leader stopped and said,” Someone here needs a hug from the Lord. He quoted Jeremiah 29:11 and prayed that the person would feel the warmth of His hug from head to toe.” At that moment a warmth rushed over me, and I went from freezing to sweating. I received my hug from my Daddy, and He told me he had plans for me! Needless to say, that church has been my church home since 2009. God has been so faithful to me, even when I was fearing and looking at circumstances, instead of trusting Him. My favorite verses are Proverbs 3:5-6. I am still learning how to trust Him.
    Thank you for allowing God to use you! I have gleaned so much from your writings! I remarried in January and struggle with trust issues because my first husband cheated on me and my dad cheated on my mom. I am currently reading/praying your book Praying for Your Husband from Head to Toe. It is WONDERFUL! I even pray some of it over our 4 college kids and myself. God has used those prayers to give me peace and reduce my anxiety when triggers happen. Again, thank you so much for being obedient to the Lord!

  26. Every word spoke to my heart 110 % this morning. THANK YOU. Needed this message more than you will ever know.
    But, HE knows. Every minute of your efforts were worth the time.

  27. Thank you for sharing this. It means so much to me knowing that God is right here with me. Last year I left an abusive marriage and thought I was getting back on my feet until this past May when I was fired from my job. Since then I’ve struggled to make ends meet and some days I don’t know if I can make it. It’s hard to believe that a woman my age, who once seemed to have everything going for myself, is at this place and time right now. But knowing that my God, My Father is with me gives me the strength to get up every day and go forth. I’m learning to trust him like never before. Thank you for reminding me of His Presence!!!

  28. Thank you so much for this wonderful story, it was just what I needed to hear today.
    May God bless this family and you for sharing their beautiful journey.

  29. That daddy had the power and peace of Christ in him….what a difference this one relationship means in our lives. With peace, love, hope, trust he spoke these things to his baby boy…just as Jesus speaks these things to all who love Him. We went thru similar situation this year at birth of my 5th great grandchild….Great is God’s love

  30. Oh my goodness Sharon … it blows my mind that God knows me, I mean really knows me! He took the time to perfectly create the heavens, the universe, the earth … even named the stars. I thank Him and praise Him for loving me & blessing me.

  31. To me God knowing my name means everything. Going from fearing church and believing God hated me and Atheism to begging Him for the life of my first child because I was so depressed and wanted to die. Not only did He save my daughter life and each child after that but He saved me. He pursued me through it all. Even now dealing with two years of porn addiction and infidelity from my husband He is with me. Every tear I have cried every pleading call for strength and courage He has been there. That is what keeps me going everyday when I don’t want to go. I grab ahold of Him take a breath and thank Him for it all.

  32. It means that I belong to the Almighty God of the universe. I am His, and He is mine. He is ever watchful and nothing skips His notice or is allowed that hasn’t passed through Him. It’s all in His perfect infinite love.

  33. Perfect Godly timing for my daughter and I to get this message. She is in the hospital at 32 weeks, baby has irregular heartbeat and contractions every 3 minutes. We know that God will care for them but it is so hard for this Grandma not to worry. Your devotion today gave us so much comfort – thank you!

  34. Thank you for this devotional. I needed to hear it today. I have been the toughest year and a half of my life. I have been a spiritual journey and the fight of my life for my marriage, my children and our home. Though this journey has often times been a lonely one, I cry out to God and know that He is with me. He collects my tears. He holds me in His arms. He whispers He will not leave me. I have come to realize that I had lost myself in who God had seen me as. I am still learning and fighting. Thank you as Daddy’s here even when those times it feels like He’s not.

  35. Thank you for sharing God’s Got You – Tripp’ s story. I needed to hear that tonight. My father GOD has got me in his loving arms and he is always there for me. Thank you GOD.

  36. Just at the verge of losing hope! Almost homeless with 3 children barely 2 weeks in the United States and finding a home is almost impossible because of no rent history and no verifiable source of income coming as an International student for a graduate program. This is a message of hope and I can go back to sleep knowing that my Heavenly Daddy gat my back! This is the word in time and season tailored for me! Thank you Jesus . My trust is in you 🙏🏽😇! My testimonies abound

  37. Despite all this chaos and how things seems to be piling on with the families. God is here he is in control. Even though these circumstances seem beyond him he is right their in the middle of it reaching out to us all. Taking us in his loving arms and carrying us through these circumstances. Thank you Abba for that reminder!

  38. I had preeclampsia with my daughter too. It was very scary as she was about three weeks premature. I learned to give her to God and not to cling too tightly to her through the experience. It is a difficult lesson to learn as a mother.
    Thank you for the reminder as it is a milestone in my faith walk.
    God Bless You and Your Wonderful Ministry To Women.

  39. I am his is such a comfort to me. My earthly father is not much of a role model, and when I was growing up he would be “under the influence of alcohol “most days and nights. I know my heavenly father takes care of me by supplying my needs ALL the time and working ALL things out for my good. In knowing I can come to him with my troubles and anxieties whenever the need is another comfort. Thank you for your story/devotional and have a great weekend!

  40. The tears are rolling down my face now. Just what I needed to hear tonight. My husband and I are separated. I am so sad. I pictured our Heavenly Father holding me and saying those words to me.
    Thank you so much for all your messages. They encourage all of us so much!

