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Knowing God by Name


Redeemer. Healer. Provider. How will you encounter God today?

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Product Description

In ancient times, names held power and significance, representing a person’s future or personality. Throughout Scripture, God reveals His complex character by identifying Himself by different names—names that shed light on who He is and how we should relate to Him. In this engaging book, the popular Girlfriends in God devotional team introduces you to forty of those names, each of which invites you to glory in a different aspect of our amazing God.

In each day’s reading you’ll encounter personal, inspiring stories and biblical truths that lead you to a deeper understanding of who God is and what He does on your behalf. You’ll be fed with Scripture that you can apply to your unique circumstances. And most important, as you come to know Him by name, you’ll draw closer to God and learn to trust Him more fully.

Each of the eight weeks concludes with a reflective study and action steps to encourage further prayer and dialogue between you and God—and also with your girlfriends, prayer partners, or small group. Special features include journaling pages and a pronunciation guide for God’s Hebrew and Greek names.

Begin today with Knowing God by Name—and grow closer to the One who knows you by name.

Download a free sample of Knowing God by Name here.

5 reviews for Knowing God by Name

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    “When these girlfriends get together, God is definitely at the center! Though their voices are distinct, their message and mission are seamless, weaving personal stories, biblical truths, and life-changing application into a truly meaningful devotional. Knowing God by Name opens our eyes to the many facets of God’s love and mercy, letting us see him more clearly and know him more deeply. Well done!”
    Liz Curtis Higgs, author of The Girl’s Still Got It

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    “Knowing God by Name is a treasure of blessing for us Bible-study junkies. Whether we realize it or not, names are significant, because who we believe we are affects how we respond to life. The same can be said of our Creator: who God says He is affects how He responds to His children. This study takes the reader on a personal and captivating journey through rich, deep layers of God’s character, with each one of His names jumping to life off the pages. I would recommend this study to anyone who desires a fresh connection to the One who created and named them.”
    Kasey Van Norman, author of the Named by God book and Bible study series

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    “Sharon, Gwen, and Mary are the real deal—the kind of girlfriends who cause you to lean forward when they start talking about Jesus and the kind you want to hang out with at Starbucks after Bible study. Plus, Knowing God By Name is a heart-expanding, potentially life-changing, hope-on-steroids subject. Which makes this literary faith adventure a must-read!”
    Lisa Harper, author, Bible teacher, and Women of Faith speaker

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    “If you long to know God more personally and to understand his character, attributes, and love, read this book! Knowing God by Name is a powerful eight-week devotional on the names of God that explores every aspect of his ability to transform your life. This book will give you a fresh understanding of who He really is!”
    Carol Kent, speaker and author of When I Lay My Isaac Down

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    “Knowing God by Name by Sharon Jaynes, Gwen Smith and Mary Southerland is not just another study. This is an eight-week adventure in searching out the awe-inspiring, jaw-on-the-floor, blow-us-away character qualities of an all-powerful, everlasting Father. We’re talking life-changing stuff here. Not just because it’s beautifully written—though, oh my goodness, it certainly is—but because it helps us know our God better. And the more we know Him, the more we know how very safe our faith is when we place it in Him alone. Authentic, touching, personal stories from three of my very favorite authors make the journey to that faith-place even sweeter. Seriously. I’m SO reading this one again.”
    Rhonda Rhea, radio and TV personality, author of 12 books, including Espresso Your Faith

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