The Power of a Woman’s Words Study Guide

How the Words You Say Can Shape the Lives of Others

What God’s Words Says About the Words You Speak

Your words hold immense power. They echo in the hearts and minds long after they are spoken. Your words can

  • be a source of encouragement, lifting other people up
  • provide helpful instruction to those in need of guidance
  • bring healing and comfort when others experience pain
  • offer loving-kindness, an illustration of God’s grace, to others

Best-selling author Sharon Jaynes offers this companion to The Power of a Woman’s Words, taking you on a journey alongside women of the Bible– women like Rachel, who shaped her son’s character, Sarai, who influenced her husband’s choices, and Elizabeth, who boosted her friend’s confidence. The study guide helps you dig deeper into Scripture to see what God’s Word says about our words. It offers biblical instruction and practical tools to help you discover the power of words to change the course of a day and even a life. This companion study guide is perfect for personal study or small groups.

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