A Sudden Glory – When God Makes His Presence Known


Can you remember a time when you sensed God’s presence and you were absolutely sure it was Him? Perhaps it was when you first believed, or maybe it happened just yesterday. You may have felt an overwhelming sense of His love, received an answer to prayer, felt an inexplicable peace, or witnessed a miracle. But when it happened…oh, when it happened…you knew you had encountered the divine. The moment came and went, and you were awestruck. Do you remember it? I call those moments when God makes Himself known to you personally a sudden gloryan intimate moment with your Creator, the Lover of your soul, a glimpse of heaven.

To illustrate what I mean by this, consider how Sheldon Vanauken, author of A Severe Mercy, describes the moment he knew he was in love with his wife Davy:

One who has never been in love might mistake either infatuation or a mixture of affection and sexual attraction for being in love. But when the ‘real thing’ happens, there is no doubt. A man in the jungle at night, as someone said, may suppose a hyena’s growl to be a lion’s; but when he hears the lion’s growl, he knows [full] well it’s a lion. So with the genuine inloveness. So with Davy and me. A sudden glory.

I have been in the jungle and heard the lion’s roar. I knew full well it was Him. So with the genuine inloveness. So with Jesus and me. A sudden glory. Time and time again.

All throughout our lives, I dare say, throughout our days, we will experience a sudden glory in unpredictable moments. Or, at least we could.

A friend shared a moment of sudden glory in her life:

 “Life was hard after my divorce. With no child support and only a part-time job for income, there were days when I didn’t know how I would put dinner on the table for myself and my four children. I often had to choose between buying groceries or paying the electric bill. On one such day, I walked to the mailbox praying I wouldn’t find another cut-off notice from the utility company. Thankfully, there was nothing of the sort. Instead, I found an envelope that had no return address, and inside it was a note that read, ‘Jesus loves you.’ Tucked behind the note was a grocery store gift card for an amount that would buy groceries for at least a week.

In that moment, I felt as if God wrapped His arms around me and whispered to my heart, ‘I see you. I love you. I care.’ His presence was suddenly so real that all I could do was stand there and cry.”

These moments are the salve for the glory ache. They are the manna moments to stay the hunger until we finally reach heaven’s home. Do you yearn for those glory moments? Well guess what? God longs to give them to you even more than you yearn for them!

Today, look for the moments. The writing in the sky. The breeze upon your cheek. The flower pushing its way through concrete. Expect the unexpected. Let yourself be romanced by a sudden glory moment from God.

Let’s Pray

God, Thank You for the glory moments you scatter about in my life with a generous hand. Please don’t let me get so caught up on the busyness of life to miss the Source of Life. Thank You for caring enough about me to make Your presence known in so many ways…for speaking to me first one way and then another.  In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

 What do you think? 

Think of 5 examples in the Old Testament where a man or woman was caught off guard by a moment of sudden glory. I’ll start: Moses and the burning bush. I know. I took the easiest one. Sorry about that.

Think of 5 more.

Now, I want you to tell me about one of your own sudden glory moments.

Want More? 

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61 Responses to A Sudden Glory – When God Makes His Presence Known

  1. Toni Wortherly August 14, 2012 at 2:48 am #

    This is a “sudden glory” moment that I shared in my book, Pray While You’re Prey (http://elevatedvalues.weebly.com/excerpts-from-pray-while-youre-prey.html)

    “One night [my freshman year in college], when I was sick at home and my roommate was out, I experienced a heart-wrenching loneliness. My boyfriend was nowhere to be found. My family didn’t answer the phone when I called. I couldn’t understand why God wouldn’t let me have anyone in my life. I thought long and hard about whether anyone really cared about me. I thought I might put it to the test. So I stared down a bottle of allergy pills. One made me sleep for 12 hours. So I figured three would make me go down for about a day and a half. I didn’t want my life to end. I just wanted the loneliness to end, and if I couldn’t be revived for 36 hours, someone would have to take care of me. I know now that those thoughts were completely irrational and totally lacked faith, but at 18, it seemed reasonable. I held the pills and thought to myself about the possibility of them killing me, but, for a chance at not being lonely anymore, I was willing to take the risk. I poured a glass of water and sat at my desk. I actually even prayed.

    As I sat there, I began to hear a gospel song that my mom had played when I was younger. It talked about Jesus’ friendship–how Jesus sticks closer than any brother. I knew at that moment that I was never alone because God promised that he would never leave me, nor forsake me. I cried and cried and threw the pills in the garbage.”

    I have several other stories of glory moments, but this is the one that I know saved my life.

    God bless,

    • Flo August 16, 2012 at 12:16 pm #

      I wanted to share a glory moment – recently I was feeling very sad about many things in my life, including the huge loss of my faithful furry friend of 14 years. I was laying on the sofa feeling as dark as the black storm clouds rolling in the sky outside. As I was watching the clouds a patch of clear blue sky suddenly opened up in the shape of a perfect heart! It was like a window from heaven and God telling me “I love you so much my dear daughter and I will always be here for you.” Then the blue heart disappeared but the message was left in my heart forever as a beautiful glory moment from God!!


  2. Isabel August 14, 2012 at 2:49 am #

    The Lord was convicting me of certain intertwined sins: search of people’s approval, idolatry, dependency and “it coincided” with the start of bible study group reading Nancy Leigh De Moss’ book “Lies Women believe…” ; the night we studied the chapter on the lies about God, from the deep of my heart a cry came claiming the Lord that I want to know He was enough; several sisters were preoccupied because of my voice tone at that moment -it as like glass breaking; I did not notice but they did-. The days to come, by “coincidence” I found a book written by Dr. Tony Evans titled “God is more than enough”, a CD by a Dominican christian singer “Your love is more than enough” and a devotional (which I never read before and never bought again) which during one full week had meditations on Psalm 91 teaching that HE IS MORE THAN ENOUGH. To me, it was like He was answering my clamor telling me that He was not only enough…but more than enough. Suddenly I found so many verses in Scriptures where I found that He has always been more than enough…but I did not know until that moment. You can find in my Bible the initials MQS (Spanish acronym from MTE = More than enough). Those were really weeks of sudden glory. Every time I find myself trying to go back to my “old paths” (the above mentioned “trio” of sins) I remind my soul that I have HIM and He is more than enough.

  3. Judi Tallent August 14, 2012 at 5:40 am #

    As I drive into work in Atlanta, GA each morning I share the ride with God and pray and talk to Him. This morning was no exception and as I was discussing the fact that while my step-son believes in God, he gives Him no Glory or respect. He demands prayers without ever giving back to God. As I looked to the sky, clouds were appearing in the morning sunrise and parting after a stormy start to the day. And, behold! In the clouds, I saw a pair of hands, palms down and spread out as if covering something. I knew in that minute that I was seeing God’s hands on my step-son and God was telling me “I’ve got it covered!” What a GLORY moment. Those “hands” remained there for the longest while reminding me to trust Him. Oh, how I love Him!!!

  4. Stephanie August 14, 2012 at 7:48 am #

    My most precious ‘Sudden Glory Moment’ brought me to tears and still does thinking about it weeks later. My husband and I have 3 sons and our middle son was diagnosed with Autistic Disorder in 2008. We were told by the doctor and speech therapist to never expect that he would speak or toilet train and to prepare to put him in an institution by the time he was 16. We’d walk out of appointments not wanting to accept the doom and gloom words we’d heard spoken over our son time and again but in the natural we’d see him exactly the way doctors described.
    We never give up praying and hoping that one day we will hear our little boy finally speak to us and recently he did just that! He is 7 years old and about 3 weeks ago I finally heard him call me ‘Mama’ for the first time ever! Not only that but he is now signing and saying ‘Dada’, ‘Ta’, ‘kissy-kissy’ and ‘bye-bye’ and singing ‘Hallelujah our God reigns’ and ‘This is the day that the Lord has made’. Even though his words aren’t completely clear, they are finally being said and I praise God that He has allowed me to have many a sudden glory moment through the work He is doing in our son. Every time I hear him say ‘Mama’ I know that my Father in Heaven is listening and smiling right alongside me.

  5. Debbie August 14, 2012 at 8:03 am #

    Hi Sharon
    It was not too long ago that I experienced my own sudden glory. being a divorcee looking after two amazing children I met a man who I “fell in love with”. but not being a Christian man, I took a path that was not what God intended for me to take. it was a daily battle and when it took a lot of will and prayer to end it, found out that I was pregnant at the age of 39. my world fell apart and I was consumed by guilt and shame. I returned church filled with much anger and bitterness and ended up shouting at God and walking out of church.
    I remember sitting in the car outside church sobbing my heart out because I finally hit rock bottom not knowing which way to turn. it was then that my sudden glory moment arrived. at first I didnt know what was happening but then started to understand.

    God reached down to me in my car that day and filled me with an inexplicible peace that I had never felt before in my life. from sobbing my heart out to complete silence, stopping crying and consumed by the most beautiful peace and a message that He still loves me and all will be ok. it was at that moment when I realized that at my weakess, God is his strongest. I rejoined the church that day and havent left since, knowing that my God is my strength, my comfort and my joy.