  41. Thank you for this. It spoke to me as I was visiting my brother in law who has been on hospice care at home for a month now, weighs only about 60 lbs. My poor sister is going through all of this very well but it is becoming so hard for all of the family.The Lord is still in control!
    Ethel Cummings

  42. Thank you for your posts. I keep wondering if I am a narcissistic. Some days maybe, latley I have been beating myself up and lies come into my head telling me I am unloved and unlovable. I have a tumor on my pancreas and hoping I will have surgery soon. Hoping some(all) of these lies are the product of the tumor.

  43. My name is Kim Jaynes. I am always encouraged on all of your blogs. To date my heart has been very heavy. My daughter was pregnant and had twin boys January 2016. They were very difficult for her to take care of so she put them up for adoption. It is an open adoption so I get to see them every three months and they still call me Grammy. Well we just got the news that she is pregnant again and this time it’s triplets. My heart is so heavy of all the decisions that need to be made and may have to go through another adoption. She is determined to keep these babies. She still lives with me and the father is involved. If he is actually the father. So the reminder that God has my hand and he is helping me is a very welcomed reminder. Thank you!

  44. Knowing that God knows me by name means I am so much more than just a dot on a map or a number in a census. I’m more than a statistic. He knows me personally, he knows my heart. He even knows of my sins and yet the cracked mirror doesn’t distort his vision of me. He gives me eyes to see Him amoung the shards of life.

  45. I feel that God sent me here! My sister has been diagnosed with Progressive Super nuclear Palsy. Not a good think to have. At age 65 she is going to go into assisted living! We have lived together since 2006 and this is a hard time for both of us. I must admit I am not ready for my sister to be in assisted living, but at the same time understand the need for her to be there. However, I need to be able to reach to her and bring her back to God. She seems to be bitter that she has gotten this disease or may I could say mad at God. God never says life is going to be easy. I pray that she will turn back to God. I feel that I need the right words and this helped. Thank you for sharing. God Bless.

    1. Post
  46. Nurture and love from those that truly cares for us gives the ability to withstand anything that comes or goes our way. The will to make it is so much easier when we know that someone is in our corner and has our back no matter what. God promises to be there through it, after it and even before we get to it!

  47. Wow! I can’t even tell you how this touched me this morning. Thank you so much for this. God found me in a prison cell a few years ago and as I travel this wonderful journey,, I often allow the enemy to tell me things like: you’re wasting your time going to school, you will never find a decent place to live with your record, you’re tainted, you’re less than…….and the list goes on and on…. And then God does something wonderful. He sends me an email from encouragement cafe and now He has directed me to this page. I love my life today and yes…..I am redeemed!!

  48. Iv been reading Girlfriends in God for about a year now. I don’t always read them as soon as I get them but they go in the girls worship folder in my email. Days I feel over whelmed or stressed I try to read them as they are inspirational. For me the stuff in life that tends to overwhelm me is when my kids have issues. They are both grown and I so wish I was still allowed to make decisions for them. My oldest has the hardest head ever but is very sensitive even though people don’t get to see that side. My boys father was my high school sweetheart died from a drunk driver when my youngest wasn’t even one. They were my rock at times keeping me busy and my mind off from things that would get me crying and sad. I was raised in a Christian family and I as an adult am the closest iv ever been to God. I sometimes feel like my armour of God is bullet proof as my faith is very strong. However, when it comes to my boys one late 20’s one early 30’s now I crumble, sadden, get depressed, feel overwhelmed. That is the reason I went to the girls worship folder this morning. Yet another issue with my oldest. I looked at the bottom and seen wives that Pray and I love that. I don’t have Facebook as that is part of my armour of God. I know it sounds silly but my kids drama would creep in more and more on Facebook it’s best. The title of “Daddy’s got you” stuck out to me like it had Christmas lights blinking on it. For my boys to loose their earthly father now as adults it’s so relevant in their lives and I wish more then anything that their father was still here.They protect Mom like no other and my husband now is a wonderful Christian, husband and my best, best friend. Tolerance is thin when it comes to my boys. Daddys got you …it’s a phrase I would want to give my kids so many times. They know of God and I continue to pray for them. The suffering my oldest goes through tells me the lord is working and I tell him that. He has seen how the lord works yet is strong headed. Please Sharon pray for my boys. I always say you can tell a strong Christian by how they get through trials. Girl, iv got this with everything but am not able to be so strong when it comes to my boys. I try and I pray and I fast, and I read scriptures it helps for sure the girls worship folder helps it’s my medicine. Iv ordered your book and looking forward to that as well as the devotional. My husband will be thrilled. We have 5 devotional we read ea h night and then scripture and prayer. He is a wonderful guy and does go with the flow. He knows when I’m ready for devotions about 10 Minutes after he’s home that my son must have called that day. Every trial my kids go through makes them the person they need to be on the other side of things I know. Would love to be able to breathe, relax, smile for a moment knowing they are both good. That their lives are good and are ok independently. They’ll get there but knowing the girls worship is praying for them I feel that much stronger. I’m a prayer warrior myself would love to be art of the wife’s that Pray but not on facebook
    any suggestions? I’m not a mess I’m a strong Christian one that speaks of my lord with the commission daily. Iv sent into my soft spot today one that not to many people see. Thank you Sharon. I hope one day to take my Mom and sister in law and meet you on your cruise or a couple day woman’s retreat. That to me would be the best ever! Love y’all

  49. Your words always come at the perfect time. Gods word is so comforting when I read it especially after reading one or several of your blogs. I need to daily be reminded that I serve a Mighty God and He is my All in All and my Daddy😊

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