3 ways to get the most brilliant BFF ever!

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Today I’ve invited my friend Jennifer Rothschild to the kitchen table. She is a speaker and author of 14 books. Today she’s sharing a bit from her latest release, Me, Myself & Lies: What to Say When You Talk to Yourself. Jennifer became blind when she was fifteen, and now helps the world see Jesus more clearly. Let’s welcome Jennifer!

One thing that drives me crazy about getting older is I know there is a lot that I don’t know. Unfortunately, I don’t know what I don’t know! Can you relate? But one of the things that makes me happy about getting older is realizing that knowledge is not nearly as important as wisdom. And sisters, wisdom has nothing to do with what we know or don’t know, and everything to do with Who we know!

God is not greedy with His wisdom. If you need it, He’ll give it. In fact, He wants His wisdom to be as close as your closest friend — your BFF!

So, here are three ways to make wisdom your BFF.

  1. Request Wisdom

First of all, ask God for wisdom. The apostle James tells us, If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him. (  James 1:5)

This isn’t meant to be weirdly spiritual or complicated. It really is as simple as asking for wisdom and trusting that you will receive.

Our sons developed an odd habit when they were each about two years old. Whenever the phone rang, it signaled them to need me. They could have been totally occupied, happy, and distracted until the phone rang. But when it did, they inevitably whined, got hurt, or needed something. Something in the ring signaled a virtual meltdown in my kids.

One day, my publisher made a surprise phone call to me. Trying to sound as if he were the most important person to me at that moment, I attempted to hush Connor while he pulled on my leg. “Sucker, Mommy. Sucker, Mommy,” he insisted. Because he asked, and because I knew the call was going to be a long one, I pulled a brand-new bag of   Tootsie Pops out of the cabinet. I yanked it open and turned it upside down.

Like confetti at a parade, multicolored lollipops fell all over the kitchen floor. I smiled as approvingly as possible at Connor and mouthed, “Have fun.” I then hid in the closet to finish my call.

The point is, he asked, and I answered. Not just meeting minimal requirements, I gave liberally. That’s how God is when He responds to our request for wisdom. He doesn’t just meet minimal requirements. He gives liberally. He lavishes us with wisdom that will benefit us and those around us.

God made getting wisdom as simple as asking for it.

Just as simply as a child asks for a lollipop, we can ask God for wisdom. Amazing! And we receive an overflowing supply.

King Solomon echoed this thought: For the Lord gives wisdom, and from his mouth come knowledge and understanding. (Proverbs 2:6) So, my friend, before you read on, ask God for wisdom, and trust Him to provide.

2. Revere God

You can also receive wisdom by choosing to revere God. In Proverbs we see, The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding. (Proverbs 9:20)

To fear the Lord doesn’t mean to be deathly afraid of Him. No, He is good and kind. But He is also just and worthy of our highest regard and respect.

To fear the Lord means we revere Him.

It means we regard God more highly than we regard ourselves. We esteem His truth more highly than we esteem our perceptions of truth. To fear the Lord means holding His knowledge and truth in higher regard than our own.

Examine your own heart and mind. Do you fear the Lord? Whose truth do you elevate most highly in your life? Until you reverence God most highly in your life and acknowledge that He is the standard of truth, you will never experience Him as the ultimate source of truth — and you will never find true wisdom. Take a moment to reconcile those thoughts with your own. You will discover the wisdom you need when you choose to revere God.

3. Receive Counsel

You can also become wise through wise counsel. Once again, Proverbs tells us that wisdom is with those who receive counsel, and the wise of heart will receive commands. (Proverbs 13:10 and Proverbs 10:8)

When we walk with wisdom, it will wear off on us.

Sometimes we just need to listen to others, learn from their mistakes and experiences, and recognize that others struggle the same way we do. Other people can teach us a lot if we’ll take the time to listen. Do you have someone you can walk with in order to gain wisdom?

You will be a wiser woman when you request wisdom, revere God, and receive wise counsel. When you do, wisdom will become one of your best friends. Say to wisdom, “You are my sister,” and call understanding your intimate friend. (Proverbs 7:4 NASB)

I love that. If wisdom were truly your sister, what would she say to you on a casual morning walk along the river? If understanding actually happened to be your BFF, what would she say to you in a gut-honest conversation at a corner table in your favorite café? You can count on one thing. You wouldn’t want to miss a single word. Me neither sister!

Who is the wisest woman you know? Leave her name as a comment. I’ll pick one response and send a free copy of Jennifer’s new book!  Here’s a little bit more about it.


What Should You Say When You Talk to Yourself?

Have you ever noticed the things you say to yourself—and believe?

I could never do that.
They don’t like me.
I am such an idiot!

