A Woman’s Secret To a Balanced Life

A Woman’s Secret to a Balanced Life is a wellspring of practical, powerful, and pertinent Biblical counsel about what it means to be a godly woman. Authors Sharon Jaynes and Lysa TerKeurst have opened floodgates of wisdom by employing a fascinating metaphor about seven “principle-pools” from which women can dip for refreshment and refocusing on their God-given roles and responsibilities. This book is for every woman who wants a more balanced life.

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The authors invite you to learn seven vital ways you can prioritize your life:

  • Revere Jesus Christ as Lord.
  • Love, honor, and respect your husband.
  • Nurture your children.
  • Create a loving environment for your family and friends.
  • Faithfully oversee your time and money.
  • Mentor others and develop Godly friendships.
  • Extend yourself to meet community needs.

Coauthored with Lysa TerKeurst, Published by Harvest House Publishers

Includes a 14 lesson Bible study guide!