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Do You Believe God Tells the Truth?

God speaks to me in the comics. I know. That’s weird. But He does. Pickles comic strip features an older couple named Earl and Pearl Pickles. Take a look at this one. And there you have it! In the wise words of Earl Pickles, our problem is that we don’t really believe everything we know. […]

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How Taking Hold Makes All the Difference

I was alone, or at least I felt that way. Women huddled in happy clusters chatting about first one thing and then another. Some propped babies on their hips. Others clutched Bibles in their hands. Most wore smiles on their faces. I wore one too. But it wasn’t a reflection of what was in my […]

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The Horsehead Wallet

When my husband, Steve, was in high school, he worked various jobs and was notoriously frugal. His twin brother, Dan, and their best friend, Mike, were not quite so thrifty. Dan and Mike did have odd jobs from time to time, but their funds disappeared as quickly as they got them. Steve was a saver, […]

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Getting the Scoop

Grab a cup of coffee. Pull up a chair. And listen to my interview with Lisa Buffalo on Living Joyfully Free radio. Oh, and you might want to grab a few Kleenex.   Just click on the picture to listen. I’d love for you to come back and share your comments. Can you relate? Did […]

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God Confidence

Jesus said, “Apart from me you can do nothing” ( Paul said that he “put no confidence in the flesh” (Philippians 3:3). In other words, he didn’t think that he was good enough because of any particular talent or ability that he had on his own. But his confidence came from his understanding of who […]

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