You wouldn’t talk that way to anyone else, yet phrases like these constantly flow through your mind, leaving you insecure and defeated.

Jennifer Rothschild was there, as well, until she learned how to replace the lies with truth. With wisdom and authenticity, Jennifer will help you…

  • silence the negative voices in your mind as you learn to
  • speak kindly to your soul
  • grow in confidence by replacing the lies that shackle you with the truth that sets you free
  • overcome a lifetime of damaging self-talk by practicing godly and biblical soul-talk




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Comments 73

  1. The wisest woman I know is Phyllis Babcock. Her husband was a physics professor, now retired, at the college I attended and the faculty advisor for the Christian fellowship and Phyllis was the hostess ‘with the mostess’, whom I admired very much. I still keep in touch with her and visit every few years. In her 70s, she still gardens, hikes, snowshoes, and opens her home to lots of people.

  2. The wisest woman I know is my BFF, sister-in-law, boss, and most importantly my sister in Christ all in one person, Diane Warner. I go to her for advice on many topics from children, marriage, how to handle relationship issues, and of course work related. She always prays for me and the situation and gives good Biblical advice as well as scripture passages as reference.

  3. Diane Warner is an incredible wise God fearing woman that has been through more struggles in her lifetime than most ladies face but she still loves and fears the Lord with a passion that is hard to beat.

  4. My friend Maria has been a great source of godly wisdom in my life in recent years. She studies the word, is quiet w/ the Lord & seeks wisdom for living a victorious life. She bears the trials of this life honestly, but with eyes & heart towards her Savior…choosing to trust His goodness & sovereignty. I thank the Lord for my wise sister in Christ, Maria Jackson.

  5. Wisest woman I know is actually my daughter, Chassity Sarvis. She has been through so much in her 30 years and stands as a testament of Gods grace each day, she inspires me with her strength, wisdom & love of the lord.

  6. The wisest woman I have known was my grandmother. She had a moment by moment relationship with the Lord. She was mild-tempered, had a sweet nature, read her Bible daily – it was so worn! – prayed and shouted, making her requests made known to God. She has been my role model in my faith walk.

  7. The wisest lady I know, is my new friend and counsellor Sarah Jacoby. She sits and soaks in God’s presence and silently listens for His voice, and also enquires of Him.

  8. I can relate to negative talk. My friend Jean Graham is the my Christian friend that I can talk to about everything.

  9. One of the wisest women i knew was Mary Kathryn Parrot. She once told me ” Whenever you are feelin low, go do something for someonelse.” It takes your eyes and mind off youeself, and God will use it to bless you both..

  10. I love hanging with women who walk in wisdom. Two women come to mind when I think of wisdom. One, Jean Holtby, has been a Christian for many years. I can always count on sage advice from her. The other is a new Christian, Susan Brozina, whom I watch in pure joy as she humbly blesses others with the wisdom God has given her. Just think how much each of us would bless others if we all walked in our Giftings. Let’s do it!

  11. Sharon, first of all thank you for challenging me to study more to gain understanding of the God and Father that I love..for your studies and devotions have challenged me to walk more aware of who I am in Christ…
    My BFF Heather, has been a life long Christian friend, we have been there for each other through many situations and life threatening moments….I am thankful that God has placed her in my life, through early days of marriage, to failed marriage , being an encourager as I raised my daughter alone, and when her husband had heart attack and surgery, standing with her as her father died early, and her Mom struggled with Alzheimer’s. Over 50 years God has blessed with friendship…..Sister’s by the blood of Christ…

  12. After walking through a pastor search with Ann Clark, I realize the wisdom and reverence for the Lord that she has.

  13. To me one of the most wonderful wise woman who ministers to my heart and has such great clarity and is most loving and kind to me, is a lady named Melody Daze. One of my Pastors wife.

  14. I praise God for YOUR words of wisdom and instruction. You have
    encourage my heart to continue in the way God has been leading
    me. To stay close to the 2 elderly “sisters”(93 yrs.old;& 83yrs.old)
    respectfully, that God has put in my life as friends , teachers &
    examples of being a “virtuous woman”. They are not sisters by birth.
    But, true “sisters in Christ. I have learned what it means to “stand firm”
    at all times. How to live and thirst for it all, in the kingdom of God.
    I am truly Blessed,,and I am carrying on the “banner”of showing, and
    living, the life “of a Godly Woman” before younger women, in Jesus’
    Name. Thank you “sister” for clear instruction. God Bless YOU.

  15. My “sister in Christ” and example of wisdom is 93 yes old. Her name is Helen Miller. She is a God fearing , loving woman. I’ve been blessed with another
    “sister”. She is 83yrs.old, and a truly “virtuous woman. Her name is Betty Marshall. These two women in my life have been God’s gift to me. I thank
    Him for both of them, and for your teaching today. I needed to be reminded.

