The Power of a Woman’s Words Bible Study Guide

Excellent for individuals or groups, this study guide reveals how the right words lead a woman toward God’s great purpose for them to be a light to others.




This engaging, interactive workbook for Sharon Jaynes popular book The Power of a Woman’s Words and the companion DVD series, helps readers discover and put into practice Sharon’s lessons on using godly words and perspective to inspire strength, joy, and purpose in themselves and others.Fascinating examples of women in the Bible, contemporary illustrations, insightful questions, and practical steps create an exciting exploration of:

  • God’s Incredible Gift
  • The People We Impact
  • The Power of a Woman’s Words to Her Husband and Her Friends
  • The Power of a Woman’s Words to Fellow Believers and the World
  • The Promise of Power and the Product of Practice
  • The Potency of Silence and the Profound Possibilities