The Power of a Woman’s Words DVD Experience

In this dynamic DVD, international speaker Sharon Jaynes shares profound lessons from her popular book The Power of a Woman’s Words to show how, when a woman focuses on God, she has a well of words to draw from to encourage and lead others and to change her life in meaningful ways.

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With a passion for storytelling, Sharon presents the power of God’s wisdom with real-life scenes interspersed throughout the six engaging 30-minute sessions:

  • God’s Incredible Gift
  • The People We Impact
  • The Power of a Woman’s Words to Her Husband and Her Friends
  • The Power of a Woman’s Words to Fellow Believers and the World
  • The Promise of Power and the Product of Practice
  • The Potency of Silence and the Profound Possibilities
  • This unforgettable experience inspires individuals and groups to lose words that defeat and use words that celebrate life and faith.