A 14 Day Romance Challenge

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Have you been so busy taking care of life’s daily tasks that you’ve forgotten to focus on your love? Have kids, work or other obligations taken all your time and left you with little energy for your marriage?

Has the routine of chores and responsibilities left you wondering what happened to the romance you shared in the early years?

If so, it’s time to spice up your relationship and rekindle the passion. In “A 14 Day Romance Challenge”, bestselling author and conference speaker Sharon Jaynes offers heart-stirring inspiration and simple ideas that will put a smile on your husband’s face and rekindle the spark in your marriage.

Get ready to…

  • Wow your man with simple acts of affection he’ll treasure for a lifetime.
  • Wake up the passion that’s been pushed aside by the routine of everyday life and put the sizzle back in your marriage.
  • Identify your husband’s love language and love him in ways that he longs for.
  • Give your marriage a much-needed tune-up that will help your love grow stronger and deeper.

Take A 14-Day Romance Challenge and watch your marriage, your man, and even your own heart take on a fresh glow.

What Readers Are Saying…

“I feel I benefited just as much if not more from the challenge than my husband. We have been married 28 years and are still very much in love. But things can become routine. It did my heart and soul good to see my husband so happy with me. His usual reaction was a huge smile and a question: “What did I do to deserve this?”

“My husband and I have gone through the last 11 months dealing with infidelity on his part. As Christians, we have prayed for forgiveness for each other. It has been a struggle, but after being together 34 years, we just weren’t ready to throw in the towel. The 14-Day Romance Challenge helped bring the spark back into our marriage, which is what was missing. It was instrumental in my husband seeking solace, admiration, and attention outside of our marriage…now he is getting that at home. We are growing stronger every day and I will continue to use your suggestions and show my husband that I love and cherish him, appreciate and adore him.”

“I was tempted to give up on the third day but convicted to keep going. My husband’s chest began to stick out each day after. He even shared with his coworkers what his wife was doing for him. By Day 14, he was past cloud nine.”

“These 14 days have helped me to better understand and appreciate my husband and it has also done a great deal to revitalize our marriage. The great thing is that I believe I learned so much and have realized that when I change my actions it significantly changed his response (for the better I might add). Thank you so much for this. I plan to go through this again in a couple of months.”


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