  16. My mother. She took us to church and bible study every week and had us help with different activities through the church. I remember at Halloween we would meet at the church and trick or treat for UNICEF and then we would work on Bean Suppers to raise money for different things.

    We will always be grateful to God for giving us a wonderful example to follow in our service to the Lord.

    Thank you for all you do to serve God too. I so look forward to reading Girlfriends in God every morning after reading the bible. It helps me to really grow in my faith.

  17. Mrs. Lois Miller is my “Wisdom” warrior. She is in her late 80’s and a constant source of wisdom to me. She is a widow but has great joy that her husband is in Jesus’ presence. She constantly seeks wisdom from the LORD and His WORD! She encourages me to seek the LORD’s wisdom moment by moment. She has been one of my BFF since I was a single teacher. She spoke at my bridal shower over 30 years ago and she still gives me Biblical wisdom via email since we do not live in the same state. She is struggling with her physical health but her mind is so sharp in the Lord! Lois would enjoy Jennifer’s book gleaning crops of wisdom to share with other people. Thank you Sharon for sharing with us women of different ethnicities and of different life stages. In Christ, Veda Pong😃🌺

  18. My dear friend Linda Woerman, is a woman of God, that is older and wiser than me. She always has a word of biblical wisdom when I need advice. She doesn’t judge, she only loves.
    I’ve been going through years of difficulty. I’ve had 4 back surgeries in 4 years with being rear-ended after the first. The last surgery was 12 hours to fuse my spine.
    My daughter became a heroin addict (yes, stole my medication) and lost custody of her precious 7 year old son. The father (who never took time for his son the first 4 years. I heard him call his son at age 3 “A f**king little brat”, my husband was so anger when I told him, he called dad and asked if he said that about his precious son. He replied, no. He asked him again into the conversation and he said yes, admitted it. He now has custody and moved in with a married woman with 3 children/2 father’s. They have been keeping him from visiting us. Even my father, great grandpa at 83 years old asked to see his oldest great grandson. He was told no, grandparents have no visitation rights.
    The last time I saw him, he said, I want to live with my mommy even if she is sick because I love her the most. Then I love you, grandma and my dad last.
    If my mind doesn’t to off to thinking all different things! I’m not getting strong after my surgery. I’m getting anxiety where I have a hard time leaving home. I can’t concentrate to get things done.
    Linda sends texts to let me know she is praying every day. Gods got this!

  19. My Mom, Nancy Kimbrel. I didn’t get to know her until I was married….just circumstances that separated us when I was a toddler. She is a mighty woman of God with an amazing weapon of prayer. She has pastored, took care of a jail ministry for 24 years and is still involved in nursing home ministry. I’m amazed at the women who come up to us when we are out who say, “Sis. Nancy, I wouldn’t have found my way without you leading me to Christ” or “Thank you for your wisdom, love and support, I wouldn’t have made it through.” She has touched so many people with her boldness for Christ. She is my hero!

  20. I’d have to say right now it’s my mother-in-law; recently my brother and own mom have called me evil because I didn’t take my mom with me to Florida for the passing of my uncle on my dads side of the family. They didn’t really want her to come and we’re glad she didn’t come because of her drama but I received all kinds of name calling and hatred; of course they’re still not talking to me. My mother-in-law has reminded me that the way my mom treats me is not how a mother is supposed to treat her daughter.

  21. We can all use a little dose of BFF and wisdom. I cry out to God a lot to ask for wisdom, concerning family and
    finances. He is faithful. Keep praying he will answer you.

  22. Joy Doubleday is the most wonderful friend I have ever had. She has taught me so much, and shown such love and concern for others and I truly respect her for all her knowledge of the Bible and her application of the lessons learned from it.

  23. My good friend Darlene is my spiritual mentor and helps me make sense of situations, feelings and guided me along my journey to be closer to Jesus .

  24. My sister is the wisest person I know. She led me to the Lord when I was 8 yeras old. She has her flaws and we are both busy and don’t tlak much but I still love her.

  25. Ethline Virgina Johnson McIntosh-Edwards, my Mother-in-law, is the wisest Christian woman I’ve ever known.

  26. Karen is my wisest earthly friend. She’s just older enough to truly understand, and she never lets me fall to self – pity. She listens, prays with me, prays for me, and if she doesn’t have solid godly advice, she takes the time to help me find it. She has talked me off from the ledge of stupidity and ungodly reactions more times than I can count, and I am blessed to have her counsel and support in my life. And she’s fun!

  27. The wisest woman I know is myself. I am constantly trusting and believing God and walking by faith in every encounter I face.

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