$5 for 5 Days – The 5 Dreams of Every Woman…and How God Wants to Fulfill Them

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Includes a 14 lesson Bible study guide!

The desires have been there for as long as we can remember: to be beautiful, to be a bride, to be a mother, to be a cherished daughter, and to have a best friend. But for many of us, life took a different turn. Sharon Jaynes challenges us to dust off our hopes and dare to dream again—through God’s eyes.

Dreams of a Woman guides us with stories of both biblical and contemporary dreamer-heroines, observations about how and when God restores dreams, and a checklist for evaluating your desires from a Godly standpoint.

Can you risk the hope that God still has dreams for your life? That He hasn’t forgotten you? Place your hand firmly in His-take a deep breath and begin the exciting journey to a place you thought you’d never find: the dream God planned for you all along.

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3 Responses to $5 for 5 Days – The 5 Dreams of Every Woman…and How God Wants to Fulfill Them

  1. Kelly May 29, 2012 at 4:10 pm #

    Thank you for your commentary today. I just wanted you to know that I always appreciate your comments, whether they seem to apply to me or not. I come to everything I read with the expectation that the Holy Spirit will speak to me about whatever God wants me to heart. Please don’t allow your critics to discourage you. Don’t take them too much to heart. God is pleased with everything you do as you seek to please Him (as you know), and you continue to meet a real need in the body of Christ. Our enemy is always trying to discourage those who encourage others, mostly by raising up critics. Consider your crop of critics a sign of your success in being a threat to his darkness, and rejoice. Keeping you in prayer, Kelly

  2. Barbara May 31, 2012 at 1:54 am #

    I concur with Kelly. Some posts are just what I need to read at a given time. I really enjoyed the recognizing – and holding wild thoughts captive – from Satan – and your 4 step program. My priest suggested saying a quick Lord’s prayer to combat the thought. I sent your “No Gossip Zone” to my husband. And they say women gossip! Let me tell you something…keep on writing what you do best, touching lives and hearts- for we are all members of one body of Christ. Just remember it’s not about you, it’s about God. {: > }
    You can read all about the critics of Jesus…and know you are in good company.
    Thank you Sharon.

    PS I don’t know what tomorrow holds but I know WHO holds my tomorrows…

  3. Vicki May 31, 2012 at 1:31 pm #

    Just a word to let you know that your devotional today was so uplifting and eye opening. I know that I sometimes think that I am not doing enough for God, but then I remember that God accepted me in His life, that I may love and give glory to His name and who he is. If I am giving that example as others are watching I am being busy about my Fathers business. So many times I need to be reminded that I am to Love him; and I can only do that when I remember How much HE loves me.

    Thanks for your commitment to God for others.

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