  6. Rebecca August 14, 2012 at 9:56 am #

    My best glory moment recently was the time that as we were seeing one door shut for a placement for my son it was literally moments later that the phone rang and there was an opening in the very place we wanted him to go to but were told that it would be at least a month to get him in there. I remember singing the Doxology for hours after this because it was only by God and that was even told to me by his worker who isn’t a believer and she told me that I know you are praying and something has just worked. At the time the door shut we thought this was the worst thing to happen but God took it and made it happen literally within hours.

  7. Jeanne Doyon August 14, 2012 at 10:58 am #

    While attending a writer’s workshop last week, I read Psalm 143:5, “…I muse on the work Your hands.” I found the word muse interesting since my focus would be on writing all week. So I did a little digging, found a few more verses* and the Middle English origin of the word: BE ASTONISHED
    I wondered. I whispered, Please, Lord, help me to be astonished this week. I tucked that prayer away and got caught up in the whirlwind of workshops, free writing, critique and teaching my workshops.
    The last day, my drive to campus was clouded with tears, brought on by three simple words from the innkeeper. He chatted with me that morning after breakfast as I settled my bill.
    “You had a good week?” He asked.
    “I had a great week.”
    “You did good!” He continued.
    “You remind me of my dad.” I mused.
    “You do know what’s going on here don’t you?” He prompted.
    I must have looked puzzled and so he continued,“You need to hear that today. YOU DID GOOD.”
    Suddenly, my dad’s words became clear—out of the misty past. Tears welled up and my throat tightened. It’s as if my dad was giving me the encouragement I needed—and I felt a blessing from my Heavenly Father too.
    I shared my story with the group as my tears flowed. Unexpected emotion rolled over me and I grappled with control. Words have a powerful affect—to build up or tear down, encourage or discourage, to give hope or cause to lose heart. Words can wound or heal. And, that morning, the Lord gave words I needed to hear—straight from the mouth of an innkeeper, yet echoed from my daddy’s heart. And, I stood astonished in the presence of God who knows my every breath and heart-need.
    How has He astonished you lately?


    *In cross referencing the verse in Psalm 143:5 I also found: Psalm 105:2, Psalm 77:12 and Psalm 119:27

    This post is from my blog at http://www.streams-edge.blogspot.com

  8. Jodi P. August 14, 2012 at 10:58 am #

    For some time we have been trying to sell our current house. There are many complications and the sale of this home is a need, rather than a wish. However, about 15 months ago, my husband had a horrible car accident. By the grace of God, all of the drivers involved in the wreck (3 total) walked away, yet all 3 cars were totaled. All drivers declined medical care at the scene and were walking around in a very stable condition. Many months later – around Christmas – our insurance company called to inform us that one of the drivers had decided to pursue a lawsuit on my husband because of medical injuries from the wreck that exceeded the amount we had in insurance. We were in shock and became aware we could lose our home and everything else. For 8 months I have been saturating this matter in prayer. I decided that the best thing we could do is sell our home and rent. Then we would have no large item of value.

    When our home finally sold, our realtor insisted that we at least look at some houses before resorting to renting because rates were so great right now. Upon returning from a mission trip, my husband and I went on a whirlwind tour of homes and again, God specifically answered my prayer. If we were to buy, I wanted us to be united on the choice. A home, that had been considerably out of our price range before the mission trip, had dropped in price over $30K. So we looked and both fell in love with it as “the” house for our family. We proceeded with negotiations, but I knew that this lawsuit was still floating in the air and I continued to fret.

    I will never forget this day in all my life and get chills as I recount it this moment. My husband, father, and I were sitting in our current yard hosting a “moving sale” when my husband received a phone call from our realtor. He had great news. The owners of the home we wished to purchase had accepted our offer. He pulled into our driveway and brought us the final papers to sign. Thirty minutes after he left, my husband received another phone call. It was our insurance company. They were calling to inform my husband that all of the challenges with the pending lawsuit of the car wreck 15 months ago had been settled and we were free and clear once more. My husband got off the phone and told me with a joy, but I just wept. He teased me about how I cry so easily.

    I said, “No, you don’t understand. I need you to read my journal for this very morning. I specifically wrote in my journal today about this. I asked God that if we were to have this new home, would He please protect it from being taken away from us by this lawsuit. I was specific in my request and He was specific in His reply. I am in awe of His glory!”

    Both my husband and my father teared up as well and were speechless. God is good!

  9. Pat August 14, 2012 at 11:10 am #

    The only “sudden glory” moment I can recall ever having, happened about ten years ago. It was in May and I was looking out my kitchen window at the poppies starting to bloom in the garden. Lo and behold, I actually saw one of the buds open before my very eyes! It was like watching one if those nature shows where they film in slow motion. If I would have blinked, I would have missed it. I felt God that morning.

  10. Carlynn Gardner August 14, 2012 at 11:14 am #

    Last June, I had my routine mammogram and the results has suspicious findings. So I went back, did another mammo, and then a biopsy. My wonderful husband, Keith, was by my sidel through all of this. It was several days before I received the call from my dr. about the biopsy results. We were helping decorate for my niece’s wedding the morning I got the call that I was expecting. As the dreaded call came, I motioned for my immediate family to come into a little side room from where we were decorating and I put the phone on speaker. As I listened to him gently give me the news that I had invasive ductal carcinoma , breast cancer, a tear slowly rolled down my cheek. But in those precious monents after I hung up the phone and my family began hugging and crying, I felt a wave of peace and SUDDEN GLORY wash over me!!! I knew in my heart that God was in Control and He would walk with me every step of the way through this journey. I felt that through this physical struggle I was to show my courage and strength that God was going to give me to conquer the cancer. It has been a tough journey through the dr. visits, surgery, chemo, and radiation. However, a bit over a year later, I am still experiencing His sudden glory as He touches my life with overwhelming feelings of thankfulness for being cancer-free, the many wonderful people I have met, family relationships that have become closer, and so many more experiences that would have never come into my life. I can’t say getting cancer was a good thing, but the strength the Lord has given me to conquer it and the SUDDEN GLORY of the Lord would probably not have been so profound without this experience. God is good….all the time.

  11. Brittony August 14, 2012 at 11:37 am #

    Thank you for your post. There have been countless glory moments. There was the time I was 16 and I first accepted Christ personally when God spoke to my heart through my Sunday School teacher and I finally realized He had died for me, not some generic world, but that He loved me personally and died for me. Then there have countless times during worship in church I have felt ever so close to God. But, I think, most recently, was God using a fellow Christian who I do not even know. I just had my first child a couple months ago and we do not have insurance and do not qualify for Medicaid. And, of course, during his birth it seemed as though EVERYTHING went wrong. I was forced to take lots of medications when my contractions were on top of each other and were hurting the baby and my body and then forced into an emergency C-section when his life became in danger. The whole thing ended up costing us $35,000 that we don’t have and the hospital threatened us with so much if we didn’t pay it. I was scared and worried sure we would never be able to get out of this horrible debt. And then, after weeks of trying to negotiate with the hospital, it was just gone! Some loving rich Christian person paid our debt. I have no idea who this person is and probably never will. But I know that I have never felt like such a huge burden was just taken from me by another sister or brother in Christ. God really is so good.

  12. Anita August 14, 2012 at 11:57 am #

    My favorite “sudden glory” moment happened in 2005. I had been praying for a second child for nearly 13 years. God had spoken to me many times and I knew he had another while for us. I knew it but it sure was taking a long time and although I knew Gods timing is perfect the wait was hard. Time and again God would encourage me with messages of hope. I believed I would conceive a baby. We didn’t have the money it would take to adopt. Adopting from China had crossed my heart but I pushed it aside because it is expensive and the money was not there for us. Here’s the GLORY MOMENT….I babysat for a little girl who was adopted from China. My in-laws stopped by one day while this little girl was at our house. They were going to buy a motor home to travel and wanted to tell us about one they had seen that day. When my in-laws sat down on our couch this little girl walked over to them and smiled at them and continued to stand by them chatting the entire time. I was surprised that she was so comfortable with them. They had never met before. The next day my in-laws returned to our house and said ” we couldn’t get that little girl off our minds yesterday. We talked and want to help you adopt.” I remember later standing alone looking out my window, tears steaming down my cheeks and hearing (with my heart) God saying to me “this is what you were waiting for, this is what I have planned for you” a complete peace that I can not describe washed over me and I felt that God had just revealed his secret plan to me. I was at that moment lost in the love of God. Two years later we were in China adopting our beautiful daughter. She is now 5 years old and every time I look into her eyes I am reminded of how God loves me. And just a side note. The little girl I babysat for now has a little sister adopted from China. They were already in the process of a second adoption before we knew we would be adopting too. Our families ended up traveling to China at the same time because of paperwork getting delayed (Gods hand). So in our small town in Pa. are these two precious little girls, from the same orphanage in a remote part of China. These two girls arrived at the orphanage just days old on the same week while on the other side of the world there mommies met and became friends and I became that families babysitter. WOW!

