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At Home with God



Product Description

This book is a treasury of anecdotes with powerful life lessons. These stories of life, love and laughter tell of God’s presence in the nooks and crannies of Sharon’s home. Inspiring reading!

Published by River Oak

2 reviews for At Home with God

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    “It is obvious that Sharon sees the hand of God in all the events of her family’s life. We have a kindred spirit toward our homes. It is the place where God speaks to us in every tone. As a reader, you will laugh and cry at the unfolding warmth of her stories.”
    – Emily Barnes, author and speaker

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    “Sharon invited me to walk through the rooms of her heart and her home to find God’s presence in everyday life. Each room held hidden treasures that encouraged me to listen for surprise visits from God that turn ordinary days into extraordinary treasures.”
    – Florence Litteaur, author of Silver Boxes and Personality Plus

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