Below are some helpful resources that I pulled from several of my books. These simple daily reminders might be just what you need to experience the best for your faith, your family and your relationships.

That’s My King

25 Questions To Start Meaningful Conversations With Your Children

25 Ways To Really Listen To Your Children

25 Ways To Really Listen To Your Husband

25 Questions to Start Meaningful Conversations with Your Husband

25 Ways To Show Respect To Your Husband

25 Ways To Romance Your Husband

25 Names of God In The Old Testament

30 Hints To becoming A Good Listener

50 Great Ideas For Building Great Self Esteem

50 Ideas For Teaching Children About The Fruits of The Spirit

65 Icebreaker Ideas For Small Groups

Don’t Quit

My New Identity in Christ

Organizing Your Home With A Few Quick Tips

Plant A Garden of Joy

Praying For Your Children

Setting An Example For Children

Six Steps For Forgiving Others

The Lord’s Prayer

Words Children Long To Hear

Words That Tear Children Down

Words Your Husband Longs To Hear

Words To Avoid Saying To Your Husband

Time to Put Your Foot Down

This week I started reading Joshua and I got stuck on chapter 1 verse 3. I camped out on the east side of the Jordan for three days, just pondering that one verse. “I will give you every place where you set your foot.” I was about to head into the chapter 5 where Joshua… Read More

How to Make God’s Deepest Truths Truly Yours

Today I was pondering a quote by Oswald Chambers that I have dog-eared from October 10 in his book My Utmost for His Highest. It is one that I go back to time and time again. I wonder if it will resonate with you. All of God’s revealed truths are sealed until they are opened to… Read More

When You Feel Like a Bad Mom

I wanted to climb into the mailbox where I had just dropped in my manuscript and get it out! But I wouldn’t fit. My son was in middle school when I decided to write the book, Being a Great Mom, Raising Great Kids. (The words Middle School should give you a heads up that this… Read More

What Kids Really Want for Christmas

I love Christmas, but I didn’t always. Growing up, Christmas meant my dad drank more, my mom fussed more, and my parents fought more. All I wanted was a little of that “peace on earth,” that we sang about in church. (Yes, we went to church.) Sometimes “peace” is all a kid really wants for… Read More

When You Feel You’ve Ceased to Matter

  For over a decade we were joined at the hip. Not a day went by when we didn’t talk on the phone…at least once. But sometimes friendships come unhinged. People change. Perspectives change. Purposes change. Passions change. While nothing went terribly wrong, and no hurtful words were exchanged, the void was vast beyond bridging…. Read More