  13. Jeanette Larrimore August 14, 2012 at 12:04 pm #

    I was divorced with 3 sons, living on a meager child support and food stamps, but God was my husband and provider, and He allowed me to go to nursing school during this time. There were many “glory moments” throughout those months. The nursing school I went to was at a Christian hospital. A civic group of women offered a scholarship loan to one person in the class. The instructors chose me to receive that. At Christmas that year (1979), the education dept at the hospital gave my children and me gifts. One month when I received my electric bill, there was a check included, which was a refund of a deposit I had paid a year before. It was enough to pay the bill. People I didn’t even know, from churches other than my own, brought groceries to my house. Gifts of money came in the mail. I could go on and on, but suffice it to say, God so supernaturally provided for my children and me during that time, that to this day, my 2 older sons still remember those “glory moments” . Now, it is my privilege to “pass it forward”, and I especially enjoy being able to help single moms and let them know that I have walked in their shoes and share with them how God provided for me.

  14. Rose DeMayo August 14, 2012 at 12:20 pm #

    One evening after a very trying day, or should I say year, I was emotionaly over wrought and heading home after work. As I got into my car I sat looking at the mess that my son Joel had created ( he was a drug addict and I was co-dependent ) I was so overwelmed with saddness sobbing and crying out for Gods intervention. As I sat there for a time crying uncontrolablely I wondered how I would be able to drive home, when suddenly I heard this voice ” TRUST ME ” every out of control emotion was calmed! It was GOD !!!!!! I felt a Peace like I never experienced before!!!! ” TRUST ME ” , whenever I feel overwelmed with anything in my life I remember that moment. Calm follows…

  15. Mary pinn August 14, 2012 at 12:23 pm #

    My mother was dying of Cancer, and I was at her home helping to care for her. I wanted to knit some caps for her as her hair was rapidly disappearing, so I asked if there was a yarn shop nearby. She didn’t think so, but gave me directions to a local department store. I guess I should admit here that I am a bit of a snob when it comes to yarn, and I really wanted some beautiful yarn, not the department store kind, but I headed out. I quickly was lost in the country roads of Vermont. I pulled into a driveway to turn around, looked up, and it was a yarn shop! I felt like a little kiss from heaven had been planted on my cheek, and then I went inside,finding not only a lovely array of yarn, but the one thing on earth that reaches my inner soul, a little baby sitting on the owners lap. She was sweet enough to let me hold him for a time while we talked about my mom, and my yet unborn grandson. I knew without a doubt the God had reached down to hug me that day and remind me that he loved me, knew every single thing about me, and wanted to show me in a very personally tailored way. I doubt this is what people expect to read about sudden glory, and I certainly have experienced other, more obvious moments, but this one was so special to me, I wanted to share it.

  16. Tcajge August 14, 2012 at 12:26 pm #

    I remember a time when my mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer. The doctor had given her two months to live and she politely told him that if he was planning on giving her treatments he needed to do it now because she had things to do and places to go and didn’t have time to lay up in the hospital.
    Well six months later, the brain tumor was gone and the lung tumors had shrunk enough to where she could go back to work. Two years later there was no cancer, Praise Our God!
    Five years later she came home from work and said she was tired and was going to take a nap before dinner. She never woke up. It stunned us all. We were numb. And there was no insurance policy which was even more catastrophic. My brothers who took over her advertising business were clueless as to how or when or where we were going to pay for funeral expenses.
    Two days before her funeral we were $1,500 short. It was cloudy the morning of her funeral and we were still financially short. My brothers wanted a bright sunny day for her burial. I told them to look just beyond the darkest cloud and they would see God’s Glory, and sure enough the sun was just starting to peek through.
    Before going to the church, I made them stop by the office to check the mail. Again, God’s Glory was in the mail with a check for $1,501.27. Apparently my mother did free advertising for someone who couldn’t afford to pay, and now two years later the note that accompanied the check read “Thank you! You were the only one who knew the value in the word HELP when I really needed it. Please mark my account paid in full with interest. I am so grateful that you crossed my path! To God Be The Glory!”
    That very moment I witnessed to my brothers and they both accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior! To this day, I always accept clouds, however they appear, becuase I know that God’s Glory is just on the other side peeking through! Thank you for your daily devotionals and thank you for allowing me to share my sudden “Glory Moment” with you!

  17. Julie Wilson August 14, 2012 at 12:40 pm #

    I have had several Glory Moments over the past couple months, but none so pronounced as one 3 weeks ago on a Sunday morning. I have been going through some very difficult financial situations, especially with my business. Without going into major detail, let’s just say I am struggling to keep things afloat and am searching for God’s will through it all. On Sunday morning, my pastor was about to start his message and he broke out and said he had a message for someone that was struggling, not sure of what tomorrow was going to bring, and not sure of which direction to turn. Among a few other things, he also said God is not taken by surprise and he sees me. He hears my prayers. He is walking with me and I should stay in his word and in prayer and God will make it very clear to me. As I often do, I thought he was talking to me and felt reassurance that everything will be ok, not necessarily according to my plan, but according to God’s plan. After church, my pastor’s wife asked me to stop by to talk to her before leaving. I did and she told me she didn’t know what was going on, but that God told her that the pastor’s message was for me. I know this was definitely a Glory Moment, because I hadn’t told anyone about my situation…NO ONE! I had been dealing with it all alone, well at least not with any earthly person. There was no way Susan would have known anything was going on except through the Holy Spirit and God’s intervention. I am still struggling, but at least with the peace that God is with me. I weigh every decision against his word and just continue to pray that he gives me the wisdom to discern the difference between my will and his. PRAISE GOD that we don’t walk through life’s battles alone. He is always with us if we have faith and wait on him through his word and prayer. Have a blessed day!

  18. Kim Hahn August 14, 2012 at 12:56 pm #

    God has given me a friend who I only believe was a divine appt. I was going through some stuff and I met this woman who without ceasing reminds me over and over again how faithful our Lord is. I do a lot of cross stitch and I wanted to make her something. But the strange thing was I felt it was not for her exactly, it was more of a gift to God thanking Him for bringing her into my life when I really needed someone. It was the Footprints poem and I was going to give it to her for her b-day. Than suddenly 2 months before she found out she may have had cancer and an overwhelming sensation, “a sudden glory” moment came that God was telling me don’t wait she needs that now. So I gave it to her and she cried for hours saying no one ever did or made something like that for her before. She asked why did I do such a thing and spend so many hours on her and I said it is because we have a God is who has an amazing love for us. We do have a great God

  19. Laurie August 14, 2012 at 1:06 pm #

    I have had more Sudden GLory Moments than I can recount, feeling God’s hand wrap around me, lift me up & cover me with the peace that passes all understanding, but I believe my greatest moment was this past March. My husband had been laid off for about 11 months to have our prayers answered & gain employmnet with a company who was offering a supervisory position after 90 days as well as offering him the chance to hire his own crew. In the construction business this was HUGE for us! HE went to work last Sept (2011) with a renewed attitude & strength & faith in Jesus Christ. After a short time his paychecks began being late, then being returned unpaid & then the work ceased for days at a time. As we began to sink deeper into that hole, we continued to Thank God for the job & have faith that it was where God wanted him to be. Then, he was laid off again! Instead of crying, screaming, sinking further into despair, we REJOICED. Thankful he wouldn’t have to go to work every day for 12 hours a day to not get a good paycheck (if one at all) & we proclaimed the TRUST in God that he closed that door to open a brighter window for my husband & our family (which has 2 small daughters, age 2 & 4 at the time). We told GOD morning & night that we had faith in HIM & knew & trusted something better was out there for my husband. The following Monday (he was “laid off” the previous Friday) my husband responded to a job posting that had NOTHING to do with his trade or experience. He was called for an interview the next day. We prayed, we thanked God for the opportunity & we held hope. We told GOD once again that we knew he closed that door so the HE could open a window. Well, my husband was offered the job, working for a custom WINDOW shutter & blind company! It is the best opproitunity he’s ever had & he loves the job & the staff! I think having that complete & total trust in our Father in Heaven made the difference in being able to see our Sudden Glory Moment! We knew GOd rewarded us for trusting in HIM & puttingout FAITH in HIM even in a horrible situation. With no fear, no dispair, no questioning of the a circumstance that would normally haveput me into a state of depression I saw GOD shine through that CUSTOM WINDOW!!!! Praise GOD!!

  20. Penny Luster August 14, 2012 at 1:31 pm #

    I have been blessed to have several glory moments. During my pregnancy with my 2nd son I was pretty distraught. I had been fired from my job because I was pregnant (at about 8 weeks). Still reeling from that and trying to think of how to get a new job when I was pregnant, I had another emotional blow. My father had terminal liver disease and they gave him 6 weeks to live. I lived 1200 miles away, had no funding/savings and had no way to get home. My father died 3 weeks later. During that time I had recieved a completely unexpected “severance pay” which could have kept my family afloat for a few months…well with my father’s passing, that was not going to happen. I drove 1200 miles with my 5 year old daughter, made & paid funeral arraingments for my dad, buy my sister and her children appropriate clothing for the funeral and return home.
    Of course, the money was all gone when I got home but I would randomly get these great temporary jobs where I made contacts and friends and it always happened when I really didn’t know what to do. I was blessed to be able to take my daughter to school and pick her up each day, to have lunch with her most days and to enjoy that important time with her. One day I sat and I wrote down a list of what I wanted from my next job. I wrote down distance from home, how much I wanted to make, the level of supervision, the type of company (international)…this was at about 4 months pregnant.. I interviewed for a job that would have been perfect…THREE times and never got a call back. Well I took a temp job with a great company and they were very impressed with my work (I was about 6.5mths pregnant). Well I was considering the offer and was going to take it even though it didn’t hit any of my “wants” for my next job. A few days before I was set to give them my answer I got a call from my “perfect” job and they offered me the EXACT amount I had written down. I got chills. I told them I had to disclose that I was nearly 7 mths pregnant and if they wanted to recind the offer I understood. I SOOOO did NOT want to tell them because I was afraid that would be the end of that. Well the lady said let me talk to the hiring manager and get back to you. I didn’t hear back that day. I called my Mom on the phone in tears…just distraught and she said WHY did you tell them. I am nothing if not honest and it was not something I could cover up LOL!. Well that next morning they called me back and said Mike…the hiring manager has no issue with your pregnancy…turns out he had 6 kids of his own. Well I immediately went to the HR office of where i was working and told them I had another offer I wanted to take and told them I would like to give my 2 weeks notice. They were very understanding and even said the offer they made me was open for 6 mths so if the job didn’t work out come back 🙂
    At 7mths I started my new job and it was amazing! Well at 8 mths & 1 week I went into labor…30 days on the job and I was going to be out. I did not qualify for benefits yet so I was in trouble…or so I thought. Mike said, would you be willing to work from home?? WHAT!!!??? I could not believe it. I was allowed to work from home for 3 months and get paid and still earn time toward getting my benefits, spend time with my new baby and my daughter. It was an amazing blessing and test of faith and I believed God for all he could do and i learned through that experience to NEVER doubt that he was watching me, with me and would provide for me if I would just turn my problems over to him. Phil 4:6 to this day is my favorite bible verse and the one I recite to myself anytime I feel myself making myself the driver of my life and worrying. I trust God to do and be all that he has promised to be in my life.

  21. Michell August 14, 2012 at 1:34 pm #

    The past year and a half have been very difficult for me due to a seperation and divorce. But I finally decided a few weeks ago to give it all to God (really give it all to God). This past week has been very tough finacially. Money was very tight, but the bills were all paid. I may have had $50 in the bank to last me a week and really didn’t know what I was going to do, but I knew it would be alright. Saturday afternoon I went to the mailbox and there were 2 checks in there for me, not 1 but 2. I knew in that moment that it came directly from God and it came in perfect time. Our God is an Awesome God.

  22. Anna August 14, 2012 at 1:35 pm #

    Two years ago, my 82 year old mom was in ICU on a respirator. I was told she wasn’t strong enough to come off it and her kidneys weren’t working properly. My sweet husband and I went to see her before church. The situation looked hopeless. During church our pastor called anyone that needed special prayer to come to the altar. We went forward and my church family prayed with me. After church we went back to visit my mom. She was remarkably better, in fact soon after they took her off the respirator. Later I was thanking God for the miracle and He spoke to my soul and said, “I did this for you, because I love you!” He gave me the gift of more years with my mom and whispered His love to me! Amazing!

  23. Susan Mishler August 14, 2012 at 1:51 pm #

    Becoming a mother was always a life long dream. When Ivan and I were told we were unable to conceive a child, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Was this some sort of cruel joke? Surely, God would give us a child. In just a few weeks after hearing the heart breaking news, Ivan and I felt God calling us to adoption. God had a different plan for us and we knew God had meticulously created our children just for us. In record time we had submitted the mountain of paperwork, attended the adoption seminars and completed our home study. But sadly after nearly three years, we hadn’t been selected by a birthmother. Every Mother’s Day and Father’s Day were becoming more difficult to bear as we would walk by the baby nursery and feel its emptiness. We watched all the couples around us becoming parent, and still we waited eagerly for that phone call that would complete our family.

    And then, two days before Christmas, I felt in my spirit that I was supposed to stay home – that this would be the day that the adoption agency would call at last. I stayed home all day, and the phone call never came. Even so, I still could not let this feeling of expectancy go. The next day, just before noon, the phone rang. Pam from Christian Family Services Agency gave us the best Christmas gift of all: she had news that a birthmother named Jenny had chosen us, and the baby was due any day. Pam later apologized and said “Susan I am so sorry….. I meant to call you all day yesterday and give you the news and time just got away from me. I knew that I heard Gods voice and he ordered my footsteps to stay home. The excitement that night was beyond measure as we were about to see our desire to become parents unfold. God is never late, he is always on time. Meagan was the child God had chosen for us. I see now that there could have never have been any other daughter for us, she was the missing puzzle piece of my heart.

    The birth mother a beautiful young lady named Jenny; she wanted to meet us right away. From the beginning, it was important to me that this not be just any child – I wanted the child that God has for us. I prayed that God would answer three specific requests for me so I would have peace and know this was the child God had for us. The first thing I prayed for would be that I would be able to feel the baby move in Jenny’s tummy. As awkward as that sounds, I just felt if I could feel the baby move I would know if this was my baby. The second thing, I wanted to know that day if Jenny was sure she wanted us to adopt the baby.
    Page 2
    I could not bear to wait another day to know if we meet her expectations in person. Last, I wanted to hug Jenny and let her know how much we love her and for making the ultimate sacrifice and letting us adopt her baby and making our prayers of becoming parents a reality.

    We met, Jenny a petite young beautiful young lady with sparkling blue eyes and a huge smile. It felt like I had known her all my life. In our conversation, Jenny mentioned how active the baby was and commented how much movement she was currently feeling. She looked sweetly and said, “Would you like to feel?” My heart about leaped out of my chest! OH YES! I would love to! She took my hand and placed it deep in her belly to get a good feel of the baby’s movement. . I was over come with emotion, this is my baby! It was so amazing to know that my baby was about to be born. Jenny and I began to cry and shared an instant bond. The next thing I knew Jenny was asking about the arrangement of coming to the hospital to pick the baby up and if we had something we wanted the baby to wear home from the hospital. We just happen to have the diaper bag knowing Jenny was due any day. Jenny picked out a blue and pink sleeper since she didn’t know the sex of the baby. No longer waiting. Jenny made her decision; I could feel her love and assurance that she had chosen Ivan and I to adopt her baby. We were so thrilled.
    Suddenly, Jenny needed to leave to get her friend that came for moral support to work . She quickly left and soon after, I realized that I did get to hug Jenny and tell her how much I loved her. My spirit cried out to God – Lord I didn’t get my 3rd request. We sat and talked with Pam from the Adoption Agency long after our meeting with Jenny. The whole time agonizing over my missing my opportunity to hug Jenny and love her. Just as quickly as Jenny left, Jenny reappeared in the door way. Hi! I made my friend turn around to come back. I needed to come back to hug you guys and thank you for loving and adopting my baby. I embraced Jenny tightly told her how much I loved her and thanked her for her ultimate sacrifice and for helping Ivan and I’s dreams come true. In my spirit, I was screaming and saying thank you God! You are so amazing for answering my prayer. God, I know this is the baby you have for us and I am so thankful for you answering even the smallest detail of my prayers.

    On January 10th, 1988 we finally met our precious baby girl Meagan. We never met Jenny after our initial meeting, but through the years, as we sent pictures and correspondence several times a year. I wanted Jenny to know that Meagan was loved and to see that she was healthy and thriving. Jenny was always a central prayer in my heart. I prayed that Jenny would someday come to know Christ as her personal savior. I was so thankful to Jenny that she gave Meagan life, and hoped that some day I would be able to show Jenny my gratitude. By choosing adoption, Jenny gave us the greatest gift, Meagan is such a joy to us and I can’t imagine our lives without her or my son Jordan.

    Fast – forward to September of 2010. My sister, Barb was planning a trip to the east coast. I asked if Barb may consider making a stop in Virginia Beach. Barb was very agreeable in helping Meagan meet her birth mom and Jenny was very open to the reunion as well. I felt it was very important for them to connect and that God was going to do a healing in both of their hearts.

    And that’s when Meagan found herself in the hotel elevator on that sunny day, feeling like her life was hurling (even free- wheeling!) toward a change to her life as she knew it. There was no going back now. The elevator door would open, she would come face to face with the brave women who brought her into the world, and her life would be changed forever.

    The reunion was perfect. Jenny and Meagan sat over looking the ocean and talked for hours, catching up on 22 years of life. They felt at peace with one another, and found they had several thing in common – even something they shared to save a spider from being squashed or killed or their love for Burt’s Bees chap stick. This was a great healing for both of them. Jenny was concerned she would resent her for giving her up for adoption. Meagan said absolutely not! She knows God blessed her with a great family and that she had a great childhood and knows God gave her to Ivan and Susan. Meagan told Jenny that she was so happy that she made the decision and she is not upset in the slightest and loved Jenny so much for choosing life for her. Meagan later shared that she felt like the weight of the world was lifted off her shoulder’s and had amazing peace.

    But in addition to that, Meagan and I had been praying for weeks for Meagan to have an opportunity to share the love of Jesus with Jenny. What a wonderful thing for this to come full circle for Jenny to give Meagan life but Meagan would lead Jenny to eternal life. Meagan was disappointed when it didn’t seem that God had opened the door for her to share. Instead, a few hours after Meagan and Jenny’s last meeting. Jenny called me and said she could not get over how beautiful, smart and loving Meagan was. She was taken by her and so thankful that she had the opportunity to meet her. She too expressed that she felt like the weight of the world had been lifted off of her and felt an unexplainable peace she had never known. In the conversation, I felt the Holy Spirit urging me to ask Jenny if she knew where she would spend eternity. Jenny said she didn’t know. Jenny allowed me to pray with her over the phone and amidst our tears, Jenny came to know Jesus that very night! Jenny has no idea the prayers we have prayed for her and to see this come full circle and Jenny coming to the Lord is incredible. I have also pray for Jordan’s precious and beautiful Birthmother as well, she holds a very special place in my heart and I love her more than she will ever know. So thankful to her that she chose life for Jordan. Praying God opens the door for us to meet again. I would love for her to meet the handsome young man that she gave birth to 20 years ago. Jordan is such and incredible and wonderful young man that I know she would be so proud of.

    A few weeks later, Jenny came to Colorado to visit her family, and she asked if we could get together? Ivan and I had not seen Jenny since that first meeting when she was pregnant with Meagan. The reunion was joyous. Jenny said something that really blessed my heart and said Wow, your family is so awesome! This is everything I had hoped for Meagan and more to be in a big happy family. And I told her, Jenny; you are apart of this big happy family and welcome here any time you want to stay with us.

    We’re just average, ordinary people, and God has done something so extraordinary for us. Looking back, I can see the handprint of God with the adoptions of our daughter Meagan and our son Jordan. God is the one that put’s families together. When you rest in that, it gives you incredible peace. God blessed us beyond our wildest dreams with two of the most incredible children. I feel so honored that God chose me to be the mom to Meagan and Jordan. As far as I am concerned, He saved the very best for us.

  24. DeLean August 14, 2012 at 2:05 pm #

    Wow! Yesterday I had a wonderful prayer time with the Lord. Then I continued my reading in 1 Kings 7-8. Particularly, I was really excited and in awe when I read about the Shechinah Glory cloud which filled the temple after the Ark was returned and many sacrifices made….

    Then today I got in my car and began to drive and although all the windows were rolled all the way up ( I checked) I felt a cool refreshing breeze across my face and my right arm. I believed that it was the Holy Spirit but I thought it would be great it I got some confirmation 🙂

    Then later this morning I read my Girlfriends in God devotion titled “A Sudden Glory…” and I knew that I had been visited by the Lord in my car!

    I really love the Lord! Gloria Adios! Amen.

  25. Wenny August 14, 2012 at 2:18 pm #

    I am thirty-two years old, and there is about five issues of life problems that I possibly could not relate to. I understand David’s pain when he says, “When your mother and father forsake you..” My eyes have seen loss such as Job. I know the feeling of shock and restarting over again, as I too wanted to change my name to Mara (bitter) sometimes. I pray over my children and ask God to bless them also because I am Haggai.

    But….That’s what I love about my father, he is my conjunction and the reason my story hasn’t ended. He has taught me to use my influence as Ester instead of Jezebel. He has taught me to humble myself like Ruth and respect and honor the Naomi’s of this world. He took time out for me, just as he did for the woman at the well. When I wanted to die at the age of twelve, he disbursed Angels out on my behalf. My mind was tired, my soul was sick, my heart was bleeding, I was so lonely and afraid, but I touched the hem…

    I feel God’s Glory everytime I think back. The funny part is that I started a new job because it was close to my home. I was introduced to twenty-five youths who were declared “at risk.” My eyes watered as they each told their current life situations. I heard my story in each. I couldn’t talk that day because I was too emotional. God was preparing me to take care of these babies and share his Glory with them.

    Five years has passed and he has did some amazing things.

  26. Kate Walsh August 14, 2012 at 3:16 pm #

    There have been so many “glory moments” but one that sticks out is one when I went to chuch and had been hungering for God . It was the start of the service and I couldn’t really feel Him. I don’t think I sang to God I can’t remember. Anyway, my friend was going to Australia on mission and she stood up to talk. She said that God’s Holy Spirit is like a helium balloon and once you have it it keeps on rising. I said to God I wanted that. By this time I was really restless. Next, we would be reading the sermon but our pastor said God had to do something. I just remember our pastor getting the band to play some music and asked the Holy Spirit to come, I felt quite nervous. The pastor said don’t speak out loud but pray in your heart. I decided to write at the back of my Bible with a highlighter ” I AM AFRAID GOD” and then I said in my heart through tears ” I miss you God my heart is breaking.” The next minuite I heard footsteps and singing, A few people prayed for me. I could feel God’s presence on me and with me. He caressed my arm and calmed me down. I said “I don’t understand your love” and He spoke audiably through someone and said””I leave you peace; my peace I give you. I do not give it to you as the world does. So don’t let your hearts be troubled or afraid.” John 14:25-27. I wanted to rest my head on God’s shoulder. By His Spirit He carried me to Him and I fell asleep in His Arms. Which was amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!! I praised Him by singing “You’re beautiful” by Phil Wickham. He said “Kate, you are beautiful” which touched my heart. I asked the Lord Jesus to kiss me and amazingly He did. I also asked to rest His hand on my head and He did! At the end one of the people prayed ” I hope living water flows from your soul.” It was vey intimate. Thank you Jesus x

  27. rose August 14, 2012 at 3:27 pm #

    I have to make it short or tears would wash me and I am at work. But when my youngest son decided to use his summer between grad school’s 2 years to be operated on so he could give his brother a kidney was a real sudden glory for me.Then when they were released from the operating room one was in Room 7 and the other in Room 17 gave me the confirmation that the prayer of the saints supporting them would be answered. Thank you oh my Father!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Gina August 14, 2012 at 3:40 pm #

    At age 38, I found out I was going to have a baby, definitely a surprise since my husband and I thought we were done. When I was at the doctors office for my first checkup, the nurse explained that they could not find my chart and had been looking for it for a long time. I prayed to God, the maker of all things. I knew that He knew where my chart was, because he even knows how many hairs are on my head. I started to doubt my faith as my appointment came to an end, but as I was leaving one of the assistants walked up to my doctor and said, we found it, it was on someone’s desk. I knew that God had heard my prayer and I had to smile and say “thank you God”.

  29. Anna August 14, 2012 at 3:51 pm #

    I remember a “sudden glory” moment with God that happened pretty recently. In June, I went to a church outreach in Cincinnati. On the very first night, whether it was during worship or during the message I can’t even remember, I cried. I haven’t had very many glory moments, but whenever I do have one, I always seem to cry. It reminded me of half a year ago, in December, where I went on another church escape, and I cried there too during worship. It’s one thing I love- when I cry during worship- I just smile and keep on singing and glorifying God. I know that it’s something simple, and not very impressive, but I felt like that was God reminding me of how I’d encountered Him in tears in December. However, I felt more strongly that it wasn’t only a reminder, it was a promise. I think that God was telling me that He was going to do BIG things this week, and me crying was only the beginning. He used many people during the week, but not me specifically. However, the day after I returned from Cincinnati, my mom and I went to pick my brother up from a birthday party, and right before we left, a boy there collapsed. When 2 mothers ran past us calling 911, my mom took me by the hand and told me to come, that we needed to pray (she’d been on the outreach as well). The boy was losing color, he was not breathing, and his eyes were half open. I think he had a pulse, but I am not sure. I did not really realize it at the time, I was crying my eyes out because I was exhausted and terrified, but later my mom was saying that she prayed that he breathe, and he took a breath in. I was off to the side a bit, praying the same things as my mom. Now, the boy is okay, and will be starting school soon. I think that this is a great example of how God puts you in the right place at the right time because my mom was supposed to pick my brother up before me, and if things had gone her way, we wouldn’t have been there to pray for the boy who collapsed. Even thigh this is more of a “glory moment” for my mom then me, I just think that it’s amazing how God can use us in so many mysterious ways. Even though MY glory moment wasn’t much, to me, it was, and I know that God can use even the smallest things, like a girl crying during worship, and though they might mean nothing to someone else, they might mean a lot to that girl. So, even though this glory moment wasn’t much, it was something, and it was most definitely enough for me. And God knew that.
    God Bless! Have a great day!

  30. A August 14, 2012 at 3:54 pm #

    I remember a “sudden glory” moment with God that happened pretty recently. In June, I went to a church outreach in Cincinnati. On the very first night, whether it was during worship or during the message I can’t even remember, I cried. I haven’t had very many glory moments, but whenever I do have one, I always seem to cry. It reminded me of half a year ago, in December, where I went on another church escape, and I cried there too during worship. It’s one thing I love- when I cry during worship- I just smile and keep on singing and glorifying God. I know that it’s something simple, and not very impressive, but I felt like that was God reminding me of how I’d encountered Him in tears in December. However, I felt more strongly that it wasn’t only a reminder, it was a promise. I think that God was telling me that He was going to do BIG things this week, and me crying was only the beginning. He used many people during the week, but not me specifically. However, the day after I returned from Cincinnati, my mom and I went to pick my brother up from a birthday party, and right before we left, a boy there collapsed. When 2 mothers ran past us calling 911, my mom took me by the hand and told me to come, that we needed to pray (she’d been on the outreach as well). The boy was losing color, he was not breathing, and his eyes were half open. I think he had a pulse, but I am not sure. I did not really realize it at the time, I was crying my eyes out because I was exhausted and terrified, but later my mom was saying that she prayed that he breathe, and he took a breath in. I was off to the side a bit, praying the same things as my mom. Now, the boy is okay, and will be starting school soon. I think that this is a great example of how God puts you in the right place at the right time because my mom was supposed to pick my brother up before me, and if things had gone her way, we wouldn’t have been there to pray for the boy who collapsed. Even thigh this is more of a “glory moment” for my mom then me, I just think that it’s amazing how God can use us in so many mysterious ways. Even though MY glory moment wasn’t much, to me, it was, and I know that God can use even the smallest things, like a girl crying during worship, and though they might mean nothing to someone else, they might mean a lot to that girl. So, even though this glory moment wasn’t much, it was something, and it was most definitely enough for me. And God knew that.
    God Bless! Have a great day!

  31. Marie Pompilus August 14, 2012 at 4:18 pm #

    Thank you so much for this post. There are so many times I felt like giving up, situations in my life where I was told that I am not good enough. God alwalys reassure me, by letting me that His Grace is sufficient for me. Just by reading this I felt that was definetely a divine moment to be here, reading this, at this specific time.

    Thank you!

  32. Chris August 14, 2012 at 4:26 pm #

    The weekend of August 3-5 some of our church family gathered in New Mexico for a church camp gathering. Earlier in the week, I saw one of our church members at the local Wal-Mart. She stopped to ask me about the campground that we were going to. We discussed the prices for tent spaces. I told her what I thought I remembered the prices as being on their website, and encouraged her to come. When my husband and I arrived, I was glad to see them there. During the course of the weekend, my husband had talked to the husband and found out the prices of the campsite where they were staying. Boy was I TOTALLY wrong. I knew in my heart that this couple could not afford this and carried it upon my heart all weekend long. That Monday while I was doing whatever, that little voice whispered to me (which I had recently ask God to help me to start obeying that voice) and reminded me of the cost and the family not being able to afford the weekend. So I went to the campground website to find out what it may have cost them to come. I followed the voice inside of me and sent a card to them without a return address and some money in it. This past Sunday, the lady stood up before we started the service and thanked whoever sent the card and the money. She genuinely expressed her gratitude. The pastor supported what she said by saying that the husband had talked to him during the week and also expressed what happened and his gratitude. That’s when I felt my Glory moment and gave all the Glory to God for nudging me to act upon his Voice that ended up blessing someone in need. I was content and proud for listening and acting instead of blowing that Voice off. I felt such an overwhelming joy and closeness to God. Then, I felt a SECOND Glory moment when I read your devotion this morning. I started to cry because God was again rewarding me for what I thought was such a small act. God knows that I read this email daily and that I share it with those whom He instructs me to send it to. He knows that I use it as a starting point if I’m asked to witness, and He also knows that I try to apply what you share and make it a part of me because what you share with the world, Does Make A Big Difference, Does Help Me Keep Grounded, and Does Bring Me Closer to My Father. It makes me yearn for more.
    Thank You. You Are A Blessing.

  33. Vivian August 14, 2012 at 4:34 pm #

    I never met my biological father. My mother and step-dad divorced when I was a teen. He had raised as his own even though he knew I wasn’t his daughter by blood. I had been “daddy’s little girl”. Then, he wasnt in my life any more. He didn’t even fight to keep me in his life. Later, I met my kids’ dad and we divorced. I felt so unwanted and so alone. One Sunday, we sang a new song at church called “He Knows My Name”. The 2nd verse really spoke to me. The next day at work, I was thinking about that song. The next thing I knew this Presence was on all around me holding me. I had never felt God like that! It was powerful and comforting … I wept. And wept. The GREAT God had made Himself known to me but not as God the star breathing creator. No. He made Himself known to me as God my Father. God the Father wanted me!

    For those reading this, the 2nd verse goes like this: I have a Father, He calls me His own. He’ll never leave me no matter where I go.

  34. Pamela collucci August 14, 2012 at 4:38 pm #

    I was telling a friend how heartbroken I was about my children we had moved and my children were not taking the move good they hated it .she told me to pray but I really had never went to church as a child I didn’t know how to pray and walked on ahead of her I kick something in the sand it was a rock with a white cross on both , that was my God moment I still have the rock . I started going to church the next day and got baptized my children they’re all doing much better so am I.
    God truly does answer prays.

  35. Savannah August 14, 2012 at 5:54 pm #

    My glory moment came on a beautiful Saturday afternoon a couple of week ago. My husband passed away on June 5th, 2012. I also had been to a funeral for another wife that lost her husband. I felt so worn down, lonely and what is my purpose without my husband. Still trying to work through all of this moment by moment. But as I sat outside I fell asleep, but when I woke I saw the most unusal sky. The clouds where layered like 3D with shades of overcast. Then in one spot it looked like an opening with a bright white light. Also, there was a shade of pink and a blue that reminded me of the Caribbean waters. Never have I seen something so special. I voice in my heart told me it was what my husband was seeing in Heaven and one day I would see it also if I kept my faith. It was so emotional, glorious and comforting.

  36. Elise Daly Parker August 14, 2012 at 6:20 pm #

    Well it looks like there is a collection of Sudden Glory stories right here on this blog that could fill a book. Awesome. Oh how I love these glory moments. Sometimes they are as simple as a song. I was the State Coordinator for Moms In Touch International (now MomsInPrayer.org). I suffered with low self esteem to begin with. Thankfully, I had said yes to a leadership position out of obedience, despite feeling unworthy. Now I was traveling to have a meeting with one of the Area Coordinators under my stewardship. I headed out late, leaving my home disheveled and feeling stressed. The negative self talk began…”Who do you think you are? You’re a mess. You’re always let. You’re so disorganized? How can you lead anyone? Look at you…” I was ready to turn around and head home, so ashamed. Then I heard a song, The Voice of Truth, by Casting Crowns. (You can listen here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KwsvqVmFV6Y) The words really changed my course, my way of thinking, and it was as though God was speaking to me: And the voice of truth says “Do not be afraid!”
    And the voice of truth says “This is for My glory”
    Out of all the voices calling out to me
    I will choose to listen and believe the voice of truth.
    I didn’t turn the car around. I went ahead with the meeting, with an apology for being late, of course. And the grace of forgiveness extended freely. I’m so thankful for the many ways God speaks and shows us His love.
    Just love your way with words, Sharon. The more I read, the more I enjoy. And you sure have a way of sparking sharing. Wonderful!

  37. Donna August 14, 2012 at 6:30 pm #

    About 13-14 yrs ago I was about to start a position as a church secretary. I was overwhelmed with anxiety. I felt so very inadequate! A few days before I was to start I woke during the night, trembling with anxiety! I had gotten myself so worked up about it I could hardly breathe. I’ll never forget what happened next! I sat on the side of my bed, pulled out my bible and started to read the devotion for that day out of a daily devotion book I had been using. As soon as I read the title of the devotion I gasped! It read “Feelings of Inadequacy”! As I continued to read I realized it was written for me, who knows how long ago, for that very day! It was inspired by God, given to the writer…for me! I knew God was sitting right there with me on that bed! I began to cry out loud! Tears of joy ran from my eyes and down my face as I took in the reality of His presence and His love for me! He cared how I felt! He wanted me to know He gave me the job and with His help I could do it! It still amazes me and I share about that moment in time often! I’m so thankful to say there have been other “sudden glory” moments as well over the years. I often pray that God will remind me to keep my eyes open, ears alert to all that He is doing around me! Thank you for allowing me to share about one of my experiences with our loving, faithful Father! I hope this is an encouragement to others!

  38. JC August 14, 2012 at 6:48 pm #

    My father past away in 2007. I received a call from my brother saying my dad only had a few hours to live. I was in Northern Virginia and my father was in New York City. I screamed out to God “Please let me just tell him I love him. I have to show him I love him” I took the train from DC @ 9pm. I made it to the hospital by 2am and I told my dad I loved him. He was in the ICU unit. It doesn’t end. I was able to spend 7 days with my dad. I got to show him I loved him and it was all because of God. Be blessed!!!

  39. Marinda August 14, 2012 at 7:39 pm #

    I had recently taken a job at a school and was very unsure about it. A few people had told me I didn’t want to aide at this school because this was a school where kids who can’t be in a regular classroom are and they are harder to work with because of various disabilities. I was very nervous and I drove by this school on my way to Wal-Mart one day and I just started praying for guidance and strength when the school year starts. I was in the school supply aisle when a woman comes around the corner and says “Marinda?” I had never seen this woman in my life so I hesitantly said ” Yes, I’m Marinda.” She introduced herself as the mother of the little boy I would be working with. We stood there and talked for about a half hour. By the time we were done I was very relaxed and excited about the school year.
    The moment when she said my name and introduced herself, I knew God was there and telling me to relax, everything will be ok 🙂 God is good!

  40. Jehrica Marini August 14, 2012 at 7:51 pm #

    Thank you for today’s devotion!
    My sudden glory ache happened this weekend after praying for my seeking cousin. I had prayed for her that Sunday afternoon and asked the LORD to reveal to me how to Minister and Witness to her because I knew she was spiritually lost. I never expected the LORD GOD to answer me so quickly! I often do not have patience and I tend to ask advice from my parents but I knew that HOLY Spirit was telling me that I needed to ask HIM first! I prayed for her and for wisdom to know how to lead her to HIS throne of ultimate and lasting and precious grace! She showed a hunger that same evening for the things of God and the transforming power that the HOLY SPIRIT can only give! She had seen the lives of Christians changed dramatically and when she seen me with my Bibles she asked about finding a relationship with God after attending Catholic church as a child and never finding God. It was an amazing moment and because I was at my grandmother’s house she was visited by God as well! HOW GREAT IS OUR HOLY, PRECIOUS, AND PERFECT GOD! Yesterday, I got a text from a friend of mine and it was about a teaching he thought I should hear. It was about the exact things I was trying to talk to my cousin about! I text her and it was anther way that God showed up for me this weekend and I could go on and on about how God has showed up and fulfilled my Glory Ache time after time and then time again! What A GREAT GOD ALMIGHTY we serve AND HOW WONDER IS HIS LOVE that HE took my obedience to finally sit quietly and still and ask and seek HIS advice above all others!

  41. maseray August 14, 2012 at 7:58 pm #

    I remember some years ago, when i was not yet marriad to my husband,we use to funicate and we were comfortable with it but one day i went to the church and just one message from the pastor,the holy spirit convicted me that fornication is bad and we were set free from it.We did not fornicate again since thet day.I know it was the glory of God that came upon me and i thank God because we are now marriad with two children.

    Praise be to God.

  42. Sharon Newmann August 14, 2012 at 8:13 pm #

    I’ve had several “glory moments” but my first is what kept me believing in God through many trials throughout my life. The day I accepted Christ as my Saviour in a hospital bed, having been deathly sick with a kidney disease for 2 years, came first. I remembered all the choruses I had learned in Sunday School about heavenly sunshine flooding my soul and I began to sing them all! I was so filled with the joy of the Lord, it was amazing! Two days later, I asked the Lord to heal me and as I was praying, He touched my back and I could actually feel the hand of God moving things back into place! The very next specimen I gave was absolutely normal! The nurse couldn’t believe it, so I gave another one and sure enough it too was normal! I went home soon after that and haven’t had any recurrence of that illness. It was in 1962, when everyone was saying that God was dead – I knew He was very much alive and has carried me through for another 50 years, praise God! I know my Redeemer lives!

  43. Lupe August 14, 2012 at 9:02 pm #

    I don’t know if you would consider this a sudden glory moment but I do. It happened about eight years ago. I was going through some very hard time, both financial and personal life. My oldest was married with two kids and had a lot of problems. Of course he always came to me. I felt like i was at the end of my rope. I was taking the bus at that time. One day I left work early. I can’t remember why I had to go into town but I was on the bus and thinking about these problems i had on me plus feeling so alone. I asked God to show me some kind of sign that it wouldn’t always be like this. things would get better. I said “God if I see something colorful like a rainbow or anything colorful, i will know that you are telling me that things are going to be okay.” So i’m sitting there, the bus stops at bus stop and who gets on? A clown with a rainbow afro wig. I wanted to laugh out loud. I couldn’t believe it. What could be more colorful then a clown with a rainbow wig. Since when do clowns ride the bus. I knew it was telling me not to worry. God has a sense of humor but He talked to me that day.

  44. Rikki August 14, 2012 at 9:37 pm #

    The Lord is awesome and I have had several “glory moments”. One of the most precious to me was at my church. Although I’ve been a believer for most of my life, I was battling insecurity regarding my salvation. I knew the Word says that its by grace, not works, that we are made right with God, but I still felt the need to “do” more and “be good”. I felt like I had to “make sure” I was saved.

    One Sunday a visiting pastor made an alter call. Once he got to me, he started praying then stopped after just a couple sentences. I figured God was telling him something and boy did He ever! The pastor started to tell me that I was striving, and feeling the need to perform. And to get out of religiosity. He prayed to break that bondage that was over me and for me to know that God loved (s) me as I am. There was no doubt that those words were from the Lord. I was so overwhelmed, my husband held me as I wept and wept. It was such a cleansing experience and I walked away free.

    I love you Lord!

  45. pah August 15, 2012 at 12:22 am #

    This devotion is one of those moments for me because it leads me to remember all of the other times God has revealed Himself to me. I just need to remember to look:)

  46. Anita August 15, 2012 at 12:30 am #

    Hi Sharon,

    I am really looking forward to reading your new book. 🙂

    I loved your devotion today, it was such a blessing. I received so much joy as I read it, as I had just published my devotion on my blog for today on a similar theme. I had a ‘sudden glory’ moment last week, that just leaves me in total awe of our precious Lord,

    If you are interested, here is my post about it – Discouraged? Troubled? There is hope.

    Blessings in Him, Sharon, thank you for all your encouragement,

    Anita x

  47. Margaret August 15, 2012 at 2:44 am #

    This is my first time to respond to one of your invitations to share and I have been so blessed by reading all the entries so far and tears have welled up at seeing how tender and personal our Lord is to each one of his children.
    I have been blessed with many ‘glory moments’ and picking one is so hard, so I will share two.
    The first was about 4 years ago during a time when I longed to feel a man’s arms about me to hold me close and comfort me as I struggled as a divorced woman. I felt totally overwhelmed by my circumstances, and was sitting at my dining room table crying out to the Lord. I told him I so wished he was there in the flesh to hold me close and tell me everything was going to be okay.
    I had a cat named Isaiah, who then came up behind me on the chair and stretched himself up across my back placing one of his front paws on each shoulder, which was not something he normally does. I began to really cry then, as I felt the Lord ministering to me via my cat.
    The 2nd one involves butterflies. God sends me butterflies almost every time I venture out, especially on walks. They usually are yellow swallowtails. One day I was very heavy in heart at work and went outside for my break to pray to the Lord as I walked around the parking lot. All of a sudden a Monarch butterfly flew right at me and landed on my belly. I was so amazed and then I felt as if the Lord was giving me this big hug of love and reassurance. Of course, tears flooded downward and the butterfly stayed on my belly for my entire break as I walked slowly.
    Whenever I see the Yellow Swallowtails, though, I tell myself that my Redeemer lives! He can take what was meant to destroy me and bring good out of it.

    • Sharon August 15, 2012 at 11:20 am #

      I’m so glad you shared!

  48. Robyn Rhodes August 15, 2012 at 3:41 am #

    My most recent “Sudden Glory Moment” was just last night. We encountered an awful storm. The thunder and lightening seemed to be on going for hours. As I got in my bed, I had fear, fear that a tree could fall or lightening strink a pole outside my house. I began to do my nightly devotional and the power went out, so I lit a candle, and just turned to a random chapter in my Bible. I opened it to Job 36: 27-33. The scripture was discussing how God brings storms to help our agriculture and to show us how mighty He is. I felt a since of calm come over me. I was no longer afraid of the storm, but appreciative. I felt as though God was showing me that I had nothing to be afraid of. It was a beautiful moment I shared with HIm.

    Thank you for this devotion. It has allowed me to reflect on how much God does speak to me through out the day.

    God Bless,

  49. Dee August 15, 2012 at 6:03 am #

    I had exams to write.Before that day,I asked God to direct my studies.There were some particular past questions i wanted to study but couldn’t find a way to take it to school since it was on my laptop and i didn’t want to carry it to school.I tried a pen drive and memory card but they both didn’t work.I was getting mad but said a prayer.I left the papers behind because i was running late and needed to get to school.When i got to school,i had a prompting to study something different and when my paper was given to me to start work,all i could do was just thank God..He had shown His glory..What He prompted me to study instead was all there and not all the ones i had wanted to carry to school so badly.I was happy and humbled by His greatness..

  50. Rebecca Johnston August 15, 2012 at 6:55 am #

    I had a ‘Sudden Glory’ moment on Saturday. I had come down with a stomach bug and was in the bathroom in terrible pain, vomitting, praying and calling out to God to help me. I felt both my arms become tingly and then pressure on my fingers on both hands. I knew God was in the bathroom with me loving holding my hands telling me I would be alright. I was an awesome moment and I realised how much my Daddy loved me.

  51. Patricia August 15, 2012 at 12:51 pm #

    I have had many Glory Moments, but this one was so meaningful to me. My husband , who was bi-polar had quit his job and I had to work two jobs just to make ends meet. It was Easter break and the children would be at home all the following week. After I had paid the bills for that week I had $15.00 left. That was only enough to put gas in the car for going to work. I decided I would go to my parents house and see what they had in their freezer that I could use to feed the children. I explained our money shortage to the children and told them my plan to feed them during the next week. I told them it might not be what they wanted but at least they would have some food. The next day I went to the mail box before heading for my parents house.
    In the mail was a card and a $50.00 check. It was from a woman I had not seen or heard from in over five years. The note in the card said ” Always trust in the Lord and He will never let you down.” I started to cry and shared the note with my children who were then 8 and 13 years old. We realized that day that God had not forgotten us.
    This took place over twenty years ago but the “Glory” of that moment still brings tears to my eyes.

  52. Bev August 16, 2012 at 2:24 am #

    Praise God for all the glory moments He has provided! My most undeniable experience with God happened just last week. I am blessed with the ability to fall asleep most nights within seconds of shutting my eyes, but this one night I laid awake in bed, and it was really getting to me. My husband was already snoring away while I waited for the magic to happen to me. The minutes were ticking away and nothing was happening. I don’t know why, but this night I didn’t think of praying immediately as I have in the past. That always made me go to sleep in a snap. I thought of trying meditation which is a skill I learned for relaxation and to relieve anxiety. Well, meditation wasn’t doing it for me. Then I thought of prayer, “Oh ya, why didn’t I think of that first?” So I began, “Dear Go, please help me go to sleep.” But instead of falling asleep, God spoke in my head and very slowly and loudly said, “Go to sleep, MY child” with great emphasis on MY. I got so scared! Then God immediately repeated it in a slightly lower volume. I fell asleep then. What an incredible feeling. My relationship with God feels so validated and personal! He wants me to remember to go to Him first! I forever will remember! Just to tell you what God’s voice sounds like…think Charlton Heston from the “Ten Commandments” movie. I guess in my head that’s how I would think of God’s voice. I feel so blessed! Praise God!

  53. Sarah August 16, 2012 at 6:07 am #

    One of my sudden glory moments recently, was finding out my husband’s younger brother and mom and step dad were listening to KTIS (the local christian radio station) on a regular basis. That whole side of the family had been against us as the only Christians for our whole marriage. That was exciting enough, but then to have the younger brother want to attend church, and has since been in regular attendance, has been indescribable. For years I prayed specifically for the younger brother. God always laid him on my heart with a “if he becomes a christian, everyone will be won.” We thought the starting point might be when he faced cancer, but it wasn’t. Now I just keep praying that as he grows and loses the sin nature he has been accustom to living, that he will realize his true purpose that God has for him.

  54. Kim August 18, 2012 at 12:33 am #

    Before I became serious about my walk with Christ, I had gone through a divorce, got involved with a man that was not a Christian, and did things I was not proud of. My Glory Moment came one morning as I was driving to work and I was praying and I told God that I turned it all over to Him. I then heard a quiet, still voice tell me that my slate has been wiped clean and to clean out my closet. As a new Christian, I thought that literally meant to clean out a closet and I did!!! LOL! But I later understood that the closet He was referring to is me. It was time to let my past go. It was time to forgive myself and be at peace in His gift of mercy and forgiveness. I will be honest and tell you that it was hard at first to accept such a gift because forgiveness of that magnitude is a beautiful but overwhelming thing. I am very thankful that He loves me that much.

  55. Melissa Harron August 21, 2012 at 3:28 pm #

    My husband and I have been married for 23 years. We have four wonderful sons together, Peter, Matthew, Andrew and Mark.
    The first thing that popped in my head in response to the question of what was one of the most romantic things ever done to you was:
    I had cut myself pretty bad right above my eyebrow on a metal grab bar in our shower. When I went outside to show my husband, Steve, he wordlessly walked over and kissed my cut. My heart just melted inside!

  56. Jackie August 21, 2012 at 4:06 pm #

    When I read your post about romance I remember the most romantic thing my husband did for me.
    We were at the courthouse filling out paperwork for our liscense to be married. He pulled out a ring he had made for me. It was made from a 1951 silver quarter. He had made it while he was driving hotshot. He made it with a spoon. On the inside of the ring it says “In God We Trust” 1951. That is the year I was born. He gave the ring to me that day. I can’t wear the ring right now (I have gained so much weight) but wearing that ring means enough to me to give me the incentive to lose enough weight to be able to wear it again.
    He still tries to pursue me after 21 years of marriage.

  57. Eugenie August 21, 2012 at 4:25 pm #

    I enjoyed this devotional. it was romantic and i could relate to much of it as a woman. However, when doing my meditation, the thought came to me: “so when do I commit or is my love and passion only contingent onmy pleasure in the relationship. In my earthly relationship with my partner, i must at som point develop the maturity to commit for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health. So much more with my relationship with God. when the storms of life are raging, surely God has an expectation based on the spiritual blessings that he has promised for me to demonstrate, love, faith and spiritual maturity to endure the current tempest or period in the wilderness in the knowledge of the love and blessings he has bestowed on me in the past. i speak as one who has recently lost her earthly partner to death and who cherishes all memories – the passionate and the mundane. it has taught me alot about my relationship with God and how to endure through the pleasure and the pain and to know His love – even when i cannot feel it.

  58. Marie Krum August 23, 2012 at 1:32 pm #

    A Sudden Moment of Glory: As a young mother whose income was assaulted by an industry that was experiencing an economic shutdown, I was walking in the park watching my children while mentally listing the needed groceries and I found that after paying the essential bills we had only one dollar left. In that moment of panic I clearly realized my Lord saying, “if a dollar is all you have, a dollar is all you need,” And it was.

  59. Eddie September 10, 2018 at 2:49 pm #

    My partner if 6 years just passed away. 4 days later I had a bad car accident that put me into a coma for a week. I heard the doctors say I would never walk again and that I will be on dialysis for the rest of my life among a bunch of other things. I was terrified I couldn’t move or react I screamed in my head as loud as I could but my body wouldn’t react. They debated taking me off life support (it came from a place of kindness, because my life would be so bad if I did recover at all) I was panicked.
    Everytime I was awake I said god I believe you more than medical science. I stand on your promise because you said so. I know that I know that I know that I am healed by your stripes. I dont care what medical science tells me. I dont care what my body tells me. I know your living word is the only truth in this world. I said this repeatedly whenever I was not asleep. I chanted it.
    Then I felt the presence of god. I always wondered what it felt like to be in his glory. I always thought people never gave a good description. I have that aboiut this long and hard how to put it into words. Here is my experience as best as I can describe it.
    The room lit up in this pure white. Whiter than any white you will ever see and brighter than lookinf directly at the sun. I did not see Jesus or god. I only felt the presence. The white was so bright that everything glowed everything was radiant almost living. Maybe it was living I do not know. I then felt from the top of my head this feeling that started its way down. I could feel all over me but not only all over me. I could feel it in every single cell of my body. In every single nerve and every single nerve ending at the same time. It was like electricity. It was powerful. It was overwhelming. If you have ever been shocked by electricity it’s what it felt like but very slow without the pain but with all
    The power of electricity. In my mind I could see my entire nervous system from the top of my head as it slowly made its way down. I could feel it all at the same exact time and I could feel it individually through every nerve a the same time.
    It went down to my chest area and I could not take it anymore. I want crying physically but I was crying spiritually. My body wasn’t reacting like it does when you cry but I wa so overwhelmed I was just breaking down. This power was so much greater than electricity. I just knew that it was very toned down. Somehow I knew that if I felt all of God’s glory it would wipe me away. It was so reserved and gentle but SOOOOO powerful that I knew that if I felt the power in full force not only would it destroy me. It would be as if I never exsisted.
    God was allowing me to take as much as I could and it throttled to the most i could handle. It was powerful but so gentle at the same time. It was on the verge of me not being able to handle His glory the entire time but also so powerful that I knew felt it unleashed (his full glory) I would be destroyed where I wasn’t even a memory. That every cell in my body would be wiped away like it never existed and as if I never existed. No memory of me nothing As if Nevee existed as a person. A power so great it could not only destroy my body but my existence to the point that I would have literally never existed. It’s confusing but that’s exactly what it was. I had to ask god to please stop because I couldn’t take anymore. Another day it came back and picked up where it left off. Just as powerful just as gentle. This time I could only Handle it until it reached my hips/waist. I then could not take anymore and asked the lord to please stop. Then Another day it returned for a 3rd and final time. This time all the way down to my toes. And when it passed over my last toe. I attempted to wiggle my big toe and for the first time since I was in the car accisnent, my toe responded. I then felt so much peace and I said. It’s done, and I passed out.
    Later on god went on to explain to me. I was a sinner and I was born in sin and in my current state I could never receive The full glory of the lord. That’s why I could not see him his face etc. only his presence. I was a believer at that time and was walking my closest walk with god before the accident. I was reading the bible 24/7 and I never blamed him for the death of my partner and I was never angry at god about it either.
    But I realized what the Bible said about us being born in sin. Even at my best I could not walk with god and that Jesus was and is the only way. Nothing I could do or say could ever get me into heaven or even right with god. Forgiveness is the greatest gift the lord has ever given to us and we should freely give it to everyone else. This is the core of the word. None of us are worthy of forgiveness and we should give it as freely as we receive it from god. If we do not freely give forgiveness god cannot forgive us for our sins. I was not worthy to be healed and I never will be. God gives us healing as a gift and we should give as freely to his children. Remember god loves the sinner too. Jesus spent all his time with the sinners. We are no better than god so who are we to judge sinners as well. We are to tread wisely and be aware of the serpent because he is sneaky and a liar but we must have the innocence of forgiveness like little children. Children can fight on Monday and on Tuesday be best friends like it never happened that is true forgiveness. If you don’t have forgiveness with anyone I beg you to make amends right now pray for that person. Love that person. It’s not worth it. Losing your soul isn’t worth it. We have to work in the way gods economy works. Not our economy. Forgive as freely as you breathe and god can bless your life and change your entire world. Bless you all amen

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